it looks cute as fuk tho

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How about a little Misha now? Like, Misha's Jensen eyes. Or Jensen's teeth. Wait has this been done yet

I’m gonna go with Jensen’s teeth, bc I haven’t done that yet and definitely need to ;))

[x] alright fIRST OF ALL. look how blinding that smile is. if u look up the definition of a million watt smile, this picture will be there.

[x] and you know what’s absolutely ridiculous?!??! he was just fucken born this way. he was literally just blessed with perfect teeth that are all perfectly aligned and straight and uniquely bend inwards with razor sharp canines and everything. never had braces or any alterations (that I’m aware of). but like,,,,what kinda Next Level Perfection.

[x] istg, he’s gotta be a dentist’s wet dream. he’s probably his dentist’s favorite patient bc they take one look at his teeth are like “we don’t need to do anything, ur perfect as usual.” and they probably take pictures of his teeth and hang them up in their waiting room as examples of what a “healthy smile” looks like. 

[x] tbh, I think about that a lot. when I have to go to the dentist, I think about Jensen going and all the painful small talk he probably has to sit thru. really tho, jensen is above the law. he shouldn’t have to go to the dentist ever. his teeth probably just stay perfect like that bc they’re part of him and they have to.

and if u aren’t obsessed with how his teeth bend inwards and how his canines could probs rip ur throat out, then what are u even doing here??

[x] also, u know that teeeeeny tiny lil gap between his front teeth right up by his gums before his teeth touch together??? yeah uhm,,,,, why in the fUK is that so cute.

[x] look at his bottom teeth too, omfg. and his gUM!!! he has such a gum obsession, what a cute lil boyo :’))

[x] he chew he gum!!

[x] I’m like 98.7% pretty sure u could actually go blind if u stare at his big, bright, beautiful smile for too long

[x] he also does this thing where he sticks his tongue between his teeth when he smiles, and it makes me want to fling myself out the nearest window

[x] it’s such a boyish thing to do, and it makes him look so yoUNG AND ADORABLE. on a completely unrelated note, I’m having a Crisis™

[x] he’s just so!!!!!!! happy!!!!!!!!!!!! it makes my heart smile :’))

[x] look at this lil boy just havin’ the time of his life, awh <333 i’m luv

[x] tbh this is why global warming exists; it’s bc jensen’s smile warms the entire earth.