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Photo Booth ( Jungkook )


— Requested by anon
Genre: Fluff


“You have that smile again.” His friend, Taehyug, snickered.

“Sorry, can’t help it.”

Jungkook never knew when or how it began but he definitely knew that he liked you, a lot. “Hey (y/n)!” The love struck boy waved to greet you — his childhood best friend. With a smile, you replied him brightly.

That alone already made him smile with glee, stretching out his arms, he pulled you in for a hug. “Jungkook!” You exclaimed, hitting his chest, “Why are you so sweaty when school hasn’t even started?”

“It’s a hot day.” The boy only shrugged and frowned when you pulled away from him. “But you didn’t even hug me properly!” Jungkook whined, tugging on your arm while Taehyung was judging how Jungkook was behaving.

“Isn’t he such a baby Tae?” You turned to look at Taehyung who became one of your best friends as well. Taehyung nodded his head, draping his arm around your shoulder, “He’s always a little baby boy. Come on (y/n), let’s go to class.”

Jungkook glared at Taehyung who looked back to wink playfully wink at his best friend who was burning with jealousy. “Y-yah don’t leave me behind!”

“So since today is the last day of school before our one week holiday, what shall we do?” You asked your two best friends. Taehyung glanced at Jungkook and suddenly said, “I’m sorry guys, you guys go ahead without me. I have to pack for my vacation.”

“Aw Tae-Tae you’re leaving us?” You frowned at Taehyung who just grinned. “Yup I’m going to have fun at the beach.”

You chuckled, playfully swatting him away. “So Jungkook what shall we do today?” Jungkook didn’t seem to hear your question as he was frowning mentally how you always called Taehyung with a nickname, you stopped calling Jungkook by his nickname for a long time. Why did you continue with Taehyung?

“Earth to Jungkook!” Taehyung snickered, clapping his hands in front of the boy’s face. “O-Oh sorry, what were we talking about?”

“What shall we do today? Tae-Tae’s ditching us.”

‘There goes that nickname again…’ Jungkook grumbled in thought.

Jungkook’s eyes almost widened when we realized he would be spending some alone time with you. He glanced a Taehyung who smirked at him. “I’m fine with anything. We can go out for lunch and figure out what to do afterwards?”

You nodded your head, “Sounds good.”

After school, the two of you waved goodbye to Taehyung as he left off without you guys to enjoy his short vacation. “That lucky guy, we’re stuck here and not going to the beach.” You pouted as the two of you headed out of school.

“Well at least you have me!” Jungkook draped his arms over your shoulder. You made a disgusted face, “Is that a good thing?”

Jungkook frowned and pushed you, “Hey you’re so mean.” You laughed and pulled him back by his arm. “I’m kidding. Of course I like your company.”


“Of course. If not I wouldn’t have tolerated your crazy antics for all these years Jeon Jungkook.” You chuckled, “You were always a crazy boy since young. And Tae Tae made things even more crazy.”

On the bus, the two of you shared the earpiece to listen to the music. Jungkook turned to look at you. You were staring outside with a small smile on your face. He tilted his head forward, about to ask you why were you smiling. Just then, your phone lit up and he saw Taehyung’s name on the screen. He looked back at you, seeing your smile widen as you went to reply.

Jungkook leaned back, looking forward instead. Did you like Taehyung? Is that why you never seemed to noticed Jungkook’s 'hints’? Was your relationship with Jungkook nothing more than a sibling love to you?

The two of you made your way to a restaurant and went ahead to order your food. “So what’s your plan for this short vacation?” You asked Jungkook a question. However, he didn’t seem like he was mentally there with you, as if he had spaced out and gone to another world.

“Earth to Jungkook.” You chuckled, clapping right in front of his face. “O-Oh sorry… I was just thinking.” He smiled at you.

“Thinking of?”

“U-Uh well we haven’t spend time together for a long time.”

“What do you mean? We have—”

“I mean without Taehyung.”

Your lips formed into an 'oh’ shape. “Now that I think about it, that’s true.” Jungkook just nodded his head.

“Anyway, what were you asking?” Jungkook smiled at you and the two of you easily continued the conversation.

Not feeling like going home just yet, the two of you went out of the mall to the small city park that was across the road. “If you want, we can do our holiday homework together.” Jungkook suggested, digging his hands into his pockets. You nodded your head with a smile, “That sounds great. Definitely much better than suffering alone.”

“What’s the occasion today?” You asked, pointing to a 'Free Polaroid Photo Booth’ stand that was near the park. “I don’t know but it’s free, let’s go!” Jungkook grinned like an adorable child, holding your hand and bringing the two of you towards the stand.

“Hello! You two look like such a cute couple, would you like to take a picture together? It’s for Valentine’s Day.” The staff politely offered.

“Oh we aren't—”

“Yea sure!” Jungkook quickly responded. The two of you got in front of the white background that was set up. Jungkook placed his arm around your shoulder and you draped yours around his waist.

“1,2,3, smile!! That was good! Let’s take one more so each of you can keep one!”

The next picture was a really silly one where you two went all out with your facial expressions. “Yah! I look really ugly in this one! Can we take a proper one instead?” You asked Jungkook who just shook his head. “Nope! I’m keeping this! It’s cute!”

“But I look so ugly in it.” You frowned. Jungkook pinched your cheeks which made you swat his hands away. “You look pretty no matter what expression you do.”

There was a short pause and Jungkook thought you finally got the hint. “Aw thanks Jungkook!” You took your revenge by pinching him on the cheeks as well. Jungkook just sighed with a smile on his face, “You’re either super dense or you’re purposely ignoring me.” He muttered to himself as you started walking away from the booth.

Jungkook caught up to your side and the both of you continued to walk around the park. You turned to ask him a question when you noticed that he seemed pretty deep in thought.

“Jungkook? Why do you look so serious? It’s such a rare sight.” You started snickering at him.

The boy looked back at you and asked a very surprising and unsuspecting question. “Do you like Taehyung?”

“W-What?” You stuttered out from shock. Jungkook took that as a yes but kept his facial expression neutral. “I mean you gave him a nickname and you’re super close to him and you keep talking to him.”

“Well yea I like him, he’s my best friend.”

“You know what I mean by like (y/n)…” Jungkook frowned slightly. You raised your eyebrow at him, “Why are you suddenly asking me this?”

Jungkook stopped walking and you turned to face him. He squeezed his eyes shut and exclaimed something that made you feel like slapping yourself to make sure you’re awake.

“Because I like you (y/n)!”

A smile only grew bigger on your face as you looked at Jungkook who hesitated to open his eyes to see your reaction. “Are you serious?”

“Well yea…” He scratched the back of his head awkwardly, “I’ve been hinting at it for so long but you’ve been ignoring it. I was starting to think you like Taehyung too since you always called him by a nickname.”

You just continued to smile at him and Jungkook gave a smile back. “Uh… You haven’t said anything about well…”

“Oh.” You uttered out, chuckling after real sing that you were just smiling at him. You stepped closer to pinch his cheeks, “Would you like it if I said yes?”

“Yes of course (y/n).”

You grinned and hugged him, “Yes I do like you too Kookie.”

“Kookie?” The boy exclaimed with joy. “I have a nickname again! It’s Kookie!” He eagerly hugged you back and kissed you on your forehead.

“You’re too cute.” You giggled.

“So are we a couple now?” He asked as you two still remained in the same hugging position.

“Why not?”

Jungkook pulled back and took your hand, pulling you back to the direction of the photo booth. “Why are we going back?”

“We have to take again as a couple now! I’m going to show Tae!”

You just laughed as you followed your now boyfriend back to the photo booth.