it looks better smaller


Mads “fake it till you make it” Mikkelsen.


It’s the perfect day for some mayhem >:D

Makeup test success! Crazy Aussie is slowly coming together, and I couldn’t be more pleased with him so far. Still have a ton to do and things to tweak, but hey I’m on fire!

She knocked that smug look off my face but luckily I was wearing a second, smaller smug look underneath

“As the ship crossed ocean after ocean, they found a new activity to engage in. They kept on reading and practicing magic and swordfighting, but during the afternoons, they would often sit on the warm deck, fishing. Wonderland held many ridiculously colorful fish, and they made it a game to fish for the funniest looking-one. Comparing their catches usually ended with them bickering about which fish was the most amazing one, but it was something they both enjoyed doing - even when Belle always seemed to end up with the winning fish.” - from Heart of the Ship - art by the wonderful qtarts 

its one line

White Lace - AbbyCatsUK

I’ve been holding on to this photo set for sometime, I’m not really sure if I like the dress. It’s a bit, well more than a bit, on the short side, probably not ideal wearing it with bare legs.

I also feel I’m a bit too big for it, it would probably look better on someone with a smaller frame than myself. Damn my huge chest, always thwarting me! Finally I thing the design might be a bit too overly fussy, it has the feel the of a chintzy table cloth or grandma’s net curtains haha.