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Naked Birds - Tim Drake x Reader

Summary : You are Tim’s girlfriend, and today, you play some strip poker with the batboys…(Tim is a bit older than he is currently in the comics, like he’s around 19 or something).

for @gobydana, hope you’ll like it (I’m always stressed the people who requested things are gonna be like : “that’s shit”) : 

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It was a Saturday afternoon on a rainy day when everything happened, when you gain your boyfriend’s older brothers’ respect. And also embarrassed them more than they ever been embarrassed in their lives. 

Dick, Jason, Tim and you were spending some times altogether, getting to know each other, as in five years of relationship with Tim, you never really had time to hang out with his family (busy people). 

Bruce was at work, Alfred had a day off, and Damian was hanging out with some friends (which was so rare that no one dared to tell him to stay to spent the day with you guys). 

-No Jason, we  are NOT playing strip poker right now. 

-But I’m bored and a movie is…

-I said we’re not ! 

-Why nooooowwwt ? 

-Because it’s only you, Dick, (Y/N) and I, I don’t need to see my brothers naked. 

-And (Y/N) ?

-We’ve been together for five years, what, you think I never saw her naked ? 

-I never saw her naked. 


Jason gives his brother an infuriating smile and, taking some soda cans while Tim takes a giant bowl of pop-corns, they go back to the living room where you and Dick are waiting. 

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ballerinaandria  asked:

Are u thinking of playing overwatch on your channel? Because your like REALLY good (I've seen the livestreams with u playing overwatch btw and ur like an amazing mercy) and I'm fairly new to the game and I wanna learn how to get better by watching u :D

I’d love to do a video just playing OW but I am not that good haha, especially as Mercy! But I’ll look into it! Maybe we could play a character from each class or something or maybe just bs around haha :D

Listen, I’m trash. I don’t try to hide it. 

I’ve basically been waiting my entire adult life for a game to let me bang an alien on screen. Not just a human except blue (not hating on asari, just a personal preference) - but someone who actually looks like an alien without fading to black after a nice little headbutt. 

Bioware answered my prayers and it’s even better than I could have hoped because honestly Jaal is the sweetest and kindest and most perfect man I’ve ever met. So yeah I’m over the moon (HAHA GET IT) about a real live fully animated sex scene.

So I giffed it. For science. Under the cut.


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One Year HRT!
Part 1: The gross phase

I had to do some real digging to get these old picture of me, because I’ve done a really well job of deleting my past haha. The first picture is my senior year in high school, about 3 years ago. I had hints and ideas that I was trans, but I was constantly pushing them away for fear of rejection. I would dress up in girls clothing at home when no one was around, and could actually feel like myself. The second picture was my fourth semester at college a few months before I came out. This was for a speech in my public speaking class, so don’t mind the heroic pose lmao. At this point, I knew I was only a few months away from HRT, and that I could finally be myself soon. 

I started HRT on 3/31/2016. The third picture is what I posted on facebook when I came out to everyone. I got an overwhelming amount of support from friends, which really helped the hurt of many people also deciding to leave my life. 

While I started HRT, I didn’t transition until summer. The next two pictures are during the period of time where I was part time. I went to work as a male, and would come home everyday and change into myself. My makeup game was weak and my wig looked awful, but it really made me feel better about myself. 

In mid august, I had to come back to school to start my RA job. I really was not comfortable with myself yet, but didn’t want to have to bring a wig and deal with that any more. I decided that from now on, I’d use my natural hair, and do what I could. I actually thought I looked good in this picture, but looking back now, I have removed it from all social media too haha. This was about 6 months in, and I finally got my estrogen boosted from 1mg to 3 mg. I was looking forward to finally seeing some changes.

Part 2 will be the most recent 6 months! 


Hi! My apologies for the lack of update. My family is moving, so I’ve been helping out with most of the paperwork, and just general errands. (Also looking for jobs haha) I took a bit of time off to mess around with Live2D since I’ve seen it around quite a bit in games and wanted to take a crack at it! I want to incorporate it into Down the Rabbit Hole (the game I’m working on) somehow, but we’ll see. This animation is quite rough. I’ll do better next time!

Anyway! That was a bit of an update. I’ll post some stuff from the past month later.


I tried to go for a darker, more gothy look! Did I pull it off? I think my whole head just looks… big. Like The Red Queen big.

Also, fun fact, these heels were the first pair I ever bought! They’ve survived many years of abuse haha. They’re also about a size too big, so I can’t really wear them out and about. Oh well, I can still take pics in them!

I need to up my makeup game. I’m to a point now where I think I do a good job, so I need to learn how to be more artistic with it. To mold and sculpt my face better, and to get cleaner eyes and lips. Off to YouTube it is!

Random song lyrics dialogue prompts
  1. “I look at you and I see myself”
  2. “I know you’re better than anyone else” 
  3. “He told me that loving him was never enough”
  4. “There’s an old man sitting on a throne and saying that I probably shouldn’t be so mean”
  5. “Won’t you carry me to the end?”
  6. “Do you want to be with somebody like me?”
  7. “January to December, do you wanna be a member?”
  8. “I knew my skin that wrapped my frame wasn’t made to play this game”
  10. “But believe me, I’m fine”
  11. “I’d die for you, that’s easy to say”
  12. “I thought of angels chocking on their halos”
  13. “Put on your war paint”
  14. “I’m gonna change you like a remix”
  15. “Be careful making wishes in the dark”
  16. “We are like young volcanoes”
  17. “I’m here to collect your hearts”
  18. “They sent me away”
  19. “I couldn’t stand the person inside me”
  20. “Who is in control?” (idk, stop it with the questions Halsey)
  21. “Goddamn right, you should be scared of me”
  22. “Tell me that you love me, even if it’s fake”
  23. “I think I’m too cool to know you”
  24. “We’re going down”
  25. “Let that hell of a drug emerge in your veins”

If you use any, please tell me ‘cause I’m bored most of the time and reading your stories would be lots of fun.


“He wouldn’t die a lie.” - Neil Josten - All For The Game

(click for better quality)

for @kevinwymackday as a thank you

JUMPing boys

Yama: Hey! I’m the center! Center center! *sparkles* I’m also really sexy look at me I draw a beauty mark that makes me look better but VS Arashi totally ruined it for me! I’m also a bias wrecker haha take that girls *winks*

Yuto: Big baby that’s shipped with everyone. “Look at me drummer boy, I also have too many hobbies!” I’m tall and adorable and love messing with the members and still adorable adorable really adorable like how can someone so tall be so precious

Chinen: dancing mouse. Really good at guessing games too. “miracle chibi” has a 100% cute image but sweet liar will change that Omygosh someone stop him he’s a talented monster

Inoo: enoki mushroom, acts adorable and cute but also clearly sexually aware of himself (have you seen the mgirl photoshoot my God)
39% female, puts girls to shame, like seriously how dare you be so pretty you adorable mushroom that gives sultry looks to the camera, I know you’re doing that on purpose stop being so frickinajdjsksksk

Daiki: rapping clown that acknowledges his height and jokes about it but gets offended when others joke about it. Pure baby that needs to be protected like seriously protected he’s so cuteeeee.

Keito: “notice me” British boy that’s starting to get more recognition and no I’m not biased its not like he’s my favorite but he’s amazing and adorable and perfect and pure but also not pure anymore I don’t know what to think.

Yuya: Sea loving dork that’s super masculine and his heavenly voice Rains down he looks really good in a ponytail and I’m not biased it’d just that he’s my second favorite he was so amazing during the Yes! Performance a Ahhh his voice makes me melt.

Hikaru: Needs more credit baby that’s so good at rapping and the most hilarious person in the group he’s also really sexy but it gets covered up by the other members like seriously how can someone be so jsjsksksk

Yabu: Vocal man his high notes are goals. Soccer boy, mom of the group, but seriously his voice is goals and his smile is so pure and adorable everyone is adorable but he’s the mama bird of the group like seriously you can tell. I guess he’s also the oldest though.

((I keep adding to this everytime I get ideas Lmaoo))
List 93: Top Ten Anime I want to make a Game for

I love video games. I would easily say it is my favorite hobby I do. Usually it takes a backseat nowadays to me doing other things in my life but it is truly the one I find the most passion in. That got me to thinking what anime would I want to turn into games? I started visualizing genres and unique ways to turn them into games and my imagination went wild with the idea. It really was one of the most fun ideas I’ve come up with in a while. I ordered these in less of quality and more of how proud I was of each idea I came up with for them. I also put genre and studio making it to make it really feel more alive to me. Game on!

10: Kids on the Slope

Genre: Rhythm    Company: Nintendo

This was a given with the show in question. I sat for a while thinking over whether it or Your Lie in April deserved this spot and settled on Kids for a few reasons. I figured a time piece of music would be very neat to see in gaming. We always get certain series or styles but never one time period aside from like when Rockband did stuff for Kiss. You can play one of 4 instruments: piano, drums, trumpet, and double bass. The music selection would all be songs from the anime and time period. A jazz based rhythm game made by men in Nintendo who grew up in that time period. The would for sure connect with the title and bring out the music quality to the highest standard. 

9: Gurren Lagann

Genre: Mech Open World Adventure   Company: Monolith Soft

This one would have you building your own mech form the start and working through the story of Gurren Lagann with it as a part of Team Dai Gurren. Once the 7 year gap happens you would have tons of side quests and ways to upgrade and remodel your mech while taking on tons of challenges. Monolith loves mechs to death so I figure who better to display Mechs at the most over the top in gaming form. References to other famous Mech anime would be nice too as a way to make it feel special. Unlockable mechs for certain Gundams and the Evas from Neon Genesis would be a true delight. 

8: Rurouni Kenshin

Genre: Action  Company:  Rocksteady Studios

Following the story of Kenshin beat for beat is what I want here. The game would be split into 3 parts. The first would be a section in Tokyo where basic missions and gameplay is taught while getting through the start of the story. Then you would get to Kyoto and have a much larger area to see and the story would build up to the Shishio arc. Then you would end off with Kenshin’s backstory and Enishi’s arc with a Tokyo filled with tons more to do. You would have also side unlockable stories playable with Sanosuke, Yahiko, Kaoru, and Saito. I chose Rocksteady for it’s great open world design, and combat flow in the Batman games. I think bringing that to a Kenshin game would be fantastic. Mix their love to drop hidden facts about the city and characters with obtainable secrets and this game would be a love letter to Kenshin fans. Telling the story from start to finish and constantly giving you new abilities as you work through the story. 

7:Kill la Kill

Genre: Beat’em Up   Company: Platinum Games

Name a company that makes better crazy action games then Platinum? With Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising alone I’m convinced they could make a wonderful adaptation of the Kill la Kill world and make the action feel like the anime did. I’m undecided if I want the actual story to be the focus or just let them make an original plot within the world. I’d rather like to play Ryuko though and kick ass with my scissor blades. So I think I lean more towards that for sure. 

6:Fullmetal Alchemist

Genre: Action Adventure    Company: Bandai Namco

Haha Looks like I forgot to type something here the first time!

FMA’s game would follow the story of the series of course(brotherhood), and you would play everyone from Ed to Mustang to Winry. Varieties of gameplay styles and modes to keep it fresh while hitting the player hard with the feels of the story itself. It would hit all the marks and try to be a little bit of everything just like the actual series. Bandai makes tons of great titles like the Tales series so I trust them to figure out a way to make it all come to life with a perfect equivalent exchange. 

5: Fate Series

Genre: Open World Action-RPG    Company: From Software

Fate is a pretty dark world and the set up of the Holy Grail War is fantastic. Give players the option to choose from almost a hundred options of heroes of the past, present, and future and let them take part in the war. Letting you improve as you battle and explore trying to find intel on the other competitors would allow you a ton of freedom while playing. Mix all the options and each playthrough would be unique as well. I think a risk/reward battle system like From Software is known for would work here. You are rewarded for being more risky but at the same time show all your skills and you could be at a disadvantage when trying to fight future heroes. I think it would be a very challenging battle of wits and reflexes at least. 

4: Kuroko no Basuke

Genre: Sports    Company: 2K Games

Anyone remember NBA Jam and NBA Showtime? The hilarious bombastic basketball video games that would let you dunk from almost anywhere on the court. Imagine the basically superpower of the Kuroko cast in video game glory. Let people play through the story or exhibition matches and let them go crazy with every character’s special traits. Heck you could even make a few fake new character with weird abilities just to spice it up a bit. I’ll let a sports series expert handle this one and make it crazy as can be. 

3: Magic Kaito

Genre: Heist Stealth    Company: Level-5 

With Persona 5 on the cusp on being released world wide it made me think, why not a Kaito game in a similar vein? You could play through a multitude of scenarios made for the game including all sorts of characters from Aoko to Conan. Be Kaito Kid and use what the game gives you to make it through the police, other adversaries, and of course Conan again to best them all as the phantom thief! I think this game would be full of laughs and creative level design open to player to explore. Think like a funny Hitman game, where you steal instead of kill. Any fan would be in for a treat and I think Level-5 has a huge track record that would reassure me. 

2: Spice & Wolf

Genre: Economics/Dating Sim   Company: MPS Labs

From the creators of Civ. I want a fantastic simulation title. You play through the world of Spice & Wolf as Kraft Lawrence and try to get Holo to her home. The game would have travel segments like Oregon trail, a romance meter to build with Holo, and a very complex world economics system to learn and master. If you are able to be the best at all of them you will get the best and true ending of the game. Anything from death to Holo leaving you can happen, its up to you to master the market and your heart to get the true end! 

1: The Girl Who Leapt Through TIme

Genre: Choice Based Adventure    Company: Naughty Dog

So, I was thinking lets have a new character that you play in the same world as the Girl Who Leapt Through Time. You are given 100 jumps to make. And the game takes place over the course of 3 months. So around 90 days. Every day you play through like a simulation game building relationships, leveling up certain personality and knowledge stats and overall learning about the world. At any time over the 3 months you can jump back in time after completing any new task. Which ones are important and which ones are truly unimportant in the grand scheme? Maybe they are all important. Work your way to a happy ending and not the bad one you see in your dreams on day 1 of the story. It would make players really try their hardest to appreciate every little decision and I think I want the perfect graphics of realism from Naughty Dog and their little touches to make this a true classic through time. 

Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any of the above pictures. The credit goes to the original creators of each and thus will be considered theirs. Enjoy the pics!

What anime would you make a game out of? I tried to use a variety of genres and ideas but I’m sure there are tons more out there! Tell me somewhere on the net!

See ya Space Corgis!

(Spoiler Alert) Danganronpa Third Dual Murders

“How many times they hafta kill bro before they’re happy…? I’ll beg, I’ll scrape my head across the ground. Just please give him back…! That doesn’t matter. Nothing….nothing else matters. No matter what it takes, I’m gonna give him back! That’s my promise as a man!”

Game: Danganronpa - Trigger Happy Havoc

Murdered: Kiyotaka Ishimaru

Title: Ultimate Moral Compass

Murderer: Hifumi Yamada, Ultimate Fanfic Creator

Murder Motif: Alter Ego’s Disappearance and Celestia Ludenberg’s Lie

Cause Of Death: Blunt Force Trauma

“Ahh…that’s right…I remember now…Hope’s Peak…I remember…everything…Before…I’d met you…all…I’d met…you all…Ahh…the light…It’s reaching out…to me… Like…the tail…of a comet…Who….killed me…? That’s right…I remember…their name…Y…Yasu…hi…ro…”

Game: Danganronpa - Trigger Happy Havoc

Murdered: Hifumi Yamada

Title: Ultimate Fanfic Creator

Murderer: Celestia Ludenberg, Ultimate Gambler

Murder Motif: Ten Million Dollar Bribery and Celestia Ludenberg’s Dream Castle

Cause Of Death: Blunt Force Trauma

“Heeeeey y’all! It’s Ibuki Miodaaaaaa! Thanks for coming out today! My specialty is making beef stew! Haha, I may not look like it but people tell me that I’m a nurturing type. So I’m gonna do my very best performance so I can make everyone feel better. I hope you’re all pumped up!” 

Game: Danganronpa 2 - Goodbye Despair

Murdered: Ibuki Mioda

Title: Ultimate Musician

Murderer: Mikan Tsumiki, Ultimate Nurse

Murder Motif: Despair Disease and Mikan Tsumiki’s Lust

Cause Of Death: Asphyxia

“S-Stupid! What are you saying?! Of course I can do it! B-Because…Mahiru taught me. That’s why I can do it on my own.”

Game: Danganronpa 2 - Goodbye Despair

Murdered: Hiyoko Saionji

Title: Ultimate Traditional Dancer

Murderer: Mikan Tsumiki, Ultimate Nurse

Murder Motif: Eye Witness

Cause Of Death: Artery Cut

“God is a forgiving God after all. So Angie forgives you.”

Game: Danganronpa V3 - Killing Harmony

Murdered: Angie Yonaga

Title: Ultimate Fine Artist

Murderer: Korekiyo Shinguji, Ultimate Anthropologist

Murder Motif: Eye Witness

Cause Of Death: Fatal Spinal Cord Injury

“It’s okay to cry. Crying makes you feel better after all. Even laughing, and getting even angry. We’re Humans and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Because that’s what Humans are and that’s what Humans are supposed to do.”

Game: Danganronpa V3 - Killing Harmony

Murdered: Tenko Chabashira

Title: Ultimate Aikido Master

Murderer: Korekiyo Shinguji, Ultimate Anthropologist

Murder Motif: Korekiyo Shinguji’s Lust

Cause Of Death: Fatal Spinal Cord Injury

First Murder: Sayaka Maizono, Ultimate Imposter, Rantaro Amami

First Execution: Leon Kuwata, Teruteru Hanamura, Kaede Akamatsu

Second Murder: Chihiro Fujisaki, Mahiru Koizumi, Ryoma Hoshi

Second Execution: Mondo Owada, Peko Pekoyama, Kirumi Tojo

Third Murder: Kiyotaka Ishimaru and Hifumi Yamada, Ibuki Mioda and Hiyoko Saionji, Angie Yonaga and Tenko Chabashira (Here)

Third Execution: Celestia Ludenberg, Mikan Tsumiki, Korekiyo Shinguji 

Fourth Murder: Sakura Ogami, Nekomaru Nidai, Miu Iruma

Fourth Execution: To be listed

Fifth Murder: Mukuro Ikusaba, Nagito Komaeda, Kokichi Oma

Fifth Execution: To be listed

Final Execution: To be listed


Danganronpa Survivors

anonymous asked:

hiii, can you tell me your top 10 of anime? (bsides of bnha bc i already watched it) please:( i need to watch something new

Hello anon~ Sure! Instead of ten I’ll just tell you all my faves, hope you don’t mind, I’ll separate them for genres in case you’re looking for something specific :’))

Sports anime: 

  1. Free! 
  2. Daiya no Ace
  3. Yowamushi Pedal
  4. Haikyuu!!
  5. Kuroko no Basket
  6. Yuri!!! on Ice


  1. Kuroshitsuji (you should check the manga out since it’s a lot better :’))
  2. Shokugeki no Souma
  3. Hunter x Hunter
  4. Gintama
  5. Shingeki no Kyojin
  6. Noragami
  7. Ao no Exorcist
  8. Nanatsu no Taizai
  9. Owari no Seraph
  10. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
  11. Magi
  12. Bakuman
  13. Arlan Senki (Historical)


  1. One Punch Man
  2. Mob Psycho 100
  3. Magi
  4. K Project
  5. Ajin
  6. Death Parade
  7. Boku Dake ga inai Machi
  8. Psycho pass
  9. Bungou Stray Dogs
  10. Death Note
  11. Donten ni Warau
  12. No Game no Life


  1. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (this one is comedy more than shoujo haha)
  2. Akatsuki no Yona
  3. Orange
  4. Host Club
  5. Ore Monogatari!!
  6. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Slice of life

  1. Natsume Yuujinchou (also supernatural)
  2. Barakamon 
  3. Tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge
  4. Amaama to Inazuma

From this season I’d advise you to watch Ballroom e Youkoso and Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun ^^
Have fun!

draconiarose  asked:

So, reading the last chapter of Weekender made me sad for the little Jack Zimmerman doll that started it all, so I have this headcanon that Lardo came back to do a final sweep and saw the doll. She snagged it and gave it to Shitty and Shitty was about a week away from giving the doll to Jack and forcing him to do something when Jack called to say he was heading to Samwell.

Yes!  I love that so much!  Okay, here’s a take on that, @draconiarose.  Thanks for the prompt and idea <333 - WotS    An extra Weekender scene…

Everyone was in the Lyft, Hausward bound, when Lardo realized she had left her sunglasses in the room.

“I know exactly where I put them,” she yelled as she ran back into the lobby.

“Hurry up!” Ransom said from the passenger seat, looking at Bitty staring silently out the car window behind him.  “We need to get out of here!”

She ran to the door, thankful she still had her key card in her back pocket, and entered the room spotting her sunglasses sitting on the end table, and then she saw a small box on the couch.

Lardo plopped her sunglasses on top of her head and gingerly grabbed the box.  It was a Jack Zimmermann toy.

“That jerk,” she said as she looked at it.

She shook her head then tossed it into the wastebasket and ran out of the room.  A few seconds later, she ran back in, pulled it out of the trash and removed it from the box.

Lardo held the toy in her hand and examined it momentarily before shoving it in her pocket and leaving the room.

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Enigmatic. Really enigmatic.

Not for RM and Jin’s sexuality tho. They’re completely straight. Especially RM. Nobody can go straighter if u know what i mean.

But the other 5 gave me headaches tho.

I’ve been reading a lot of bts’s sexuality analysis and i’m really itchy to make one he he bcs i want to point out things that may seem trivial but i think important.

Kay. Let’s start.

J-hope *could be* straight, in my eyes at least…..
but he’s definitely gay.. i don’t know how to put this. I don’t know the main indicator of observation that represents gayness for I am not gay at all (maybe bicurious??) but i can kinda imagine him being with a girl. Maybe forced. Idk.
But i’ll conclude him as gay tho. Phew.

He’s straight. Maybe was. When i said i want to point out something………. well i want to point out the fact that he shows a little tiny bit of shock or disgust(?????) around same sex love. Like when on a radio show where i think ryeowook(!!) is the host, and RW asks if jimin have any attraction to jk which leads to tae saying things like “i think he likes men” or idk that kinda shit (jimin was hella mad tho). That’s really shocking bcs they’re on the same group? He speaks like he has no idea that jimin could really be gay. I don’t know how to put this….
For example, if i thought someone is straight It wont sound accusing (for me) to say things like “you kinda look gay haha” and if i thought he/she is gay i wouldn’t even comment?? Like how do i explain this? He should’ve known better that jimin is less likely to be straight so there’s no need to point it out. Ahh jinjja. In short, i think he is straight, and doesn’t know that jimin is more likely to be gay maybe because he’s just.. tae. (At that time). Another thing, when heechul(!!) was like “stealing moments of bbo bbo through game punishment” (watch weekly idol bts for more info) taehyung was like “woah you’re so weird”. Again. Tae??????
Another one! When on dangyunhaji things he said to jhope (after the kissing punishment) “u like me right?”
That sounds so naive and straight-like.
i’m sorry tae fans, i know he is a good man he doesn’t mean any harm and, listen carefully: i think that is a normal spontaneous part of being straight and not aware that a lot of people have these variations of sexuality…. but that’s a was. He is less shocked when he sees one or two members sharing affection for each other now i guess. He is now more open to skinship to same sex member tho. But still, i think he’s like 95% straight.

NOW….. when i first heard the tongue technology-hongkong rumor, i REALLY REALLY THINK HE IS BI OR PANSEXUAL OR AT LEAST NOT STRAIGHT. But man i changed my mind again. I think… he gives off manly feeling (not that it excludes you from being gay and other) but it’s kinda hard to think he’s gay. But if it’s not the translations or misinterpretations from hes idgaf nature i think he could be anything, including gay/pansexual/ any other thing. Anything.


I’m not gonna analyze u two separately even though that’s literally what analyze means. Bcs you two are complicated as fu*k.

Well, jimin, he could be straight. He’s not like more than 100% gay or anything but like 80% gay.
When i watch carefully how he treats jk, i see it more of someone having a puppy and watches it grow. And jk gave off that feeling (of a puppy) too even for me. The way jimin looks at him at certain situations give me the feeling of “oh look at my precious growing up but i still think he’s the cute kookie that i know”. That statement could grow into something like you think it would be but it could not too. JK was like “what is this hyung doing to me?” But ended up to be “damn y u do that to tae tae u used to do that to me are u being sincere before??”. But still, when i watch the way they flirt with each other and have this little competition of sexiness it’s hard to think that there is 0 sexual tension.
Then again maybe they will encounter a situation where they cannot hold the kinkiness any longer hehe. So sorry.
But in percentage: jimin 80% gay, kookie: 100%jiminsexual and 15% gay (2 different parameters, he.)

One or few or many of you can be irritated by my explanations but let me tell you something: i don’t really know how to package it nicely. If you think i was being rude i’m really sorry, it has nothing to do with morality or anything i’m just stating opinion. And i’m still learning to be familiar with lgbt community so don’t bash me and instead enlighten me. I dont intend to hurt any feelings or anything…

Elsword Storyline in a Nutshell

(Edited on Jan 3 2016, added Elysion)

Elsword: Aha! I’m 13 years old now, and that means I can do whatever the hell I want! Guess it’s time for me to run around Elrios and beat up random creatures!

Aisha: OMG Elsword stop being such a brat! C’mon, we’ve gotta retrieve the El!

Elsword: Be quiet, flatty. This game is named after me, so that makes me our leader! Therefore, you all have to follow my orders!


Rena: Stop arguing! I’m getting too old for this. Let’s go find Banthus.

Banthus: Haha you can’t catch me! (runs away with the El)

Lowe: Oh no, he escaped! You guys better go find him!

Elsword: Why can’t you just do that on your own…?

Lowe: Uh.. ‘cause I have things… and stuff… to do… ANYWAYS! GO GET HIM!

Hoffman: Hello there! Oh, you’re looking for Banthus? He’s over there!

(The Elgang beats him up) 

Elsword: Well… that was easy…

Aisha: Yeah, but we still haven’t gotten the El back…

Rena: Looks like Wally has the El now. Let’s go get him!

(The Elgang destroys Wally No. 8) 

Elsword: Wow, that was easy too…

Aisha: Crap! Wally got away!

Rena: He’s taken the El!

Hoffman: I bet Wally’s in Bethma now. Go find him!

Elsword: Ugh, we better get the El soon… This is getting annoying…

Stella: Hey, these Lizardmen are terrorizing the region! Please help us!

Elsword: But we’re looking for the El… Oh well, guess we should help out.

(The Elgang swiftly defeats the Lizardmen and returns them to normal)

Aisha: That was easy… I can’t believe these were the Lizardmen that were giving Bethma such a hard time…

Elsword: Yeah, I’m starting to notice a pattern here…

Rena: Look! Wally’s over there!

Elsword: Raahhhh!! Let’s get the El and end this quest once and for all!

(The Elgang destroys Wally No. 9)

Aisha: Yay, we did it! Oh shit, another ship is attacking us!

(Raven steals the El)

Raven: Muahahaha you’ll never take the El from me!

Elsword: FUCK!!! We have to go through ANOTHER region!?

Elsword: There you are!

Raven: Ah, you found me! No matter… I shall kill you all! Wait a minute… S-Seris??? Is that you!?

(The Elgang defeats Raven)

Elsword: Alright! Good job, Rena! You distracted him with your boobs long enough so we could stop him!

Aisha: (smacks Elsword) You idiot!!! This has nothing to do with her breasts! 

Raven: Hey, can I join you guys?

Elsword: … sure, why not? By the way, where’d the El go?

Raven: Um… I don’t have it anymore…


Adel: Nasods are scary pong! Please destroy them pong!

Elsword: No! I am NOT going on some stupid side quest again!

Adel: They have the El pong!

Elsword: Okay, let’s go!

(After destroying a bunch of Nasods and going through Altera Core…)

Elsword: Well, that was easy… But hey! We finally have the El! Let’s go back to Ruben and return it!


Elsword: I wanna be your friend!

Eve: … okay <3

Raven: Hey, was there a robot version of me or something back there…?

Elsword: I don’t know, and I don’t care. Let’s go home.

Elsword: Okay, here’s the El! At last, I can relax at home and do nothing for the rest of my life… Surely, the townspeople will give me millions of ED as a reward for my awesomeness!

Allegro: Help! Demons! 

Stella: Okay Elgang! Go get ‘em!

Elsword: … you’ve gotta be shitting me right now.

(The Elgang drives away the demons from Feita)

Eve: That was pretty easy…

Elsword: I know, right!? Why don’t these people just get their shit together and deal with their problems on their own!?

Ariel: The Velder Kingdom needs your help! They’re under attack!

Elsword: OH COME ON!!!

Raven: Hey Rena… soo…. are the two of us a thing… or…?

Rena: Umm… I’ll have to think about it…

Aisha: Ah! How romantic! I wish someone would confess to me someday…

Elsword: lol that’s never going to happen to you

Aisha: (slaps Elsword)

Eve: … human are so weird…

Vanessa: Oh thank god you’re here! We’ve had to retreat because the demons are too powerful!

(The Elgang drives away the demons from Velder)

Elsword: Too. Easy.

Elesis: Hey! Guess who’s back!

Elsword: Sis! It’s you! You’ve gotta help me. Everyone in Elrios has been asking us to do all these super-easy tasks! I just wanna go home and relax! But these stupid Velder Knights are so incompetent that they can’t even stop the nooby demon army!

Elesis: … you know I’m part of the Velder Knights, right?

Elsword: … u-uhh…

(Elesis slaps Elsword)

Aisha: lol I like your sister already, Elboy

Eve: Hey, who’s that over there!

Add: YAAAAHHHHH!!! (Attacks Eve and defeats her) Muahahaha… now you’re mine!

Elsword: Hey, get off of her, you creep! Shoo!

Add: Grrr, you may have won this time, but I will capture Eve, and I will get my hands on those Nasod codes! (flies away)

Elsword: What a weirdo… By the way, I didn’t know the word “code” could refer to boobs as well


Aisha: (slaps Elsword) STOP THINKING ABOUT BOOBS!!!

Vanessa: Good job, everyone! Now send this letter to Hamel!

Elsword: Why can’t you do it yourself!?

Elesis: Shut up and do what she says!

Penensio: Aw crap, demons are here too! Please stop them for us!

Rena: This has been, like, the third region infested with the demons…

Elsword: Yeah, and I thought we could just go home and relax after retrieving the El… Hmph.

Chung: Hello! I’m Chung, and my father was possessed by the demons! Please help me!

Aisha: Oh you poor thing! We’ll definitely help you out!

Chung: Thank you!

Elsword: Ugh, too many girls are joining our group… Now we have 5 girls and only 2 guys!

Raven: Yeah, it sucks…

Chung: B-but… I’m a guy…

(The Elgang gets to the Ancient Waterway)

Add: (saves Eve) Hehehe… behold, your savior! 

Eve: Just because you saved me from Victor doesn’t mean I’m going to give you my codes… 

Add: Fine. Well, can I at least join you guys so I can watch you 24/7?

Eve: … that’s a little creepy…

Elsword: Yes! Join us! We need to have more guys in our group!

Chung: But I’m a dude!

(The Elgang gets to the Halls of Water)

Chung: Ran!!! My name is Chung Seiker. You turned my father to evil. Prepare to die!

Ara: No, stop! He’s my brother! 

Elsword: Oh crap! Another demon! Attack her! 

Ara: Wait! I’m just a normal girl with a fox hairpin that contains a fox spirit that takes over my body from time to time!

(Everyone starts beating each other up)

Ran: Now’s my chance! (teleports away)

Chung and Ara: NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Elsword: Well, I guess that’s that. Now I’m going home.


Elsword: More demons!? Are you serious!?

Emirate: Yeah, go get them for us, will ya?

Ara: Hey, how come Hamel is full of water while this place is completely dry?

Elsword: Who knows. Anyways, let’s get this over with…

(The Elgang defeats Karis)

Elsword: Okay, it’s finally over, right? It’s gotta be over now, right???

Elsword: aoijfoawiehfo8awhgowefoafjdsaf

Lu and Ciel: Hey! Let’s all team up!

Elsword: Oh fine… you can join us. You two seem normal enough

Ciel: By the way, FLAT IS JUSTICE!

Aisha and Lu: (sniffles) Yes! This man speaks the truth!

Rena and Ara: (smack Ciel over and over again)

Eve and Elesis:

Elsword: Hey Chung, why aren’t you cheering too?


Ignia: Hey everyone! Let’s go defeat those demons together!

Elsword: Finally! Someone from town who’s willing to help us!

(Ignia betrays them)

Elsword: Never mind.

Elesis: Hey, it’s Scar! Let’s go get him!!!

(The Elgang defeats Scar)

Elesis: Check this out! I’m Super Saiyan! 

Elsword: No one cares. Can we PLEASE just go home now!?!?

Ignia: Alrighty, you’ve gathered all six Priestesses! That means you get to go to Elysion!

Elsword: What? No! I don’t want to go to another region! Please no!!!

(The priestesses teleport the Elgang to Atlas Station)

Elsword: shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit

Add: OMG NASODS!!! (Fangirl scream)

Yuno: Welcome to Atlas Station! Some of the Nasods here are acting up, can you please help me subdue them?

Elsword: NO!

Yuno: (Ignoring Elsword) By the way, there’s a girl here who wants to join you

Rose: Hello, I’m Rose. I use a wide variety of guns and I can kick people too!

Rena, Eve, Chung, and Ciel: Copycat.

Elsword: Great, another girl… Oh well, we’ll need all the help we can get I suppose. So where do you come from?

Rose: Another dimension called DFO er, I mean, Empyrian!

Aisha: … okie dokie then.

(The Elgang goes through the first two dungeons)

Yuno: Ah, the Elysion Tower is kinda hard to navigate. I’ll tag along so I can guide you through!

Elsword: You better not betray us!!

(The Elgang reaches the boss stage)

Elsword: Wow, Yuno actually helped us. I can’t believe it.

Code Maya: Looks like it’s my turn to face you.

Elsword: Bring it!

(The Elgang defeats Maya)

Yuno: Great job, everyone! Let me call the elevator for us to reach the next sector

Code Maya: Traitor! (destroys the elevator controls)


Yuno: Oh no!! (transfers energy from himself into the elevator) G-goodbye… my friends… and good luck…

Elsword: NNNNOOOOOO!!! The one guy that was actually useful and legit tried to help!!!! WWHHYYYYYYYY!?!?