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I told you, I won’t run anymore.


So why are you still carrying me?


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come on dads pay attention to your children

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How would the vets and cadets react if they were given a present they don't really like?

Mikasa: … thanks…
Reiner: Wow hey,,, thenk u 
Bertholdt: Is genuinely happy about getting a present in general 
Annie: thx *puts it away*
Eren: D: thanks
Jean: What the… thank you?
Marco: Doesn’t care if he likes it or not
Sasha: Wow I wasn’t expecting that! hahahaha…ha…ha…
Connie: Uhm… okay…
Historia: o__O
Armin: Thanks! I’ll make sure to find good use for it!
Ymir: Lol this sucks, dude!
Levi: Not my thing really, but thanks anyway…
Hanji: Hahahaha this is bad, I love it!
Erwin: Interesting choice of gift!
Nanaba: Hm.. Thanks…
Mike: *nods but looks confused*


i fell in love with your despair | a hannibal x will playlist

“in my defense, i fell in love with his despair.
his hands were glowing embers, and i was
looking for a fire to warm myself by. he made
me forget that even the moon is just a floating
rock when the sun isn’t lighting it up from
behind, and even the most ordinary things can
look extraordinary in the right slant of light.

in my defense, i wanted to be the hero.
i thought i could save him, so i used my
body to cushion the impact when he
crashed into the earth.

in my defense,
his burning mouth. in my defense,
the craters he left in my skin.”


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Idk I'm so confused.. sorry this is random. I love Ruca so much she is so pretty and fun but why does Olly like Trish she is good and pure does Olly want a normal life? I feel so bad I don't like Trish.. just my opinion like Ruca so much, just a question thank you

AWW thank you so much  happy you like my Ruca <3 well I guess in a way he likes how normal things are when he’s around her,  he’s not running from cops with her  looking over his shoulder it’s just a nice change from what he’s used to. Her and her lifestyle are completely different from anything he’s ever known. it’s new, she’s sweet and caring with him, she like’s him even though he’s garbage lol he was in a bad place after him and Ruca split and Trish was a light at the end of the tunnel, he was happy for the first time in a while plus she makes the best pasta

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So am I the only one who notices Namjoon's face in that gif set when Jimin is talking about their music taste? He looks so done with the two, but I don't mean that in a bad way lol, I'm just saying he looks like he's thinking 'If they're together, they're too much. If I'm between them, they're still too much.' LIKE NOTHING CAN BRAKE THOSE TWO'S TRANCE WITH EACH OTHER AND THEY DONT CARE AND I LOVE IT IM DYING. THEIR COVER HAS ME IN MY GRAVE. JUST AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHAGGSHSGSGAHAVNDKF FHD

LOL. Probably mentally rolling his eyes like, “Ugh, these two again,” and wondering who decided to get him stuck in formation between two very obvious lovebirds.


*sits down* *puts feet on top of desk*

So did I ever tell you guys about my headcanon that Beck was Jet Bradley’s first ‘real’ program? (u know. Besides the ‘hello world’ and the ‘sum of the first 10 numbers’ programs of the world lol) 

Did I ever tell you about how Flynn taught him a bit of programming (A BIT he swears to Alan, because he refuses to speak to Flynn for 2 days for taking the chance to teach Jet about programming away from him) and the kid just liked it so much he spent every free minute writing programs and learning how to improve them.

Did I ever tell you about young little Jethro running to his ‘uncle’ kevin and showing him ‘this really cool program he has made’ (it does a little bit of everything, and Kev definitely recognises some lines of code the kid must have gotten out of the Tron source code his dad keeps in the computer) and Flynn just smiles at him and asks him what he wants to call the program, and after deep deliberation Jet just says ‘Beck’. For no other reason than because it rhymes with Jet.

Did I ever tell you about how Flynn takes a copy of this little Beck program and puts him on his Grid. How he watches this Alpha mature into Beta stage, and become its own little resourceful program, and wants to tell Tron so bad that Beck exists, but knows he would never understand (programs don’t have kids after all) so he keeps it quiet.

Let me also tell you why this headcanon IS THE BEST HEADCANON:

  • Tron/Beck father and son feels.
  • Jet and Beck look alike. this is just proof.

Remember that I said that I was making humanized Lightning Mcqueen from Cars and Cars 2 for myself? Well lol I really serious about that tho 

here some fast doodles of this hotie cutie in my design~

his actual hair color is strawberry blonde that he dyed into red don’t fight me 

and also Sally is older than him pass it on


TMI/TID Fancast: Dylan Sprayberry as Alexander Gideon Lightwood

“It made no sense that his eyes had been drawn to Alec, over and over again. Alec had hung to the back of their little group, had made no effort to attract the eye. He had striking coloring, the rare combination of black hair and blue eyes that had always been Magnus’s favorite, and Magnus supposed that was why he had looked in Alec’s direction at first. Strange to see the coloring that had so distinguished Will and his sister, so many miles and years gone by, and on someone with an entirely different last name …

Then Alec had smiled at one of Magnus’s jokes, and the smile had lit a lamp in his solemn face, making his blue eyes brilliant, and briefly taking Magnus’s breath away.”

The signs responding to anon hate
  • Aries: "I dare u to come off anon and fight me irl u bitchass coward"
  • Taurus: "ok chill bruh"
  • Gemini: "Anything else sweetie?"
  • Cancer: "Did you have a bad day? Can I help you? I'm sorry."
  • Leo: "um ok bye"
  • Virgo: "can I maybe help you with some therapy? I'm very good at analyzing the minds of butthurt people"
  • Libra: "is this what fame is like? *looks into mirror* fame changed you"
  • Scorpio: "...??? I don't" understand??? "I'm fab???"
  • Sagittarius: "LOL TRUUU"
  • Capricorn: "ok"
  • Aquarius: "but why???? Maybe we can talk this through???"
  • Pisces: "I bet u expected me to cry but really I couldn't care less"

I’m sick of talking about darkening skin and whatever, so my last word on it is that “racebending” happens in media all the time, look at ghost in the shell and look at the live action attack on titan film where everyone casted is Japanese even though there are only like two or three canon Japanese characters in the anime?? (rip me tho I stopped watching aot years ago lmao)

It just doesn’t matter if we’re arguing about ‘good racebending’ or ‘bad racebending’ it’s equally useless and it won’t get you anywhere. In the end I’m not harming anyone, I draw for my own benefit not for anyone else and I just don’t care about this long winding discourse any more lmao.

The signs + oh my god
  • Aries: oh my god you're so dumb lol
  • Taurus: I only slept for 5 hours omg
  • Gemini: oh my god
  • Cancer: where's the food omg
  • Leo: omg yeah just keep feeding my ego
  • Virgo: hoe don't do it...omg
  • Libra: I'm so happy omg
  • Scorpio: don't touch me omg
  • Sagittarius: I'm so bored omg
  • Capricorn: omg does it look like I care
  • Aquarius: What am I doing omg
  • Pisces: I'm so tired omg

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Hey hey!! I got a request for you!!!!! "Crashed the wrong wedding and now the maid of honor/best man is on my ass but he/she is kinda hot so...." This would be a funny one for Gajevy but I really don't care. Feel free o choose! (Lol lots of requests lately :P)

Yesssss! Okay I’m actually going to go with Nalu for this one because they were the first couple that popped into my head with this au XD (hope you don’t mind!)

Fancy Clothes and Bad First Impressions (Nalu drabble: modern au)

Natsu slid into the reception hall, grinning as he imagined the look on Laxus’ face when he saw him there.

He’d been invited to the wedding of course, but unfortunately had to refuse due to his work schedule. However, things had cleared up last minute and so he’d decided to surprise his friend by crashing the wedding anyway.

Dressed in a white shirt, charcoal gray vest and a pair of dark jeans, he was dressed a little more casually than fitted a wedding, but the whole point of crashing a wedding was to not fit in, wasn’t it? He didn’t like dressing up much anyway.

His eyes scanned the crowd milling about, brows slowly sinking lower and lower as he failed to recognize anyone. Maybe he was in the wrong place?

A quick check on the invitation told him he definitely had the right place. So where were all the familiar faces of his friends?

“Hey, you!” 

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I'm half Korean, and I always say that I'm half-Korean, half-white, because that's how it is. And people usually ask me what kind of white I have, and I usually respond along the lines of, "I don't know, some shades of mayonnaise", but I want to know if this is a bad way to respond, since I don't really care as much about the white heritage I have since I never knew my biological father and never cared enough to look into it.

Lol no that’s a perfect response if that’s how you feel. You don’t owe anything to anyone.