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Happy birthday to our dearest hardworking honey rapper Jooheon! Thank you for not giving up on your dreams despite how hard it was and sharing your talents with us. Monbebes and Monsta X will always be by your side! Stay healthy and always be happy🐝💕


Jafael as Jaladdin

After the fight,
our mothers look at us through 
mascara’d eyes and pursed lips
she says it like she’s reminiscing something sweet 
“You act just like your father sometimes.”

The 7 year old takes it with pride because
daddy is strong, daddy never falters
but as you get older, wiser
you realize your father is the last thing you want to be 

Because fathers are supposed to be kind 
because fathers are supposed to be there for your recitals 
because fathers should not let their daughters be afraid to speak their mind 
Why isn’t your father like everyone else’s? 

Our mothers start to cry now
black lines leaking down her face, 
and you do something your father
has never thought to do:
we apologize 
we help her pick up the pieces 
we say we love her, kiss her cheek
and she smiles with relief because 
there is a little bit of our mom in us after all. 

So tonight as we lay
in the arms of the lover who is nothing like anyone 
we’ve ever met 
we thank our lucky stars and our fathers 
because we know exactly who we should never be.
we will never be like him 
we have never been like him
and our daughters will never have to know
what it means
to be afraid


for myself, Miriam K., and others- you don’t have to be like him// hnl 2017

This was inspired by my lovely friend @bumbleblossoms and her poem “But I’m Afraid I Already Have” that touched my heart so much that I had to write an addendum to it. Check her out, and enjoy!!