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Hi all!

I am finally writing this post a year and some change out of surgery- and my life has altered in quite drastic ways. I think it is critically important to write this post now as we are currently under an administration which does not see womyn or other bodied humans as citizens ables to think critically and make their own decisions for their own bodies. I hope this captures attention and empowers you to make the best decision for yourself. As a queer womyn of colour, this has been a deep and empowering journey of my own- wrought with confusion and re-building community and honesty and self-transparency.

Bellow are photos from the days before and after surgery (WARNING: Nudity and Graphic Photos) and some anecdotes about the surgery/journey/etc. Hope this helps and y’all gain something from this. 

I was a FFF 34 band size. This was pre-op, with markings of material they would be cutting off and nipple placement.

Super supportive bra that helps keep the shape of my new boobs….also lots of pain killers therefore the anemic sleepy look

blood stains from incisions #beauty 

Seeing my boobs for the first time after surgery (don’t worry- i cried A LOT)

Bruised and swollen and beautiful–> the tape is to hold everything together and prevent infection or stitches being rubbed.

Grandma bought me an extra one of these bras so we could wash the other bloody one -_____-

Im stoked (and still look anemic from all the drugs)

Ok lets be real-most of my two-weeks post op was spent here, in bed, being sleepy. After eating one meal I would pass out for four hours. 

also they say not to go bra shopping right after the surgery…. my sister still took me. And naturally I found a place to sit and be tired after five minutes at the store. #sorrynotsorry but really- your literally too tired to do much of anything, let alone shopping or even trying on bras (BAD IDEA= yolo).

but look how tiny my boobs are!!!!!!!   

Cute low cut dress 2months after surgery

Florida 3 months after surgery

smol(er) boobs in cute bra <3

Be empowered. Live the life you want. Know that you are supported by people you haven’t even met yet and who want to encourage you to be all that you can be.<3 <3 <3 love yourself! you are worth it!!!!

A big thank you to my mom for her lovely insurance and re-assurance as we journey through this life together. Big ups to my sis for being by my side the entire time and made sure I had all my meds and put up with my shenanigans of natural antibiotics and laughed at me/with me when I tried to go on a hike after 7 days of being out of surgery. Hugs and endless love to my supportive grandmother who housed me and took me to all my appointments and oogled at my boobs with me and cried with me when I got to see them for the first time and is generally the most supportive person, womyn, mentor, wise witch, best cook, and best friend a granddaughter could have. (gosh i’m crying writing this right now!)

And thank you to all of you out there who heard me trying on clothes post surgery and had the chutzpah to talk to me about my journey and ask me questions and feel empowered. ANd to all my friends and new allies who have desired mastectomies for a personal journey of top surgery and those whose it wasn’t their choice and had to get a mastectomy for their health. Thank you for sharing your scars and your journey.  This community is vast and expands beyond the boarders even my own mind had put up. Even if our current political shit show of a government puts up walls– together we can take them down. Learn about natural medicines and remember your BODY is yours.

I will write another post soon about the herbal antibiotics I used and my post op meds. For now, I love you, and I see you and YOUR BODY MATTERS and has a space and place in this world! 

Teasing Kylo Ren would include:

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A/N: No life me having. 

  • Stealing/Hiding his lightsaber.
  • Using all his hair products.
  • Almost getting killed because you bought green hair dye instead of black hair dye. 
    • Hiding his helmet.
    • Putting Millicent into his helmet and carrying her around the base.
    • Stormtroopers and all the others running away when they see you, knowing you did some mischief.
  • Funny nicknames.
    • (Emo) Trash baby.
    • Ben Ten/ Big Ben.
    • Mr. Glowstick.
    • Voodoo Doll.
    • Darth Vader wannabe.
    • Tantrum Queen. 
    • Drama Queen.
    • Darth Tantrum. 
    • Darth Emo.
    • Kyle Ron.
    • Ben Ren.
    • Benjamin (Solo). 
    • (Emo) Fuckboy. 
    • Crylo Ren. 
    • Sex metal Barbie.
    • Sith-baby. 
    • Darth Buckethead.
    • Lord pissbaby. 
    • Whiny pissbaby.
    • Homicidal Queen.
    • Kylo Bae. 
    • Punk (ass) bitch. 
    • Boss bitch. 
    • Warrior baby. 
    • Princess Vader.
    • Dark Lord of all.
    • Fanboy Ren. 
    • Pseudo Darth Vader. 
    • Lord Garnier Fructis hair.
  • Making comments on how he struts.
    • “Walk walk fashion baby”
    • “Walk walk murder baby”
    • “Walk walk emo baby” 
    • “Show me that booty of yours!”
    • “Strike a pose!”
  • More comments. 
    • “So, how’s your hair?”
    • “Your roots are showing.”
    • “So, what’s daddy (Snoke) doing?”
  • Jokes.
    • “Ben there. Done that.”
    • “I’ve Ben Solo since forever.”
    • “Han Yolo.”
    • “Where’s your babysitter?”
  • Bad puns.
    • “Look in your shirt and spell ATTIC.”
    • “Spell ICUP out loud.”
    • “Spell IAOP and say -ness.”
    • “You put hot in psycHOTic”

This is an OC I made and I really love her, just not the way I drew her. If you can’t see it at the bottom, her first name is Margret her middle name is Val and her last name is Dennise. This is the first OC I’ve ever made and I am kinda scared to post it because I think it looks bad. But whatever, YOLO, am I Cool now?