it looks a little it weird and idk why

When I say Vol- you say?!

Imagine what Lucifer was thinking when he left the cage though;
-shit shit shit
-okay act normal
-that’s too normal, weird it up a little
-you got this satan
-what do
-why is Castiel so small next to the Winchesters goddamn.. Nick wasn’t this small
-why is Dean looking at me like that
-seriously Dean stop
-are they in love or something? D-Dean please just like look at your brother or something idk
-Hell is huuuuuuuge
-should I have brought a coat?
-oh wait I’m wearing Cas I have a built in trench coat nvm

I know people are disappointed with PK’s statement but honestly I’m not surprised? I’m more surprised by people’s response because like, a) he’s never been super political in the first place, and b) have you seen the shit this man goes through just for being himself? Sports media started a whole campaign against him last season just for getting too excited during his cellies. Not to mention everything surrounding and leading up to his trade to Nashville, from the Habs higher ups especially.

Like, you read his statement and it all sounds like he’s trying to assure the Preds higher ups that even though he has a loud personality and is energetic he won’t start a ruckus and go against the team’s decision (which the PR had announced earlier that day) to not protest. He even went so far as to explain why he couldn’t keep still during the anthem (citing both adrenaline and possibly undiagnosed ADD) even though that’s a super common thing in the league. This man is already anticipating all the shit that the media is gonna throw at him if people do start protesting. Honestly, after Montreal I just wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t feel completely secure in his position on the team.

Idk, I just want y'all to remember that he already gets so much shit for being a dark skinned black man with a lot of personality and being really fucking good at what he does. You’re allowed to be disappointed (I kind of wish he at least spoke more in favor of the protests as a whole even if he wasn’t gonna do it even tho I get why he might not of) but let’s not act like he was suddenly obligated to lead some sort of revolution against Sidney Crosby or whatever this weird vibe is i’ve been getting these last few days.

Jason, Percy, and Capes

Or; Bi Ace Jason and His Journey of Self-Discovery

Or; Jason is Ace and I Am Projecting

So eventually Percy calling Jason “Superman” becomes kind of a thing between them. Jason only lets Percy call him that, and Percy uses it both to kind of tease Jason when he’s being extra heroic and praetor-y, and also as an affectionate nickname for his friend.

One year for his birthday, Percy buys him a Superman cape. He doesn’t wear it often, but it’s big enough that he uses it as a blanket a lot. When they hang out and play video games together, the winner gets to wear the cape. (He’ll never admit it, but sometimes Jason will let Percy win a little easier so that the cape will smell like sea breeze for a while after he leaves.)

A few months later, he sits Percy down and tells him that he likes boys as well as girls. Percy smiles, tells him that’s awesome! and that he does too, and hugs him. Jason hugs him back, burying his face in Percy’s shoulder. They watch a movie that night instead of playing video games, the Superman cape wrapped around them like a blanket where they sit shoulder-to-shoulder on Jason’s couch.

That year, Percy gets Jason another cape for his birthday. This one is just as big, but rather than red, it’s striped blue, purple, and pink. The bi flag, Percy tells him, a huge grin on his face. Then he unfurls it, and Jason sees the crudely sewn Superman logo in the middle. Jason laughs at that, head thrown back and just so damn happy, and Percy laughs with him. Jason refuses to take the cape off for the rest of the day (not that it mattered, since they spent the rest of the day bingewatching sitcoms on Netflix, but it mattered to Jason.)

Sometime later, they’re sitting next to each other on the couch, Percy’s legs flung across Jason’s lap, their video game controllers left on the coffee table from their last round. The bi flag Superman cape is tied around Jason’s shoulders since he’d been the one to blue shell Percy in the last seconds of the race and take first place. Percy leans forward, close enough that Jason can smell that sea breeze that just seemed to follow Percy everywhere, and starts picking at and fidgeting with the edge of the cape. So, if you’re Superman, he begins, nervousness wobbling his voice, is there any chance… I could be your Lois Lane? Jason smiles at him.

Things are going well between them. Dating is fun, even if sometimes their “dates” only consist of lighting a candle on the coffee table as they share a $5 pizza and watch cartoons together. Really, things between them don’t change much, they just get, well, closer. There’s more touching now, and for the most part, Jason likes it. He likes kissing Percy. He likes kissing Percy a lot, actually. And he likes the touching. He likes holding Percy’s hand, and he likes cuddling with him on the couch without fear of it being awkward. He likes when Percy comes up behind him and wraps his arms around his middle and rests his chin on Jason’s shoulder or presses his forehead to the back of Jason’s neck. He likes when they fall asleep curled up together and wake up with their legs tangled and Percy’s head resting on his chest, even if he drools, the bi flag Superman cape wrapped around them. There’s some things he doesn’t like so much, though. It’s nothing Percy’s done, because Percy would never do something Jason wasn’t explicitly okay with, but it’s the thought of it that bothers him. The thought of removing clothes and touching other places that leaves a distinct feeling of discomfort and repulsion in the pit of his stomach.

Unsure of what to do about it or what it means, he does the only thing he can think of and calls Piper. Surely, a daughter of Aphrodite would know what to do. He tells her what’s been going on, and when he’s done, she tells him that she thinks he may be asexual. When he lets out a noise of confusion, she tells him that it would probably be best if he talked to her half-brother Mitchell, since he actually is ace and could probably explain things better than she could. She gives him her brother’s number, and he thanks her.

Jason steels himself for what is to come. The talk with Mitchell had helped, and now that Jason has the proper words to put with what he’s feeling, he decided it was time to talk to Percy about it. It’s date night, which this time means takeout, a “clean linen” scented candle Jason had bought on sale, and a Star Wars marathon. When Percy steps through Jason’s front door, he greets him with a kiss and tells him he needs to talk to him before dinner. Percy nods, then asks if everything is okay as they sit facing each other on the couch. Jason nods, takes a deep breath, and carefully lays things out on the table, metaphorically speaking. He tells Percy about how much he likes being with him, but how the thought of doing… he fumbles for words… more… makes him nauseous. It’s nothing Percy had done wrong, just that this is who he is. He’s asexual, he explains, sex-repulsed. And he feels Percy has a right to know.

Percy has been nodding along as Jason explains things, ending with how he doesn’t think he’ll ever be okay with doing anything much beyond what they are doing currently. Okay, Percy tells him. He’s happy with how they are now, anyway, and he loves Jason so much that as long as Jason is happy, he will be happy, and that he’s happy Jason’s comfortable enough to tell him and that things are perfect as they are, and—


He’d said—

I love you too, Jason says, and pulls Percy into a tight embrace for a few moments before pulling back and pressing a soft kiss to his lips. That kiss brakes when Percy’s smile grows too big for it. The rest of date night goes off without a hitch, and they fall asleep halfway through Return of the Jedi cuddled together under both Superman capes.

When Jason’s birthday rolls around again, he’s surprised when Percy hands him a familiar looking box. He opens it, and instead of blue, purple, and pink, the cape he pulls out is striped with black, gray, white, and purple. Percy’s grin is so bright Jason can’t help but smile back. He unfurls it, and sees the Superman logo stitched into it, slightly neater than it was on his bi flag one. He hugs Percy then, and Percy hugs him back, whispering I love you, Superman, into the junction of Jason’s neck and shoulder. There’s a lot of kissing after that. Then, they end up curled in the corner of the couch, legs tangled together and Percy half on Jason’s lap. Jason has his newest cape wrapped around his shoulders, while Percy has taken the bi flag one, and the red one lays across their laps. They talk for hours, about everything and nothing, from some new designs Annabeth has been coming up with to which flavor of Starburst tastes the best. Jason isn’t sure exactly when they drift off, but the last thing he remembers is nuzzling into Percy’s hair and being hit with that sea breeze as if he’s actually sitting on the sand and looking out at the ocean itself, and a passing thought about how comfortable and perfect he feels wrapped up there with Percy and all of their capes.

Christians…in SPACE!?!?

I don’t mean to bring religion into the space orcs/space Australia thread (except I kinda do), but I got to thinking…

Christians believe that we are formed in God’s image, and that He created us and everything we know of. Assuming this is correct, how surprised would we be when we eventually make contact with another alien species, and they look exactly. Like. Us. Excluding some minor differences due to different courses of human development over the thousands of years we’ve been around, such as skin tone and hair color/texture.

Either way, imagine it. We get up there and are like “yo, back on earth believe in this guy called Jesus and-“

“Oh, Jesus? Yeah we know all about Him. We have our own record (bible), wanna take a look?”

Like, can you think? If creationism is correct, then finding aliens that look like us would be the ultimate proof. Also, it might explain why aliens would never want to visit our little “Death World.”

“Uh, yeah. You guys are the ones that killed God, so… no thanks.”

In all honesty, I don’t expect this post to be too popular, but I think any and all theories/concepts/funny ideas should be brought to light. Idk, what do y’all think?


having inseong as your boyfriend:

  • 3 words: cocky. little. shit. 
  • would practically live to tease the fuck out of you
  • kisses in weird places????? (like on ur arm or ur shoulder or somethin idk)
  • wouldn’t show too much skinship in front of other ppl but would def at least put his arm around u to show that u were his
  • but when other people weren’t around he would be the neediest little baby for ur love
  • would practically hiss at other members if they even looked at u
  • whining at u when u tried to emarass him in front of the guys
  • he would also call u “baby” when he wanted something from u (which was usually a kiss)
  • he’d like stare into ur eyes and all slow-like hold ur face super lightly and plant one on u while u were still shook from the eye-fucking u had just received
  • and when u would start to get heated, he’d cut it off and just smirk at u and walk away (srsly tho he would be ruthless with u)
  • u would be his weakness with the guys
  • like when u were brought up, his face would instantly soften and he’d daydream a lil about u and they’d have to get him back down to earth
  • would make u laugh all the time
  • he strikes me as the type to want to just lay face to face and stare at u (but not in a creepy way lmao)
  • would like tangle ur legs together
  • cheeky hand placement (boi would love the booty touches)
  • would keep his distance a lil bit just so u wouldn’t be all sweaty n stuff from body heat or whatever
  • would try to talk to u when all u wanted to do was sleep
  • calling u cute when u nuzzled into him
  • he’d prob always fall asleep first
  • but he’d wake up before u and wrap u up like a lil burrito and all would be well

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Sweet Elite 30 Days Challenge:

  • Day 6 -  Draw them on a date!

Karla doesn’t play video games that much… But she’s having fun!

Yes, it was…

171110 Note to myself : You saw Super Junior today and watch their performance at Music Bank. So you should remember how lucky you are and you should never call yourself unlucky again for rest of your life. Because you are so damn lucky. Yes LUCKY SO LUCKY ♥ :’)

I had only saw last them from afar in front of Coex a couple of days ago while they entering and leaving. I couldnt enter inside the building yesterday for mcountdown because i had some problems with my lightstick. It had to be official Super Show lightstick, but mine was friend’s KRY lightstick. The sad thing was we had another official lightstick at home ahah. But today i could enter! i watched their performance at Music Bank!! :) I was like 2 metres away from them and believe me they are really humans ahah sometimes i think they cant be real xD its weird i know~ but they are real hehe.

When we get inside the Music Bank studio while i am sitting i saw ‘someone’ and looked at him.. and then.. i was:

‘This is Donghae? THIS IS DONGHAEEEE’ ahah he was talking to staff. He saw fans coming inside and sitting and looked at the fans and smiled :) I thought he is still looking towards us and waved but he didnt see LOLOL i laughed so hard ahaha but he waved to the fans after a while :)

I saw Leeteuk after Donghae. Leeteuk really so so cute. He was the most smiley member today. 

Then guess who?

who? you can guess? xD

YES! you guessed right! i saw Hyukjae!! ASBQKWJDBÇSKWADÇJ

OMG how a person can be this beautiful? this is not fair for other men in the world LOL

Then i saw other members too. Staff kept fixing Yesung hair, i was like ‘ok its enough, go away staff, i cant see the members properly’ xD

Kangin was there too but idk how and why i couldnt notice him lol. That spot that members standing was looking a little cloudy because of stage effects so since he was probably there, i didnt notice him. He was there to support members! ahhh i love that man, and i cant wait to see him on the stage again ;;__;; Please.. i wanna see Super Junior together.. sighhh.. 

Hmm.. Donghae got on the stage before they perform and did kind of ‘weird’ things to make us laugh :) While makeup artist putting makeup on Shindong’s face Donghae hold a light above Shindong to make makeup artist see Shin face better hehe. Helpful babe! kk

Leeteuk was all smiley, our smiley angel leader ♥ :) 

Hyukjae send us CHU~~ :)) and made hearts with his fingers ^^ He had wore loose pants so its so sad i couldnt see his beautiful shaped legs properly LOL so i was focussed on Donghae legs xDDD

They sang Black Suit two times. They danced really so nicely. But while i watching them i couldnt catch how when and from where Heechul came to the stage and started to sing LOLOL

Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh all of them so handsome :) Maybe Donghae looking like he is shy and all most of the times but on the stage he is so confident and a little? naughty LOL 

Both Donghae & Hyukjae was so small like little cute kids hehe MY BABIES!!

There wasn’t any fans in front of us and we were so close to them, they saw our faces. And if my mind doesn’t play with me, for a second but just for a second Hyukjae looked at my eyes :((((((((((((((((( It was so short but it made me happy, when i think it sound like a dream to see them irl :)

After they performed Black Suit two times they came close to the seats and waved us. Only Shindong and Heechul didnt come idk why :)

There was 300 Elf outside. Only 200 Elfs could enter. We practised fanchant for Black Suit with SM staff. They gave these things to us:

*i kissed the banner if you can see ahah

and a baloon when we got inside. i didnt take pic of it while it is still blowed keke. But the baloon like this:

and if i should talk about albums i bought 8 albums three days ago..

7 one more chance, 1 black suit. I have 4 Hyukjae, 2 Yesung, 1 Siwon cd :) so sad i couldnt get Donghae’s cd :(

But i have his photocards while i have no Hyuk photocards xD

With buying albums we could write our names in the list and join to lucky draw for fansign (it will be tomorrow) but sadly i am not one of the fans who can join the fansign :( anyway.. maybe i will have a chance? maybe? idk? ahah

After the recording it was raining so hard but we had to write our names in the list for Inkigayo recording so we ran under the heavy rain. There was still a baloon and banner in my hands while i run and take taxi LOL. Being a fan is really crazy xD

a question: How to be so rich to follow Suju around the world, buy so many albums, concert tickets? A real question. I will wait for the answers :)


– Dilara   (kkk i felt like i wrote a letter to you, so i put my name here xD)

ok but brown eyes are actually so lovely?? like there are so many different shades and depths to the color brown and it’s such a huge spectrum and just the way the light reflects off ur irises is so nice for example:

and maybe u have super rich brown eyes that look like melted chocolate:

or maybe u have eyes the color of the deserts and sand dunes from the books u read when u were young:

or the same flaming orange as a sunset or the sunflowers from ur neighbor’s garden:

and maybe u have eyes that look almost yellow, like sunshine, a little burst of bright happiness on a cloudy day:

and maybe ur eyes are so dark they’re almost black, so deep that people get lost inside and write poems all about how ur eyes drank their soul down like water:

or maybe u have hazel eyes with all different colors and ur worried that makes u weird or strange-looking, but actually it just makes u that much more beautiful because ur eye color is all ur own:

in conclusion: ur eyes are so beautiful and perfect little galaxies made just for u, please appreciate them.

tony review

soooooo here is what I thought about this year’s tonys 

Side note : These are all my personal choices so yeah

1. The opening number wasn’t as smooth as the others but it was terrible 

2. falsettos should’ve won the best revival of a musical, but I also feel Miss Saigon could’ve won too

3. I’m happy for Gavin Creel but Andrew Rannells should’ve WON HIS FIRST TONY GOSH DANG IT

4. my favorite performance was either Miss Saigon or Falsettos. Idk but great comet was a little too flashy and I don’t really understand of the plot of come from away (like I know its about 9/11 but what about the first female pilot and why is she in Canada?????)

5. Dear Evan Hansen should’ve performed You Will Be Found instead of Waving Through a Window

6. That Hello Dolly performance was weird

7. Like i know it’s because Bette Midler is a huge drama queen (ill go back to that later) but seriously???? it was so weird and it makes an amazing show look boring

8. I felt Bette Midler shouldn’t have won best leading actress??? I mean i know she’s talented but the other nominees like Eva Noblezada and Denee Benton should’ve  had a better change

9. IM TIRED OF PEOPLE SAYING GREAT COMET WAS ROBBED. Listen, both shows are amazing. DEH and Great Comet are both amazing shows and both deserved to win, but i think the reason DEH did so well was that more people relate to it. Sure, Great Comet inspires people to read War and Peace but DEH is complex and shares real-world issues that a lot of musical loving teens can relate to like suicide, depression, and social anxiety (something I have) so Idk i just relate to DEH better. I’m not saying one is better than the other but personally, I think DEH should’ve won best musical

10. tbh I was so annoyed at Bette Midler’s speech. I MEAN THEY PLAYED MUSIC AND THE TELEPROMPTER WAS LIKE GIRL WRAP IT UP and idk i hate divas like so muchhhh and idk why she thought she was soooo special and it just boils my bones

11. I feel like Anastasia should’ve won best costume of a play because THOSE ARE DARN GOOD COSTUMES

12. Mike faist is my baby


14. bandstand deserved best choreography tbh

15. the ending was really bad like idk

Overall i didn’t love these tonys, but some of the jokes were funny and the impressions were great but honestly, it was just meh. The performances were average (except falsettsos and miss saigon) and yeah

My rating : 5.5/10

(Small little add on : I do know come from away is about real life events now but at the moment I didn’t really understand the characters. also I’m not saying great comet didn’t deal with things like depression and anxiety, but deh is just more realistic (I mean more up to date with real world issues) with issues like teen suicide, which is a growing epidemic. great comet is an amazing musical and I would’ve been fine if it had won best musical, but personally I am in favor of deh :) (btw i’m sorry if I sound rude in any of this post, I loved all the musicals and all the musicals deserved each award)

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Gelphie waitress au? (Idk why it popped into my head but maybe???)

(idk if you mean just a waitress au or waitress the musical. if it’s the latter i’m sorry i don’t know it well enough but if it’s the former then congrats here ya go)

“I don’t know, Galinda.” Shenshen looked around the little cafe they had wandered into. “This place looks weird.”

“It is weird,” Galinda said. “That’s the point. Expand your horizons.”

“You said everything is locally grown?” Milla asked politely.

“Yep. Plus no Animal products or exploitation whatsoever. And it’s pay what you can. Anyone can get a meal, no matter what.”

“But we all know the real reason you wanted to come here,” said Pfannee, grinning. “So go on. Where is this waitress you have a crush on?”

“I don’t have a crush,” Galinda protested. “She’s just interesting, that’s all.”

The other three girls shared a look. Galinda huffed. “Whatever. Can we just order?”


“So what happens if you can’t pay the full price?” Milla asked once they ordered and sat down.

“You volunteer an hour,” said Galinda. “Washing dishes or cleaning tables or something.”

“I like it.” Pfannee turned a bit in her chair, taking in the decorations around them. “It’s cute.”

“Sure,” said Shenshen, “but what we’re really interested in is Galinda’s mystery waitress.”

“Will you hush?” Galinda pressed her palms to her cheeks, trying to hide her blush. “It’s not a big deal.”

“So who is she? You haven’t pointed her out.”

Galinda sighed. “You’ll know her when you see her.”


“Potato soup, two avocado sandwiches, and spinach tortellini?” Their plates were placed in front of them with remarkable ease. Galinda looked up and immediately flushed deeper. Around her, the other girls simply stared up at their waitress. “Can I get you anything else?”

“N-no, thank you,” Galinda managed. The girl wandered away, and the others immediately leaned in closer.

“She’s green?”

“Is it natural? Did she die it?”

“Her hair is so pretty.”

“Galinda, are you breathing?”

“Shut up.” Galinda scowled at them. “You’re making a scene.”

“Don’t be embarrassed,” said Pfannee. “She’s cute. Weird, but cute.”

“Like this place,” Milla added.

“Her name is Elphaba,” Shenshen said. They all looked at her. “What? Waitresses wear name tags.”

“You should ask her out,” Milla said.


“Yes!” Pfannee said, sitting up straight. “Why not? You know her name.”

“That’s not basis for asking someone out,” Galinda protested.

“No, but thinking they’re cute is.” Shenshen kicked her gently under the table. “Go on. She’s right over there. Do it.”

Galinda glanced across the cafe, where Elphaba sat sorting silverware.

Milla reached over and plucked a fry from her plate, widening her eyes innocently when Galinda gave her a look. “What?”

Galinda rolled her eyes. “Whatever. I’m not asking her out.”

“Do you want to?” asked Shenshen.


“Then it’s decided.” Milla pulled Galinda’s entire basket of food away from her. “No lunch until you ask your cute waitress crush on a date.”

Pfannee giggled and nudged Galinda, encouraging her to stand up from her seat.

“I hate all of you,” she hissed, but she took a breath and straightened her blouse and walked timidly across the room.

Elphaba didn’t notice her until she was right in front of the table, but when she did see her she put down her stack of spoons.

“Can I help you?”

“I, um…” Galinda forced herself not to glance back at her friends, who she could feel watching her. “I was wondering if…”

“You come in here a lot,” Elphaba said. She looked like she was going to add more, but she didn’t. Her cheeks turned a slightly darker green. 

“I like it here.” Galinda bit her lip. “Listen, I wanted to know…I mean, I was…”

Elphaba tilted her head as she trailed off. “What’s your name?”

“Galinda. Do you want to get coffee sometime?” She let out a breath, her shoulders relaxing a little. Elphaba continued to look curiously up at her.

“Are you asking me out?” 


“I don’t drink coffee.”

“Do you go out with girls?”

Elphaba smirked a little. “When nice ones ask me out.”

“So…?” Galinda shifted her weight. Elphaba pulled a pen from her pocket and snatched a napkin from the dispenser on the table.

“My number,” she said, sliding it across the table. She looked over Galinda’s shoulder. “Your friends just got really excited.”

Galinda pressed her palm to her forehead. “Of course they did.” She still refused to look. “So, if not coffee…?”

“Lunch sometime?” Elphaba wrinkled her nose. “Somewhere that’s not here. I eat here too often.”

Galinda beamed, folding the napkin carefully. “That sounds great.”

credence is an inch taller than graves why does everyone write him as if hes like,, a short little boy. Credence Barebone is 5′11 and at least 21 years old. hes an inch taller than Percival and like, only looks shorter bc hes looking down/slouching and even then hes pretty much still at eye level. 

Ive just seen a LOT of art and fanfic that really stresses a height difference that isnt there and its kinda weird and makes it seem like theyre aging credence down??

Silly Headcanons About Kryptonians
  • Get pouty on cloudy days because they like it being sunny
  • Purr when happy, just like cats… Clark didn’t know that was unusual until he was school age
  • The whole superfam likes boxed macaroni and cheese better than homemade (yes, Ma Kent is slightly offended)
  • Animals and children love them
  • They all joke about alien conspiracies and UFOs and shit
  • Blush a lot
  • Freckle easily, but the freckles also fade fast
  • All have huge appetites and like junk food too much
  • They make up little songs sometimes and it’s cute but sometimes they do it when the room is quiet and wonder why everyone looked at them
  • They feel weird when travelling by airplane… it’s sooo slow and cramped and impractical
  • Send each other memes in the group chat (and Clark then takes the memes and sends them to Bruce and Diana in their group chat)
  • They’re all on a first name basis with their baristas, the checkers at the grocery stores they frequent, the bank cashiers, etc
  • Cuddle a lot  (with significant others, platonically with friends, with each other, etc)

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ok but imagine... helena putting ronja and lem on one of those little kid leashes

IDK WHY but i felt compelled to animate this so

ronja would be wayyyy too old for baby leashes by the time lem is a toddler (she’s 6 yrs older than him) so i just animated him lel.

Also helena is looking around all weirded out and curious because by the time lem is a toddler they would’ve immigrated to the US from finland so she’s just … getting acquainted to the people and stuff.

Imagine if a colossal spaceship descended from the sky and a little ramp extends down to touch the ground and these bestial looking alien beings eerily stride down to our planet with a rectangular shape in their weird grubby hand like appendages and give the cubed box to the nearest human and speak with a thick intergalactic accent, “Here’s your mail” and when they go to leave the person stops them and asks them where they’ve been this whole time, why hasn’t first contact been made before, who really runs the galaxy, what is the reason behind alien abductions, and the alien just stands there awkwardly and shrugs saying, “That’s not my job, those answers are above my pay grade, I’m just a mail alien. A Mailien so to speak.” and then they just leave without another word and when the person finally opens the box it’s just filled with raunchy space magazines that no one ordered. Everyone is confused, no one can find a return address and civilization is left with more questions than answers.


External image

Wow that was a terrible way to start that…not very original. 

Anyways, hi my name’s Zaria, I’m, 16 years old (turning 17 in July) and I live on a really small island in the Caribbean. I’m an introvert so conversation with me at first might be a little awkward but once I get to know you better I’m pretty open and kinda weird. (really weird actually idk why I’m lying to myself) I guess I’m looking for a pen pal or just an internet friend either is fine with me.

Hmm…lets see, things about me. 

Well, I love to read (fiction mostly. Stuff like The Percy Jackson series or Lord of the Rings or the Maze Runner series) and write. Music plays a really huge part of my life bands like: P!ATD, Twenty One Pilots, Arctic Monkeys, Green Day, Blink-182, the Beatles, Queen and the list goes on. (I could send you mixtapes or playlist if you want) I also play the guitar and piano but I’d like to learn more. Um I love drawing and painting and photography.(I’ll probably send some of those too) Oh! and I’m a dancer for like 11 years now. As you can see the arts are pretty influential in my life. 

I’m also a huge fan of movies, tv shows and anime. I don’t really have a specific preference, I’m down to watch pretty much anything as long as the plot and the characters are done well. 

favourite movies: Perks of Being A Wallflower, Begin Again, The entire Harry Potter series, the Lord of the Rings series. 

favourite tv shows: Law and Order: S.V.U, Criminal Minds, Glee, Gossip Girl, Friends.

favourite animes: Attack on Titan, Free!, Tokyo Ghoul, Fairy Tail, Blue Exorcist, Seven Deadly Sins, Death Note, Fate/stay Night  

There’s definitely more but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. 

Okay so perfect pen pal? I don’t really have that many requirements, gender, sexuality, race, religion doesn’t really matter to me. I guess the age range would be 16-19. I’m okay with the idea of snail mail or sending letters but emails work as well. And as long as you’re not racist or homophobic or anything like that, I’m pretty open to meeting new people. If we like similar things and can talk about anything then I’m definitely down for that. 

Right this is getting long now. I think that’s pretty much it. If you actually read through all that… Hi, I think you’re pretty awesome. 

email: zariathomas16 @ 

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sero and his crush getting stuck in a corn maze (tho there probably aren't any in japan, but let's just pretend)

((this is like the funniest request I’ve ever gotten and also I fucking… hate corn mazes))

“What do you mean you don’t know how to get out? You MADE this thing, Sero!”
“I just put tape on stuff to make sure people couldn’t break through, I didn’t MAKE a corn maze.” He was climbing up the wall of tape that he’d made previously, trying to get a vantage point. “Well, uh, we’re basically in the center of this thing, and the exit is that way. Let’s just move in that direction.”
You sighed, crossing your arms in front of you. This was stupid. “Alright, let’s go.” You grabbed his hand with a huff, starting in the direction he’d pointed.
“Um! Uh, o-okay then,” he sputtered, face redder than before. “I can, um, I can follow you.” You looked at him for a minute, then turned back around, electing to ignore it.
“I don’t know how Ashido convinced me to come in here… and then lost me. Jerk.” A noise rustled around the corner and you yelped, gripping Sero’s arm like a vice. He lit up pink again.
Once you let go, he checked around the corner and seemed to decide it was fine. “Are you, like,  afraid of mazes or something?”
“No! I just —ah!—“ a crow cawed overhead, “I don’t like being out at night. It’s freaky.”
You felt your cheeks turn a little pink, embarrassed about that secret. So what? The world got weird at night! You weren’t looking at him, but you knew a small but toothy grin was on Sero’s face.
He wrapped his arms around you, pulling your face to his chest. “Well, don’t even worry about it. I’ll protect you from the darkness, swear on my life!”
A small scoff left your mouth, but you appreciated the gesture. “…Thanks, Sero.”