it looks a little it weird and idk why

Tips on CC for ME:A

So we all know the facial animations in me:a can be a little…weird. BUT I’ve noticed there are some things you can mess with in the CC that seem to help make it look a little better! Here’s what I’ve found so far:

  • Don’t choose the default for you or your twin: They just have really bad facial animations. Idk why.
  • Give your Ryder dark eyes: The way the eye shading works in ME:A makes your character’s eye’s look really wide all the time. Giving your character a darker eye color for some reason seems to help this. It also helps to choose a preset where the upper eyelids fall lower on the eye.
  • If you’re making a femryder, make the character’s mouth less wide: Someone else noted that it looks like the face scans for femryder’s presets weren’t taken in a neutral pose. This caused a lot of them to have stretched out mouths that looks pretty uncanny in cutscenes. I made my Ryder’s mouth a little less wide than I usually like to, and that seemed to help get rid of those freaky smile scenes.

  • Mess with the depthness of the mouth: Making Ryder’s lips stick out from their face less seems to help with the weird flappy lip syndrome I’ve seen some people have. Default m!ryder has this issue especially bad.

  • Remember to compare the jawline to your character’s neck: You can’t adjust Ryder’s neck thickness like you can with Shepard’s, so if your character has a wide face or a big jaw, it can make their head look too big for their body at times.

  • The funky hair colors are always that bright: Ok this is less about animation and more about aesthetic, but I had to remake my Ryder because her blue hair looked too bright compared to everything else. In my opinion, the dyed hair looks less pastel looking and more neon in-game. There are a couple hairstyles it looks ok on (the curly bob and the braids for f!ryder both look pretty nice with the dyed colors) but most were brighter than I expected.
  • The CC angles the face down and is not in a neutral position: Don’t worry about this one too much, just keep it in mind while you’re messing with the height of Ryder’s facial features bc it does mess with the perspective a bit. I moved my character’s mouth up to what looked like an ok position in the CC, but in most cutscenes her mouth looks waaay to high.
These are the things I noticed gave the animations trouble, and they’re largely femryder centric. If anyone else had a different experience/wants to share more feel free to reblog!

Imagine what Lucifer was thinking when he left the cage though;
-shit shit shit
-okay act normal
-that’s too normal, weird it up a little
-you got this satan
-what do
-why is Castiel so small next to the Winchesters goddamn.. Nick wasn’t this small
-why is Dean looking at me like that
-seriously Dean stop
-are they in love or something? D-Dean please just like look at your brother or something idk
-Hell is huuuuuuuge
-should I have brought a coat?
-oh wait I’m wearing Cas I have a built in trench coat nvm

official ranking of every espeon sprite on bulbapedia

a very nice sprite!! she looks so regal and beautiful! what a lovely start 

this one is so cute!! look at that head tilt!! so adorable!! i just want to give her lots of pets. 10/10 this one is the best 

she is the correct color now which is nice!! all in all the same as the gold sprite but a little better  

idk why but this one makes me feel like she is sad. but other then that it is pretty quality. maybe a little weird looking but still a decent sprite 

so cute!! she looks like a curious little cat i love it!! very hugable very cute 9/10

also very cute!! the leg sticking out makes it even cuter. she looks like a nice friend in this one

a tad boring but still decent. it looks like its trying to recapture the charm and cuteness of the silver sprite but it just isnt working out

the same as the platinum sprite but just a lighter color. disappointing that they didnt make a different sprite. still cute tho 

very regal and refined. a good look for espeon!! somewhat boring but i still think its good. 5/10 

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ok but imagine... helena putting ronja and lem on one of those little kid leashes

IDK WHY but i felt compelled to animate this so

ronja would be wayyyy too old for baby leashes by the time lem is a toddler (she’s 6 yrs older than him) so i just animated him lel.

Also helena is looking around all weirded out and curious because by the time lem is a toddler they would’ve immigrated to the US from finland so she’s just … getting acquainted to the people and stuff.

like when Rey first meets Jessika Pava the pilot, her stomach does this weird little flip and it’s not unpleasant but it’s not comfortable either so she just shrugs it off to some Jedi force thing EXCEPT IT KEEPS HAPPENING like her face starts feeling hot and flushing red and she doesn’t UNDERSTAND WHY and her frustration just makes her look even more flustered and Finn’ll innocently comment on it and Jessika will see and agree and tell her “it’s cute” and Rey will just grumble and try to get as far away from them as possible and that isn’t even the worst part? It’s the way her heart pounds really hard in her chest because this feeling’s all TOO FAMILIAR TO HER but she’s not in danger now like how she felt on Jakku, she’s just around Jessika and it’s more like when she first flew the Millennium Falcon or first wielded Luke’s lightsaber EXCEPT SHE’S JUST AROUND JESSIKA and she’s so frustrated by this she seeks Luke out for help on meditation and finding peace of mind and when he hears what she has to say he just gives her this SMILE

Honestly something low key weird has been happening to me lately. Everything i see looks so beautiful, even the most common thing. I was walking here in Rome the other day and I had to stop and take a pic of a simple grey apartment building, idk why for some reason it looked beautiful, like surrounded by a soothing aura. Maybe it’s just the lighting of spring, maybe it’s just me. Whatever it is I’m so grateful n happy to be able to see the beauty in every little thing.

imagine seeing calum cradling something that looks suspiciously like a baby swaddled in a soft blue blanket to his chest, cooing “daddy loves you big guy, yes he does, yes he does” to the small bundle in his arms and you are left wondering where did calum get a baby??? but you ignore the initial confusion of your boyfriend apparently having a child and walk closer to cal who is leaning down to give the baby affectionate little eskimo kisses, when a long tongue darts out from the blanket and laps at his pink cheek and ohhh of course its a puppy and you can’t help but laugh when the tiny black lab perks up at your presence and looks at you with the same puppy dog eyes you’ve seen all to often on his “daddy”


oh yeah ive been meaning to post this for aaaaages but i always forget i need some suggestions

i have these tattoos right

but on the inside of my arm the ink kinda bled and left the area a little bluish? idk if you can see it. it looks more apparent in person, kind of like a bruise

anyway that is super weird and unusual. and my tattoo artist feels rly bad about it and offered to give me a cover up tattoo in the area for free. but i wasn’t planning to get anything else in my arms rn specially not so close to the old tats so i have no idea what i would get. but it’s a really good offer…

bottom line is, do you have any suggestions for what kind of design i could put just under the bands? or maybe over and around them? something that would kinda fit with them? thaaanks

obligatory question marks>??