it looks a bit cartoonish idk but i liked the end results

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hi i dont know if this is good to ask or anything but ive never put makeup on and you have so im wondering what would be a good place to start for someone who has never done that before? sorry if this is weird to ask or anything

ok so im going to start out by saying that my goal with makeup is very basic: to emphasize contrast & make my eyes and lips stand out! this is definitely not everybody’s goal and not everyone achieves their goals in the same way! you can use makeup for so many different purposes! there’s no wrong way!

this is my makeup tool kit sorted by purpose/phase.

green - skin / fuchsia - eyes / red - lips

in the green box is the tools i use to even out my skin tone and make it a bit lighter.

i start by rubbing in liquid concealer and then i pat it down with the powder in the green compact in order to even the tone out. although you can use either of these products by themselves, i get best results with both.

i put these on first bc i want to get into all the nooks and crannys on my face (eyelids and such) and if i put on eye or lip makeup first i’d ruin it by putting on skin makeup after

the fuchsia box has my eye makeup, i used dark black makeup to outline my eyes to make them pop

first i pull down my bottom eyelids and use eyeliner to draw along the edge of my blinkers (may require practice —- use the side of the pencil lead, not the point! the edge is wider and less pointy so it requires less accuracy!!)

then i hold my mascara brush out within lash-distance of my eye and blink slowly onto it. that seems to be the most effective way for me bc my hands are shakey. always have trouble getting it onto my bottom lash without putting mascara on my face

but you can see here like, achieving a dark outline around your eyes against an artificially evened skin tone produces an almost cartoonish effect compared to how i’d look naturally. its quite a dramatic difference

but my lips now look almost invisible compared to my eyes! so i follow with the red box where i start by dabbing on a dark red lipstick on my upper lip

and then i use a quality chapstick (burts bees) and rub my lips together so its spread out. that way it’s less like a dramatic paint and more like a “tint”… plus i want my lips to look “moist”. moistness is important to me

that got kinda long and i dont know if you were really asking for… but its like… thats my process anyways.. i have never done anything aside from this

idk… theres a lot of different tools and i only use the very simple ones… no bronzers or anything to emphasize my cheekbones or w/e… what im trying to communicate though, is there are a lot of tools, and what’s best to know is like….. what you want your end result to be…..  set a goal for your look and then seek out the utensils that will get you there……

knowing what you want is going to get you the best results

if you don’t know where to start…. i would suggest liquid concealer and powder concealer.. its so so easy to just slap it on your face and the illusion of perfect skin makes you look really healthy and that has the most dramatic effect out of anything in my opion (i skipped photos of the concealer steps bc i didnt even feel like showing my natural skin lmfao)

p.s.s. if you can manage… never buy bad/cheap eyeliner or chapstick. those are the worst things… never buy $2 eyeliner. putting disgusting shit on your eyes and mouth is a fucking awful feeling