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baby sister | jughead jones

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it was another busy night at pop’s chock’lit shoppe.

booths were bursting at the seams as they celebrate the win of river dales very own bulldogs. i didn’t even need to go to the game to know that they’d won. 

teenagers and parents hustle into the diner buying burgers and fries by the dozen. me? i sat in my usual booth with my usual oder; cheese burger fries and a chocolate milkshake, with of course my laptop.

i was busy typing up my newest lead that i didn’t pay any attention to the small girl that walked through pop’s doors and ended up at the front of my booth, fries and milkshake in hand.

“can i sit?” she murmurs shifting on her feet

i tilt the lid of my laptop down gesturing with my hands for her to sit, she smiles at me placing her food infront of her as she sips on her drink.

she studies me and i close my laptop completely glance at the small girl, she looked exactly like jellybean.

“everything okay?” she nods pulling books out of her back pack and plugging her headphones into her iPod.

i open my laptop and start typing again inspiration flowing through me. we stay like this for awhile, me working on my story and the little girl writing what seemed like english homework whilst bopping her head to the music that filled her earphones.

she sighs heavily causing me to look up at her “im holly (y/l/n)” i smile “jughead jones the third” she chuckles.

“theres three of you named jughead” she giggles her laugh carrying through the diner, the dinner rush was over and most of the booths were now empty. it was just us, pop and a few local stragglers. 

“you miss holly remind me of my sister” she raises her eyebrows “can’t say the same about you- my sister is way cooler than you” she sass’ and i laugh.

“how old are you holly?” “I’m 10, you?” “17″ i reply stealing one of her fries “hey!” she sulks.

“my sisters 17 too, she steals my fries too” i nod smirking to myself

“her names (y/n) we just moved her from san fransico, how olds your sister?” 

i close my laptop setting it aside “my sister is 10 years old same as you her names jellybean” she laughs again “is there three jelly beans too?” i shake my head “nope just the one and only”.

she pops a few fries in her mouth “can i ask you a few questions?” i chuckle “haven’t you just been doing exactly that?” she shakes her head.

folding my arms across my chest i decide to give in “fine, i’ll bite”

a take a swig from the saucer infront of me “are you writing about that dead kid?” i spit out my coffee choking slightly.

“yes or no?”


“do you ever take that beanie off?” 


“not even when you shower” she pesters

i lean forward “i even poop with it on” she giggles and makes a disgusted face.

“my turn” she nods 

“what are you listening to?”

“music” i roll my eyes gesturing for her to go on “right now- all time low” 

“why are you at a diner asking a stranger at 10pm personal questions?”

her eyes widen “wait your not a murder right?” i cock my eyebrow “maybe”

“my sister was supposed to come meet me here for dinner after she’d finished work that was” she pauses looking down at her watch

“3 and a half hours ago” 

i brush my thumb against my lips “is that true?” she shrugs smirking mischievously to herself.

“do you want to use my phone to contact your sister?” she shakes her head frantically “NO”

i lean back in the booth smiling maniacally crossing my arms infront of my chest “so you sister doesn’t know your here?”

she sinks lower into the booth sipping her milkshake shamelessly 

“she’s probably worried about you”

the younger girl looks up sadly before her eyes drift over to the entrance the bell chiming indicating a new customer “crap!” she ducks underneath the table hiding herself behind my legs.

“hey!” i complain as the girl hugs my legs.

i scoff and turn and see the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen walk through the doors of pop’s. her (y/h/c) was dripping wet from the downpour outside yet it still looked incredible.

her clothes hugged her figure as the water drops from the fabric to the clean tiles. her eyes scan the booths looking for someone.

she walks over to pop worry evident on her face “hey I’m looking for my little sister she’s 10 but this high, brown hair” she gestures with her hands “her names holly” 

i clear my throat pointing to my booth, as the younger girls back pack and homework sprawled out on the table top.

she mutters a thank you before approaching my booth, she breathes a sigh of relief as she realises that the back pack indeed belonged to her younger sibling.

“you must be holly’s sister?” she nods rocking awkwardly on her heels “(y/n) (l/n) I’m sorry if she’s been bothering you- and you are?” she smiles down at me her cheeks tinting red in the warm diner.

“jughead jones-” i pause “the third” she giggles nd boy do i have to contain myself from drooling.

“there’s three of you named jughead?” she continues giggling covering her mouth and apologising “oh god I’m sorry i shouldn’t be laughing” i chuckle to myself smiling up at the girl.

“its fine, your sister actually said the exact same thing” she widens her eyes and drops to her knee spotting her younger brunette sister curled up at my legs.

“holly!” she scolds “get out and leave the poor boy alone” i try and hide my smirk.

“his name is juggie and he’s my friend” she retorts.

“its fine (y/n) honestly i have a little sister the same age, its harmless really” she shakes her had dipping back under the table.

“you give me no choice” i watch as the (y/h/c) girl moves under the table trying to grab her younger sister from underneath the table.

squeals fill the diner until holly pops out of the booth her sister trying to follow suit only to bash her head on the table and aggressively grab my thigh in the process of a line sentence of cussing.

i lean down to her offer my hand “you okay?” 

she clutches her head with one hand and she grabs mine with the other allowing me to pull her up into the seat beside me.

“id like to say that karma for laughing at my birth name?” 

she giggles still wincing in pain “atleast theres no gum in your hair” i muse smiling at the mystery girl.

“this day keeps getting better” she smiles sarcastically

“c’mon holz mums worried sick i need to get you home, so say goodbye to your new found friend and lets go. no more running away” she nods sadly rolling her eyes at her older sister.

“can we come back here tomorrow” she whines as the older girl packs away holly’s books into her backpack.

“i don’t know holly I’m already swamped in school work we can’t be coming here on a daily basis i can’t watch you all the time” the younger girl looks disappointed.

“i’ll be here” i speak up the two girls turning to look at me “if you don’t have the time you can drop her off and illl look after her for an hour or two”

she sighs looking at her sister as she stands on her knees begging her sister 

“please please please”

she looks at me biting her lip “i don’t know holz” 

holly’s face drops disappointment clearly evident on her face.

“you can come too, bring your homework if you feel up to it” she smiles at me before slipping out of the booth “i’ll think about it” 

i nod a smile creeping on my face.

“c’mon holly say bye to jughead” she smiles at me giving me a fist bump before walking to her sister.

“thank you, for looking after her. i know not everyone is wired to be kind to a young lost girl. i owe you one”

“if you come tomorrow ill make it even” he says hopeful wanting to know more about the beautiful new girl.

“maybe, goodnight” she places her hands on her sisters holders and guides her toward the exit looking back one last time to send a small smile my way.

there was something about her and i couldn’t quiet put my finger on it but i had to know her.

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Hi! Could I request an imagine with McCree where his future s/o (crush) is really sweet and oblivious, and after failing to get it across to her that he likes her, he just settles for enjoying her company for the time being? Maybe they're just sitting around outside or something and enjoying the sunshine? Like the OW crew is having a picnic or something? Btw, I'm so glad to see another ow x reader blog! You seem really nice and I can't wait to read more of your stuff! ^.^

For Now

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Something soft, I hope. 

Next up is Lucio or Junkrat. 

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It had originally been Mei’s idea.

A nice outing to enjoy the luxurious nature that surrounded the old Gibraltar base. It was just a small get together with the crew as each of them took time off from constant missons. Chatter and laughter filled the brisk air as members began to appear, loitering around together for the festivities.

McCree watched as you ran back and forth, a warm smile gracing his features. On one side you assisted Mei in setting up the food and on the other Winston in setting up the tables and blankets. You hair is messy and you frantically adhered to both of their requests, trying to do all the jobs at once.

Jesse chuckles a bit while shaking his head before making his way towards you. He jogs the way, the flaps of his sandals kicking back sand at his calves. The look on concentration and dedication as you carried around what was asked of you. In its own right, and maybe slightly out of context, he found it very attractive. He shakes those thoughts out of his head. Returning his gaze to you, he notes how even with a sweaty face, you are as much as eye candy as ever.

McCree frowns to himself knowing how hard he’s fallen for you.

Sweet, caring and oh-so-oblivious you.

“Oh hey, Jesse!” You smile, pulling the cowboy out of his thoughts. “Waiting for the horseshoe toss to start up?” He laughs, reaching for the table you carry with one hand and a large container of food with the other.

He shakes his head, “Nah, just wanted to help ya out.”

You protest as he grabs then effortless from your hands. “No, no! Take a break and enjoy the festivities!” You step in his way, hands raised to take back the objects but he declines with a light step around you.

“Can’t really do that when the person I wanna enjoy them with is busy.” He says matter-of-factly from over his shoulder. The cowboy makes his way towards area where the tables and food are designated under a few umbrellas. You trail closely, helping him set us as soon as you reach the lounging area. The umbrella does nothing to shield you as the sun bears down and you squint to look around, confused as to who he means.

“Oh? Who is it?”

He shakes his head with a small smile. “Don’t you go and worry ‘bout it, Sunshine.” He places the table down, setting it up with ease before placing the food on it.


You’re cut short when he places his hat on your head. “For the sun.” He explains tossing you a wink. There’s a sudden heat to your face as you laugh it off. He was always one for being silly with you.

It sure is hot today.

“Thanks Jesse.” You smile at him as you adjust the hat up top your head before striking an exaggerated pose. “How does it look?”

He lets out a mighty laugh, content to see you in his infamous hat looking godly in the sunlight. However, before he can answer you hear Mei call out your name asking for your assistance once more.

Jesse’s face falls a bit brokenheartedly but assures you when you turn to apologize. “Go,” He motions. “If you need any help you know where to find me.” You smile, placing a hand on his shoulder before setting off to see what needs to be done.

It’s much later in the evening that you are told everything is set and you’re finally free to wander around. You lift Jesse’s hat of your head to wipe your brow. A sense of happiness and relief that everyone seems to be having fun and your help isn’t needed anymore. Immediately you set out to find McCree. Though, it doesn’t take you long having spotted him and Genji who seem to be in a conversation with the doctor about something trivial.

“Okay, Doc give it to me straight.” The cowboy says with a serious tone. “My arm is way cooler than Genji.” The cyborg breaks out into laughter as the doctor sighs. You smile at the group as you make your approach.

“I’m good to start having fun.” You announce with enthusiasm. The trio smile before McCree lifts himself on his feet to excuse the both of you.

“I expect an answer, Angie.” He says dusting off sand from his shorts. The doctor shakes her head looking at you.

“Please take him.” She says playfully. “He’s been so fussy.”

“Oh, don’t be like that.” McCree shurgs, turning his attention to you. “Come on now, I got something I wanna show ya.” He motions for your hand, taking it in his large one. He pulls you along while you have a curt goodbye to the doctor and the ninja at her side. Both returning it with look of amusement on their faces.

Jeese walks you past the intended area for the Overwatch day out and over a bed of rocks. Reminding you at every stepping stone to be careful and cautious lest you fall. You giggle at his fretfulness knowing his good intention.

“You look real good today by the way.” He compliments, the sound of crashing waves filling up the quiet while you walk.

“Really?” You feign a pondering expression. “I think it’s the hat.”

He laughs, “Nice to see you finally relaxin’”

“It’s been a day.” You remark, watching him take a seat on the blanket laid out.  He motions you to join him and you do so shortly after. You note there’s a basket by his side as he pulls out a cool beer out for himself.

There’s a warmth in your chest as you come to realize he’s prepared somewhat of a panic for the two of you. However, it is soon replaced by a cold sensation on your arm. You yelp when Jesse wiggles a bottle of water in your field of vision for you to take.

“Jesse!” You yelp, taking it none to gently. Uncapping it the instant it’s in your hands. The sun has yet to set and but you can already smell the cook out being brought made by Torbjörn and Reinhardt.

“Sorry, thought it be funny.” McCree chuckles moving to sit close to you. His shoulder touching yours and the metal of his arm grazing your side.“Mind if i?” He motions to your shoulder and you shake your head.

“Go ahead.” He moves to lean his head on your shoulder. His hair ticking the skin of your shoulder and back while you both admire the calm of the landscape. Not so far in the distance you can hear the cheerful laughter of Lena and a few of the others as well as splashing. You can only imagine what kind of fuss they will get themselves into.

“Thanks for helping me today, Jesse.” You mutter, resting your head on his. His hair is soft, you note, and tickling your skin as it moves with the breeze. “You always seem to help me out so often.”

He pats your back gently, rubbing circles with pads of his fingers. “Cause I care about you, Sunshine.” There’s a bit of a pause before he adds. “A lot actually.”

His heart is thumping, he feels your silence is thick within the air unsure if he’s crossed a boundary. Though, you are left flushed and confused. You don’t know how to reply but your body has eased notably into the man who holds you. His arm has snaked to the other side of you without you noticing. You smile.  The contact is nice as it is affectionate. You had liked that he was always affectionate.

“Yeah, you’re a really good friend.”

McCree decides not to correct you. Having his most of his flirtations never ignored but gone unanswered. He knows it’s possible you don’t like him as much as he likes you but for the meantime, for now, he settles for your company and the simple affection you give him. For the unending love and support you prove him and the strong friendship you share no matter the circumstance. You’ve always had his back be it as a friend or not. It shouldn’t matter what title there was between you.

Another day, he reassures himself with a relaxed smile. I’ll tell them another day.

For now, he concludes with his head on your shoulder, sitting by your side while watching the waves, enjoying the sunshine and your presence is enough for him.

Crossing Over (Part 4/4-Final) (Tony Stark/Bruce Wayne x reader)

Part 3

Your phone was ringing incessantly from nearly the moment you had left.  First it was Bruce, then Tony joined in, each of their numbers scrolled across your phone, sometimes in unison.  When you finally couldn’t take it anymore, you pulled over to the side of the road and considered what you were actually trying to accomplish by running. You held the phone in your hands when Tony called again, this time answering it.

“Mr. Stark.”

“Listen, (Y/N), I’m really sorry about what happened back there, okay?  I was totally out of line.  I never should have gone down there, and definitely should never have said anything to you.”

“And my mother?”

The sound of his gasp was clear, and it took a moment for him to compose himself from the unexpected question before he finally answered.  “She’s…gone.”

For a woman that you never knew, the pain in your chest was sudden and real with the knowledge that she would never be there for you.  There was no mother in your life, only Bruce and Alfred to take care of you, and now Tony trying to assert himself into it.  A slight sting of tears filled your eyes, but you fought them back.  “Mr. Stark-“


“Tony,” you paused, “I’ve left home and was wondering if you…if you could…”

“Malibu or New York?”

“I’m sorry?” you replied, a bit shocked that he agreed so quickly.

“Do you want to be in Malibu or New York?  I have homes in both, so it really depends on how far you want to run.”

“Well, which home was mine?”

“Malibu,” he said quietly, remembering back to the day you were taken and how he had failed to save you.  So many years later, he still felt it as acutely as he had then, and somehow, the sound of your voice only brought it all back.

“Then Malibu it is.  Thank you, Tony.”  A fleeting thought of Bruce crossed your mind but you pushed it away, keeping your focus on what you were doing; getting the answers that you deserved, the answers to questions you hadn’t even formulated yet.  "Could you send me the address and when I can meet you there?  I’ll be driving, so don’t rush.“

"We can fly if you want,” he offered, his voice becoming lighter in its tone.  "I would feel better if you weren’t driving across the country alone.“

You paused for a moment and fought your instinctive reply, the one that would tell him to mind his own business and that you were capable of handling yourself.  Instead, you took a long, deep breath and kept your voice calm.

"I can manage just fine, Tony, but I appreciate the offer.  I just…I just need the time to think, okay?”

He understood, though he still fought the urge to tell you how wrong you were, how scared he was to lose you again, and how much he just wanted that time with you.  Yes, you were his daughter, but you were also a grown woman now that we really didn’t know.  He had to trust you.  "Well, would you be willing to keep me updated on your progress along the way?  If you don’t mind?“

"That’s the least I could do.”


“Yes, Master Bruce?” he asked calmly, despite the rage in his boss’ tone.  "How might I be of service?“

Bruce sat in the darkened cave, looking at the wall of monitors before him, your face alight on several of them.  "I can’t track the car and her license plates aren’t in the system.  What the hell did you do?”

“I did what was right.  She is finding her way, sir.”  Alfred could see Bruce’s hands shaking as they rested on the panel in front of him, his fists clenched.

“Finding her way to where?  To Stark?  Oh, well that’s just perfect,” he groaned in a sarcastic tone through clenched teeth.  "You’ve really outdone yourself this time, Alfred.“

"She deserves to know her lineage, sir.  She deserves to know who she is.”

“She knows who she is!” Wayne hollered, standing abruptly to put his fist through the largest monitor; the one filled with Tony’s smug likeness.  "She’s my daughter,“ he panted in a harsh whisper.

"No, sir,” Alfred sighed, “she’s not.”

By the time you had reached the border into California, you had none of your questions ready, and no idea how you would begin a conversation that would change your entire life.  What questions would even touch how important this was?  Would he be honest with you anyway?  Of course he would.  He had nothing to lose.

Nothing except you.  Again.  "Sure, no pressure,“ you mumbled to yourself, lost in thought as you drove your final stretch of miles to the house.  The house that you didn’t remember, and honestly, were terrified to remember once you were there.

Rounding the final corner to the private drive that wound up to it, you saw the glow of the house in the sky above.  You could feel your heart racing as you got closer, and your palms began to sweat from the anxiety.  "Not now, not now,” you mumbled, trying to ward off the panic attack that now felt inevitable.  You slammed the brakes to halt the car, threw it into park, and jumped out into the open air to try to catch your breath.

Closing your eyes, you sat on the ground and leaned back against the vehicle, focusing on your breathing and trying to slow it to an even pattern.  As the minutes passed, your heart began to calm, but you could still feel the shaking from deep within you.  

“You get that from me,” Tony called out from a few feet away, slowly and cautiously approaching you.  "That, and your genius, of course.“  

"What about my good looks?”

He laughed openly, his entire demeanor changing.  "Nah, that was all your mother.  She was gorgeous, obviously.“  He pushed his hands into his pockets, still reluctant to approach to quickly, "now, that humor, that’s me.”

You took a few more deep breaths and reached your hand up for him to take and help you to your feet.  "That humor has gotten me into more trouble than I care to mention, so thanks.“  He released your hand once you were up and motioned towards the car.

"Should I drive us the rest of the way?”  You nodded in agreement and took the passenger seat next to him.  "I’m sorry that you have to deal with those.  I haven’t figured out any magic cure just yet.“

"Well, let me give you a hint,” you sighed, “if you want to help a person with raging anxiety, don’t spring any surprises on them.  You know, like the whole, ‘Luke, I am your father’ thing your threw at me.”  You gave the last line with your best Darth Vader impersonation, just to lighten he mood a bit.

“Noted,” he chuckled.  "But my suit is way cooler than Vader’s, let’s just get that straight.“

"No one is cooler than Vader.”  You shook your head and looked out the window as the house finally came into view.  "Not even you, Tony, and I’m a huge…fan…“ 

You had seen Stark’s house in magazines before, and a few times on TV, but in person now, it hit you like a punch to the chest.  You remembered falling in this driveway, cutting your knee open and needing stitches while your dad tried to calm you down.

"I still have the scar,” you whispered.


“From where I fell,” you said, pointing out the window to the exact spot.  "That’s when I got my fear of needles.  Remember?  You bought me the biggest teddy bear after we left the hospital.  It wouldn’t even fit in the car.“

”(Y/N)…“  Tony put the car into park and turned in his seat to face you, not afraid to take your hand into his as he watched you, not knowing what was happening in your mind.  When you finally turned to face him, you looked completely different.

"It wasn’t your fault, dad.”

Bruce, I’m okay.

Where are you?  It’s been two weeks!  Do you know how scared I am? 

I’m sorry.

There was a long pause before he texted back, so long that you worried that he might have been too upset to continue.

No, I’m sorry.  I’m overreacting.  Will you tell me where you are?

You know where I am.

Are you getting the answers that you need?

He’s my dad, Bruce.  Of course I am.

And with that, his reply never came.

“You need to talk to him, (Y/N),” Tony sighed, leaning against the dining room table, rubbing his eyes in frustration.  "I’m not saying go back to him, but he raised you.  He deserves more than this.  As much as I can’t stand the batty nutcase, I have to be thankful that he was there when I wasn’t.  I owe him to convince you to talk to him.“

"But he should have found you.  At the very least, he should’ve told you when he realized who I was!”  You pushed your chair back angrily and stood, pacing back and forth in front of him.  "Don’t get me wrong, dad.  I am so thankful that he was there.  I do owe him so much, but I can’t excuse the fact that he kept me from you.“

"Then don’t.”

You stopped and looked at him, now confused at the point he was trying to make.  "I’m sorry?“

"Don’t excuse him.  Thank him, tell him what he meant…means to you, but hold him accountable.  He’s a grown man, he can take it.”  

“Could you?”

A small smirk crossed Tony’s face at your implication, “of course not, sweetheart.  I’m nowhere near grown up.”

As Tony’s jet approached the mansion, it looked cold and sad somehow.  Even in the middle of the day, it eminated a darkness that unnerved you and only made your anxiety worse.  When the plane finally landed, you stood and turned to leave, but paused when Tony didn’t follow.

“Aren’t you coming with me?”

“Nope,” he said quietly, “the last person he wants to see is me, I can guarantee that.  Besides, I need to man the getaway car.  Or…jet.”

When you stepped out and onto the grounds, you brightened at the sight of Alfred waiting for you with open arms.  You ran to him like you hadn’t been together in years, tears already threatening to spill before you had even reached him.

“Alfred,” you sighed, feeling the safety in his arms that you had known since childhood, “I’ve missed you so much.”

“And I’ve missed you, my darling.”

“Did you get into much trouble?  Are you okay?”

“Not to worry, (Y/N).  Let’s just go inside, shall we?”  He reached down and took your hand, his other giving a courteous wave to Tony as you entered the house.

Alfred led you into the main living room where Bruce was waiting, standing silently as you entered.  When he finally turned to face you, a wide smile crossed his face and he ran to hold you.  "(Y/N), thank you for coming home…I mean, coming here…to talk.  I’ve missed you.“

"I’ve missed you too, Bruce.”  You said hesitantly, though you really did mean it.  He had never treated you poorly; in fact, he had given you a great life filled with a caring father figure who would do anything for you.  You did still love the man, after all, but this needed to be done.  "I needed to gather the rest of my things, so this is as good a time as any.“

The tone of the room immediately changed, and you could feel it.  Bruce’s face dropped slightly and his posture became defeated.  "Well, I won’t keep you too long.  I just wanted to give you a proper goodbye.”  He released you and sat himself limply onto the couch.

“Bruce, I love you.  I do.  But I need to take this path now.  Please understand that.”

“I do.”

“Thank you for all that you’ve done for me.  You saved me and gave me the best life.  I can never repay you.”

His head snapped towards you, his expression sorrowful.  "And you’re never expected to, do you understand?  Everything was out of my love for you.  You were my daughter.“

"I still am, Bruce,” you whispered, glancing back to Alfred for support.  "But I’m his too.  I’m his first.“  You hurried towards him and kissed his cheek, turning to run towards Alfred for a final goodbye before sprinting towards a waiting Tony.

"I need the getaway jet,” you sobbed into him, “get me away from here, dad.”