it looked so nice before though

okay but why do characters with long hair never get it in their faces when they’re fighting? i want nat doing her twisty thigh trick and finishing it off by spitting red strands out of her mouth. wanda blowing up a gust with her powers and not being able to see for a few minutes. bucky going to aim his rifle and the wind just. blowing his hair in front of his face. sharon going to kick someone and straightening up, before tossing her hair back off her face. thor’s a god so he doesn’t count.

bring hairties back, , little inter-group hairstyles, intricate braids, half done “i just woke up” looks, bedhead and tangles and awkwardly timed ponytail-making.

a group chat dedicated to the art of fighting with long hair. all new agents get added to it. they’re not entirely sure who spider8517 or spring17 is but they’re a little daunted. reddish seems nice though.

Harry and Louis as Winter Neighbors.

Louis makes this snowman with his siblings:

A few days later he sees that Harry, his new next door neighbor, has created this:

“That looks like a fucking drawing of a snowman, not an actual snowman!” - Louis, rightfully offended, just before he retaliates with this:

Oblivious to their snowman feud, Harry comes over with a delicious plate of Christmas cookies and further annoys Louis by looking incredibly adorable in a scarf and also being an excellent baker.  

Harry doesn’t find out Louis hated his snowman until their seventh date.  



Rantarou: Hey, hello there.

Do you guys know if you have been in this school before?

Rantarou: Apparently, it seems I have no injuries.

So, thank goodness.

Rantarou: No, this situation isn’t good at all.

I don’t really know this place.

Kaede: Yeah…you’re right.

Rantarou: By the way, I wanna ask you something…

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…what are the odds. The place I randomly paused last time was 10 seconds before the opening credits begin! 

So, this is the intro, huh?

The art direction is actually quite nice, though some stuff is throwin’ me off, here… like, the word “hot” appears above them randomly. There’s virtually no other text in the intro, but then bam, that appears.

Why “hot?” Why that exact moment? Why hovering over their foreheads?

…why the legs that look like he’s been riding a 5-foot-wide horse?

…why the– wait, never mind, that’s actually a pretty cool frame. New SDM blog icon found!

You win, intro… you win.


[11.01.2017, 22:26] some food and nutrition notes in preparation for my test tomorrow [ft stabilo and steadler tiplus fineliners ] as well as some English lit notes (The Merchant of Venice). I still have more history revision to do before i go to sleep bc i started studying late :/
Kind of hyper though bc I’m listening to the Moana soundtrack whooo

I scanned in my food and nutrition notes but they came out a weird colour [?] My title is inspired by @islandstudies !!! Her notes are really informative and v nice to look at :) Also the paper I used was the ‘gradient notes’ by @ennui-for-me [i printed a whole stack of them so I’ll probs be using it religiously from now on] go check their blogs out !!!!
[day 11/100]

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

for @sterekseason ‘s 25 days of sterek and the prompt ‘holiday baking’

read on ao3:

“So,” Stiles said as he walked into the loft. “I know I said I’d make all the cookies for the pack Christmas dinner and I am but I figured I’d make them here because then your place will small nice and then I don’t have to figure out how to transport dozens and dozens of cookies from my place to here so here I am.”

Derek looked up from his book, quirking an eyebrow before nodding his head towards the kitchen.

“Thanks man.”

Derek went back to his book, hoping he could at least finish the chapter before Stiles inevitably distracted him.

Today wasn’t his lucky day though because he got another sentence in before Stiles’ humming got his attention.

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Yea, I know what this looks like, but I’m not actually pregnant…

Last night I met this cute guy at a restaurant, while I still had a smooth flat stomach. We ended up sharing a table and a meal, which was nice but we could both tell something more could happen…

So, I offered to take him back to my apartment for the night. Weird though, he shook his head and took my hand, pulling me towards the bathrooms. Before I knew it we were making out in one of the stalls of the men’s restrooms.

It got hotter and hotter until before I knew it, he’d bent me over so my hands were against the walls. He didn’t even let me pull my dress off, so hot. He sort of squeezed my ass a little before pulling the black panties covering me to the side. That’s when he pulled down his pants; he was massive!

He presses that thick shaft against my entrance, then started squeezing it into me. God it was a tight squeeze!

He spent the next minute trying to stretch me out, while slowly pounding it all into me. I did everything I could to keep from moaning out load as he fucked me deeper and deeper.

Finally I felt his big balls slapping against my thighs as he rammed the full length into me like it was natural. He leaned over, rubbing my belly and breasts through my shirt and whispered how he was going to stuff me full, until I felt pregnant. I thought he meant he was going to try and knock me up, which might not work.

Instead he smiled, grabbed my hips and slammed himself home, starting to empty those full balls.

The problem was, he wouldn’t stop! He flooded my womb, and just kept going. He put so much in me I could feel my belly straining and getting heavy. My dress kept getting tighter and tighter as my hand felt over my swelling middle. Before long, he did what he’d promised.

Stepping back, he slid his cock free, pulled up his pants and offered me a hand to my car.

I was so embarrassed, waddling through the restaurant, cradling my over-filled belly, feeling all his cum slosh with each step. I had to bite my lip just to keep from groaning! Ugh!! So embarrassing!

Ruined Surprise

“But you can’t tell Joe. It’s a surprise.” Joe flinched at those words, guilt instantly flooding him. He had just managed to ruin Y/N’s surprise for him for Valentine’s Day.

Not that he did it on purpose, she never warned him not to watch the vlog, and so when he saw it in his subscription feed, he had simply clicked on it.

Now though, nearly two weeks before Valentine’s Day, he knew what was coming. And he could tell how excited his girlfriend was about her surprise.

Maybe he could pull off acting surprised.

“Are we doing anything for Valentine’s Day?” Joe asked casually a few days later, watching Y/N’s face for any reaction.

“I figured we’d have a nice quiet evening in.” She shrugged, looking over at him, “Unless you have something planned?”

“Am I a shit boyfriend if I say no?”

“Of course not,” She laughed, leaning over to kiss him quickly, “I know you’ve been busy. I’d be surprised if you did have something planned.”

“How did I get so lucky?” He mumbled, pulling her closer.

“I know, I’m pretty amazing.”

Yeah, you are. Joe thought to himself as he remembered her surprise.

“Nothing?!” Zoe stared over at Joe and Y/N in surprise. It was a week prior to Valentine’s Day, and they were visiting her up in Brighton for a day or two.

“Mate, you’re a shit boyfriend.” Alfie laughed, dodging the pillow thrown at him.

“I am not!” Joe protested.

“But you have nothing planned for Valentine’s Day…” Zoe muttered, looking between the couple.

“We don’t need to do anything special.” Y/N shrugged, and it took everything in Joe to not show is guilt, because he knew something special was coming.

“We’re going to have a nice quiet evening in. That’s special.” Joe said instead, avoiding looking at Y/N, in fear of her discovering his guilt.

Maybe he was a shit boyfriend, because he ruined her surprise.

“But, there has to be something planned. A special gift for her?” Zoe asked Joe.

“Well, I’m not going to admit to it here, now am I?” He laughed, risking a glance over at Y/N, but she just smiled up at him.

He was a shit boyfriend.

Two days prior to Valentine’s Day, she started dropping hints.

And if Joe didn’t actually know what the surprise was, they would be teasing hints, ones that would leave him wondering what his girlfriend was up too. But he did know. So the hints only added to the guilt he had.

It was clear that Y/N had worked hard on the surprise, and him having ruined it, there was no way he was going to be able to make up for it.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, babe!” Y/N greeted him cheerily on the morning of the fourteenth.

“And to you as well, love.” He grinned, pulling her in for a kiss. “I already can’t wait for this evening. Just a night in with you.”

“It’ll be wonderful.” She sighed, relaxing against him. “And I have another little surprise for you as well.”

“Oh?” Joe tried to act like he had no idea, but his stomach tightened uncomfortably.

“Mhm,” She smiled, running her fingers through his hair, “But you have to wait until tonight to find out what it is.”

“I can’t wait.” He told her, watching as she slipped from bed, humming happily to herself.

Why do you keep lying to her? He thought to himself, pulling a pillow over his face. You’re such a shit boyfriend.

The day dragged by, and Joe’s guilt only intensified.

He was looking forward to having a night in with Y/N, something that was long overdue for the both of them, but he would have to come clean.

It was only right.

Neither brought up the surprise until after dinner was cooked, eaten, and cleaned up. They had both settled into the couch together, ready to choose a movie to finish their relaxing night with.

“Oh, do you want your surprise first?” Y/N asked, sitting up on the couch to look at him.

He had to come clean now.

“It’s not really a surprise…”

“Because I mentioned it this morning? Well, you don’t know what it is. So it still counts as a surprise.” She smiled so lovingly at him, that Joe’s heart sank even more.

“Except I do know what it is. I’ve known for the past two weeks.” He admitted weakly, watching confusion spread across her face.


“Your vlog.”

“But,” She shook her head, “You don’t watch my vlogs.”

“Huh?” It was Joe’s turn to be confused, “Of course I do! I watch every single one of them!”

“You told me that you don’t.”

“I was joking, Y/N. Why wouldn’t I watch your vlogs?”

“Oh my gods,” She groaned, falling back against the couch. “You’ve known for two weeks?!

“I’m sorry, love.” Joe reached over to wrap his arms around her, burying his face into her shoulder. “It’s a really good surprise, though.”

“Why didn’t you just tell me?” Y/N mumbled, fingers running through his hair.

“Because you looked so excited.”

“I was. I should have never mentioned it in my vlog…”

“I’m kind of surprised none of the fans accidentally spoiled it.”

“Me too.” She laughed, and he felt a weight lift off of him.

“You aren’t mad?” Joe asked, lifting his head to look at her.

“Of course not,” She smiled at him, “But you could have just told me you knew. And maybe next time tell me that you do watch my vlogs.”

“I watch all your videos, you should know that.”

“Hmm, well I don’t watch all of yours, so…”

Laughing, Joe leaned down to kiss her. “I know you don’t, because you screamed at me for giving you nightmares with my gaming videos.”

“They were terrifying!” Y/N pouted.

“That’s what makes them so fun.”


“You love it.”

“Yeah,” She sighed, “I do.”

A week later, Joe tweeted a photo of the two of them on holiday, praising her for her wonderful Valentine’s Day surprise.

He decided against telling the fans that he knew about it all along.


Today was amazing! I managed to see both the Slow Mo Guys and Off Topic panels and ran into Caiti out on the main floor (she was really lovely and we talked a bit about some education programs) <3

Gavin and Dan are both super cute and Dan had never seen that SMG playing card before (even though his face is literally on it and Gavin told him he would have had to sign a release form for it) also Gavin was drawing on Dan’s arm with the marker whenever he wasn’t looking and got into a water bottle fight with Kerry when he was leaving the autograph area

Miles noticed my cosplay and complimented it! :’) :’)

And all the people from tumblr I ran into were SUPER LOVELY IT WAS SO NICE MEETING YOU GUYS I loved speaking to you in person!!! I would love to meet more of you tomorrow so please don’t be shy <3 <3 <3

10/10 day also i have learned that being in cosplay is a ridiculous amount of fun and i’m kinda sad I didn’t plan another one for tomorrow LOL

Florist!Woozi AU

@justanotherkoreangirl said: Hi , could I request a scenario where you work in a flower shop and woozi comes in asking “how do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flowers?” (I got the prompt off tumblr but I don’t think I’d do it justice…) thanks :)

I can’t do titles XD So I switched their roles around and I’m not that happy with how it turned out but hopefully you are! Hope you like ♥

Slamming the door of your car shut with such a force the whole thing shuddered you looked irately at the small flower shop you stood before. Its blue and white awning cast a light shadow over the nicely arranged flowerpots on display outside; it was a quaint little place, though your anger clouded thoughts made you want to destroy the cute presentation. Marching purposefully up to the entrance you swung the door open, completely disregarding the melodious tinkle of the bell overhead and storming over to the counter where a small brown haired boy was slumped over on it. Light snores fell from between his slightly parted lips and his eyes fluttered slightly with the comportement of someone so deep into their slumber they were dreaming. You startled him into consciousness by slamming a twenty down on the pristine white countertop, unexpectedly growling a little as you did so. He blinked at you groggily a few times, yawning and running a hand through his chocolate hair with no air of urgency about him - until he noticed your furious expression. He sat bolt upright, going to step off the stool he was sat on and nearly falling over in the process, scratching the back of his neck and coughing awkwardly as he greeted you. Your eyes raked over his shy face and you felt your hard expression soften upon seeing his embarrassed smile. Whoever this florist was, he was incredibly adorable and somewhat endearing. Before you could get too lost in the molten copper of his eyes you remembered why you were there, twitching in irritation and snarling slightly.

“How do I passive-aggressively say ‘fuck you’ in flowers?“ You asked in a demanding tone, his brows furrowing in confusion.

“Excuse me?” he questioned inquisitively, his countenance the epitome of befuddled.

“Don’t make me repeat myself shorty you know what I said.” You huffed, making his admittedly well defined facial features contort in offense.

“You don’t have to be so rude.” he muttered, his ensuing pout easily abetting the ‘sorry’ he wanted from you. “Right. How to say ‘fuck you’ in flowers… “ he amended in a low voice, chuckling softly under his breath and venturing from behind the counter to the flower displays in the main shop. “It’s an odd request, although more interesting than a dozen red roses,” he said bemusedly, quirking an eyebrow at you. “Any reason you want this bouquet?”

“Do you know a guy called Wen Junhui?” you asked, almost spitting your words through gritted teeth as you sighed heavily. “We went on a date last night. He mentioned he worked here, I think.” in your nettled rage you didn’t notice the man in question walking out only to notice you and run back into the staff room. The florist stood before you, who was called Lee Jihoon (or so the badge clipped onto his shirt pocket stated), groaned lightly, shaking his head in exasperation.

“No, never heard of him. Why, what did he do?” You looked like you wanted to murder him, or at least someone at that very moment. “The bastard told me to make my own way home, because we don’t live that close to each other, meaning I had to take the bus, only to find when I did get back that he’d dropped by my house and totalled my fucking car! It was all. Smashed up!! Do you know how much it costs to fix shit like that?!” Your high pitched and enraged squeaks made Jihoon flinch. He made a mental note to incessantly berate Junhui later, but he adamantly stuck by his saying he didn’t know him. He wanted his elder to feel guilty, maybe even pay you back, not get thrown through the flower shop’s window.

“The word ‘totalled’ is a big enough clue…” he murmured, sighing. “He sounds like a real douchebag,” Jihoon added loudly and obviously, having seen said colleague emerge earlier. You nodded, sighing again and pinching the bridge of your nose, between your eyes, as to try calm yourself and your breathing. “It seems weird that you’d give him flowers instead of demanding payment, but-”

“I’m doing that too, dumbass,” you rolled your eyes dramatically with a grumble. “But for now, do you think you can throw together a suitable bouquet?” you hummed, voice quieter than Jihoon’d heard it yet. A bright smile spread over his plump lips and smooth cheeks - flower symbolism was completely his thing and so he was more than happy to acquiesce your request, however strange it may be.

“Of course! I will do my best to give you a striking bouquet that is just full of hatred,” he laughed comedically, turning on his heel to once again face the flowers. “Okay, so. Foxgloves, good start.” he chimed, keeping up a cheery voice and demeanor whilst being deep in thought. “They represent insincerity… but they’re also highly poisonous so let’s not put too many of those in there and hope he doesn’t enjoy eating the flowers.” you giggled at that and watched as he pranced around the store - you didn’t know him that well but looking at his appearance and the way he’d been so carelessly asleep before, his jovial attitude in making this bouquet seemed somewhat uncharacteristic. He laid out two sheets of coloured tissue paper on the counter to wrap them in and splayed the chosen foxgloves around the very edges, as evenly spaced as possible. He was very meticulous in his work, taking great care to ensure they were laid out properly. Pleased with it already he hurried back over to you, gesturing for you to move sideways a bit and plucking a few large red geraniums and yellow carnations from the display where you’d been stood. “Geraniums symbolise stupidity, which sounds perfect for your guy,” he chuckled at your affirming nod before heading back to the counter to add the flowers to the steadily growing and actually rather nice looking bunch. “And yellow carnations. They literally mean ‘you have disappointed me’. Which also sounds applicable.”

“There’s a flower that means ‘you have disappointed me’?” you asked, half dubious and half humoured.

“Weird, right?” he beamed at you, eyes creasing and pretty much disappearing as he did. How could someone look so incredibly cute whilst talking about flowers symbolising misery? This time he headed to the herb section near the very back. He went for the small white flowery herbs in a pot next to the mint, grinning at you and taking up some orange lilies on his way back to the almost completely finished bouquet. “Meadowsweet isn’t the prettiest of flowers, it’s actually more a herb, but it represents uselessness. And orange lilies, my favourite flower…” his brow creased as he finished his assemblance and wrapped the paper snugly around the completed product. “They symbolise hatred.” he gave you a devious smile and suddenly his excited attitude made sense. Laughing lightly to yourself you thanked him, scooping the bouquet into your arms. You were too focused on him and how proud he looked to notice the small note placed obviously amongst the largest blossoms, addressed “customer”. You thanked him again and in a calmer manner got back into your car, wondering if you could find your failed date and make him pay for the repair costs. Your racing thoughts were all disturbed when you noticed the notecard you missed, taking it between your fingers and opening it curiously. Scrawled messily on the inside, the short message read:

Lee Jihoon, 010-XXXX-XXXX

Call me and tell me how it goes. Maybe afterwards I can show you a better date :)

You smiled and looked back at the store, seeing Jihoon gazing at you somehow fondly through the plexiglass windows. Upon being caught his face quickly flushed and he looked away, once again flustered. You sat still for a moment before pulling your phone from your pocket, adding his number to your contacts before shooting him a quick message.

Hey, hope I’m not seeming desperate my texting so soon but I’d love to take you up on your offer.

Upon seeing him read the text and grin smugly you felt a small smile tugging at the corners of your own lips, however it suddenly faded into a deep set frown as you watched last night’s failure step out cautiously from a hallway near Jihoon, mouthing a few indecipherable words as you grabbed the flowers and stormed up to the little shop yet again. At the sound of the bell Junhui went to give a cheerful greeting - until he opened his eyes and realised who just walked in. He seemed to shrink into himself as a look of horror spread over his face.

“Y-Y/N!” he stammered, side-eyeing Jihoon as a call for help, however the younger boy just stood and smirked, eyes bright as if he was having the time of his life.

“You lied about knowing him?” you addressed Jihoon, practically snarling by now.

“No! Well, yes, I did, but I didn’t really wanna be brought into the fight.” he explained, trying not to appear nervous. You shrugged you weren’t angry with him.

“You fucking owe me Wen Junhui, a rather nice sum. I don’t want to take this to court.” you said, murderous hint to your voice. You were starting to convulse you were so mad, and before he could even attempt to protest or argue you thrusted the flowers into his face, then letting the crumpled blooms fall to his feet whilst he looked on at you in astonishment. Jihoon also looked quite bewildered, but he also looked like he was suppressing a rather loud laughter as he drew his bottom lip in between his teeth. “Jihoon has my number, make sure you settle this. I’m too busy now to be bothering with the likes of you.” As you stomped out the two florists stared after you, blinking slowly with blank stares.

“Why do you have her number?” Junhui asked his colleague quietly, not looking at the other boy.

“I’m taking her out sometime.” Jihoon responded in an equally hushed voice, turning towards Junhui.

“Whatever you do, don’t hurt her… or her car…” Junhui whispered as he picked up the flowers, once again looking out of the window to see you had driven away.

I don’t really like the ending but I hope this was satisfactory at the least boo ♥ I may have to stop giffing scenarios until this app gets better ;;

-Admin Belle

Joshua as Your Boyfriend

I actually kinda like writing these since they don’t take a lot of time like smut, also I didn’t think that everyone would like the Mingyu one so much so that was a nice surprise ^^ 

Also this was requested by this dear anon

Idk about this one though i might’ve fucked up


  • chEEk kIsSEs
  • He’d lift your chin up with his hand gently before kissing you
  • “Oh look how pretty you are”
  • He’d compliment you A LOT
  • “There’s my lovely girlfriend”
  • Playing with your hair while you’re reading a book
  • Watching old movies on the couch when neither of you can fall asleep with a big blanket over you
  • Falling asleep eventually with his hand on your waist just when the sun starts to rise
  • Walking down the street with his hand around your waist
  • A guy passes by and his grip tightens
  • His phone background would be either a picture of just you or you two together
  • Sending you flowers out of nowhere
  • “Jisoo did I forget something? Why did you send me 30 roses?”
  • “I just want to show you my love, that’s it baby girl.”
  • “Baby girl” Would be his nickname for you WHEN HE IS IN THE MOOD ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Him lying on top of you while you make out
  • Tying his ties for him before going to a formal event
  • It’s not because he doesn’t know how to tie a tie, he just likes seeing you doing it for him
  • You and Jeonghan gossiping about him
  • “I know right he always does that like-“
  • “Jeonghan what are you doing?”
  • “Jisoo relax I’m just giving your girl some advice”
  • Cooking together on a Sunday morning
  • Competing on who can flip pancakes higher
  • Trying to make him laugh through the glass while he is recording
  • Succeeding at it, making him sing the same verse 4 times
  • Eventually Jihoon would probably kick you out because “IT’S NOT THE TIME TO BE A CUTE COUPLE GUYS”


My requests are OPEN ALWAYS and you can request reactions, smut, fluff, angst scenarios, mtls, or “_____ as your boyfriend” for BTS, EXO, Got7, and Seventeen here, I literally write anything but I have rules and reminders, they’re not that much of a big deal really. So request anything you want! xx

anonymous asked:

Could I get a headcanon of how the chocobros would react to their crush being naked after they try to wake them by pulling off the covers?


Gladio - Goes straight for yanking the covers off of them to wake them up since most people don’t appreciate that and figures he’ll get to adore how cute they look all mused from sleep while they grump at him for stealing their nice warm blankets. When he pulls the blankets off though and sees that they’re naked, his first thought is woah followed immediately by oh shit. He throws the covers back over them to cover them up while he apologizes and turns away. before he leaves he tells them that Iggy has breakfast ready so they should get up and get dressed before it’s gone and then so is he. Later in the day he’ll pull them aside again and apologize and when they tell him it’s alright he’s over it since they are. He does secretly hope that he gets to see them naked again though since they’re gorgeous though.

Ignis - Tries waking them up gently at first, saying their name and opening up curtains but when they just pull the blankets up under their chin and roll away from the light, he knows he has to take more serious measures. Ones that he usually saves for a certain sleepy Prince that is notoriously hard to wake up. So he grabs the covers and pulls as hard as he can to get them out of their grip. As soon as he sees that they’re naked he stutters out his apologies, stating that he didn’t know but its still inappropriate of him. He turns his back to them to give them privacy and promises them that it won’t happen again but it is time to get up. For the rest of the day he gives them space and is very formal with them to try and make up for that morning.

Noctis - He thinks that taking the covers off of them is a great way to wake them up since Ignis always does it to him. The prince doesn’t think that there’s a chance they’re aren’t aren’t least in some sort of pjs so when he rips the blankets off of them he’s surprised by the eyeful he gets of them. Instantly he blushes from head to toe, appreciating the view for a moment before remembering that’s not a sight he’s supposed to be seeing. He turns away quickly and mutters out his apologies and tells them that it’s time to get up before scurrying out of the room. The rest of the day he’s quieter than usual and tries to give them space.

Prompto - Figures the best and quickest way to get someone up is take away their blankets since that’s the best way to wake him up. He starts to yell “GOOD MORNING!” as he tears the blankets off of them but he chokes when he sees they’re completely naked underneath them, so it’s more like “GOOD MORN-AACKK”. He’s stunned for a second before he turns on his heel so his back is to them, apologizing and making a joke as he high tails it out of the room, making sure to close the door behind him. The rest of the day is spent making awkward jokes while he tries very hard not to remember what they look like under their clothes.

Wow, I’m so creative when it comes to themes for my drawings lately.
It’s been a while since I’ve made such a nice, clean lineart though.

But hell, he looks so sick as Temple Guard!
I never noticed before that he was missing the markings on his forehead altogether. Like a mistreated cichlid, lmao.
If I’d be living in the Jedi Temple, I’d feel compelled to throw food at him whenever I pass by

(August 2015)

You may have seen a crop of this before - if you frequent the page of my blog or see me on picarto. I had planned a lot more into this, but never got past the base shadows… still pretty darn cute though. 

A/N: trying to make myself feel better with some Cactuar Farmer KC shenanigans.

Originally posted by ianchai

“By the six, girl, you look like death warmed over.” Dave put his hands on his hips as he watched KC jump off her chocobo a little unsteadily. The farmer looked a little paler than she usually did and she had a slight sheen like she was sweating. Even though it was always fairly warm at Meldacio, KC hardly ever looked so out of sorts.

Thanks, Dave. That’s really nice of you to say.” KC grumbled in a deadpan, croaky tone. She sounded slightly stuffy and her voice was strained. She dropped a large pack at her feet. “I got some Cactuar fruit and needles for you guys—HEY.” The woman suddenly barked, although it sent her into a slight coughing fit afterwards. “Walker don’t you dare. Get your spiky butt back here.” She snapped her fingers quickly and gestured to a small, pale green Cactuar that looked like it was trying to sneak away.

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At a post-event party

Yurio is standing in the middle of the walkway, in his “I am a beautiful ice tiger” mode.

Chris looks him up and down

Chris: Hmmf (smirks) Very pretty. You’re still just a kitten, though.

Victor approaches from behind Chris and lays a hand on his shoulder

Victor: I think a cougar would suit you better.

Victor guides Chris to face the doorway, where Minako is entering on Yuuri’s arm

Victor: Minako, this is Chris. Chris, Minako.

MInako: (Makes a noise so high pitched only Maccachin can hear it, then separates from Yuuri and circles Chris with an appraising eye before slapping him on the ass) Nice up close, too. Not that I really had doubts.

Chris: (his expression is both shocked and pleaseed) Oh? Thank you. I do my best. (He takes her arm) Can I get you a drink?

Yuuri: (looks horrified) Why are you encouraging this?

Yurio: (scowls)
Victor: (heart mouth) Because it’s pefect!


Yes, I rearranged the pins and they probably don’t look quite as nice fitted in there as they did before, but the movie pins were in no semblance of order and it bugged the heck out of me, so I moved them all around and made new holes.

But anyway, me being me, I had to do this. 1-4 didn’t seem to have a special title, and 14 and 16 didn’t have a symbol associated with theirs. At least, not on the videos I have. And with titles moving around, some came out better screenshotted than others.