it looked really nasty when it wasn't washed for a while

1D Preference: You wear his clothes
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  • Harry: "Shit." You mumbled under your breath as your alarm sounded. Harry was going to FaceTime you at any minute, and you had dumbly fallen asleep while writing your paper. After a few stretches, you pulled yourself off the couch and made your way into the bedroom. He'd only been gone a week this time, but you still missed him. You missed him even when he was only gone for a few hours. To keep yourself for waiting by your phone, you decide to do a little cleaning. After pulling a few things from under the bed, you notice one of Harry's shirts had somehow managed to get stuck with some of your stuff. Without hesitating you pull it on and take in the scent of his cologne. It was better than nothing. The sound of your phone buzzing pulled you out of your thoughts and you ran to your desk to answer. "Hey, baby." You grin as his face pops up on the screen. "Mor- er, Afternoon, Love." He pauses and frowns. "Is that my shirt?" You immediately blush. "Yeah, I found it under my bed." He laughed lightly. "Well, it looks better on you, anyway." He jokes with a playful wink.
  • Niall: Nights in with Niall didn't happen often. Usually he was on the road so your nights in were actually spent in hotels. Since he was off from his tour you were both enjoying some downtime at his place. A warm fire in the fireplace and two cups of wine on the table. You snuggle into his chest as you both lay on the couch. "Mmmm...I want more wine," You mumble and lean up to fetch your glass. You stand and make your way into his kitchen to pour your drink, but your naturally clumsy side comes out and you manage to spill wine on your new dress. "Damn it." You tilt your head back and squeeze your eyes shut. "Babe?" Niall asks from the door and you turn around to show him what you did. He chuckles and nods toward his bedroom. Come on I'll find you something to wear and we can try to wash that. He quickly fetches a button up from his closet and tosses it to you. "You're so tiny, this will probably be a dress on you." He laughs and you stick your tongue out at him while you change. After you change you can feel his eyes rake across your body. "Maybe I should let you wear my clothes more often," He settles his hands on your waist and trails kisses across your neck. "Maybe I should spill wine on myself more often," You counter and wrap your arms around his neck.
  • Liam: You hated fighting with Liam. You hardly had time with him and you hated spending that time yelling at each other, or worse not speaking at all. You honestly weren't even sure what you were fighting about this time. It had escalated so quickly and now here you were, at a stand still. He looked at you across the room with dark eyes and his hands in fits. You stared back with just as much intensity, crossing your arms across your chest. "So are you done bitching now or what?" He finally broke the silents and his words really cut. "You can just spend the rest of your night on the couch Liam Payne." You spat and turned on your heels to lock yourself in the bedroom. You threw yourself down on the bed and finally let yourself cry. There was now way you could give him the satisfaction of seeing you like this. You weren't sure if you were there for minutes or hours, but you finally decided to change our of your dress. As your rummaged around for some pajamas you remembered that all your clothes were in the laundry. You groaned and searched for some of Liam's old shirts and pulled one of them on. Just as you pulled the hem of the shirt past your hips there was a light knock at the door. "Please let me in," Liam spoke softly and with a sigh you obliged. "I'm s-" He started to speak until he got a good look at you. "Thats my shirt." He said in surprise. You blushed, feeling suddenly self conscious in the loose material. "No, you look beautiful." He reached to pull you into a hug, all your anger from before gone. "Come one, let's go to bed and I'll tell you all about how big of an idiot I am." He reached for your hand to follow him.
  • Louis: Tours meant hotels. Tours meant hotel hopping and sneaking around so you weren't caught by hordes of fans alone. While most of them were nice, a good few were very nasty toward you when you were alone. Something about Louis' protective arm around your shoulder. Today you decided to brave it alone and surprise Louis with Starbucks so you made sure to leave as quietly as possible. You slipped on his white t-shirt and a pair of pants and made your way outside. A few fans and paps waited outside. You tried to slip past quickly, but the familiar flash caught your attention. You shrugged it off and ducked into the Starbucks and returned with two coffees. When you open the door Louis is already awake, scrolling through his phone. "You know, I like it when you go out in my clothes." He says, not even looking up at you. "What?" You ask, plopping down next to him and passing him his coffee. "My twitter feed is blowing up with pictures. Apparently everyone knows that is mine," He chuckles and fingers the hem of the shirt. "Don't worry, they all agree that it looks better on you anyway."
  • Zayn: Zayn loved taking you out. From day one he had been big on taking you out for "proper" dates. He took you to the best places. He lived to spoil you. Of course, tonight was no different. He took you to a fancy restaurant for dinner and you paid him back my wearing your sexiest dress. Though the dress probably wasn't appropriate for the weather. As you walked hand in hand to his car, you were shaking. "Here," He said, shrugging off his leather coat and laying it over your shoulders. Zayn was funny about his leather coat. No one else wore it. "T-thanks," You stuttered, pulling it tighter around your body. "Its nothing," He says as he gives you a sideways glance, "Plus that dress and my leather...It just looks better on you," He said with a mischievous smile and opens your car door.