it looked nice in b&w ok

just me trying to explain to my friends why monoma doesnt act out of pure hatred, but rather, out of concern and regard for his class, even if they don’t like him

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Ok so I was in the kids section in ZARA and saw a little jacket that looked really similar to that silk tiger bomber that Harry wore on stage once. My dad Harold feelings really kicked in and I just imagined him buying matching jackets for him and your little daughter and then having you take a picture of them from behind with a really nice view and she's holding his hand and looking up at him and he's looking at her and he posts it, probably in B&W, with the caption "Daddy's girl" and im crying

Worse: she’d *love them*. Her little heart would burst, because now she’s got one *just like her daddy’s*. She’d always been running her hands over the silk and admiring it and the pretty pictures, so she’d been so excited that she couldn’t even do anything but stare excitedly when he’d brought it out at last. And she wears it *all the time* now. He’s caught her sleeping in it and he has to gently unzip it and get it off her before tucking her back into bed. And sometimes he has to tell her to go put something warmer on or, “No, little lady, it’s too hot out for that and m’not picking yeh up off the sidewalk.” And when she gets too big for it? They’re keeping that packed away for memories. 

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i really adore your art style! it is one of my favourites ever. even with the sketches it's flawless. i get always inspired by your art, it's just mesmerizing (agh, imagine a thousand-word paragraph of praise here). how long does it usually take you to finish a properly done piece of art (of any kind)? and do you have any tips or advice to portraying movement and colouring 'patterns'?

Thank you! :)
That is such a nice compliment!

I can try to give some advice. I’ve never really visited an “only art” school and my basic knowledge comes from graphic design. I often don’t think about „rules“ and just draw what I think looks pretty…  
But if I really intend to draw an artwork and really THINK and PLAN the whole picture (and not just draw some random stuff) I look out for this components:

For the whole picture:
- Composition
- Contrast
- Color

For figures:
- Line of action
- Flowing and aesthetic

I took the composition from my photo classes and just used it for the pictures. It shows the balance between figure & background or bright color & dark color which is approximately 1/3. I don’t use this intentionally. Sometimes it just happens. There should be no pressure to arrange the composition differently.


I use harmonic colors and like to make just very little „pops“ with contrast colors. I often use defined color palletes for the different elements in the picture  (cold grey = ice, blue = skin, brown = clothes) and use 1-3 same colors for all elements (Ice/Skin/Clothes = blue).

Black and white pictures have often a nice compositional contrast between the dark and bright areas. I try to make a similar effect with colors. If you convert the colored version in b/w and the contrast also looks ok you’ve done it right.

I’ve learned about the line of action just some time ago from a friend.
It shows the basic movement the figure is going to do.
Some use it as an outside shape of the body, other use it as a line through the body.
I always draw a circle for the head and draw the line as an elongated spine.
Learn more about it here [x]

Also I like flowing things like hair, feathers and clothes. They give a nice movement to the figure.

About time:
I need about 1 day (~ 9 hours) for a colored picture and 1-2 hours for a pencil colored sketch… if I’m not distracted with making tea, running to the bathroom, looking in the fridge without taking something out to eat (in a half an hour routine).
Some say I’m fast, others say I’m standard. It always depends on the person.

So this was long but fun. Hope it helps! :)

ok so yall know how alex irl had really good handwriting as a product of his job working as a clerk. everybody in fics always reflects that but CAN U IMAGINE modern au in which alex has shitty rushed handwriting but can type like 120 wpm because sure he had 2 work a million secretary jobs but what modern job requires nice calligraphy. CAN U IMAGINE. 

also hes the scary friend that, since he can type w/o looking at the keyboard, will b working on something and his fingers are a blur but then somebody asks him a question and he makes PERFECT EYE CONTACT while still typing and answers the question