it looked much better in my head

“Oh Mrs. Potato Head tell me,
Is it true that pain is beauty?
Does a new face come with a warranty?
Will a pretty face make it better?”

Bonnet ds by @mobox87

(So sorry, I’ve only just now realized I drew her wrong ;-; I didn’t look up her drawing reference so I based this off of your last drawing of her)

Fan art of You’re Not a Lost Cause by @hellofriend304

This is part of the video scene… I think it would be better to post it like this?

(I don’t know how to make the images not show unless you click in there ;;;m; )

Anyways…I don’t know if I captured the mood and expressions correctly, but I tried my best to do so. It’s my interpretation of what I read.

Please tell me if I did anything wrong cuz I don’t use tumblr a lot.

That’s all the parts I did… I feel that the next scenes would express the feel better with close ups…I just decided not to do it.

For some reason the hotel room looks like this in my head. It’s like those luxurious looking beds with red curtains all around…(Although I didn’t do much with the background) And I think the bright red and yellow creates a contrast with the content. This scene feels like it should be in a dimly lit room or in black and gray, but that wouldn’t seem realistic to the situation, so I decided to draw a really bright room with red curtain…

I tried with the bruises and stuff…I don’t know if it looks enough to show how pale he is >m<

I don’t feel like tagging cuz it has nothing to do with the original game, it’s something for a fan fic.


Who am I? I am a girl who loves my island. I’m the girl who loves the sea. It calls me. I am the daughter of the village chief. We are descended from voyagers who found their way across the world, they call me. I’ve delivered us to where we are, I have journeyed farther. I am everything I’ve learned and more, still it calls me…


saudade (noun) | PORTUGUESE

a deep, nostalgic, and melancholic longing for something or someone, often accompanied with a denied fact that what one longs for will never come back

“I wonder, can I keep up with it? The speed of the world without you in it.”


The only thing I have to do is be happy with myself - and I am! I want to be able to eat a burger without someone having their say about my figure. I’m not particularly dainty by nature and don’t plan to starve myself to change that. Girls should accept themselves the way they are. And others need to be more accepting of us too - we deserve more respect! I like myself the way I’m and would never starve in order to look the way others expect me to. There will always be people who criticize me, and I’m a very sensitive person, but I have learnt to care less about what people think. In the past year I’ve become far more confident and now I’m happier and more relaxed than I’ve ever been! 

Holly Blue Agate was pretty much a Mary Sue gemsona but canon. Like… just imagine:

“My gemsona is Holly Blue Agate but she goes by Holly. Her gem is on the back of her head and her hair looks like cool striped cat ears. She’s big and powerful and works directly with Blue Diamond to capture and preserve humans in this cool human zoo thing. Also her weapon is an electric whip and she hates everybody because she’s better than all of them but everyone admires her and looks up to her RAWR XD”


Heathilton/the Schuylers (feat. Martha Laurens as Veronica)

I was originally going to make Theodosia (II) Veronica, but then I did a little research on Martha (John Laurens’ sister) and she just fit the role so much better. This girl seriously needs way more love. Plus, she’s the same generation as the Schuyler Sisters, which makes the rest of the casting a lot less complicated. I tried to make her look similar to John without basically turning her into a genderbent version of him, hopefully it was successful.


the holy uncle trinity of ijs men’s skaters


The Scamander brothers profile for a mini-comic I’m working on set in WWI. Thanks to @loufok I am calling them warboys in my head now XD The outfits are very heavily Assassin’s Creed inspired because I can’t design and also the official British Auror uniforms in the HP universe have a similar cut as well. @bagginses look its Theseus!:D

My hand and wrist hurt so much, otherwise I would have coloured them better and cleaned it up D: I need to get myself one of those wrist supports