it looked great on him

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This more of a silly request, since I like funny things. Can I get the RFA+V+Saeran in that situation, where MC ask them how she looks and they say she looks great, but she acts overdramatic and says "Just great? Not sexy? Wow! Thanks a lot!"

yes I love this!!!

enjoy ;)


- you just got a new dress for Zen’s musical premiere

- you’re looking at the mirror admiring your new dress when Zen comes in

- “wow, babe, you look great.”

- you decide to tease him a little, just to get him feel less pressured

- “I’m disappointed Zen. I’m just great and not sexy?”

- and when you said that, he immediately runs up to you and holds your shoulders saying, “Babe, of course you look sexy! You’re hot as hell!”

- he’s panicking and you’re laughing

- i’m just messing with ya

- instant relief washed over his face

- he hugs you tight

- “you’ll do fine, baby. I know you will,” you cheer him on, planting a light kiss on his cheek


- it’s a company dinner, nothing fancy, but still you wanted to look amazing

- so you picked out a champagne cocktail dress paired with diamond-studded heels

- you make your way to Jumin’s walk-in closet as he’s tying his tie

- “hey,” you call out and he stops halfway to look at you through the reflection on the mirror

- “you look great, MC. you’ve got great taste.”

- you pretend to be angry, say your famous line then turn to leave

- but he catches your hand and kisses you roughly

- “of course, you’re sexy too…” you see him bite his lip before he continues, his voice now a low growl, “you don’t know what you do to me…”

- you pull his unfinished tie and you two continue to kiss with passion

- it looks like everyone at that company party may have to wait much more longer for your appearance


- you went shopping and you just bought a new dress

- you decide to wear it and show it to Jaehee when she comes home

- as soon as she opens the front door, you show up from the kitchen and run towards her

- “how do I look?” you ask, twirling your dress

- “you look really great, MC”

- “great? just great? Jaehee, I can’t believe you don’t think I’m wonderful!”

- she rushes to say her next words and you can’t help yourself from giggling

- “oh god, MC, you made me think you were really mad at me…”

- “i’m sorry, Jaehee,” you apologise but you’re still giggling


- you two are going out for a picnic date

- you put together a cute bohemian outfit and decide to show it off to Yoosung

- he’s putting in the last items into the basket when you hug him from behind

- he turns around and smiles at you

- “wow, MC! you really know how to dress up well. You look great!”

- you pout

- “great? not cute? not sexy? not-”

- “you’re cute! sexy! amazing! you’re the best!” he shouts out the next words in a hurry

- “aww…”

- you can’t help but hug him again, kissing him softly on the lips

- “I’m just kidding… but thank you, Yoosungie.”


- Seven’s been so busy at hacking that he hasn’t left his work station in 3 days straight

- you decide to wear a sexy maid costume just to change things up a little

- you stride into his work station carrying a feather duster

- “hey, Seven?” you call out but he doesn’t answer

- “I think someone might have called for room service…”

- at this, he looks up and at you and his jaw drops

- “you look great, MC”

- you smack the feather duster at him

- “master, I’m sure I’m not just great…”

- at ‘master’, you see him smirk

- “oh, believe me. you’ll get your reward in just a bit…”


- you’re out shopping with V

- you enter the fitting room trying on different outfits as he waits outside

- every time you reveal your new outfit, he keeps saying the outfit looks great

- you want a different reaction from him so the next time you open the curtains, you decide to tease him

- “oh MC, I think this dress looks gre-”

- “V, you keep saying the outfits are great! What about me?”

- you pout and he immediately walks towards you

- “of course you’re great too, honey. you’re perfect.”

- you can’t help but smile and tell him that you’re kidding

- “but I’m not”

- he pulls you in for a kiss


- you drag an unwilling Saeran to a sale at Forever 20

- as you look through racks and racks for clothes, he lags behind you bored

- you enter the fitting room to try a cute crop top

- when you exit, he barely looks up at you so you clear your throat

- you know he gives you half-hearted responses all the time so you want to tease him

- he’ll probably say something like “you look good/ great”

- “so how do I look?”

- “sexy.”

- “no, I-”

- you just realise what he just said and your cheeks flush pink

- he smirks at you

- you hurry back into the fitting room in embarrassment

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Hc that teenage Richie has really bad acne and always cries whenever seeing his boy eddie cause he's so smooth and perfect from how much he cleans and all the medication he's on

YO YES! I’ve dealt with very severe acne so this hits home!

He thinks Eddie’s skin is so beautiful and always says he’s so jealous. Eddie tells him theres absolutely nothing to be jealous of because Richie is beautiful no matter what. Eddie would totally help him remember to clean his face and never touch his skin and give him a million different face washes! He’d even research different acne medications for Richie to take (after asking his actual doctor about it). He’s super self conscious about it but everyone tells him he still looks great no matter what. It clears up as he becomes an older teenager!

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All those LISTS. Wow, okay, I may spam you just a little with options, if that's okay? There are just so many little ideas springing into my head as I read through these! *bounces a little in glee* How about 108. “I don’t think I can forgive you for this.” Literal Dadzawa. Past Shouta/Inko, current EraserMight? Or just some good Izuku & Shouta interaction?

“I don’t think I can forgive you for this.”

The grave looks well-kept, which is more than likely Izuku’s doing. Shouta doubts even death would stop him trying to take care of his mother in any way possible. A mother that, had she told him the truth instead of hiding it for fear of his reaction, would have been his wife.

He forces down feelings of upset, reminds himself that’s not why he came here. He came here because Toshinori had looked at him with those great sad blue eyes of his and said, “You need closure.” So here he was, getting closure.

He sucks in a harsh breath. “Despite what Izuku thinks, I don’t hate him or you for what you did. I get it, okay? You thought… well, you weren’t wrong with what you thought. I wouldn’t have abandoned you or hated you, but I wouldn’t have been a good father. Not the way Izuku needed. He probably would have grown to resent me for my absences, for refusing to come home and play with him.”

At least now all Izuku resents him for is not being there when his mother died, for not realizing the truth sooner and making sure his trysts didn’t end up producing the exact mistake it had. A mistake that Shouta has regular heart attacks over, because his idiot child keeps throwing himself headfirst into danger. The amount of times Shouta has wanted to shake him for being so very headstrong and stubborn are too many to recall, but especially recently it’s been quite a few. 

“I’m going to do right by him,” he says to the grave. “Even if it takes me a long while to get there. I don’t know if he’ll ever forgive me, but I’m going to make sure that if nothing else, if something happens to me, he and Toshinori won’t be at each other’s throats.” He doubts they will. Despite Izuku’s dislike of him, he adores Toshinori and Toshinori loves him. Which is good, because Izuku needs at least one good role model in his life. 

He lights the incense and says a quiet prayer. Thinks for a brief second he hears the click of the beaded bracelet Inko always wore on her wrist, smells the odor of home cooking and cleaning supplies. But then it’s gone, and a burst of wind blows the incense out, leaving only the smell of burnt sandalwood and smoke in its wake.

If he’s honest, it’s a pretty good metaphor for his life right now. 

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Hahhahahhaa omg in Lily's photos when you see how Gillian looks at David at the Comic Con panel even when she was a bad mood she STILL looks at him like that. Isn't it strange that with all the photos of her and PM not once did she look like that at him. A few photos she is smiling big af but when you zoom in on the photo she's often looking at something to the side or behind PM. If she's that in love like g*rgans say then why does she look like an angry lemon next to PM and avoid eye contact???

I know what you mean, the hard part is to see it and think “she looks great and happy with him but awful with someone else, but wait - I don’t know them well enough to interpret every look, or the way they behave around their friends, partners, whatever”… you know what I mean?

This entire last year was weird AF, but I’m glad we still get glowing, happy Gillian when she’s with David…

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A pet-peeve of mine is people who post private shit to sm (JP's letter to his kids for example). The minute you post something like that, it becomes less sincere and more about getting attention from your pathetic followers. If you want to tell your husband that he's a great example to his kids (I'm looking at you, pumpkin), give him a phone call. Stop posting to sm so that everyone can fawn over you and your "wonderful" marriage.

i’ll never understand why georgia posted that letter. it would have been a nice thing to add to their baby books or even a family album but not on the blog.








paladins in bows! bc thats cute! 

also the draws are available as stickers on redbubble!! 


Hanzo’s cowboy bf is actually the best cook in the world when it comes to making delicious comfort food and Hanzo fucking looooves eating it, plus he’s actually allowing himself to be comfy and not always so high-strung, so he’s bound to gain a little happy relationship weight

Plus Jesse looooves his extra-cuddly BF. Holding him is damn near therapeutic 

Soft™ Hanzo is a gift to us all

A loved one not lost but remembered. 

On one hand killing off Toffee that easily would be seen as “anti-climatic” or “Too soon” and we still have another season after this one, and he was so far the best villain and will be difficult to top, but on the other hand that was the most epic and most fitting way to kill him off.