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Louis is literally wearing thousands of dollars worth of designer clothing and people are still complaining about how "chavvy" he looks

He will literally never win fashion-wise in this fandom. I often feel like people will never be satisfied unless he’s dressing like Harry, but guess what….that’s probably never going to happen AND THAT’S FINE because Louis has his own distinct style and his own favorite brands. Louis has great style and a great sense for what looks good on him and he shows it in so many ways that people blatantly ignore. The stuff he’s been wearing lately makes perfect sense considering the type of music he’s put out, not to mention that it’s generally thousands of dollars worth of clothes and is by no means cheap. The bitching I see from anons all the time about what he’s wearing is so frustrating.

Do it Right

Imagine fall in love with your work affair, that happens to be Jerome Valeska

Coffee and metal were the fragrances of that house. I felt the urgency to get up from the bed when I heard the footsteps coming from the bathroom. That young but already feared ginger man entered the room and held my pulse to keep me quiet, so he could kiss me a good morning.
It was fine last week, last month, last year, but now, when his cold lips found mine in a gentle kiss, the old butterflies was all over my stomach again. I did not let him touch me more than this and made my way to the kitchen.
I sat in the kitchen sink and waited for the coffee pass. My mind was full of Jerome’s weird behavior last night when he called me, not a drop of alcohol in his blood. I hugged myself and looked around. The times I was inside that apartment everything was blurred, the light always turned off. But this morning I could see how organized it was. Almost maniacally neat.
I heard a high whistle coming from the door and saw Jerome watching me, his face amused. I was, somehow, without words, his smile growing even more.

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“What do you want me to do? Suddenly be into anal for a one night stand?” Ibis questioned.

“No!” Kayne sighed. “You should apologize to her.”

“I tried! She ran away.”

“I thought you had ‘super speed’.” He said the last two words in a mocking tone.

“I guess I didn’t see the point. She was determined on being mad.”

‘DUH!’ Kayne mentally screamed. “Look, you have to apologize. You have to.”

“Yes, fine. I will.”

They went outside and walked the rest of the way in silence. Kayne couldn’t help but go over Ibis’s words again. ‘Grace was transgender?’

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hello! happy birthday! can you do a reaction of bts to their girlfriend who looks cold and do not speak much, is a person nice. and with a voice voice cracked but soft at the same time? (idk if you understand, thank you.)

thank you so much, you’re too sweet!! i’ve had a pretty good day so far :)
and i understood just fine, don’t worry! i hope this is okay for you (i kinda split the personality traits up so each reaction wasn’t exactly the same, i hope that was alright!)


  • you were one of the sweetest and most kindhearted people he’d ever met
  • that was one of the many, many reasons he loved you so much
  • you weren’t very talkative, but he didn’t mind
  • he thought people talked too much, anyway
  • jin learned to read you in other ways
  • he could take one look at your face and know exactly what you were thinking, how you were feeling
  • he always made an effort to make sure you were comfortable, because he knew you wouldn’t always speak up if something was wrong
  • he was very protective of you and wanted you to feel safe and loved 110% of the time
  • jin was your security blanket


  • your personality was one of the reasons he got along with you so well
  • he knew what it was like, getting judged for being silent or looking pissed off all the time
  • he didn’t understand why it mattered so much if someone was quiet
  • (in his opinion, it would do some people a lot of good to keep their mouths shut once in a while)
  • in general, yoongi preferred to observe, but that didn’t mean he didn’t care
  • you understood that more than anyone else he’d ever known


  • your supposed aloofness was what drew namjoon to you in the first place
  • he liked a girl who played hard-to-get
  • as he got to know you a little better, he learned that there was so much more to you than your cool attitude
  • you were warm, and caring, and would do anything for someone you loved
  • as you exposed your true personality to him, he could feel himself falling deeper and harder for you
  • he knew he could easily be with you for the rest of his life


  • when you and hoseok first met, no one expected you to hit it off the way you did
  • how could they?
  • you were so quiet, and hoseok was, well……. hoseok
  • people would always joke about how you made a rather odd couple
  • you were quiet, and seemingly disinterested, but hoseok knew that wasn’t true
  • the truth was, you cared a lot. about, like. everything.
  • you were just too shy to speak up sometimes
  • hoseok knew this, and he always made sure to take the lead in conversations if you seemed uneasy, especially in unfamiliar company


  • you and taehyung balanced each other out perfectly
  • taehyung could be a bit wild sometimes, and you could calm him down like nobody else
  • you weren’t very talkative, only speaking when you really had something to say
  • taehyung liked this about you
  • it made everything that came out of your mouth seem that much more worth listening to
  • (everyone agreed that taehyung spoke enough for the both of you, anyway)


  • he swears that he fell in love with you the first time he heard you talk
  • your voice was so cute to him
  • you spoke in a low, hushed tone
  • one that may have been ignored by some, but demanded his attention
  • quiet but not quite timid, you always gave off the impression that whatever you were about to say would be very important
  • and jimin hung on your every word


  • you had always been a quiet person
  • that didn’t mean that you were mean, or in a bad mood, or any of the thousand other things people accused you of on a daily basis
  • sometimes you just didn’t feel like talking
  • jungkook understood that like no one else ever could
  • the two of you could sit in comfortable silence for hours
  • only for it to be broken by jungkook pulling a silly face, making you snort and giggle in that soft, girly way of yours
  • he thought he could never get tired of making you laugh

‘Fine’ English Lyrics

On a ripped piece of paper
I wrote down how I really feel
And it gets clear
Somethin’ bout you

Yeah, you and I are similar but different
Do you feel the same way?
I’m getting my hopes up

When one day, one month, one year passes
Will we be living different lives?

Not me
It won’t be easy for me
Still, you fill up my days
Not yet
I tell myself, like a fool
I can’t swallow the words that linger in my mouth
It’s not fine
Ah- Ah- Ah- Ah- It’s not fine

With my hair tightly tied up
I’m cleaning up my messy room
I’m looking for somethin’ new

Sometimes, I get this overwhelming feeling
Of having to do something
So I move around for no reason

When one day, one month, one year passes
You said you’d probably smile and reminisce but

Not me
It won’t be easy for me
Still, you fill up my days
Not yet
I tell myself, like a fool
I can’t swallow the words that linger in my mouth
It’s not fine
Ah- Ah- Ah- Ah- It’s not fine

Between the meaningless jokes, back-and-forth conversations
And all the people, I look like I’m fine
I pretend to be numb and I try to smile
I try to turn around from your shadow but

I keep thinking about our last moment
The words “take care” was it for our plain breakup
Not yet
I tell myself, like a fool
I can’t swallow the words that linger in my mouth
It’s not fine
Ah- Ah- Ah- It’s not fine Oh-
Ah- Ah- Ah- It’s not fine

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RE: reblog about corporations being progressive-- please don't mistake this for aggression but does it matter whether being liberal and taking a progressive stance is done for capitalist or altruistic reasons? Like you are not gonna solve all the fukd up things corporations do and the alternative to progressive advertising is .......... conservative advertising...... which is worse .... so

discourse surrounding advertisements allows people to bicker about whether or not gay people should be in commercials, meanwhile the companies themselves are committing egregious human rights violations. 

support companies who engage in ethical business, not ones who pretend to be ethical with progressive ad campaigns, while simultaneously using child labor & sweatshops to create their products in the first place (fast fashion, I’m looking @ u). if you want to say that corporations can’t be fixed, fine, but don’t congratulate them for the bullshit PR campaigns they do. just ignore them either way

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Ali am a Ash hanging out on the couch one day reading, doing work, etc. with Ali curled up at one end Ash stretches out. Then Ash wants to tell Ali something who is now seemingly ignoring her, so Ash decides to get Ali's attention by touching her with her feet and saying “hey” with each tap. Ali tries to ignore it until Ash's feet start touching Alis face

    Ali and Ashlyn had a day off and they were both fine with spending it on their couch at home. They had had a busy few days and were looking forward to some quiet time alone. Ali was sitting at the end of the couch with her legs tucked underneath her and Ashlyn was sprawled out on her back with her feet resting in Ali’s lap.

    Ashlyn mumbled something quietly at the tv. She had been playing FIFA for going on two hours and she got extremely frustrated when things didn’t go her way.

    “Calm down, babe. It’s just a game.” Ali said as she patted Ashlyn’s feet.

    “I am a professional soccer player! How is it even possible that I suck this bad at a soccer video game?”

    Ali was trying not to laugh at Ashlyn’s frustration but she couldn’t help it. She let out a little chuckle and said, “Hey, Ash. Maybe you should do something else for a little while.”

    Ashlyn turned off the Xbox and flopped back on the couch. Ali was hard at work on her laptop. Ashlyn knew that Kyle had texted her this morning and asked for help editing his new video but Ashlyn didn’t like that all of the attention wasn’t on her. Ashlyn started wiggling her feet in Ali’s lap but it wasn’t enough to get her attention. Ali never looked up from what she was working on so Ashlyn decided that she needed to step up her game. Ashlyn stretched her arms above her head and let out a loud groan.

    Still nothing.

    “Hey, Al?” Ali was so engrossed in her work that she didn’t hear Ashlyn call her name.

    Ashlyn lightly tapped Ali’s thigh with her foot. “Ali.”

    Ali gave Ashlyn a sideways glare and returned to her laptop.

    Another tap. “Hey.”

    Ashlyn began tapping Ali’s thigh with her feet, alternating between the left and the right so that she could go faster.

    “Ali, you aren’t paying attention to me.”

    Ali just chuckled. Normally, she would drop anything that she was doing to spend time with Ashlyn but it was also fun to mess with her sometimes. Ali decided that she wanted to see what Ashlyn’s next move would be. The constant drumming on her thigh had stopped and Ashlyn’s feet had made their way up to Ali’s shoulder.

    One tap. “Hey.”

    Another tap. “Ali.”

    A nudge. “Why aren’t you paying attention to me. I’m being adorable and you’re missing it.”

    Ali didn’t look up but for the first time in a while, she responded. “You’re always adorable.”

    Ashlyn let out a loud, exasperated sigh and continued her rhythmic taps on Ali’s shoulder. Ashlyn was positive that her rubbing her feet all over Ali was sure to get her attention so she was shocked to say the least that it wasn’t working.

    Fine, Ashlyn thought to herself, You asked for it.

The last thing that Ali was expecting to feel was Ashlyn’s feet against her face, but sure enough, that’s what Ashlyn had done.

Ashlyn lifter her left leg slightly, leaving her right foot on Ali’s shoulder, and nudged Ali’s chin with her toes. “Hey.”

“Ashlyn Michelle Harris, you did not just touch my face with your feet.”

“Oh! She speaks!” Ashlyn tease. “All you have to do to get this to stop is to pay attention to me. I’m getting lonely over here.” Ashlyn pouted at Ali with her best puppy dog eyes.

Ali looked away from Ashlyn and back at her laptop. This time Ashlyn placed her foot right on Ali’s cheek and didn’t move it. “Hey.”

    Before Ashlyn had time to react, Ali had slammed her laptop shut, slid it into the floor next to them and pounced on Ashlyn. Ali started attacking Ashlyn’s ribs with her fingers. She knew that it was Ashlyn’s most ticklish spot.

    “Ali!” Ashlyn was trying to speak through her laughing and breathlessness. “This is not what I meant when I said that I wanted you to pay attention to me!”

    “Beggars can’t be choosers, Ash.” Ali was sure that her heart had melted hearing the sound of Ashlyn’s care free laughter. “This is what you get for rubbing your feet on my face.”

    Ali continued to tickle Ashlyn and when Ashlyn finally caught her breath, she was able to move herself enough so that she could give Ali a taste of her own medicine. Ali was still sitting in top of her when Ashlyn began tickling her back. It didn’t last long though because Ali was about to lose her balance from laughing so hard and almost rolled off of Ashlyn onto the floor. Ashlyn stopped tickling her and wrapped her arms around her back to keep her from hitting the floor. She would definetly get ignored if she dropped her.

    Ali was breathless and had a tummy ache from laughing so hard. She laid forward and cuddled up on top of Ashlyn.

    “Are you happy, I’m paying attention to you now.” Ali said with a smirk as she ran her hands up and down Ashlyn’s sides, soothing the previously tickled area.

    “That’s all I ask. Besides, I am way cuter than Kyle’s video.”

    Ali got a wicked grin on her face. “I’ll make sure to tell Kyle that you said you’re cuter than him.”

    “You wouldn’t!” Ashlyn was suddenly terrified. All she wanted was for Ali to pay attention to her and now she was going to have to battle Kyle for the title of cutest person in the world.

    “I promise I’ll never put my feet on your face again if you don’t tell Kyle that I said I was cuter.”

    “You’ve got yourself a deal, stud muffin.”

Kyle’s video was all but forgotten as Ali snuggled up with Ashlyn on the couch. If she was being honest with herself, Ali wanted to be in this position all day but it was always hard to pass up an opportunity to mess with her childish girlfriend just a little bit. Other than the fact that Ashlyn resorted to rubbing her feet on Ali’s face, it had been a perfect day off.  

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#84 & #85 💕

i posted 84 here love! 

“i’m not going to be sympathetic until you go see a doctor.”

“Aaron, I’m dying.”

Aaron rolled his eyes as he listened to his husband groan from his position on the living room floor, picking up the two cups of tea he’d made, padding back to the sofa. 

“I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go see a doctor, Robert.” Aaron rolled his eyes, putting Robert’s mug down on the edge of the coffee table. 

Robert had put his back out during the week, dragging scrap up at the yard, trying to cover for Adam while he was on paternity leave. It had all been going fine until Robert had lifted something the wrong way, and completely done his back in.

Robert gave him a hopeful look from his position on the hard wooden floor looking absolutely pitiful, his hair flat against his forehead, an expression close to a pout on his face. “You could give me a massage?”

“Or, you could go and see a doctor and stop annoyin’ me.” Aaron countered, turning up the sound on the telly. “I want to watch Top Gear, so shut up.”

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The freddie thing is so odd to me bc tbh- I don't have a single doubt about who my parents are. But I don't really look like them, apparently I mostly resemble my paternal grandmother. Which is fine she was a very pretty lady but I cannot understand how weirdly pushy people are about how Freddie is basically a Louis clone? It doesn't always work that way, children. That child just is not his. Sorry to disappoint.

Yeah, if they weren’t so keen on saying he looks exactly like Louis the face fall wouldn’t be so bad now lol (and yes, it’s totally normal to look like a relative, my little cousin looks just like her aunt, but to look like the stepfather and half-brother more than you look like everyone in your supposed family…….) 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I wonder how annoyed must some J’s relatives be? Like they might not want to do anything with this mess. They might be good normal people, and now they are connected with this shaydiness just because they are related to the these fame hind hungry nasties.

Yeah, I wonder too 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:If that baby is a Clark, probably Brett’s son or some other Clark then why Brett’s mum didn’t see him since “birth”? Are we wrong about the baby being a Clark? Who’s is it then? lol

I already answered this…. Scroll down a bit, it’s a big answer to type all over again - but basically she doesn’t agree with what they’re doing with the very real baby 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I agree I think Ruth thinks its gone way too far. One day this baby is going to see this stuff.


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not that i support netflix decision to not cast asians, but they're americanizing the film. as well all know the majority of americans are white. they do this with plenty of movies in different countries. do i wish they could have picked asian americans yes but i mean one of the producers is japanese and he was fine with it so whatever. there's already multiple great live action death note movies as you pointed it out so maybe they found it pointless to redo it that way.

drop dead they literally turned away asian actors from auditions because they ‘werent looking for asians’. it’s a japanese story with a lot of japanese context and whitewashing it is disgusting and brings a context of white supremacy to the table. even if the producer was japanese (untrue, by the way) that doesn’t invalidate the THOUSANDS of diaspora japanese people upset by the decision, other asians upset by the decision.

how bout you look deep at yourself and ask why you want to justify this so badly because lemme tell you the answer is gonna be racism, internalised at BEST.

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Been debating this for a while but what do you imagine the sleeping/bunking arrangements are for the SL? From what we've seen it looks like it's done dorm style (same with the MPs), but considering the high death rate, you'd constantly have people moving in and out of rooms with people's stuff everywhere. Idk what'd you think?

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is entirely canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me, tell me I’m wrong, or send me hate messages; do us both a favor and please just don’t even bother.

I’m not 100% sure on this, but I think the way it works is higher ups in the SC like Squad Leaders, and ovbiously the Commander get their own private quarters. Less ranked soldiers share bunks with others and the bunks are seprated into Male and Female dorms that advance by rank. I assume the dorm rooms probably hold around 12 soldiers per room considering they sleep in bunkbeds. The higher your rank, the less people in your room and you most likely get your own bed instead of a shared bunkbed. So basically something like this:

  • New Recruits and other lower ranks - 12 per room, bunkbeds
  • Team Memebers - 12 per room, bunkbeds
  • Team Leaders - 6 per room, serperate beds
  • Squad Members - 6 per room, seperate beds.
  • Squad Leaders - Private quarters
  • Commander - Private quarters

Since I know dorms are seperated by men and women (ACWNR tells us this), I imagine even the squad members are not always bunked with their squad. Like, I doubt Petra bunked with Eld, Gunther, and Oluo. Same with Nifa bunking with Moblit and so on. So basically, it’s fitting people into a room based on rank and sex. 

I imagine that when someone dies, their bunk probably remains empty until someone is promoted and moved to that dorm or until new recruits are brought in. The deceased belongings are most likely returned to family (if they had any), and in the end, the only trace that remains of them in the dorms is the memories their bunkmates have of their fallen comrade when they look at the empty bed. Sad af, but this is my guess. 

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Fun fact: they actually ARE planning a liberal version of CPAC. There was an article about it in Politico. It serves as a cattle call for 2020 contenders and a way to increase visibility of Democratic politicians. If you're looking for a donkey dress, though, they say that they're going to have it be less circus-like than CPAC.

NICE! and fine, i’ll do tasteful donkey.

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In response to the incredible hatred your getting, here's a blast of unwanted positivity for you. I've been a questioning ace for a long time. (Questioning my romantic orientation that is.) I'm in a qpr and. Well. For long time I leaned towards aro. Now.... This girl is making me q u e s t i o n. Idk what I am anymore. But ya know what? I'm OK with that. Ya know why? People like you. When I came in I was scared to even identify as ace. I was scared of where it might lead. Of who I was. (1/2)

Now? I’m totally fine with four different titles. I’m totally fine acknowledging internal phobias. I’m learning how to work past them to accept myself and others. The way things are looking now I may not even be ace. And you know what? That’s ok! “Tumblr” as they so called it gave me the space and resources to be able to accept that. To figure myself out. To LEARN. Screw that anon! Mod Mercy you’ve been probably the biggest part of my time as ace. I wanna thank you for that. (2/3 not 2 sorry 🙏)

Wish me luck on my journey moving forward! Thanks to people like you, even if I stop identifying as ace, I’ll never stop being inclusionist 😘😘😘 Ace/aro people are valid!!! People who only thought they were are valid!!!!! People who haven’t figured out are valid!!!! And I love them all 😍😍😄😄😄😄😄😄 (3/3)

This put such a huge smile on my face. I can’t even describe how happy receiving these messages made me.

God bless you. I’m so, so, so honored that you consider me such an impactful part of your time as identifying as ace. I can’t even comprehend someone thanking me for helping them figure out such a huge part of their life.

You’re amazing, anon, and an inspiration to us all. I wish you SO MUCH luck moving forward! I hope you continue to love and accept yourself, labels or no labels. You’re perfect just the way you are.

And I wish you the best of luck with your qpr and the girl (if they’re two different people)! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I’m going to be grinning about this for the rest of the day.

–Mod Mercy

I haven’t removed any hair on my body in over a month. I was feeling bored the other day and was considering shaving my legs because I couldn’t think of any other entertaining thing to do. Later that day I got in the shower and washed my hair, I looked at my legs and thought to myself, “I can’t be fucked.” Got out of the shower and went about the rest of my day as usual. 

*Everything was fine - since I was only thinking about myself (which is the way it should be because it’s my damn hair on my damn body).*

Really think about this, who are you shaving for? How many times do you think/feel “I can’t be fucked” in situations of removing your natural body hair? What about when waxing? Are you really putting yourself through all that pain for you? Is having hairless skin really worth the effort? How is it something you truly enjoy if you see it as something that requires effort? Why are you doing things you don’t truly enjoy? “Ugh, I have to shave.” “Yikes I have to spend some time psyching myself up to get a wax.” Maybe this one time don’t get the wax? See what it feels like to let your hair grow out a bit more. See how it goes. Then further analyse why you feel the way you feel. Be critical of why you’re doing these things. If it were just you by yourself alone at home would you still be worried about the hair on your body?

It makes me very uncomfortable seeing Juliet’s depop store. Her poses and photoshopping is insane and way too obvious. But for the kids who follow her and are too obsessed with andy to see past all her tricks, they think she looks like that. And its like this bitch is in her 30s-she didn’t have a growth spirt a year ago and turn into a swan. Shes pure plastic and layered with photoshop and filters! This isn’t real go look at her time on the Voice thats how she really looks. And she looks fine. She looks normal. She looks like an everyday girl. And thats okay!! Most people are NOT VS model.

She puts out such a bad message. When she does the procedures she should at least explain to them and provide some kind of disclosure. Especially since she knows her following is literally 12-16 yr olds who are easy influenced. 

She could just say, ‘I was unhappy with my chin or my lips or my eyebrows and have been very insecure about them for a really long time. Ever since Andy got a job I’ve used that money to get my face redone. Also, since they are very expensive I decided to sell all my smelly old crap and use the money to fund the procedures as well. For the rest that I cant get done at this very moment, I just use photoshop and filters to do the work. But FYI this is all fake! I don’t really look like this!“ haha

i see the replies on my post saying that stevonnie being sexualized was part of the point of the episode and raise you this counterpoint:

  1. it is no child’s job to ‘manage’ or deflect being objectified by older parties. saying that only makes older parties feel more comfortable sexualizing children because “well if they’re more physically mature, it’s their own fault and i’m fine to ogle them”
  2. if the point of it was that children sometimes mature before they’re ready, the lesson in it should have been to be careful and aware of who you’re talking to and to not sexualize kids. they should not have looked at stevonnie through a sexual lense in the narrative the way they did. and they should not have designed them to be so exposed and written them to be so pointedly flirty.

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Other than you fusing with Edd and Tord causing Tedd to in a way explode, a fair lot.

“Wow. Alright then.”
Tord glanced at Tom. “You don’t remember any of that?”
“Nnnope. Must have been crazy though.” Tom stood up, brushing his jeans off and joining his friends. “Oh, um… sorry Edd.”
“It’s fine, it’s all a blur to me too.” Edd shot a weird look at Tord, then gathered up the discarded spellbooks from the ground. “At least we didn’t forget these.”
“Aw sweet, we got drinks!” Tom grabbed the case of alcohol happily. “Not a loss then.”
“Heh, yeah… let’s head home.”

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I don’t want to ruin your excitement but i kindly ask you not to use CAPS LOCK next time and put some punctuation marks. Not everyone here understands English perfectly, so it can be a real struggle to understand what you are saying. Thank you.

I’m not ready to assume things about other people sexuality based on some kind of looks that i personally don’t really see. We know that Tom still feels uncomfortable when he goes live. Same goes for Derek who usually has 5 people watching his livestreams. This time it was almost 6000 and he was obviously nervous. None of them looked in the camera. It was easier for both of them to look at each other. If you think that 2 friends can’t be in one apartment during the night just for the fun of playing some music together… Well… I disagree.