it looked fine the way it was

  • Jace: I'm going to take a shower if you don't mind
  • Magnus: I do mind, you might not give it back.
  • Jace: ...what?
  • Alec: Magnus...
  • Magnus: Well, if you're taking it away then how do I know you'll bring it back?
  • Jace: No, I mean, I'm going to have a shower
  • Magnus: Owning a shower in the near future still doesn't mean you'll give my one back
  • Jace: No, I...I'm going to step into your shower, use it, step out, then leave it there. If you don't mind.
  • Magnus: Oh, you should've just said that at the start. That's fine
  • Jace: I did-never mind, thank you.
  • Alec: I'm going to take a shower too. There's more than one shower, Jace, don't look at me like that
  • Magnus: Okay. That's fine.
  • Jace: Seriously?! He can word it that way but I can't?!
  • Magnus: I don't know what you're talking about

Cover done by my amazing friend @queenofbuttercups
She was super nice to draw me a cover while I finished the last page. Please check out her amazing art👌👌👌

She also inspired me to do this comic. She introduced me to the hanahaki disease, and it’s been in my head all day w/ kiibo so I thought of an au and drew it.

Lemme point things out. I completely gave up on shading on the other three pages, but some have told me it looked fine that way, so I left it be.
Second of all, I completely gave up on this and gave it a terrible ending. I had no idea of a happy ending right away, so I just was like “okay that’s a bad ending let’s do it”
Consider it a introduction. If you really wanna see more- let me know! (Some suggestions would be hella nice.)
Third of all, it was suppose to be a Shuichi X kiibo comic but, If you wanna consider it also Iruma X Kiibo, go ahead
Fourth, I have my mom look through my sketchbook (with permission) so I couldn’t make Iruma, cuss,,, sorRY-

But, please enjoy this comic. I worked extremely hard on this!!
So please enjoy! ^^

Imagine: being Jack Kelly’s sister and you got separated and after 5 years you are finally reunited

Moose and I did some more conspiring to make this fic. I apologise for the length I got carried away… ENJOY 😊

Warnings: none

“Are you sure that you’re going to be ok in Manhattan?” Your best friend and selling partner Smalls asks worriedly as he hugs you,

“I’ll be fine Smalls, ya don’t need ta worry about me.” You say, thinking about your old home, you lived peacefully in Manhattan with your older brother Jack until that fateful day…


You were only ten, you were wondering the streets, looking for your brother. You had lost him in a large crowd, when suddenly someone lifts you up and throws you over their shoulder. You expected it to be Jack but instead of seeing his signature blue shirt you saw a grubby white shirt. You tried to scream for help but because of the way you were placed on his shoulder blade you couldn’t make a sound at all. You were then thrown into a carriage which then took you to the Bronx. You crawled out of the cart and you tucked yourself into the alley to keep warm, as night falls you start to drift off but then suddenly a hand is thrusted in front of your face.

“Heya, I’m Smalls, you are?” You look up to see a boy, about twelve looking at you with a toothy grin, you wipe your eyes and smile back up at him.

“I’m y/n.” You say, shaking his hand. Smalls took you to the Bronx Lodging House and he taught you how to be a newsie.

You arrive in Manhattan just as the sky turns dark, you decide you don’t have time to find the Manhattan Lodging House, you just huddle in an alley like you did your first night in the Bronx before Smalls found you. As you drift off you start to think about Jack, would he still be here? Would he even recognise you? So many thoughts cloud your mind as you fall asleep. When you wake up you hear the calls of over excited teenage boys, you recognise them to all be newsies, evident from their hats and their clothing. You throw your hat on, not bothering to hide your hair. You’re a girl, people need to get over it. You follow them to a large factory and join the line to buy some papers, you dig around in your pocket and pull out enough money for twenty papers. Once you reach the front of the line the boy handing out the papers eyes you up and down.

“So, you’re the transfer… an’ you’re a goirl?” You scoff and throw your money on the table, he scowls and hands you your papers roughly. You take them and in an attempt to storm off you walk right into a tall boy.

“Hey! Watch where youse goin’” he says turning around angrily.

“I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean ta walk into ya.” You stutter, scared of this tall figure looming over you, he relaxes a bit once he hears you apologise.

“And I didn’t mean ta scare ya.” He says, he spits on his hand and holds it out to you.

“The names Jack, you are?” He says, you spit on your hand and shake his.

“Y/n.” You say smiling, you see his eyes glimmer with… hope? For about a second before they darken and he turns around muttering something to himself, something along the lines of ‘no it can’t be her… she’s dead.’ You wonder who he’s talking about but before you can enquire he turns around again.

“So, y/n you sold papes before?” He asks, you nod,

“Since I was ten.” You say, proud of yourself and your paper selling skills.

“Well let’s test you out then.” He says, beckoning for you to follow him. You follow him to a street bustling with people.

“So do ya change up the headlines when you’re hawkin’?” Jack asks as he reads the headline of the paper.

“If I wanna eat that night, then yeah, I change it.” We start to sell our papers, starting to have a friendly competition between the two of you, the challenge was to see who could sell their papers first. You won after a long battle,

“It’s because I’m younger and cuter Jackie boy.” You say smugly, before following Jack back to the Lodging House after he sold his last paper. Jack shows you a spare bunk in the Lodging House and as night falls you settle in your bed and you slowly fall asleep before you jerk awake. What if that Jack you spent the day with was your brother Jack… no he would be gone to that town… what’s it called… Santa Fe! He’d be there by now, Jack’s a common name. He’s just some random Jack you’ve met, not the person you’d hoped to meet. The next few days, you still have those thoughts haunting you until one day as you are selling, watching Jack sell across the road as you only got ten and sold them with ease, you see the familiar figure of Smalls running towards you.

“Smalls?” You call, he runs into your arms laughing, you two stand there hugging each other tightly and laughing.

“What brings you here Smalls?” You say once you pull apart.

“So after you left we all really missed you and we started talking about ya and I brought up Jack and we put two and two together and we realised that your brother is the leader of the Manhattan newsies!” He cries excitedly. You move away shaking your head.

“No, my Jack is in Santa Fe right now.” You say, Jack jogs over you and asks what’s going on.

“Jack Kelly, I’m assuming you know who y/n Kelly is?” Smalls says,

“Of course, she’s ma sister… or was my sister.” He mumbles sadly, his eyes starting to water.

“What do you mean was?” You ask curiously.

“When I was twelve, she musta been what? Ten? She was taken away from me, as much as I’d like to believe she’s out there. I know she’s dead deep down.” You put your head down,

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!” Smalls suddenly yells. Both of you look at him oddly,

“Right Jack you lost your sister when she was ten, y/n was ten when I met her, her first night in the Bronx. You also really want to go to Santa Fe. I know that for a fact.” You and Jack turn to each other slowly, slowly piecing Smalls’ evidence together.

“Y/n?” Jack says, his eyes watering once more.

“Jack?” You say, your own eyes quickly filling up with tears as well. You run into Jack’s arms and bury your face in his chest, sobbing.

“I thought I’d lost ya.” Jack croaks out, holding you even tighter.

“So did I. But I’m glad that I didn’t. And I’m glad Smalls figured it out for us.” You say pulling away to look at Smalls. He smiles at the two of you.

“I’m gonna get back to the Bronx, someone hasta take care of the boys there. Just don’t forget to visit sometimes y/n.” He says before hugging you one last time and you watch as he jogs off. You head back to the Lodging House and Jack shows you his ‘penthouse’. You spend most of the night catching up and talking about being a newsie.

“I didn’t think ma sister would be such a good newsie.” Jack says, earning a friendly shove from you.

“Well five years experience does that to ya.” You say,

“Well you’ve grown up a lot, and I couldn’t be prouder to call ya my sister.” You eventually grow tired and Jack wraps his arms around you to keep you warm and you slowly fall asleep, happy that you found the most important person in your life. Jack Kelly. Your brother.

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Ok, we've got dark!Sojiro and dark/yandere!Genji... But how about dark/yandere!Hanzo. Just manipulating his little sister, who barely gets a taste of the outside world because (over)protection, in the slyest way to do what he wants her to do. Naive sister!reader complies to every single one of his commands regardless of her gut telling her something is off because she looks up to him as if he had hung the moon and the stars.

Listen, every time I bring up physical stuff I feel like you guys are lowkey like, ‘Idontwantthese.jpeg’, and that’s perfectly fine, but listen. If I’m talking about a Dark/Yandere!Hanzo, big brother is knocking the hell out of little Sis’ all the time. He doesn’t give a fuck if Papa has given her permission to forgo her physical skills, he’s not giving her permission to forgo her physical skills. He’s the future of the empire and he won’t have her being so lazy. 

So he’d make her work hard, and show her no mercy in the dojo. The girl is constantly littered with bruises, always has a busted lip. When her Papa questions her about her constant state, she tells him that it’s okay because it’s what she “wants” to do, it’s her “duty” to the empire to be the best that she can be. “If you insist. You can quit anytime you’d like, Musume.” 

No, she can’t. Because big brother would never allow it. And she craves his approval. Dark!Hanzo’s tender moments and affections would be few and far between, so she’d do every little thing he demands in order to chase after those small moments of approval. And they are small. She should feel privileged (and does) that Hanzo is willing to spend so much time on shaping her into someone who is worthy of bearing the Shimada name.   

She especially needs to be the best she can be, cause she’s going to be his wife when the empire gets handed over to him. This isn’t something he’d allow her to think about, she was told that’s how it’s going to be and therefore it will be. And she just accepts it as fact. Dark!Hazno would have every bit of the mentality that he needs to keep the Shimada bloodline pure. Anything else would be less than unacceptable. 

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*pretends it's still monday in some timezone* What do you think Astra's thoughts on GMOs are?

*pretends i was actually sent this on monday* Oh man, I am so late replying to this, you know how tumblr is with eating messages! Ahem. Right. GMOs, genetically manipulated organisms, this got a lot more complicated than I thought it would, real fast.

So initially I thought it was only about GM foods, right? And I think Astra’s perfectly fine with those, encouraging if nothing else; you take something nature offers and you improve it, why wouldn’t that be a good thing? Provided we actually execute it properly, that is, which I don’t know, because I’m not a Kryptonian. Or a scientist. Of course Astra would know all about whether these processes are harmful to either nature or ourselves in any way, but if we’re doing it wrong I think she’d try to correct us before she’d try to stop us.

But then I looked at the actual wikipedia page and discovered this transcended plant life and went into actual living organisms, including humans. That is where it gets complicated, and you are evil for asking me this. Fuck you, I love it.

So when it comes to living beings, we run into the fact that this is exactly what Krypton did with the birthing matrix and the codex and all that jazz; genetically manipulate the people to be perfect. Which would be fine, if it weren’t for the fact that as a twin, Astra was not considered perfect. Let’s not pretend like she wasn’t the protagonist of a dystopic story in a ‘perfect’ world. Her experience with this is absolutely horrid, and her lack of faith in people doesn’t help at all.

But she is 1) intelligent af and 2) indoctrinated by the same ‘perfect’ world. Much as it absolutely did not work out well for her, I think she does believe in the methods. I don’t think she believes their system was flawed (weak and willfully ignorant people aside), if anything I think she started to consider herself an abomination. Case in point: the immense self-loathing.

So, in conclusion? More so than simply supporting it, I think she considers it a standard for an advanced sentient species. You probably won’t hear her encourage people to GM people, but you might hear her muttering about how primitive we are without it. 

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HI, been really liking your work. I wanted to ask for permission to use some of your art for personal character ideas.

thank you very much !

I guess it depends I mean… Some stuff i draw are - my - personal characters or belong to other ppl as well. I would prefer if you didnt use the ART for personal character ideas , if anything…be inspired by the concept ! 

for example , if i drew a mushroom girl dont base your personal character off of my drawing specifically..but go ahead and make a mushroom girl ! maybe research different types, find some different ideas.  

I think its totally fine for using things as a jumping off point to explore new things, we all influence eachother after all. But look past the art and look to the intent, and then start from there and find some new ideas that you can twist and remix and have fun with that are you :) ! that way we both end up with different characters that are both unique to us 

hope that makes sense ! 

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This isn’t hate in any way , I am just curious as to why shaladin ships aren’t pedophilia? You don’t have to answer if this offends you but I’m just curious

you’re good fam! this is a perfectly fine question to ask lmao

they aren’t pedophilia bc they:

1) dont fit the criteria

2) are fictional ships that exist solely online and affect no one

also if you really think shiro would abuse the paladins in any way we’re not looking at the same show. im pretty sure would rather lose his arm than hurt any of the paladins.. .ever.

I haven’t been posting. I know, no one noticed.

It took me way too long to realise I had one of the biggest signs of depression right in front of me. When’s the last time I wrote? I can’t even recall for sure.

I should know by now. It’s an indicator. I dunno if it’s a consequence or a cause but I can’t help but notice the correlation.

I haven’t been posting because I haven’t wanted to look like I’m fine. Because it’s all I can do when I’m not okay. I don’t know how else to say I feel like shit. Or you hurt me. Or “help”.

But deciding to be quiet in the middle of the woods isn’t very effective as a means to be noticed.

Anyway. Moving on.

I’m going to put some of the things I had saved back in my queue. I’m going to carry on through the motions of what makes me smile for a minute because at least there is that and it does feel genuine. So there you go.

I’m back. Ish.

I’m lost in the woods. But hey, you know what. I like it here. At least that’s where I’m from.

I’m taking steps to get better. Taking steps not to reply on others to get there. Because it’s not their responsibility. Because I can’t afford to have another leg give out from under me.

#i just love this moment right here #the pure happiness radiating from both of them #’do you want to get out of here’ and an emphatic ‘yes’ #alec’s slowly spreading grin #magnus’s smitten face and the embodiment of heart-eyes #the way they circle in each other’s gravity #it’s a fleeting moment but it feels like everything

They’re bros.

Most of the things I know about Turalyon are from the books (Tides of Darkness and Beyond the Dark Portal) and I just loved his friendship with Khadgar. That’s too perfect to see them smile and laugh. They were still so young. And now they’re reunited !! 💛

the following are NOT reasons why batkids are allowed to be child vigilantes:

-bruce is an abusive parent

-bright colors draw bulletfire 

-sidekicks are convenient 

-he enjoys putting children in danger

-child soldiers are cool and fun

actual reasons why batkids are allowed to be child vigilantes:

-in 1940 dc wanted a kid hero for their target audience to relate to, and it was a very successful move

-when comics got darker later, dead sidekicks made for easy manpain

trying to hold the very fact of kid sidekicks against bruce (and ollie, barry, etc) is so pointless. before even getting into comic verses theres certain things you just have to accept: people are taken seriously while fighting crime in costume, glasses can disguise superman, and sometimes kids take on armed criminals with limited combat experience. (usually theyre fine). just always keep in mind what the characters are responsible for and whats just the industry.