it looked fine the way it was

sherlock coming out of the bedroom late on a slow soft sunday morning to look for john, who’s already been up reading the paper, and sherlock gets that little pleased grin at finding him in his chair and slides into john’s lap, knocking the paper to the floor, and john isn’t even mad, oh hello, because now he’s got sherlock all sleep-warm and dishevelled curls and thin t-shirt with the stretched out neck snuggled up close, smiling that smile against his neck. missed you, sherlock says, when i woke up. john kisses his forehead, you looked so cosy there sleeping, i didn’t want to disturb you. sherlock snuffles closer, puckers a kiss against john’s skin. s’fine. i’m pretty good at finding you again. 

and john is startled, a little, by the bit of unexpected truth that sounds bigger than the way sherlock meant it, by the memory of all the things they’ve been through and all the times sherlock has led him back home out of the dark, and he holds sherlock a little tighter and looks down at him all calm and peaceful against john’s chest and says, you’re the only one who has ever known where to look, and maybe sherlock did mean it that way after all, because he closes his eyes and says, i never have to look. you’re always beside me; sometimes we just have to remember to see. 

how it all started
  • /after dance practice/
  • Chanyeol: let's go home!
  • Kyungsoo: mmkay
  • /on the way home/
  • Chanyeol: it's Junmyeon hyung and Jongin! Guys!
  • Kyungsoo: *squints hard*
  • Junmyeon: Chanyeol! *drags jongin who is hiding behind* hey! Oh, hello Kyungsoo-ssi
  • Kyungsoo: *bows*
  • Jongin: *still hides*
  • Chanyeol: where are you two headed?
  • Junmyeon: we're going to eat
  • Chanyeol: Soo, let's eat with them. I'm hungry.
  • Jongin: *tugs Suho's shirt, shakes head, whines*
  • Junmyeon: Huh?
  • Kyungsoo: that's fine with me
  • Jongin: *whispers, shakes head* i don't want to eat with that hyung
  • Kyungsoo: *shy, looks down but steals glances at jongin, he knows jongin is a great dancer*
  • Chanyeol: So where should we eat?
  • Junmyeon: *pulls jongin behind and throws an arm around him, ruffles his hair* don't be shy now. My treat. Follow me.
  • Jongin: *looks at kyungsoo, looks away*
  • Kyungsoo: *worried, looks at jongin, walks beside chanyeol but would steal glances at jongin because he's very worried*
  • /in the resto/
  • Jongin: hyung, i don't want to sit beside him. he's scary.
  • Kyungsoo: *looks at jongin, smiles* sit down now jongin-ssi and eat. *pats the seat beside him*
  • Jongin: *eyes wide because wow when kyungsoo smiles it's like when he first fell in love with dancing*
  • Junmyeon: *chuckles, gives chanyeol a knowing look*
  • Chanyeol: just eat jongin
  • Kyungsoo: *serves jongin rice and grilled meat, looks at jongin worriedly* i'm sorry if i seemed i scared you
  • Jongin: *looks at kyungsoo intently* y-you didn't
  • Kyungsoo: *chuckles* i know i did. this is not the first time this happened to me. do you want more meat or chicken?
  • Jongin: but why do you look like--
  • Kyungsoo: *squints hard* like this?
  • Jongin: *nods*
  • Kyungsoo: because i have bad astigmatism. i don't like wearing contacts *scratches his nape* uh i broke my glasses so i'm not wearing one lately and i'd squint like that.
  • Jongin: Ohhh
  • Kyungsoo: *chuckles* you're a great dancer you know
  • Jongin: *beams* chicken please. and i am?
  • Kyungsoo: i always watch you dance *smiles shyly, looks on his food, giggles*
  • Jongin: t-thank you, hyung! by the way, do you want me to accompany you to buy you new glasses?
  • Kyungsoo: *smiles, feeds jongin suddenly*
  • Jongin: *shocked, eats what kyungsoo fed him, chews, smiles*
  • Kyungsoo: i'm actually planning to buy one tomorrow
  • Jongin: tomorrow then, okay?
  • Kyungsoo: okay *smiles, turns to yeol* Chanyeol, Jongin will go with me tomorrow.
  • Chanyeol: sure thing *smiles* go hang out tomorrow too and get to know each other
  • Jongin and Kyungsoo: *looks at each other, smiles widely*

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Ok it's not related to anything but I had to go outside to talk to my mom and I felt myself being watched and I look over and--there's seven deer just staring at me, six of them laying down a ways away and the closest one being ten feet away. None of them ran, for whatever reason, or flashed their white tail. The closest one looks like it wants to come closer, how do I appear non-threatening enough for her to be able to?? If you don't know that's fine but ahh this is the closest I've been ;w;


If it were me i’d crouch down to appear non-threatening. Just remember that deer are very sensitive to sounds, smells, and movement 

starslikethis said: Ohh I would love a ‘life as we know it’ jonsa. As in that movie a while back where a couple dies and leaves their child in the care of their respective best friends who initially hate each other but have to raise this child together. Au or not either way I think it’d work well for jonsa. Though this is likely too big an ask for what you’re looking for.

(It’s fine! I hope it’s alright! Enjoy!)

Send me a prompt and I’ll write 200 words!

“Where were you?” Sansa demands to know, glaring at Jon as he enters the house. She holds Cate against her hip. The six-month-old little girl is currently chewing on Sansa’s hair.

“I stopped to get groceries. We needed bread,” he says, carrying the plastic bags into the kitchen.

It’s been three months since Robb and Margaery died in a car crash. Sansa still hasn’t adjusted to raising her niece with her brother’s best friend. They fought like cats and dogs for the first few weeks, and have resorted to silent frustration for Cate’s sake.

“Can you hold her? Please?” She shifts the squealing infant into Jon’s arms.

“Hi, sweetie!” he says with a tired smile. Sansa goes over to the living room, collapsing onto the couch.

“Did you pick up extra formula?”

“Yeah, and some lemon cookies for you. I got some lightbulbs too, did you want me to take a look at the lights in the basement? Sansa?”

He peers over to see her fast asleep, head buried under a throw pillow. Jon can’t help but smile.

“Looks like I’ve got you all to myself, huh?” He kisses the top of Cate’s head.

She immediately throws up on him.

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will the being who looked like freddy kruger in nightmare elm street reviews be explained next episode or is that saved for episode leadign to the finale. also at this point is the storyline going to end in august or go into september

Pushing for September. Worst case scenario it goes into the first week of October, but that’ll be fine.

EDIT: If you have additional questions, put them in an Ask. I have no way of reposting replies for people who may want to see them.

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Ok, what happened at the supergirl panel??? Because I swear to God, I was away for 1 freaking week and my dashboard is filled with outraged baby gays and I have fuc**** clue of what happened! And honestly I think I could find out by searching videos of the panel but im actually afraid by how things look... was it something THAT bad???

The panel was uneventful and boring as fuck. The problem was during an interview where the cast got asked to sing a recap of season 2. Jeremy Jordan took the lead and started singing, he arrived at Kara and Lena’s part and he started singing that they are friends, which if he left it at that would be fine. The problem was that he kept insisting and singing/shouting that they were just friends and only friends in a a way that was mocking the Supercorp shippers for ever shipping Supercorp. It was of extremely bad taste for Jeremy to do that.

70 horrible questions

@mildlineurs​ thx for the tag nicole :p

01: do you have a good relationship with your parents?
um i mean i guess but my mom is the epitome of Tiger Mom™

02: who did you last say “i love you” to?
ummmm no one? idk i don’t really say i love u unless i’m fangirling (i nvr say ily to my parents cause in some chinese cultures it means ur not close to them)

03: do you regret anything?
hell yeah way too many things (but its ok my life is fine rn)

04: are you insecure?
yup but mostly about my looks and my future

05: what is your relationship status?
like nicole im too busy shipping (chanbaek kaisoo hunhan) and fangirling

06: how do you want to die?
probably in my sleep. but most importnatly i want to die remembered, in which the absence of my life doesn’t just pass with a blink of an eye. either i must have influenced people in some way, or achieve some sort of fame.

07: what did you last eat?

pineapples lol

08: played any sports?
idk why this question is phased in past tense but i do a form of military-style dance (aka drill) and it counts as a varsity sport lmao

09: do you bite your nails?
hmmm like a few times a yr?

10: when was your last physical fight?
w my brother probably last month

11: do you like someone?
besides fangirling (both over celebs and over attractive ppl n good debaters), nope! but i like my friends??

12: have you ever stayed up 48 hours?
lol nope i’d die

13: do you hate anyone at the moment?
hm not hate but definitely dislike

14: do you miss someone?
yah i’ve been gone from home for 17 days now ;-;

15: have any pets?
my fish died a while ago

16: how exactly are you feeling at the moment?
tired, a temporary feeling of serenity, a tinge of ambitiousness

17: ever made out in the bathroom?

18: are you scared of spiders?
if its not on me and if its not dark, then nah

19: would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
if its not permanently, then why not? as long as i don’t change anything im good

20: where was the last place you snogged someone?
in ‘murica we don’t use the term “snog”

21: what are your plans for this weekend?
its already the weekend so stay up till 3am to prep for db8, then db8ing about deleuze & guattari and implementing a model of the la borde clinic through the poesis of db8 and education experimentation, cosmic artisans who erect a nomadic version of student subjectivity to eventually evisceration microfascism. confused? yeah me too

22: do you want to have kids? how many?
um once i get over my fear of childbirth, then 1-2 kids

23: do you have piercings? how many?
yeah my ears so 2 i guess

24: what is/are/were your best subject(s)?
hm chemistry and ap world history

25: do you miss anyone from your past?

26: what are you craving right now?
milk tea (without the bubbles)

27: have you ever broken someone’s heart?
idk maybe? 

28: have you ever been cheated on?
no but people do cheat off of my tests

29: have you made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?
no and this q is also very hetero-normative

30: what’s irritating you right now?
post modernism 

31: does somebody love you?

32: what is your favourite colour?
cyan, and pastel blue and pink!

33: do you have trust issues?
im an open book

34: who/what was your last dream about?
lol it was about one of my graduated seniors and shes scary irl but we became friends in my dream

35: who was the last person you cried in front of?
LOL this is embarrassing but my friend when i found out that we didn’t get put in top lab

36: do you give out second chances too easily?
not rly

37: is it easier to forgive or forget?
they’re not mutually exclusive

38: is this year the best year of your life?
it’s definitely a revolutionary year, but i think the best year was kindergarten

39: how old were you when you had your first kiss?
my mom kissed me straight outta the womb

40: have you ever walked outside completely naked?
technically inside is the outside of nature so yup

51: favourite food?
BEIJING FRIED DUCK and ice cream

52: do you believe everything happens for a reason?
um no some ppl r just dumb

53: what is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
scroll thru tumblr

54: is cheating ever okay?
hmmmmmm if i said no i would be a hypocrite (sometimes i cheat on my bias and once per year maybe i’ll peak at a test)

55: are you mean?
i prefer the term savage or aggressive

56: how many people have you fist fought?
one (my brother)

57: do you believe in true love?

58: favourite weather?
either snow (when theres no power outage) or sun!

59: do you like the snow?
cross apply the answer above

60: do you wanna get married?

61: is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?
they’d have to be a lover or a really good (gay) friend

62: what makes you happy?
exo, winning, good food, free time, a good book

63: would you change your name?
nope i love my name

64: would it be hard to kiss the last person you kissed?
idk last person i kissed was a poster so

65: your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?
that already happened and i feel bad for him

66: do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you can act your complete self around?
the person above

67: who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to?
someone in my db8 lab

68: who’s the last person you had a deep conversation with?
my best friend

69: do you believe in soulmates?
yes but they’re like once in a century

70: is there anyone you would die for?
not ONE person in particular…

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Hi! I was wondering if it was okay for me to use Neil as a base sim to create a a husband for my legacy that I post on here. It's totally fine if you don't want me to. I just figured I'd ask before posting anything on my tumblr. I love your legacy by the way!❤️

Hi sweets!!!! I’m totally okay with that! :D Just make sure that you give him a different name and make him look different from my Neil! I don’t know, give him a different hair color / eye color so he doesn’t look EXACTLY like him? But I’m totally cool with you using him as a base :-)!!!!

Also, thank you for the super sweet message 💖 I appreciate it!!! :-D

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Hello! I've recently been peeping at your blog (bc EXO)! I am really amazed of your own art style. It's the art style I want to achieve in my drawings but can't seem to get it right. I'm a Fine arts student and it put my drawings to shame when I saw yours! 😳 I really admire how dainty(?) and detailed you draw. I hope you can give me tips on how to achieve that kind of style! Thank you so much! xx ✨ Ps: I'm sorry for asking anonymously I'm really shy 😅

Yay EXOOOO~! haha. Thanks. All I can say is draw lightly. Layer tones, even though the image may show lighting one way drawing it on paper exactly that way doesn’t always look good to me. The photo itself can be great, even so I change little things while keeping in mind what is/isn’t right (sometimes it’s hard). Thats all I do. “My style” I don’t think is anything that remarkable. Don’t get me wrong obviously I like drawing how I do, but its nothing special. (I kinda feel like I don’t want to get too attached or anything. kinda weird? makes no sense…sorry. I’ve mentioned before its not something that I like to put much attention to because in a sense it’s pointless to think about…for me. Just want to be clear that is my own opinion, it varies for everyone. Only because I feel that it seems too restrictive in how I want to be creative. The way that I draw now has manifested through a process that’s taken me lots of time. Time that I’ve spent practicing, researching things on my own. idk why I put all this in parenthesis lol…)
Anyway don’t put yourself down too harshly, try thinking more critically while being patient. As hard as it is ahhhhh still working on it myself. No worries on being anonymous, I understand. Good luck with your studies! :)

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I'm not an expert on OCs but normally I would think "he/she wasn't finished" is a bad excuse for not drawing or developing a character. But you guys did a good job answering the whys/how about Codex! I'm obsessed with Coderunners so far. What inspired your decision to have an unfinished character like Codex?

Ya we can agree with you on that. For Codex it’s apart of who he is. We think if you incorporate being ‘unfinished’ well into a character it can work out, but its tricky. We also LOVE developing characters and the ‘ins and outs’ about them.

To be honest (and you might call us hypocrites) Chinchi was about half way done with coloring Codex and was looking at his bottom half and went ‘FUK! I don’t know what to do for his legs!’ They were also concerned with the sheer amount of color already on him and couldn’t fine any good complements. SO… He kept them white and we began brainstorming on him being unfinished because Virus would have ripped him out before completion. 

So you can kind of say that the inspiration was from actually not finishing him, color wise, and we just rolled with it. (And also that fact we wanted Virus to take him down before he was completed any way)

Please, please be gentle and think about what you’re saying when you’re talking to children. I met a woman in her 60s-70s the other day who was nervous about her new haircut not having bangs because someone told her she had a large forehead way back when she was 12 and she still felt self-conscious about it not being covered up. Your words really can affect a kid’s life that far into their adult future.

the following are NOT reasons why batkids are allowed to be child vigilantes:

-bruce is an abusive parent

-bright colors draw bulletfire 

-sidekicks are convenient 

-he enjoys putting children in danger

-child soldiers are cool and fun

actual reasons why batkids are allowed to be child vigilantes:

-in 1940 dc wanted a kid hero for their target audience to relate to, and it was a very successful move

-when comics got darker later, dead sidekicks made for easy manpain

trying to hold the very fact of kid sidekicks against bruce (and ollie, barry, etc) is so pointless. before even getting into comic verses theres certain things you just have to accept: people are taken seriously while fighting crime in costume, glasses can disguise superman, and sometimes kids take on armed criminals with limited combat experience. (usually theyre fine). just always keep in mind what the characters are responsible for and whats just the industry.