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Companions, not so secret crush

Cait: “Do I have to fucking spell it out for ya?” Cait wasn’t good at sharing her personal feelings with people and when she did she wasn’t delicate about it, “I know what I’m feeling aint one sided. I’ve seen the way you look at me,”

Sole knew better than to stop off at a bar, seeing as Cait liked a drink from time to time and now Cait was on Sole like fleas on a cat.

“I want to be with ya and I know you want it too, so you might as well just say it,” Cait slurred making Sole laugh as they tried to stop Cait from falling from her bar stool. What she was saying was true, there was no doubt about it but she was wasted and probably wouldn’t remember doing this in the morning.

“Why don’t we talk about this in the morning? Right now, you need some sleep.”

Curie: Curie made no secret about her obvious crush on Sole. She could barely control her urges, let alone her feelings, as she’d only had a synth body for a couple of weeks. There were so many things to think about, all these feelings towards life and towards Sole.

“Curie?” Sole waved their hand in front of Curie’s face, snapping her out of her thoughts. Curie smiled before apologising, “I just cannot stop thinking about you, these feelings, what do they mean?” Curie said nonchalantly, making Sole blush. It wasn’t every day that someone would be so blatantly forward with their feelings for someone, but then again it was Curie and she didn’t have a filter.

“Oh, I seem to have made you uncomfortable?”

“No, no, that isn’t… I just wasn’t expecting… well that, really,” Sole wasn’t expecting that in the slightest and now they weren’t quite sure what to do about the thoughts about Curie running through their mind.  

Danse: Sole glanced over at Danse, who had his eyes fixed on Sole’s ass. Sole held in a laugh as Danse looked away, hoping he hadn’t been caught but he had, again.

Scribe Haylen had informed Sole of Danse’s little puppy crush on Sole and Sole hadn’t thought much of it until they started noticing the small things Danse would do for them. Sole had cleared out their storage chest aboard the Prydwen, only to watch Danse, from a distance, putting extra ammo and fusion cores in there.

“Are you okay Paladin?” Sole asked a smile forming on their lips as they watched Danse stammer, he’d been caught, again. He apologised and Sole would laugh as he excused himself, nearly stumbling over his own feet as he hurried out of the room. Sole couldn’t help but notice that Danse was cute when he was blushing, way too cute.

Deacon: “Word around HQ is that a certain spy had maybe developed a crush on a certain vault dweller. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you Deacon?” Sole teased, running their fingers lightly up an unexpected Deacon’s chest.

They were running on an op for PAM, trying to find a stray courser that happened to escape the Institute’s blast. Sole watched as Deacon’s face went all different shades of red.

“Who me? Nope. I know nothing about that,” he tried to play it cool but even his disguises couldn’t save him from the relentless torment he’d receive from Sole.

“Right, well that’s a shame, because…” Deacon watched behind his sunglasses as Sole slowly unzipped their vault suit. Deacon’s breathing hitched in his throat as his eyes fixed on Sole’s exposed chest. He dragged his lip between his teeth, waiting for Sole to reveal all to him, wanting it.

“If you find the spy you let me know,” Sole winked before leaving a flustered Deacon, very frustrated.

Hancock: Sole caught Hancock’s eyes as they raised their glass to their lips, throwing back whatever alcoholic beverage Charlie had poured for them. Sole had heard the rumours, not that Hancock kept his feelings a secret, he was very open about his conquests. Sole leaned into Hancock, resting their hand on his chest as they put their drink on the table next to them. Hancock was a flirt and lucky for him, Sole was too, whatever game he was playing, Sole would gladly join in.

“What’s the word around town, Mr Mayor?” Sole whispered into Hancock’s ear, sending a shiver down his spine. Sole was awfully close to him and it took everything in his power not to pull them into him.

“Sunshine, I think you already know,” he said back, his breath tickling Sole’s cheek. Hancock knew that Sole was aware of his feelings, but just like them, he could play this game, all day long.

MacCready: Sole had saved his son and they were very attractive, so it wasn’t a surprise to him when he felt that familiar pang in his heart whenever Sole entered a room. He’d only felt this way once before and for a man who wasn’t good at sharing the way he was feeling it was pretty damn obvious. Everyone could see it, the way he looked at Sole and the way he spoke to them. But Sole seemed to be oblivious.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” Sole asked with a smile as they noticed MacCready looking at them. He shook his head, looking down at the table. It was at that moment he wished that he was bold like Cait or Hancock.

Later that evening Hancock had filled Sole in the crush and they felt stupid for not seeing it earlier. So, Sole did what Sole does best, they teased him about it. They sat back down at the table, leaning in to MacCready as they spoke, their lips mere centimetres from his. Sole made sure they were touching MacCready, even it was a simple brush against their arm. Now Sole waited, waited for MacCready to make his move.

Nick: Ellie’s words played on Sole’s mind, in fact they couldn’t forget it and now they found that they may have developed something for their favourite Synth detective.

“He was so grateful, you’re all he talks about. You’ve done so much for us and for him, I can see why he fancies you,” Ellie had slapped her hand across her mouth but it was too late, way too late and now Sole didn’t know how to act around Nick.

“Is everything alright? You seem distracted?” Nick stopped moving, titling his head a little as he eyed Sole in concern. And then Sole felt that melting feeling in their heart. They didn’t know how long they could keep up this charade.

Piper: “What’s wrong with her?” Sole asked Nat, as Piper stormed through the door to Publik Occurrences.

Piper had laughed at something Sole had said, snorting loudly in the process which caused Sole to laugh at her.

“Oh, she has a crush on you. She told me,” Sole looked from Nat to the door, so that is why she was mad. Piper had a crush on them? That was the best news they’d heard in a while.

Sole found Piper, tapping away at the keys of her type writer, she knew Sole was watching. Sole watched from over her shoulder, she was furiously typing.

Turns out Sole is an asshole

“Oh, come on I didn’t mean to upset you,” Sole tore the page from the type writer, making Piper stand up in a huff, “When were you going to tell me?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Sole smiled at Piper, she was adorable when she was mad. Sole leaned into her.

“You have feelings for me,”

“Oh my god,” She dramatically threw her hands around as she spoke, Sole caught her hands, pulling her into them.

“You should’ve just told me,” Sole smiled mischievously. If they thought they were off the hook, they were very mistaken.  

Preston: Preston thought he was doing well, hiding his crush on Sole, but he was wrong, so very wrong. Mama Murphy saw it, as she sees everything.

Preston watched as Sole spoke with a settler in Oberland Station, he loved the way they took the work of the Minutemen so seriously. He tried to shake off the feeling of butterflies in his stomach as Sole walked back over to him.

“We’re all done here, should we head back?” Sole said, but it didn’t register with Preston as he was too busy inside his own head, “Preston?” Sole nudged his arm gently, snapping him out of his thoughts, instead he focused on Sole’s smile.

“Yes, lets head back General,” Deep down Sole knew of his crush but for now they just wanted to let this situation play out. And if the situation goes on for too long, they’d have to do something about that.

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I saw one fan said that she has never seen Taylor this happy before. We Said it radiates from hr body all her happiness. She is in a much better place emotionally now stef. Joe really gave her the normalcy she craves for and is making her this happy. When you have someone this good you don’t look back,

I’m just sooooooooo happy for her. She finally has all her gaps filled, and having the right love can change so much for someone. 🖤

diopucci week - lingerie

Pucci is smiling at him. His devout friend tends to have an innately serious nature, his face always falling into a grim look when left to his own thoughts. But there is a particular expression he makes when amused, on the verge of becoming a smirk but never quite managing to reach it. 

Dio raises an eyebrow. “What has you so amused?” 

“I somehow expected you to be a snob about mass-manufactured clothing.” Pucci’s smile grows a little broader. “I should have known better, after what you were wearing when we first met.” 

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Hi, it’s the anon with the recall issues. I just wanna clarify cause I don’t want to seem like a bad owner, my SDIT ran away 3 times this summer and hasn’t done so since. It happened because my dad left the garage door open and wasn’t watching when he was letting her out to pee. I was home the third time and was able to catch her and she hasn’t done it again. She’s good at recalls up to 20 feet when vested but I’ve never done just off leash training. Thank you for your answer though!


I don’t think you’re a bad owner at all and it was not my intention to make you feel that way. We all make mistakes and as long as we look at our behavior and work to better it, that’s okay and healthy!  Heck, I’ve put VSEPR in my fair share of situations where he wasn’t set up for success. For example, I used to let more people handle VSEPR because my disability limits my ability to take him out a lot of the time, but it was undoing his training even in one or two walks and he was putting me in danger with his level of pulling and lack of impulse control around other dogs. So I’ve had to not let him go with people I can’t trust to handle him properly (even if those people are close to me and mean well).  And I’ll make more mistakes. That’s okay!

Regardless, I still strongly urge you to reevaluate the circumstances where your pup got the opportunity to run off multiple times. If your dad isn’t willing or able to leash and closely monitor your SDiT outside, you may need to reconsider asking your dad to take your dog outside. I only bring this up so sternly because wandering dogs in urban areas can easily be stolen, severely injured, or killed. Dogs in rural areas can also easily be hit by cars or attack/be attacked by wildlife. These are all tragic outcomes for a pet let alone a service dog you sink so much time and training into. 

Again, this isn’t to make you feel like a bad person or bad owner. We can’t fix things we don’t acknowledge need fixing, after all!

Best of luck!

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ur art is so fucking good!!!! can i give a little ditty of constructive criticism? if yes then um the faces sorta clash with the lineart. i'd suggest either thinning the faces or thickening the lines. i really like it though!!!!

Oh thank you but most of my recent art has been just a way to make myself feel better when stressed so I haven’t been trying to make it look exceptionally good at all, I do try my best to vary line weight a lot better when I’m making serious pieces

Also in the future please wait on a response to whether the artist wants criticism or not because it can come off kinda condescending, but thank you for the compliment

Can we talk about how good of an actor Mark is for a second?

Mark played all of his characters absolutely flawlessly. Honestly. Maybe there were some very small nitpicky things that could’ve been better but in the end, he played each of his characters so well. 

But when all is said and done, I commend him on his acting because of THIS:

He goes from looking distraught, absolutely numb and heartbroken and altogether just sad

To this. This absolute fury as if he could murder a man right then and there by simply giving them this look. This look of anger that makes it seem as though he’s about to explode. 

In one. Goddamned. Second.

Granted, he did so much good acting in this series; There were so many moments where it didn’t feel like Mark, it felt like the Colonel. Or it felt like Damien. But it didn’t feel like Mark. (I love it when actors can do that tbh). 

But in this moment, you can see him transform from who he is into Darkiplier. He captured that. Right here in this one second clip. With one look at the camera.

Mark Fischbach, to you I say two things:

1) This was astonishing. This entire series had your whole fandom freaking out and theory-writing for four days straight, and honestly there are probably still going to be theories even after this. I hope desperately that you love what you gave us just as much as we did because this was amazing. 


(And a LARGE thank you to Teamiplier because none of this would’ve happened without you guys)

Sorry for the vent but honestly I can’t be the only one who thinks this, right? 

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Done!! Phew, that’s probably the fastest painting I’ve ever done O.o Good thing is, I got that A in History!

Anyways, based on @beanpots’ awesome day\night AU and @exile-wrath’s fic! I absolutely loved both, and since I wanted to do a night themed History project, well, this happened XD

Acryllic on canvas and some sharpie and white gel pen for details. Only took like 12 straight hours to paint the whole thing .-. Don’t leave projects for the last day, guys. It hurts.

Btw thanks to my awesome bff @96rebo for listening to my midnight senseless babble and helping me pick out colors, even if you did fall asleep on me yesterday 😂😒


When you demanded to be put back in the field, I worried that you were being flippant about your time in prison. I thought you would be reckless, but I was wrong. Prison has made you more cautious. Yeah but, what if I’m too cautious now? I mean, I used to see everything as black and white and now, it’s looking real grey to me. I wish every cop had a voice in their head asking, ‘What if he’s innocent?’ You see it as a weakness, but it means you’re growing. It makes you a better detective.