it looked better in photoshop but ok

painting in photoshop is fun but hard like, how do people get rough painting to look nice also, light?? how does it work?? ANYWAY I wanted to draw slytherin!Merlin because he is slytherin ok, i will fight everyone on this

yruablackwarbler  asked:

I love your text meme! Just want you to know!

thank you! I kept seeing them floating around for other couples and I thought Klaine could use some as well. I know my edits aren’t the prettiest things in the world (they would probably look a lot better if I actually owned a decent photo editor like photoshop or something) but I thought they turned out ok. glad to know I’m not the only one that likes them! :)

if anyone is curious what this is referring to look HERE and HERE

So I Reached 100 Followers...

and wanted to do something to thank all of you. As previously stated, I have no artistic talent whatsoever, but I am ok with photoshop, so I made group profile pics based on the main ships using velvet’s emblem.


This one’s a bit hard to see in the post because the background is transparent, making the white part of the image blend with the white background of tumblr posts. Will look much better when applied as Profile Pic.


God damnit blake. Why’d you have to bitch out last second.


So close….


The one ship that has a chance in hell. Cross your fingers everyone.

Anyway, I know it’s not much but thank you all for supporting my blog. I never believed it would grow as fast as it has.

ok ignore the banner bc it lost like……most of it’s quality when i saved it buT YE !!! i just really wanted to do a promo and needed a good excuse also i’m close to 5555 followers so ye! anyways

rules (sux 2 b u):

  • must be be following me im very sorry i kno
  • reblog this post!!
  • if u like this post niall horan will crawl into ur ear. u try to tell him to stop but he is in there.
  • if u wanna u can follow me on twitter!!

categories!! (these might change idk yet):

  • best urls + domains
  • best fob/panic/mcr blogs
  • best tai/cobra blogs
  • best other/multi band blogs
  • new mutuals!!
  • fav mutuals/best overall !!

anyway yeeAAA i’ll end this on the 20th october and i’ll have the results up after a couple of days hopefully so good luck enter this !!

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