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Bloody Kisses- Chapter 9

Pairing: Ivar x Reader, Kip x Reader

Word Count: 4406

Warnings: Angst…angst…angst

AN: Feedback, please!

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Vera’s husband, another of Ivar’s select pool of donors, kindly left them alone, knowing how Ivar felt about being observed, pausing only to leer fondly at his wife, kiss her, and to pat his old, unaging friend’s hand. Vera sank back onto the couch, consciously posing, a Boticelli Madonna for all the post-modern tints. One hand trailed, inviting, a single finger slowly tracing arcane patterns in the air. “Ivar?” His blue eyes dark with hunger, Ivar looked up.

“Ah, my friend, forgive me. My mind is elsewhere.”

“Yes,” she smiled gently, “I know. No matter. Come, take what you need. We’ll both be the better for it, and then perhaps you’ll be able to do something about your love.” She pulled her hair back from her neck. “Feeling traditional?”

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anonymous asked:

I was reading your tags and idk if this is just me but I do think something is going on with Jeonghan, he has lost tons of weight (maybe the oversized sweaters doesn't help) and he has this kind of sad/deep-down-in-thoughts aura. He does smile and is playful but something seems odd for me. As I said it might be just me and i don't want to overthink or worry about it buuuut i cant help because this had been in my mind for a while u.u

yeah, I’m a little worried too…he doesn’t look sick to me, so that’s why I think something possibly happened that’s related to his private life? none of us will really know for sure but I hope he feels better and things work out for him 😭

Just realized I️ never updated you guys!

Basically my insurance sucks and got back to CFD hella late so I’m leaving tomorrow now…

Super antsy. Kinda wish I️ was working today to take my mind off of things because yesterday was stressful.

Literally so fucking blessed to have so many supportive people in my life. I️ saw my best friend last night and she gave me a framed picture of us from when we both were broken up with our boyfriends and thought our worlds were ending. We were on the beach sad as hell (cause that’s what you do in Florida lolol) and we took a weird selfie together and laughed because we new things would get better. She said “I️ framed this and looked at it whenever I️ was having a hard time and it helped me and I️ want it to help you too.”

I️ cried. I️ have cried a lot in the past few days. I️ want to get better but it’s all scary.

overwhelmed-with-joy  asked:

When casting people for parts you’ve written, what is the most important thing you look for in them?

It depends so much on the part. For small parts, it’s often the ability to deliver one or two lines in the way I had in my head, or better. It could be the way they look. Sometimes you are looking for contrast between that actor and someone who is already cast. You’re looking for honesty and truth, technical skill and the ability to do the kind of acting you need, and you are also looking for someone who looks like the thing in your head.

For bigger parts, you are looking for someone good enough who is available then. I tend to be more mind-malleable then: you know that Bryan Cranston playing Uncle Spoonbender will give you a very different performance to Sir Ian McKellan, but either would be brilliant. And then someone points out that Judi Dench is actually available that week, and is there any reason why it couldn’t be Aunt Spoonbender, and you think, actually, no there isn’t…

(I am very used to watching people getting grumpy because their headcanon actor wasn’t cast in some role, when actually the actor in question either a) wasn’t available – was already shooting something or booked to shoot something that would happen during the shoot or b) was offered the role and said no, or their representatives did. If you ever think “But why wouldn’t they offer X that role – she’d be perfect!” the answer is normally that it was offered and declined, or the person was doing something else.)

My Enemy’s Woman - Request

Requested by anon:  I would love to read your version of Moriarty becoming interested in the reader (either sexually or just typical Moriarty) and Sherlock gets upset and protective because she’s his girlfriend/fiancé/wife. Flirting, Innuendos, and everything that makes Moriarty the beautiful human that he is

Pairing: Sherlock x reader / Moriarty flirting with reader.

Word count: 1,132

Warning: Sexual innuendos.

A/N: Jim is such a complex character… Feedback is highly appreciated, guys!


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Sherlock had never run faster in his whole life. Not even the pouring rain could stop him; no matter how much he slipped, he would get up and continue to run. The people around him would either move to the side, freeing the way, or be pushed by him. He had to get back to 221B.

The fear, the anxiety, the nerves got over him, taking over the bit of control he had of himself and his own emotions. His hands, forehead and armpits were sweating and his heart was beating faster – and no, it had nothing to do with his current running marathon – without mentioning the fact that he was looking paler than usual.

He was human, after all, and knowing that the one person who could get him to feel, to embrace his humanity, could be in mortal danger was more than enough for him to forget about everything else and act like a regular person would. If it had been someone else, except for John of course, he would’ve acted as chill as possible; but it was (Y/N) and there was no time to play-pretend when it came to her.

It was just one text message, a very simple and annoyed one that made him lose all control. She had sent it, or so it seemed, because Sherlock received it from her phone. It could’ve been a trap, or worse, but that didn’t matter because Sherlock would become even more reckless when she was involved.

If he exploded, if he got murdered, or trapped or kidnapped, it didn’t matter. As long as she was safe… he would go to the end of the world and sacrifice himself to the Gods if necessary.

His fear was such that his whole body turned off the physical sensations, and so he didn’t notice the muscular exhaustion that was caused by him crossing London by foot in less than ten minutes. He also didn’t feel the scrapes on his knees and elbows, as well as that little twist in his ankle. No, all he could focus on was saving (Y/N).

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Dating Justin Foley would include


• You being the one he goes to when he has been beaten by his mom’s boyfriend.
• “Sorry for bothering you.”
• You kissing him all over his face, just wanting to give him all the love he deserved.
• “You could never bother me! I love you.”
• Being the it - couple at school, and him loving the fact that everybody knows that you’re his.
• Him being extremely protective, but you being just as much as him.
• Giving death glares at the girls that hit on him.
• You coming to all his games, and cheering him on.
• Him being completely honest to you about the tapes, even though he isn’t supposed to tell anyone about them.
• Matching clothes. You think it’s adorable, and he secretly likes it too, even if the boys tease him about it.
• Both being equally whipped.
• Going to parties together, and either one of you, or both, getting wasted.
• You not liking that he smokes weed, and him promising to try quitting.
• Him giving the best hugs, and the hugs lasting for ages.
• “If anything happened to you, I would lose my mind.”
• Justin making it a habit to kiss your temple.
• Your parent(s) loving him, and always letting him stay when he has left his house.
• You caring much more about school than him, and him finding it adorable when you scold at him for skipping class.
• Justin giving you his clothes, and showing you off when you wear them because they look cuter on you than on him.

How Does Ni work?

This is how I experience Ni, and how I observed it in Ni users I know. 

Listening is hard
I will often stop listening because the subject made me think about something else (something more interesting), then this new idea will lead me to another one, then another… In a few seconds, I’ll be far away in my head and will sometimes say things that’ll look totally random. I can also get enthusiastic and jump to a new subject, middle-sentence, because I got a new (better) idea to talk about (which can be annoying to other people). And having to pay attention to uninteresting things is intellectually painful because I have to make the effort to not drift away in my mind.

Thinking about everything, all the time
Our thought process is not straightforward unless we’re working on it to be that way (with Te’s help, for example, to get something done). We’re not thinking about a few things: we’re thinking about everything at once. Picture a black hole: no idea can escape; we think them all. It might seem to other people that we only have good ideas, or that we can’t have many ideas, because we’ll express only the best of them. We can’t trust an idea unless we’re sure we can’t think a better one.

How do you know you made the best choice? How can you be sure your idea is the best? You can’t. You don’t know. This can get us stuck. Sometimes, we miss opportunities by hesitating too long. We have to rely on our other functions to move, to do something. And we have to trust ourselves. 

Hello, intensity, my old friend.
Ni is deep. Sometimes, a bit heavy. It makes us drawn to intellectual things, art with a great meaning, talking about what moves people (love, their interests, hard things they experienced, things that changed them…), books on various topics… I often won’t think someone is my friend if we don’t share something special. If you’re just a body to spend time with and have fun, that’s nice, but I won’t be your friend unless I’m sure I deeply know you.

Turn it off, please!
Ni is all about wisdom, blah blah… I wish I could turn my brain off sometimes. I try to, mostly through my inferior Se: eating, drinking, singing (I sing so much)… I’ll watch stupid movies to give myself a break and laugh about silly things. I often avoid so-called intelligent movies because most of them fail to both amaze me and amuse me. And I’ll almost never miss a chance at watching something creative or weird.

Ni needs to find the best ideas, or the best plans. The way to get to that is through creativity. Sometimes, the perfect way to go is an old, overused one, and it’s ok. I won’t try something for the sake of it being new if there is a less fun but more intelligent way. Most Ni-people I know are into arts or writing, or both. Personal arts and writing projects give Ni all the freedom it needs to fully bloom and it feels so nice.

Dedication and precision for the right things
If something is not interesting, I can’t go on for a long time unless I think it’s worth the effort. I also noticed, from me and also from Ni-aux users, that for a thing to be considered as done, it doesn’t have to be flawlessly done if it’s not important (chores, meaningless work…) but some other things won’t be remotely okay to us unless they are perfectly done.

I’ve been told by many people I should think about pursuing a career as a stand-up comic, but many people also don’t get my jokes at all. My INTJ friends told me that they often get taken seriously when joking, and that people can’t tell when they’re being sarcastic (so they just look like they are pretty mean or especially stupid). Both of them amaze me with how they can push the smallest thing into the most epic long-lasting joke, making fun links between things. (And watch up for self-depreciating humor from INTJs. We love that.)

Strange memory
I absorb information all the time. Ni collects knowledge and, later, fishes out what is useful. Sometimes, I don’t even know how I know something. I just do - because I read about it years ago or because I made links from another bit of knowledge. I’m also the kind of person to forget whole days or conversations if they were not meaningful. I often refer to my memory as impressionist. I have many blurry memories from which I keep the overall feeling and no detail.

Double Take | Part 1 | PETER PARKER X READER

Description: The reader is helping Peter with his English essay when he comes to the startling realization that his best friend is really pretty. Peter goes to Ned for advice shortly thereafter because he’s confused about his new found feeling for her.

Author’s Note: Wow, Phoebe’s back at it again with another Peter Parker fanfic. What a surprise… Anyways I hope ya’ll enjoy this and let me know if you think I should do a part 2. I got inspiration for this fic from one I read last year and liked. As always, my requests are open so feel free to send me a message with an idea for a story if you want.

Word Count: 1268

Part 2| Part 3

“Okay Peter, so the key to writing an analytical essay is to examine how certain aspects of the story make it what it is. You should always ask yourself why the author chose to do this instead of something else and how that effects the story as a whole. Get it?” (Y/N) explained, tapping her pencil against the notebook laid out in front of her.

Peter nodded slowly while jotting down some quick notes. “I think so. Can you give me an example?”

“Sure. Uhhh…” (Y/N) leaned back into her chair and started spinning slowly. “So the story To Kill A Mockingbird, it takes place in Alabama during the 30’s. The setting is really important because it adds significance to the events of Tom Robinson’s trial. That’s why Harper Lee chose that specific date and place. Okay?”

Peter put his pencil down and shut his notebook. “You’re the best English teacher I’ve ever had (Y/N),” he said with a smile.

She grinned and stood up out of her chair to stretch. “I try Parker,” (Y/N) yawned, extended her arms above her head. “Anyways I better get going. I’m supposed to have dinner with my parents’ friends tonight. How do I look?” she asked, facing Peter.

Peter swiveled in his chair and looked his best friend up and down, examining her every feature. That’s when his posture suddenly went rigid and his mind started whirling.

(Y/N) was really pretty.

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{Reaction} When you’re jealous of Mafia!EXO

Exo Mafia Arranged Marriage Reaction where you don’t want him but he wants and kinda loves you tries you to love him but it doesn’t work One day you slowly start showing feelings but because of a woman you get super jealous and block/hate him even more:)

Note: This request is very intricate and I feel like it’s more of a scenario than a reaction so I slightly edited it to make it a little less complex, (I did struggle with this one rather a lot, so I really do hope you like it~) I hope you don’t mind too much. Thank you for requesting.

  • Warning: Mentions of the Mafia, swearing, alcohol and sexual themes.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Chanyeol’s lips curled to a smirk as he saw the fire light in your eyes. The casino was full of scantily dressed women, most of which eyeing up Chanyeol as though they were mentally fucking him. Chanyeol didn’t care for them, you were the only one for him - but watching you get so jealous was at least a little entertaining for him to watch. He chuckled darkly, leaving the bar to snake an arm around your waist from the side, pressing his lips next to your ear as he told you how to well and truly felt in that moment.

Chanyeol: “You think I like those sluts? You’re the only one I love, Jagiya. How about I buy you a drink? You ordered a red wine the first time we met, right? That’s your favorite?”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by dokynsoo

Jealousy is something that he finds incredibly pointless, but seeing you in the state may or may not spark him more than he’d like to admit. The two of you were at the headquarters, and Baekhyun’s new girlfriend was not even hiding the fact that she was interested in D.O. she kept talking to him, putting her hands on him - which admittedly, made him a little unsettled. He finally exited the room, but feeling himself being pushed up against the wall not long after. He smiled when he saw you glaring daggers up at him.

Kyungsoo: “Something the matter, Jagiya?”

{y/n}: “She was all over you, I-”

Kyungsoo: “How about I take you upstairs and get all over you?”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by xehun

Baekhyun is a flirt, everyone knows that fact, but apparently you didn’t like it one bit. He’d never cheat on you, or do anything that crossed the line, but he was just a little kinder when he talked to pretty girls or guys alike. Being the sweet talker that he was got him all the secrets that he needed, but it was not so nice to watching him from your perspective.

Baekhyun: “Are you trying to say you’re jealous of them?”

{y/n}: “No! I just don’t think it’s inappropriate.”

Baekhyun: “The thoughts I’m having about taking that pretty little skirt off you is inappropriate, Jagi. But don’t worry, I’ll stop sweet talking, just because it’s you~”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Sehun rolled his eyes as you were clearly annoyed over how close Chanyeol’s sister was to him. Sure, she wasn’t because exactly subtle about her hints, but it still annoyed him how jealous you were. For the longest time, you’d been hating him, telling him you don’t love him, and now you were running after him because another girl was threatening to take your place. He sighed, standing up, grabbing his gun, deciding to relieve some stress at the shooting range. He stood up, declaring what he intended to do ever so bluntly as he pushed past you, giving you the cold shoulder, hardly anticipating you to follow him out.

{y/n}: “Why relieve you stress on the shooting range when you have a girlfriend perfectly capable of doing that for you.”

Sehun: “Aish, you’re so bipolar it’s hard to keep up.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by exeauxs

Yixing bit his lip, looking devilishly handsome with his black hair falling over his eyes and the liner that kept his eyes sharp and cold. It was clear he was watching the other gang’s mafia girlfriend like she was a piece of meat as they bittersweetly exchanged money and drugs. You watched from behind, back against the wall and arms folded as you glared at the scene. Why was it that Yixing appeared so smug? Far too delighted to be encountering the enemy. You tore at your own lip with your teeth, glaring at the man in question as he returned back to you. He detected your jealousy in a moment, smirking as he placed his hand next to your head on the wall, leaning down to press those annoyingly sexily lips against yours.

Yixing: “Don’t look so bitter, {y/n}, I know you’re all dosed up on love for me.” *winks*

{y/n}: “Aish, so cocky. I will shoot you up the ass.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Jongdae looked up at the girl handling the poker game. She was pretty, and you could see that as you observed from the bar. You scowled as you sipped on your vodka and coke. You knew it was pointless to be jealous, but how could you help it when you’re very attractive boyfriend was surrounded by very gorgeous  women? You turned to look at the bar tender as the final drop of your alcohol drowned down your throat and ordered another. The bartender grinned, nodding and making a comment about how he’d do anything for such a beautiful lady. You smirked in response, happy enough to be accepting the compliment until your boyfriend approached.

Jongdae: “This very beautiful lady is my Jagi, s you better watch that tongue of yours before I shoot you in the mouth.” *Who’s saying you’re the one getting jealous?*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by callmeminseok

Minseok glowered, looking down with daggers in his eyes as he pinned you up against the wall. Why was it that you were so defiant towards him yet acted jealousy? One moment you hate him, the next you want him. He looked so intimidating, and you hated to admit how much it sparked you inside.

Minseok: “Will you make up your damn mind?”

{y/n}: “Why don’t you help me to chose?” *smirks*

Minseok: *grumbles before pressing his lips to yours*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by kim-jongmin

Tao smiled as he saw the visible jealousy on your face. It was satisfying to see you in such a state when you’d been ‘hating’ him for so long. It was obvious you had more feelings for him than you liked to admit, and he was ready to have fun with that.

Tao: “Jealous, Baobei?” *smirks*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

The leader of EXO would find this turn of events very amusing. He would have his arm around a girl when he caught your stare. He gave you a questioning look, pretending to be oblivious because he found it funny to see you look so fiery. While you’re mostly dismissive with him and spiteful, to see you wanting him was like a dream come true.

{y/n}: “I don’t appreciate you touching other girls.”

Junmyeon: “Get your pretty little butt over here then.”

Lu Han

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

The sweet talker of the group would be the most surprised to see you in jealous state. For all he knew, you hated him and that was that. Except there must be something between the lines because the way you glared at him as he flirted with a girl made his lips turn up to a smug smirk, looking as though he really had just hit to lotto.

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by katherine8595

Jongin would be confused over the way you were acting. He thought you hated him, though watching you slap the girl he’d just been talking to had made him question everything. It seemed that even you you were a mafia worker like he was you weren’t as cold as you appeared to be and did like Jongin more than you’d liked to admit. Jongin smirked, letting his fingers twirl his dagger in his hand as he watched you walk over, blood on your cheek from the fight you’d just been in.

Jongin: “Such a pretty face.” *wipes the blood away.*

{y/n}: “Aish, you’re so annoying.”

Wu Yifan

Originally posted by hyung-bi

This man wouldn’t have any idea how you felt about him, but that wouldn’t stop him from loving you even though he won’t admit it. He smirked as his plan to get you jealous worked. He pulled you into his chest, allowing his hands to roam over your back as he held you close, pulling you in for a kiss now he could confirm how you really felt about him. 

New Family - Requested

Requested by @tanovic54321 :  Can u do a fluff Sherlock imagine where his gf accompanies him to a family thing & she brings her sons for the first time his family (& him)meet them & slowly people realizes that the two little boys are tiny versions of Sherlock & Mycroft?

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 1,169

Warnings: This is mostly focused on the kids.

A/N: As someone who has lived this kind of situation (as in the kid’s point of view) I figured it would be too much to have many people there, so I reduced it a bit.


It was a big step – a huge step, more likely – for Sherlock and (Y/N)’s relationship. They never expected to get that far and so they decided to keep the kids out of it.

She had two young boys, smart and sympathetic, highly functional kids. Sherlock knew about them and even liked them in spite of having met them only two or three times maximum.

“Are you sure about this?” She stuttered. They were outside her home and the kids were inside. Sherlock wanted to take them all to a family thing.

“Of course I’m sure,” Sherlock assured, acting offended by the question. “I’ve never been more sure in my life.”

“I’m sure the correct word is ‘surer’, Sher.” (Y/N) chuckled.

“Surer sounds stupid.” Sherlock beamed, “Now call the boys and let’s go.”

(Y/N) hesitated but eventually called them. Sherlock noticed how the oldest one was clearly bigger than the other, not only in height but also he was chubbier. The younger one had a curly mess on his head, and he seemed to be skinnier and shyer.

“Michael, Shepherd, remember Mister Holmes?” (Y/N) asked as she pushed the two boys out.

“How do you do?” They both asked in mechanical voices.

“Nice to see you again, lads.” Sherlock greeted back.

“Mommy, is he going to take us to jail?” Shepherd, the younger, inquired.

“No, not at all,” Sherlock replied.

“Obviously,” Michael snapped, “he only takes criminals to jail. If you knew how to properly read, you’d know.”

“Enough, Michael.” (Y/N) warned. The kid shut his mouth but he kept the superiority pose.

“Where are we going, Mister Holmes?” Shepherd continued.

“I’m taking you to my country house to meet my parents and my brother,” Sherlock explained calmly.

“Why?” Shepherd asked.

“Because he’s mommy’s new boyfriend!” Michael huffed.

Shepherd gasped and tried to act surprised. Before (Y/N) could reply, Shep punched Michael’s arm.

“We had to keep it secret!” Shepherd cried.

“Enough!” (Y/N) split them. “Are you sure you want to take them?”

Sherlock giggled warmly. “Yes, my mother will love them.”

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Nct dream reaction to their S/o wearing one of their shirts or jumpers


“Y/n you look really beautiful in my shirt you should wear them more”

Originally posted by ldks


“Wow you look better in my shirt than I do” Renjun said looking at you smiling

Originally posted by kunxxxsol


“You look very pretty in my shirt. Do you want some more to wear?” 

Originally posted by krstals


“Is that were my shirt went?’’ Haechan said but would be thinking in his mind about you cute you looked

Originally posted by donghyukslee


Jaemin would look at  you smiling and laugh thinking you look very cute in his shirt

Originally posted by haechannie


“You look very beautiful in my shirt y/n” Chenle said smiling and laughing

Originally posted by nct-china-line


Jisung would freeze not to knowing what to do or think looking at you

Originally posted by pink-ramen-hair


~Admin Rosie

I’m an extrovert
Yes, that smile was for you
and I came today
just to see you
I share pieces of my heart,
in case if somebody needs them,
and I let you touch my soul
if you promise you won’t break it
No, I’m not necessarily shallow
and even though my feathers get color with you
the brightest ones I much rather keep in private
where they are born - where they shall belong
And my heart is 
i n s i d e
And even it might not look like it
my mind and soul roams
to foreign roads
                             to grasslands
                                                     and skies, spaces,
                                                                                      yet unknown mazes
—  an extrovert
GOT7 reaction | You wearing a dress

I really liked the idea of doing a GOT7 reaction so that’s what I went for, thank you so much for requesting, hope you enjoy! 💜 (keep in mind though that it’s my first GOT7 reaction please~)


The moment this boy saw you leave your shared bedroom dressed in a gorgeous red dress, with you nervously pulling at the edges a bit, he would honestly just melt. 

When you raised your gaze to look at him, you saw he was giving you such a loving smile, you couldn’t help but blush at the way he was gazing at you. He’d stand up, take your hand in his and twirl you around to get a better view.

“Y/N, you look so beautiful in that dress…”

Originally posted by tuanpumpkins


When our great leader saw you appear in that cute black dress, he’d probably do a double take. Because although you did look really good in that dress, he’d probably also get a little protective over you, thinking the edge of it was a little too high up your legs.

Not like he wouldn’t be all for you wearing whatever you wanted, but he just wouldn’t like the idea of other men ogling you much.

“Babe, you look absolutely gorgeous, but don’t you think it’s a little short?”

yeah you’re cute all jealous but i’m still wearing it thank you very much

Originally posted by saranghaeyojw


His heart would skip a beat when you stood before him in your favourite black dress, which was also his favourite dress on you. You didn’t wear it much, but whenever you did, Jackson would be all over you. (not that he wouldn’t when you didn’t wear a dress, but you know)

He’d bite his lip, and look you over, more than once. Then his eyes would settle on your face, and he’d give you such an adorable smile, that this time it was your heart skipping a beat.

“You look so stunning… are you sure we have to go out today?”

Originally posted by juxghoseok


When you exited your dressing room wearing a pretty floral dress, Jinyoung was facing the other way, so you cleared your throat to catch his attention. As soon as he turned around to look at you, and saw what you were wearing, his gaze would be stuck on you and it would be like that for the rest of the day.

You got a little shy because of the way he was staring at you so you glanced down at your feet, until you felt a hand gently lift your chin, and warm brown eyes met yours. 

“No need to be shy princess, you look so beautiful, you always do.”

Originally posted by tuanpumpkins


This boy would notice it immediately when you entered the room in a cute green dress, his favourite colour. He’d get up from his seat (nearly falling in the process) and rush over to you to get a better look of you in the dress, asking you to turn around for him.

When you did, he’d beam at you adoringly and cup your cheeks in between his hands, giving you a happy and sweet kiss.

“How did I ever get lucky enough to end up with such a beautiful angel?”

Originally posted by gsvnrewind


this boy istg Deciding to wear a dress around Bambam is basically asking for trouble. So when you emerged from the bedroom in a lacy purple dress, you should’ve expected him to drop whatever it was what he was doing the moment he saw you- because that’s exactly what would happen.

He’d walk over to you, all the while checking over your form. With a smirk playing on his lips, he’d place his hands on your hips, and give you a suggestive look.

“Hey there beautiful, nice dress you got there. But I bet it would look even nicer on the floor…”

Originally posted by tanjhent


You were standing in front of the mirror, looking at your reflection while you smoothed out the fabric of your blue dress. Since you usually didn’t wear them, you were kind of hesitant whether you should that day.

At that moment, Yugyeom opened the door, and froze in the doorway when he saw you. He’d probably just stand there for a while, staring at you, completely in awe. He’d only snap out of it when you asked him for his opinion on the dress. A loving smile appeared on his youthful face.

“Although you are beautiful in anything you wear, that dress does look so lovely on you sweetheart…”

Originally posted by chattyang

Six Numbers [REQUEST]

On your 18th birthday, they appeared.

Six little black numbers printed on the inside of your wrist.

10 - 07 - 17

As permanent as a tattoo and as mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle.

You had no idea where it came from or how it came to be on your wrist. You didn’t even know what the numbers meant. But it felt important. There was something in the very back of your mind that told you your spontaneous tattoo signified something - although you had no idea what.

Like any other eighteen year old who doesn’t know the answer to something, you took to the internet in search for answers. Reading through the results, you scrolled through the explanations, each seeming crazier than the one before. Potential coordinates to the hidden kingdom of El Dorado? A sign from God predicting the end of the world? Every conspiracy theory was more ludicrous than the last.

There was one website that caught your attention, a girl’s blog who wrote about a story similar to yours. On her 18th birthday, she woke up to a tattoo on her wrist of six numbers, just like yours. For her, the numbers represented a date. The day she met her soulmate. Reading her story, how she fell down a flight of stairs and broke her leg, how the paramedic who came to her rescue had the exact same six numbers tattooed on his wrist, how something in her heart told her that this man was everything she could ever want, it was like a fairytale.

For some reason, the girl’s story seemed to resonate with you more than other crackpot speculations. Perhaps it was the hopeless romantic in you, but a tattoo of the date you might meet your soulmate definitely wasn’t the worst birthday present.

And so you waited.

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EXO reacts: Their girlfriend wants to be tall because she hates being short (ot9)

requested by anon :D I tried to make it gender fluid but it didn’t work out

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Kim Minseok/Xiumin

 I can see him as someone who doesn’t really give much thought to your height. Of course he likes to be taller than you, but he won’t admit it to you. He knows that people need time to start loving themselves. Still, as long as he is with you he’ll try helping.

“You know what?”

“What is it?”

“You’re the cutest little bun I’ve ever seen in my life.” he says while grabbing your cheeks in between his hands.

“Oh stop being so sweet Minseok.” you answer happily not really minding his antics.

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Kim Junmyeon/Suho

 He gets frustrated everytime you say that, because he likes your height. I think he’s a bit of traditionalist, so having his s/o shorter than him makes you look better. But all in all it isn’t that important.

“If you could at least try to accept it!” he snaps one evening after you criticized hundredth person in the room for being taller than you. “I tried to understand you, so now you should try to understand me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Height doesn’t have much to do with person’s value! Don’t you get it? It doesn’t matter how much you want it, it won’t happen (y/n).” you look down, hurt because his anger was pointed at you.

 Junmyeon feels guilty for making you sad, so he comes over to make your eyes meet. He tries to pour as much sincerity into his words as he can.

“It doesn’t matter, alright?”

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EXO Reaction to their S/O pretending to be asleep on couch so they carry her to their bed

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*So close to your face* “Hm… she seems asleep… but it’s cold… I can’t leave her here. I guess I’ll have to carry her to my bed, hope she doesn’t mind..”


*You open your eyes the moment he places you on the bed* “I swear this isn’t what it looks like! You were… sleeping and.. I thought it was better if I brought you here…” *Nervous*


“Okay… let’s do this! This is what I’ve trained for!” *He literally trained so he could carry you when needed*


“If all I have to do to continue watching her sleep, is carry her to my bed then I will. I love the peaceful face she has when she sleeps. Are you dreaming about us, baobei?”


“Hello there jagi? Are you awake? No… hmmm well I’ll transport you to my bed… you’ll be comfier there…” *Sweet boyfriend*


*Knows you so well* “You don’t need to pretend, if you want me to carry you all you have to do is ask. Now come here… let me take you to the bedroom”


*Prepares the bed before he takes you there* “Okay Suho, I warmed the bed. What do I do now? Bring her in? What if she wakes up? Should I just smile and kiss her forehead? Okay okay…”


“Ahhh come on… who’s carrying me baobei?” *Just kidding* “You seem pretty asleep… so fine. I’ll carry you this time. But next time it’s my turn!”


*Sees through your plan* “I know you are awake jagi… but it’s okay. I’ll carry you, just because I want to sleep next to you tonight”


*Really nervous about it* “I’ve never… carried her before… what if I drop her. No, no I can’t let that happen. Besides, my bed is big and conformable, better than this sofa. Yeah, I should take her there…”


“Oh hey there baobei, you just woke up? Don’t worry, I brought you to my bed. Didn’t want you to hurt your back in that sofa or something. Go bad to sleep, I’ll be here watching over you”


“You can hear me, right? I’m going to carry you now, to take you to the bedroom. Try to not move much, I don’t want to drop you jagi.”

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Everything (Sam Holland x Reader)

Summary: You get into an accident while Sam is overseas with his brothers and Harrison.

Word count: 2,622 (wow)

Warnings: lots of angst and sadness, swearing

Author’s note: I originally posted this a few days ago but since this blog is fairly new, my posts weren’t showing up in the tags! So here it is again, new and improved. Also thank you @dusktillholland for the much needed advice that made this a lot better than it was <3.

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Yesterday’s Feelings Chapter Three- Dean x Reader

Yesterday’s Feelings Chapter Three- Dean x Reader

Rating: T

Summary: Dean Winchester cheated on you and you left without a word.  A case brings you back to him, but the story isn’t as simple as it seems.

Warnings: Some language.  Sexual references.  

Word Count: 1500

AN: Please excuse the major errors. I will fix stuff I see with time. ;) Happy reading!  

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All those feelings, those yesterdays feelings will all be lost in time
but today I’ve wasted away for today is on my mind
(yeah today is on my mind)

Yesterday’s Feelings by The Used

You tired not to look up from your coffee as you sit eating breakfast with the Winchesters.  You could feel Sam boring a hole through your forehead and Dean trying not to make eye contact.  It was awkward on overload and you stayed stiffen and pissy.  Finally, Sam’s starring got the better of you and you gave him a look.

“Yes?” You asked through gritted teeth.

“It’s just really good to see you.  We were worried.”  He said with those pupp y dog eyes of his.

“Yeah.  Like I said before- I have been fine. Except maybe now….”  You muttered as you stopped to rub your poor stiff neck.  “You are like the worst sleeping partner I have ever had.”

Sam chuckled and gave you a bright make you go weak in the knees smile.

“Really?  Cause I haven’t slept that well in a while.  You’re a good cuddler.”  

You rolled your eyes and sipped your coffee.  A grunt of annoyance came from beside Sam and you glance to the side.  Dean is frowning down at his breakfast like it broke his favorite toy.  No doubt that the little exchange between you and his brother had him fuming.  Sam followed your eye gaze and raised his eyebrows at his brother.

“Anyway.  Thanks for coming on short notice.  We thought that this was a single or maybe a couple of vamps.  Turns out that there is a whole nest on the outskirts of town.”  

“Well, I am probably the stupidest person alive right now, but you know I love a good old vampire hunt.”  You said with a slightly bitter chuckle.  Your fingers reached to tuck a stray hair out of your face and you can feel another pair of eyes on you.  Your stomach lurched when you made eye contact with Dean for a moment.  You quickly looked away and turned your attention back to Sam.  He’s gone a bit rigid in his seat at the uneasiness that permeates between you and Dean.

“Huh…  Well we know for sure that the leader of the nest’s name is Harry Bergeron.  He’s some super rich business type.  He has a house just outside of Delhi and he’s having some sort of party tonight and well…”

“Let me guess.  He likes them young, pretty, and female?  You need me to be bait?”  You asked as you took a bite of your biscuit. Sam looked at you grimly and nodded.

“I really don’t want to have to ask you to do this….”  

“Wouldn’t be the first time and won’t be that last time I’m used as bait.”  You said with a shrug.

“I don’t like that plan Sammy…. If Y/N gets hurts….”  You heard Dean began to protest but you shot him a dirty look.

“Thanks for the sentiment but I’m a big girl.”  You snapped as your eyes pierced his.

“Y/N. Look I know you hate me but I don’t want to see you hurt….”

“TOO LATE!”  You hissed.  

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in locked with you.

member: park woojin
genre(s): high school!au, fluff, crush!woojin
summary: being locked in a classroom isn’t fun and it doesn’t help the fact that it’s halloween but maybe having your crush by beside you would make it all better. (requested - bullet point format)
word count: 1.7k

note: wow am i whipped for woojin or is it all of you? i think it’s both lmao but this is another requested scenario by an anon! this is to commemorate an event that i don’t actually partake in but i might as well lowkey celebrate it by writing about it..??? heheheh. it’s actually halloween now here in australia so imma write this as quick as possible lmao - to those trick or treating, have fun and stay safe!!

p.s thank you to the anon that requested this! it means a lot < 33

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