it looked better in my head but meh

Things I have learned from having Baze and Chirrut bobble heads.

1) Chirrut’s head bobbles 10x better than Baze’s (must be the hair)

2) They both wear half-capes

3) It is physically impossible to make them kiss, but you can push their foreheads together and that’s pretty good, too.

4) Baze has a Cody scar.

5) Chirrut looks like he sees ALL

6) Baze looks like he’s seen all and feels pretty meh about it.


I was bored, and i had this sudden amazing idea. It looked better in my head, but oh well. Originally it said “disappear into darkness” at the bottom, but I may of cropped it out cause i spelt it wrong. I swear I’ve seen this font before somewhere though. Anyway hope you all like it, even though its not exactly very creative or arty. :)

daddy!michael holding his little girl in his hands when she grabs his finger for the first time and he’s so giggly and excited while his daughter lets out a small cough and he just looks at you with this proud grin that suddenly switches to one of mischief as he says “i guess you could say she’s…wrapped around my finger, huh? DON’T SHAKE YOUR HEAD WHEN YOU KNOW IT’S FUNNY. I’M FUCKING FUNNY…SHIT, SORRY. DIDN’T MEAN TO SWEAR.”