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This isn't a fuck anyone story, but I was called into the manager's office, and spoke with the head manager and my job coach, who had helped me get the job at where I work now. Apparently, I hadn't gotten customer complaints so much as concerns. I have a problem with my hip, and customers have pointed out to managers or coworkers that some days it looks like I can barely put one foot in front of the other. Which is true. But it made me feel better to know that some customers care!

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If you don't mind me asking, what's your drawing process like? Because I see a lot of paper sketches done on your blog, but then a high number of those drawings end up coloured with what looks like a computer program. Just a curious fan of your work!

I don’t mind at all! I put off answering this because I’ve been working all week/weekend and I have a head cold so I haven’t drawn anything for a few days and I had no good screenshots to provide.  But, I’m pretty new to digital art, i’m much more confident with traditional art so I start with a pencil sketch and load it into photoshop like such:

Then I knock the opacity of the background layer back and pretty much trace what I drew:

I try to keep as many details as possible and even add more because I’m pretty weak at coloring (I’m trying I get a participation ribbon), so it spares me from having to make up for it in the painting layers.  Once I get my lines down, I throw in a background layer and then just stack layers from there. 

It’s important to try new things and be experimental, but I’m a creature of habit and I need my pencil sketches.  They’re my safety blankey.  

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Ironpanther and #3 if you please!? It doesn't matter how you do it!

3. My brain is pregnant.

Kiernaaaa <3 My first IronPanther. OHMYGOSH I’m so excited and nervous! I truly hope I did this justice darling :D

“Please tell me that you’re not going to have a video call with the King of Wakanda in a catsuit,” Rhodey said warily as he eyed Tony sauntering into the conference room wearing the skin-tight suit with additional cat ears attacked to the eye mask.

“I’m trying to make him more comfortable. You know, make him feel at home,” Tony shrugged and muscles that nobody would have guessed Tony possessed rippled in the costume.

“Also, it makes your posterior look better,” Vision commented clinically and Rhodey let his head fall onto the table as Tony grinned wickedly.

“Aww, Vision my posterior looks the best in anything,” Tony winked and Rhodey muttered something about ‘95 Malaysia under his breath that Tony dutifully ignored.

They didn’t have time to argue any further though when Friday indicated that T’Challa had come online. The HD holograph projection flickered to life and they saw the Wakandan king sitting calmly in a matte olive t-shirt.

“Greetings, Your Highness,”Rhodey said before Tony could say something obnoxious like -

“Hi there, fellow feline”

Rhodey bit back a groan but to his credit, T’Challa didn’t flinch or act annoyed. His eyes landed on Tony and one graceful eyebrow raised.

Tony saw T’Challa take in his costume and hid his smirk. They had been having these video calls for a month or so now to fine-tune the edited Accords, after two months of Tony and T’Challa shuttling between Wakanda and the US. This was supposed to be their last discussion.

Tony had gone to the kingdom to help out in BARF for Barnes after a grounding and humbling series of talks with Rhodey, Pepper, Natasha and even Vision. The most impactful though, had been the Black Panther. Nobody understood Tony’s grief and anger more than T’Challa did, what with T’Chaka being the target of a mindless plot.

Yes, Tony had called him a hypocrite and scoffed at him the first time he had been approached, telling him that he had backtracked from his murder mission as soon as he found out that Barnes hadn’t killed T’Chaka. Tony wasn’t big on being polite or working with propriety like Rhodey and he was also high on grief and rage. So he had railed and ridiculed the King, who had once again shown his dignity and intellect by cutting off Tony’s growing tumor of hatred with a sharp knife of reality.

He had decrypted the rest of the files available on Barnes and had challenged Tony to watch them all. Tony had lost the minute he had seen the fourth video of Barnes being subjected to the chair. Though he had given nothing more than a perfunctory apology to T’Challa, the multi-billionaire hadn’t dragged the issue. Instead he had encouraged Tony to try and get over his quandry by putting his tech to good use.

Seeing BARF bringing a good man back from a monster who had been created by Hydra had been oddly satisfying. Tony was always a creator at heart and seeing his creation do its work for the good had been cleansing.

The whole experience had forged a strange friendship between Tony and T’Challa. Both men were proud of their mind, both were caring of whom they loved and both had no compunctions about doing what was necessary to set things right. It was maybe T’Challa’s refusal to take Tony’s bullshit or his acceptance of Tony’s vulnerability - whatever it was, the Man of Iron was glad to have found an ally in T’Challa.

Well, if things were more than ‘ally’ in his thoughts, then no one needed to be the wiser yet.

“Hello, Tony,” T’Challa responded with an odd glint in his eyes before turning to see Rhodes, “Gentlemen, shall we begin?”

An hour or so later the discussion ended and Tony clapped his hands once.

“Finally! Now, onto better matters,” he said imperiously, “My brain is pregnant.”

“Does that make your mouth your vag -” Vision began to ask curiously only to be stopped by T’Challa.

“And what might your new brainchild be, Stark?” T’Challa smirked just a bit but Tony smirked all out.

“I think that we should have a party,” Tony said and shushed Rhodey when he groaned, “No, really, all these months of dark, depressing and gloomy music is getting on my nerves. We finally managed to get this right and I need a break. Everybody needs a break.”

“So we need to party?” Vision asked and Tony nodded.

“Every good beginning and ending should be marked by a good party,” he declared and shot Rhodey a look when he realized that he would be reminded of the party before Ultron, “It should be.”

“Tones, not everyone is as free as you,” Rhodey teased him, “I’m sure running a kingdom keeps His Highness busy between the time he takes to help out in all this.”

“It does, Col. Rhodes, but I am sure I can spare a few hours to relax,” T’Challa replied even as he was staring right at Tony with a small smirk and an intense gaze, “Provided that Mr. Stark can live up to our expectations, of course.”

“Oh, I’ll be beyond your expectations, Your Highness,” Tony promised with his own smirk and got a kick in his shin from under the table, thanks to Rhodey and his new bionic legs.

T’Challa held Tony’s gaze with an unreadable emotion for a minute before nodding and wishing them goodbye.

“You are insufferable,” Rhodey informed Tony as soon as T’Challa disconnected his line.

“That is completely false,” Tony informed him as he stood up with a shimmy of his hips, “I am completely sufferable.”

Natasha was the only one from the ex-Avengers who accompanied T’Challa when they came down for the party a week later. She grinned at Tony when he complimented her knive-shoes (his invention) instead of her svelte dress and eyed him knowingly when he bantered with T’Challa.

Where Tony was sarcastic and corny in his wit, T’Challa was all dry and short. He would say the most blaze statements with a straight face and would take a sip of his drink coolly as Tony tried to rein in his laughter. When T’Challa said that Avril Lavigne was his favorite artist, Tony couldn’t find out if he was pulling his leg or being serious. Nevertheless, he did make Friday pull up her album on the playlist much to loud groans from Rhodey, that were pointedly ignored when even Natasha sang along.

As the evening dwindled away and everyone painted a satisfied picture of calm and contentment, Tony saw T’Challa slink off to the balcony quietly. He debated between staying and following the man, finally ending up following him out.

“Admiring Nature?” Tony asked as he joined the other man in the breezy space overlooking the city and calm under the dying sunlight.

“Not quite. Admiring the calm maybe,” T’Challa answered without turning and Tony hummed as he walked closer and leaned against the railing next to T’Challa, facing the skyline.

“Enjoyed the party?” Tony asked and saw one side of T’Challa’s lips quirk up.

“I rather prefer the sounds of my lab,” T’Challa replied and Tony chuckled.

“Ah, a man after my own heart then,” he said with a grin and finally T’Challa turned his head, staring right at Tony with a calm gaze.

“Is that so?” he mused and Tony felt captivated by the intense focus of the obsidian eyes, “I must say, I wondered about that with the…fancy dress you wore during our last video conference.”

“So you noticed,” Tony commented and wondered when his throat had become this dry.

“I don’t think anything about you is unnoticeable, Anthony,” T’Challa murmured with a faint teasing smirk and Tony swallowed hard, noting T’Challa’s eyes flicker to his Adam’s apple before meeting his eyes again.

“Okay, if I’m reading this wrong, then please wait till I have my suit on to claw my eyes out,“ Tony muttered and waited to see if T'Challa would react but the man simply looked at Tony with the same intensity.

Here goes nothing, Tony thought and closed the distance to land a soft peck on T'Challa’s lips, eyes open in case he was going to get punched. It was a there-and-gone touch of lips, one thin and soft while the other was full and thick. In that miniscule touch, Tony felt like he had contracted some sort of energy boost from this enigmatic man who was unflappable and yet vulnerable in his own way. Someone who was a man of the mind but a soul of all heart.

“You’re not punching me,” he said eloquently and T'Challa smirked wider.

“Excellent observation skills,” he replied dryly and Tony raised an eyebrow, “Now, allow me to try the same experiment in a better way.”

With just that warning, T'Challa swooped in and stole Tony’s breath. It wasn’t demanding of submission or coy for domination. It was a challenge to find equal footing, to find a push for their pull. Tony opened his mouth and inhaled sharply in time before T'Challa tilted his head and changed his angle. Once Tony got on with the program, it was a battlefield of technique, finesse, passion and tenderness. It was a potent mix, as dangerous as the men indulging in it.

“Okay,” Tony breathed when they finally parted, opening his eyes that he had closed somewhere along the slide of lips, “I think my brain is pregnant again.”

“We should definitely go ahead with that brainchild then,” T'Challa replied with a grin and Tony laughed as the King dragged him mid-laugh into the continuation of their ‘experiment’.

Okay, this is my first attempt at IronPanther and I would LOVE some feedback! No hate though please <3

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Tell me about Piper and Ruby's first time, please! :3

I didn’t feel I could quite do this question justice with a normal reply, and I was planning on writing this soon anyway, so…enjoy some sapphic smut :)

Bubblegum and Cigarettes

“Handy, aren’t you?” Piper tilted her head to get a better look at the pistol. If she hadn’t been by Ruby’s side ever since she picked it up, she’d never have recognised it as the crude weapon she pried from that dead raider’s fingers. As well as improving its accuracy and ammo capacity, she’d taken the time to engrave an elaborate, almost serpentine pattern into the metal. “Nimble fingered- um, I mean-”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Ruby smirked, putting the pistol back down on the workbench before sinking into the sofa next to Piper. “Actually I took a couple of metalwork classes before the war. And then practiced a hell of a lot. Gave me something to do when I…wasn’t at work.” Piper stubbed out her cigarette in the nearby ashtray, the last of the smoke twisting around them, as if mimicking the patterns of the delicate grooves in the pistol’s grip.

“Hey, I’m sorry, Blue.” She closed her hand around Ruby’s, gently squeezing. “I didn’t mean to bring up painful memories.”

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Wow. Moving I found this blast from the past (I know I already posted these on another account but since it was me it doesn’t count as reposting right??? lol. hope not) 

Anyway check these out that I made back right after season 1 aired:

Her attack is fire hydrant. fire hydrant. Oh Jemma

He’s got a tail. I guess I thought Fitz was actually going to be a monkey someday XD

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been thinking of these two aaaalllll day-
they look better in my head tho ;v;

Antonio ‘Tony’ was my own take on of how an offspring between a regular human and a skeleton monster would look like–
he’s a puppeteer/ventriloquist maybe
Carlotta 'Lottie’ is a phantom monster who is the manager of the underground’s theater, where movies, plays etc. takes place. Kinda inspired by 'Phantom of the Opera’

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Writing prompt here! Prompt 38 with Caddy/Kakusu! If you'd like, at least :D

38. things you said while holding my hand

It was passing time between classes. Caddy, having slipped out of class early, was waiting to meet Kakusu outside of Shizuka’s classroom door. He stood impatiently as time seemed to move as slow as it possibly could until the bell finally rang and kids came rushing out of the room.

Caddy stood on the balls of his feet to get a better look at the bunches of kids exiting the room, looking specifically for the head of bright red hair he was so used to seeing every day.

Kakusu finally came out; She was the last person leaving the classroom, walking by herself with an unusually glum look on her face. Odd, considering Caddy had never seen her like this. For the most part, she was with some friends when leaving class, and she almost always had the same pleasant expression on her face.

As fast as he could, Caddy ran up to her, grinning widely. 

“Kakusu! What’s up?” He eagerly awaited her response, as he had been waiting to talk to her all day, but she all she did was meekly look up at him and shrug.

Again, odd. Unusually and scarily odd for Kakusu.

Caddy stopped where he was, pulling Kakusu aside in the hallway, letting the hoards of kids move in peace to get to the lunchroom.

“Seriously, is everything okay?”

Kakusu looked at Caddy, and maintained perfect eye contact with him as she began talking.

“It has come to my attention that there seem to be some pieces of information I was neglecting to acknowledge about Mimi. In light of some recent events, I have found that she is not quite the person I have been lead to believe she is, and I am conflicted as to how to react about the situation.” She froze, staring at Caddy, looking… lost. 

Caddy took in a deep breath, and slipped Kakusu’s hand into his own.

“It’s going to be okay, alright? We can sort things out, and everything will be okay…”

Kakusu smiled, tightening her grip on Caddy’s hand as the two started for the lunchroom.

“…but if Mimi Santos is giving you any crap, you know I have slaughter and I will not hesitate to-”

He was cut off by some giggling from Kakusu. 

“I do not believe it will have to come to that, but I do appreciate the sentiment.”

send me one of these prompts and a ship and ill write a short drabble thing!

Last weekend before treatments

So, it was another fun week fighting with Aetna. I was denied my first appeal for Proton Therapy and I have now filed a Level 2 Appel that will be decided on Tuesday. At this point all I can say is everything happens for a reason. Perhaps IMRT radiation will be the better treatment for me. That is how I have to look at it for now. The key is to stay positive and focus on the things that I can control that will provide the best possible outcome.

Last week I also went into Orlando Regional Mediacl Center for my radiation simulation. This is where they map the brain with a CT scan and make a special mask that keeps the head immobile during radiation treatment. I also got my first MRI since post-op in Boston. Hopefully everything still looks good. I will find out next week during treatments.

Treatments are scheduled to start on Monday at 3:20pm. I will take the chemo medication temezolomide (TMZ) 1 hour before the radiation. I guess they work best together in the body. The radiation helps the TMZ through the blood brain barrier. I will then go in again on Tuesday at 1:40 for the same treatment and then at 9:40 every weekday after that for 6 weeks. I am anxious to start as I want to get the fight going and I am also very curious to see how my body is going to react to radiation and the chemo. I am prepared as the doctors prescribed anti-nausea, antibiotics, antiviral meds and I bought some Angel Mints (on a friends recommendation) that are supposed to be excellent at fighting off nausea and the bad taste the treatments leave in your mouth.

Thanks again to everyone that has or continues to reach out to me and my family. Every little bit helps and helps and keeps us focused on the positives. From what I have read this is as much a mental fight as it is a physical fight.