it looked better in colour ugh

re-imagined citadel dlc photo because bioware, you can’t give me a dlc specifically dedicated to proving how much this ridiculous ragtag group of buddies love each other like family, and then give me their drunken houseparty photo… where they’re all standing in strict lines at military attention not touching each other????? like, I get it, making people interact in video games isn’t easy, but that weirdly awkward photo did break my game immersion somewhat. I haven’t been to a drunken houseparty in about five years but I can tell you, they’re gonna cram as many people as possible onto that sofa, and most of them are gonna be distracted well before the photo gets taken. 

TOP ROW: steve and vega are on krogan-wrangling duty. steve is better at it. zaeed wants wrex’s drink umbrella but wrex is watching him closely to make sure he puts it the fuck back. jack’s just…jack. miranda was meant to be looking kind of disgusted like “ugh really?” but I realised as I was colouring it looks like she was about to say something and got, um, distracted by jack’s tongue soooo……… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  its definitely canon that samara L O V E S babies and excited-daddy-to-be jacob would deffs have baby scans to show anyone and everyone. 

BOTTOM ROW: kaidan “biotic beefcake” alenko unfortunately ends up next to garrus “unreasonably bulky armour” vakarian, and is torn between “YES FRIENDS :D” and “dear god shepard your feet s t i n k” (she fell through a fishtank yesterday kaidan give her a break). sam is tipsy enough to find this all hilarious. shepard’s the only sober one there but she’s still bein a little shit and lounging over everyone because drunk garrus is handsy garrus. liara’s trying to point out that javik’s passed out to tali but its a miracle that tali’s even sitting upright after being blasted on the bathroom floor for like an hour, so its not very effective. kasumi’s trying to convince joker that his hat would make a lot on the merch market and he’s saying that if she tries it he’ll sic edi on her (edi won’t do anything but her Disappointed Face is absolutely Devastating). javik passed out like five minutes ago and let me say, if all he gets is a bit of paper taped to his head, he gets off INCREDIBLY lightly.

Autumn Appreciation Post

Honestly I can’t wait for Autumn like the leaves change colours and look magical and beautiful, the air is cool and crisp, it’s ok to wear beanies and oversized hoodies, cinnamon, ugh I could list things forever. There’s Halloween and Bonfire Night, too. I love it all so much.

Call me crazy but I’m fed up of summer. I can’t wait for it to be darker and spookier and just generally better. 🍁🍂🕸

Story time: My gay made an appearance

Okay so theres this really cute girl who gets the same bus as me and she has done for about two years. I don’t know anything about her apart from her school but I’m pretty sure we’re about the same age. She wears the most amazing doc martin shoes to school and has the ‘bisexual’ haircut. Her bag has greens and purples and yellow colours in and kinda looks like a yeezy t-shirt has been wrapped around it. It has yeezus and MiM patches on and suits her so well. Anyway… Id love to get to know her better (if you know what I mean) but I’m too awkward and shy to talk to her. Like what if it turns out she’s really judgemental and she doesn’t want to talk to me. And even if i got over my anxiety to talk to her what the fuck would I say like i don’t know if I have anything in common with her. Ugh! What do??

terezisexbuttpyrope  asked:

HCs for the Paladins whose s/o is a nail polish enthusiast? Like they have seemingly hundreds of colours and shades and various top coats that do special things and their nails are never not painted.


  • he wonders why a single person needs a total of a gazillion small bottles of coloured fluid
  • but, since it makes them happy and it isn’t harmful, he’s totally fine with it
  • Shiro likes the holographic colours because they shine in cool ways under different lights ( “It looks like small galaxies!” )


  • always impressed with their skills of applying the stuff, along with the cool designs they manage to draw on their nails
  • his favourite polish colour is a deep sultry red, but he also really likes it when S/O wears a simple french manicure
  • although, he does get annoyed when S/O refuses to do certain tasks because the polish would flake off or their nails would break…( “You can’t wash the dishes, or help me wash Red, but you can genuinely sit around for two hours and draw that design on your pinkie?” )


  • occasionally asks S/O to paint his nails on his pamper days: tends to choose earthy shades for an eau naturelle look~
  • once he accidentally spilt some of their nail polish- chaos ensued - and Lance hasn’t gone near their collection since then ( “No. No touchy. I learnt that lesson a looong time ago.” *shudders* )
  • designated cuticle cleaner whilst S/O does their nails- he likes the chat and bonding they do over the activity


  • not a big fan of their hobby at all, especially because of its fume smell
  • but does appreciate all the careful and skilled work that goes into the designs
  • S/O forces Pidge to get her nails done from time to time ( ”Ugh, don’t you have anything better to do like help me save the world or something?” )- she throws a tantrum at first, but secretly she enjoy it (Pidge likes golden hues and reddish browns)


  • crazy about the neon colours (”They’re just soooo cool, y’know? They’re like, BAM, LOOK AT ME.” )
  • helps them organise their collection, obviously in colour coordination
  • has gotten into the habit of filing his nails himself after picking it up from S/O

This is supposed to be Eren. 

Like Levi, he’s a rather old sim so I thought I’d dust him off and give him a quick update…which of course ended up taking my whole bloody evening. Gosh I never expected it to be this difficult! 

I’m torn between making him look more “realistic”, that is, sacrificing his massive peepers, or having him more like the manga but then look ridiculous in shots…Ugh…. 

Despite looking less like he ought to, this is my compromise. He may look more the part if I had better PS skills but alas this is the best I could do.

I tried, I really really tried! _| ̄|○

Edited post: wasn’t happy with the previous colour; didn’t look right in my archive. Yes, that is a reason.


Haha a little teeny tiny CountryBat(CB) being looked after by her new dad, in the first pic, and a very caring uncle. I’m too lazy to colour. Ugh. orz I can’t help but imagine Dianite buying her pretty dresses and stuffed toys… BUT that’s just me.

Milo had found a fairly odd looking hook, unlike all others which were usually just your simple hook, usually with some kind of food attached to it, this one was basically just a really tiny bug which had been tied up by some string. He felt he recognised this from somewhere..He just couldnt place it.

Getting closer the thing suddenly turned its head up to look at him, ugh, what sicko would leave the bait ALIVE? He got a big closer, and it suddenly began to change colours, before he could do anything else, way too many nets were shot into the water, wrapping around him and causing mild to immense discomfort in parts of him

And then he was smacked right in the head with a very blunt trudgeon, and was out like a light.

Upon waking up, he was dangling upside down infront of a set of…Well.. for lack of a better word humanoid insects wearing fishing attire, the small bug that had tricked him was eating its way through some crumbs, as the two talked about..Something..

How much do you think we shall get for this one?

I am not sure..He has alot of meat on him but it looks to be mostly fat.

So is cooking him out of the question?

Well not necessarily…What should we do with the scales though?

Sell them, I have heard they make lovely highlights for capes..

Well, fuck, he had been in this kind of a situation before, its just most of the time he would have been saved by Vivian by now, but she was away on vacation. And what was worse, was that he knew these guys. Unlike other races, they didnt wait to pull the scales off captured merfolk, the moment they were caught, knifes were brought out and they forced them off one by one.; Which was really NOT something he wanted to go through..But he also found he was gagged sooo not much he could do!


help i can’t decide if i adore Sun Wukong from RWBY because Journey to the West influences or because he’s voiced by Michael “Rage Quit” Jones

in related news: i’ve been binge watching Rooster Teeth productions between World Cup games.

Originally drew this rascal to attempt a palette challenge, which I finished, but then I decided to see what it would look like with original colours and i liked it better so meh.  if u wanna see the palette challenge version holla at me idk

ugh i need season two of RWBY like right now

Pairing: Kuro/Mahiru
Fandom: Servamp
Rating : SFW with implications

Notes: So I was looking through otpprompts for a simple prompt and I came across this one and so… I had to write a loose version based on it. This got longer than I planned, oh my gosh! I am considering writing a more…erotic version but… I don’t want to be the fandom’s resident pervert though… 

Mahiru unlocked the door to their home and immediately Kuro leap off from his shoulder, quickly transforming back into his human form. Watching Kuro wander into the house, Mahiru narrowed his eyes at the odd way that Kuro was rubbing his shoulders. Before he could think to bring it up, Kuro shot him an over-the-shoulder look.

“Make me tea, Mahiru and bring me those sweets you keep hiding.”

Instantly Mahiru’s left eye twitched and he jerked an arm out, pointing at Kuro. “You’re standing up why can’t you do–!” He stopped himself. It was useless and troublesome to even bother. He knew that much. Instead of continuing, he let his arm drop while he toed off his shoes and took off his jacket. Putting both away, he gave Kuro a passing glance as he moved to the kitchen.

Clattering about the room, collecting the sweets and getting the tea ready, Mahiru grumbled to himself: it was better to relieve tension than to let it build up after all. It was how he managed to keep going on again and again despite doing everything for everybody. Honestly, he didn’t know how Kuro wasn’t a tense ball of pent-up frustrations.

When everything was ready and he returned to the living-area, he was struck immovable by the oddest of sights. Kuro was fidgeting on the ground in just shorts (are they mine…!?) and a t-shirt and the most uncomfortable expression on his face. When Kuro noticed him, Mahiru took a step back at the narrow-eyed glare he got.

Pushing it forward again, Mahiru said, “what’s with that face? I made you tea. You should say thank you!” Huffing, he walked past Kuro and put it all on the small table in the middle of the room before sitting down at it on his knees and staring at a turned off television. After a minute of feeling Kuro’s eyes bearing into his back, he whirled around. “Kuro, what the–!?”

Kuro was incredibly close to him.

Mahiru swallowed thickly. He could feel Kuro’s breath against his face, see the minimal colour in his face and it was almost-

“Mahiru my body huuuuurts. It’s all achy. Can’t deaaaal…”


“This is what you get for being so lazy!” Mahiru chided him, paying no heed to their proximity. He had better things to do. Like help Kuro out. Never mind his own flustered feelings. “Ah, let me go and get a duvet. I’ll give you a massage, that’ll help.”

Kuro gave him a pointed look. “Don’t they hurt. Ugh. I don’t want more pain. Can’t you just go and get some medicine.” 

“Like your body would know what to do with medicine.” Mahiru returned his look and shoved his hand against Kuro’s forehead. “At least it’s not flu-” not that vampires could catch such a human thing as the flu. “Just do as I say, it won’t hurt and it’ll feel go-be good for you!” Mahiru’s face lit up, heated.

Kuro just groaned and flopped down to the side but he didn’t decline the offer.

Which was how, after ten minutes Kuro was laying on his belly, topless with only shorts on. He had a handheld console between both hands and Mahiru could see the achy expression on his face from the reflection on the console screen. Mahiru sighed and looked to the left of where he now knelt to where he had warmed oil waiting.

Dipping his hands into the oil, he thrummed with how nice it felt on his hands. He wasn’t using a conventional method of massage but this one was simplest to him.  Rubbing his palms together, he pressed his palms into the base of Kuro’s back and began. All in all, it seemed to go rather innocently, until Kuro reacted.

Mahiru was running his slicked hands up Kuro’s sides and the eldest servamp moaned.

The console clattered to the floor, Kuro threw his hands out and moaned softly. “Ah, Mahiru…” 

“Kuro…?” Mahiru replied and if there was a squeak to his tone, there was no way he would later admit to it. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you? Do you want me to stop?” Despite his embarrassment at Kuro’s sound, Mahiru’s instinctual need to worry overwhelmed him and he began to take away his hands.

Kuro shot him the most dangerous look he could and Mahiru’s entire body seemed to jolt with… interest. From the sudden way his toes twitched to the way his stomach knotted and below that, his… he slapped his hands on Kuro’s back and closed his eyes. “Okay, okay. I won’t stop but d-don’t look at me like that anymore!” 

Mahiru felt shaky. Mahiru felt desire.

Kuro’s expression dulled into something more curious but he turned away all the same and just settled with laying down, closing his eyes. After a moment, his lips quirked. He was old enough to know what just happened to his eve but to put a stop to it was just too much effort. Besides, who said he wanted to? 

When Mahiru returned to doing the massage, his touch was gentler and much more reserved- as if he were holding back from something and Kuro, finding it both amusing and endearingly cute, made sure to keep moaning if only to listen to that subtle hitch of his eve’s breath and to see out of the very corner of his eye, the even more subtle way Mahiru’s belly tensed.