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Things YoI Fans/Ficcers Should Know About Skating (#22)


We are back with the next installment of our Jump Breakdowns. Today we’re covering the Salchow (pronounced SOW-COW but shortened to SAL as nickname by many skaters, I know, it’s confusing). The jump is named after its inventor, Ulrich Salchow who did the first one of these babies in 1909, looking dapper in his leggings and suit jacket. 

NOTES: If you haven’t read the post on EDGES, you’re gonna be really confused. So read that first. Remember, we are assuming our skater is a right-footed skater (meaning they land on their right foot…just like Yuuri!) Skating jargon is explained in parenthesis.


The most common entrance to the salchow is a forward outside three-turn on the left foot, placing the skater on the left (left-foot) back (skating backwards) inside edge (leaning on the blade side closest to your big toe). The skater then swings the free leg around, in coordination with their arms in order to gain the momentum to jump off the ice. 

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Doodled this… random piece (idk), got inspired with this song by my fav artist: Tahu (know) - Fynn Jamal  (however its in Malay) 

Basically the song is questioning the listeners, “What exactly are you really looking for in this life that you are still not satisfied and unhappy?” 

This song actually have a pretty deep meaning, like all her other songs, she sings using very poetic Malay (which is rare to find nowadays). 

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Ok fuck. The way you draw Eren gives me heart palpitations its so fuckin amazing. I've been staring at it for minutes now and just *insert emoji here that looks like it wants to shit* hoWWWWW????? I mean Eren is already pretty but hoW DID YOU MANAGE TO MAKE HIM EVEN PRETTIER??? LIKE ????? GOD HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL i cri i fckn love ur art style djsksjaga

asdjkljkadafjks “*insert emoji here that looks like it wants to shit*” what

Goner//Josh Dun Fanfiction

Note: Since it’s pretty much based on the idea that the book 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher presented. It contains suicide, and some other pretty dark stuff. Each chapter will have its own warnings, but in the mean time be careful while reading—I don’t want to cause any harm.


               He was a nobody last month—when the teachers would call his name in attendance, everyone would look around. Confused expressions adorning their features, he seemed like a myth. Like a legend.

               “I heard that Josh kid killed a dude once.”

               “Really? Because I heard he was raised by wolves” Stupid things created by rather stupid people—usually. The more insane and unrealistic stories seemed like a comic relief compared to the other rumors spread about the boy. You heard all about how he allegedly tried drowning his younger sister, how he allegedly got kicked out of his old school because he was dealing drugs, how he allegedly slit his wrists all day everyday.

               You chose to ignore them—you rather liked Josh. Well when you saw him anyway. Columbus high wasn’t particularly small—there were a minimum of 3 classes each for all the core subjects; far more for the extracurricular. You were lucky though; you got to share 3 of 4 classes with this mysterious new kid. The one who kept his head down and only spoke when spoken to. You wish you could’ve figured out why.


               You internally groaned as your teacher began talking—not about science, not about chemicals. Rather, he was discussing suicide. The topic on everybody’s mind since the “nobody” became the school celebrity. It made you sick to see everyone fake compassion, suddenly turn into heroes; or what they believed was a hero.

               “I know this is a fresh wound for everyone, considering it has only been 2 weeks. But all the staff at Columbus High would like to reach out for any student needing help. Mental health is just as important as physical health! If your brain is off balance, then your whole body will follow.” You stared outside, choosing to ignore the latest soapbox speech. The sky was gray, except it wasn’t raining—nor did the clouds look like they wanted to pour. Rather it was just a dark undertone, blocking away the sunlight. Almost like the universe was foreshadowing the boy’s fate. “Now if you know anyone who is going through tough times; please remember that getting them help is much more important than keeping a friendship.” You cast your gaze over to the teacher, who was putting his paper on the desk. Figures, the school gave them a premade speech to rattle off. “Do any of you have any questions?” You took a deep breath in, waiting for the vultures to dive in for the kill.

               “This kid, is he dead?” One of the basketball players asked from the back of the room; his expression was neutral but you could’ve sworn you heard his voice waver just a little.

               “I am not in a position to discuss that with you Mr. Joseph. That is something you will have to talk to the family about. Are there any other questions?” Your gaze went to the basketball player, who was gnawing on his lip—deep in thought. Probably contemplating another question.

               “If he does die, will there be an investigation and charges? Will it be treated like murder or just his bad decision making?” The people around him snickered at the end of his sentence, finding a cruel amusement in the insult. You found it sickening—for the fact that he probably tried killing himself for this exact reason.

               “That is up to the family to decide.” The teacher stated bluntly, turning his attention to the latest unit. Trying to avoid being put in any more awkward situations for one morning. You pulled open your notebook, clicking your pen. Trying to ignore the heavy feeling settled in your chest—you barely knew this kid, so why is all the suicide talk getting to you?


               “Hey! Y/L/N!” You heard someone call as you walked toward the lunchroom—your morning classes droned on, filled with chatter about Josh. Why people think he did it, what they think happened, even as far as how. It disgusted you to the core. You turned to see that basketball player, Joseph you think his name was walking up beside you.  ‘‘You didn‘t look so good in class today, I was coming to see if you were alright” You were taken back by the question—despite its seemingly innocent motive.

               “I’m fine, thank you Joseph.” You whispered, turning to leave toward the cafeteria once again.

               “It’s Tyler, and you just didn’t seem so good when they brought up those rough topics. I just thought I’d be a support. So if you ever need anything. Call me.” He extended his hand out to yours—keeping up with you as you walked. You rolled your eyes before taking the paper and shoving it haphazardly into your pocket. “Before you think anything; I’m not playing any cheesy hookup lines on you. I actually care and don’t want this to happen to someone else.” He whispered to you, before changing paths and meeting up with the rest of the basketball team.

               You couldn’t quite wrap your mind around it, the basketball team captain was suddenly being nice to you? Something was definitely up.


               “Hi honey, how was your day?” Your mom asked, walking up to the door to greet you. Eyes shimmering with curiosity.

               “It was fine, pretty boring though. Just notes all class.” You shrugged, taking your shoes off and making your way to your room. Your mom following you most of the way, asking you a variety of questions about your day. What were the notes on, did you learn anything interesting? Did you make any new friends? Needless to say, you were kind of resentful at what this Josh kid had caused—suddenly nobody left you alone. It was a constant stream of “how are you? Are you okay? How was your day?” and other fake interest. You liked it better when you could sit on the outside of the world and watch it as it passed, popping in on your own accord.

               “Y/N, your bag is hanging wide open!” Your mom commented, as soon as you reached your door. You scrunched your nose up—you definitely remember zipping it before you made your way out of school. Except when you slung it off your back—the zipper was wide open. What the hell?

               “I must’ve forgot to zip it! I’m going to make sure everything is here and do my homework. Okay mom, love you.” You quickly slipped into your room, shutting the door behind you before emptying the contents of your backpack on the bed.

               Books, check. Pencil case, check. Notebook, check. Weird bag thing, check? You arched and eyebrow as you opened the zip lock bag. It seemed to have a brown paper bag inside of it. Sitting cross-legged on your bed you slowly pulled out the bag. Praying it didn’t have an illegal substance somewhere within it. You grabbed one end of the brown bag, letting out a shocked scream when it unrolled itself and something fell to you lap. Provoking the curiosity of your mother.

               “I’m fine mom! No need to come in, just saw a spider that’s all.” You yelled out to her, taking a breath of relief when you saw it was only a usb drive that fell to your lap—not drugs. You inspected the drive, it was seemingly normal. Had a few scratches along it, but what doesn’t? Putting it to the side, you looked closer at the brown bag, opening it to find a few sheets of paper crammed inside.

               For Your Eyes ONLY. Strange enough. You opened the paper, heart clenching when you saw a boyish handwriting sprawled across the page.

               It’s simple. Watch the videos, pack up the usb and instructions, and move along—maybe even change a bit. That could never hurt right?

               Besides that, keep this within the group—and keep it going. You wouldn’t want to know what would happen if it stopped, but what threat am I? I’m either dead or comatose.


               No. It couldn’t be. Why is this coming to you? Maybe it was a mistake? You flopped over the side of your bed, reaching underneath to pull your laptop up onto your bed. Tapping nervously you watched as the technology in front of you took forever to open. And forever to recognize the USB.

               13 files. Each were labeled with a number—nothing else. Taking a deep breath you clicked the first file—watching as the media player popped up, starting a video of a dark room. The only sounds were that of a furnace and someone’s breathing. Shivers found their way down your spine when you were met with a somewhat familiar face—he looked calm. A small smirk playing at his lips.

               “I’m not going to repeat myself with instructions—if the person before you neglected to add them. Listen, find them and figure out what you need to do.” He let out a emotionless laugh. “Other than that, hey. Glad you could make it to the party.” You felt your chest tighten as your eyes burned with tears. You barely knew him, but seeing his face. No emotion, nothing on it made your heart shatter.

               “To set the record straight here, no I didn’t leave any notes, no my family doesn’t know why and no all your rumors are probably wrong.” You paused the video, resting your elbows on your knees and holding your head up with your hands. Why was this sent to you?? “I know what you’re wondering, “What is this and why am I included”, in dear time friend. In due time you’ll know. Just listen for a bit—like I do. Well used to.” You stared at the screen, in complete shock. Jumping slightly when a knock came on your door.

               “Honey, are you coming down for supper tonight?” Your mom asked—probably wondering how many plates to prepare.

               “No, I’m really busy and not too hungry.” You called back, reaching in your bag for a pair of headphones. Plugging them in before warily pressing play again.

               “If you’re ready for a ride, lets go. Congrats Mr. Cos, you’re the lucky first contestant.”

I’ve been thinking and I kinda (and by “kinda”, I mean with out a doubt) suck at doing things for you guys, so why not take some sim requests?

Things you gotta know:

1. The more specific you are about what you want, the better the sim will turn out (unless you want me to just do what I want, then ignore this). This means age, gender, style, personality, unique qualities, or maybe a sim based off of a name? Also if you’d like a lot of cc, a little, whatever, etc. You get the gist. TL;DR - Specific > Vague

2. Please try to specify if you want public or private download. If you don’t, I will just make them private (with the exception of anon requests, those will be automatically public).

3. I’m only taking 3 requests, BUT if there’s overflow, I will try to do those as well. I lose steam when I take too many so 3 is the “official” number that I’m going to accept.

4. I’m tired most of the time, so it may take a bit for me to make the sim, make cc lists, and edit the DL post. TL;DR - Please be patient.

With all of that out of the way, request away!

Spots left:

1. @early-grape
2. @dinosaursandthesquirrels
3. @mummasim

1. @vanillasimsfan

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(Can be angsty or not) Ryder and Reyes getting drunk and talking about families.

*Cracks knuckles* here we go

“So,” Reyes gently sets his cup down, “I told you why I came to Andromeda, it’s your turn now Ryder.”

They look at Reyes with an amused expression as they finished the last of their drink.

“Well..several reasons, mostly it was for the adventure of it all…“

“And the other reasons?“

“My family, and I didn’t have any other choice.“

“What do you mean by that?“ Reyes asked with confusion clear in his tone

“Well, my father got kicked out of the alliance military for doing AI research. So, anytime my twin or I applied anywhere, or hell, went anywhere, we were turned away on sight. People verbally berated us, threw things at us sometimes. So once we heard of the Andromeda Initiative, Sara and I jumped up at the opportunity.“

“I see…if you don’t mind my asking, why was your father conducting AI research? It seems a stupid thing to do for a man with a family and a secure job.“

“You’re right about that, it being stupid I mean, but I don’t really blame him in the end.“

“And why is that?“

“Why so curious about my family?“

“I think I’d like to get to know you better.“

“Is that so?“

“Yes, you’re the most interesting person I’ve met since coming here, it’s hard not to be.“

“Fine, but you owe me a story about your family.“

“Soon, I promise.“

“You better not be lying to me.“

“Lie to you dear Pathfinder? I wouldn’t dream of it~“

Ryder shoved him playfully, “Ass.”

“A mighty fine one too~“ He teased, winking playfully

Ryder rolled their eyes, “Anyways, the reason my father was doing research about AIs is because my mother was terminally ill and wanted to create SAM to try and attack the illness with the power of an AI to help her fight it off and maybe even cure her, but she…passed away before it was finished.”

Reyes blinked in shock, processing the words then pouring Ryder another drink, handing it to them insistently.

“I think you need this.“

“Thanks.“ They take a slow, long drink then set their cup down

“That’s…some heavy stuff. My condolences about them both.“

“Well…at least they are together now….“ They say sadly

“Hey,“ Reyes nudges Ryder gently and raises his cup, Ryder follows suit.

“Cheers, to the ones we’ve lost.“ He says softly, clinking glasses with them.


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//Honestly its so weird.i dont like it much thoo 

i dont like the part of her getting in love with this Artist or smth.

I mean its okay she doesnt remember it i guess.

Anyways i have my own story for Ahri. But new lore seems fine nothing amazing they just added few things with magical garden and her first platonic love x)



i took this career personality qui thats like based on these 6 thingies that like tell u what careeer is good for you and i got art director and  i looked it up and it was like really a thing ill probably end up being thats so weird cool

I love that in the grand pantheon of Herberts, the Our Fair City one is doing REALLY WELL. Like

Book Herbert? Got killed by his super yandere narrator assistant torn apart by his failed experiments. 

80s Herbert? Got sold up the river after spending years in a codependent relationship with a man who is terrified of commitment (…TO SCIENCE) 

Musical Herbert? Deaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaader than disco (I mean the 2000s one, we do not speak of the other musical Herbert). 

Meanwhile, OFC Herbert has had incredible success with reanimation at least as far as preserving himself, has rampaged through all the scientific fields, and has a stable(….ish), loving family whom he can commit to without any blackmail whatsoever – plus an assistant who’s actually going to successfully continue in the field. 

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hey i dont mean to be rude but do you do free drawing requests? if you do, could you draw my OC if i send a refrence picture? i would love to see what they will look like in your artstyle! its very cool!

Oh I’m not sure, I seldom doing free drawings unless it flicks to my interests. 
Sorry to say.

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For the name thing mine's Israela

I think of fields… but like,early morning fields…..lemme describe what I mean..

An open field with long grass and flowers, its around 9 AM and the sun is shining, but it’s still early enough for there to be pretty dew sprinkling its pretty magic, over every blade of grass, and every wildflower; you can see those weird white moth things that look like butterflies but NOPE they’re moths fluttering about all dainty and cute,anyways….

yeah, hearing you’re lovely name, reminds me of pretty open fields

idk man the thing that sucks about not being really pretty is that no matter what you tell yourself and what your friends might say, you sort of always know that you’re just not. and i’m not talking about being stubborn and fishing for compliments, it’s just knowing that you’re not conventionally attractive, that people on the street won’t double-take when you pass by them, that people won’t be flustered trying to talk to you. and i know looks aren’t everything but damn it sure feels like it when you aren’t absolutely gorgeous

the true beauty and the beast ‘gay moment’

  • “who needs her when you’ve got us?”
  • “it’s never going to happen ladies”
  • “I’m not done with you yet” - “me neither”
  • LeFou looking dreamy and biting his bottom lip when Gaston says “picture it LeFou (…) adorable children running around while my love rubs my tired feet”
  • LeFou’s dreamy look turning into a frown the second Gaston adds ‘but what does Belle say?”
  • the whole Gaston song
  • “LeFou you’re the best. How is it no girl has snatched you up yet?” - “I’ve been told I’m clingy, but I really don’t get it” + the Look
  • the nose boop
  • the dance with Stanley at the end

basically pretty much all the lefou scenes were gay because he’s gay af it wasn’t even subtext it was obvious and subtle at the same time goodbye