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Goodbye Internet.

Summary- In which Dan ruined what him and Phil had and made his last video. 

Genre- Angst?

Word Count - 1.7k 

The flat the two shared used to be full of life and happiness, now it was only full of sadness and regret. Dan had messed up big time, him and Phil fought. Now Phil was gone and Dan couldn’t forget him. He was everywhere he looked. Dan couldn’t bear though to get rid of the things they had together. He couldn’t even be bothered to pick up the engagement ring Phil threw back to him just before he left. “Fuck you Dan. I trusted you with my life and agreed to marry you and you went sleeping around?” Phil scoffed, twisting the ring off his finger. His face was tight, the veins in his neck popping out as his eyes watered. “Here”. He threw the ring at Dan, hitting his chest. Dan watched it fall to his feet along with his heart. “I changed my mind. I’ll get my stuff over the week.” He turned and walked out, slamming the door, leaving Dan standing there with tears falling from his eyes, landing around the ring on the floor. 

About a month ago it hit Dan, he was getting married. He wanted to marry Phil, god he did. He was scared and did what he usually did. Dan ran. He ran from his fear, ran from everything and into the arms of another person. A few actually. Thinking back now, Dan realized they all had one thing in common, they were just like Phil. Every woman he went home with was a huge kid on the inside with the sweetest smile. If Dan went home with a guy he noticed things about them to, they all were nerdy and had the sweetest personalities.

Staring at the ceiling as his fairy lights shone above him, illuminating the room with a melancholy mist. Dan hadn’t done much of anything since Phil left. He hadn’t gotten out of bed unless he needed to use the bathroom or wanted a drink or snack. Even then he just started hoarding bags of maltesers and water bottles in his room so he wouldn’t have to leave as much. Unlike the rest of the house, Dan’s room was black and white basically. The less color he had the better. To Dan, Phil was like a bunch of colors that shone brightly making everyone happy. Except Dan, the colors only made him sad now.

Tears slipped from his eyes and slid down the sides of his face. He didn’t want to continue YouTube alone, he didn’t want to abandon the gaming channel, let alone his own but he couldn’t do it. He met Phil through YouTube, and it ended on YouTube.

Sighing, Dan found the strength to climb out of bed. His head throbbed in pain as he walked to the bathroom, his head dropping once he saw his appearance. His hair was greasy and curled, bags and dark circles were under his eyes. His shoulders drooped and his clothes hung off his body. He was wearing grey sweatpants that were big on him alone and a jumper that was way too big for him.

Tears fell from his eyes again as a sob crashed through his body. Dan leaned against the wall and slid down, fully sobbing now. “I-I’m so sorry P-Phil.” He gasped through every cry to himself. He doubted he’d ever get to tell him how sorry he was. Phil was right in Dan’s mind to leave. He didn’t deserve Phil, he never did and he proved that.

Dan couldn’t do this. He wasn’t happy. YouTube doesn’t make him happy anymore. It’s been a week, almost two now since he even logged on. He sat there on the bathroom floor for hours thinking it over.

Music blasted in his headphones, and he stared at the tiled wall. Was he doing this? “I guess I am,” he mumbled, the life drained from him. He pulled himself up and trudged back to his room, setting the camera up in front of his bed. Turning the camera on he sat there for five minutes before saying anything.

“Hello internet,” he waved his hand. His voice wasn’t happy like it usually was when he did his intros, then again he wasn’t happy anymore. “I look like a literal rat right now, and I deserve to.”

Dan sighed and hung his head trying to think of how he wanted to explain everything. The fans never knew that him and Phil were together, so how was to explain what happened without outing them. Hopefully Phil wouldn’t hate his anymore than he already did..

“As you guys probably have noticed, Phil and I are no longer gonna be living together.” Dan bite his lip and looked down. “A-And it’s all my fault.” He looked into the viewfinder for a brief moment to see how he was doing.

“Phil and I were a couple. I asked him to be my boyfriend back in 2011 and he said yes.” Dan smiled but that smile was nothing but sadness anymore. “We went through tough times like any other couple, as you all know we grew apart in 2012, but we came back around.”

Dan could feel tears forming back in his eyes but he refused to let them fall again. “After being together for over 5 years, I decided I would ask him to marry me. I wanted to make it perfect, because that’s what Phil deserves. I planned a trip back to where it all started. You were so clueless. My heart was soaring, beating out of my chest. I was gonna ask you to marry me and I was terrified you would say no. Looking back? You should have, but for some reason you chose to say yes.”

Laughing a bit Dan remember how nervous he had been that day. “I took you to the train station where we met for the first time. I was nervous to get off the train that day. I was worried you would hate the me you would see in person.”

A single tear rolled down his cheek, “W-we planned to get married in May. We planned on recording bits of it, and uploading a vlog as a surprise to you guys.” Dan chuckled, “Some of you, many of you actually would have been expecting it.”

Dan closed his eyes and let the tears roll freely now. He brought his hand up and covered his mouth, letting sobs escape his body. His eyes were more than likely bloodshot as he looked back into the camera. “Then I fucked up big time.” Came from his lips in a whisper.

“Loyalty is something everyone deserves. T-trust to, and I broke both of those things. P-phil… If you by some chance watch this, not that you would want to see me again in any form, but I-I’m so sorry. You should never forgive m-me. I was scared. I s-still am now that I’m alone again because I-I’m so used to having you here. It’s not the same. There’s no dork to greet me when I finally crawl out of bed, no one to help when I fall into an existential crisis. I fucking took you for granted, and I will never f-forgive myself for that.”

Dan fell back onto his bed and let the sobs come, the tears pour. A good 15 minutes later once he composed himself, he sat back up and looked into the camera. “I che-cheated on P-Phil Lester. I fucking hate myself f-for it.” He wiped his eyes before looking back into the camera.

“It hit me that I was getting married and I started to panic. I started thinking about how Phil, how you could c-change your mi-mind any moment and it scared me. So, like any other time I was scared, I ran. Instead of running to you, I ran from you. Into the arms of others.”

“I want you guys to do me a favor. I want you all to, if you love somebody, make sure you tell them. If you get scared f-fucking tell them! Don’t do what I did. Don’t be stupid and cost yourself the one person you can’t live without. This? This hurts like fucking hell and it sucks. Phil, you mean everything to me an- and I’ll never get you back and I deserve that. I deserve to be lonely and to never hear from you again.”

Dan sighed, scared shitless to end this video. His face was tear stained, his sleeves were damp from crying and his eyes were bloodshot and puffy. “The last few things I w-want to say to end this on… I-I’m moving. I don’t know where, but somewhere. Hell, I don’t even know if I’ll stay in London, it all hurts too much. J-just like this… YouTube used to make me happy. Now it mocks me. I look and see most of the videos I created were with you Phil and I can’t do it. So, this is it. No more Danisnotonfire. No more live shows, no more updates. I’m going back to being Dan, and getting rid of my internet persona I’ve built over the years. Please, if you guys see me in public, please don’t come up to me. I don’t want this “fame”,” Dan put hand quotations around fame. He never considered himself a famous person. Just someone on the internet. “I loved meeting you guys, but when your other half is missing you just don’t want to continue.”

Dan sighed one last time and wiped his eyes before looking into the camera. “I’m Dan and this was Danisnotonfire. Goodbye internet.”


Dan had just finishing packing up the last box of things from his bedroom. He was moving back home, not too far from his parents’ house. Carrying the box out to the lounge, he looked around. What was once a happy place was now nothing but a bad memory. The ring he gave Phil lived in his wallet. The remains of his YouTube career were going with him. He had uploaded the video a week ago and wasn’t sure how everyone was reacting. He didn’t check the comments or look on any social media. He was too scared.

Dan’s phone went off in his hand and he looked at it.

YouTube: AmazingPhil has just uploaded a video: Phil’s Final Video Blog - 2nd March 2017

Part 2

Connor Murphy(DEH) imagine-Beautiful


A/N: Thank you anon for this request! I had a great time writing this and I probably can’t think of something like this myself!

description: A shy photographer took a photo of Connor because it was way too aesthetically pleasing to pass up.

The camera itself was not alive, but the way you uncontrollably lifted the machine and focused on the boy in front of you made you wonder if it had a mind of its own, because you would not have dared to take a photo of Connor Murphy. To be fair, you never had the guts to take a picture of anyone but it is Connor Murphy, the guy who literally threw a printer at some teacher once, so there must be an unexplained supernatural power urging you to do it, to secretly capture the beauty in front of your own eyes.

You seldom took this path but you are more than glad that there was a construction on your usual route, leading you to stumble across this alleyway. Here, you saw Connor, leaning against a wall with his eyes closed, slowly breathing out a swirl of smoke. For some reason, you were mesmerized. You had seen people smoke before but not like this. Somehow, he looked serene, like time had stopped for him. You didn’t know how to explain but it was beautiful. He was beautiful. And it is a photographer’s instinct to capture what’s beautiful through their lens.

You got home and immediately went onto your laptop. You owned a photography blog and you share wharever aesthetically pleasing shots you managed to take. You had no hesitation posting plain landscapes or common sunsets, but you were torn about whether or not to upload probably your best work yet, that photo of Connor.

You should not do it, your mind told you, because it would cause huge trouble if he found out. But the more you stare at it, the more you want to let the world know about it, about how beautiful he could be with the smoke and rare calmness. And that’s when your rationality gave in and clicked “post”.

The next morning, you woke up to the beeping noises of your phone. Should have turned it off, you thought. Annoyed, you grabbed it to see what was going on and you were shocked by the display on your screen. That photo of Connor Murphy was being shared and shared and now on everyone’s feed. If it was any other of your work going viral, you would have been overwhelmed with joy but you couldn’t be more worried. Heck, what if he confront you about it? What can you do? Well, no use worrying now, everybody had seen it and he probably did too. Fingers cross that you will not run into him.

It was already noon and nothing happened, maybe you could at least make it through one school day. “Hey!” You froze upon hearing the familiar voice. Connor looked just as pissed as you imagine him to be. You lowered your head, not dare to meet his gaze. “What the hell is wrong with you?” He yelled, “You think that is okay? Taking pictures of people without even letting them know?” Intimidated, you stuttered, “I… I mean… I was….” “What are you even trying to say” Connor glared at you, obviously annoyed.

“I’m so sorry that I took a photo of you without telling but it was so beautiful, you were so beautiful, I…I mean the view, the… Forget it, I’m so sorry and I’ll delete it.“ You blurted. Connor’s eyes widened. He tried to say something but you were panicking way too much to stay any longer and sprinted through the hallway.

Your mind went blank as you collapsed on your bed, trying not to think about what had happened. You knew it was a terrible mistake, you never should have posted it. Heck, you should not have taken the photo in the first place. While you were deep in your thoughts, your phone on the bedside table vibrated.

You have one message from Zoe Murphy

You barely knew Zoe and you two didn’t share any classes, so this can only mean one thing.

-Hey. This is Zoe, Connor’s sister. I saw what happened in the hallway today.

>I’m really sorry about the photo. I really am.

-I don’t know how to tell you this but he does not mean it that way. He just doesn’t know how to handle his feelings so please talk to him.

You had no idea what Zoe was talking about, he was absolutely furious today. But you did want to explain yourself and it would have been a lot easier if what she said was true.

>I don’t really get it, but thx anyways

The next day, you walked into the school building and immediately searched for Connor. As scared as you were, you wanted to do the right thing, or at least apoligize without sounding like a babbling mess.

There was nobody in the corridor, maybe you were too early. “Hey.” Connor’s voice startled you and you tried not to panic. He looked a lot gentler, with a glint of nervousness in his eyes. But why? You were the one who did something wrong. “Look, about the photo…”

“I’m sorry I yelled at you yesterday, I did not mean to sound so harsh.” “Well, I would have been just as pissed if a photo of me suddenly went viral. I’m really sorry.”

“No no no, you don’t understand. I was irritated because I did not want you to see me like that.”
“Like the weed-smoking, class-skipping, self-hating mess that I am. I wanted to be somewhat a better person, at least in front of the girl I like.” He said, with some sort of sorrow in his expressions.
You were shoked by what he said, that what you found breathtaking was seen as a mess. “But you were so… I mean, weed is bad for you but you were so beautiful at that moment and… And… You like me? And… Just…” Your plan of not panicking failed already but it was nothing comparing to how you felt like you heart skipped a beat as the boy’s lips connected with yours. You placed you hand on his neck, pulling him closer.

Connor wrapped his arms around you and you rested your head on his shoulders. “I understand the feeling of wanting to capture something beautiful. I feel the urge to do that every time I saw you.” Connor said with a grin and even smirked a bit when he saw the redness on your cheeks.
“But for real though, have you consider quiting weed?”
“Thought you said I looked beautiful smoking?”
“Yeah, but it is bad for you. Besides, you are pretty photogenic with or without the smoke.” And then it was Connor’s turn to blush.

About Yoi ep 1 (while knowing what happened at ep 10,11,12)

EDIT: Added more things thanks to the last eps! 

All of this has spoilers so read with caution.

Hello everyone! Let’s talk about the chronological events of Yuri on Ice because we now know that Viktor was in love with Yuuri since the GPF gala everything in the anime has a new way to be seen. All of this is what information the episode one has given to us.

First, the order of dates in the chart are based on the actual figure skate season (of this season irl in specific) and dates told inside the anime. This in order to have a better idea on when each event is happening.

Thanks to Yuuri’s very brief and concise explanation of things we get what happened in his skate season till March (the day he got back to Hasetsu).

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Requested by anonymous from the Drabble Game.

Number 36.

Author’s note:

I saw someone requesting this to another fandom imagine page, and I thought it was really cool, so I made a fluffly Chris version of it. One request less, nine to go. Hahahahah

Update: Thank Alyssa, aka @imyourliquor-youremypoison, for helping me with my imagines. Also, go and follow her so you’ll know when she posts something brilliant (she does it a lot).

Masterlist ❁


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Chapter 9 - I’m Not Kissing You

Richard Speight jr x reader

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8

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The walk to the bar put you on edge with Richard. All of your friends, Richard’s and yours, were walking in front of you both chatting away, singing and jumping about in excitement. But there you were walking nervously next to the man you adored, not saying a single word to him, he ignoring you too. Once you had all made your way to the bar you all clambered inside one after the other. The bar was big with very few people inside and it had that typical bar smell, leather and spilt cider. They had the bar in the center of the room with two bartenders stood behind chatting away with each other and waiting for their next customer. Briana and Kim headed straight for the bar ordering their first drinks of the night, certainly not their last, whilst Osric, Jared and Jensen went over to the pool table they had hidden away in the dark corner.

The rest of the gang found three large tables and moved them all up together, sitting around on the chairs. Your friend patted the seat next to her, inviting you to join her and sit with the gang. You were happy to have somebody distract you from the man stood behind you, so you obliged. You began to become more comfortable, being added into the conversation a little more and laughing with the guys. Kim and Briana came to the table, placing their beers down and sitting together opposite you and your friend. You were distracted by the two loud women and you hadn’t yet noticed that Richard had sat uncomfortably close to you, Rob opposite him.

You turned your head to the right to see what was rubbing against your thigh and you realised who had joined you. Richard was sat on a stool next to you with his thigh leaning against yours and his hand on your knee. What really confused you was the way he was pretending it was normal for him to do. He wasn’t looking your way nor talking to you, yet there his hand and thigh were. He was acting as if he wasn’t touching you so personally as he continued to joke with Rob, looking at something he was showing him on his phone.

Your stomach dropped, suddenly taking away any appetite for a good night you had. You understood what guys were like and that they like to mock and joke a girl about feelings or love or lust. But what you hated most was the fact that Richard was now doing it in public. You started to wonder if he’d figured out your feelings toward him, and as your stomach became more empty, so did your glass. You must have had three beers already since you’d been there and that had only been about half an hour. Of course the guys had gone through almost the same, but they were a lot bigger than you and could handle their drink a LOT better.

You sat there quietly, nodding or smiling when somebody said something to you. That was until Rob held his phone up at you and pulled you out of your daze.

“Y/N! Hey, scoot in! come on!” Happy blue eyes were beaming at you from across the table, ushering you closer to the person you wanted to be furthest away from in the world. You politely declined his photo, telling him the lighting would make you look bad and other excuses. But that was before a strong arm pulled you into the side of Richard. Your body fell towards him, and he pressed the side of your heads together. Rob took the photograph and uploaded it to twitter before you could even shout at the pair of them.

“Guys! what the hell I had literally no time to react to that!” You complained, mostly focusing your anguish at Rob.

“Hey, he could have kissed you! You should be glad he didn’t.” Rob argued, shaking his head.

“Yet.” Richard added sternly.

“Yeah, no. Never going to happen.” At this point you were no longer joking. You were dead set on never letting the man come near you again, not like that. You wanted to look after your self esteem instead of giving in to that gorgeous sea of gold that were Richard’s eyes. You stood up, stumbling slightly from your alcohol consumption and walked off to the bar for another drink. You ordered your beer and watched as the bartender poured the drink for you. A gentle tap on the shoulder caused you to turn your head to the side. Rob was leaning against the bar smiling at you, in rather a sweet and innocent way.

“Hey…” You spoke quietly, not in the mood for any more joking around. Your heart was at stake here.

“Hi. I was just wondering why you won’t kiss Rich. I mean, why not? he’s a nice guy and he freakin’ adores you. My ears were almost bleeding this morning from him saying your name the whole time. So whats the deal?” Rob had ordered another beer for himself and took a seat on one of the bar stools, you following and taking the one next to him. You took a sip of your fourth beer, feeling the results almost instantly. The only problem to alcohol that you found, was how much it brought out the truth.

“To tell you the truth, Rob. I don’t like to be mocked.” You replied in confidence. Rob furrowed his brows, obviously confused by your response.

“What do you mean mocked?” He asked, taking a sip of his beer.

“You know what I mean. Teasing me, grabbing me. Embarassing me in front of all of my friends by laying on top of me and pretending he likes me.” Admittedly your voice had cracked slightly in your rant. You didn’t sound half as confident as you’d have liked. Rob noticed that you had genuinly been upset about all of it.

“Y/N……Rich is……not teasing you. He’s not pretending he likes you. He really does. Trust me I’m his best friend. I knew he liked you before he admitted it…”

Rob took a moment to look back at your group of friends at the table, Rich was sat joking about with Kim. “…If you don’t like him in that way I think you should simply tell him. It’d stop him getting more hurt.” Rob was talking as if you had been leading his best friend off, which was insulting and 100% bullshit.

“Rob, I’m not leading him on. I-I don’t…Guys back home don’t like me. You know, I’m the bottom of the scrap pile of girls to choose from. And I’m certainly not Richard’s type. I’m not good enough for him, I’m not pretty enough for him. I mean he’s just…..he’s Richard! If I were to stare into his eyes for too long I would drown…. If I were to listen to him speak for a moment longer than I should, I’d explode……he’s the most beautiful, talented and funny guy I’ve ever met. I don’t want to give in and let him kiss me as much as I want to kiss him myself. I love him. I’m just trying to protect myself for once in my life. Can you understand that?”

Alcohol definitely was a horrific idea for tonight. Rob was sat there taking in everything you’d just said. You expected him to be angry at you, or to walk off. But he didn’t. He sat there and watched you for a little while. His eyes felt like they were scrutinizing everything you were doing. You turned to your side, facing the bar and polishing off your beer. You waved your hand to the waiter, asking for another.

The silence between you and Rob was terrifying you, building up your nerves to the top of your throat. Unless it was vomit from everything you’ve drank. You hoped it was the nerves. You heard the faintest of giggles from Rob and you had no idea what he found so funny.

“What?” You asked, a little annoyed by his cheery mood. Why couldn’t everybody be grumpy like you?

“Nothing….” Rob answered with a smirk. He then grabbed his glass of beer and left you alone at the bar. At least, you thought you were alone. You were completly unaware that there had been somebody else sat on your other side for a good few minutes. You felt a gentle tap on your shoulder, but not as gentle as before. You turned slowly so’s not to give your growing headache any problems. Your eyes stared straight into the eyes of Richard. He has the softest of smiles traced on his lips as he stared at you. Your heart began to thud louder and louder to the point you could almost hear it. You sincerely hoped he couldn’t.

“Do you really think I’m beautiful?” He asked, his voice quiet and soft. At that moment your heart went ballistic. The sudden realization that Richard had heard everything you said about him washed over you like a high wave. You started to panic. You wanted to run straight out the bar, but you knew with the amount you had drank tonight that you wouldn’t be able to get far. And even if you did, Richard would be right there at home waiting for you. You began to stammer.

“I-uh…I need to…..I need to go to the bathroom” A lousy excuse, yes. But it was all you could muster right now.

“I don’t think so.” Richard responded, grabbing your right arm with his hand. He held you there gently, not hurting your arm or forcing you to stay there. But it was warning that if you tried to leave he would pull you back down.

“You’re always running, you never stop.” You looked down at your feet. You were to nervous to look him in the eyes. You’d just outright told him that you love him and boy were you gonna pay.

You felt gentle fingers touch your chin, pushing your face up a little, pointing your gaze back to his.

“It’s time to stop running.” The words echoed from his lips as if they were being said in a dream, or a fantasy of yours. Only this time it was real. He was really holding your face in his hands, stroking your cheeks gently with his thumb. He leaned forward, giving you one last gaze, before he closed his eyes and placed his lips against your own.

Everything stopped.

There was no music, no voices shouted in the background.

You could no longer feel the seat you were sat on.

No smell of beer in the air.

Only him.

He was intoxicating. The smell of leather, aftershave and…him.

All you could hear was his shallow breath, struggling to get enough air in his lungs. And then there was the feel of his lips. He wasn’t aggressive. He wasn’t rough.

The feel of his soft lips brushing over yours as he continued to kiss you both tenderly and gingerly at the same time. One of his hands had moved down into your lap and he interlaced his fingers with yours. You could literally feel yourself falling in love with him, then and there. You had finally let go.

His lips began to come away from yours as he finished the kiss. It was almost like the world had been paused, just for you to have that tiny moment. The music continued to boom around the bar and hustle and bustle of your friends and other people was no longer gone.

You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding, staring back at Richard in silence. You didn’t know what to do, nor what to say. But Richard did.

“Let’s go home…” The way he had said it made you feel like you really belonged with him, so you followed him, and you went home.  

Japan (Shawn Mendes)

Hey! I’ve been inspired to write this fluff by the Instagram Shawn uploaded, plus I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, so here it is, I hope you like it :) Only thing I have to say, that Shawn’s girlfirend here’s 18!

Word count: 1.1k

Warning: none, just too much fluff

I tossed and turned myself to the point, that it became morning, and the sunrays – instead of warming my body – pointed right to my face, making me grumpy in a matter of seconds. I covered my face with my right arm, inhaling the dry air, then stretching my limbs. After I hid my face into the huge, white pillow it became quite obvious, that it wasn’t my usual one, judging only by the size of it. It took me a good two minutes to realize, I wasn’t in my own flat, neither in my country.

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[Miraculous Ladybug]: It’s All Hype!

lol i’ve stopped being anxious about these prompts being late, they’ll happen eventually

[Day 4: Common Interests]

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: It’s All Hype!
Pairings: Ladynoir (Ladybug x Chat Noir), Adrienette (Adrien x Marinette)
Summary: Alya accidentally gets the Internet in a frenzy after announcing that Ladybug and Chat Noir are dating, but the two heroes are adamant about correcting the error and making sure the world knows that they’re just friends. So Alya proposes a staged public break up to set everything right.

In hindsight, she really underestimated how utterly freaking difficult that would be.

Day 5: Right-Hook

Chat Noir used the twenty euros that Ladybug had reluctantly handed over to buy himself a plate of crepes and waffles, and after that the Egg Discourse™ had thankfully ended. They finished their brunch together while Alya started checking all of the likes and hits racking up on the video that she had posted of the two of them arguing rather vehemently about food of all things. Figures that they couldn’t dare to argue with each other about something serious but the moment you brought up irrelevant discourse about breakfast foods, they were both at each other’s necks and attracting the attention of an entire restaurant with their antics. Alya thought about telling them that they acted exactly like an old married couple who loved to bicker about the little things and didn’t sweat the big ones, but she figured it would sound odd considering they were trying to convince the world of the exact opposite.

The three of them ended up on top of an apartment building near the café with Alya leaning against the chimney and moderating all the comments that were steadily pouring onto the end of the video. She must have been at it for longer than she realized because at some point Ladybug and Chat Noir discarded their weapons next to her and started killing time in that way they usually did whenever people randomly caught footage of them on their patrols at night. They’d switched from a crunching competition to doing handstands on the edge of the roof to some light hand-to-hand practice by the time Alya was sure she’d gotten all of the inappropriate comments off.

“Sorry about this,” Alya told them as Chat Noir knocked Ladybug onto her back and declared himself the winner of their second round. “My friend Nino usually helps mod this stuff for me when I’m busy but he’s got a family thing right now and I don’t want to let the comments get too cluttered.”

“Take your time, we don’t have much to do today anyway,” Ladybug said, sounding slightly out of breath. She nodded at Chat Noir. “Again.”

“Don’t stay so flat footed by the way,” Chat Noir told her. “Stay bouncing on your toes and you can move quicker. When you’re ready.”

Ladybug lunged at him first while Chat Noir quickly blocked her punch, and Alya cleared her throat as she pulled up a few comments. “Alright. So the results of that little show during brunch are turning out to be interesting.”

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request- parenthood is all about learning || d.h

Request: hi can you do one where dan yells at his kid but then regrets it later on, you can make up the plot and stuff 😌

Word Count: 1,131

a/n: hope i get to transmitt all the feelings that thinking about dan as a dad makes me feel (that was awks sentence sorry). Also, I purposely made it vague for all you Phan shippers and all of you Dangirls lol



The predominant word that characterized Dan’s life lately. From recording videos, editing them, writing a new book, meet and greets, meetings and conventions, being a parent and a husband, Dan was surprised he still had some time to breath. His head was pounding, his back was so tense he could feel his muscles tighten as seconds passed. The only light being emitted from the computer, the only sound from the clicking of the mouse and the touch of the keyboard as Dan edited one of his famous youtube videos.

He heard the front door open, he sighted. He heard the laugh of the children, his children. The sound of both of them running up the stairs to their room. Don’t get me wrong, Dan loved his family but the moment the kids step in the house all his endeavors to get any work done were long forgotten. “If they could only not be here right now,” he thought. His thoughts sometimes made him feel guilty. Perhaps it all had been too soon, maybe wasn’t ready for a family but making hasty choices was what he was best at and this one was one he would never take back.

He turned his head as he heard the door of his room open. The small face of his child youngest made him smile. The kid had his wavy hair and his chocolate eyes, you didn’t have to look at them twice to know they were father and son. The small child ran into his father’s arms, who brought him into his lap.

“How was school?”

He didn’t answer with words, but he flashed a big smiled and showed two thumbs up. He reminded him of a younger version of himself, happy and carefree, long before his teenage self-found out about existentialism and the suffering of the world. Dan ruffled his son’s hair softly. The laughed emitted by the child bringing joy to his life, instantly making him feel less tense. Dan couldn’t help but smile, there was nothing in the world that made him happier than his children.

Dan always dreamed of having children, though he never admitted it until he had them. The idea of taking care of someone, loving each other unconditionally, being able to teach them about values and morals. Having someone to genuinely appreciates you for you, something you can only get out a familial relationship, in most cases at least. I guess he would agree that none is ever gonna love you like your children, none is ever gonna love you like your parents. It’s the mutual love and respect that he sometimes lack with his own family and that he craved for so long.

Dan got up and sat his child on the chair he was just sitting at.

“Don’t touch anything, okay? I’ll be right back” The time it took Dan to got to the kitchen and get some verbena couldn’t have been more than two minutes, yet when he got back to his computer, full of his hard work and stress, his world literally fell apart.

The video he spent hours editing, the clips from his videos he spent hours specifically looking for, hours and hours of work. Everything gone in a matter of minutes. He felt his breathing getting heavy as he closed and open several tabs. No saved drafts, no previously open windows, no backed up documents, nothing at all, everything is gone. He thought for a few seconds. There had to be something he could do, of course, there wasn’t, there was no way he could re-edit two videos and make it to his meeting today, and be able to upload tomorrow, and still be sort of alive by the end of it all. He rubbed his face with both of his hands, he looked around the room, and he spotted him.

The way his eyes deviated from his dad’s intense stare said it all.

“I just wanted to help…” the small and fragile voice filled the room, you could hear sobs forming on his little throat. Dan didn’t think twice and grabbed him but the shoulders kinda harshly but not enough to hurt the kid.

“Do you realize what you have done?! I specifically told you NOT to touch anything” He was screaming, his voice was firm and extremely daunting to the small kid that could barely comprehend the consequences of his actions. “Go to your room! And do not come out until I tell you to, do you heard me? We’re going to have a serious talk later” Dan released the kid’s shoulders, and he ran immediately, the sobs no longer being restrained by the fear of having his father speak to him with so much wrath.


A few hours had passed, Dan took a small nap due to the extreme headache the stress that he underwent a few hours back had caused him. He called his meeting off, and reschedule it for later that week, so he was able to edit the videos again. He sat and his computer and sighed, “here we go again” he thought. Dan’s hand slipped on the mousepad from his laptop and accidentally opened his second desktop view [if you have a Mac you might understand, I’m sorry if you have no idea of what I’m talking about]. There it was, the video, the clips, even the Tumblr tab he opened while procrastinating his work. All of it right in front of him. The guilty consumed him quickly. He has just screamed at his kid for literally no reason at all, and even worst, made him run in fear from him. He sighed once again and covered his face with his hands.

He got up from his chair slowly, and just like that walked to his children room. The oldest wasn’t there, he was probably in the office where the other computer was. However, the one he needed to see was there. He was covered from head to toe with his favorite blanket, curled up like a little kitten, he had probably fallen asleep crying. The thought of this made Dan’s heart melt in sorrow. He had always hated when his father screamed at him for making mistakes instead of teaching him how to do things better. He couldn’t believe he had just done the thing hate the most to one of the people he loved the most.

He walked closer to the kid’s bed and sat down on edge making sure he wouldn’t wake him up. He uncovered his face, the tears were still visible on his cheeks. Dan leaned in slowly and kissed his forehead, trying to convey all the love and regret he felt at the moment, even if he son wasn’t awake to feel it.

“I’m so sorry, I love you” Dan whispered even though the kid couldn’t hear him. He took off his shoes and laid down with him, soon falling asleep with him too.

You Deserve the World (Lafayette x Reader)

Request: “24 with Lafayette?”

Prompt: “Did I say that out loud?”

A/N: wow I am actually uploading a fic less than a week from the last one ??? who even am i? I hope you guys enjoy! there is Google translated french here so you’ve been warned! Also, make sure to send me requests!!

TW: Alcohol (I think that’s it but again let me know if I missed something)

W/C: 1353


You had become best friends with Lafayette in high school. You two had met junior year of high school when you had an English class together. There was an immediate connection, and the chemistry between you was clearly perfect. You two had trusted each other since the moment you met. You had also been very attracted to him but disregarded it because the chemistry you two had was extremely rare, and you valued having someone you trusted so much.

You had become close friends with his group of best friends. You became friends with Alexander because you let him ramble on and on for hours without interruption. You became friends with Laurens because you understood his TV and movie references, and you both loved turtles. It took a bit longer to become friends with Hercules, since he kept to himself a lot, but eventually, you became friends even though you two didn’t have too much in common.

Though you knew that you and Lafayette were never going to be together, you still had a tiny shred of hope and optimism that one day the curly haired Frenchman would feel the same way and reciprocate those feelings. Your friends teased the two of you all the time because you two couldn’t help but act like a couple since you two were so close. You two would be affectionate, joke around all the time, and even sometimes playfully call each other babe and wink at each other. Laurens had even started a rumor that the two of you were dating, and apparently, everyone had actually believed it. People asked the two of you about your “relationship” for weeks after the rumor started because no one had doubted that the two of you would end up together. You chose to just ignore how you felt until you eventually moved onto someone else.

You were now juniors in college, and the five of you had stayed together all that time. Your feelings for Lafayette were buried so deep that you didn’t even realize you still had them. Of course you were attracted to him, but attraction is normal. Attraction doesn’t go away. You had had several boyfriends from when you had met Lafayette to the present time, but those relationships never really worked out because every guy always felt threatened by your best and closest friends all being males. You didn’t see anything wrong with being friends with guys, but you hadn’t met a man who could handle it.


It was a Friday night which meant that you were meeting the boys at the bar that was closest to your campus. You made your way into the bar and greeted Ernie, the bartender who you had become very fond of.

“Hey, Ernie!”

“Hey, (Y/N)! Looking pretty good tonight! These guys aren’t gonna know what hit them!” he said, with a big smile.

“Thanks, Ern,” you blushed, “Are my boys here yet?”

“Yep, same booth as always!”

You thanked him and made your way over to the booth that your best friends had dubbed as the best booth. They didn’t have any reasoning behind it but decided that this was your booth, and you would all sit there every time you came in.

After an hour or so of drinking and talking, Laurens was absolutely hammered. He was all over every single girl in the bar, including you.

“(Y/N), you are looking fine as hell tonight!” he exclaimed.

“You’re not looking so bad yourself, babe,” you smirked, deciding that flirting wouldn’t hurt.

“Oh my God,” he said turning to Alex, his jaw slack, “Did you hear that? She called me babe!”

“Keep flirting, and there’s more babes where that came from,” you winked.

To your left, you saw Lafayette fidget a bit, but you didn’t really make much of it.

“Next round’s on me, guys!” you said, which they responded to with cheers of joy. You got up to go get some more drinks at the bar. “Five more Sam Adam’s please, Ernie!”

“Coming right up, (Y/N)!”

You decided to sit in a stool while you waited when a handsome man came up to you.

“Now what’s a beautiful girl like you doing all by herself at a bar?” he asked sitting on the stool next to you.

“I’m afraid I’m not alone,” you said, pointing at the booth where your friends sat.

“Ah, well, they wouldn’t mind if I talked to you for a bit, would they?” he questioned, smiling.

“You know what, I don’t think they would.”

“I’m Aaron,” he grinned, holding a hand out.

“(Y/N),” you said, shaking his hand, giving him a small smile.


Lafayette saw that you were flirting with some guy at the bar was trying to ignore it but failing terribly.

“Dude, you have to tell her how you feel,” Herc said, noticing how upset Laf was.

“It’s not that easy, mon ami. She doesn’t see me that way.”

“How can you know for sure if you never make a move?” Alex asked while trying desperately to get Laurens to drink some water. “Come on, Laurens! You’re gonna hate yourself in the morning if you don’t drink water!”

“Look it’s just complicated. I wouldn’t want to ruin the friendship we have,” he said, looking down at his nearly empty bottle.

“You really think (Y/N) would be weird if you told her? She’s literally the most chill person we know! She has to be in order to deal with us! Whether she feels the same way or not, your friendship isn’t in jeopardy,” Hercules assured the Frenchman. “Now go be a French stereotype and do some romancing!”

“You’re right,” he said, before gulping down the rest of his beer and going to go talk to you.

While he neared you, he heard you giggling and saw the man place a hand on your leg, and his jaw clenched.

“Hi, mon ami, could I talk to you outside? Now?” he asked.

“Uh- can it wait? I’m kinda-“ you were cut off by Laf grabbing you by your arm and practically dragging you outside.

“Laf, what the hell?!” you exclaimed. “I was in the middle of a-“

“I’m in love with you.” Your eyes widened and so did his at the forwardness of the sentence. “Oh my… Did I just say that out loud? Cela n'a pas été ce que je devais dire. (That was not what I was supposed to say.) That just- just flew right out of my face. Wow. I’m in love with you. It feels good to have that out there. I am so helplessly in love with you, (Y/N). I am almost sure that I have been since the moment I met you. You are one of the strongest, smartest, and most incredible women that I know. You’re ridiculously beautiful, and it kills me every time I see you. Like just. Wow. Look at you. I’m tired of standing aside and watching you settle for guys who don’t deserve you. That doesn’t mean that I deserve you, by no means. But if you gave me the chance, (Y/N), Je passerais le reste de ma vie à essayer d'être quelqu'un qui est assez bon pour vous. (I would spend the rest of my life trying to be someone who is good enough for you.)” he finished, searching your face for a reaction.

You were in absolute shock. The man you never thought would even bother to think about you that way was just as helpless as you. You stared at him completely speechless.

“(Y/N)? You know what, um, actually just forget I said anything. I’m sorry if I made you feel weird or uncomfortable or any-“ he rambled before you got on your tippy toes and shut him up with a kiss.

“I feel the same way, Laf,” you breathed, with your eyes still closed and your forehead currently resting against his.

“Mon Dieu! That’s the best news I’ve heard all year!” he exclaimed, hugging you tightly. “You deserve the world, ma princesse, and I will try as hard as I can to give it all to you.”


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Firewatch! Yoongi x Reader

Gender: Male x Female
Genre: Fluff
Warning: -
Word count: 1630

A/N: I uploaded this story before, but I decided to re-upload.

“So, what now?”

The distorted voice emanating from the black walkie-talkie asked.

“…I don’t know.”

She almost said in a whisper, desperation hanging at every syllable that rolled of her tongue. Her eyes perfectly reflecting the smoke and hints of flames playing hide and seek.

“Nor do I…”

The deep and rough sounding voice said back, the static slightly dimming down, but Y/N was far to emerged by the forest fire to notice.

“She looks pretty… Fierce.”

A chuckle followed.

“She, she does.” Y/N sighed as she looked at the gray smoke climbing up towards the sky, covering a good amount of the forest with a gray cloud.
Y/N wasn’t sure what to feel at the moment, one part of her was sad.
A forest she had known since college was slowly burning down, helicopters trying their best to keep the forest and her job alive.

But a bigger part of her was relieved, now she wasn’t  tied down anymore to this forest.

Yeah, she wasn’t literally tied down to the greens and browns and all, but being in this forest for longer than 10 years did do something.
The female did try and see if her life could handle another job that didn’t
require sitting around all day watching some little big forest with hopes that maybe the summer would finally bring something good for her to finally do.

But her body always came back, whether she decided to take a job waitressing or being a retail worker, those free hours from the jobs always brought her back to the forest which leads to resignation letters and boxes filling the small square watch tower.

But all that, that was gone.

“What are you going to call it?”

“Call what?”

“The fire, I always give them a name.”

The cold nipped at the skin of both Y/N and the other watcher.

The two fire watchers had both left their individual tower as they gazed south of them, watching the flickers of orange, red and yellow peeking over the trees.

Along with the starry night sky, the fire fitted perfectly in the breathtaking scenery.

No matter how many fires there where Y/N never got bored of them.

“You name the fires?”

The voice asked across the walkie-talkie.

The female didn’t need to see the face of the man to know that one of his eyebrows was raised.

“Yeah, it’s much more fun like that.” She said.

“Well…okay.” The voice replied.

“What kind of names do you give  them?”

“Anything really.


“Clever.” The voice interrupted.

“The God of destruction.




Anything really.”

“Wait?” The voice in the walkie-talkie laughed.

“B-fiyah?” He laughed.

“Yeah, it was a big fire and at that time I really was into that old R&B Rap music.”

“You? Rap?” The voice asked.

“Is it that much of a surprise?”

“Well, sort of…never really thought you’d like that kind of music.”

“… Yoongi, You have never seen me.”

“I…yeah, sorry.” The man, Yoongi, said with an exaggerated sigh.

“So, have a name yet?” Y/N asked.


“Shoot.”  The female said.



“Yeah, uh, let’s just say… That is a personal God of destruction for me.” The line was silent for a while.

“Okay, well, Namjoon it is. Nice to meet you Fire: Namjoon.”

Yoongi kept quiet, the smile on his face refusing his lips to touch to create words.

“I am almost at the evacuation point.”

Yoongi informed Y/N, the crunching of shoes against gravel adding to the static that made words even more unclear, but Y/N had worked with these devices long enough for the words could be only letters and she would still understand what the message was.

“Alright, the helicopter is already there.”

“Alright, I can hear it faintly.”

The static stopped, only for it to start seconds after.



“What will happen now, with all of this?”

“Well, if we are lucky enough.They might be able to control the fire before it damages more of both the forest and the technology. Hell, we would be lucky enough if both towers are still standing.”

Y/N sighed as she saw another helicopter releasing content from a massive bucket in hopes it would lessen the flames that only grew in result.

“Will you lose… Your job?”  Yoongi asked.

“I, I am not sure. But from the looks of it, no one will be able to apply here anymore.”  The female’s heart skipped as the walkie-talkie played the low chuckle that made her officially fall for a face she had never seen, the only thing noted about it was it looked soft and milk like.

“What will you do?”

“I don’t know Yoongi, This forest was a big part of my life.
Literally and metaphorically.”

“Can I make a suggestion?”

“Go for it.”

It took a while before Yoongi spoke again, but by the time he did he became more and more unclear, the sound of a helicopter only sounding louder and louder from his end.

“Let’s meet.”

This was no suggestion nor a question.Y/N couldn’t even answer as she knew the helicopter would be too noisy for the man to understand her.

This was Yoongi’s first get away from everything,
his first summer with memories where no one knew him except his coworker, who he knew a good amount of as a well.

The adrenaline rush had Yoongi almost bouncing in the flying vehicle.

His eyes skimmed through the burning forest underneath him, his mind immediately pointing at the places he had been and the places he has not seen yet, which was relatively small.
But it was not the fire that got him all bubbly and nervous, it was that he neared the start of this forest which would also be the first time he would meet the girl he fell in love with since the beginning of the summer.

The witty comments, the amount of both useless and useful knowledge and that beautiful laugher. All that he would finally be able to hear without the ear scratching static and Yoongi couldn’t wait.

There would finally be a face with the name.

But Yoongi felt absolutely nervous, why, he had no idea. I mean, the feeling of love was mutual, or so Yoongi liked to believe. Y/N was more than just flirting with him right?

“She is still burning.”

“She is, isn’t she?” Yoongi replied.

“Namjoon is the most beautiful at night don’t you think?” Y/N asked with a smile painted on her lips, even though she knew the man couldn’t see her.

“I have to agree with you.”

“Oh my, the boy can also agree with me?”

Y/N laughed as she heard the groan coming from the communication device. Another sigh escaped out of the black rectangular box, making Y/N stop her laughter.

“I wish we could watch it together.”

Silent hung for a while.

“But we are.” The female replied in the same hushed tone as Yoongi.

“No, Y/N…” Yoongi sounded like he breathed out her name, giving the owner chills.

“I want to hold you.”

How long has it been since she had met Yoongi?  

78 consecutive days with only a few breaks of conversations to give one another some alone time.

78 days were enough for Y/N to know the boy was an underground rapper who made everything himself, from lyrics to beats. Everything.

She found out he took this boring- yet breathtaking (in more than view) job because he wanted to flee from the forest that was made out of buildings both high and tall.

He wanted to escape from it all, he wanted to be someone who wasn’t;


He wanted to be himself, the boy who enjoyed basketball and photography.
The boy that didn’t need to care about getting known and such.
He wanted to be; Min Yoongi again, and this job granted him that and Y/N made him feel like that.

“I do too.”

Y/N couldn’t concatenate anymore, the questions the police officer asked became muffled as if she was under water.
Her mind was spinning around all because of a certain newbie, a co-worker, a man, was able to get hold of a heart she didn’t care about for a long time.
The man in the walkie-talkie created his own fire that, just like the fire Namjoon, kept growing.

“Well, that’s all. Thank you.” The female officer said as she tipped her head downwards ever so slightly.

The female didn’t remember what she all had said or what had been asked, hell, she didn’t even noticed the interview was over until just now.

“U-uh you’re welcome.” Y/N hesitantly said.

The officer had left, leaving Y/N standing alone with a silver blanket wrapped around her body and a warm cup of coffee in her hand.
The female did not hear a helicopter landing, the noise becoming a well-known sound she grew familiar with. The landing and lift off of these machines were in the same box as birds chirping.
Something she learned to live with and something that she could easily shut off, conscious and unconscious. Or maybe she was just too focused on the foreign yet familiar voice calling out for her.

“Hey, Y/N.”

No static, no unclear words, no sudden cutoff.
No, everything was clear, the words dancing in the female’s ears.

Feet slowly turned around in the gravel, the noise almost mimicking some sort of static noise.

There he was, tall, slim and just like he said:
his skin was indeed soft and milky looking.
a small smile stretched at the corners of Y/N’s lips as she breathed out;



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 ( Gifs by: Loveblushes
             Jeonbase )

 This will forever be one of my favourite fics I ever wrote.

“Made With Love”

Summary: Chuuya tries his best to keep Akutagawa warm while his jacket is being washed

Notes: THE FLUFFY (literally lmao) CHUUAKU FIC YOU’VE ALL BEEN dreading WATING FOR, this one is pretty cute and i promise no one dies. I’m uploading it on Chuuya’s birthday bc in it chuuya receives the greatest gift of all- confirmation that he does make Akutagawa happy, in spite of the occasional pang of self-doubt and of course, love

dedicated to everyone except that bitchfuck rose (@ch-ch-ch-chuuya BITCH I SAID I’D DO IT, DIDNT I???)


“For fuck’s sake, Ryuu, don’t you ever wash this thing?!” Chuuya tugged at the grimy sleeve of Akutagawa’s black coat, then crossed his arms in disproval. “You wear it to all of your missions- it’s gotta be crawling with germs, not to mention you probably cough all over it-”

Akutagawa coughed into his hand, fixing Chuuya with a pointed stare.

Chuuya groaned, taking Akutagawa’s hand in his. “Dammit, Ryuu, that’s even worse!” His eyes darted over Akutagawa’s pale, bony hand, searching for blood. Finding none, Chuuya allowed himself a quick sigh of relief before continuing to lecture Akutagawa. “Wearing that dirty thing all the time is just tempting fate, babe, and you know you’re sick enough as it is.” Chuuya stroked Akutagawa’s hand. “I just don’t want you making things worse for yourself, ‘specially not when all you have to do is wash your fucking jacket!”

Akutagawa sighed “Wash it, then.” He shrugged off his jacket, reluctance evident in the sluggishness in his movements and slight annoyance in his eyes. The moment he thrust the jacket at Chuuya, Akutagawa turned on heel and fled the room.

Chuuya tilted his head to the side, puzzled. “Well, thanks, baby!” he called to Akutagawa’s retreating figure. “I’ll get this nice and clean for you!” Chuuya could hear Akutagawa’s coughing from the next room over, unsure if the coughing had interrupted his response or came in lieu of one. Akutagawa was probably just coughing. He tended to do that.

Sighing, Chuuya wadded up the coat and made his way to the laundry room, casting suspicious glances at the dark fabric all the while in case it decided to start moving; Chuuya had seen what that dreadful vore-coat could do, and he wasn’t taking any chances. Then again, Chuuya reflected as he entered the laundry room, the idea of having particular acts, so to speak, carried out via the infinitely flexible fabric of Akutagawa’s coat had a certain appeal…

Just as Chuuya was about to dive into lewd fantasies, he heard Akutagawa call to him from the next room. “Nakahara-san, you better not be thinking about having sex with rashomon. I know every stain and patch of dirt on that coat, and if I see any suspicious-looking fluids-”

“Ever heard of detergent, babe?” Chuuya shot back, laughing as he dumped the coat into the washing machine. He turned around to find that Akutagawa had silently materialized in the doorway and was glowering down on him. Smiling, Chuuya hopped onto his tiptoes to give Akutagawa a kiss on the cheek. “Feeling better, huh?”

Akutagawa’s eyes narrowed. “I feel fine. I’ve been fine all day. How can I feel better when I’ve been fine all along?”

Chuuya’s heart winced at the bitterness in every ‘fine’ from Akutagawa’s lips, but he kept his expression neutral. “I just thought you were upset about something since you ran off after giving me the coat earlier,” he said, reaching out and placing one hand on Akutagawa’s forearm. “You sure you’re okay?”

Akutagawa’s eyes wavered for a minute, and he seemed to be on the verge of telling Chuuya the truth before a coughing fit struck. Chuuya wrapped his arms around Akutagawa to keep him from falling- the stronger coughing fits could make him lose balance, and Akutagawa tended to use his hands to cover his face instead of steady himself- and began gently rubbing his back, tracing soft circles with his hands.

“You’ll get through this, baby,” Chuuya whispered as Akutagawa trembled beneath him. “Just breathe. Breathe. I’ll breathe with you, okay? Like this-” Chuuya took several deep breaths, staring into Akutagawa’s watering eyes. After what seemed like years but was only a few seconds, Akutagawa’s breathing steadied to match Chuuya’s. Chuuya wrapped his arms around Akutagawa, desperate to hold him close but terrified of stifling his breathing by holding on too tight, and gave him a kiss on the forehead. “Good job, babe,” he breathed. “I knew you were strong enough to get through it.”

Akutagawa drew in a deep, shaking breath as he embraced Chuuya. “I don’t feel strong.” He glanced at the washing machine, gray eyes unfathomable, and shivered. “I feel cold.”

Chuuya had not missed Akutagawa’s eyes darting toward the washing machine; he had a feeling Akutagawa was feeling a lot more than cold and it had something to do with that jacket, but he didn’t want to push Akutagawa so soon after his coughing fit. Instead, he merely held Akutagawa a little tighter and said, “Yeah? Well, don’t worry about it, babe. I’ll find a way to warm you up.”

Akutagawa gave a single sharp bark of laughter, then coughed. “If you’re talking about sex, I swear I’ll-”

Chuuya laughed, then crossed his arms and scowled, trying to look offended. “You make it seem like all I do is run around spouting innuendos.”

Akutagawa was unmoved by Chuuya’s charade. “Just last Tuesday, you stuck your dick in a pizza box and asked if I ordered a ‘large sausage’.”

“Okay, well I was drunk, then” Chuuya admitted, guiltily tugging one of the longer locks of his hair. “But I’ll have you know I do think about other things than sex some of the time. When I’m not horny, any- wait, come back!”

Once Chuuya managed to convince Akutagawa that his intentions were pure, he swept Akutagawa into his arms and carried him to the couch, setting him down with a gentle kiss on the cheek and a stern admonishment not to move before heading for the bedroom. Moments later, he returned with the comforter and several pillows from the bed as well as a fluffy, light pink blanket he had knitted a few weeks ago. Chuuya covered Akutagawa with the knitted blanket first, then the comforter.

“Warm enough?” Chuuya asked, fluffing a pillow before sliding it in the gap between the arm of the couch and Akutagawa’s neck. “Or do you need something else? More blankets, another pillow, some tea, maybe? That always seems to help when you’ve been coughing a lot.”

“Don’t bother.” Akutagawa coughed, then closed his eyes. “I’m fine.”

“Hm. Well, if you say so, I guess.” Chuuya slipped beneath the layers of blankets to cuddle up next to Akutagawa. “But if you change your mind, I’ll be right here, okay?”

Akutagawa rolled onto his side, away from Chuuya. “Okay.” He coughed again. “If you want to cuddle with me, I won’t stop you. I’m tired.”

Chuuya laughed, gently wrapping his arms around Akutagawa. “If you insist.”

Within minutes, Akutagawa fell asleep, his raspy snores continuing without pause as Chuuya snuck out to put the coat in the dryer.


“Again?” Akutagawa complained, scowling as Chuuya dumped his coat into the washing machine. “What, now I’m supposed to do this every week?”

“Um, yeah?” Chuuya shook his head. “Honestly, Ryuu, you’re lucky I don’t make you wash that shit every day considering how fast you manage to get it dirty.”

Akutagawa huffed, crossing his arms. “At this rate, I might as well get a second jacket for all the times you insist on washing my greatest weapon.”

Chuuya’s eyes lit up. “You want another jacket?”

Akutagawa recognized that gleam in Chuuya’s eyes. “Nakahara-san, no.”

“Nakahara-san, yes!”

“Please don’t say what I think you’re about to say.”

Chuuya grinned. “On three.”

Akutagawa rolled his eyes. “One.”

Chuuya laughed. “Two.”

“Shopping trip.”

“Shopping trip, bitch!” Chuuya grabbed Akutagawa’s wrist and started racing for the door. “Just you wait, I’m gonna get you the best damn jacket in Yokohama! You’ll forget all about that heap of rags in the washing machine. Glomping coat, who? Vampire jacket, what?”

“Rashomon does not ‘glomp’!” Akutagawa snapped, flushing. “And it doesn’t make me look like a vampire, shut up.”

“Aw, c’mon, babe.” Chuuya gave Akutagawa a kiss. “Vampires are sexy.” He pulled back, smiling. “And you’ll look even sexier once I get you a new jacket, or two, or five. Now, let’s go! This could take a few hours.”  

Akutagawa groaned as Chuuya dragged him out of the house. “Hours?


Several hours and thousands of dollars later, Chuuya had found several pairs of designer heels, the most delightful crushed velvet dress, some simply stunning silk lingerie, and not a single jacket that hadn’t been met with complete indifference from Akutagawa. Though Chuuya was never one to cut a shopping trip short, he couldn’t help but feel guilty for dragging Akutagawa along when no coat seemed to please him.

“You sure you don’t like any of these?” Chuuya asked, gesturing at the massive selection of coats in one of many upscale clothing stores they had visited throughout the day.

Akutagawa shrugged. “I have very particular tastes.”

“Isn’t that from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’?” Chuuya asked.

Akutagawa furrowed his brow. “You’ve read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’?”

Chuuya blushed. “Uh, no?” He grabbed a random jacket off the rack and presented it to Akutagawa. “This do anything for you?”

“Nakahara-san,” Akutagawa sighed, rubbing his temples. “ I am not wearing a jacket that has ‘pizza and pussy’ written on the back in rhinestones.”

“No?” Chuuya turned the jacket around, whistling appreciatively as he examined the back. “If you’re not getting it, I sure the fuck am.” Chuuya slid the jacket on, turning from side to side so Akutagawa could study him from all angles. “How do I look?”

Akutagawa’s expression softened. “Beautiful.”

Chuuya laughed, giving Akutagawa a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks, babe. Don’t worry, we’ll find something beautiful for you, too.” Chuuya found a black jacket similar to Akutagawa’s usual coat on the rack took it off its hanger. “What about this one? Looks kind of like yours, huh?”

Akutagawa coughed. “I guess.”

Frustrated, Chuuya dropped the jacket to the ground, not even bothering to put it back on the hanger. “Look, if you don’t want me to buy you a new jacket, you can just say so,” he sighed, running a hand through his hair.

“I’ve been saying so for the past four hours! Akutagawa snapped. “I didn’t want to come here in the first place.”

“Look, let’s not fight, okay?” Chuuya reached out and took Akutagawa’s hands. “You wanna go home now?”

Akutagawa nodded, then leaned down so his forehead was pressed against Chuuya’s. “Sorry.”

Chuuya wrapped his arms around Akutagawa. “Sorry for what, babe?”

“For getting upset with you. I know you’re trying to help.” Akutagawa pulled away and started heading for the door. “Let’s go.”

Chuuya trailed after Akutagawa, casting a longing glance at the bedazzled jacket lying on the ground. “I’ll come back for you,” he mouthed.

Once they were in the car, Chuuya turned to Akutagawa. “Why won’t you let me get you a new jacket, babe?” Chuuya asked. “I know the one you have is special to you, but-”

“Dazai-san gave me that jacket,” Akutagawa interjected. He fell silent for a moment, staring out the window instead of meeting Chuuya’s eyes. “I’m stronger when I wear it.”

Chuuya had suspected as much, but hearing it from Akutagawa’s mouth still felt like a blow to the heart. The jacket was special because it had been Dazai’s; nothing Chuuya could give him would ever compare. That coat represented power to Akutagawa, acknowledgement of his stregnth and worth. Chuuya could imagine Dazai shrugging off that coat and draping it over Akutagawa’s shoulders.

The thought of Dazai made Chuuya feel sick with anger. That bastard knew exactly what effect he had on people and exactly how to use it. Chuuya clenched his hands into fists. How had Dazai felt, giving Akutagawa his jacket? Somehow, Chuuya had the sneaking suspicion Dazai knew he wasn’t giving the boy a gift; he was signing their contract, sealing their fate together in the embrace of black fabric.

Dazai had been there first, had conquered Akutagawa’s heart and soul so completely, so thoroughly no one else could ever be more than a passing interest. Chuuya bit his lip to keep it from trembling. He would never mean as much to Akutagawa as Dazai did. There was nothing he could do to make up for that first gift and all that followed, all the wounds now scarred into Akutagawa’s flesh that Chuuya merely patched up knowing full-well who had inflicted them. Dazai was forever; Chuuya could never compete.

“No,” Chuuya told himself, clenching the steering wheel tight enough to make his knuckles blanch. “Dazai was there first, but you’re here now.” Chuuya glanced away from the road, letting his eyes rest on Akutagawa’s beautiful, familiar face. Akutagawa caught Chuuya’s gaze and blushed, almost smiling. “Ryuu loves you, and you know it.” Chuuya let out a long exhale and wondered how many years it would take before he finally learned to stop comparing himself to Dazai.

“I can’t just walk into a store and expect to buy anything as valuable as Dazai’s old jacket,” Chuuya thought with rising determination. “But if I can’t give Ryuu something that means more to him than that ratty old vore-coat, then my name isn’t Nakahara Chuuya!”


Chuuya had been looking forward to the weekend since Wednesday, the day he completed his newest project. He had been hoping something would happen to make Akutagawa’s coat even dirtier than usual so he could justify doing laundry earlier in the week, but no suitable excuses could be found. Chuuya was in agony. He was the sort of person who gave others their birthday presents as soon as he bought them, unable to stand waiting until the actual day. Several times, he had gotten into trouble with Kouyou for giving Kyouka too many hints about her presents, ruining the surprise.

When Saturday finally arrived, doing the laundry was the only thing on Chuuya’s mind, so he was rather surprised to wake up to find Akutagawa presenting him with a plate of mostly-burnt French toast, one of his favorite breakfast dishes.  

“Happy birthday, Nakahara-san.”

Chuuya was confused for a moment before realizing that it must have been the 29th after all; he had been so caught up in his plan that he had forgotten his own birthday. Laughing, Chuuya leaned forward and gave Akutagawa a kiss. “Thanks, Ryuu.” He looked down at the plate of French toast and selected a piece that wasn’t quite as charred as the rest. “Really good,” he said over a mouthful of French toast. “You made this yourself?”

Akutagawa rolled his eyes. “No, I went to a bakery and asked for burned French toast.” Encouraged by Chuuya’s laughter, Akutagawa smiled and added, “You have to specify that you’d like it well-done, otherwise they’ll cook it properly.”

Chuuya had to kiss Akutagawa again. “Well, it tastes great. I’m proud of you, babe. I bet this tastes even better than Gordon Ramsay’s ass.”

Akutagawa sighed. “It’s your birthday, so I will try not to comment on that.”

“Well, you know what I wanna comment on?” Chuuya set the plate of French toast on the nightstand and leapt out of bed. “Your coat getting washed! It’s laundry day, bitch!”

“You can’t do laundry on your birthday!” The very suggestion seemed to wound Akutagawa. “I have to do everything and spoil you.” Akutagawa coughed, then blushed. “That is what you do for me on my birthday.”

Chuuya nearly started tearing up. “Babe, you’re too sweet.” He gave Akutagawa another kiss. “But, please, let me wash your jacket. I’ve been looking forward to it all week.”

Akutagawa gave Chuuya a strange look, but he got his jacket out of the closet and handed it to Chuuya. “If it makes you happy.”

Chuuya beamed. “It does, Ryuu. It really does.” He ran to the laundry room and threw the jacket into the washing machine, pouring an unmeasured amount of detergent in before slamming the door shut and racing back to the bedroom, diving under the bed to retrieve the shoebox where his master plan lay waiting. “Surprise!”

Akutagawa furrowed his brow. “The leopard print stilettos you bought when you took me shopping last week?”

Chuuya glanced down at the shoebox. “Fuck, wrong box. Sorry, babe.” Chuuya ducked under the bed again, making sure to look in the box before presenting it to Akutagawa. “Ta-da, for reals this time! Open it up!”

Akutagawa took the box, mystified. “A present?” His gray eyes darted up to Chuuya’s face, then down to the box again. “But it’s your birthday, Nakahara-san. Why would you get something for me?”

“Just open it!” Chuuya cried. “I worked really hard on this and I really, really want you to have it! I need to know if you like it or not!”

Akutagawa’s eyes widened and he nodded once, solemnly, impressed by Chuuya’s passion. As he lifted his gift out of the box, Akutagawa couldn’t help but let out a little gasp. “A sweater? Nakahara-san, you made this?”

“No, I went to a boutique and asked for a sweater with loose ends sticking out all over the place,” Chuuya teased. “That style’s in vogue now.” He flicked at a loose end poking out of one of the sleeve cuffs. “I can clean it up later, if you want. It was kind of a rush job since I wanted to get this done in time for the weekend, so you can wear it while your coat’s getting washed.”

“While my coat’s getting washed,” Akutagawa echoed, staring down at the sweater.

Chuuya took a deep breath, then looked up into Akutagawa’s eyes, heart pounding. “I know that coat means a lot to you, and I’m not trying to make you replace it, but I-”

Akutagawa cut Chuuya off with a sudden hug that left him breathless. “Shut up, Nakahara-san. It’s perfect.” He pulled away long enough to slip the sweater over his head, then threw his arms around Chuuya again. “Perfect.”

Chuuya held Akutagawa, running one hand along the soft, fluffy blue yarn of his sweater, tears of joy gathering in his eyes. “I’m glad you like it, baby. It’s made with love.”

NCT U’s reaction to the members of NCT Dream checking out their girlfriends

Let me set the scene: It’s the day before the year’s first SM family concert in Tokyo and your group is currently practicing on stage for the upcoming performance. The venue is virtually empty, with the exception of a few staff and crew making last minute arrangements and the members of NCT Dream. Their practice slot is scheduled right after your group’s, and having only just debuted the company wants them to monitor and learn from the performances of senior artists. The members of NCT U had a practice session earlier in the day and have already returned to the hotel. However, your boyfriend and you have a date tonight, so after showering and resting up he’s returned to pick you up. (Except for little Markus who is also a member of NCT Dream and has returned for an extra practice session.) Noticing that he’s arrived a little earlier than expected and that your group still isn’t finished practicing, he decides to sit in the audience while he waits. Spotting the boys of NCT Dream he starts approaching them, when he stops dead in his tracks upon overhearing their conversation.

Taeil: “Y/N is sooooo gorgeous.” Renjun sighs.

“She’s your superior, show some respect.” Mark reminds him.

“For your information, I do respect her, a lot. I just wish she was my girlfriend is all.”

“You know she’s dating Taeil hyung, right?”

“Yeah, but he’s so awkward.”

“And you’re not?” Mark questions.

“I’m much smoother with the ladies than he’ll ever be. I don’t know if you guys have realize this yet, but I’m the main visual of this unit. If it weren’t for me, we wouldn’t have any screaming fangirls. I just know that if Y/N were to give me a chance, I could make her happy.”

Okay, what the hell is going on? Most guys would get confrontational, even if the person trying to steal their girlfriend away is still technically a child, but Taeil is at a literal loss for words. Renjun isn’t only trying to steal you away, he also apparently thinks Taeil’s a giant loser. He’s going to walk away as if he never heard anything, but from now on anytime Renjun is in the same room as you Taeil is going to cling onto you for dear life.

Taeyong: As he’s getting closer he hears Jisung whisper to Haechan. “Noona, is so pretty. Her hair is so silky, and her eyes are so bright, and she’s so, so, so super cute.”

“Jisung, she’s years older than you. She’s a woman. She’s not cute, she’s sexy.”

“Hyung, it’s inappropriate to talk about noona that way, but it is true. I’d love to go on a date with her, or at the very least get a hug from her. I bet she smells amazing. It would be like a dream come true.” Jisung keeps rambling on and on about how you’re his dream girl, his eyes never leaving you.

Taeyong is torn between giving him a lecture or simply pretending he never heard anything. Jisung is like a son to him, but then that would make you like his mother, and this is going down a path Taeyong does not feel comfortable going down. The little boy he practically raised, well mentored, is all grown up and daydreaming about his girlfriend. Taeyong decides to let it slide this time, but he makes it a priority to find Jisung a girlfriend of his own before he falls any further in love with you.

Doyoung: The closer Doyoung gets, the more he begins to realize that Jaemin is talking to himself. Thinking it’s hilarious, Doyoung keeps his presence a secret, and starts listening in on Jaemin’s conversation.

“I love you noona.” He says dreamily as he stares up at you. “If you chose me, I promise I’ll treat you like a princess and love you for the rest of my life. You’re so beautiful noona.”

Doyoung can’t believe his ears. “Hey, you little creep.” He shouts, pointing an accusing finger at Jaemin and grabbing the attention of everyone in the venue. “What do you think you’re doing trying to steal my girlfriend away? I take you under my wing, and this is how you repay me? Too bad for you, she isn’t interested in little perverts.”

The staff bursts into laughter as Doyoung jumps on stage and drags you as far away from the concert hall as physically possible. From now on Jaemin must stay at least three meters away from you at all times.

Ten: “You see that girl up on stage?” Chenle says pointing you out to Renjun.

“Yeah. Isn’t she dating Ten?”

“Well, yes, at least for now. I mean yeah he’s semi-famous since he’s debuted, but need I remind you that I’ve already released three solo albums; has Ten done that?”

“No, but aren’t you a little young for her?”

“Maybe at the moment, but I’ll become a man soon enough, and then we can be together.”

Ten marches right up to Chenle. “I overhead your little conversation. You’re going to steal my girlfriend away from me, dream on twerp. I was going to give you some advice, but I changed my mind. From now on you are no longer able to look at, speak to, or even so much as think about my girlfriend. Do I make myself clear?”

Jaehyun: As he gets closer to the boys, he hears some pretty shocking things come out of Jeno’s mouth.

“You know Jaemin, I really love her.” Is he staring directly at you? Assuming it’s just a misunderstanding Jaehyun remains quiet.

“Jeno, come on. She’s dating Jaehyun. All the women in the world are pretty much tripping over themselves to get with him. You really think noona is going to leave him for you?”

“Maybe not yet, I’m still technically a minor, but I don’t have that much longer left. By the time I’m a fully fledged adult, Jaehyun will be an outdated old man, and I’ll be free to make my move.”

“You do realize he’s only three years older than you?”

“Don’t ruin my fantasy, Jaemin. I can already picture it. The two of us married with six kids.” Six kids? Jaehyun has officially lost his temper. He’s going to grab Jeno by the collar and drag him outside before making it very obvious to him that you are his girlfriend, and no one is going to stand in the way of that. So unless Jeno wants to get into an actual fight, he is never to speak to or even look at you again if he can help it.

Mark: “Damn Y/N’s so hot. If she was my girlfriend, I would totally f-” Before Haechan has a chance to finish his comment to Jisung, Mark cuts him off.

“Excuse me. If she was your girlfriend, you’d what? I suggest you shut up before I kick you out of the group.”

“You don’t even have that kind of authority.”

“I’m the leader of this unit, I have a lot more authority than you do. Plus she’s noona, not Y/N to you, and just so you know she isn’t interested in younger guys.”

“You’re only a year older than me, I doubt it’ll make a difference.”

“Unless you want to spend the next three months cleaning the dorm bathroom by yourself, it does make a difference, so sit down and shut up. Actually you know what, don’t sit down. I don’t want you checking out my girlfriend. Go run laps outside the venue. I’ll come get you when it’s time for our practice session.”  

(Sorry it took me so long to upload your request. Also I kind of rushed through it, so I apologize in advance for it feeling well rushed and for any errors I might have made.) 

artyuta  asked:

hi i'm a new oor fan, can you pls recommend some videos to watch? c: ty, I love your account!! <3

Hi there! By “videos” you mean PVs? Or concerts? Or interviews? I’ll just give you everything I think of as relevant (which does hardly include their new stuff so apologises in advance lol) therefore this list is going to be subjective af aha.

Music Videos

  • Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer The classic OOR song, also my favourite. Their comeback song after Alex left the band in…2009.
  • The Beginning Probably their most known song I’d say. It’s worth the hype since it’s one of my faves as well (soooo subjective).
  • Liar Oh boy this is one of their heavier songs and OH BOY do they do a great job.
  • Deeper Deeper Literally one of my favourite songs to listen to while driving. Also the MV has Taka in leather pants so what else do you need.
  • C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h. This song is nothing but beautiful and I could die from happiness every time I see it live.
  • Be The Light This was written in dedication to the victims of the Touhoku earthquake in 2011. Very beautiful.
  • NO SCARED The song is SOO fun to listen to and so is the MV!
  • The Way Back The only newer song I’ll include because I think this one does sound like the old OOR at some points and it’s very cool in general.
  • Mighty Long Fall If you’re a fan of The Rurouni Kenshin movies you’ll probably know this one too.
  • Cry Out OK TBVH the song is cool and all but I listed the MV mostly for the reason of the boys being drenched in rain what.

Sudio Jam Session
Since Jinsei x Boku = OOR started to release a DVD with the limited edition of their albums including acoustic performances of 2 songs from the album. However, there have also been releases that didn’t come with a DVD but were uploaded only to their youTube channel.

Their upcoming Album Ambitions will release the acoustic versions of the songs We Are and Bombs Away in Studio Jam Session Vol. 3.

Live Performances (yay!)
OOR is good on the record but trust me, they’re even better live.

There are MANY more but these are the ones that I came up with immediately.

Full Concerts (because the Internet is a great place)

As for interviews…they aren’t really that exciting imo since it’s mostly Taka talking about the same things again and again. I’d recommend watching all the Monster Rock episodes featuring OOR because they’re hilarious (even without understanding everything) but since it’s very hard to find not only the episodes themselves but also the subtitles it’s all up to you. Edit: I just found some links lol.

Monster Rock

There are more MR episodes but like I said it’s very hard to find them and often no one has translated them yet. :(

I hope this was some kind of help to you (definitely took me longer than I thought lmao) and thank you for loving my blog!! <3

Cameron Dallas - Comeback

Request: Can you do an imagine where Y/N Cam and their 1 year old son Evan travel to vidcon with some of the other boys and one day when they are on a panel Y/N tells Cameron that she is pregnant and it’s super cute?


“I feel like I forgot something” I said thinking in the car. We were on our way to VidCon, our first one since Evan was born. I was a bit nervous, VidCon was all fun when there were only the two of us. But a year ago we became a family of three. Evan was our little sunshine, he was the best kid ever, we didn’t think he would make it so easy. He rarely cried, he always did what we told him to do, he was so smart and adorable, he was our perfect little boy.

Cam and I had been together since he was 21 and I was 20. Evan was born a bit after our fifth anniversary, he was the best present. Cam decided to leave the social media for a while, just so we could spend every minute with Evan. He had some projects but he wasn’t as active as he used to be. A month ago I talked him into a comeback, so we ended up on agreeing to go to VidCon. I wanted him to go so bad, because all the other boys would be there and I wanted him to have a good time. He helped me so much around Evan, he was a great father, but now it was time for him to do what he loves. Even though I had a big surprise for him to tell, but I wanted to wait until we get there.

“Baby, relax, we have everything, okay?” Cam said smiling at me.

When we got there the Jacks were already there waiting for us.

“Hey guys!” I hugged them while holding Evan in my arms.

“Hey, you look stunning! And hey there little buddy!” Gilinsky grinned at Evan and he smiled back at him immediately.

“You guys ready to come back?” Johnson asked as we walked inside. We nodded without thinking.

When I started to date Cameron I also had a YouTube channel, I uploaded some of my videos of my trips I had with Cameron all around the world, but when it got serious between us, I mean when we started to work on our baby project, I didn’t continue it, I wanted to concentrate on the important things. It was just a hobby for me, but for Cameron, it was his life.

We walked to our panel and while we settled everything down the Jacks played with Evan. And then the fun began.

Tons of people came just to meet Cam after his little disappearance, they were just coming and coming. I was sitting next to him supporting him. Nash, Hayes and Aaron showed up also, I could see how happy Cameron was to spend some time with them. Don’t get me wrong, he met them all the time, but they all were so busy, they couldn’t spend more than an hour together when they got the chance to meet.

I had a lot of fun too. Girls came to me also to ask for a picture, which I did with pleasure, and a lot of them wanted all the three of us to be on the photo.

Evan seemed to like the attention he got from the people, he only got a bit grouchy when he got hungry, but I took care of him and everything was fine from then.

In the afternoon we had a longer break, so we started to roam around the place.

“How is my little family?” Cam asked putting one arm around my waist while he was holding Evan with his other.

“We are having fun, am I right baby boy?” I smiled at Evan, who giggled and hugged Cameron’s neck tightly.

We went to Nash’s panel to check on him, because he also had a break. He was fooling around with Hayes. They didn’t change a bit, except that both of them had a serious relationship now. Nash was even planning on asking his girlfriend to marry him. We were talking about it, when I felt it was time to tell Cam the little surprise.

“And how do you want to do it?” Cam asked Nash as we were sitting at a table.

“I don’t know, I just really want to do it, because I feel like I want a little guy, just like you guys have Evan” he said smiling at our boy and playing with his little hands.

“So you want kids? That’s great, buddy!” Cam grinned at him.

“Yeah, I think it’s time for it. But how about you guys? Do you want another one?” He looked at us smiling.

“Yeah, but we haven’t started to try yet. But we definitely want another one” Cam said and I grabbed his hand.

“Baby, I wanted to tell you something” I said trying to hide my smile, but I just couldn’t. Cam and Nash looked at me curiously.

“The thing is, that even thought we didn’t try, we kinda succeeded.” I hoped he would understand what I was saying, His face went blank and I was scared he was in shock but then he jumped to his feet and picked me up into his arms spinning me around. Luckily Evan was in Nash’s lap so Cam could exult as much as he wanted.

“Oh my God Y/N, we are having another child?” he murmured into my neck when he put me down and hugged me tightly.

“Yes, we are!” I laughed at his enthusiasm. He looked at me in the eye, he was literally crying and this made me cry.

“I love you so much” he said pressing his lips to mine and kissing me again and again and again.

“Did you hear this? You will have a little brother or sister, Evan” I heard Nash say. Evan said something that sounded like “but I want a dog” and I laughed at him taking him into my arms while Cam hugged both of us.

“We love you too” I said looking at Cameron with tears still in my eyes.

This VidCon turned out to be the best ever.


Candids (L.H.)

A/N: 'Ello lovelies! Hope you enjoyed this. I just saw these pictures and this is what came to mind.  I’ll probably be updating The Assistant either tomorrow or Saturday (most likely Saturday). The reason being is that I need my laptop and I don’t have it with me right now since I’m currently at school. Anyway, hope you have a lovely day :) xx

Masterlist || Ask


Luke Hemmings: 19, has (what he claims as) Luke-blonde hair, bright blue eyes, a lip piercing, is six feet tall, and practically seventy percent all legs.
Yup, those were the words that you would use to describe your best friend. It pretty much summed him all up if you’re being quite honest with yourself.
You and Luke had been best friends ever since primary school where you threw a crayon at his head because he had taken the one that you wanted to use during coloring time.
Anyway, ever since he left school to pursue his dream in music with three other guys, all of whom you got along with really well much to his delight, you hardly ever saw him.
You had to survive high school without your best friend and it was not easy.
So, when Luke mentioned that he was coming back home and that he wanted to spend time with you, you immediately cleared your schedule, not that you had much planned already, for when he came.
You hadn’t seen him in almost a year, and the pictures on Tumblr and Twitter surely showed that he had grown up… a lot.
Oh, let’s not forget the fact that you were also in love with him, like any other cliché story where one person is in love with their best friend, and have been since the start of high school.
Luke had decided, no, more like demanded that the two of you needed to hang out once he came back home from tour. Only the two of you just like the old days.
So, you were currently waiting for Luke out on your hammock on your front porch. Once he appeared, you immediately jumped up and ran over to him, nearly knocking him down onto the ground in the process, but luckily he steadied the two of you as you wrapped your arms and legs around him.
You smiled as you inhaled your favorite scent in the whole world, Luke. You felt safe and at home. “I missed you,” you mumbled into his shoulder.
You felt the vibrations of his chuckle. “I’ve missed you too,” he whispered back as he squeezed you to him.
He finally let you go and you were once again standing on your feet. You stared up at him and squinted. “You’ve aged, mate.”
He laughed. “I know, that’s what a few years will do to ya. This band’s making me old. I’ve got a beard now…Oh! I’ve got chest hair too!”
Luke with chest hair and his newly found ripped muscles. You weren’t sure your hormones could take that.
You laughed too. “You’re such a dork.”
He stuck his tongue out at you. “You know how long I’ve been waiting for chest hair so don’t make fun of me.”
You rolled your eyes but a smile was on your lips nonetheless. “So what are we doing today, Penguin?” You called him his familiar nickname as the two of you headed off down the road.
Luke shoved his hands into his pockets. “I was thinking food then just walking around and see what we stumble across?”
You nodded. “Sounds like a plan.”

The two of you had just finished your meal at your guys’ favorite diner - which Luke had paid for despite your protests - and we’re now just aimlessly strolling through the town, letting your food digest as you two caught up on what’s been happening with each other.
“That did not happen!” You exclaimed after Luke had finished telling you one of the crazy stories about being on the bus. You didn’t want to believe that it was true, but knowing these boys, anything is possible.
“No, I swear, Calum literally stuck his dick out of the bus window since Michael did it before,” Luke tells you and you couldn’t help but laugh loudly.
You shook your head in disbelief. “I miss those idiots,” you tell him once you’ve managed to calm down.
He smiled at you. “Yeah, they mi-”
And there were the screams.
You had to admit, you thought he’d have been recognized a lot earlier than this.
Soon enough, a bunch of fans had surrounded the two of you.
Luke shot you an apologetic smile which you just gave him a shrug in return.
He was famous now. He was no longer that lanky teenage boy who used to be so insecure and too shy to talk to people. He was Luke Hemmings, one fourth of 5 Seconds of Summer, a super hot rockstar with millions of fans. You just had to get used to it. He wasn’t only yours anymore.
After a while of watching Luke take pictures upon pictures with fans and autographing the most bizarre things, you started to get a little bored. So you decided in your best interest to take funny candids of Luke as he took pictures with some fans. You couldn’t help but laugh at the pictures because you knew Luke would tell you to delete them once he saw them, but would end up posting one of them on some social media website.
Luke looked over at you to see your camera facing him. “Oi, bumblebee! Whatcha think you’re doing there, mate?” Luke called over to you while you took more pictures the entire time he was talking. He looked so done with your shit and that made you laugh even more.
“Getting bad photos of you,” you stuck your tongue out at him and snapped another picture.
He made his way towards you, forgetting about the crowd of fans that were surrounding him, and looked at the pictures on your phone. He groaned. “Delete them! They’re horrible,” he whined.
You shook your head. “Nope. I think I’ll keep these, Sir Hemmings.”
“Friends wouldn’t do this to friends,” he pointed out trying to guilt trip you into deleting them.
“Ah, but best friends would do it then laugh as the other complained like a two year old and save all the pictures to upload them another day,” you say mischievously.
Luke pouted for a moment before smirking and that made an uneasy feeling occur in your stomach. Luke had a devious mind when it came to revenge. “You know what? Fine, two can play at that game.” Before you could comprehend, Luke had pulled out his phone and started taking ugly candids of you too.
You put your hand up to shield your face. “Noooo, stop. I look ten times worse than you,” you complained.
Luke took a few more then stopped and pulled up the pictures. “Oh shut up, you look fine.”
You peered over his arm to look at all the photos he took. You slapped his forearm. “I told you I looked bad,” you say as you make a face at all the ugly pictures of you.
He turned to face you fully and looked straight into your eyes. “Well, I don’t know what you’re seeing ‘cause all I see is beauty.”


anonymous asked:

In what way did Cassandra Claire plagiarize her characters? Also, while I have only read 3 of her books and don't know everything that's happened in the franchise, I don't believe I read anything homophobic from her books? She may have made two gay characters leave for a book and a half, but as a writer myself I understand the need to set some characters aside because the main story driving cast at the time can be too much to work with... I'd just like to understand where this is coming from

Okay so I sat down with Meli (@newtporn) to write an answer for this, because she just generally knows more about this. So everything with opinion in here is a mesh between mine and hers.
I also want to mention a thing beforehand: neither me nor Meli hate the TMI Series. We love it, actually, and that’s the reason we get upset about CC wanting in on the show and very possibly destroying this one good thing.

I’m gonna put this under a cut ‘cuz it added up to more than I previously anticipated. So caution, long post ahead.

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Coffee and jealousy - Misha Collins x Reader (Oh Westy Sequel) - Part 4

Title: Cofee and jealousy

Pairing: Misha Collins x Reader

Word count: 3,391

Warnings: None

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Sequel: Read Part 1 here! l Read Part 2 here! l Read Part 3 here!

A/N: I know Misha is married but for the purpose of this he’s divorced because, yeah, no way he would cheat on his wife. Just to make it clear, Misha, West and Maison are used in this just like characters, just like I would use Dean, Sam or Castiel on others. So if anyone is bothered you ’re free to not read it. This is just a story after all.

“Oh definitely!” she chuckled “I mean it when I say it. Best interview ever! And it gets even more sweet considering how West called you mom.” she giggled to herself, gathering her things.

But your and Misha’s eyes went wide “Wh-what?” you breathed out.

“When did that… happen?” Misha asked, his terror matching yours.

“Oh you know when you had gone to call (Y/n).” she stated as if it was the most simple thing in the world but it certainly wasn’t.

You looked at Misha, fear lacing your features and he tried to reassure you. He took hold of your hand squeezing it without letting her see.

“So he did huh? That kid! I’ve been trying t get him to call (Y/n) mom for a week and only now he said it?”

Both you and the interviewer frowned at him, you had no idea what he was trying to say. But it certainly didn’t seem to be the right thing.

“Wh-what?” she stuttered.

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Chapter 2: First Impact

Here’s a new years present. The next chapter to Kara “puppy” Danvers. Read the first chapter here on ao3. 

Ao3 link for this chapter. 

Two days have passed since Lena posted the picture on her instagram. Two days of actually being with Lena. Kara can’t be more happy. So much so, that she has stopped all crime that happened today, and is sure no one will be messing up later.

“What’s up with her?”, Winn asks, in midst of eating a bag of doritos. “She seems a lot happier than usual.”

Alex sits on his desk with her arms crossed, and a pensive look to her eyes. “You tell me, have you checked Lena’s instagram?”

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Us (Sebastian Stan 1/2)

Fandom: Sebastian Stan (????????????????)
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader
Request: No
Warnings: this is the only good thing I came up with, you’re gonna hate yourself while reading this.
Word Count: 1297

A/N: This was up later than I expected (it’s literally 3 am), but it’s still august 8 for me, considering i havent slept. Part two of this will be uploaded later.


Originally posted by 107th-infantry


Sebastian and Y/N used to be inseparable; they were always attached at the hip. That is, until everything went down.

They used to be one of those cute couples you see only in movies. Everything seemed like a fairytale, for them love was such an easy thing to do. They loved eachother madly and deeply. They were just Uni students, they were both planning a future together, their relationship being the best one that the two of them had had.

When they first met Y/N was a freshmen and Sebastian was a sophomore. They both instantly clicked. It truly seemed like magic, they both met at the school library, Sebastian would see her sitting alone reading, surrounded by a lot of books. A few days passed before Sebastian actually came up to her and asked her if he could sit with her. Ever since then they would always meet at the library and study together. They were both majoring in Law school, so he would help her with everything he had previously learned. They would go out and buy books together, go to coffee shops and read all day together, enjoying eachother’s company. It wasn’t until before Christmas Break when they first kissed. It was snowing outside, they were sitting at their favorite coffee shop, no one else was there and Y/N was reading to him out loud, she was reading a children’s book. He was staring at her, taking in all of her beauty. Her soft (Y/S/C) skin, small freckles on her cheeks, and beautiful (Y/E/C) eyes that lit up whenever she smiled. That’s when it hit him. She was the one. The one to spend the rest of his life with. And he couldn’t help himself; he grabbed her chin and kissed her delicately. She was shocked at first, but then she melted into the kiss touching his cheek.

Ever since then they would always be seen together, holding hands, walking to classes together, his arm around her shoulders. They weren’t one of those couples to kiss in the hallways, they liked privacy, but sometimes they couldn’t keep their hand to themselves and ended up sneaking to an empty classroom to make out. Two years passed and they were happier than ever, until Sebastian’s last year started.

It was the middle of November, Y/N was in her third year of college and Sebastian was in his last. One night Y/N was studying in the library when she got a text on her phone, she didn’t recognize the number but opened it anyways. She shouldn’t have.

It was a video of Sebastian dancing at a party, surrounded by three other girls. One of them got closer to him and started dancing with him, her back glued to his chest, moving her hips slowly, that continued for a little bit until another girl got close and Sebastian turned around, then the video ended. She locked her phone and got out of there as fast as she could. Nothing like that had ever happened before. She didn’t know how to react. She took a shower and when she got out she looked at her phone again. Nothing. Not a single text, call, anything. She didn’t know if he knew about the video. So she decided to text him. Her emotions were controlling her, she couldn’t think things through.

From: Y/N
To: Sebby
11:25 pm -11/18/2015
I saw the video. We’re done.

Months passed. He never texted her back. It hurt her, she looked for him often and if their eyes ever met, he would quickly look away and run. It was now May, a few weeks before school ended. Finals were just around the corner and she wasn’t prepared. She walked into the library walking to her usual spot, but it was taken, so she walked around searching for an empty seat, usually she would sit next to Sebastian or in her usual spot. She was searching around the library, until she saw an empty chair, only one person was sitting there. And of course, it had to be Sebastian. He was wearing a black leather jacket, his hair longer than usual. She was still far from him, so when he looked around she dropped her sight to the ground. Thinking that probably like that he wouldn’t recognize her.

After the breakup, it wasn’t easy for him. After he realized what he was doing, that night at the club, he moved the girl away from him. He turned around and saw that one of the girl’s friend was recording. She walked up to her, still with the phone on her hand.

“Are you recording this?” He asked and the girl nodded. “Fine, watch this. I want you to send this to everyone in your contact list. Y/N, baby, I love you so much. I know what you saw might have confused you, but listen to me. I love you more than anything, more than life itself. That’s why I have this.” He pulled out a small box from his jacket. “I guess you already know what it is. I know this isn’t the most romantic way of proposing; neither it’s what I had planned. But I want you to know I love you and I want to make you Mrs. Stan. Y/L/N never suited you anyway.” He finished by blowing a kiss to the camera before walking out.

When he got Y/N’s text he was just arriving home. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He thought they were ready, just a few months later they would move in together. Yes, they were young, but they were ready. Or at least he was. That night he got so drunk he slept for an entire day. When he woke up his best friend, Chris, was banging on his front door. His head was pounding, he had never felt such a strong hangover. He walked to the door, dragging his feet through the living room. He opened the door and Chris was standing there with a container full of aspirins, Chinese food, and a lot of water bottles.

“I heard” Chris simply said.

“Heard what?” Seb’s voice sounded scratchy, almost like a whisper.

“About the breakup. The whole school knows.” Fuck. Just what he needed, a bunch of arrogant and nosy pricks spreading the news.

They spend the rest of the afternoon talking about how he felt. Chris knew he was going to propose to her, he was sure Y/N was going to say yes. He offered to talk to Y/N, ask her if she wanted to change her mind, or if she wanted to talk to him about it. She was never one to have a large group of friends, she was usually around two other girls before she got together with Sebastian. After that, she started hanging out with his friends. Chris didn’t know if she had anyone to talk to, so he decided to go himself. But Sebastian told him not to. If she wanted things done, she probably wouldn’t want to talk to him. And seeing Chris would remind her of Sebastian, which would make her sad, and Sebastian didn’t want that. After that, Sebastian and Y/N each walked their own way, one to the right, the other to the left. They were both hurting, everyone could see it. Even the hallways seemed sad without them walking around laughing, hugging, sometimes even kissing.

So there they were, first time seeing each other in months. She looked around, trying to find somewhere else to go. But it seemed that more people were coming in than out. So she decided to walk over to Sebastian, it would be okay. They were both going to be studying, in silence, not talking to each other. How bad could it be?



Golden (Part 5)

A/N: TADA! Here you go! Part 5! Sorry for the long wait. I hate college (no I don’t) and I hate my job (yes I do). They both equally found time to keep me away from my house and my laptop. Again, I apologize! So please enjoy (or try to) Part 5! Also please watch this and listen to this. The other song mentioned at the end of the chapter is something you don’t have to really listen to lol.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Dear Ms. Y/L/N,

The fall semester will be coming to an end soon and it has come to my attention that you are an undeclared major. As you know, sophomore year is the year that one must choose a major to finish out their undergraduate years with. I have also noticed that you are only one class away from completing all of your GE requirements. I would like to meet with you in my office before your classes begin today, if possible, to discuss your future. Thank you.


                                               Mrs. Barbara Kim (Advisor of Students)

You knew this day was going to come. It was bound to happen eventually since you were almost finished with your first semester as a sophomore. Most sophomores were preparing to take classes that dealt with their majors around this time. Then there was you, stuck in between majoring in dance or culinary. If you did decide on culinary, shouldn’t you be going to a culinary school instead of a regular university? The same could go with for dance. Shouldn’t you be in a school that specialized in it? Did you choose the right school to go to? How would your parents react if you decided to switch schools because you finally decided on a major?

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