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Quirk-law is the leading cause of Villainy

At first glance, the world of BnHA seems like it might be a fun place to live, but that’s because we’re viewing it from the perspective of the top 1%. For most people, the only difference between their world and the real one is that they are in constant danger. 

Let’s review what we know about quirk law. Only licensed heroes are authorized to use quirks in public. You may use quirks privately, but they must be registered and there are myriad restrictions. You must obtain a license to use quirks for your job, also with various limitations.

On the surface, pretty commonsense. In practice, these laws target the lowest common denominator and thus punish everyone else. If you ever had a teacher who demanded silence from the class because one person misbehaved, it’s like that on a societal scale.

(excerpt from the spin off “BnHA Illegals”) This guy can move slightly faster than a brisk walking pace by holding 3 points of contact with the ground. He’s not allowed to do that. He becomes a vigilante hero, which is a crime.

The “Illegals” manga features several people who turned to the “crime” of vigilante heroism because of the draconian regulation of quirks. It’s on the level of thought-crime, guilty until proven innocent. 

While licenses make sense in the real world with regards to vehicles and guns, it doesn’t make sense for quirks because A) nearly everyone has them, and B) it’s not a choice to obtain it. 

(excerpt from chapter 85) Let’s talk about a case where these laws don’t just inconvenience an individual, but harm all of society. Momo has the quirk “creation” which is very tightly regulated for the sake of the economy. With a hero license she can create anything she needs for heroing, but anything else is (officially) off limits.

This is legislating to the worst case scenario, which, I contend, is a poor strategy in this world. It works from the assumption that she would use her quirk selfishly and excessively. If she created billions of dollars, she would ruin the economy and we would all suffer.

But what if she used her quirk selfishly and in moderation? She could make anything she needs for a modest life, or the money appropriate for a modest living, and it would have no impact on the economy. A good outcome for her and a neutral result for the rest of us. There’s no reason to prohibit this.

And, of course, the law doesn’t consider the best case scenario. What if she uses her quirk selflessly? What if, for example, every couple years she set aside a month to create smart phones for everyone in the world? Would that wreck the economy? One particular industry, sure. Would it benefit literally everyone but electronics CEOs? Would it save thousands of child laborers in sweatshops? YES! That’s a brilliant trade off! But, even if she applied for a business quirk license, I think she’d be denied for the potential disruption of the economy.

(Side note: It has been a topic of many forums whether Momo can make things as complex as a smartphone. I say yes. Recall in the School Trip Arc, she made a tracking device and matching GPS unit. It’s absolutely within her ability.)

Rapid fire round: what should these people do if society was more lenient? Shinso: suicide hotline operator. Todoroki: work inside a nuclear cooling tower, heat up water at the bottom, cool down steam at the top, infinite energy. Uraraka: construction worker work at NASA.

As civilians these quirks would be restricted. Even as heroes these quirks are going to waste from a utilitarian perspective. No one benefits from this arrangement. There is so much potential in the world, and its governments seem dedicated to squandering it.

This is a society that is oppressive to the majority. Quirks could fuel the next stage of human evolution, but laws keep society grounded in the stone age. How can anyone in that world (aside from the 1%ers in their ignorant bubble) not resent that? This is the philosophy that breeds villains, and I can’t help but agree with it.

okay @marywisdom I now need a fic of Leonard Snart going to the WestAllen wedding.

  • Technically, he and Mick and Lisa weren’t invited, but that doesn’t matter, he forged an invitation and said that Barry’s third-removed cousin couldn’t make it, so he told them to go and have fun
    • Barry pulls Len aside and begs him not to ruin the wedding and Len is so offended
      • “As if I would ruin Iris’ special day, Barry. What kind of person do you think I am?”
  • Len and Mick in matching tuxes with little fire and ice lapel pins, Lisa in a gorgeous gold dress with matching jewelry
  • Lisa takes so many pictures at this wedding, so many. Of the bride and groom, the families, the reception, the cake (the cake has a glamor shot)
    • Also, she winked at Cisco from where he was standing with the grooms and there’s a great picture of him blushing.
    • She sat next to him during the reception
    • They danced together
  • Len and Mick are food snobs, you can’t tell me otherwise, especially Mick, and they manage to smuggle out three trays of hors d’oeuvres for later because that catering was damn good.
    • also they each got an extra piece of cake
      • “good job on finally tying the knot,” mick says, frosting in his teeth as he slaps Barry on the shoulder.
    • everyone’s slightly nervous and on edge because oh god
    • but it’s such a - nice - speech?
    • he mentions how Iris is the perfect person to balance out Barry, how she doesn’t take any shit and always finds a way to get things done regardless of the pressure on her head.
    • and that Barry is a good person and it rubs off on you whenever you spend too much time around him (”look at me,” he jokes) and that he wishes nothing but the best for both of them
    • and just when everyone starts tearing up he narrows his eyes and sends Barry a sneaky glare
      • “You better not screw this up, Barry, I’m only giving you one warning, or you’ll get frostbite in places where you really don’t want it. Iris, you call me if he messes up. Mazel tov.”
  • When Barry and Iris open wedding gifts later, they find an envelope with literally four thousand dollars in unmarked, non sequential hundred dollar bills with the note “don’t spend it all in one place ;)”
      • “p.s. don’t bother dusting for prints ;)”
    • Lisa gave Iris a beautiful gold necklace that has a huge amber crystal pendant. Iris’s thank-you note thanked her for the gift and let her know that she was sorry she had to return it to the museum.

friendly reminder that Near is canonically an Artist

dice (and domino, in the Relight) structures with a complex design, revealing likewise innate planning and spatial skills;

cut cut cut…such deft hands to make beautiful paper towers (he’s specifically building the Tokyo Tower here, in this chapter he had just arrived in Japan together with Rester);

of course, the finger puppets;

a close look at all his tools and materials to paint on them…

Halle and Gevanni encouraging him to keep nurturing this interest he has, suggesting he should definitely keep making others after the Kira case too, inspired by favourite fictional characters from shows or movies he may like, or real famous people/important figures from past and present; Gevanni secretly posting photos of them on his personal Instagram account (which he mostly uses for aesthetic pictures of his ships in bottles);

…and some years later, Near basically mastering the art of using thousands of Tarot cards for literal fortresses surrounding his realm.

Of course, the SPK always genuinely supportive of his passions and talents. 

I’m glad yall agree how indisputably, how good of an artist he is so this has been an appreciation post

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stop reblogging reposters

hi this is just a little announcement to stop reblogging posts from user lucas-is-mine

they screenshot gifsets and use these screenshots in compilation posts, most of the time without credit, and definitely without permission from the content creators

their posts are getting THOUSANDS of notes and they’re filled with STOLEN content. STOP SUPPORTING REPOSTERS. 

this post has stolen content, and this one, and this one, and this one

i sent them a very civil message earlier this morning telling them that taking screenshots of people’s gifsets isn’t cool, and of course they didn’t respond and blocked me instead. i would have let this go if they’d apologized and taken the posts down, but instead they couldn’t even face me and talk to me.

it’s funny too, because i know they understand that reposting without credit or permission isn’t okay. they literally made a post complaining about someone reposting their content on twitter

please protect content creators. content creators make up most of the content on this website, and they do it because they enjoy it. it is incredibly insulting to us content creators when reposters just steal our stuff and think there’s nothing wrong with it/don’t care, and then get rewarded with thousands of notes. 

i wrote a whole post on how to spot reposted work in compilation posts here, please take the time to read it if you think you’re struggling to spot stolen work. you can always send me questions, too

PLEASE stop reblogging posts from lucas-is-mine. their most recent compilation posts have all had stolen content, and i have no doubts that they will continue doing so. by reblogging/liking their content, you are encouraging them to keep stealing content. the power to stop reposters is in YOUR hands. if you don’t give them notes, they’ll have no reason to keep stealing.

I’ve Waited My Whole Life (2)

Part 1

Request: “Could you do a Bucky soulmate story? Like the au with the countdown to the moment you meet your soulmate, but Bucky doesn’t have it because his arm is gone so the reader freaks out a little bit. But it’s all ok in the end. Like super fluffy fluff… maybe leads to smut, whatever you’re feeling.”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Eventual)

Word Count: 3950

A/N: So I FINALLY got past my writers block! It happened around 3 am on Monday and I just couldn’t stand for this part being any different than what I have right now. So I literally scratched everything that I had done all last week and rewrote all four-thousand words in under two days, which I think may be a record for me. But anyway I hope that you guys enjoy this, part one is almost at 200 notes so this part has a lot to live up to. I love you guys and enjoy! (P.S. It’s opening night of Hello Dolly!)

Warnings: Angst, fluff, (*whispers*) cliffhanger, (Get ready for this roller coaster) 

Tags: @seargantbcky, @lust-for-pan, @38leticia, @barnes-and-noble-girl, @karipaleta, @capandbuck, @camillechan, @findacauseandserveit, @audasia25, @kendallefire, @alicerozenju, @snuggleducky, @thisisthelilith , @boyzines, @ballerinafairyprincess, @axelinchen, @sarahfhealy, @blazeshira, @the-strandedgypsy, @luckylundy13, @fandomtainment

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As the day got later, all of the other recruits decided to head into town for dinner. They didn’t ask me to come. Not that I actually had any money for dinner, but it would have been nice to have been asked. So instead I decided to do some exploring. I walked around the whole lower level, where my room was and then moved up to the main floor, hoping that there wasn’t anyone else there.

I stepped out of the elevator and peeked out into the room, making sure that no one was there before I went in. I didn’t see anyone so I went and sat on the couch and flipped through the channels. I was alone for about fifteen minutes when I heard two different voices walking towards me. I was going to leave the room, feeling a little out of place, but they caught me.

“Y/N.” Bucky stopped me.

“Hi.” I looked at the other guys standing next to him. “Sam, right?”

“Yeah. It’s nice to see you again.”

“You guys have met?” Bucky asked.

“Yeah, he used to work with the VA.”

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As soon as the Rabbi of Bluzhov had finished the ceremony of kindling the lights, Zamietchkowski elbowed his way to the rabbi and said, “Spira, you are a clever and honest person. I can understand your need to light Hanukkah candles in these wretched times. I can even understand the historical note of the second blessing, ‘Who wroughtest miracles for our fathers in days of old, at this season.’ But the fact that you recited the third blessing is beyond me. How could you thank God and say ‘Blessed art Thou, O Lord our God, King of the Universe, who has kept us alive, and hast preserved us, and enabled us to reach this season’? How could you say it when hundreds of dead Jewish bodies are literally lying within the shadows of the Hanukkah lights, when thousands of living Jewish skeletons are walking around in camp, and millions more are being massacred? For this you are thankful to God? For this you praise the Lord? This you call ‘keeping us alive’?” “Zamietchkowski, you are a hundred percent right,” answered the rabbi. “When I reached the third blessing, I also hesitated and asked myself, what should I do with this blessing? I turned my head in order to ask the Rabbi of Zaner and other distinguished rabbis who were standing near me, if indeed I might recite the blessing. But just as I was turning my head, I noticed that behind me a throng was standing, a large crowd of living Jews, their faces expressing faith, devotion, and concentration as they were listening to the rite of the kindling of the Hanukkah lights. I said to myself, if God, blessed be He, has such a nation that at times like these, when during the lighting of the Hanukkah lights they see in front of them the heaps of bodies of their beloved fathers, brothers, and sons, and death is looking from every corner, if despite all that, they stand in throngs and with devotion listening to the Hanukkah blessing ‘Who wroughtest miracles for our fathers in days of old, at this season’; if, indeed, I was blessed to see such a people with so much faith and fervor, then I am under a special obligation to recite the third blessing.”

Some years after liberation, the Rabbi of Bluzhov, now residing in Brooklyn, New York, received regards from Mr. Zamietchkowski. Zamietchkowski asked the son of the Skabiner Rabbi to tell Israel Spira, the Rabbi of Bluzhov, that the answer he gave him that dark Hanukkah night in Bergen Belsen had stayed with him ever since, and was a constant source of inspiration during hard and troubled times.

Yaffa Eliach

The Pevensies and social media:

- he lives on Snapchat
- he doesn’t normally do any interesting things
- but his siblings definitely do
- everyone is amused by his family’s antics
- he loves recording Edmund’s pranks
- especially when they go wrong
- and he loves taking embarrassing videos and pictures of his sisters
- they’re daily occurrences and he can’t not post them on his account
- his followers look forward to seeing his posts

- is the Pinterest queen
- she’s all about aesthetic and it totally shows it on her boards
- has thousands of followers with dozens of boards that have hundreds of pins in them
- she’s just so good at finding pins and making a pretty aesthetic out of them
- starts posting aesthetic pictures she took
- they get lots of saves and people even repost them on Tumblr
- Pinterest can’t be mentioned without bringing up her boards
- everyone basically follows her and adores her

- rules Twitter
- he’s not one to say much but when he does, everyone goes crazy
- it really helps that he can come up with some pretty good one-liners
- his account is pure sass
- he’ll sometimes even tweet some insanely witty things his siblings have said
- (they say a lot of witty things, coming from sassy parents and all, but only the best of the best he tweets out)
- he doesn’t follow anyone
- he wants his material to be original and have no possibility of being like anyone else’s
- his originality and wittiness are what everyone follow him for
- and the occassional pictures he posts of him and/or his siblings
- (they’re all so attractive, how can people not go crazy over them?)

- cannot spend a minute without checking her Tumblr
- doesn’t care for any other social media
- her blog is a mess of animals, aesthetic pictures, fandoms, and activism
- somehow manages to keep her original aesthetic throughout the years
- her siblings know that when she locks herself inside her room for hours it’s because she’s perfecting her new theme
- has thousands of followers and she doesn’t know how
- she likes to post her writing on there sometimes
- (her poetry ends up getting hundreds of notes)
- she’ll tell anyone but her siblings what her URL is
- she doesn’t want them finding out that she sometimes posts embarrassing stories about them that end up circulating Tumblr


favorite fantasy locations - tronjheim/farthen dur, the beor mountains (the inheritance cycle)

“Look well, human, for no Rider has set eyes upon this for nigh over a hundred years. The airy peak under which we stand is Farthen Dûr—discovered thousands of years ago by the father of our race, Korgan, while he tunneled for gold. And in the center stands our greatest achievement: Tronjheim, the city-mountain built from the purest marble”


A ton of anti-ace/aro shit in this mess is about painting aces and aros as horrible and evil to the point where it’s okay to treat us as something other than (a real, diverse group of) people.

There are a number of ppl extremely dedicated to this and I think that’s a huge part of the reason why shitting on aces and aros has become kinda shockingly common here in circles where you’d not have expected it. I mean, literal blatant troll posts (such as the “arobot” one even though it was from 2-3 years ago) will easily get thousands of notes talking about how bad and privileged aces and aros are. Even though it’s absurd.

Then ppl will take shit a single person or two said without any support (”ala”) and claim it was a Thing in our communities overall. Again they’ll spread lots of posts with hundreds and thousands of notes about it.

Aside from this, they’ll take actual widespread problems in our communities (that are also widespread problems in other communities) and use them to demonize us including those of us harmed by these very problems (so that you get for example white ppl acting all smug about racism in the ace and aro communities as if it’s an ace/aro thing, which is bizarre).

And I know I suck at not engaging ppl spouting bullshit a lot of the time lol, but honestly? It’s really not worth it usually. Most ppl who come across like they hate aces/aros in this because they do stuff like talk shit about “ace tumblr” or ‘jokingly’ call themselves “aphobes” really really do. They’ll say they don’t and then they’ll support ppl spamming our positivity tags or tell us to not talk about our orientations or compare us all to horrible ppl.

So they won’t change their views. If you call them out for something they can’t easily refute or otherwise make them look bad in a conversation, a ton of the time they’ll get extremely nasty, or simply stop responding (which when you just called them out for something really shitty that they then don’t ever address is… well). They’ll also frequently do this when they ask for evidence for shit and you present it. Often they will ask just in the hope of being able to pick that evidence apart, or probably of being able to accuse you of making crap up.

So like. What I think is most important here is to spread posts that show how the anti-ace/aro shit being flung around is bullshit and toxic and does real ppl real damage. So ppl not so deeply involved in this mess can easily see how harmful and absurd it is to call us “ace tumblr” with a scoff and paint us as evil. And that’s a big reason why I put way too much time into this post regarding proof of anti-ace/aro shit on this site even though I initially never wanted to make it.

So I think I’ll try (not for the first time, wish me luck lol) to engage ppl spouting bullshit even less and focus more on making posts that sum shit up and explain important things about anti-ace/aro crap in this mess.

Magi Monday Vol.1

Magi might have finished its serialization, but there is a lot of material that we have yet to read and discuss! As such, we are back to Mondays with Magi Monday, where I’ll be posting weekly translations from the different guidebooks and other sources.

Yep, this will be a weekly thing, so feel free to submit requests here. The form will always be open, and my idea will be to, whenever possible, ask you guys to choose the next topic between two options. This time we don’t have options as we are just starting out, so everything goes! :D

Let’s keep this community going~~!

Note: For other series, remember that I have translations requests open at this link.

Magi Monday Vol.1 - Official Site Character Profiles

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, so I cannot guarantee that the following is 100% accurate. Feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST, and don’t forget to support the official releases!!

In which we take a look at the official character profiles from the official site. Given only two lines, who was chosen and what was said?

This topic was totally not chosen because I wasn’t expecting Mondays to win and this weekend I’m not at home where my books are. Nope, not at all.

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Matt carries that messenger bag full of evidence for months and for miles, through towns and what’s left of them. Somewhere outside of Louisville he finds his name on a list of the missing, with a note from Aunt Dana, but it’s almost a year old by the time he sees it. He wears Will’s sweatshirt tied tied around his waist; if the dogs weren’t all glassy-eyed and oozing black from their ears, he’d find a bloodhound and track his family’s scent.

He spends his birthday freezing his ass off in an empty barn, just after the new year. He drinks a tiny airplane bottle of vodka for the warmth. He’d found it in an abandoned car months before. It’s not exactly how he’d envisioned spending his twenty-first, but he’s not dead, and that’s something.

At night he sets up in abandoned houses, even when there’s a town nearby. The disease that killed so many people is gone now, or at least dormant, but there are all kinds of new terrors in the world. It’s easier to be by himself. And he doesn’t have to share the food he finds, either.

The cold weather sends him south; his aunt’s note back in Louisville sends him east. Spring takes him through Tennessee, and he goes three weeks without seeing another human being – dead or alive.

When he finally sees the sign that says Welcome to North Carolina, it’s rusted and torn halfway out of the ground.

The sun stays up late now and so does he, going through the contents of his bag night after night. Looking for clues, for anything he might have missed in that dusty stack of photographs, maps, notes; a piece of paper with a list of names, one of them his grandmother’s. He has memorized all of their names.

Matt wonders, not for the first time or the thousandth, what happened to his parents, or to Rebecca. On the last day of the old world, she sent him a Snapchat of her homecoming dress; he’d said hideous – as a joke, obviously – and then he got a barrage of texts from his mom about how he needed to be nicer to his sister.

At night he spends a lot of time thinking about all of those lasts. The last time he saw his best friend, the last thing he said to his parents, the last joint he smoked, the last time he surfed at the beach, the last time he went to a grocery store and paid for food with money.

Two years ago he flew from San Diego to Washington National. The flight was something like five hours long; he had a middle seat and he remembers how restless he felt, his body almost itching with it. Five hours to travel across the entire country.

Matt understands that the distance is impossible now, that the three thousand miles that separate him from his family are actually, literally impossible to traverse; in almost two years of walking, he has never met anyone who’s gone west of the Mississippi since Before. In all likelihood, he’ll never really know what happened to them.

But of course he knows.

If he’s going to find anyone, it’s Will and his aunt and uncle. They survived, they were here. He has notes in their handwriting, a map – one that he made, in what feels like some other lifetime – that shows the distance they traveled trying to find him.

So when he stops at a gas station off of what used to be the interstate and sees his name on another list of the missing, it feels inevitable. This one isn’t in Aunt Dana’s handwriting, but it’s definitely his name and birthday, and it’s dated to just a couple months ago. The woman sitting on a folding chair in the parking lot has a note for him, too.

A note in her handwriting. With coordinates.

He’s back on the trail.

Someone on Tumblr: *makes a post interpreting a mythological creature -many times including details of their own- that gets several tens of thousands notes*
Someone else: *writes a short story or a post about said mythological creature that contradicts what the other person said*

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What drew you to tangled? The characters The story The artwork? Or was it every little bit of it? Did you ever think it was going to become this great of an impact in your life when you first saw the trailer for tangled

Okay, kiddos, have a seat for the Tangled Tales of Bex. (I never really get tired of telling this story. It’s not particularly exciting, but it’s definitely a major part of my life.)

When I first heard that Disney was tackling Rapunzel, I was excited. See, I’ve always liked Rapunzel, and we were reaching a point where it was getting harder to think of really iconic fairy tales for them to take on. At the time, I’d figured Rapunzel, The Princess and the Pea, or Tom Thumb. The last one was likely out, since Don Bluth did Thumbelina in 1994, and while I still think something great could be made from The Princess and the Pea, I was actually really happy to see what they were doing with Rapunzel.

Now, when the first trailer came out, I was disappointed. “She’s been ground for, like, ever,” particularly struck me as them trying way too hard to be hip, and played up the dumb humor parts. It felt like they were trying to compete directly with Shrek, and while I like Shrek, the storytelling style in Shrek doesn’t mesh well with Disney’s aesthetic. It’s way too cynical. I didn’t want to see them apply that to this story.

But the thing is, I generally trust Disney not to steer me wrong, so of course I went ahead and saw it. And that disappointment evaporated.

It’s difficult for me to say exactly what it is that made me fall in love so hard and so fast. It probably has a little bit to do with a lot of things. As an adult survivor of child abuse, I can relate to Rapunzel. The man I was married to was very Flynn (unfortunately, he wasn’t very Eugene, but that’s a tale for another blog), so I saw him in that light. The color palette really suits my tastes, as does the broad scope of the setting.

I have a Facebook post dated in January of 2011 saying that I officially considered myself obsessed with Tangled. I don’t remember making that post. But I do remember searching online for a screencap of Rapunzel lifting the royal lantern over her head from the boat, and the search for that post led me to Tumblr. I don’t remember exactly which blog it was, but I found one that was discussing Rapunzel’s bird, and the symbology of the birds in the movie. Going through that blog just dropped me down a rabbithole into a world that was so much richer than I’d given it credit for. They discussed so many things, like how Rapunzel’s baby mobile had nods to different points and characters in the story, or showing how the Pub Thugs all have some sort of indication of their dream on their person. I realized how in depth the visuals and story were, and I wanted more. I wanted to know it all, and wanted to be one of those people who contributed intellectually to the fandom.

Well, I succeeded, in that this is my most popular post to date. (Just this past week, it’s gotten over 8500 new notes!!) Not to mention, I now run this blog.

And, because I’d found Tumblr, I’d also found the Tumblr-based fandom. Once you’re part of a fandom, it’s easier to just keep liking something more and more, because the other fans encourage it in you. I’ve found friends and family because of Tangled.

So, yeah, it’s a little bit of everything. And no, I never thought it would impact my life as much as it has. I never guessed that I’d end up spending literally thousands of dollars on Tangled-related things over time. Heck, two years ago, I never expected that Tangled would put me where I am now. I feel that the Series crew is just so warm and open with the fans, and so approachable. I was intimidated and nervous when I first reached out to @artistssandoval, @kritterart and @cnotes, and look at me now. If nothing else, it’s been a humbling experience, because it’s reminded me time and time again that the people who create the things we love are just that; people. And realizing that the folks bringing to life this thing we love so much are fans, too, makes all the difference!

remember that post that has thousands of notes where this person is like “actually cultural appropriation is a serious academic topic and has over X number of scholarly articles about it” and then they linked to a google scholar search for the words “cultural” and “appropriation” and used the number of hits as proof for “number of scholarly works” and like literally you could see a bunch of results that were just articles using those two words and not in the SJ sense. ive mentioned it a bunch but its a good chuckle-roo to think about ya know

But you know what.

T(W)ERFs number in the thousands.

Truscum number in the thousands.

Biphobes number in the thousands.

And they’re still not right. They’re still not even the majority.

The fact that an exclusionist post about hating and excluding a-spec people has a thousand + notes doesn’t mean jack shit other than that trash likes to hang together.

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The platonic dates post has thousands of mean-spirited notes and the person who wrote it continues to get harassed about it 5 years later.... Why contibute to that? I don't really understand what's wrong with it or why that person deserves to continuously be told "lol you must not have friends"? People acting like it's such an absurd tumblr thing when the real tumblr absurdity is the dogpile of bullying that followed it...yikes

they’re literally describing friendship i don’t know what to tell you

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I really don't get all the outrage over the pix of Darren and Mia and public versus private. She is a BEARD. The idea is to sell that story to the public and sell it hard - hence the continual pix and vids. Enough people believe it for Ricky, et al, to believe it is worth doing.

I don’t think people are outraged.  I think they are tired.  But more. I think they just want to highlight the truth of the situation. The sheer number of photos tells this story.  This is a work obligation and the opposite of private.  Darren is protective of his private life.  With the exception of Chuck, who even before CG, he’s always promoted as a musician, Darren shares very few pics of his family.  The fact that there are literally thousands with M.  That alone tells you she isn’t private.  She’s work.  

Just one final note.  While in the past this was about Darren and selling the straight narrative.  That time has passed.  The continued photos/video/promotion is 100% about her and selling her as a professional and eventually, when she’s no longer the beard, as a friend.