it like seeing something in the corner of your eye

Yuuri- Every so often I’ll catch myself missing home.
Yuuri- In the rink, in the street, laying in bed late at night…
Yuuri- But then the other day when I was in the store I felt that familiar feeling when I saw you turn the corner ahead of me, it was like the instant you left my sight I felt the sinking deep in my chest that comes with what we have come to call home sickness.
Yuuri- It was strange, and hard to keep off of my mind. Especially since it started happening so more frequently, like when your hand leaves mine, or when your eyes drift onto something other than mine.
Yuuri- I was so confused, why would I feel home sick when we are at home… It made no sense!
Yuuri- Until…
Yuuri- Until, I realized that you were my home. Your eyes, your hands, you. All of you has become that safe warm place for me, and when I’m in your arms, nothing can reach me. Nothing can compare.
Yuuri- I love you.
Victor- ( ;∀;)

- The cracks on the ceiling every night creep longer, stretching for the farthest corner of the room, like the claws of the old trees tapping against the windows of your room.

- You swear you leave your candle on the bookshelf each night, but when morning breaks it sits on your windowsill, next to the corpse of a minuscule fly.

- No matter what you do, your feet are always ice-cold when you sleep. 

- Strange skitters run along the insides of the walls, like the pattering feet of a city of rodents. The teeth marks on your candle look human, though.

- Out of the corner of your eye you spy a white glow from the skylight on your right, but every time you look you see only the dim outlines of the trees.

- Something taps from the inside of the boiler whenever you turn on the heat. It stops whenever you try to listen closely.

- At precisely 3:26am, something howls outside your window. You don’t have a dog. Neither do your neighbors.

- Tonight, your door creaks open. Footsteps scuttle out of your closed closet door. Your breath freezes in the air as they near you and stop at the foot of your bed.

bedroom haunting | a.c.

Call it a cult.
Call it an experience.
Call it madness.

I call it religion.

Stamp stamp stamp your feet, let Tartarus shake beneath you. Let the earth tremble at your power.
Scream scream scream at the sky, let the stars hear you and echo back with light. Do not fall silent, you must burn eventually.

Believe with everything you have, let altars fall to dust, and let your body never still. Tremble with ecstasy. Moan with trust. Fashion your hands into weapons, rip open a chest, lay the world bare.

And if you see something out of the corner of your eye, do not be afeared. He is with you, growing between your fingers, and you greet him by baring your teeth. Meet him like a lover. Kiss him like a believer. He was here all along, beneath the pine trees, beneath your mind, waiting. 

Move. Breath. Dance. 
Fight. Fuck. Drink.
Pray. Pray. Pray.
With every breath.

—  A song for a dying God. (A.V.P)
Imagine running into one of Leonard’s ex-girlfriends.

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“Look Lee! They actually have dessert here!” You hold up the fancy menu, Leonard smiles widely at your excitement.

“I know darlin’. I made sure to pick a place with a good dessert menu,” he admits, waving over the waiter.

“Dr. McCoy, you are a perfect date,” you muse glancing over the menu trying to decide what sounded appetizing. Not really focusing on the different types of meals, because you could feel Lee’s gaze on you. Through the corner of your eye you see the waiter coming up to the table, quickly you look for something appealing before setting your menu down.

The waiter asks what you would like to order and you go for the baked chicken, taking a sip from your water.

“I’ll take the steak, well done. Baked potato,” Leonard closes the menu and hands it over to the waiter, “You have whiskey here? If so, I’d like a smooth glass.”

“Wait!” you practically shout as the waiter walks away, he quickly moves back toward the table, “Scratch the chicken. Double his order and the whiskey. Thanks,” you grin at Lee, who looks on proud.

“Damn, sweetheart. A woman after my own heart,” he smirks leaning against his chair.

Shrugging lightly you excuse yourself to the restroom, “And don’t you dare drink my whiskey, Bones.’

You hear Leonard laughing as you walk away toward the bathroom.

Once inside, you quickly do your business and leave the stall to freshen up. An attractive blond woman stood in front of a mirror, fixing up her hair. You smile at her softly before turning the faucet on.

“You’re barking up the wrong tree with that one,”  her voice comes out in a matter of fact tone.

Looking up the running water, you give her a confused look, “Pardon?”

“McCoy. You’re wasting your time. He’s damaged goods, hun.”

You chuckle because it’s all you can manage. A second later, shock and anger fills your veins as you shoot her a glare, “I’m sorry, who are you?”

“Lori, we dated back in the academy. Too many commitment issues and far too committed to his work.” She sighs, brushing a finger through her hair.

“A man with a great work ethic, sure does sound awful,” you bite back, trying to stay calm.

“Don’t get me wrong, Leonard is a good man. But he will never be able to get over his failed marriage,” she turns to you, shooting you a pitied filled smile, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to ruin your date, but I just wanted to give you the heads up.”

You watch her watch walk pass you and out the door. You let out a sigh of relief, turning off the faucet and drying your hands before heading back to Leonard.

Once you settle back into your seat across from the handsome doctor, you give him a devilish smile, “So I ran into a friend of yours in the restroom.”

Leonard’s brow furrowed as he leans into the table, “I have no friends.”

You start laughing, reaching for the glass of whiskey in front of you, “Lori from the academy.”

It takes the man a moment before it registers in his brain, rolling his eyes with a groan, “Jesus, I’m sorry sweetheart.”

“She had so many fun things to say about you, Bones. Fun things.” The whiskey is smooth as it travels down your throat.

“Like what?” He murmurs, his eyes wandering around the restaurant.

“How far too committed you were to your work,” you snort loudly,  “Which is completely true and what I love about you.”

Leonard smiles, nodding his head in agreement, “Well, it sure takes one to know one. What else did she say?”

“That you had commitment issues and that you would never get over your divorce.” You speak softly, placing the glass down and looking right at the man you love.

His lips pursed as he starts mumbling under his breath, “She’s completely wrong darlin’.”

“Lee, I know. You don’t have to convince me otherwise,” you slide your hand across the table to his, gripping it tightly.

“Good, because I love you sweetheart.” His southern drawl breaks through deeper than usual, sending waves of warmth throughout your body.

Just then the waiter comes delivering the steaks and your mouth waters with hunger.

“Whoa. Bones, I think I’m in love with this steak!”

Leonard chuckles, moving his hand into his pocket feeling the shape of the small white box that contained a beautiful modest diamond ring.

“I sure hope not, darlin’.”

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hakookie  asked:

Jungkook, smut ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) , pizza hamburger cola , black . Did i miss something 🤔🤔

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JungKook , Drabble, Something smutty and fluffy

She rolled back in the couch huffing and texting her long gone for the day boyfriend JungKook.

I ve got a missing boyfriend He is tall and goodlooking have you seen him?

Hearing the short bip sound JungKook took a break and made it to his cellphone which was left on the corner. Seeing the text he smiled.

This hot-ass boyfriend of yours still working on the chareo Babe and you only talk to me like this when you want something

She giggles at the longest text ever she has gotten from JungKook and replies right away while kicking her feet freely.

I will let you call yourself hot-ass because Im hungry. Grab some usual stuff we like on your way back pls

JungKook murmured “Ahhh I knew” ; lips sulked as he was dissappointed.

You didnt miss me but only want food?

She just rolled her eyes at his reply.Why didn’t he already know he was missed like crazy and she needed him sooner than ever.

Ofc i miss you dummy I will need you to get that energy back with the food so you will spend it on me

Jimin mocked him with a grin on his face.

“You smile like this only when you talk to Y/N”

JungKook shook his head with a whatever and kept replying.

Call me dummy once again and you are getting no food and none of my energy on that body 

Her eyes flickered as she reads the bossy reply from JungKook. She literally could see JungKook’s smug face. She replied with her body shivering at the thought of the things he would do.

Ups I supposed to mean daddy??

JungKook left the phone aside and joined the rest of the boys for the last turn. They finished with all the energy drained. JungKook grabed his bag and stormed out as he waved to the boys, telling them to text him the time for tomorrow. 

He stopped in front of their favourite place ordering a full stuffed pizza, two hamburgers and coke. Soon he was in front of the door af their small flat. Seeing her boyfriend she just jumped at his arms all excited. JungKook staggered just for one second but managed to keep his balance. She wasn’t heavy for him at all and he loved to be welcomed like that. 

They stuffed their stomach. She feed the last half of her pizza to JungKook. She picked up the leftovers and threw them into the trash. When she walked back to the living room JungKook was standing right there. JungKook looked into her eyes with his pupils dilated.

“Now baby… I think you owe me something, don’t you?”

She arched an eyebrow at him questioningly. JungKook’s stare was even darker and that caused a something to burn inside her. She swallowed hard. JungKook smirked in the most casual way ever and that made the situation even worse.

“You called me dummy then made that bad daddy joke…”

He walked slowly towards her.

“Now I will need you to obey DADDY and be ready over the bed on all fours.”

She decided to be a tease and stripped down till her fine pair of underwear. It was a dark maroon lace underwear and JungKook’s favorite. She pushed her ass up and met JungKook’s sultry gaze. 

In the middle of the huge bed she was standing so ready. Jungkook felt he had a boner just with the sight. His large hands travelled over her milky skin and he gave her ass a spank.

“You won’t be able to walk tomorrow”

He whispers through her ear with a low raspy voice before he starts working her body.

Seokjin Scenario: Kiss me Better.

Request: A scenario where the boys are laughing at how miserable Jin looks because you told him he can’t be affectionate(like hug and kiss) to you for a week or 2 since he did something wrong. You two still see each other but you stop him whenever he tries to put an arm around you etc. I’d love to see a funny sweet ending for this please! >w<)b

Genre: Fluff / Romance

–You’re kidding right babe? – Jin asked with a nervous tone, one that you knew perfectly and to be quite honest, you enjoyed it a lot at that moment because that was exactly the reaction you wanted to get from him.

–Do I look like I’m kidding, babe? – you exaggerated the last word a little, throwing him a look from the corner of your eyes. You had gone with Jin for a quick lunch before a study session, and you were supposed to meet with his friends there.

You could be treating him a little better, but this was the start of his “punishment time” as you had so diligently named it, you laughed inside and kept quiet on the outside. Jin had been pretending to not know what he’d done, the traitor, you still couldn’t believe he hadn’t let you snoop form his page on your test, so you decided that if he wanted to play dumb, then you were playing dumb as well; he just needed someone to put his feet on earth and what a luck for him that his girlfriend was quite good at that.

Seokjin trailed behind you still trying to catch your full attention, to get an explanation of what was going on. You feigned indifference and sat down at the table, the rest of your friends were already there. You all attended the same college, in different semesters and majors but at some point you had all gathered together. You met Jin through them and then you started to share classes with him, spend more and more time together and the rest was history.

–Y/N, baby c’mon, you can’t be talking for real – Jin whispered, and of course it didn’t go unnoticed to the rest of the table.

Taehyung was the first one to jump in, sipping carelessly from his soda. –Trouble in paradise my friends? – he asked with his dramatic voice and you denied with your head.

–Of course not, right Y/N? – Your boyfriend was looking at you expectantly, surely hoping for you to confirm that.

– Hmmm– You only hummed and tore open your tomato sauce to pour onto your fries.

Namjoon turned to Yoongi, trying to debate about some new things he just saw at linguistics, but the other looked more focused in what his girlfriend had to say. Hoseok and Jimin started to debate on who could build a bigger tower with fries only to have Jungkook making what they’ve achieved crumble and laugh about it along with Taehyung, the whole table was in the middle of their usual ruckus and Seokjin leaned a little closer to you.

–Are you punishing me? For what? – he seemed so confused, it was a little endearing, but it wasn’t time for you to notice that. –A whole week? –

– Just as you heard – you took a sip form your own soda and then took a bite from your hamburger.

–Not even a little kiss? – Seokjin leaned closer to you, searching for your lips in an attempt to kiss them, but you shoved a few fries on his lips before he could make it any further.

–Not even a little kiss, hug, caress, touch, anything – you told him that with a sweet smile and then focused back on your food.

–I don’t even understand you – Jin huffed, eating the fries you just shoved on his mouth. –but fine, whatever you’re doing this for, it’s going to be so easy –

–Oh it will? We’ll see about that, maybe the abstinence will help you remember what you did–

You were planning on going easy with him at first, Jin was after all, a touchy person. But after this, he gained a ticket to personal hell for a week because you were going to do everything in your hands to make him crave for your touch.

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number 37 with Luke Alvez please?

“Can I kiss you?” 

It was bad enough being undercover with Luke. It just had to be at a club, where Alvez had to dance so close to you. Run his hands over your body to be believable to the people around him. Especially the UnSub, who was circling the dancefloor like a shark.

And you spotted him. In the corner, eyeing the moving bodies before landing his gaze onto you. Knowing who he was and what he’s done, it was hard to not to shiver when you made eye contact with you.

“He sees me.” You mumbled into Luke’s ear. “He might come over.”

You felt Luke tense up under your fingers. “He can’t. We’re supposed to be watching him.”

Carefully, you glanced back over to the UnSub. As you predicted, he was strolling on over like a man on a mission. “We need to do something, quick-”

“Can I kiss you?” Luke blurted out.

You instantly glanced up to him in surprise, and you weren’t able to answer before Alvez took initiative and leaned down, passionately delivering a kiss to your lips. His hand caressed your jawline, trying to make the kiss out to be hot and establish you as his.

And you just hoped Luke didn’t notice your knees buckle.

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@thegirlfromtheletter hey, can you do a robbie kay imagine were y/n is homeless and he finds her on the street. So he wants to help her and they start having feelings for each others but she feels like she doesn’t deserve anything or something like that. Super fluff (sorry about my english, it’s not my native language) also, i love your imagines♥

Warnings: homelessness

It was a cold night. So cold you could see your breath each time you exhaled. You were shivering, huddled in a corner outside. It was snowing lightly, the first snow of the season. 

You gripped tighter on the holey blanket you found months ago. It was much help, but it was better than nothing. You looked up as people walked by in thick, warm coats. Tears welled in your eyes, remembering the days when you weren’t homeless.

Being homeless wasn’t fun at all. A few people preferred being homeless, but you weren’t one of them. You remembered coming home to a warm house with food and clothes and shelter. Now you scavenged for food, struggled to stay warm, and could rarely find a form of shelter. People looked at you oddly instead of smiling at you, and you were dirty. You were in desperate need of a good washing, but the closest Homeless Shelter was in the next town over. 

You jolted when you felt someone kick you. You jumped, gasping louder than wanted. You didn’t even realize that you had fallen asleep.

“Oh my goodness, I am so sorry.” A boy quickly knelt down by your side. “Are you okay?”

He didn’t touch you, not wanting to alarm you even more.

“Uh…” You struggled for words. People don’t usually apologize for accidentally kicking you. “Y-Yeah, I’m f-fine.” You shivered some more.

The boy frowned, a flash of concern showing clear on his face. “You’re freezing. Your lips have gone blue.”

You didn’t know how to respond. It was obvious you were beyond freezing. You couldn’t feel your hands and feet. You were afraid to move because the small warmth you did have would be lost. 

“Do you want to stay with me for the night? You can sleep on the couch. I can provide you warm clothes and food. A shower, too, if you’d like?”

This person was so kind to you. Maybe it was because of how cold you looked. Or how vulnerable you were to the weather. Or maybe it was because you two were close in age. He couldn’t imagine being your age and in your current spot.

“Um… I don’t… I don’t know,” you replied, not sure. The world was a dangerous place. Someone could seem trustworthy, but give them too much trust and they could hurt you. especially when it’s a strange off the streets. This guy could’ve been some serial killer who went after the homeless.

“Don’t worry, I’m not some creep. My name’s Robbie. I live right down that street.” He pointed down the road where houses and apartments formed in the distance. “Please let me help you. You seem to really need some kindness.”

A feeling inside you lit up. You felt as though you could trust Robbie. Nothing in his facial features or body language pointed that he was a bad person. He seemed trustworthy. 

You nodded your head.

Robbie grinned, helping you up. He quickly took off his big coat, revealing a thinner jacket underneath.

“Here, you can wear my coat on the walk there.”

You smiled shyly, putting on his coat. It was so warm, and you felt better already. 

Entering Robbie’s apartment, you saw that he had quite the collection of odd things. A lot of props. But it looked nice all the same. 

“Here, you can sit back and watch some TV. I can make you something? I’ve got soup, rice, chicken. Leftovers?” 

“Uh, whatever’s easiest?” You questioned, still shy. Robbie grinned, going into the kitchen. 

You found the On button on the remote, soon to be flipping through channels. You went straight to the old channels you used to watch. You put on some dumb show that made you laugh. 

The aroma of food made your stomach grumble. You hadn’t noticed how hungry you were. With food being scarce for you, you learned to ignore the hunger pains.

“Here you are,” Robbie grinned, setting down some soup. “I’m not the best cook in the world, so soup was easiest for me.” He laughed and you grinned.

After a few moments of silence and you eating, Robbie finally spoke again.

“So, what is your name?”


“Ah, okay. Uh, I’m sorry if this is inappropriate, but how did you become homeless? You seem about my age.”

You were a little surprised by the question. How could you tell him? You were actually ashamed of how you became homeless.

“Well I lived with a boyfriend. He made me move to another state, away from all friends and family. Uh, we ended up breaking up. I know I should’ve gone back home, but I told my parents I was all grown up and didn’t need them. So I tried living on my own, and eventually lost my job and everything else. I’ve been living like this for about eight months now. Not too long, but long enough if you ask me.”

The night was spent with you and Robbie talking for quite some time. He truly was a nice person. You also learned he was some actor, which really took you by surprise. Why would someone of such higher standing want to help you? You still weren’t sure why.

Though after a god two hours of getting to know one another, you finally asked if you could take a shower. You desperately wanted to feel hot water on your back, and the feeling of the grime melting off your being.

Robbie took you to his bathroom, getting the shower ready for you. He handed you a towel and some of his pajamas, hoping they’d fit. You thanked him before closing and locking the door.

The shower was incredible. The hot water cascaded down your back, the soap felt smooth on your skin. It felt nice to shower again. Though you made it as quickly as possible, not wanting to waste his hot water. 

The pajamas were big, but they’d suffice. Anything would, you were beyond grateful for Robbie and his kindness. Opening the bathroom door, steam left the room with you. Robbie was now in his own pajamas, on the couch and watching television.

You plopped on the couch next to him. “Thank you so much,” you smiled brightly. “Truly, yo are an amazing man. I can’t thank you enough.”

“No need to thank me. I know it’s hard these days. You can stay here as long as necessary, I won’t mind. I can even clean up my guest room for you.”

O-Oh,” you stammered. Tears quickly welled in your eyes. “You don’t have to… I don’t want to burden you.”

“Hey, no need to cry,” he chuckled. “You wouldn’t burden me, I promise.”

You wiped your eyes, face already turning slightly red. “I’m sorry, it’s just–no one has been this kind to me in a long time.”

“It’s okay. I understand.”

As time passed, Robbie did keep his word. He cleared out his guest room for you, giving you an actual room. You lived there for a while. And as you did, you would search for jobs on his computer when he was away at work. You applied and applied, hoping for at least one person to get back to you. You really wanted to pay back Robbie. Maybe chip in with rent and food and bills. You felt as though tidying up the place wasn’t enough.

Though as time also kept passing, the feelings grew and grew. You began to form a liking towards Robbie. And he grew one towards you as well. Who would’ve ever thought that you two would end up liking one another. Your plan was to stay for a short time and move on. But Robbie’s kindness and charm kept you in. 

“Robbie, I got a callback!” You rushed to him as he entered the front door with Chinese takeout.

“Did you really? That’s fantastic! Which place?”

You bit your bottom lip, looking away for a brief second. “I got callbacks from Vons, Forever 21, Starbucks, and Costco.” You smiled widely, proud of yourself.

“Four callbacks?” Robbie gasped, setting down the food on the coffee table. “Are you going to go to all interviews or one?”

“Costco. That was seems best. People can make careers out of Costco.”

Robbie nodded. “Good plan. I’m so proud of you.” He hugged you tightly. You hugged him back, burying your face in his chest. 

“I’m proud of me, too,” you mumbled. “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“I’m so glad to have helped,” he smiled, pulling away. 

You gazed into his eyes, him doing the same. You took a leap forward, kissing him. Quickly, however, you pulled away. 

“I’m sorry, I was caught in the moment–”

Robbie cut you off by kissing you this time. “No worries, Y/N. I liked it.”

You two kissed again, both smiling within it. You couldn’t have been happier. Life was really turning around for you.

You took my heart away

Originally posted by kibunijohda

Genre: angst

Word count: 1,5k

Kim Taehyung.

The sweetest, funniest and most handsome boy you have ever known. Dating him was the best thing that has ever happened in your life.

But now, Taehyung was gone. And he took your heart with him.

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Gif is mine

Imagine Pride seeing you crying, and maybe he does what he can to cheer you up? 

Requested by Anon~

When Pride walked into his bar, he knew he’d find you there. After the day you’ve had, he knew something was wrong. Pride always knew when something was wrong.

So, he quietly approached you at the bar, and he could see you play with your half-empty glass of golden liquid. At first, Pride didn’t think that you knew he was there. But then your head turned to the side so you can look at him through the corner of your eye. “Sorry for busting in like this.” Your low voice apologized. “It’s quiet here, is all.”

Pride gave a small smirk and came up to your side, sitting on the stool next to you. “I understand.” He waved off before tilting his head at you. “Ah was just makin’ sure you’re alright.”

“I’m fine, King. Honestly.”

Pride didn’t believe you. He gave a small nod before reaching out and grabbing your wrist. Surprised, you looked up to your boss, but he was stepping off the stool and carefully leading you away from the bar. You stood and followed him to his piano. You were still confused as he sat you down on the bench. “Pride…?”

“When I’m blue, ah always find that this helps lift my mood.” He replied cheerfully, glancing over to you with a smile. One of his hands reached over to your side of the piano and he pressed a few keys. “Now, I want you to play those keys just like I did. Keep the beat.”

You did as you were told, playing the well-worn keys just as Pride showed you. Soon after, he began playing with much more skill and talent that you ever could. But the tune was light and happy, and the smile on Pride’s face was contagious. You found yourself smirking as he began to sing.

Yes, I do teach creative writing.

Today I’m going to give one of my favorite lessons, on filtering. Don’t separate your reader from your main character by forcing the reader to observe the character feeling something. Ex: “Xavier came around the corner of the alley and gasped as he saw the huge, wolf-like creature crouching there with glowing red eyes.” The words “he saw” (along with other filters like heard, smelled, felt, wondered, knew) force the reader to observe the character when what we really want to do is stand close to the character and see what they see at the same time they’re seeing it. Ex.: “Xavier came around the corner of the alley and gasped. A huge, wolf-like creature was crouched there, red eyes glowing.

My Prize Part 2

My Prize (2p!Germany X Reader)

Warnings: nudity

“I’ll take care of ya.”

You felt yourself swoon when he said that. He took his hand away from the glass and walked away. He began stripping himself out of his clothes. Your eyes widened.

He was naked now, walking around his room. His bed was in the corner. You pressed both your hands and your nose against the glass, looking at his legs. He was so muscular, you didn’t know humans came like that. You could see something dangling in between his legs. Something rather large. You tried to press closer to the glass.

The human looked back at you, smirking when he saw how you were acting. He walked over to you. He sat down on his chair again, propping his arms on his desk. He spread his legs out.

“I’m going to explain to you how it’s going to work around here.” He said simply, as you eyed his figure, specifically his sex organs; it was something you’d never seen before.

“My name is Lutz,” he grinned, “I’m the captain of this ship.”

You nodded, still staring at him.

“I’m gonna keep you in that tank, feed you, clean it, all of that, but I expect you to listen and do as I say, alright?” He placed his hands firmly on his thighs.

You nodded again.

“Don’t talk much, do ya?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

You touched your throat and looked away.

Lutz pursed his lips, “Ya seem to understand english just fine though.”

You glanced at him with a nod.

Lutz spun his chair around so he was looking at his desk. He pulled a map out and used a weird tool to measure a length.

“Let’s see if we can fix that.” He said.

You blinked with widened eyes. Lutz gave a few hums of satisfaction.

“I can keep us on course and visit the witch if I do this right. How does that sound?” He looked back at you. You blinked again.

Lutz got up and put a robe on, blocking your view of his naked body. He ran a hand through his hair, slicking a few strands back. He then looked askance for something: a step ladder. He propped it up against your tank and climbed up. You swam towards him, your head popping out from the water. He reached a hand down to you.

You let him run a hand through your hair now. You liked the sensation. He tugged a bit on your fins, and your eyes rolled to the back of your head. You put a webbed hand over his own. Your skin was slimy compared to his. His skin was dry, but soft, yet calloused. It was as if his skin was contradictory. You put your other arm around his hand too, hugging it close. He was quite warm, while your own skin was almost a sickly cold.

Since your gills were just above your hips, you could rub up against Lutz’s hand without suffocating. Your tail, a shiny green and blue thing, was waving back in forth in the water happily.

“You’re a cute little thing, aren’t ya?” He purred.

You looked up at him contently.

“To bad you can’t sleep in my bed, don’t want you to die, do I now?” Lutz gently pried his hand away from you, much to your dismay.

Lutz stepped off the ladder and walked next to your tank, which was where a smallish bed was. Lutz pushed his bed up against your tank, so that when he laid down, his head would be right next to the glass.

Lutz gave a mild yawn, “If you get hungry, I want ya to tap on the glass, okay?” He asked, slipping under the covers and resting his head on his pillow.

Lutz rolled over to blow out the last candle, before rolling back towards you and placing hand on the glass again.

You sat on top of the large rock planted in the middle of the tank, watching as Lutz fell asleep. You set about eating all the small fish in the tank.

Lutz woke up a few hours later, rising with the sun. You were asleep on your rock, hair swaying in the water. Lutz spent a few extra minutes watching you like that, before he sat up and put on his typical attire, sitting on top his desk to polish his sword. He gave a good whistle, glancing over at you every now and again.

What does a mermaid even eat? He pondered what he could feed you before he noticed there was no more fish in the tank with you. You’d eaten them. That would work.

Lutz strapped on his belt, complete with his sword, before there was a knock on the door.

“Enter,” he called.

It was his navigations expert, Antonio. Lutz smirked.

“Just who I wanted to see, I need you to put us on course for the witch hut, we need to make a stop for a personal matter.” Lutz sniffed.

Antonio laughed, “Personal matter? You mean sex?”

“No, actually. I need a spell of hers.”

“Okay, Captain, but the reason why I’m in here: one of our nets was used last night.” He said.

“Ja, that was me.” Lutz grinned.

“Why, if you don’t mind me asking, Captain.”

“Can you keep a secret?”


Lutz laughed and moved his chair to the side so Antonio could see your sleeping form.

Antonio’s eyes widened, “Is that…?”

“Yep, an actual mermaid.”

“Are you going to sell her?” Antonio looked over to his captain with large hazel eyes.

“Nein. I’m going to keep her here.”

“Do you know if she’s okay with that?” Antonio looked back towards you.

“Ja, she’s fine. She already ate all my fish. We’ll need to catch her more.” Lutz gave a hearty chuckle.

Antonio nodded, “I can make sure we set some aside. What about the rest of the crew, are you going to tell them?”

“It doesn’t matter to me either way. I want to go to the witch before anything too drastic happens.” Lutz crossed his arms.


Lutz motioned to you, “She can understand english, but I don’t think she can speak, so I’m going to see if that witch can do anything.”

“I guess that makes sense. You think she can do the same thing she did to your brother again?” Antonio asked.

“That’s what I’m hoping.” Lutz grinned, “Now go set sail- and wake up the rest of the crew to start catching fish. She’s not the only one that’s hungry.”

Tonio smiled, “Aye-aye, Captain.”

Antonio exited the captain’s quarters, leaving Lutz to grab his pistol and start cleaning it off. It was a lovely pistol, one Lutz had stolen from another pirate ship, from the captain: Arthur Kirkland. Monstrous fellow, he was. So Lutz took his pistol after a raid, and kept it on him at all times. The pistol itself was engraved with vines, with a sleek wooden handle and polished silver.

Lutz leaned back in his chair, putting his feet on top of his desk with a content smile. There was another knock on the door.

“Come in.” He said, not looking up from his pistol.

Lutz’s first mate, Elizabeta, entered.

“Sir, Antonio just told me there was a mermaid, is he drunk this early in the morning?” Liz joked.

“Nein, she’s right there.” Lutz motioned to you with his pistol, before going back to cleaning it.

“Woah!” Liz ran over to the glass, putting her hands on it with a smirk.

“I bet she’ll be expensive.” Liz commented.

“Why does everyone think I’m gonna sell her?” Lutz scowled.

“I meant to take care of, but yeah, selling her would be expensive too.” Liz smiled.

Lutz rolled his eyes with a playful smile, “Don’t you have decks to swab or something?”

“That’s not what you pay me for, sir, but I can order Peter to do it.” Liz stood up.

“Actually, that’s a good idea, I caught myself a mermaid last night, the deck probably has slime all over it.” Lutz said thoughtfully.

“Okay, Captain,” Lizzie went to the door, “You should probably take a bath, sir, you smell like slime too.”

Liz left the the room as well.

Lutz looked back at you with a smile, as you finally woke up. You stretched out, with an underwater yawn. You rolled onto you back with a smile towards Lutz. Lutz merely raised an eyebrow. He needed to get you a waterproof top to wear; you were naked.

Then Antonio came bursting back through the door.

Killian Jones Imagine- Innocent

You knew when you got involved with Killian than he has a past and that the past would forever haunt you. A pirate’s life style was that of adventure, women, and booze. Every time you sat with him, his hands gently resting on your leg, you couldn’t help but imagine how many other women those hands have touched. The two of you sit on the couch, the fire roaring warming up the chilly room. The tv is on but Killian seems more interested in watching you. He loves to watch you react to what is on the tv, like how you scrunch up your nose when you find something funny. Out of the corner of your eye you see him glancing down at you with a burning look.

“What?” you self consciously mumble.

You curl yourself up deeper into his embrace as you feel your cheeks start to glow with embarrassment.

“Can’t a man look at his striking girl?” he chuckles.

He takes your hand in his and you shudder at the power behind his touch. Your fingers intertwined in his, the metal of the rings that sit on his fingers making it a tighter fit. Your eyes avert from his gaze as you bite on your lip anxiously.

“(y/n).”  he sighs.

The cool metal of his hook presses against your cheek forcing your face inches from his. He leans in close but you avoid looking into that seductive stare of his. You feel his hand unlock from yours and firmly grip your jaw tilting your head upward.

“(y/n) look at me. What’s the matter love?” he squints at you.

“Nothing.” you half heartedly smile.

He leans in closer, his lips hovering above yours. You want to close the gap between you two but all you were distracted with other thoughts. Finally your lips touch, the scruff of his bread grazing your soft cheek. The kiss was timid at first but the lust grew. His fingers crawl around the side of your head and tangle themselves in your silky hair. The tips of his fingers wind themselves loosely at the root and pull slightly, just enough to create tensions.

“Killian.” You mumble.

His lips pull into a smile against your mouth knowing that it would drive you crazy. You back away slowly again drawing the tender skin of your lip in between your teeth. His eyes are filled with perplexity as he looks at you and for that you felt bad. It wasn’t that you don’t love Killian because you do, it’s just he has so much more experience. You haven’t ever kissed anyone before Killian, not even the innocent and meaningless kiss that a child experiences in grade school.

“Are you okay?” he asks.

“Yeah. I’ll be right back.” you excuse yourself from the room.

Wandering down the hallway you have walked a million times before, you sense the feeling of being lost creeping up on you. You turn into the room on your left which happens to be the bathroom. Warm tears start to well up in your eyes as you stare into the mirror. The reflection you see isn’t the strong and passionate girl you usually see. The person staring back at you is small and confused. You dab away the tears that threaten to spill from your eyes and grab the doorknob with your trembling hand. Before you open the door you inhale deeply and exhale as the door swings open. You take on step out of the door and crash into Killian.

“(y/n) what’s that matter?”

Killian places his hand on your arm holding you in place. His eyes squint at first but then soften as he sees a small tear roll down your face.

“Hey now. No need to cry love.” he reassures you.

You are at a loss of words, so you stand there bewildered for a moment. Falling into his chest, he tucks your head underneath his chin and rubs small circles into your back. He sighs wracking his brain as to why you are upset.

“I’m sorry.” you whisper.

“Sorry for what?” his voice trails off.

“I’m just. I’ve been thinking.” you stutter.

“About?” he inquires with sad eyes.

“How inexperienced I am.” you mumble.

“Whatever do you mean?” his lips draw into a frown.

“I’ve never… been with anyone else. I can’t imagine the kind of women you have seen and.” you are cut off.

“I don’t care about those women (y/n). You are innocent, and that’s what makes you, you. Sure I’ve kissed other women before but who am I standing here with, huh?” he brushes back a piece of your hair and tucks it behind your ear.

“Me.” you frown.

“So wipe that from off your face. Such a shame to see such a pretty lass with a frown.” he kisses the top of your head.

After that night all of your doubts washed away. Killian was there to stay. From time to time you ask him about past experiences, like if he’s ever had his heart broken, or thought about marrying a woman from his past. He would always direct the attention back to you though, because you are the one that has captured his heart.

[Author’s note: Once again gif isn’t mine. Also send in requests love! I have plenty of time to spare xx]

The Peeker

You guys have heard about the Peeker, right?


That’s odd, because you’ve probably seen him at least once.

Everyone has seen him, even if you don’t know it.

He’s the thing that lurks right behind your doorframe. He makes that noise that makes you jump, but you’ll check and there’s nothing there. He’s that thing that you think you see peeking from behind your door, but you shake your head, sure you’ve imagined it.

You’ll know when he’s there. First, you’ll get this chill down your body. You’ll feel like something is watching you. The hairs on your neck might stand up. Then you’ll look around your room and turn on all the lights. He loves the lights.

Once you’ve calmed down and settled back into your routine, you’ll see him in the corner of your eye. You’ll see an odd shadow peeking from behind the doorframe. You might think it’s just your paranoia and ignore it.

He hates being ignored.

But if you keep staring at the door, that’s when you’ll start to see a figure. First you’ll notice a shoulder or a leg. He isn’t wearing clothes and his skin is a milky black with a sludge-like sheen. He has sparse black hairs that stick up like pine needles. At this point you might get scared and pull the covers over your face.

He hates when you stop looking.

But if you can’t look away, you’ll see more of him. His torso will creep around so you can see his curled back. You’ll notice his exposed ribs. You might realize that he isn’t breathing. His hands will be twisting in circles, the only part of him that appears to be moving. They curl and twist into unrecognizable shapes. This site might cause you so much fear you pass out.

He hates when you do that.

But if you are brave enough to stay conscious you’ll watch his head slowly appear. His has no face. It is just an empty bowl of skin. It looks as if someone scooped out the front of a man’s head and left him with just the back of his skull. You’ll see the longer black needles that litter his neck. You’ll hold your breath, but you can’t look away.

He loves that you can’t look away.

He won’t walk towards you. Instead he will suddenly be next to you, his empty skull inches away. If he breathed you would feel his hot breath. You’ll piss yourself. You’ll beg him not to hurt you. You’ll wish you had just ignored the shadow behind the door.

The next day your family will find your body in pieces scattered across your room. They will say that some animal must have gotten inside. You’ve been eaten from the inside out. The authorities will not be able to find your hands. The bone will appear to be cut at the wrist.

The Peeker will take your hands and exchange them for his own. This will satisfy him for a while. But after a few days the hands will reject the host, and start trying to escape. He’ll have to go hunting again. His hands will curl and twist.

But don’t worry, you’ve never even heard of the Peeker.

You’ve never seen a shadow peeking from behind the doorframe, have you?

Curvy [a Jimmy Darling imagine]

Request: can u do a Jimmy imagine where the reader is “curvy” or “plus size” or whatever u wanna call it and she’s so insecure incase Jimmy won’t like what he sees because she knows he’s like a ladies man if that makes sense like he’s used to skinnier girls… And he just comforts her or something fluffy like that pleasee xx

a/n: i totally get this; i have curves and it took forever for me to like them REQUEST CLOSED

WARNING: Gets a lil smutty at the end *wink*

The mirror stares back at you, outlining the parts of your body you don’t like. The curve of your breast and butt almost mock you. Tears sting at the corners of your eyes just thinking about it. Why is Jimmy even with you? Wouldn’t he be happier with a skinnier girls? These questions run through your head all day.

Too busy worrying about how your body is, you fail to acknowledge Jimmy gazing at the mirror. His arms are folded across his dirty white tank top; hiding his lobster hands under his armpits. “Is this what you’ve been doin’ all day?” He frowns, strutting over to where you are.

Quickly, you fix your pastel blue dress so it’s around your ankles instead of up on your thighs. You shake your head, avoiding the mirror. “No, I… Yes, okay? I’ve been looking in the mirror, trying to figure out why!” You cry, covering your face. God, this is so embarrassing.

Jimmy places his hands on your wrists, prying your hands open like a book as he bends to your eye level. “Tryna figure out what, babydoll?” He chuckles softly, his dimples indenting both sides of his face. How the hell can one man be this cute?

You can smell the minty breath; you sigh, glancing down. Biting your lower lip, you play with your fingers. Tears spill from Y/C/E eyes, landing in a pool on the floor by your brown shoes. “Why you’re with me.” You whisper, adding a quiet sniffle at the end. His nose scrunches and he crouches lower to see your face. “You should be with someone skinnier, like what you’re used to. Not… me. I’m too big… You’re a ladies man, Jimmy, you can easily have any girl. Any skinny girl.” You sob, wrapping your arms around yourself.

Frowning, he stands up. “You’re wrong. I can’t have any girl; I don’t want any girl.” He sighs, turning you back around; he points to the reflective surface. “See that girl? That’s the one I love… I love you, Y/N. And you know what?” He stares at you; eyes wide while his hands travel from your shoulders to your breasts, he smirks, then your abdomen and finally grips your wide hips forcefully. “I absolutely adore your curves, babydoll.” He purrs in your ear, “Gives me somethin’ to hold onto at night.” He nips at your neck, fingertips digging into your hips. “Babydoll, you’re curvy in all the right places… Lemme show ya…”

Suddenly, the backs of your knees hit the edge of the bed, making you gasp. “I’m gonna take good care of ya, babygirl. Relax, daddy’s here.” Jimmy smirks, climbing on top of you; knees trapping your legs together. “Daddy’s got ya…” He breathes, tugging your dress up. Oh, now you’re so in for it tonight…

Deconstructing STPD: Odd Perceptual Experiences


Ideas of reference

Odd beliefs

Odd perceptual experiences (you are here)

Odd thinking/speech

This symptom is pretty straightforward, so I won’t go into it a lot. (Side note: MASSIVE trigger warning! I go into depth about each category of perceptual illusion, so if you’re triggered by even the MENTION of it I would suggest not reading!)

Odd perceptual experiences are when your perception of reality is temporarily altered in a very strange way–like when a smooth cloth snags on a sharp object.

Perceptual experiences are like optical illusions (although they aren’t always optical.) You take a normal situation and see something in it that shouldn’t be there–like seeing a shadow in the corner of your eye. These are similar to hallucinations of any nature, but are usually very mild and short. However, they still cause a lot of distress to those who experience them.

Illusions can affect any of your senses, but we’ll focus on the basic five: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.

Visual illusions can include (but are not limited to):

-seeing something out of the corner of your eye such as a shadow, moving object, or even a person

-seeing quick flashes of light (or even seeing lights turn off and on)

-visual bodily illusions, such as looking in the mirror and seeing parts of your body change or morph

Visual illusions aren’t the most common–but they are the most obvious and perhaps the most frightening. Don’t worry if you don’t experience visual illusions–you’re still valid!

Auditory illusions can include (but are not limited to):

-hearing a whisper from an unknown source, usually very close to you

-hearing disembodied yelling, usually from far away

-hearing a familiar noise (your name, the school bell ringing, etc) from a crowded or otherwise noisy area

Auditory illusions seem to be more common than visual, but if you don’t experience either, don’t worry–there’s more.

Illusions of smell/taste are usually grouped together (but not always) and can include:

-suddenly getting a bad taste in your mouth or smelling something bad, especially when you are experiencing other illusions

-smelling or tasting something good, such as bakery items or a favorite dish, when they aren’t cooking/you aren’t eating them

-smelling or tasting something you can’t describe, but vaguely remember smelling or tasting in the past

These aren’t as obvious or talked about in the community, but I find them to be the most interesting and perhaps the ones I experience the most.

Kinesthetic illusions affect your sense of feeling and can include:

-feeling something tap on your shoulder/other parts of your body

-feeling as though something is watching you/feeling a presence

-kinesthetic bodily illusions, such as feeling parts of your body ‘disappear’, feeling weightless, or feeling like you are falling. These are NOT valid at night, as those bodily illusions are caused by Alice in Wonderland Syndrome :)

Kinesthetic illusions are the most frightening and vivid for me, but that cannot be said for others! Everyone experiences this symptom differently.

Dissociation is also an odd perceptual experience, as it affects your perception of reality. However, only experiencing dissociation without any others may not be grounds for experiencing this symptom. I would talk to someone who has studied STPD in great depth before asking me :)

It’s okay if you don’t experience this symptom! Not everyone with STPD does and you’re completely valid if you don’t.

Thanks for reading :)


You can’t hide a smirk as Negan and the Saviors come back to the Sanctuary. Lucille in Negan’s hand is bloody and that’s always a good sign.
Quickly you drop the knife out of your hand and kneel down.
“Stand up.” Negan says harshly and you frown for a moment.
‚He should be in a better mood.‘ You think and do what he commands.
“Everything is good?”
“Yes, your girls are fine and mine are too. And you, boss?” Even when you stand in front of him you have your eyes down out of respect.
“Alexandria belongs to us now, like Rick’s fucking ass.” His voice sounds proud and you understand him.
He would never admit it, but after they killed so many of the Saviors he was worried that they could destroy what he built.
“Good job, boss. Like always.” You say, seeing in the corner of your eyes how his jaw clenched.
Something is wrong and you’re afraid that you are the reason for it.
“I don’t want to be disturbed today!” Negan yells and you all nod. “(Y/N), you come with me.”
Your knees getting weak, but like a brave soldier you follow him to his room, ignoring the pitying looks of the others.
Carefully he puts Lucille in the corner, but this time you don’t smile about how he treats her.
“I don’t want you to fucking kneel in front of me.” Negan says while he turns around to you.
“What? Why?” Each of his words made your heart beats faster.
“We built that together, all of that. I lead the fuckers outside and you the girls.” A small smile appears on his face. “We are fucking equal.”
“We aren’t-.”
“Don’t fucking contradict me!” He interrupts you and you shut your mouth.
“Ok, boss.” You nod.
“You fucking call me again boss or kneel down in front of me and I fucking put Lucille in your mouth.”
Against your will a quiet laughter escapes your mouth and even Negan seems amused.
“Ok, Negan.”
It feels kind of weird to say his name in front of him, but you also feel honored.
“Good and now get the fuck out of here. I need some sleep.” Negan orders and you nod again.

★ imagine; waking up to the sounds of nora meowing in the early morning.

Originally posted by defsouljb

Letting out a breath, you peeked open your eyes to see Nora’s tail bobbing up and down while she walked along side near the bed. You squinted, trying to focus on her curly tail as she rounded the corner, walking around the foot of the bed before disappearing altogether. You assumed she found something to play with and you closed your eyes, hoping to get some more z’s before you really needed to get up.

However, your eyes opened again when you felt a small weight pounce near your feet and four carefully little paws made their way on top of the covers between you and Jaebum. 

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The Game- Bad Boy Taehyung (Part 7)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 , Part 6, Part8

“How?” You asked Jimin, your eyes opening widely, and your mouth falling open. A tear emerged from the corner of your eye, and slowly slid down your face, leaving a trace from where it carried the make-up away with it.

Jimin looked at you with a tinge of sadness in his gorgeous, brown, puffy-lidded eyes. He smiled bitterly, like he knew something you didn’t know.

“I recognize that look in your eyes, better than anyone else. I can see you are broken, and all this is just a wall you put up to keep others out.” He told you, pointing to your entire being with a quick hand gesture. You looked down, and chuckled slightly, although the tears began dripping down your cheek faster than you expected.

“You can see right through me, can’t you?” You asked him, lifting your head so your eyes could meet his. He had broken through the first barrier, he saw your true self now, the broken girl that hid behind that wall of self-confidence. He saw the way your eyes glimmered when you cried, the way your lips quivered slightly as you tried to prevent yourself from crying. You looked so pure, so fragile, so weak, he wished he could help you somehow.

“Unfortunately, I know very well how you feel. I won’t… I won’t tell anyone, if you don’t want me to. But you need to talk. You need to open up at some point, or it will consume you. You will burn out like a candle. Trust me.” He told you, as he grabbed your hand, and held it tightly in his own, squeezing it ever so slightly.

“Who did you talk to? Who helped you?” You asked him, as you began walking in the direction your house was in.  He laughed.

“Suga hyung. He’s the one who saved me, sort of. He picked me up from the streets. He has always looked after me, and for that I admire him. I’ll tell you my story some other day if you want. It’s quite action-y. There’s even a girl involved.” He tried to lighten up the mood a little by telling you his own pain, offering to tell you his life story if you told him yours.

If someone had been out there in the streets that night, they probably would have assumed you and Jimin were a loving couple, holding hands, and laughing at each other’s comments and jokes. But it couldn’t be further from the truth. He had given up on trying to woo you, he knew it would never work, he also knew your heart was a fortified structure, that only one special person would be able to own. But he wanted to help you, he wanted to protect you. He felt like he could relate to you, like he could be your friend, your confidant.

You laughed and smiled, you admired Jimin’s honest laugh, his beautiful, throaty laugh, and the way his eyes went all small when he smiled, until they almost disappeared behind his eyelids.

But when you reached your front door, your facial expression became sombre. You fumbled with your keys, playing with them, a clear giveaway to your reluctance to go in. Jimin noticed, and took them from you.

“You can come back home with us, if you don’t want to go in.” He replied, his heart beating harshly with the fear of what could happen if you went in alone. Horrible images playing in his head. You noticed his furrowed brows, and sighed deeply, taking the keys back.

“There is no one home.” You replied simply, opening the door quickly, and taking a step inside. Jimin stood there, a little confused. You looked at him a little impatiently, and cocked your head towards the inside of the house.

“Are you coming in or what?” you snapped, the cold current passing through your house giving you goose-bumps. Jimin snapped back to reality, and quickly shuffled his feet to get inside. You closed the door and locked it, turning on the lights to the corridor and the kitchen.

Jimin followed you inside like a lost puppy, unsure of what to do. He had never quite imagined this scenario when he offered to take you home.

“Do you like green tea?” you asked him, as you took out a small bag and placed it in one cup, and held another in your other hand. He nodded, so you took out another mug and placed the bag in it. You poured the boiling water on it, the steam rising from the mug formed beautiful spiralling shapes that hypnotized you.

You handed him the tea, and he smiled slightly, thanking you. He wondered what you could possibly find so interesting in the steam, but he did not question it. You signalled towards the living room, and began walking. He followed wordlessly.

You carefully sat on the sofa, leaving your mug on a small table next to it, and Jimin imitated you, on the opposite end of the sofa. You turned on the television to the cooking channel, and lowered the volume.

The swirls forming above the steaming mug seemed to give you the comfort you needed to begin to speak. Ordering the words in your head was a lot tougher than you thought it would be. Your mind was made up, but the words got stuck in your throat, and refused to come out. You cleared your throat.

“There is no one home.” You started hesitatingly. The words slipping out of your mouth with difficulty.

“You said that…” Jimin replied, a little confused. He noticed the way your hands shook as you grabbed the mug to take a sip out of it, and his heart softened. He put his hand on your leg softly, encouragingly, as he looked into your eyes.

“What I mean is that there never is anyone home. I live alone.” You concluded, setting your mug aside once more. Jimin’s lips formed into a perfect ‘o’ shape. But before he could utter a word, you raised your hand to stop him.

“My… My biological father… hah, father isn’t really a word that applies to that man, well he was abusive. He drank, he smoked, he took narcotics, he was everything a father shouldn’t be. He beat my mom, he yelled at her, he said mean things, he hurt her when she was pregnant with me… He hurt her after… And as soon as I could stand on my own two feet, he hurt me.” Your voice cracked, and your lips quivered. Jimin took your hands in his, trying to restrain his own tears. He wanted nothing more than to hold you, but if he stopped you now, he might never hear the end of your story.

“My mom was unhappy, but she stayed, because she loved him, or because he had shattered her self-esteem so far, that she believed she was nothing without him. But one night, we aren’t sure what happened, he disappeared. Perhaps he overdosed, and no one cared to inform us, or maybe he got involved with the wrong people. But days went by, and he never returned. My mom was devastated at first, her heart broke, but once her eyes had run dry of tears, we started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was only 5 or 6 at the time, but I had seen more than most other kids had.” You continued, your tragic story tearing Jimin’s heart into shreds, and bringing back awful memories he didn’t want to recall.

“We started over, in another town. Mom got a job, I changed schools. We found a place to stay on the top floor of an old lady’s house. She let me call her grandma. She really was lovely. We didn’t have much, but we were happy. We were a family. And then my mom met my stepdad.” You sighed sadly, a tear rolling down your cheek as you smiled, shutting your eyes tightly.

“You have a stepdad?” He asked, looking at you unsure of the meaning behind your words.

“Had. He was a great man, you know? He loved my mom, made her feel special. He made her laugh. I had never heard her laugh before. It is a beautiful sound. I wish you could hear it. He looked after me, he loved me like I was his own. I loved him truly. He is what you would call a real dad. Was. About a year ago, we were in a car crash. Mom and I survived, but he did not. It was a drunk driver you see? He never saw us on the road, he didn’t even know we were there. A drunk man killed the only person that lent me a hand when I was so low that I was eating the ground. Do you know what I mean?” You asked him, squinting your eyes to try to see if whatever you said made sense outside your head. He nodded slowly, tears now welling up in his eyes. He bit his lip in order to hold back the sob that wanted to escape his mouth.

How could you still stand strong after all those things? He felt your pain. He understood it perfectly. He wanted to help you somehow. His memory flashed back to the look on your face when you refused Jin’s offer to drive you back home, and it all began making sense in his head.

“But your mom?” He asked. You smiled sarcastically.

“She fell into deep depression after Dad’s death. She lost a good man, the love of her life. He left us everything, of course, but he also left a big deep hole in our lives that just can’t be filled. Her condition worsened, the pills weren’t working anymore, and she slowly began losing her mind. She wouldn’t eat, or sleep, or move. She stayed there every day, looking out the window, waiting for him to return. Sometimes she comes back for a bit, but then she’s gone again. I couldn’t take care of her by myself, so I had to put her in a hospital… In one of those places. So we moved. We came here. I bought this house, and I put her in the home… Whatever you want to call that place. I am left alone, every day, when I get back from school, or from visiting her. I am always alone.” You finished, your voice and self-control shattering as strong sobs shook your body. You hunched over and covered your face with your hands.

Jimin’s arms found their way around your body, and he held you tightly. He stroked your back soothingly, but he knew there was nothing he could do to take away the pain.

So he stayed with you, on that sofa, telling you his story, his tragedy, his pain. But also making you laugh, telling you stories, and talking to you about everything, from his theories about the creation of the universe, to the meaning of life, and why strawberry ice cream is better than chocolate. He made you laugh, he made you feel safe for the first time. Perhaps he was becoming your first friend.

You talked until the rays of the sun began seeping through the curtains, until you were curled up in his body, with a blanket thrown lazily over the two of you, until your breathing and his matched a perfect rhythm. Perhaps now you wouldn’t have to feel so alone all the time, although your heart still ached with the heart piercing words Taehyung had spat at you. You didn’t want to admit it to yourself, but he had torn you to shreds. Why did he hate you?