it like goes through half of the city

I think I’ve finally put my finger on exactly what it is about the Discworld that had such a profound effect on me.

It starts in Guards! Guards!

There’s this thread – not quite a theme, it isn’t as overt – running through that book, which goes something like this:

If you have faith in people, they will, on the whole, rise to meet it.

You see it in Carrot and Sybil, how they both just believe in Vimes, like it’s a complete given, obviously he can take care of the dragon. Neither of them know him, or even the city, very well, so it’s partly naivete, but the lesson still holds – it’s explicitly stated that the Watch guys don’t want to let Sybil down, and half of Vimes’s heroism in that book is him seeing Carrot getting in over his head and going to back him up. Carrot trusts Vimes at the start because he’s naive, but Vimes refuses to break that trust.

Carrot believes that Vimes will back him up, and so Vimes rises to the occasion. Sybil believes that the Watch will save the city, and so they rise. And, without that faith, they wouldn’t have even tried.

It left a huge but subtle impression on me, I never put my finger on exactly what it was before, but it’s that thread (which shows up in more than just that book) that taught me to believe in people.

I just. God, these books.

Tim is just that person who just goes through hell and back, who endures so much and then brushes it off like nothing is wrong. Like Tim is durable as hell but at the same time completely unaware of his own limits.

He’s staggered in from patrol, awkwardly pouring half a bottle of aspirin into his mouth with his left hand. His right arm is lying at a terrible, unnatural angle. Turns out he broke it in two places after he took a fall. It’s fine, he can take some aspirin now that he’s not swinging over the city, he’ll get that wrapped up in a sec.

He’ll be found sleeping on the floor all around the house and in the cave. Sometimes there will be a bunch of files strewn around him or a broken plate. Once you get him up and alert, he mentions that he must have passed out. Going on 50 hours without sleep and he probably should get something to eat as well since it’s been a day or two…

Dick tries to talk to Tim following the death of his father. Tim fights him but after a few glasses of wine to calm him down, he lets himself open up on all of the trauma in his life, and how he feels. He only goes on for about a half hour before he passes out but it’s enough that Dick is incredibly concerned and alerts the rest of the family like “does anyone else know Tim is drowning in stress and unhappiness??” Turns out they didn’t

About 6 months after returning from the dead, Bruce notices that Tim has been secretly crushing up antibiotics and putting them in his food when he thinks no one is looking. Bruce confronts Tim on the issue, antibiotics aren’t to be messed with Tim, you could become resistant. After much teeth pulling, Tim finally admits he needs to take them after his splenectomy. Bruce didn’t even know Tim had lost his spleen, but he drags that young man to the hospital to get him the proper medicine and treatment.

I need a comic of the beginning of the Critical Role episode “Rematch”, but from the point of view of random townspeople:

Heavily armed Goliath runs through the streets, screetching like an excited child in Disneyland, accidentally knocking over people in the way.

Three half-elves, one gnome, one human, a brown bear in armor and a dragon with a tiny dragon on his shoulder give chase, shouting “follow the trail of distressed people!!!”, while the dragon goes: “I’m sorryyyyyyyyy!”

After them, the city watch gives chase, shouting “No flying permitted inside the city walls!!!”

They arrive at a half-empty tavern, the Goliath sinks to his knees and screams “KHAAAAAAN” (it’s Kern, I know) skywards.

Someone from the tavern shouts “PHILIP!!!”

The druid, sworn to pacifism, opens the tavern door, grinning two miles wide, and shouts “STREET FIIIIIIGHT!!!!!”

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O shit I just saw this!!

28. talk about how you switch

That’s a weird confusing one honestly?? Sometimes people just Take Over. Especially Rose when I’m having conflict with someone or analyzing a situation at someone else and she just goes “my city now.” A lot of times it’s actually. Really subtle? Riley doesn’t realize they’re fronting for at least half an hour after they take over. It’ll even be like. Halfway through the day I’ll feel more clearheaded and like Myself, and look back on the morning like “who the fuck was that because it wasn’t me.” That’s especially the case with the Kiterations, since they’re so close together in terms of the organization of the system and it’s still hard to differentiate internally even know the Knowledge of other Others is there.

Honestly though the funniest and most Stereotypical™ one was once I hit my knee really hard on the side of a door, and SUDDENLY SILAS WAS FRONTING.

emily’s kitty!killua au
  • instead of staying with mito, gon travels with kito from a young age. kite teaches gon about nature, animal behavior, nature preservation and natural healing
  • gon becomes a hunter but his passion lies in the natural world and he’s an incredible gifted apothecary
  • killua follows the wishes of his family but the combination of his arrogance and apathy get him in trouble from a young age
  • his skills are legendary, unprecedented  even, but when he’s in his mid teens he goes up against a powerful nen user who he completely underestimates
  • the nen user turns killua into a cat half way through their battle. killua later finds out that he gets one day and night a month to be human again
  • he can talk like a human but only nen users can understand him, to regular people he just sounds like an incredibly chirpy cat
  • during one of his visits to a port city, gon discovers a beautiful white cat in an alley. he bends down to pet the animal when it pulls an annoyed expression and says, “pet me and suffer the consequences, freckles”
  • gon can hardly believe it! this cat with the gorgeous, sad blue eyes and snow white fur can talk! and he’s… well, he’s got kind of a bad attitude and he’s a little bossy and really fussy. but he’s also funny and charming and a little rough around the edges and gon invites the little princeling to accompany him on his travels
  • after that they are inseparable. gon travels to cities and villages, treats people with his medicines, gathers rare plants and mushrooms- always the pure white cat is perched lazily on his shoulder
  • they have a mission to find a nen healer who can reverse killua’s curse
  • killua makes it clear to gon early on that there will be no petting under any circumstances. his tail is very sensitive. “imagine a stranger coming up to you and stroking your ass? you neck? it’s a little intimate. no thanks. don’t do it”
  • of course they fall in love but one day a month isn’t very much time to get physically acquainted. they have to fit a lot into those 24 hours