it lasted all of 20 minutes

20 Minutes!!

You guys!!!! 

20 minutes to search Baskerville, 20 minutes to find bruises on corpse, 20 minutes to catch a serial killer, 20 minutes until Molly comes

these all correlate to something else

In ASIP those 20 minutes were when he met John and they fell in love. 
In THOB those 20 minutes were watching John Watson pull rank and lead an investigation
In TLD those first 20 minutes gave way to John punishing Sherlock for leaving him
In TLD those last 20 minutes were John’s confession

Those 20 minutes are always always emotional, if this is some sort of Johnlock countdown we’re fucked. Didn’t someone theorize there was going to be Garridebs/Confession behind the clock face of Big Ben? @tjlcisthenewsexy? @waitingforgarridebs? What if there’s a fairytale-like story where they have to solve something in 20 minutes but it turns out to be their love confession?? 

Tick tock! Tick tock! Tick tock!

@deducingbbcsherlock @teaandforeshadowing @impatient14

Team RWBY, 20 minutes compiling and editing (original roughly 4-5 hours each, so in total around 20-25 hours for all 4 girls.)

I did some smaller edits to this team version: changed Blake’s belly and edited Yang’s hair because I thought the original one’s looked a bit strange.Yang’s hair doesn’t seem that noticeable when seen from afar and still looks like the original version. Weiss has a bit of chin deflation and Ruby just has a bit more rose petals painted in.

Anyway, this will probably be the last drawing of 2016 (other than the occasional twitter shitpost doodles.) I’ll be leaving to Taiwan and Hong Kong for the rest of December, so I’ll see you guys next year. 

Here’s to 2017! :D Happy Holidays (winter break, or regular winter), and may you have a Happy New Year! 

i literally haven’t stopped thinking about Captain America once since 2011, like, am i in an exam? don’t matter im still thinking about Steve “i could do this all day” Rogers. am i at a family meal? well sorry grandma could you repeat that, i was thinking about Bucky “pick on someone your own size” Barnes. am i with friends? idk what’s happened for the last 20 minutes bc i was thinking about the longest and most tragic love story in Marvel’s history

The Three Todds

The characters: tiny gnome druid who has almost no ability to attack, played by my sister. High moon elf ranger who hates everyone, played by me. A grueling dungeon fight to save a goblin captive. We’re all almost dead, but there’s one last thing the druid wants… to free three gigantic attack wolves that tried to kill us less than 20 minutes ago.

Druid: I want to free the wolves!

Ranger: Absolutely not.

Druid: Oh come on, they’ll be stuck here all alone!! They’ll die!

Ranger: Ok?? You’ll die if you get anywhere near them!

Druid: Oh whatever, I’m gonna free them. I roll a wisdom check on the wolves. *Rolls a nat 20*

DM: (still scrambling to get notes on wolves) Uhhhhhhhhh… *rolls nat 1 for the wolves*

DM: (holding back laughter) The wolves stop snarling and sit down, staring at you with their tails wagging.

Druid: I free them!!

DM: The wolves sniff you and rub against you, clearly trusting.

Druid: Yes!! New pets!! I’m gonna name you Todd! and you Todd 2 and you Todd III.

Keep in mind that this player gave her character 4 names with carefully researched meanings and now it’s just. 3 Todds, the vicious attack puppies.

Okay, so I know that I’ve done my fair share of ranting on Yuri on Ice’s ep 12 in the past, but now that we have more info thanks to the spoon.2di interview translated by the great and amazing @toraonice, I think it’s my turn to defend ep 12, Kubo, Yamamoto and MAPPA a little.

First of all, let me list a few quotes, before explaining how they’re relevant and how some of us should really be more understanding of the people behind the show.

“We already had a hard time making all the main story fit in the last episode

“I had to slightly adjust some of the plans we originally had”

“The storyboard for the last episode ended up being the longest one, and as if it’s not complex enough that the performances of the FS last longer than the SP, we also wanted to show all characters, so I really thought that 20 minutes for 1 episode is just too short!”

“we had prepared the song and choreography for Yurio’s exhibition program too, but sadly enough it couldn’t fit in the episode

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? And I’m not saying that the creators decided to change the ending after they noticed that the anime was popular, but rather that they couldn’t give us the ending they originally planned because twenty minutes was not enough to present the finale they initially thought of.

Allow me to put this into an example: Have you ever gone over the word limit in an essay and had to cut it down to make it fit? I’ve done that a lot and getting rid of content is difficult because everything is important. In those cases, you often end up deleting the ‘less important’ stuff and hoping that your message comes across regardless. And I mean, in YOI, the message did come across.

The issue (that quite a few people seem to agree on) was that it was underdeveloped. My personal issue was that there wasn’t quite enough proof that Victor really wanted to return to competitive skating, that basically all of that wasn’t sufficiently foreshadowed. I think the foreshadowing was one of the many ‘less important’ things that Kubo had to get rid of when writing episode 12, simply because of lack of time. It wasn’t absolutely crucial to understanding the message so it was cut, because there was just no time for it.

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last night i fell thru this party with a couple people and girl was acting a donkey screaming at all these doughy white kids with leprechaun shoes and she went to yell at this one don vito looking kid about how she’s 20% irish or something and he says “i dont know anything about you except that you said you were leaving 20 minutes ago and youre still here”

tips for writing essays in college

i feel like spongebob for making this list about writing essays to avoid writing an essay but Life Imitates Art and all that so anyway

  1. dont u dare spend 20 minutes of Premium Focus Time thinking of the perfect title save that nonsense for last bc most professors just want a title they dont really care how good it is
  2. put the date that the assignment is due in the header (no one has to know when you wrote it so just put the due date)
  3. figure out how to use the blackboard dropbox before 11:58pm the night something is due bc every second counts 
  4. most dropboxes let you name the file when you submit it but save your paper as something Appropriate just in case please my children im begging u
  5. be realistic about how long you can sit there writing an essay (ie dont block out 5 hours to write a paper when you know youll get bored 10 minutes in and sit on tumblr for 4 hours)
  6. dont write an essay while lying down u Fool
  7. if you have a paper due at 9 am and it’s 1am and you feel like death: sleep for 1 ½ hours (1 REM cycle) - 3 hours (2 REM cycles) and then wake up to finish the essay - sleeping 1 - 2 REM sleep cycles should be enough to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed so take that long nap and then get back to work
  8. be conscientious of your word choice - if you used ‘magnificent’ in the previous sentence then pick a different adjective (but make sure it fits and isnt just a synonym you found on - people can tell when a word is clearly beyond the vocabulary of a paper)
  9. you dont have to start an essay as soon as it’s assigned but at least look at what the assignment entails so ur not emailing your professor at 11pm the night its due bc you dont know how many in-text citations are needed they might be up at that hour but that doesnt mean they want to answer your question
  10. the 5 Paragraph format is crap and i have yet to take a class where the professor wanted me to use it - they care more about pages and word count than paragraphs so write however many paragraphs it takes you to fill x number of pages/words (could be 4 pages could be 6 could be 15 idk bud it’s up to you so get going)
The Hetalia countries as random Spongebob quotes

EsItaly: I’ll have you know I stubbed my toe last week and only cried for 20 minutes.

Germany: Welcome to the Salty Spittoon. How tough are ya?

Japan: And say hello to used napkin!

America: You like Krabby Patties, don’t you, England Squidward?

England: Just blew out of Stupidtown?


China: Can I be excused for the rest of my life?

Russia: You’ll never guessed what I found in my sock last night.

Poland: Am I a pretty girl?

Prussia: I can’t see my forehead.

Austria: No, Prussia Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument.

Lithuania: I’m a good noodle!

Romano: Ravioli Ravioli give me the formuoli.

Canada: I’ll remember you all in therapy.

Greece: The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma



Iceland: Imagination.



Finland: He has such a way with words…

Sweden: Happy Leif Eriksen Day! A tinga tinga torgen!

Episode 9 of Yuri!!! On Ice

This week’s episode was amazing to say the least! Tge whirlwind of emotions was nothing short of overwhelming, and there were a lot of interesting parallels and symbols to interpret all throughout the too short 20 minutes.

Firstly, the beginning of the episode was different. We did not get Yuuri’s usual intro or anybody’s inner monologue in the first few seconds. Instead, we were shown what happened previously. This serves to anticipate that this episode is tightly linked with the last week’s.

Emil Nekola was the first skater we saw perform in this episode, and his program was rather impressive, in both composition and execution.

But what was most interesting about Emil’s program was his theme and the placement of frames picturing the Crispino siblings. I’ve ceased to be human might as well refer to how Sara finally spoke her mind to Michele and put an end to his codependency on her.

Speaking of whom, Michele Crispino had a very emotional rendition of Serenade for two, a program that he supposedly made for Sara. But the fact that she chose to break herself - and himself - free from their far too close relationship turned the program into a goodbye. She was affected by that, as well, she was crying after all, but it was refreshing to see how Michele evolved despite the heartbreak, and that it had been necessary, not destructive.

Seung Gil did not qualify, and as saw in a short sequence and learned from commentators, he did not come up to the expectations. The reason for that might have been his panic, which affected his ability to focus and skate right. We saw Seung Gil as a rather cold and calculated person in the past episode, but I believe the fact that he failed humanised him. In the end emotions can get the best of everyone. When he saw Seung Gil walk past crying, Yuuri seemed to understand that.

Yurio was downright breathtaking. All that determination that radiated off him!
The song’s title Allegro Appassionato translates to rapid passion. The fact that this piece is so difficult and intense, as the commentators inform us, serves to prove just how capable Yurio is to do amazing things on ice. He is elegant but strong, delicate but deadly - just like a ballerina.

What was surprising about Yurio was the fact that he compared himself to JJ and Yuuri, except not negatively, but as a means to self-improve and motivate. That was why he atrempted so many jumps in the second half. And that was the cathalyst for his give-it-my-all attitude. Truly beautiful. Even Lilia cried, and Yurio’s grandpa had tears welled up in his eyes.

Yuuri had a captivating performance of “Yuri on Ice”. A little contrasting at times in terms of emotions, but nonetheless wonderful. In the beginning we see the tiny hints at Yuuri’s anxiety, the blurry image before his eyes being the most telling, and his thoughts about how everything will be over if he fails take a toll on his performance, just like Viktor pointed it out. Just like we already knew. But when he lets his mind drift off to Viktor, he calms down. He understands his desire to win had been present before Viktor, but that his presence and support made it stronger. Then, Yuuri acknowledges his skills: his strength and his unique ability to skate to “Yuri on Ice” out of love. And lastly, Yuuri voices his goal: to win gold with Viktor. Not for Viktor. With him.

Yakov was pleasantly supportive of Yuuri’s performance, But he did mention something very interesting: Viktor never practiced for the scenario that he would flub a jump. A new piece of information every week.

Then we have JJ. Doesn’t he overflow with confidence? One would say too much so. He looks down on Yuuri for his hiccups in his FP, but we saw Mila commenting how much more exciting it would be to see Yuuri skate with Viktor present. This parallel shows how easily JJ disregards competition. Which can never be a good thing. JJ started surprisingly arrogant, envious of Viktor’s success, vengeful even, not to mention a little patronizing. But in the end, he skates out of love, too.Love for his family, for his girlfriend, for everyone.

The interactions between Yuuri and the other skaters were adorable, what with Yuuri’s need for hugs and all, but I also think he was trying to be supportive of them, too, not only help himself.

The interaction between Yuuri and Yurio at the end was heartwarming. Not only did we see Yurio caring about Yuuri, but we were graced with a sincere smile, and a very subtle hint at opening up: in episode 3, the waterfall scene shows Yurio being vulnerable in front of Yuuri as he remembers his grandpa; episode 9 has Yurio sharing something his grandpa made with Yuuri. And that makes him very happy.

The reunion of Viktor and Yuuri was very emotional. It was akin the ones in movies and books, full of feelings and tears and promises of never leaving each other’s side again. The moment was very intimate, and marked a great way to end the episode. Not to mention the fact that Makkachin is okay now!

This week’s episode was very fulfilling, and I am so excited to see what is going to happen in the following one, especially as we saw that the Grand Prix Final is approaching!

Healing Incantation

Thank you so much to @thestrongvatic for requesting this, I really hope you like it sweetheart and thank you so much for being so patient with me. Please let me know what you think darling x

Based on this song from the movie Tangled.

Feedback is always welcome my little lovelies so please do not be shy x

Request: Hello babe! ❤ i was wondering if you could write buckyxreader where all of the avengers have movie friday and they watch Tangled(readers choice) and she and Buck are cuddling(they aren’t together but they love each other) and on Healing song, she start to singing to his ear and kiss his scars from metal arm and say something like im sorry it doesn’t work. All sweet and fluff. I hope you doing well ❤

Warnings: fluff and cuteness that will make your heart hurt.

Words: c. 950

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The opening credits had been paused for the last 20 minutes while everyone gathered their snacks and comforts and claimed their seats, because everyone had their own seats.

Yours and Bucky’s were a two seat recliner that you had sort of drifted to accidentally, when Bucky had first arrived at the tower, you had had been the only one sitting quietly whilst the others chattered and bickered over picking the movie, he had quietly asked if it would be alright to sit beside you and when you had smiled shyly and nodded, moving your selection of treats aside to accommodate him, he knew he had made the right decision.

The first time you had ended up cuddling had been completely accidental, you and Wanda had been away on a mission all week and despite your best arguments that you needed sleep, the team had insisted that you stay and watch the movie with them, and when Bucky regarded you shyly, silently hopeful and you found yourself not quite able to refuse.

But tiredness had taken over roughly half way through the movie and you hadn’t even noticed you’d drifted off curled into Bucky’s side until a loud crash on the screen woke you with a jolt and you found yourself cheek pressed against the soft cotton of Bucky’s shirt.

“Why didn’t you wake me,” you asked voice hoarse and barely above a whisper.

“You were tired,” he whispered back as if it was the most obvious answer in the world “and I didn’t mind.”

When you had gone to move Bucky had stilled you, “It’s alright, you’re not bothering me you can lay on me if you want to.”

You should have argued but your eyes were slipping closed in acceptance.

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Tip #25

Save Cardio for last - Although it will be harder and more exhausting Cardio is the best and basically the only fat burning exercise. And your body doesn’t start burning fat until after 20 minutes of being active. So if you do all your other exercises first then a form of Cardio you’ll be burning fat at your best.

so @internationaldibsprotocol and i had an interesting convo last night, which can be best summed up with:


“That’s ‘Cappy to you!”

“We’re all friends now.”


“You just got Sarge’d!”

R76 exists in every universe so…

“I love getting Sarge’d!”

And of course, if Reyes is Sarge then that must mean…

“Howdy, boys~! Officer Hot Pants, reporting for duty!”


The West Virginia Flood of 2016 (Pt. 1)

Recently I took a sunday afternoon drive to Clendenin, West Virginia. Clendenin is a town in Kanawha County that was one of many areas that were affected by the flooding that occurred last summer when around 10 inches of rain fell in a 12 hour period. When it was all said and done 23 people lost their lives, 6 of those being in Kanawha County. It was one of the worst floods in West Virginia history and the deadliest flash flood in the US since the 2010 flooding in Tennessee. The destruction was so severe and widespread that the governor declared a state of emergency for 44 of the 55 counties in West Virginia.

Flooding in Appalachia is a subject that hits deep with me. The summer before my senior year of high school a flash flood hit southern West Virginia where I lived in Wyoming County. I wasn’t home at the time but the way my mother tells it the flooding only lasted about 20 minutes. That’s all it took. 20 Minutes for 4 feet of muddy water from the overflowing Guyandotte River to rush through our house and destroy everything we had. The river was at the end of our dead end street and normally didn’t have a depth of more than a few feet, but that day it had crested at 18-20 feet in places. During the actual flooding I was a few miles outside of town riding an atv through the mountains with a friend. Up until that point in my 17 years on this planet I had never been on an atv and I was having the time of my life speeding through the southern West Virginia landscape. To this day the irony kills me that while I was off enjoying myself, everything I had acquired in life was being destroyed.  

When I arrived in Clendenin I was shocked to see it still in the shape that it was in. The flood happened in June of 2016, here it was January 2017 and it appeared as if the river had just ran through a couple of weeks ago. Piles of people’s belongings stacked in front of ruined homes, trash carried by the river hanging from tree limbs, rows of closed businesses, and that stench of dampness and mold. All the terrible memories I had from the flood of 2001 came crashing back. It really makes me sick to think of all the money that is spent on something like a presidential campaign, where one person is basically just saying “look how much of an asshole my opponent is”, when that same amount of money could easily be put to an area such as this and help people rebuild their lives.

Me: *answers the phone* how can I help you?

Customer: yes I was just there, I ordered the veggie wrap & there is no meat on it.

Me: I’m sorry but our veggie wraps don’t come with meat.

Customer: I just got home, I live 20 minutes away, there’s no meat on this & now I have to make dinner for my entire family!

I would continue but the entire conversation lasted 6 minutes, & consisted of her repeating to me that she didn’t get meat on her VEGETARIAN wrap & now had to make dinner for her whole family, while I apologized & offered discounts. Also what? You have to make dinner for your whole family now? We’re you all going to share the 1 strip of chicken in the wrap?

YouTuber Confessional - Jack Maynard Imagine

A/N- hey love, can I pretty please have an imagine where you’re joe’s sister and you do a video for his channel like the youtuber confessional one he did with zoe, and he gets you to admit that you have feelings for jack. I hope you’re not overloaded with requests, but if you are, please take your time to write mine, theres no rush! x

Actually enjoyed writing this one! Enjoy :)

Joe called me last night saying he wanted to start a new YouTube video series and he wanted me to be in the first episode. I did question what i would be doing but he said all to be revealed. Being Joe’s sister i for sure knew this was going to be one of those weird but wonderful videos. 

Joe had been setting up in the bedroom for the past 20 minutes making sure everything was out correct and in position. I wasn’t allowed to see what was happening because apparently it would wreck the surprise. Touching up my make-up and finding a decent t-shirt to wear i waited for Joe to give me the all clear. When this happened i walked into the bedroom to see Joe sitting on a chair wearing a reverend/pastor costume. I sat down in the spare seat awaiting to hear what this was all about. 

“What the hell Joe?” I started to laugh, there was no way i was going to take this seriously. 

“Shhhh im going to start my video now” Joe said. I bit down on my lip trying to contain my laughter. 

“So today i thought i’d start a new series on my youtube channel and its called, i dont know what its called” So starting a new series and he doesnt even have a name for it yet, good one Joe!

“Call it youtube confessional” I suggested. 

“Youtuber confessional or the youtuber confessional?”

“The youtube confessional” Finally agreeing on what to call it, the video continued. 

“You look like you have a lot of confessionals stored in that pea shaped head” 

“I do” I nodded. 

“Now Y/N im giving you the opportunity to confess your sins” I nodded once again while pulling faces causing Joe to look down and laugh. 

“Stop it please im trying to be serious there” 

“Sorry” I looked down trying to look sad but failing. 

“Lets begin! What is your worst habit?” Joe asked first. 

“Oh god, I dont know. Erm, probably biting my nails” I openly admitted.

“Thats disgusting, what do you do with the nail you bit off?” Joe asked with a strange facial expression.

“I either spit them out or swallow them”

“What kind of human are you” We both laughed. 

“How much do you get paid?”

“Well that’s personal!, it varies every month. But i tell you this, the media have never got it right” I truthfully said. I don’t like when the media get involved making up stories just because they don’t have anything good to cover.

“Are you a millionaire?” 

“Joe! You tell me, am i?” 

“You probably have more than me” This was probably true, I was known as the saver in the family. 

“When was the last time you flew economy?” 

“Like 2 weeks ago when i came back from Italy” 

“I forgot you went there did you enjoy it?”

“I did thank you”

“Do you scrunch or fold toilet paper when you wipe your arse?” Where the hell do these questions come from.

“I fold unless im drunk then i scrunch so i can hurry off the toilet” Joe let out a little chuckle knowing what i was like when drunk. 

“Worst habit on social media” 

“Using the emojis too often or when they arent needed” 

“You should use Joemoji” Joe said winking at the camera. “Self branding there”

“Have you ever slept with a youtuber?”


“Are you sure?” Joe re-questioned

“Of course”

“Do you dislike any of your brothers friends?” I let out a chuckle as Joe started referring to himself in third person. 

“No i like them all”

“Which one do you like the most?” 

“I like them all equally” I started to get a little defensive. Obviously there was one i liked more but Joe shouldn’t know who it is. I’ve never dropped hints, i’ve never purely shown it. 

“Come on tell me, i know your hiding something” This was the worst part about it. With me and Joe being so close we knew each other inside out. I knew when he was hiding something or when he wasn’t his self and it seems he was the same way with me.

“Y/N this is called YouTube confessional, you’re meant to tell the truth” Joe smirked. 

“I am telling the truth” Well i wasn’t.

“Well i know it’s not Oli as you see him as a brother” 


“It’s not Josh or Mikey because you’ve friendzoned them a few times in conversations plus they wouldn’t try it on with you”


“It’s either Caspar Jack or Conor” Joe started to put his thinking hat on staring at me the whole time. Almost like he was trying to read my mind.

“It’s not Conor” 

“Right” I was so scared for him to figure out this secret of mine. I mean crushing on one of this friends is a bit weird right? But I did get on with them all, they were in my age range to which is a bonus. I blame Joe for having genuine good friends. 

“It’s Jack, you like Jack” He proudly smiled knowing he cracked it as i remained silent. How did he conclude to that. It’s quite scary actually. All i could think of was the heat rising to my cheeks. 

“Y/N you like Jack!” Joe kept shouting clapping his hands. 

“Ok ok calm down” 

“How long? How long have you liked him?” Ugh I hated talking about my feelings especially when it happens to be about one of my brothers best mate. 

“A few months now” I mumbled not exactly wanting to get into it. 

“I knew it! Every time i see you two together the looks you give each other is different. I’ve never seen you like it before and i’ve definitely not seen Jack like it before and I know what Jack is like” The heat reaching to my cheeks was for sure making them turn bright red. The lights in the room didn’t help either. It was like interrogation.  

I tried not to like Jack but he was just different, i knew his reputation but i didn’t see that. It’s like he changed. From the day Joe introduced me to him i got butterflies. I’m not a nervous person when it comes to meeting new people but meeting Jack. He was the first. The flirting between us happened every now and again but I didn’t actually realise it happened at times, it just came naturally. He made me happy. He made me smile. When looking across a room I would always see the blue eyes looking in my direction, the small compliments he would give me when no one else was around or listening, the brushing against each other when walking back one another. But i didn’t want to say anything in case it did something to Joe and Jacks friendship. Just being a good sister. 

“Why didn’t you say something?” Joe asked.

“Because i’m your little sister, i thought you may have thought it’s strange for me to be liking one of your friends. When a boy tries to flirt or make a move you’ve given them the death stare. Don’t say you dont or haven’t because you have”

“But have you noticed i never stopped Jack?” That was something to think about. “I know Jack has liked you for a while now, he confined in me. He also felt bad but i said it was ok as i saw the change in him” 

“Why didnt you tell me!!”

“Because i wasn’t sure if you liked him, i wanted to wait to see if i could get it out of you and now i have!” 

“You’re so sly” I folded my arms and left back in the chair letting out a small laugh. 

“You love me. Oh he’s coming around here later i invited him”

“Joe! You don’t even live here and you’re invited people around” 

“You’ll thank me later”

“Is the camera still filming?” We both looked towards it and laughed.

“For god sake i’m going to have so much editing to do” 

The Signs as SpongeBob Quotes

Aries: “Evil! EEEEEEVVIILL!”

Taurus: “This isn’t your average everday darkness, this is … advanced darkness" 

Gemini: "The Krusty Krab pizza! Is the Pizza! For you and me!”

Cancer: “I’ll have you know that I stubbed by toe last week and only cried for 20 minutes”

Leo: “Soiled it. Soiled it. Soiled it. Soiled it.

Virgo:  “It took us three days to make that potato salad. THREE DAYS!”

Libra:  “Am I a pretty girl?”

Scorpio:  “F is for fire that burns down the whole town. U is for urananium, BOMBS! N is for no survivors!”

Sagittarius: “Chocolate? Chocolate! CHOCOLATE!!!!

Capricorn: “Ravioli Ravioli, give me the formuoli”

Aquarius: “Remember: licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets”

Pisces:  “The best time to wear a striped sweater…is all the time”

  • Me: Okay, enough wasting time, now I have to Do The Thing.
  • ADHD Brain: Sure, but first you need to finish reading this article you're in the middle of.
  • Me: Okay, one last thing, but after that
  • ADHD Brain: After that you have to check all your open tabs (to see if there's more stuff to read), and then check your webcomics just in case any of them have updated in the last 20 minutes, and then check Tumblr again, and then check to see if you can find any new interesting flash games, and then play those games, and then you need to actively look for more stuff that you're still thinking of as One Last Thing, and maybe just repeat the whole process again a few times.
  • Me: Okay, yeah, just that one last thing, then I'm getting to work.
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Pokemon Go better stop goddamn curving my pokeballs when I'm literally throwing them straighter then a fuckboi all I wanted was a fuckinh grimer but noo I had to spend my last 20 pokeballs just to end up with shit and pokeballs ain't easy to get living 20 minutes away from civilization this is gonna take hours of walking to get those pokeballs back bye grimer you'll always be the one that got away
Paper snowball fight

This happened in our last year of GCSEs. Our tutor was never there and our class got super bored so this one kid stands up and throws a paper snowball at another kid who threw it back but it missed and started a massive fight with tables and chairs used as defences until the headteacher shows up. He stops everyone and asks “who’s losing” he then joined there team and we all continued until the end of class and he just runs out yelling “shit I’ve got a meeting in 20 minutes”. The whole class bursts out laughing for a solid 15 minutes.

last night i dreamed that i went to go see the next Star Wars movie before anyone else could for some reason and like the plot was fairly convoluted but in the first ten minutes darth maul comes in and kills luke horribly before falling into the ocean forever. and then 20 minutes later they made mchanzo canon but then immediately killed hanzo off permanently (why was this happening in Star Wars? Who knows) and i don’t remember the rest of the movie because i was so inexplicably distraught by all this and i ran home to see how everyone else was reacting but no one else had seen it yet and i couldn’t talk to anyone about it because of spoilers