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Error Lance? Error Lance. Error Lance!!


Kisses to wake up the sleeping (er, malfunctioning?) AI Prince :’)

YA novel: this guy was the most badass guy you’ve ever seen. he could kick anybody’s ass. he was the leader of his own gang of misfits that nobody dared cross. he wore a lot of leather. he had a scar somewhere that looked really cool. he had this super deep sexy raspy voice no one could resist. he stood at a towering height of 6ft5 and was built af. everybody feared him.

me: alright

YA novel: and he was 16 years old

me: excuse me

instagram accounts, sparknote version
  • dok2′s ig: look how rich i am and how often i perform
  • jay park’s ig: look how hot i am
  • gray’s ig: look how hot AND talented i am
  • christian yu’s ig: look how hot AND talented AND fun i am
  • hash swan’s ig: look how much i love dogs
  • changmo’s ig: UNDERGROUND ROCKSTAR
  • hanhae’s ig: look at me, your ideal boyfriend
  • hangzoo’s ig: FANXY. sexy.
  • young b’s ig: look how much i don’t give a fuck
  • agunu’s ig: *uploads a full body picture against a dark background*
  • wonjae’s ig: *doesn’t understand the concept of instagram and deletes all of his photos*
  • crush’s ig: look how much i love doyou and music
  • dean’s ig: (to him) look how unattractive i can be (to us) still hot
  • sik-k’s ig: *uploads another mv teaser photo/video*
  • junoflo’s ig: look how deep and artsy i am
  • olltii: look how funny and easygoing i am
  • punchnello’s ig: look how much i love cats and the color black
  • penomeco’s ig: Ha…
  • dpr live’s ig: ᴀʙᴄᴅᴇғɢʜɪᴊᴋʟᴍɴᴏᴘǫʀsᴛᴜᴠᴡxʏᴢ
  • simon d’s ig: 

I’m pretty sure this is from Urasawa’s new manga in Big Comic Original that’s also a joint project with the Louvre…. (source)



Ok i had the most vivid picture in my head when i read this scene so i had to draw it. This is from the Pharmercy Mafia!AU fic: Pocket Full of Shells by @logosminuspity (a fic based on drawings by @superrisu ) so go check that out if you want to fully understand this comic :D

I sure as hell know who I’d be loyal to, Fareeha