it kinda works for her storyline

Thoughts on RPDR S9 Drama

Ok I can kinda see how the producers were trying to create drama by casting Eureka vs Trinity, as well as having Nina with her insecurities, a returning queen, and possibly attempting to create a social media queens vs performance queens conflict (for example Valentina, Farrah, Aja vs. Trinity, Alexis, Peppermint). I know the last one didn’t pan out but the queens did talk about it in an extended clip but it fizzled into “We’re all great and there are different ways to be a drag queen" however I think it had potential for a GREAT dramatic storyline if they had played it up more.

 ANYWAYS Eureka had to leave early so they couldn’t develop the Eureka vs Trinity drama anymore, and Trinity doesn’t read people unless it’s deserved and is actually a very nice person, so they couldn’t turn her into the villain, which left them with Nina and Alexis. I’m sure they tried to manipulate drama with Nina which kinda worked, but those fights always ended with “we love you Nina 😘❤️” and nothing really came from it except Shea vs Nina (which was good but still ended with shea supporting Nina so that didn’t work out). Cynthia didnt work out at ALL when it came creating drama bc she’s the nicest person ever as well as being underwhelming so the girls didnt really view her as a threat.

 SO that left the producers to turn to Alexis since all their revenues for drama dried up. I think it was moderately successful as they were able to play up Alexis’ body insecurities in the reading challenge, and manipulating Alexis into lashing out a couple of times since she was slipping in the competition and couldn’t catch up. While it was entertaining it was nowhere NEAR the level of drama that came from season 4 and 5 with Phi Phi and Roxxxy.

Which comes to my MAIN point that the queens are too afraid to say what they really want to each other bc they know that Drag Race isn’t about winning anymore, but rather how you are portrayed on the show and the opportunities you can have with accumulating a successful fanbase. I 100% think this is how Valentina played the season. She NEVER inserted herself in any drama, only focusing on how she was portraying herself and not letting herself get caught up in petty squabbles. THE SOLUTION: CAST MESSY QUEENS WHO DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA, and give rpdr a much needed format change to shake the queens up. By now the queens definitely know the formula of the show and how to become a breakout star from it, so they don’t try as hard to win or really even care about the crown since they know they don’t need it to be successful.  

TL;DR: The show has become too formulaic and the queens are trying to win over the audience instead of winning the crown bc they know it’s not necessary to be successful.

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For the meme thing: Boku no Hero Academia (also sorry I haven't been around a lot stuff been going on in my life right now)-Kes

Oh no, don’t apologize!! I have been a bit worried though, so thanks for letting me know. I hope you’re okay sweetie!!

And thanks for asking for BNHA XD Not enough people ask me about the fandom and I was really hoping I’d get to do it.

Favorite Male Character: All Might | Yagi Toshinori

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He is everything that is good in this world and I love him more than air itself. All he wants is for everyone to be safe and happy and he loves Izuku so much!!! 

Favorite Female Character: Uraraka Ochako!

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Uraraka Ochako is best girl, and anyone who disagrees is wrong~! She’s sweet and adorable, but can fuck you up if you mess with her friends. And honestly, I respect her so much.

Least Favorite Character: Endeavor

Originally posted by miidoriyas

He’s a fucking shitstain, and I honestly don’t know how he became a hero. He’s abusive and manipulative and honestly I feel so bad for Shouto T^T

Favorite Ship: Tbh, it’s a three-way tie between Iideku, Tododeku, and Todoiideku~!

Favorite Friendship: EraserMic!! I mean, I ship them too, but their friendship in canon is the funniest and most entertaining thing ever and I love them both so much XD Izuku, Iida, and Uraraka’s friendship is another one I really really appreciate. They’re all so good for each other <3

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Favorite Quote: “There’s a difference between something you were born with out of pure luck, and something you won after busting your ass for it.”

This quote basically sums up what the premise of this series is, and I feel like it’s such a good message to send to readers. And it’s not just about Izuku either. Like yeah, all the other characters in Izuku’s class were born lucky with these amazing quirks, but the only reason they’re as amazing as they are is because they all work so hard to master their quirks. Even someone with an amazing quirk like Todoroki’s or Bakugou’s would fall into mediocrity if they just tried to rely on the natural power of their quirk instead of working their asses off to get stronger.

Worst Character Death (if any): Mm, I don’t think this one really counts, since it’s basically the only one in the series and it happened before the canon storyline, but I’d say Shimura Nana’s death is pretty sad.

She was beautiful and amazing, and yeah she had her faults, but she was always doing her best to make the world a better place. Also, she’s big and buff and gorgeous.

This made me so happy you have no idea Moment:

Yeah I know, kinda a weird thing to be happy about. Nut I’m ngl, I had chills like woah when he showed up at the end of the USJ arc because this man. He can smile at literally anything. But the moment you hurt his kids? All fucking bets are off. And I adore that I love that he cares about his students so fucking much. All the teachers at UA are amazing and would fight to their dying breath to keep their kids safe, and this arc did a really good job of showing that, and I love it.

Saddest Moment: 

Favorite Location: UA!! The entire campus is just absolutely gorgeous and awesome and like damn, I would LOVE to attend school there. The dorms too look super amazing!!!

Being enough


Requested by: anon and @wingtaken

could you write a bucky one shot using the prompt “am I enough?” Angst but then super fluffy? pls and thank you

I’d love to request a drabble, but I actually have no idea what I want. maybe the reader’s around where Steve, Bucky, Nat & Sam stay, even works there, but is kinda afraid of Bucky. She’s a sweetheart, but wishes she was more than just that, a fighter. She spends hours in the gym every night, where Bucky catches her sneaking in, not knowing it’s her. He spars with her for many nights. fluff? Sam/ Bucky banter, cool Nat idk .

I decided to combine the two requests because somehow, they ended up fitting together in the storyline so I hope you don’t mind and that I made them justice

Warnings: angst, light swearing, FLUFF

Word count: 2856

A/N: this is a birthday gift for my incredibly smart, incredibly beautiful, talented German friend  @wingtaken with who I share a ton of things besides my name (I love you Sophia!). HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOVE I wish you a ton of happiness and joy and good luck with your upcoming university years, you’ll do amazing! Thank you for those wonderful conversations, you are truly, a ray of sunshine.

Also, my foggy brain is typing this at 2 am, so, if somehow there’s something that doesn’t make sense, bare with me. I beg you

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The first time you get to see the team’s scars is at one of Steve’s parties. It’s the fourth of July, one of the busiest, craziest days of the year and of course it had to be Cap’s birthday. Sam, Nat and Wanda are all there with you, lounging on red-and-white striped towels near a small lake on the outskirts of town, while Steve and Clint grill some food a few meters behind. All in all, everyone is enjoying the summer heat and wearing bathing suits, and that’s how you see them.

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4x04 Personal Highlights

So I know that there has been a lot of negativity surrounding this past episode, but I would like to point out that it was far from being all bad and I would say it was a hell of a lot better than episode four from LAST season (aka. my least favourite episode of this show, ever) there was actually some good shit buried in this episode that I would like to address.

Never too much positivity, right fam?

Okay, I’ll get to it.

1. “Bellamy should be back by now.”

I mean, it’s self-explanatory. Even the C/exa queen is writing us some Bellarke shit .. hmm, I wonder why? Maybe cause she has to? Maybe cause Bellarke is becoming canon? Huh, weird.

2. Monty being a total babe and trying to comfort Clarke

It only serves to make the absence of his name on The List that much more painful, but I love seeing Monty trying to cheer Clarke up. He’s such a beacon of light. @the-ships-to-rule-them-all and @abazethe100 talked on their podcast about how its not just Monty’s brain and skills that make him invaluable, but who he is at his core - a source of optimism and support. He holds people together. I thought it was worth mentioning because @theskyboxpodcast is always good, but I especially loved that bit.

3. Devon’s acting

The writers truly could not have picked a better actor to play Jasper. He kills it, over and over and over again. Devon is the perfect mix of humour and tragedy that makes Jasper so heartbreaking and unique. He brings life to this character in a way that few actors could. That scene in the rain perfectly demonstrates this.

(UNRELATED: I’d love to see how Jaha was managing out on that lake when he heard about the acid fog. The possibilities are never-endingly humourous.)

4. Kane calling out Octavia

This scene was soooo validating because its the first time that Octavia’s actions have TRULY been called out. And it wasn’t just a brief call-out, it was an entire lengthy scene dedicated to why Octavia’s actions are NOT being supported by the narrative and are NOT right or honourable. 

“A warrior knows when not to kill. Lincoln taught you that. You seem to have forgotten.”


And to those of you who were screaming about Octavia never dealing with the consequences of her actions after … what? 4x02? YOU COULDN’T WAIT TWO EPISODES??? WHY DO YOU JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS WHY DO YOU TORTURE YOURSELVES? Short rant concluded. This was a top-knotch scene. 


She is so gorgeous and her voice is so soothing. She makes every episode better just be existing.



7. Jackson being a total babe and helping out Raven this episode/showing compassion and concern

So I’ve seen people shipping it and I am … oddly, not opposed??? I mean, he’s sweet and that banter was nice and he’s a doctor which means he’s probs smart and also can help her out with her pain (kinda) and it will never happen but I CAN DREAM OKAY? 

Also, Jackson is Jackson’s only name. I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules. You will never hear me referring to Jackson by any other name. #dealwithit

8. “Save us all” sounds like “keep us all clean” in Trigadesleng because apparently Grounders know their priorities

I guess this explains why L.exa had that deep conditioned shit last season while Clarke was progressing through her slow but steady evolution into a dirty mop

9. “I’ve never met a line I wouldn’t cross.”

Richard you get the best lines. And you slay them every time.


I’M SO EXCITED. Lindsey and Richard are both a thrill to watch and they’re both so sassy and their history is just … WOW. They haven’t had many scenes together ever since that KILLER scene in the dropship where we learned Murphy’s backstory which is a total crime because THEIR CHEMISTRY SERIOUSLY FLIES THROUGH THE ROOF.

I do think Murphy was trying to get on Raven’s good side when he grabbed her and helped her to safety and it was definitely for his personal motives, but I do also believe that a large part of him wanted to do it as an attempt to make up for fucking up her life so bad as well. It’s such an interesting dynamic to watch.

Just want to clarify that I don’t ship it because … y’all he literally shot her and paralyzed her why do you do this?? But I definitely want to see more of them on my TV screen

11. Dad!Kane cupping his son’s face

Need I say more?

12. “Warriors don’t reveal their secrets.”


13. Ice Nation is SO much more interesting than Trikru


14. “Remember that time we welded your dad’s furniture to the ceiling? Now THAT was a prank.”



15. “You’re not God, Clarke. You don’t get to decide who lives and dies.”

Hmm … that’s an interesting line. Almost like it might be … I don’t know … A major theme of the show or something?

Also A++ delivery Devon. Kudos.

16. This show is SO GOOD with moral dilemmas

They truly do bring their A-Game every season. The List is just one example of these so-called moral dilemmas. There truly is no right choice. Clarke was pragmatic, everything she did made SENSE. But was it moral? Was it humane? That’s another story, and it’s one these writers are not afraid to tell.

17. Monty and Clarke’s interactions are all so on point

“You’re the one going too far and using the same old justification: it’s all for my people.”


Monty is spilling the tea this episode and while I understand Clarke’s mindset and sympathize with her for dealing with the pressure on her shoulders, everything that Monty said in this scene was absolutely 100% true, and it’s going to come into play in Clarke’s character arc this season, I am sure.

18. Raven’s struggle with her leg is so real

Kim perfectly captured the struggles that Raven has to deal with and how her leg, while limits her physical ability, certainly does not limit her determination, her skill, and her brain. 

19. “What if the fight is all we are? We torture, kill, betray. We pretend we’re more than that just to make ourselves feel better, but it’s a lie.”

I love this line so much. This episode encapsulates so many themes and big ideas of the show (and it grapples with morality in hugeeeee ways) and I’m loving it.

20. “You’re not a prisoner, Luna. You have a choice.”

Raven putting her gun down and saying this to Luna is SO important, especially when you think about how Clarke tried to force the flame on her in 3x14. Free will was a major theme last year and I’m glad to see it paying off now.

21. Jaha swooping in and stealing that crowd

Listen. I know that there are many conflicted opinions on Jaha and I know that lot of people hate him. But I have never been more intrigued. His story this season is sooo interesting. I have no idea what to expect from him. I feel as though he is so disconnected from the other characters at this point in the narrative that he’s a complete wild card. Do I trust him or not? Should I? What are his motives? What knowledge does he have that the other characters don’t?

He’s so fascinating to me in that he is completely unpredictable. His story this season could break off in just about any direction. 

This scene was really fun to watch. Clearly, Jaha’s years of being a Chancellor comes in handy with a crowd. He knows what to do, what to say, to sway them. It reminds me of Bellamy, in a way, actually. Say what you will about Jaha, but he has a way with words and he knows how to inspire people. I can’t wait to see how this goes. 

(I totally think that lottery is bullshit and I think that Jaha realizes this, but he’s manipulating the crowd. We’ll see how this blows up in our faces later.)

“The people need to feel like they have a say in their fate.”

Another interesting line that I enjoyed. Just wanted to point it out.

22. “It’s the only choice you gave yourself. If you think you have the best idea, you have to convince people, not lie to them. Or lock them up.”

So choices and free will and truth and morality are all big focusses of this episode. People seem to overlook how much great thematic stuff is in 4x04 but there’s a lot and it’s great.

23. Becca’s lab is bomb AF


25. “Take me home.” 


Okay so...

Like I know that Jared recently said at a con some months ago that he didn’t expect/think they would create a love interest for Sam, and honestly I can kind of be okay with that ‘cause the show isn’t a love story and like neither of Sam’s relationship has worked out very well *dEatH*, and that Amelia storyline… did not make any sense at all (unless the theory about her being an illusion is true). So I wouldn’t want a shitty and random love interest just for the sake of being a love interest - that’s honestly waste of time and like kinda disrespectful to the characters involved. But Sam and Eileen could really work, really well. It would be beautiful - already feel like I know Eileen so well, and Gosh, do they both deserve happiness! If the writers could get their *head in the game* and write a real good arc, fuck me up. ‘Cause my Samleen love just got up at a top-notch since 12x19.

Supernatural 12.20

It wasn’t half bad. Wasn’t half bad at all.

It was nice to see the twins again, the parallel of the boys and the twins worked even if it was laid kinda thick for my preference, Tasha was an enjoyable character, pity she’s dead but it was nice to see a good mother on this show, the effects were really pretty, storyline was interesting, and I loved the scene at the end with Max bringing back Alicia, well technically a copy of her.

It wasn’t a perfect episode but it’s nowhere near close the worst this season has given us. 

I didn’t even hate Mary that much during this episode! I liked that she finally admitted that she hasn’t been there for the boys, her fight scene was actually decent, and for the first time this season I actually enjoyed one of her moments! When she hit Ketch in the “brass knuckles”, that was awesome.

That being said, don’t go thinking I’m the new president of the Mary fan club.

Yes, I found her fight scene decent but I still don’t believe she’s a great hunter.  One scene can’t undo a whole season. 

Which actually brings me to my biggest problem with this episode. 

The narrative that Mary is a good mother who loves her children but has made mistakes. 

No show, no. To call Mary’s behaviors and actions towards her kids mistakes are to trivialize them. 

You waited too long to sell Mary as the loving but flawed parent, you had plenty of opportunities for this narrative but instead you constantly presented somebody abusive, manipulative, self-centered. You can’t undo that in one phone call. 

You want to sell your good Mary narrative? Go ahead but I ain’t buying it. 


Everyone has some kind of bucket list

( .OOC ) I do have to update her BB verse a bit. It could still contain the old storyline as a separate verse, but it kinda doesn’t offer much to work with. I want to be able to offer variety to my partners. For now she is pretty much stuck there / stuck in the city… and I made that verse around time I was pretty new to Bloodborne and missed so many interesting details.

Seriously, it developed so much over past few days I need to write it over a bit. She would have been gone from Byrgenwerth once it fell - which makes it realistic why she isn’t garden of eyes or a spider. Living in a city for a while, working for a scholar of church. 

What I have in mind would offer her more realistic chance to be alive at night of the hunt. Now, it just starts to feel like she has some kind of plot armor or just becomes a dead weight to other people. Even in Dark Souls she is able to defend herself.

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I am secretly hoping Wanda learns chaos magic to bring her brother back and/or uses the reality stone rework the MCU in a big way for phase 4. Something akin to the house of M storyline if Fox and Marvel can get their shit worked out by then

I was just talking about that with one of my friends yesterday! I would loooove for that to happen. I feel like the odds of it happening are kinda slim, I’m losing hope that fox and marvel will ever get themselves figured out. But still, fingers crossed!!

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Hey. First of all I'm a big fan of your scenarios. It always makes ms happy to read them after a long day of school. :) You are an amazing writer your scenarios made me love each member of Exo even more. Could you make a Chanyeol wolf scenario where his girlfriend is in danger because of other wolfs and him and Exo save her. With a nice happy and sweet ending. Thank you so much if you'll write it and keep up the good work. :)

Before The Full Moon Rises ~Chanyeol/Sehun~ ☾ 

Heyyy so this one was combined with the “Sehun wolf scenario where you get hurt” because they were really similar and if I wrote them separately then you would be reading pretty much the same storyline twice lol. AND AS FOR THE ENDING…ummm I’m sorry but after I finished I realized it wasn’t exactly “sweet.” But oh well enjoy~ I kinda sorta tried —Admin C

Oh and one more thing—regarding your relationship with Sehun in this scenario…I’d say something like really good friends but he harbors feelings for you? Yeah idk things get pretty…uh…different…so there might be some changes in your feelings lol I DONT KNOW BYE

The forest around you was a tangled mass of thick bushes and low-hanging branches that swayed slowly in the wind like twisted, grotesque arms. Where the light from the thin sliver of moon did not touch, the shadows swirled and pulsed in the trees and on the forest ground, hiding darker shapes within that slithered in and out of shrubs and scurried along the thin branches.

The howls behind you rose to a frenzy chorus of hunger, and the fervent excitement from the beasts was almost tangible in the stagnant night air. Branches whipped in your face, thorns scratched at your legs, your heart hammered against your rib cage and your lungs were on fire from the lack of oxygen, but you did not slow down your pace as you ran through the pitch black forest, away from the ravenous, bloodthirsty beasts.

Help, help, help. God, please, someone help me.

Cold sweat ran down your back as your feet kicked up swirls of dead leaves and left a messy, jagged path behind you, which was soon tore into shambles again by the heavy paws of the wolves chasing you.

Someone, please. Anyone. Anyone. Help me!

The howling got closer and closer; teeth snapped at your heels as you pushed yourself to run even faster, dashing blindly through the dark forest, through bushes and branches and occasional spider webs.

Your muscles were screaming in protest but you didn’t dare to stop. The wolves’ howls sounded like laughter and jeers, mocking you for being the useless little girl you are, unable to do anything but to run, run, and run.

You did not see the gnarled roots of an old tree in front of you, strewn across the path like invisible black tendrils. The moment you stepped into the area and tripped over the first root, the others seem to rise up and tangle around your ankles as well, bringing you down.

You lost your balance and fell heavily onto the soft floor of the forest with a cry, sending up another swirl of leaves.

Blinking the stars out of your eyes, you looked up to see a pitch-black sky. The canopy here was so thick and dense here that even the faint moonlight could not penetrate through to light up the darkness around you.

You let out a scream when you felt a pair of heavy, massive paws come down on either side of your head and heard a deep growl resonate from the shadows above you.

You only had time to glimpse a pair of savage yellow eyes before the wolf’s jaws came down onto your face, its hot, rancid breath filling your nostrils and making your stomach turn.

You turned your head and reacted on pure reflex, only narrowly missing the beast’s snapping teeth. Reaching up to clamp your hands around the wolf’s throat, you mustered whatever strength you still had left and tried to shove the enormous animal off of you. When you realized that you could lift up the wolf’s head a few inches to keep it from biting your face off, you almost laughed at your piteous incompetence, at the same time wanting to cry out of despair.

The howls sounded throughout the nearby woods as the other wolves caught up with their alpha, making a loose circle around the two of you.

Your arms started to shake with the tremendous effort you were using to push the wolf away, and you could feel the energy slowly draining out of you even as its snapping teeth inched closer and closer toward your face. You pushed your head back against the dirt beneath you, as if the little distance gained could keep the beast away for a while longer.

Fear finally masked over shock and started to spread through your veins like poison; your chest was so constricted and your throat was so dry you couldn’t even produce a proper scream, or a cry for help.

The wolf’s snout, wet with drool, was so close that you could smell the sour blood on its breath. The weight of the beast’s body on top of yours was slowly crushing you alive, and your arms were starting to give out under the force of its thick neck straining to lean toward your face.

Gathering up the last bit of your strength, you kicked your legs upward and jammed your knees into the wolf’s stomach, slithering out from underneath its massive body as it howled in pain.

You had not crawled for more than a few feet before a searing sensation burst on your left calf life a flame and your vision blackened with unbearable agony. One of the wolves lurking in the shadows had leaped forward and sunk its teeth into your leg; out of revenge for its alpha or out of hunger, you didn’t know.

Your mouth opened to let out an ear-splitting scream as the wolf sunk its canines deeper into your flesh, refusing to let go. Hot tears started to stream down your cheeks, and your face twisted in agony as the wolf bit deeper into your calf.

You shrieked incoherently, you mind hazy with the blinding pain. Another scream tore its way out of your throat as the wolf released your leg roughly from its jaw, only to rear up and come down onto your neck.

You flung up your arms up to cover your face, closing your eyes as you mentally prepared to meet your death.

But before the beast could tear you apart with its bloodstained teeth, its heavy weight was suddenly lifted off of you and you opened your eyes to see a flash of grey and white knocking it aside.

Squinting into the darkness, you tried to decipher the two shadows writhing on the forest ground together, growling and snarling and tearing at each other with teeth and claws, yellow eyes gleaming with burning animosity.

From what you could see, the lean grey wolf who had saved you was slowly gaining the upper hand, repeatedly slamming the head of the other wolf onto the ground and biting viciously at its back and limbs and neck as he clawed fiercely at its stomach.

There was something familiar about the grey wolf in front of you, but you pushed your hazy thoughts away and focused on sitting up, biting your lips to hold back the screams as the pain in your calf blossomed again at your slight movement. Taking a few deep breaths, you tried to stand up, only to fall back down among the dead leaves with an agonizing cry. The action tore open your wound further and blood spurted profusely out of the already mangled flesh, running down your leg and pooling onto the ground beneath you.

A high-pitched squeak came from the direction of the fight and you looked up to see the wolf who had attacked you earlier limping away with its tail between its legs, while the big grey wolf snapped threateningly at its heels.

You narrowed your eyes at him again, a crazy idea tugging at the back of your mind.

It couldn’t be, could it?

The wolf turned back to look at you at that moment, and when you stared into its pale yellow-green eyes, you were suddenly certain of your conjecture.


The wolf flicked its pointy ears, acknowledging your tentative call. Your eyes widened in disbelief, and for a temporary moment you forgot the pain in your leg as you took in the huge beast.


Before you had time to recollect your thoughts, Sehun had already turned away to face the pack of wolves that had ventured into the clearing. The pale moon rose higher in the sky and shown faintly through the web of branches, dappling the forest ground. The wolves were no longer cloaked by shadows, and you shivered at the sight of their rugged pelts and savage eyes.

The grey wolf bared his teeth and flattened his ears, snarling at the others as he crouched low and prepared to attack. Your blood ran cold when you took in the endless number of enemies around you, each one looking more murderous than the next. The reassurance you felt earlier drained out of you, and you trembled in fear again.

“Sehun, wait, d-don’t fight them. There has to be another wa—” Your call was lost in a sea of growls as the two sides lunged at each other, diving into a frenzy mass of fur and teeth and claws.

You blinked, your eyes shifting left and right as you tried to pick out your lone friend from the others. The pain in your leg was starting to cloud your senses, but you refused to succumb to the darkness creeping into your mind.

The lithe, graceful figure of Sehun dashed in and out of the mad cluster, biting and swiping at each and every wolf he passed, but never killing.

He was an exceptional fighter, but even you could tell that there were too many enemies for him to deal with alone.

A shadow crept into the edge of your vision, and you saw the alpha wolf that you had injured earlier circling the pack, biding his time and waiting for the perfect chance to pounce on the grey wolf. Sehun was too preoccupied in his multiple battles to notice the new threat.

You opened your mouth and screamed his name, but before the first syllable even left your tongue, the huge alpha had already attacked, lunging straight at Sehun’s exposed back.

His high-pitched, tormented howl a second later felt like thousands of needles jabbing into your own heart. The massive wolf had clamped its jaws on Sehun’s shoulder, biting deep into the flesh. The grey wolf tried to twist around and shake him off, but the other wolves pounced on him simultaneously and buried him beneath a mass of dirty, mangy fur.

“Sehun!” You screamed again, trying to crawl forward but ended up almost fainting from the overwhelming pain in your leg. You bit your lip so hard that you tasted blood on your tongue.

The agonized whines of your friend rose distinctly among the chorus of satisfied howls, and your heart twisted until you felt like it would shrivel up in your chest.

“No, no, no, no…please, please, leave him alone,” you whimpered, cursing at your uselessness.

As if your pleas had summoned them, a few of the wolves at the edge of the cluster turned around and stared at you, baring their teeth into snarls that resembles sadistic smiles. You could only imagine how you must look to them right now, a shivering mess covered in dirt and blood and tears curled on the forest floor, half in moonlight and half in shadows.

They detached themselves from the others and slinked toward you, tongues lolling in delight. Then, without warning, the closest one pounced.

You squeezed your eyes shut, but never felt the impact. Instead, you heard whimpering and the sound of paws scratching against the leaf-littered ground, then a sharp, high-pitched yelp that was cut off abruptly.

You opened your eyes to see an enormous brown wolf standing over the limp body of the black wolf that had tried to attack you earlier. Blood dripped steadily from the brown wolf’s snout, and you looked down at the body beneath his paws to see an open red gash at the base of the black wolf’s neck. Its throat had been torn out.

You shuddered at the awful sight.

A howl suddenly sounded from behind you, and the next second you felt gusts of wind whipping by you on either side as wolf after wolf shot past you and charged at the writhing pile of beasts in front of you, silent as the night itself.

Howls filled the air once again, but this time, from menace, enmity, and fear as the new forces clashed with the hungry pack that had been trying to tear Sehun apart.

Amidst the chaos, you never took your eyes off the massive brown wolf directly in front of you. A sense of déjà vu passed over you as you locked your eyes with his golden ones, once again struck by the strange feeling that you’d met him before.

In the mere second that took you to blink, the wolf had shifted fluidly into a tall, lean boy with chestnut hair and eyes that were no longer gold, but dark brown. He reached up and slowly wiped a hand across the blood that still covered his lips and chin, flicking the crimson droplets carelessly onto the dead wolf at his feet. He stepped over the motionless body without glancing down and started to walk toward you.

The moonlight danced over his bare shoulders and chest and blackened the specks of blood on his tattered jeans, and in that fleeting moment, he looked as sinister as he was beautiful.

You mind whirled. It was Chanyeol.

Park Chanyeol, that tall, handsome senior; the rapper, the guitarist, the jester, the boy who had given you flowers and serenaded you in front of the whole school—had just torn out the throat of another wolf.

You were starting to wonder if this was all just a terrible, terrible nightmare, and if things would go back to normal once you pinched yourself. The throbbing pain in your leg dissipated your wishful thinking, and you blinked out of your daze.


From the same mouth that had killed and tasted blood, he called out your name. Softly, tentatively, full of concern.

You couldn’t help but remember Sehun as you looked up at the approaching boy. Sehun, the grey wolf who had protected you even knowing that he would not win. The grey wolf who had fiercely attacked the countless enemies, but never killing.

Chanyeol’s ferociousness frightened you. A ridiculous thought, really, for he was the boy you loved.

Yet, still.

“________, hang on. I’ll get you out of here. How is your leg? Can you move?” Chanyeol asked as he knelt down in front of you, reaching out to touch the feverish skin around your wound as he checked the injury. You flinched slightly, out of fear or pain, you didn’t know; Chanyeol interpreted it as the latter. His jaws tightened in anger, and his eyes narrowed dangerously.

“Which one of them,” he growled through gritted teeth, “did this to you?”

Before the reply could leave your mouth, you felt the world tilt around you, and the next second you were falling. A strong pair of arms caught you and held you firmly, and you saw Chanyeol’s face swim before your eyes. Your leg was starting to numb with the loss of blood and your vision was starting to cloud over, and as much as you wanted to stay conscious, you were slowly slipping away.

“You’re…you’re…a wolf…” You muttered incoherently, trying to sit upright but failing miserably for you couldn’t even tell which way was up.

Despite his anger, you heard a soft chuckle escape his lips upon your words.

“Yes, that’s right. Sorry for not telling you…I didn’t think there would ever come a day when you needed to know.” He looked up from your wound and gazed straight at you. “Are you afraid?”

His eyes were soft as he leaned closer, supporting your body gently. You swallowed back the truth.

“No. No, I’m not afraid.”

“Well, that’s a relief.” He didn’t notice your moment of hesitation. “Now let’s get you out of here.”

Chanyeol gently lifted you and hoisted you up onto his back; and suddenly, the smooth skin beneath you changed into soft, warm fur, and then you were riding through the night, the feeling his strong muscles extending and contracting against your body as he carried you through the forest at a blinding speed. His gallop was surprisingly smooth despite the speed, so even in your half-conscious state you managed to lie on his broad back and stay in that position.

A thought crossed your hazy mind at that moment, and suddenly you shot up, looking around frantically.

“Sehun? Sehun? Sehun! Where’s Sehun? Where is he? He’s still back there—” You twisted around on Chanyeol’s back to look at the battle unfolding in the clearing behind you, your eyes darting among countless wolves as you searched for your friend. Your heart stuttered in dread. “No! No! I don’t see him. Where is he? Help him! Please! We have to go back—”

A low bark from Chanyeol interrupted your wild, mindless shouting, and you opened your mouth to yell again only to fall back onto him as your last bit of energy drained out of you and your body slowly sunk back into the numb, sluggish state it was in before.

Chanyeol barked again, as if he was trying to convey something to you. As you slipped into unconsciousness, you vaguely saw two other wolves catch up to Chanyeol and flank him on either side. One of them carried a fair-haired boy whose pale body was covered in wounds, some of which the blood still flowed from. It dripped onto the forest ground and trailed a scarlet path behind them, but the wolves did not stop.

They did not worry about the enemies coming after them, for they knew their pack would take care of the business and finish off the savage wolves in the clearing. The swiftness in their steps was for the sole purpose of getting you and Sehun treated as soon as possible.

“Sehun?” You called softly across the narrow strip of empty space between Chanyeol and the other wolf, darkness slowly starting to close in on your vision.

The boy’s eyes stayed closed and he lay unmoving on the wolf’s back. His bloody bangs were matted to his forehead, and a thin trickle of blood trailed down the side of his head, disappearing into the fur beneath him.

“Sehun,” you said again, your heart twisting painfully in your chest as you took in his broken form, his body lined with bruises and scratch marks and deep red gashes and torn flesh. “Sehun?”

The boy did not respond. You breath hitched as the first sob escaped your throat. You called his name over and over again, until Chanyeol sped up and Sehun’s still face disappeared from your sight.

Agent Carter. What Peggy did for Marvel and other TV shows.

With the end of season one coming soon to an end and season two currently being unconfirmed I want to look back and go through some things and people that made Agent Carter special. At least for me. 

But let’s start with what kind of TV series is Agent Carter anyway. It’s a action, adventure drama origin story with the social aspects of hardships being a woman in the 40’s set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When you read it, it sounds complicated but trust me, it’s worth it. 

If you’re not familiar with the Peggy Carter and you think Marvel and super heroes are not for you, don’t judge and don’t worry. Agent Carter explains everything and no super heroes in capes won’t show up either. Think about it as action version of Mad Men for Marvel fans with cool gadges and better camera. And that’s saying something. 

Agent Carter follows Peggy Carter in post war times as she works for the Strategic Scientific Reserve, trying to earn real tasks and respect from her co-workers when her old friend, billionaire and inventor Howard Stark asks her for help while being charged with treason. Doesn’t sound too nerdy, does it? Well, it can turn into solid nergasm but let’s talk about that later.

First thing I wanna talk is ensemble. Starring Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter and James D'Arcy as Edwin Jarvis, Howard Stark’s butler. Hayley Atwell played already in the first Captain America movie and the praise she received is the biggest reason Agent Carter even exist. Hayley Atwell is playing strong woman, sometimes even harsh who’s weight down every day but is keeping it together because she simply believes in better world. Edwin Jarvis is on the other hand distinguished man for whom driving on the red lights is going the extra mile. But as Peggy, he’s loyal and as we’re shown even brave. In terms of acting Jarvis could be described as Marvel’s Sherlock. Creating a funny banter between the two main charaters.

Without spoilers it’s hard to describe the supporting cast, because Agent Carter’s character develoment is huge but let’s say you gonna meet lovely Lyndsy Fonseca as Angie Martinelli, Peggy’s loyal and curious friend. Her 3 most notable co-workes, agent Sousa played by Enver Gjokaj, agent Thompson played by Chad Michael Murray and SSR chief Dooley played by Shea Whigham. But the list goes on and on.

And we can’t forget Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark. 

Acting in general is great, there’s a few scenes when actors simply over act but nothing to be mad about. Main treats are of course Hayley Atwell and James D'Arcy. These two created the best Marvel duo since Thor and Loki. 

Great cast. What else is great? Cinematography. And the name you maybe don’t know, Gabriel Beristain. He created that feel of the 40’s. Using both digital and analog techiques. True, some shots feel like they’ve been ran through Instagram filters but in the end it feels like real 40’s. 

Another thing are sets. To be honest, this show must spent every single dollar. It looks spectacular. For example, the diner where Angie is working, it’s a real treat. Every single detail in it. Every single straw in the milkshake is there for a reason. 

One of the reason why it feels so different is general warmness of the sets. When you look for example on the another Marvel TV series, Agents of Shield, sets are modern, cool looking but cold. Steel table frankly isn’t gonna treat your eyes as classic wooden table with an even more classic green lamp. 

Fashion. And again I’ll give you name. Giovanna Ottobre-Melton. And it was a challenge. Giovanna Ottobre-Melton stated that she was researching for months to get the true feel of the 40’s. Plus, every single character has it’s unique style. For example every agent wears different style of suits. Vintage pieces were used as well. There’s much thinking into fashion choices for every single character. 

In this category is Agent Carter at the top of the TV production. Only few shows can match with costumes in Agent Carter. 

And now we’re getting into the nerdy stuff. Let’s start with gadges. From type writer that can send messages across ocean to mass effect implosion device, every single one of them has unique retro style and even a name. Imagine Q from Bond going crazy in the 40’s. But don’t worry, you gonna see Peggy with her signature Thompson M1A1. Polished Thompson. 

One thing is gonna hit you as well. Fight scenes. They’re great. Creators probably watched new generation of Bond movies. It looks, even for TV show, very real and painful. Peggy’s kicking ass. 

Writing. Let’s be honest, this is the category where is Agent Carter still in the working progress. Storyline of the first season is solid and interesting but lacks, mainly in the middle of the season, some kinda progress. And some episodes are kinda empty. Which isn’t good for a 8 part series. But second half of the season is full of reveals and cool plot that you will forget those few episodes. 

Let’s talk about Marvel Universe now. Most notable is a simple one, Edwin Jarvis. Edwin Jarvis is gonna be mentor of the young Tony Stark aka Iron Man, son of Howard Stark. Tony then names his AI, J.A.R.V.I.S. We also maybe gonna find who’s gonna be Peggy’s husband who was saved by the another man in Peggy’s life. Captain America. And of course… No, that would be major spoiler. 

Another easter eggs are kinda spoilery but let’s say it include possible origin story of one of the Avengers, one bad guy before he was bad guy and MAYBE premise to one of the upcoming Marvel movies. So far. 

So what are those answers from the title?

Let’s start with the Marvel. When the time come and Agent Carter ends Marvel is gonna have covered blank time period between end of war and creation of the S.H.I.E.L.D. And with that, possible ways to a new film (already annouced). Also, it’s a nice way to explain one question from the Avengers 2 trailers. And to show the original Jarvis, moment that Iron Man fans waited for a very long time. 

And of course, fans were calling after Hayley Atwell after seeing short Agent Carter film. If you didn’t, go watch it now. 

And what is legacy of Agent Carter on TV in general? That you can make strong story about woma(e)n in the men’s world set in past and it doesn’t have to be “simple” drama. You have more choices then paths of Mad Men or Masters of Sex. With all the possible respect to these shows. 

So let’s hope in season 2 and more awsome stories from this still undiscovered and exotic period of Marvel Universe. 

I thought of a storyline for Elena during season 2 and now it won’t leave my head. Okay, so it starts off with Elena getting paired up with a girl from school. They have to work on a Science project together, about planets or something. Their sort of friends until Elena causally brings up being gay. The other girl gets really awkward and says some insulting things. Like, “that’s super weird that you like girls.” Something along those lines. Elena kinda defends herself, but eventually the girl heads home. Then, later Elena talks to her mom about it and they have a family bonding moment. Elena decides to keep working on the project with the girl, even though her mom is now a little worried.

Eventually, something happens at school where Elena is in the locker room. And some girl decides to like call her out for being gay or yells a slur at her. Elena starts to argue back, but the girl just shoves her into the lockers forcefully. (I know it sounds dark, but sitcoms usually portray these things in a way that makes sense.) Anyway, the Science project girl sees this and steps in to help Elena. There’s a small scuffle, nothing too bad. The Science girl ends up with a black eye. Everyone gets sent to the principles office.

Elena’s mom gets a phone call about the fight and shows up at the school angry. She immediately thinks that Science girl did something to Elena. But Elena cuts her mom off and explains what happened. Elena’s mom is thankful and there’s a sweet moment or something. Eventually, the principle says for everyone to go home and Science girl gets in the car with Elena. Her parents can be working or something like that, doesn’t matter.

When they get to the house Elena and Science girl are sitting on the couch. Elena questions her about why she stepped in to help. The girl kinda brushes her off, maybe makes a joke about always wanting to be in a fist fight. Elena convinces her and she finally explains herself. Basically saying, “When you first told me you were gay it freaked me out. So I picked on you. When I saw someone else doing it and then shoving you it made me realize I was the jerk. So I stepped in.” Elena asks why the “gay thing” freaks her out so much. And she goes quiet and finally says, “Because I never met anyone who was like me before. And you were just so open about it, not ashamed at all. You don’t suppress it.” So Elena kinda stares at her and puts the pieces together. Saying something like, “What do you….oh.,..OH. Okay then.” 

They continue to have a heart to heart about being gay or whatever. They agree to start fresh and be friends, continuing to do their science project. And Elena later tells her mom about what happened. It’s nice and happy.

Side note, later into the season the two of them can have a cute relationship lol. Like, they slowly realize their feelings for each other and cuteness occurs. But that’s a whole other big plot.  

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Bucky x Reader: where readers tonys younger sister/brother and bucky are in love and he/she feels conflicted because spoilery reasons 💜💜💜 fluff & feels

here you go! I’m pretty happy with this storyline and i think i might to a part 2? lemme know what you think. still I found it kinda hard to work with this prompt to make it fluff but I tried my best. enjoy!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: none

A/N: takes place during ca: cw. the reader is tony’s younger sister and she falls for bucky while abroad, but she doesn’t realize who he is until nat shows her.

“A Bag of Plums”


A few months ago, while studying abroad in Romania, you had gotten a little too drunk with your friends. Seeing this, they offered to walk you home but you declined. Alcohol tended to make you a lot more…cocky, to say the least. So after you said your goodbyes, you headed to your apartment.

“Excuse me ma’am, but are you sure you can handle walking by yourself?” a man approached you. It was too dark to see, but the man had long, brown hair and a bag of…plums?

You squinted your eyes at him and pointed a finger at yourself. “Well, you don’t know me…but I am an Avenger. Hell, I’m Tony Stark’s sister. So yeah. I can walk by myself,” you shouted proudly.

The man raised an eyebrow, but ultimately walked away. Muttering to yourself, your walked at a slow and unsteady pace, and a few men had taken notice. About 4 minutes later, you realized you were being followed. Thankfully, alcohol didn’t lessen your sense. But still, you were defenseless, you had no way to fight them. You tried to fake calling people and made weird turns and crossed the road a few times, but you couldn’t lose them. Just when you were about to turn around and confront them, someone caught up to you and put his arms around you.

“Babe, I told you to wait up,” he said with a chirpy voice.

You quickly turned your head to the left and saw the same man with the plums. “Hey! You’re the plum guy. I thought you left,” you said in a tipsy voice.

He pulled you in tighter and said loudly, “No I didn’t leave, and I was just getting plums.”

He stole a glance behind you to see if the guys were still following you. Seeing that they weren’t there anymore, he let you go. You wish he hadn’t. It was kind of chilly. Plus you could tell he was jacked as fuck under all his layers. 

His steady breathing and secure footsteps were comforting to you, after walking together quietly for 10 minutes. You took small glances at him. He had a tragic vibe, with his droopy eyes and frowning face.

He silently followed you back, but you stopped two blocks in front of your place. You groaned at the massive headache that you felt coming.
“Thank you, but my place is just two blocks down,” you thanked, still squinting your eyes, trying to get a better look at him. By the street light, you could make out that he had sad eyes, a square jaw, and yes, a bag of plums.

“No problem, Miss Stark. I’m just glad you’re safe,” he said quietly with a timid smile.

Your eyes widened in shock, “Wait how the fuck do you know who I am?” You clutched your purse a little tighter.

He chuckled and replied, “Earlier this evening, you shouted at me saying that you were his sister.”

You felt yourself relax again as you commented, “Of course I did. Good memory…Sorry I didn’t catch your name.”

“Barnes…Bucky Barnes,” he said slowly. He looked reluctant to say his name out loud, like it hurt to say it.

“Well, thank you Mr. Barnes,” you said gratefully, shaking his hands. He seemed to grimace at your touch so you made it brief. You were about to turn around until he placed his gloved hand on your forearm.

“You can call me Bucky,” he said shyly, quickly letting go. You smiled at him before turning around. When you were a block away, you heard him walk away.

That was the first and last time you saw him in Romania. Sometimes you would linger around the same bar at night to see if he would show up, or look around markets to see if he’d gone to buy more plums. But there was no sign of him. It was as if he had disappeared into thin air, and you felt a little hurt.

Back in the States, you told Natasha about your mystery man. You were obviously very smitten about him. After telling the story, you looked at her expectantly. Normally, she was very reactive. She had a stony face. “Follow me,” she ordered.

“Why?” you asked as she grabbed your arm and took you to the archive floor. She swiftly typed something into the computer and searched through files. She clicked on an image and enlarged the photo.

She pointed at it with a serious face, “Don’t tell me it was him.”
You looked at the photo, it was a little blurry but you recognized the face. Bucky. Shit. Why did the Avengers have a photo of him? You scanned the entire thing. It was taken by a security camera. He was wearing a suit with metal armor. Fucking shit. You wanted to pull your hair out.

“(Y/n), it was…” You cut her off with an exasperated look.

“Oh my fucking god, are you telling me that I fell for the fucking Winter Soldier?” You yelled.

“Shh! Do you want everyone to know?” She said trying to cover your mouth. 

You swatted her hand away.
“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit,” you groaned. Natasha was laughing. “How is this funny, Nat? What the actual fuck do I do?” You paced the room, “What the fuck? Do I tell everyone that I found the Winter Soldier? Steve would want to know. But then I have to explain how I met him. Oh my god that’s so fucking embarrassing. I can’t. But I should?” You were about to keep mumbling to yourself when you heard Tony coming. “Shit, why is he coming here? Nat close the files! Turn off the computer and then BURN IT!” You cried dramatically.

“(Y/n), you in here?” Tony called out for you. “I have to talk to you about something.”

When he walked in, he saw you and Nat searching up Tony’s medical files.
Without turning your head you inquired, “Tony you went to the ER ‘cause of a rash?” You and Natasha sniggered. “Oh my god! It says you went to the hospital ‘cause you had a…”

“Okay anyway!” Tony quickly cut you off, closing all the files and shutting down the computer. He huffed indignantly. “Romanoff, do you mind? I’d like to talk to her alone.”
Nat strutted off, saluting us.

When she wasn’t within hearing distance, Tony pulled out some papers. The Vienna Accords. You sighed heavily and was about to protest, again, but Tony cut you off.

“Please. I am asking as a brother this time. If you don’t sign this I won’t be able to protect you,” Tony begged. You refused to sign the accords, you couldn’t. So you looked at him, with a straight face and shook your head decisively. “(Y/n), please,” he sounded desperate and it broke your heart to have to say no.

“You know I’m not a kid anymore right? I can protect myself,” you said with a small smile, trying to seem positive about this whole ordeal. When he didn’t respond, your face fell. “I’m sorry Tony. It’s not just about my beliefs anymore…” you whispered sadly.

Tony’s expression changed from devastated to callous as he tightly asked, “Is this because of the Winter Soldier?” He knew. He had found out. You looked up at him, bewildered. “I heard you and Romanoff.” Of course he did. “I can’t believe you weren’t going to tell me!” He yelled bitterly.

“No, I wasn’t not going to tell you. I just…” you didn’t bother finishing off the sentence. You weren’t planning on telling them. And Tony knew that.

“So because of that one night, you’re going to choose the Soviet assassin over your brother?” He asked with quiet fury. You tried to think of a smart response, but there was none.

“He’s a person, he’s not just an assassin…h-he was buying plums,” you said weakly. “If I sign this, I won’t be able to help him, or myself.”

“I can’t believe you. You fell for him because of some fucking plums?”
You shrugged, “No, Tony. I would explain it to you, but it seems to me that you lack the human qualities necessary to fully understand why I am not going to sign those fucking papers.”
Your tone said it all. You weren’t going to sign those papers. It was clear. 

Tony sighed in defeat and gave a sad glance, “I just hope you know what you’re doing, (y/n).” He left without hearing your response.


mayaoishiina  asked:

May I ask your opinion on the 'Ubisoft No female characters' debacle?

It’s all been blown out of proportion, and saying ‘no female characters’ kinda tells the wrong story. Ubisoft do female characters - and do them well (Mary/Anne in Black Flag, Clara in Watch Dogs).

We’ve had a female assassin (AC: Liberation), and we’ll get another one when the storyline works. In the meantime, we’ll have kickass females to interact with - and for me, the supporting cast of characters in AC games are what brings the game to life and makes it 3D and connectable - because they provide a springboard and a platform for dialogue. If I’d played Mary in Black Flag, I probably wouldn’t have liked her as much. We wouldn’t have had the Edward/Mary interplay either, which made me love Edward in turn, as she ran rings around him.

It was a bad answer in an interview. Instead of saying they didn’t have time to make it, they should have explained why it’s just not needed. On your screen, you’ll always look like the main character, Arno - whether you’re in co-op or singleplayer. Only other players will appear customized to you, allowing you to be able to tell the difference between them and you. On their screens, they will also look like Arno and you, in turn, will have subtle changes. Therefore, if you had a female skin, you’d never see yourself using it - only other people using it themselves, which in turn they wouldn’t be able to see either…unless you asked them to put it on, which to me feels like asking someone to wear a certain hero skin in DOTA 2/LoL/HoN, because you want to passively experience it.

It makes sense. You’re playing the main character - why would you suddenly become another person, and why would you change gender? Okay, I can see why they answered that it was too much work - imagine having to source a voice actor, record motion capture, do model design, record all the lines again, and somehow make it work so that the female version of Arno didn’t look out of place in a male-dominated world. It would be a nightmare, and a lot of time and energy which could and has been placed elsewhere in making the game look spectacular - and hopefully play as well as Black Flag.

The time will come for another female assassin, and when it does I have faith in Ubisoft to nail it on the head.

Raging Time, apoligizing on behalf of any readers

WARNING!: Spoilers from How I Met Your Mother

After having watched How I Met your mother for several hours over the past few years. I have to say i was excited for the final episode, espcially after how well episode 22 was done. I was looking forward to this new episode, ready to see it all end, ready for the feels of happiness and maybe some sadness.

To say i am dissapointed, is one of the biggest understatements in the history of the world. 
I am mad, i am frustrated, and I honestly feel like punching holes in my door right now, I feel like punching someone in the face, just for the sake of getting rid of that pissed feeling.

The fact that 9 years of character developement was flushed down the toilet. Not only did they take the things that so many fans hoped wouldn’t happen, but they took almost everything I hoped they wouldn’t and fit it into a small package of a 40 minute episode. The episode supposed to give me closure, and make me feel sad because it was over was merely replaced by the bitter feeling that it ended on the sourest note i have ever heard

The only good thing I can say is that Marshall’s storyline ended on a good note. Lily was kinda shoved to the side, I’d really would have liked for her art career to be a bigger topic, just a short mention. I wanted to see a Gary Blauman style ending. Talking about how Lily’s art career went.

On top of that, we spend all of season 9 and some of the other seasons building up Barney and Robin, hell Season 9 is their wedding, and we see how they try and work things out, and ultimately they end up trusting each other, promising to do whatever they can to make it work. 10 minutes into the finale: “Fuck that shit, they are divorced now” and why? BEcause of Robin’s career. Now people say that we don’t like the ending because it is realistic. I am sorry, but are you saying it is impossible to have a stable job/focusing career whilst having a succesful marriage?

And the mother (named Tracy) poor Tracy. Yupp she dies. Just dies. It is glanced over in one line. ONE LINE. We don’t get to see her funeral, people mourning for her, especially Ted. She just kinda dies. She isn’t even that much in this episode, she is like a small cameo.

And Barney, oh Barney. So much developement through season 6 to 9. And they make you go back to your old lowly ways. And even though Robin, the true love of your life couldn’t satisfy you, a small baby can. I am glad you ended on that note, but by god at least make the mother of your
child a little more important than just the 31th chick of a perfect month.

And Ted. My god, Ted I hate what they did to you. After so many years trying to find your true love they kill her off. And the girl that they made clear you aren’t supposed to be with, is the one you end up with.

Oh yeah and the mother has been dead for 6 years now. 6 FREAKING YEARS! And the reason for Ted telling this story to his kids? To find out if they are okay with him chasing after their aunt, which they are surprisingly on board with, despite their dead mother.

I don’t hate this finale because it had a bad ending. I hate it because it felt rushed, and illogical. Yes a tv-series isn’t supposed to be logical, but HIMYM build up this message that you may never know when you will meet you true love. Sometimes you just have to wait for the right time. But basically what I get from this message is: If you really want a girl. Just keep trying on the same girl over and over again until she says yes.

I hate the message, I hate what they did to the characters, although i can Forgive Barney, Lily and Marshall. I can’t forgive that they made the mother a mere stepping stone for Ted to get together with Robin. I can’t accept that they build her up to just kill her off and turn into such a minor thing. I can’t accept that Ted and Robin are basically back to square 1 of their relationship, when the others have moved on. I can’t accept that the reason why Ted sat his kids down to tell them this story was not to tell them about their mother, but a girl he has been pinning on for several fucking years. I feel violated, and dissappointed in this ending. I don’t care what people say, an ending is supposed to reward you for your efford and “hard work”. I stuck through Season 9, even though i felt some of the episodes were so lame, and some so pointless, but god, I wanted to be there for the finale, the finale i have waited to see for years. Only be slapped across the face. I wanted to feel at peace, knowing the characters I had grown to love was making it okay with their lives. I wanted to feel sad that it was over. Now i am just angry for what they did, and I am dissapointed that the ending is so half-assed put together.

On "Consummation" and why it made sense for the most part

“All happiness comes with a price. You paid yours with another’s broken heart”. Many people say that Mary was acting OOC in the episode, but I didn’t really see it, with the exception of two particular scenes, but that I will discuss later. Was she cruel in an episode? Was she insensitive? Was she wrong? In a way all of the about, but I have to add that she would be inevitably cruel/insensitive/wrong whichever brother she would choose.

So why Francis? There is this saying that it is better to do something and regret later if things didn’t work out, than do nothing and wonder your whole life what might have been if you did. For Mary, Francis and relationship with him was an accumulated fantasy of her hopes and dreams, that she was bearing in her heart for years. This relationship was looming over her and created a massive unfinished business effect. And trust me, it’s an enormous psychological pressure to have something this big remain unresolved. You think about it day and night, you go to sleep with these thoughts, you wake up with them and you CAN’T shut them down, because you’ve already wasted too much energy to create them.

And that was the biggest reason, why she chose Francis. She wanted an ending, a resolution to it, heck she wanted a consummation (not the physical one). She wanted to be free from this load of what might have been. And it is understandable and it makes sense for her.

And now lets throw here all the other factors. She thinks the English Queens is dead, so she needs to react quickly. Henry is forcing the matter. Her mother is all for Francis, Catherine is all for Francis, heck she even was ready to die in front of Mary so she could make the choice she wanted, admittedly Francis would be a better king, so we could make a conclusion that Scotland would better have Francis. And now the cherry on the top: FATE is ALL FOR FRANCIS. We’ve already seen that Mary is really effected by all the prophesies. And now the new one is telling her that she will live happy and long life with Francis and have many children. Basically, she is told that they were meant to be and all her child dreams may come true. Bash had NOTHING to strengthen his position except for the general fact that he is a great man, in many ways better than Francis and has some attractive torso ;) Mary admitted to her mother that she was beginning to love Bash and that’s way Marie begun to act quicky - so there won’t be any time for Mary’s feelings to develop any deeper and even at this stage she was already torn. But Bash was playing an a-priory losing game now - everything was against him. After listing all this aspects do you really wonder why Mary acted the way she did? I’m not justifying her actions, but I understand them.

Now I want to talk about two scenes that kinda bothered me. And in both cases I blame it on Adelaide’s acting and not writing. I appreciate the fact that she came clean about why she won’t be marrying Bash, I thanked all gods that exist and existed that she didn’t lie to him. Also I don’t think that she was intentionally cruel, saying that she loves Francis more, mostly because Bash wanted her to be sincere and because in my opinion she was trying to give Bash the closure she never had with Francis, so he would never think of what might have been. What bothered me was Adelaide’s delivery of the scene, especially in comparison with Torrance’s, who nailed every word, who made every phrase leave an aching emptiness. Adelaide was just… indifferent I think? I didn’t feel any emotion coming from her. Hell, she was much more distressed in the hall AFTER she talked to Bash, then during the actual scene.

And now THAT icky scene. I don’t think that she could have pushed Francis off or demand Bash to be escorted out - it was not the time, it was not the place. I think that she made the only thing she could do in that situation - get the shit over with. But again Adelaide’s performance was kinda indifferent, like she was there and at the same time she wasn’t. Especially with Torrance giving his best. I had half a day to think about it and in the end came to the conclusion that in both scenes we saw a classic case of cognitive dissonance. In the first scene she didn’t want to hear his words how he would always put her first, how she would be free and wild with him, because those words were ruining her happy Francis-bubble and because in her subconscious she feels that Bash is a better choice, but her past and her fantasies and her dreams won’t allow her to act on it, so she just want to shove that little voice in her head as far as possible. Same with the consummation - she wanted to save this fragile bubble of hers, wanted to make it seem like nothing is wrong, she wanted to live this fantasy. That’s why it was her solace to try and ignore Bash’s presence, to try and go through with it. That’s what I’ve got story-vise, but not acting-vise.

“So should you return, you have sealed it in your memory what is yours and what is not”. What this episode sealed for me though is that Bash is the hero of the story. He is the tortured soul, he’s an underdog, he’s the oppressed, the damned, the pariah. Show continues to write Bash in an extremely sympathetic way and after this episode only a stone-hearted person or an ultimate Fracistan will not feel empathetic towards Bash. From this all around messy episode he came out intact and, I would argue, gained a few extra points characterization-vise. He’s understanding, knows his place, feels the spirit of the moment, knows how to let go for the sakes of the others, he’s stoic, doesn’t cause the unnecessary drama, he swallows his pain like the most honored man would - quietly, alone. And even in his most emotional moment, he lose control only when Francis really crossed the line (“You are nothing!” really Francis, ugh). Speaking of Dauphin of France, I think they really set him as an antagonist to Bash. And most of Francis’s greatest flaws was shown in an episode: entitlement, tendency to be judgmental, unforgivingness, revengefulness, passive-aggressiveness, manipulativeness, secrecy. It has to be intentional, because I can’t find any other reason why they would paint one character heavily sympathetic and the other heavily flowed in the same episode. And now I’m really wondering if they really could make Francis hire the guards to kill Bash? Somehow I don’t think that he would do it, or rather that writers would allow it because it is unnecessary demonization of a character and if they want to make this love triangle still be viable and believable all sides must be redeemable and trying to kill a brother is not something I consider so.

Going back to Bash, I believe that now he is entering the “belly of the beast” stage. This is a very old trope and this development marks a turning point for the hero, who is sent into the “unknown.” It can correspond to death and entering the Underworld. Typically, the hero will face something in the abyss and return with a boon — literal or figurative — necessary to complete his overall mission. It is also what causes the hero to accept the inevitability of his overall mission — the “event horizon,” “crossing the Rubicon” portion of his quest. There is no going back. Right now Bash is at his low, he is in the darkness, abandoned by everyone. And judging by the next episodes he will be heavily involved with the evil of the woods so this trope kinda works. And yes by this I assume that Bash is probably the ultimate male hero of the story.

So not gonna lie, I’m exited for Bash’s upcoming storyline and I don’t feel all that traumatized by the episode as i originally thought I would be. To me it felt like an inevitable step for Mary to let go of her Childhood Fantasy and face the Reality, for Francis to show his darker persona and for Bash to figuratively “die to be born again” tougher and stronger than ever before.

My Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 5 Reaction/Review


  • - FUCK YOU LITTLEFINGER. (Also FUCK YOU Benioff and Weiss FOR THIS.) Never forgive them for this Sansa plot. NOPE. 
  • - “Half-Brother” FUCK YOU LITTLEFINGER.

House of B&W

  • -This lady kicking Arya’s ass is kinda badass. But also… she sucks. THIS IS BORING. HOW?


  • -Hahaha this play.
  • -HRM. Don’t be rude to Ned.
  • - Oh hey. A penis! Nice!  Aw seriously? with warts though? Ugh. COME ON SHOW. (His butt was lovely though thanks.) 👍🏽




  • - Oh shit… really? They are going with Yara- oh never mind this asshole.
  • - I can still give two shits about Euron. The writers sure love the Ironborn. They made Theon less creepy, and now Euron. But fuck these dudes. Fuck ‘um. I don’t care for any of this storyline. BOY BYE. 


  • - Oh Dany… I uhmmm… don’t think making Jorah cure himself will work.
  • - Oh nice, she got her white horse back.


  • - Haha Tyrion throwing some shade at Dany’s many many titles.
  • - Oh hrm. Another red woman. I wonder if she’s super old too.
  • - Oh wow she owned Varys. Interesting. She kinda looks like that lady from The Mummy


  • - Ok Bran… can you not… can you not just start hanging with the ice zombies. Please. PLEASE. FUCK.
  • AGH.

The Wall

  • - Also hahaha “And that wildling fellow with the beard!”
  • - Pftttt… Tormoud. But for real though he needs to chill… like a little bit. Bring it down two notches. But then again I guess he hasn’t actually spoken to her yet. And she’s definitely not scared of him so. Hrmmmmm. :)
  • - oh my god its happening. jon is leaving the wall. it’s happeninggggggg
  • -pffffftttt…. EDD. You’re the Lord Commander.


  • - OMG OMG> OMG>
  • - I CAN’T.

After 15 minutes:

- So like… how did that mind control work exactly? Did Bran transfer Hodor’s brain into the future and that’s what fucked him up? Did Hodor know this was his destiny?