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Request: Can I request a sappy Ethan fic? Like he’s helplessly in love with the reader but she lives in Maine. So he makes a special trip to Maine to see her and finds out that she is in the hospital because of a hit and run crash. Over all it’s just really sappy with confessions and tears?

Summary: Ethan plans a special trip to visit Fem!Reader back in Maine, but things get a little scary when she gets hIT BY A CAR.

A/N: I’m the worst human being ever I went like a full week without posting am sorry but I did finally get wifi back up in my house. I’m out of town right now for my cousin’s wedding and it’s currently 2:15am but I finally finished a fic. Don’t hate me! Not my best, but hope you enjoy it anyway!

Wordcount: 1427, much longer than it needed to be oh well

Requests are closed my friends, v sorry but don’t send any requests in :( just makes me feel worse about my lack of posting rip

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01 | love is not over ( kim taehyung )

estimated word count: 2.8k
summary: he was still the father of your child, and no matter what happens, he’ll always have a special place in your heart.
warnings/notes: another one of my reuploads hehe. a bit cliche to be honest but i think it’s good lmao. fluff and slight angst !!

chapters: one | two | three


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spontaneity  » sicheng


prompt: I was thinking of a scenario with best friend!Sicheng where the reader and them have mutual crushes on each other. The reader is getting their wisdom teeth removed, but they’re really scared and sicheng try to calm them down and make them feel happier but when the reader is finished with the procedure and is still a bit unconscious, they unknowingly confess, which makes sicheng wanna stick by longer and take care of them, then you can kinda choose where it goes on from there
words: 1761
category: absolute fluff
a/n: this is nothing but soft!sicheng tbh

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“Are you sure you don’t mind taking me?” Sicheng hears your timid voice from the passenger’s seat of his car. He reaches forward, his lithe arms hovering over the console to turn down the radio volume.

He thinks about you often, and it just so happened that during one of these thinking sprees this morning, you had called him up to fret about your surgery.

For as much as he likes you, Sicheng can’t bring himself to admit to you how he feels. He can’t seem to confess to you the way your presence makes his heart beat faster and louder than any dance routine ever could. He thinks that there really aren’t enough words to describe the ways you make him feel.

So he keeps silent.

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I was wondering how I might do at EU, if you don't mind? I'm a bit of a jack of all trades. At my current University, I dual major in English Lit and Printmaking (a fine arts major) and I minor in Japanese Language Studies. I'm pretty naturally curious, but I also grew up being told the older versions of fairy tales, so I always avoid sticking my nose into anything that might seem too Uncanny and I'm kinda superstitious. Oh! And I speak a little Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic).

You are cautious and cunning and not unlucky. Your gains aren’t astronomical, but your losses aren’t painful. Years from now you’ll think again of the old stories - the ones that end well more often than the ones that don’t - and see yourself in them.

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Hollo just a friendly idiot anyways what if revali, daruk, and yunobo had an S/O who had anger issues and cussed someone out for saying something about the boys I understand if you don't wanna do dis ask :3

[A/N: I don’t mind this at all, things like thing give me a challenge.]

Spitfire s/o


  • He would be surprised at first by your explosive behavior and he would tell you it’s unbecoming
  • But if it was sticking up for him he’s lowkey really happy
  •  ‘Their chewing that buffoons’ head off for me? Hmm, well, I shan’t stop them.’ he thinks
  •  But if you get too aggressive and start threatening to physically harm people he’s dragging you away
  •  “Now, now, is that anyway to behave?” He’ll say in front of others
  • “Good shot, [Name]. Eh huu, they certainly did not see that coming. The nerve of them, really!” He says to you away from everyone else


  • Why he doesn’t mind one bit, he thinks you have a lot of spunk!
  •  Lowkey kinda turned on how fiery you can get.
  •  When others complain about your temper he sticks up for you, “They’re not afraid to speak their minds, like some.”
  •  But if someone rags on him and you chew them out, he looks stern, more for you ‘cause he’s worried the other party will get handsy


  • He is a bit frighten of you
  • And really afraid to get on your bad side
  • Slightly embarrassed and nervous when you are quick to anger
  •  but he feels loved and protected when your anger is sticking up for him
  • but he’s really nervous the hold time and afraid that the yelling will escalate to something more
  • “[Name], please! Let’s just go! N-No more, p-please. I think they g-got the idea!”
  • He’ll be trying to drag you away and calm the other offender down
  • He basically is stuck playing referee.  
Learning from a Date

Title: Learning from a Date 

Prompt: @chaos-and-the-calm67: Hey love!! I have one for you! How about a Dean x reader OS where the reader has a massive crush on Dean, but he’s too oblivious to it.  Until one night, she can’t take it anymore and she decided to see someone else, resulting in Dean getting jealous and confessing his love for her. <3 Love you!

 ***I hope you are okay with a small change…and me using your name for the OC, since it is your request  ^^

 Summary: In an attempt to take your mind off your unrequited love for Dean Winchester, you decide to teach Castiel what it is like to go on a date.  But when Dean hears about it, things go according to plan…at least Sam and Cas’ plan.

 Warnings: slight Language. Slight angst. Slight fluff?

 Tags: @grace-for-sale, @lucifer-in-leather, @thewicked-end, @percywinchester27, @chaos-and-the-calm67, @nerdwholikesword, @chelsea072498, @pizzarollpatrol, @savingapplepie-eatingthings, @cici0507, @wayward-mirage, @charliebradbury1104, @melonberri, @bellastellaluna, @pinolief2001, @feelmyroarrrr

Let me know if you want added to a forever tag list! :D


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It’s been your experience that there are two types of hunters.  One is like Dean Winchester.  Hardened.  Badass. Always does what has to be done, no matter the cost, to save the people.  But mainly the word to focus on is badass.  The second kind is more like Garth.  A sweetheart.  Yea, they are great hunters, but right at their core, you can’t out love their kindness. They don’t just do a job, they make sure everyone is safe, make sure everyone is comforted.  And they do it all with a smile on their face.  


So there you have it, the badasses and the sweethearts.  You…you were a sweetheart, which was why you were so easily persuaded to help out a friend…

You had been hunting with the boys for a few years now.  You found them on a hunt for a rouge vampire.  You had been tracking it for months, but the guys found it in a few days, which irritated you to no end.  And of course, you fell for that Winchester charm, and when they asked you to join up with the team, you didn’t hesitate to say yes.  Part of you thought, it was a good thought.  Bigger team, safer to hunt that way.  Another part of you, the one you knew had a larger control over you, knew you would have said yes to anything that green eyed man had asked you.

Oh yes, you had it bad for Dean Winchester.  And in all the years you had known him, you had thrown out so many hints.  You spent every weekend making him homemade pie, going on supply runs, kept the bunker clean, sit and clean guns with him.  So many damn hints.  And sure, Dean flirted with you, you were an attractive woman, but it wasn’t the way you wanted.  It wasn’t that type of attraction you wanted from Dean.  You wanted that attraction where he couldn’t keep his hands off you, but it was more than physical, he could care of you, he would want you.  

You knew after a while that it wasn’t happening, and deep down you were okay with it. Because you still got to spend time with him, he was one of your best friends.  And after all these years, it didn’t really bother you until tonight.  

You, Sam, Dean, and Cas went out for a few drinks, hanging out at the bar, when all of a sudden, Castiel looks at you and asks, “I don’t understand the complexities of human relationships.”

You gave Castiel a questioning glance as he pointed over to Dean, who was playing tonsil hockey with a skinny blonde.  “Why does Dean do it with that woman when he doesn’t really care for her?”

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A mini request.. Surprising Tig in the bedroom after his shower wearing only his cut..

*** Ooo girl where did this even come from 😳🙈🙈😂 I think I need to sleep. And maybe say a prayer***

“Come on Tiggy.” “In a little baby. I’m all full of sweat and grease from the garage today. Let me go take a shower and then I’m all yours. We can do whatever you want.” You arched your eyebrow and a grin made its way across your face. “Whatever I want?” Tig nodded and grinned himself. “I’m already hard thinking about what kinda shit you got planned.” You threw your head back with a laugh, typical Tig. With your hand, you motioned to the bathroom. “Well go on then. Hurry up before I change my mind. And don’t take a cold shower. Gotta keep you ready for me.” With a wink, he turned around and headed into the bathroom sticking his face out before he closed the door. “I’m always ready for you babygirl.”

With the shower now running, you stood up from the bed and began to tidy up a bit, anything to keep your mind off of your Old Man on the shower, all wet hair and slick skin. You put away a few of your lipsticks and closed the drawers he’d left open, pushing the disorganized bottles of lotion back into their spots. You picked up some dirty clothes from the floor and tossed them into the hamper, which was only a couple of inches away. “Men.” With a grunt you turned back around and spotted his kutte hanging from the back of the desk chair. You walked over and gently ran a finger over the weather beaten leather. Tig’s kutte had been put through it all. Heat and cold, sun and snow, rain and blood. It had seen the beaches of Cali and the mountainsides of Ireland. It had been worn during weddings and funerals, family dinners and gun deals with cartels. It had age and wisdom just like Tig and it was the one thing that could speak for him when he couldn’t find the words.

You removed your tank top and lifted the kutte from the chair, holding it in your hands for a second with a smirk. You lifted it up and slipped it over your arms, onto your completely naked body. The leather made that unmistakable sound as it rubbed together and immediately you were flooded by the sent of leather, cigarettes and Tig’s cologne. It smelled exactly like your man and you couldn’t help but moan low, your eyes closing. “Tig hurry the fuck up!” You could faintly make out the sound of his chuckle under the sound of the running water and you went to sit back in the bed, this time on the edge. A couple seconds later the water shut off and Tig walked out, beads of water still on his shoulders where he’d rushed and forgot to dry. He came out with a cocky smirk but it fell as soon as he laid eyes on you. It was almost as if he was in a trance, his eyes glued to your body. “You look so good…oh god…”

But that was all he could get out and you giggled, motioning to him delicately with your finger. “Come here babyboy.” He nodded and swallowed thickly, waking over to you almost like a robot. “Down.” He dropped to his knees immediately, big blue eyes staring up at you and waiting for your next command. You didn’t give one though, you simply spread your legs open and he closed his eyes with a groan. Then his mouth was on you.

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gom seeing their gf applying cherry chapstick (wink) on their lips and the boys are just too tempted to kiss their gf??

SCREAMS IM USING CHERRY CHAPSTICK ATM IM SOBBING OK SHARE By the way, I kinda modified this just a bit  like some took place after the girlfriend (as requested) applied the lip balm so the boys didn’t  really get to see her apply it. I hope you won’t mind!

Akashi: He watched you diligently from the moment you felt like your lips were already dry to the instant you started applying the lip balm on your pink lips. A satisfied smile was drawn on your face as you kept the stick of lip balm in your pocket, knowing that it would come in handy next time. Akashi then walked towards you after seeing you’re finished with your business already. Without saying anything else, he just crashed his lips on yours, catching you off guard. Your eyes were wide open as the redhead did his job and the moment you finally melted into the kiss was when he pulled out, teasing you a bit. “You’re making me want to claim your lips with mine even more, (f/n). I couldn’t be any happier.”

Aomine: You didn’t even feel his presence until you noticed a pair of arms snaking around you waist, making you shriek in surprising, not being able to guess right away that it was just your boyfriend. You then pouted as you saw him, telling him that you weren’t the biggest fan of surprises like those. The tan-skinned male just smirked at you before placing his lips on yours, kissing you oh-so sexily, like how he always did. You were out of breath the moment he pulled out to catch some fresh oxygen himself, though it didn’t really last long because he soon attacked you with sexier kisses, making your knees weaker and weaker as each second passed by. “You need to stop tempting me like this, babe. Your lips taste good…you taste good,” he whispered huskily in between his kisses.

Kise: He was quite upset that you didn’t buy the brand he recommended you to use, but you explained that it was already out of stock, resulting for you to buy the cherry-flavored ChapStick. “Eh? Cherry?” he asked, curiosity echoing in the question. “I want to taste it!” You just nodded, reaching out to give him your newly purchased lip balm. However, instead of getting the stick from you, he pulled you towards him and placed his lips on yours. His tongue ran on your lower lip, sending waves of pleasure all throughout your body. Dear Lord, there was he again – from cute to sexy real fast. “It does taste like cherry, (l/n)cchi! It makes your addicting lips even more addictive!”

Kuroko: “What’s that, (l/n)-san?” he asked as he watched you apply the lip balm on your lips. You explained to him what ChapStick was and how it helped you heal your chapped lips. You also mentioned to him that it usually came in different flavors. “Oh. What flavor are you using right now? Is that cherry?” he asked, staring at the packaging of the lip balm. You just hummed in response before putting the stick of balm away. What you didn’t expect next was the brief and soft kiss Kuroko would give you. “I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you that I was going to kiss you. I just wanted to know how it tasted like. It tastes good. It complements your lips even more,” he smiled, making you blush. “I wonder if they have vanilla-flavored ones, too.”

Midorima:  “I don’t get it why you have to buy that thing when you just use petroleum jelly,” your boyfriend scoffed after you told him the reason why you arrived five minutes late from the said meeting time. “It has the same purpose and it can be used for other things, too. That lip balm can’t even cover half of the uses of petroleum jelly alone.” You pouted, explaining to him once again that cherry-flavored ChapStick is the thing you’re using ever since you’ve discovered the wonders of lip balm, besides it also had some petroleum jelly in it. And of course, you emphasized a bit on the cherry-flavored part. It made him red like a tomato, stuttering, “that information is irrelevant, as a matter of fact!” You just laughed at how denial he was being (again) and tried to put aside how dumb (it a good way, of course) your boyfriend actually was. Little did you know that Midorima kept on stealing glances on your pink lips, having a hard time forgetting the fact that you’ve just applied cherry-flavored lip balm on them.

Murasakibara: It was as he caught the kiss bug ever since the moment you told him about the cherry-flavored lip balm you just applied. It was sort of out of character, but Murasakibara really did ask if he could kiss you over and over. It came to a point in where the flavor was already gone, but the giant still continued kissing you, treating your lips some kind of new candy he just discovered. “(l/n)-chin, I love you lips even more. You’re so sweet.”

4. Need (Brett Talbot)

Carter was eating her lunch, reading something on her phone when someone set down a tray and took the seat next to her. The Junior didn’t have to look up to know who it was.

“Can I help you, Talbot?”

“I need you to tutor me.”

“For what subject?”


Carter put her phone on the table and looked at her friend with a raised eyebrow.

“You’re a jock, not an idiot, Brett. You don’t need a tutor for anything except maybe Calculus.”

“I think I’m okay with that class.” He retorted, looking indignant.

“You’re passing with a low C.” She deadpanned.

He shrugged and began eating his lunch. Carter busied herself by thinking of all the reasons why the lacrosse player would need an English tutor. She thought so hard, her head began to hurt.

“So what’s the deal?”

“I kinda bombed the last essay so English-freak wanted to stick me with the head of my fanclub-”

“You have a fanclub?”

“Point is that you are much better company than her.”

Brett pouted and increased the charm. She narrowed her eyes at the unfortunate soul. Carter sighed, resigned to her fate. It wasn’t as if she was busy in her free time anyway. Watching reruns of Criminal Minds can be a bit too much.

“So what’s the first order of business, Teach?”

“Okay. One: Don’t call me ‘Teach’. Two: Rough Draft.”

He pulled a face.

“Hey, I didn’t ask to be your tutor. You asked moi. Besides I’m the lesser of two evils.”

Brett cast Carter a look of disbelief and scoffed.

“You’re not evil. Just brutally honest.”

“Some people don’t like the truth.”

The pair looked at each other and uttered the same word.


boy you came in like a hurricane (ft. namjoon)

First rapmon scenario! I’m pretty proud of this one. I used this as motivation to study biology by writing one scene after each chapter. So yes, to the anon who wanted the rapmon-mysterious-dude-in-the-park. I kinda changed the prompt a bit, but i hope that’s okay? Happy reading and I hope you like it!



You see him for the first time on a rainy day. He’s somehow managed to curl up under a bush – looking incredibly silly – and is staring at a small plant in front of him very intently. He’s soaking wet, but doesn’t seem to mind, and doesn’t acknowledge you when you stop in front of him. Your toes are kinda sticking out from under the umbrella, getting wet, but you’re too bewildered by this boy to actually take notice of that.

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Anon about the friend - I did call a friend, and then their family and then I was considering calling the ambulance or something. They were mad about me trying to help and honestly yelled at me for doing so. He hasn’t really been the best friend either tbh, he has made pretty toxic assumptions about me quite a few different times. I just don’t know what to do, I’ll try to stick around and help as much as possible. Idk, I kinda just acted completely on impulse and I was scared outta my mind.

You did the best that you could then, and I really respect you for that. If he has a toxic influence on your life, I would recommend distancing yourself a bit. This doesn’t necessarily mean cut him out of your life because that can be downright impossible sometimes, but try to make it feel like you are not responsible for him, because that is extremely damaging for you. Obviously, don’t straight up abandon him; make sure that he has other people to turn to and that he’s in a safe place, but if he’s not been a good friend to you then you need to put less pressure on yourself. 

I’d recommend talking to him, though, which may be difficult, Regardless of if he’s been a bad friend to you, he is human nonetheless and deserves some kind of reason if he notices you distancing yourself. Prepare yourself for him to ask questions when you start to take a step back. 

Clearly, you do care about him if you were scared and acted out on that fear, but you need to put yourself first which can be really difficult to do. Prioritize yourself and your mental health over someone else’s. Obviously, be there for them if they need you to be, but don’t let yourself become their only resort. 

I hope this has been somewhat helpful, although I can’t promise things will go smoothly, unfortunately. I hope that things work out and fall into place, and remember: prioritize yourself every once in a while. 

Let us know if you need more help.

- Claude

holdmyheartforaminute  asked:

Olicity- role reversal!

“Absolutely not.”


“No, Felicity. Digg can handl—”

“Digg’s currently busy with you know, the tiny human being that he and Lyla brought into the world. I don’t think he’s really in the mood for skulking in the shadows, and guest starring in an episode of The Wire…” Felicity rolled her eyes, her arms firmly folded across her chest as Oliver stared up at her from his spot on the cot, ice-pack pressed against his injured knee.

“Oh don’t look at me like that. You know what The Wire is,” her eyes narrowed in suspicion as Roy snorted loudly.

“You think they had cable on Torture Island?” he muttered, making sure not to make eye-contact with the already-irate vigilante.

“You think just because I blew out my knee, I won’t still kick your ass?” the man in question growled, jaw clenched.

“Now, now, boys, play nice,” Felicity smirked as she held up the tiny microphone to Roy.

“Hook me up, Harper.”

The younger man gaped at her, then at Oliver, and back again.

“You—you’re actually doing this? Didn’t—didn’t the guy say he wanted to speak to The Arrow? As in the 6 foot, 180 pound, expert archer and not…you know—“

“The 5’4”, none of your business, expert in all things tech? Pssh. Semantics…” the blond dismissed with a wave of her hand as she turned her back to them, fiddling with the buttons on her blouse.

Oliver’s throat tightened, his pulse picking up speed.

“What—what are…” the words got stuck in his throat as she shirked off the garment, exposing the pale skin of her back, and the thin material of her dark purple tank-top.

Before either man could even blink, she reached for his green-leather hood, (from where he angrily threw it, limping into their new ‘Arrow cave’ following a particularly brutal altercation with bad-guy-of-the-week) and slipped it over her shoulders.

It was the sound of the zipper being pulled up that spat Oliver from his trance, an icy feeling rising in his chest as the reality of what she was going to do, set in.

“Felicity, you’re not doing this. It’s too danger—“

It was that moment that she chose to turn around, now clad in his patented leather, rendering him speechless. His eyes drank her in. But she wasn’t looking at either of them, instead, her gaze roamed over her arms and chest.

“Geez, Oliver. This thing is hot,” she gaped, running her hands over the leather, then winced as her brain caught up to her mouth, “hot as in warm, not as in…well, you know some people are into that kinda thing, whatever floats your boat, but I just meant that it’s kinda warm. That’s the reason I never got a leather couch. If I’m even just a little sweaty I’ll stick to leather like glue, so you’ll probably have to help me out of this when I get ba—”

“Felicity,” he interrupted, his eyes snapping shut with a wince, as his mind was now assaulted with images of her wearing his hood for a very different reason, and he graciously helping her out of it for a very different reason…

“Right, sorry,” she bit her lip, a flush rising in her cheeks as she cleared her throat.

“Okay…now that that’s over,” Roy piped up, diffusing the sudden tension in the room, “could I ask how exactly you’re gonna get around the fact that you’re clearly not The Arrow? I mean, no offense blondie, but I think they’ll notice that the vigilante suddenly shrunk and grew long hair…and not to mention, you know…boobs.”

Felicity shook her head at him, as if mentally wondering how she managed to align herself with such a pair, before crossing over and laying her hand on Roy’s shoulder.

Oliver watched from his perch on the cot, noticing that, ignoring the most glaring differences, the scene was very much like many he and Felicity had shared over the years, their roles now reversed, as she lay her assuring hand on her friend’s shoulder, mirroring Oliver’s well-worn gesture.

An irrational sense of jealousy of Roy being the one she assured spiked in his chest, he cursing his bad knee even more.

“Oh young padawan, much to teach you, I have,” she grinned at Roy with her best Yoda-voice, before swiftly pulling the hood up over her head, turning in Oliver’s direction.

He stopped breathing. When she first put it on, his breath had become laboured, but now, it had actually stopped. The sight of her, hooded up, standing tall even in her small frame, looking frankly more formidable than most would give her credit for, did something to him. Fleetingly, he wondered if he was developing some kind of complex, but before he could properly freak out about where his thoughts were going, he realised Felicity was saying something to him.


Her stance broadened, her boot-clad feet firmly planted.

“I asked, from a distance, a height, in the dark, and masking my voice using your device, can I pass as The Arrow to a man who is new to town and has only heard about you?”

A short silence met her words, Oliver struggling for something, anything to say, to argue and confirm that yes, despite all her points, this was surely to end badly.

Only to come to the conclusion that she had a point. He was out. So was Diggle. Roy had to be hidden in the shadows to come to her aid if needed, and at the end of the day, it was just a conversation with an investigative journalist that was getting far too interested in The Arrow and his activities.

What could go wrong?

The twist of his gut reminded him from past experience, a lot. A lot could go wrong.

But, they had no other option…

“I suppose…with those parameters, you could…pass. Just make sure of a good and quick exit strategy—“

“We got it,” Roy assured him, remembering the extensive plan that he and Felicity concocted not an hour ago – even if it was when he still thought she was joking.

Felicity strode across the room, kneeling down on one knee and meeting Oliver’s gaze, her hand reaching out and gently falling on his shoulder, her fingers brushing against the skin that was exposed under his T-shirt.

“We’ll be careful, I promise. And will be back before you know it,” she smiled softly, before her eyes flickered to his left.

With her other hand, she reached down and picked up his mask, holding it out in front of him.

“Care to do the honors?”

Oliver stared down at it for a moment, before meeting her eyes again. Slowly, he reached up and pushed the hood back off her head. His ignored the spread of warmth in his chest as his fingers brushed against hers when he took the mask, and focussed on slipping it over her eyes, fixing the clasp under her hair that was pulled back into a bun, and adjusting it slightly on the bridge of her nose, fighting the urge to caress her now masked-face.

“So…how do I look?” she asked, her voice small, her breath catching a little as her eyes, now somehow more striking than ever, flickered over his face.

“Like a hero,” he replied without having to think about it, to whit she chuckled loudly, as he pulled the hood back up over her head.

“And what exactly,” Oliver began, as he watched her stand and take up his bow and quiver (purely for show, of course) in hand, “am I supposed to do while you’re out being me?”

A dazzling smile broke out on her face, it still so recognisable to him even masked and under a hood, that he often wondered how some people that knew him still hadn’t identified him yet. Yet admittedly, that could have more to do with the fact that her face was something that was firmly etched into his thoughts and dreams, rather than being a reflection of his skills at being incognito…

“Oh,” she broke through his musings, plucking something from her desk and stepping back over to him, holding it up for him to take.

Oliver’s brow furrowed in confusion. It was a comm.

“You Mr. Queen,” Felicity continued, her smile widening even more as she handed him what he knew to be her spare tablet, “are going to be my Girl Wednesday…”