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gom seeing their gf applying cherry chapstick (wink) on their lips and the boys are just too tempted to kiss their gf??

SCREAMS IM USING CHERRY CHAPSTICK ATM IM SOBBING OK SHARE By the way, I kinda modified this just a bit  like some took place after the girlfriend (as requested) applied the lip balm so the boys didn’t  really get to see her apply it. I hope you won’t mind!

Akashi: He watched you diligently from the moment you felt like your lips were already dry to the instant you started applying the lip balm on your pink lips. A satisfied smile was drawn on your face as you kept the stick of lip balm in your pocket, knowing that it would come in handy next time. Akashi then walked towards you after seeing you’re finished with your business already. Without saying anything else, he just crashed his lips on yours, catching you off guard. Your eyes were wide open as the redhead did his job and the moment you finally melted into the kiss was when he pulled out, teasing you a bit. “You’re making me want to claim your lips with mine even more, (f/n). I couldn’t be any happier.”

Aomine: You didn’t even feel his presence until you noticed a pair of arms snaking around you waist, making you shriek in surprising, not being able to guess right away that it was just your boyfriend. You then pouted as you saw him, telling him that you weren’t the biggest fan of surprises like those. The tan-skinned male just smirked at you before placing his lips on yours, kissing you oh-so sexily, like how he always did. You were out of breath the moment he pulled out to catch some fresh oxygen himself, though it didn’t really last long because he soon attacked you with sexier kisses, making your knees weaker and weaker as each second passed by. “You need to stop tempting me like this, babe. Your lips taste good…you taste good,” he whispered huskily in between his kisses.

Kise: He was quite upset that you didn’t buy the brand he recommended you to use, but you explained that it was already out of stock, resulting for you to buy the cherry-flavored ChapStick. “Eh? Cherry?” he asked, curiosity echoing in the question. “I want to taste it!” You just nodded, reaching out to give him your newly purchased lip balm. However, instead of getting the stick from you, he pulled you towards him and placed his lips on yours. His tongue ran on your lower lip, sending waves of pleasure all throughout your body. Dear Lord, there was he again – from cute to sexy real fast. “It does taste like cherry, (l/n)cchi! It makes your addicting lips even more addictive!”

Kuroko: “What’s that, (l/n)-san?” he asked as he watched you apply the lip balm on your lips. You explained to him what ChapStick was and how it helped you heal your chapped lips. You also mentioned to him that it usually came in different flavors. “Oh. What flavor are you using right now? Is that cherry?” he asked, staring at the packaging of the lip balm. You just hummed in response before putting the stick of balm away. What you didn’t expect next was the brief and soft kiss Kuroko would give you. “I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you that I was going to kiss you. I just wanted to know how it tasted like. It tastes good. It complements your lips even more,” he smiled, making you blush. “I wonder if they have vanilla-flavored ones, too.”

Midorima:  “I don’t get it why you have to buy that thing when you just use petroleum jelly,” your boyfriend scoffed after you told him the reason why you arrived five minutes late from the said meeting time. “It has the same purpose and it can be used for other things, too. That lip balm can’t even cover half of the uses of petroleum jelly alone.” You pouted, explaining to him once again that cherry-flavored ChapStick is the thing you’re using ever since you’ve discovered the wonders of lip balm, besides it also had some petroleum jelly in it. And of course, you emphasized a bit on the cherry-flavored part. It made him red like a tomato, stuttering, “that information is irrelevant, as a matter of fact!” You just laughed at how denial he was being (again) and tried to put aside how dumb (it a good way, of course) your boyfriend actually was. Little did you know that Midorima kept on stealing glances on your pink lips, having a hard time forgetting the fact that you’ve just applied cherry-flavored lip balm on them.

Murasakibara: It was as he caught the kiss bug ever since the moment you told him about the cherry-flavored lip balm you just applied. It was sort of out of character, but Murasakibara really did ask if he could kiss you over and over. It came to a point in where the flavor was already gone, but the giant still continued kissing you, treating your lips some kind of new candy he just discovered. “(l/n)-chin, I love you lips even more. You’re so sweet.”