it kinda started out ok


OK, but you guys, Eliot’s Santa wig has wee braids up the sides.

So the question, then, is did Eliot get bored and start braiding his own hair? Or did someone put them in for him?

And I feel like Parker’s probably the obvious assumption here, because she’s a girl and she has fingers to weave secrets into the cheap plastic hair of a mall Santa costume. Allow me, though, to suggest another possibility: Hardison. Because, see. Parker grew up in foster care and bounced around and was mostly ignored. Every single time we see her in flashback, she’s got her hair in a ponytail. I’m kinda hard pressed to think that anyone would’ve taken the time to teach Parker how to do something as simple and girlish as braiding.

Hardison, on the other hand, grew up with his Nana and a whole revolving cast of kids. There’s literally nothing you can say that would convince me that Alec Hardison–sweet, helpful Hardison with his soft, marshmallowy center of love and affection for every goddamn person he meets–doesn’t know how to change a diaper, bathe a small child, figure out if someone’s shoes fit, make up a bottle, cook mac and cheese and hot dogs, etc, etc. You bet your ass that Hardison knows how to braid, and is damn fine at it, too.


GREEK MYTHOLOGY | the erinyes.

feared avenging goddesses born from the falling drops of blood of uranus, no prayer, no sacrifice, and no tears could move them, or protect the object of their persecution. their appearance was described as gorgo-like, their bodies covered with black, serpents twined in their hair, and blood dripping from their eyes; on the stage, however, and in works of art, their fearful appearance was greatly softened down, for they were represented as maidens of a grave and solemn mien, in the richly adorned attire of huntresses, with a band of serpents around their heads, and serpents or torches in their hands.

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omg pls some fanboy ross and danny sexbangy prompt <3 i love u forever i want them to fucc-rubberdamn

(Ah yes. Excellent)

Rubberbang - Dirty Screen (solo, fanboy, based off of that Insta vid, smut)

“D-I-N-O-S-A UR a dinosaur!”

Ross watches the video on loop, mesmerized by Dan’s movements. He feels a prick of heat in his cheeks and he furrows his brow. He doesn’t understand. It’s been years since he’s gotten flustered like this about Dan. Sure, he used to be his biggest fanboy, watching all of his videos over and over again, getting hard just watching Dan move and sing and just..

He shakes his head, trying to clear his mind of images of Dan. He’s his friend now, he sees him every day. But there’s just something about the way that he’s moving his hips, dancing around the room, lip syncing to that stupid song, that’s just driving him crazy. His hand lazily drifts towards his boxers, his fingers idly playing with the waistband. He doesn’t even realize what he’s doing, his muscles reverting to their old habits. With his free hand, he mutes his computer, focusing all of his attention on Dan’s movements. 

He imagines Dan dancing for him like that, sitting him down and grinding against him, teasing him to no end, whispering dirty things into his ear and slowly stripping in front of him. Ross lets out a quiet noise, the sound surprising him, his cock twitching in his boxers. He decides to switch to the Take On Me video, turning the sound back on and imagining that Danny is singing to him, looking at him with those deep eyes. He palms himself through his boxers, leaning back in his chair to get a better angle. He rubs his thumb gently over the head of his dick, feeling a wet spot start to form on the fabric of his underwear. He shudders, remembering all those nights that he used to do exactly this, putting NSP’s songs on repeat and just jerking it to the thought of Dan fucking him, touching him, noticing him. What would Dan say if he saw him like this? The thought travels straight to his dick, and he closes his eyes, rolling his hips forward and palming himself harder. 

“Fuck, Danny.”

His voice is quiet and breathy, almost a whine. As he listens to the song, he keeps imagining Dan being there with him, in his stage persona, all confidence and kimonos and speedos. He imagines him pushing him onto his bed, tearing off his clothes and kissing him all over. As things get more heated in his mind and the song reaches its climax, he pulls down his boxers, putting loose fingers around his hard cock.

God, Ross. You’re already so hard and I’ve barely even started touching you.

Dan’s voice is so clear in his head, so easy to manipulate into anything he wants in his mind. Ross strokes himself, imagining that it’s Dan’s hand, not his own. That it’s not even his friend Dan, but Danny Sexbang, prolific lover, touching him right now, getting him off.

Such a dirty boy for me, aren’t you Ross? 

Ross nods his head, responding to the imaginary Danny. He feels a familiar heat rise in his belly as he starts to stroke faster, bucking his hips with each motion, his whole body hot and tingling.

Come for me, baby.

At that thought, Ross is thrown over the edge. His orgasm rips through him, and he lets out a cry of ecstasy, calling out Danny’s name. He pants, surprised at how quick and hard he came. He opens his eyes, looking at his monitor. He lets out an exasperated groan. He came all over the screen, leaving opaque lines crawling down Danny’s image that was paused there. 

Just like old times.

@rubberdamn I hope this is alright

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imagine levi being disturbed by the yoga matt because he had to borrow a temporary one and hes like "theres no fucking way im using this" and erwin is like "just because your a clean freak." and eren wonders aloud, "a clean freak?" and ends up giving levi his matt. levi wont admit it, but he likes the way erens matt smells.

and erwin would probably be hella jelly tho like how come he doesn’t get one of eren’s mats? Levi’s just a big brat he doesn’t deserve it. but ofc, erwin is too mature and proper to voice such complaints allowed, and far too mature to react to the smug glance levi sends him.