it kinda looks like she's growing out of his hair

I just really want a kind of emo, grunge, “it’s not a phase mom” Albus. Like the whole 9 yards: he grows out his hair, starts wearing eyeliner, paints his finger nails. He goes all out, so much so that he starts to look like a young Sirius Black.
Just imagine cute little emo Albus walking into Hogwarts for his 5th year. And McGonagall seeing him and is kinda like oh how nice and then doing a double take. Because she swears she just saw her favorite member of the Black family stroll by. From then on it takes all of her will power not to call him Sirius.
AND THEN…. We have Scorpius just as adorable and warm as always. And so you’ve got your resident book nerd, cardigan wearing tall boy and his cute adorable emo bf walking around holding hands and what does that equal???
Slytherin! Wolfstar!!
So McGonagall’s going slightly crazy thinking why in the hell have Remus and Sirius switched house robes and has to reel herself back to reality.

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She’d PLANNED on just slipping it into his locker and ditching out early. Because no way in hell was she facing him after this. But of course he had to be there. And by the time she realized, walking away would have looked a lot worse. So she just…toughed it out. Like a big girl. Squared her shoulders and nudged past the meat-head he was talking to to shove the card into his chest with a huff and a flip of her hair. “Its a card.” She bit out, stepping back and looking down at the envelope with a growing sense of anxiety. “Because its…” Valentines day. And he was the closest thing she had and she maybe kinda was starting to — “All the girls are doing something for their player and I didn’t want you to feel left out so,” Finally, she looked back up at him, biting the inside of her lip nervously. “Look its a card, okay? Its not…I’m not…it doesn’t mean anything.”

This is the last one. 

It was first a picture of Anzu, then Yugi’s eyes came into play, and suddenly she’s on his mind. (WHY CAN’T YOU KNOW YOUR OWN SPACE, JEEZ.)

It’s Older Yugi with a Younger Anzu. No meaning behind it really. 

But this is one of my favorite Yugi pictures so far that I’ve ever drawn. 

Coloring might be done, no promises.