it kinda looks like a pepper

I think Sangwoo’s eyebrows are great.

I mean, look how hot they are.

Just like. damn. look at them. I get a kick out of ‘em, everytime.

HOt damn. They are easily my favorite part of the guy, other than his, Y’know…

I can’t even fathom how perfect his genes must be. Its like he was bread to have the most perfect forehead caterpillars.

I just hope this post has made you all appreciate Sangwoo’s brow game a bit more.


thehappyegg  asked:

Prompt : Tony is romantically attracted to Darcy and feel so ashamed/guilty about that because he Loves Pepper, he really do. Until Darcy and Pepper have a conversation about it because Pepper Potts is badass enough to not feel threatened by an other woman. They agree that Darcy will explain to Tony the polyamori concept. I want badass emotionally​ mature women and a Tony hurt by the toxic masculinity notion his father taught him. Wish you liked it <3

Darcy Lewis was normally very good at knowing when someone was attracted to her, and furthermore, when it went more than, erm, “chest deep.” But this specific man was making her rethink everything.  Tony Stark tended to be a chest deep kinda guy, and when he stopped being one, it was for Pepper Potts.  So why was he looking at her with such longing when he thought she wouldn’t see?

Pepper Potts was exceptionally good at reading Tony Stark. It had actually been her paid job for quite a while. And while it still was kind of her job, it was also a personal choice. For the last month, she had watched Tony become confused, then agitated, and now guilty about the feelings he had developed for Dr. Foster’s assistant. She had thought they were doing so well on the communication front, but perhaps not.  If he would just talk to her, he might be surprised to find that Pepper felt the same way about the woman.

Tony Stark had a problem.  He was in love with Pepper, but he couldn’t help but be attracted to Darcy.  At first he was sure it was just her rockin’ bod, but as time went on and those feeling only got deeper, he realized he was in serious trouble.  Maybe his father was right.  Perhaps he just wasn’t hardwired to be monogamous. He hated it when dear ol’ dad was right. Maybe if he just ignored it, it would go away and he wouldn’t have to deal with any of these feelings, both of arousal and guilt.

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Would You Be My Wife (Part 6)

Summary: Bucky needs a way to get rid of his one night stands and decides to offer you a place to stay in exchange for you to pretend to be his wife who has caught him cheating. (Modern-Day AU drabble series)

Word Count: 677

Warnings: None

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

A/N: Oh goodness, I hope you all like this part. I’m kinda in love with it because it’s borderline ridiculous. So yeah… Let me know!

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Freezing at the sound of his voice, you slowly turned your head until your eyes met his. ‘Pepper’ yanked the curtains from your hands, clutching them to her chest and looking maniacal as she smiled in victory.

Tony gaped at you, his eyes looking from you to Bucky. “Since when do the two of you go to Ikea together?”

“We’re married,” replied Bucky.

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Here comes what you could call “relatable” Helios, he is Nyx’s son. He has a nihilistic look on life. He may seem serious when you first meet him, but once you get to know him he is a chill douchebag, he has a dry, dark sense of humour, people kinda get creepped out by it sometimes, also a giant pervert but low-key, he paint his own marks and he doesn’t care for gender stereotypes he can wear whatever he wants and feels like and won’t care.

He doesn’t let people notice but he has huge abandonment issues, and covers that with his dark jokes, he is a trash CAN not trash CANNOT he is an ass man literally.

He is a little over average height but not too tall, but also not short either.


Is this a thing yet? Oh well. I don’t care.

I’ve been meaning to put up more color art, but I usually don’t have the time to do that. I almost didn’t color this because I have no idea what Mrs.Pepper’s eye color is. I must admit I have a LOT of catching up to do on Steven Universe episodes, but I think it’s a neat show. Speaking of Steven Universe, when I saw that Mystery Ben posted a picture of Lewis’s parents, my first thought was that his mom kinda looked like Garnet. (Also, has anyone else noticed that Mrs.Pepper’s hair looks like a chili pepper? I dunno. I thought that was kind of cool).


Ruby, 17->>NJ. I like pizza and the color blue and movies and music and almost nothing else. also I wear this shirt all the time because I think it kinda looks like salt n pepper but really this is just your avg fuckboi advertisement for Netflix and chill and maybe I’ll cook you breakfast for dinner f you’re not an asshole, we’ll see. Hmu moreeissues-thanvogue

Might as well post this, wow am I behind the train. Guess who made a FNAF Security Guard OC? I did. I’m a lame-o. Notice me new overlord senpai.

Anyhow this is Emily Pepper, she’s 19 and a college student (theater major) who took a night shift at Freddy’s for college money (cause man does uni not come cheap). She’s very headstrong, curses like a sailor and is kinda harsh but underneath all that is a heart of gold. You have to get seriously close to her in order to find that though. She also has a significant other, nicknamed “Teddie”. Teddie is kinda like Mike’s Doll because they are open for all types of interpretation. I do have my own design I’ll post sooner or later, but I’d love to see other people’s designs of them!

Also not too sure of where in the timeline she’d go, I’m thinking that she’d be 19 at about July of 1999 or maybe she could be the guard for the third game? ??? Heck if I know.

Muse and Protege

Sitting here just ruminating on the past season of DWTS and the dynamic of Val and Rumer.

As I look at 20 through the kaleidoscope of 16, Val needed Z and it was so apparent. He needed something to show him that dancing was his calling, his destiny I think. He may have been down on himself before Season 16, but the effect Zendaya had on him went far beyond something simple. In ways it’s hard to describe; everyone has their muse. Their reason to continue on. There isn’t just one reason or a simple explanation just bits of this person peppered into the very fabric of your being. That is what Z is to Val. Even if things don’t pan out, they will have a special, unbreakable bond.

Now, Rumer danced so wonderfully and was just as technically proficient as Z was on the floor. I was about to call foul. I even felt bad for Z on several occasions this season. Kinda felt like ABC was looking for a Zendaya replacement.

When I stopped and paused was when Val ran across a crowded room on camera to be with Z. Yeah, Rumer and Val are close, yeah, she takes instruction well and is super athletic, and wants to actually become a dancer.

So then we have the curious case of The Muse and The Protege. One who will always be part of him, and one who has part of him in the form of the unique style of dance he teaches. An interesting dichotomy.

And mind you–nothing wrong with either. I dig Zendaya and Rumer. They both compliment Val as dancers very well in addition to being strong independent women.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

and in OTHER NEWS theres a boy in my 5th hour physical science retake class, and idk hes really reclusive n doesnt hardly talk (tbh ive never heard him speak before??) but hes really cute, and im not even joking he looks at me ALL THE TIME. i catch him glancing over a lot (mostly bc i look at him a lot too) and we’ve made eye contact like 3000 times and just. idek omg im kinda attracted to him but i dont wanna jump to conclusions too soon???

i present to u the signs… things in my place
aries: felix the cat clock with eyes and tail that rock back and forth. an hour forward
libra: a loch ness monster wall sticker above closet door that is slowly peeling itself off but is up too high to fix
taurus: two sets of dangly hello kitty wall frames that still have no actual photos in them. the illustration of kitty features a bushel of raspberries just kinda plopped on her head
leo: a gnome holding a leaf that says WELCOME on an oddly specific little shelf next to the door
gemini: tiny gnome salt shaker set where the salt is the gnome and the pepper is a tinier mushroom he is gently holding
cancer: a nesting doll sitting completely alone on an empty shelf
virgo: floating multicolour orbs on the ceiling
scorpio: an ice cream wall sticker on the front door which sometimes looks like a person standing there at night in the corner of ones eye
sagittarius: two comically gigantic leaves above bed to give off the appearance of one being royaly fanned while eating grapes from a basket, and/or a gigantic bug
capricorn: shelf containing army of naked pantless hatted kewpies, adorned in various fashions
aquarius: anthropomorphic soda, popcorn, and hot dog men with rubberhose arms circling a bottle cap clock. they look pleased with themselves
pisces: a bouquet of halloween roses with eyes in the center of them that is still on the table despite being january