it kinda hurt tbh

Prompt 28

A and B are classmates/ co-workers. B is top of the class/ranking and A is second. A sees B as their enemy, always working hard to try and beat B at everything. B knows, to some extent, that A doesn’t like them and is trying to compete with them. One day B beats A and is overjoyed and doesn’t make it much of a secret. Then B finds out that A had something bad happen to them (family death, the death of a pet, serious illness, kicked out of the house etc.) B feels terrible and after work/class asks A to talk and apologises. A starts crying and B comforts them. After that A leans on B for emotional support and B realises they’re falling in love with A. One night they both get drunk and end up sleeping together. They agree it was a one-time thing until it happens again.

Criminal Minds Thoughts: 12x22


  • Okay but Aubrey and Matthew are beautiful together. The way he looked at her in that “fantasy room.”
  • What the what the what. Like they just threw every idea ever into a single episode?
  • Reid would be such a good dad you guys. Give him a child.
  • The Maeve thing made me feel all kinds of uncomfortable. I’m glad it wasn’t real but just the thought of Lindsey pulling something like that off is not something I want to think about.
  • On a side note, still kinda disappointed they haven’t let him love anyone since Season 8.
  • Usually Reid when he’s mad is kinda attractive tbh but this is a little scary. My heart hurts for him.
  • JJ wins the best friend award
  • The fact that Reid hasn’t gone to see Morgan at all? Excuse me while I cry.
  • False alarm oh good oh good. Wow. That would’ve been crazy. But I do think she’s low-key in love with him, in her own crazy way.
  • Watch me. Cries. Forever.
  • Sad that Morgan only had like five minutes of screen time and there was NO MORGAN-REID REUNION. I needed that hug to heal my soul. Like his reunion with everyone else - especially Garcia - was perfect but could they seriously not give us that? Did they not know how to write it? Would it have been too complicated? Were they not able to make Matthew and Shear’s schedules work?
  • NO NO NO NO NO NO NOPE-ITY NO. I know that based on prior knowledge they should be okay but NOPE NOPE DO NOT WANT. We haven’t had to deal with this since… season 5??? I hate this. 

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You've had a lot of death defying experiences, you two. Is there a time when you thought, 'this is definitely the end...I'm buying the farm on this one.'? What happened afterward?

wow that mild angst kinda hurt me tbh.. but yeah, they haven’t had a time yet where they haven’t saved each other from that thank goodness 

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Request~ MM guys reacting to MC being kidnapped by Unknown! Not necessarily the bad end where it's also a MM guy that's also taken, but just MC. you can take it further if you'd like(how long are they missing, how they are found) doesn't matter

ooo i like this request! :) it’s a bit angsty, but honestly I like angsty MM imagines sometimes, it really shows you how much the characters care for the MC (you!) and it just makes me feel good :D hopefully this suits your request~

♥ He’d be the quickest to notice you were gone. He’d freak out so much when you weren’t joining chatrooms or answering his calls/texts.
♥ He wouldn’t know what to do at first, poor puppy boy would get so overwhelmed.
♥ He would cry so goddamn much, he can’t even think clearly. He doesn’t know where you are and he’s just clutching onto his phone hoping you’re okay.
♥ He can’t lose you. He won’t lose you.
♥ probably creates makeshift “MISSING PERSON” signs with college ruled paper and highlighters.
♥ After a couple days pass, he finally realizes you might be in grave danger and gets Seven almost immediately to help find you.
♥ HE’S SUPER SERIOUS NOW, HE IS READY TO KILL A BITCH (yandere yoosnuggle ooo)
♥ Once he finds out you were kidnapped by Unknown, he starts sobbing again.
♥ YOU WERE KIDNAPPED ALL THIS TIME AND HE DIDN’T KNOW? he’s screeching what if unknown held your hand?? HE IS THE ONLY ONE ALLOWED TO DO THAT!!
♥ After regaining his senses, he goes to Unknown’s place accompanied by Seven to help get you back.
♥ AND BOY, once he does get you back he’s so relieved.
♥ Constantly hugging and kissing you from that point on, he’s never letting you get into danger again.
“I will protect you always, I will never let anyone hurt you ever again.”

♥ tbh he’d probably be kinda slow to figure out you were gone. hE HAS LOTS OF WORKOUTS/PRACTICE TO DO OK
♥ When he realizes you’re missing, he doesn’t know what to do, he just starts screaming and crying. He probably picks up a cigarette or two.
♥ The one person that really mattered to him was missing and he had no idea what to do.
♥ He stops going to practice and stops working out. It’s not very fun when he doesn’t have you to compliment him.
♥ Seven would probably get on the case super quick. Zen wouldn’t ask for Seven’s help because he wants to find you on your own, but Seven knows that Zen wouldn’t be able to do it on his own so he just jumps in.
♥ He is so passionate to get you back, he can’t even think of another man loving you like he does.
♥ Once Seven gives him directions to Unknown’s hideout, Zen hops on his motorcycle and VROOM VROOM
♥ This eager bugger probably sucker punches Unknown in the face then steals you away.
“Nobody will take you away from me, nobody. I’ll always be there to get you back, my princess.”

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this is actually me btw aahahaha-  ( ;∀;)
it was also supposed to be just a simple doodle but i liked the idea and just decided to kinda paint it idk

I’ve had the idea of tears shaped into stars and I have doodled them traditionally before but I haven’t dont them digitally ;;; but I love how it came out! anyways, this is a vent-ish doodle too tbh hahaha

my head just kinda hurts from stuff rn and I just feel like i want to melt or something aaaaa (´;ω;`)

Way overdue asks

heyy guys, so I’ve been hoarding asks once again. I’m sorry for such the long wait for those who’ve sent stuff to me, I just wasn’t in the right mind to really answer them well… so thanks for your patience

also, some asks I’ve got have been saved a bit till later so this isn’t everything, dw. And, for all the asks about tumblr’s sensitivity… thing… I’ve read all of those and resolved the issue with those posts. I’m super thankful for those who brought those posts to attention but since the problem’s resolved, those asks aren’t here either…

moving on

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@more-of-a-book-girl Thank you everyone, I’m still not 100% confident in my art but it really helps to know ppl still care. Thank you for continuing to show support and follow me all this time. 

Yeahh, Bustier just loves her students too much to hurt them ^^ tbh I kinda felt this was a “plot armor” scene but… well mari and adrien are the main charatcer lmao. Who knows if akumatized villains retain some consciousness and can break out from hawkmoth’s control but I like the idea that his powers are flawed and aren’t always strong enough to order around his villains. 

@actual-cat-kat lol yeah, that was fun to draw lol. tbh it was kinda to cover a… plot hole i guess lol. Afterall, I think all the citizens around would notice adrien and mari basically revealing their identities and I thought’d that’d be a problem with normal bg characters lmao. 


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I won’t say anything

Worth it – Kim Taehyung (M)

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: angst and smut

Word Count: 899 words

Warnings: daddy kink, oral (female receiving)

Summary: Taehyung’s relationship was toxic, addictive…painful, but he could never let her go, no matter how much she hurt him.

Asdfghjkl i’m actually kinda proud of this one tbh. I’ll probably be doing one for each member sort of loosely based off the mv for ‘blood, sweat & tears’ and it’s mostly going to be angst and smut (i may decide to add some fluff in maybe?) but yeah, enjoy guys! :)

Other members: Jimin / Namjoon / Yoongi / Jin / Hoseok / Jungkook 

Taehyung knew she was bad news. He knew. But he could never let her go. Was this so called ‘relationship’ even worth it? Was the pain worth it? Was she worth it?

Taehyung was a daisy. Bright, bubbly, happy. He bought smiles on everyone’s faces. An angel. But she was a rose. A rose full of thorns. Something that was beautiful on the outside, so very beautiful – but when you pick it up, it betrays you – it pricks you. It breaks your skin, the blood seeping out. Except, she didn’t prick his skin, she pricked his heart. She broke Taehyung’s heart, shattered it, and ripped it apart. She made him fall for her, loved Taehyung for as long as she could, then he became a toy. Her toy. His heart was bleeding – bleeding with lust, bleeding with greed, bleeding with anger.

He only wanted her for himself. To hold her close while she is cooking, his head gently resting on her shoulder as his arms wrapped themselves around her waist – his lips kissing her neck softly, lovingly. Taehyung wanted to be there for her when she was having her bad days – to massage her tense body, prepare her a bath with candles all around, to try and cook for her but ending up failing miserably and having to order some pizza for the night.

He wanted to make love to her – to have her smaller frame under his as his cock slipped back out of her glistening folds only to push back in, leaving her to claw at his back as she buried her head into his shoulder, moaning out his name. Taehyung wanted to hold her in his arms as they tried to catch their breaths after sex – he wanted to see her beautiful face waking him up in the morning as she kissed his face all over.

But all of that seemed like a distant memory to Taehyung.

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Blog PSA- Major refurbishment incoming

//So heres what im gonna do.

Im clearing out everything from this blogs past. The original Archaeus plot no longer exists since those originally involved are no longer.

I want to distance myself from that ship as much as possible- I hate that thats what I’ll constantly be connected with, it kinda hurts tbh.

So what im gonna do is overhaul my blog. Im not gonna Archive it, but im gonna change my URL and erase all my branch verses and AU’s except for one (The one I have with Leche because I adore that too much to let it go.) Leaving the GladiAbel ship as my main verse. Considering changing the verse tag as well…

I’ll make sure to post when the URL’s officially changed, of course, but I hope you all can understand why im doing this

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Did your breeder give you a hard time or any flack about not correcting her ears? My breeder got mad bc I didn't tape my dogs ears to fix them and it kinda hurt my feelings tbh like it's my dog... that I bought... for myself... ugh 😒

Nope, she hasn’t said anything about Chandra’s ears! She’s more interested in temperament and health, but if Chandra and Shelby turn out fairly equal otherwise, I do think it would be a consideration when choosing which one of them to breed. tbh I was more worried about Chandra’s ears not standing since they took so long. Once they stood up I thought they would be fine, since I’ve never seen GSD ears get stuck in a teepee, just not standing at all or standing part-way.

That sucks that your breeder was mad at you. Personally I think GSD ears should stand naturally, and if they don’t, they don’t. It’s funny how GSD people say you should love your dog no matter what their ears do, but then if their ears don’t stand properly those same people will be giving you flack for it.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve always been kind of bothered by that hypermasculine trope where the father has to threaten or be stern with the daughter’s boyfriend, even if it’s joking. Like “don’t hurt my daughter or I’ll ______”

And tbh, it kinda surprises me when people paint Tom in that light because I feel like that’s the last thing he’d tell Adrien. 

He’d sooner get down on his knees, thank God, collect his winnings from his wife because he knew Adrien would ask his daughter out this week, give them money to go on a date, and say that they’re not allowed back before 10pm because “I’ve been waiting for this day for years, please go show my daughter a good time, make her happy, it’s all I want.”

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Hey lovely, I saw your post about answering hate asks and I thought I'd send you a positive one. You are a beautiful person and really amazing, don't let them bring you down💛

aww thank you bby!! tbh i’m kinda enjoying answering em lol. it hurts but kinda funny at the same time :) xoxo love you!

tbh give me Keith being unimpressed w lance’s jealousy, w his pettiness, w his aloof act. give me Keith that acknowledges and admits lance’s strengths, like his ability to work well under pressure, using his humor to make others more comfortable, always lowkey worrying abt everyone else. but also give me Keith that also acknowledges and accepts lance’s flaws like his serious lack of self-preservation or his all or nothing mentality when it comes to being the very best. give me Keith being thrown off by how soft lance can be, how Keith catches lance sneaking alien tech on board just bc he knows pidge would love to take it apart and figure it out, how Keith catches lance tiptoeing to sleep in hunk’s room sometimes because lance misses his best friend despite spending every waking hour with him, how even tho he doesn’t appear to show interest in hunk’s rants, he remembers some coding thing that hunk was talking about and brings it to him just because. give me a Keith that’s unsurprised with lance’s anger, but is blindsided when that anger is on his behalf bc someone tried to pick a fight w him. give me a Keith that becomes friends w lance, slowly. they build themselves up with each other, become soft where there were hard edges before. give me a Keith that kisses lance in a moment of impulse but doesn’t regret it at all. give me a Keith that loves lance so much it kinda hurts but in a good way. tbh give me that and I’ll b good