it kinda hurt tbh

I’ve always been kind of bothered by that hypermasculine trope where the father has to threaten or be stern with the daughter’s boyfriend, even if it’s joking. Like “don’t hurt my daughter or I’ll ______”

And tbh, it kinda surprises me when people paint Tom in that light because I feel like that’s the last thing he’d tell Adrien. 

He’d sooner get down on his knees, thank God, collect his winnings from his wife because he knew Adrien would ask his daughter out this week, give them money to go on a date, and say that they’re not allowed back before 10pm because “I’ve been waiting for this day for years, please go show my daughter a good time, make her happy, it’s all I want.”

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sorry if this is rude but may i ask why you like tired regretful roadhog? i always kinda hated the portrayals of the two where junkrat is a (mentally ill physically disabled) burden on poor ole roadhog that he needs to escape from because man is it hard being around (mentally ill physically disabled) people like that! kinda hurts tbh and i could use more lovey roadhog mysel...f .... (not to mention the fact that roadhogs rol in the radiation of junkrats home kinda should be discussed more i thin

i guess i never ? rly saw it in tht sense but i can understand where ur coming from nd see how tht would be harmful, im sorry

i mostly jst see it in th same sense as like. tired mom mercy / dad 76 , not havin enough energy to keep up w/ their kids

bt !!! u do raise valid points nd i’ll. try to think ab th connotations more,,,