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zimbits. “Less homicidal thoughts about your annoying coworker right now, please. I’m in a meeting over here.” pLEASE

Charlie asked for this about 30 years ago but I’m just getting around to it now. It’s prompt from this list. 

If he thinks I’m going to let a single tart anywhere near his ruinous Trump-sized hands he’s got another thing coming. Actually, no. He can have as many tarts as he wants. Kill ‘em with kindness, and arsenic worked into the whipped cream. I’d have to add more vanilla to balance it out but–

If Jack wasn’t in a sponsorship meeting, he would be inclined to promptly bash his head into the wood of the table. It had been like this for a few weeks ago, a voice filtering in at the most inopportune times, going on diatribes against who he was presuming was the voice’s coworker (”–even the way he counts out change is annoying. The Lord is testing me. We should’ve kept the antique register, it would have hurt more when I ‘accidentally’ shut the drawer on his fingers that he just licked to count out the bills. Yes, I would LOVE my spit covered change. THANK YOU.”)

Unfortunately, Jack thought it was unlikely that NIKE would appreciate their new brand ambassador actively giving himself a concussion, so he shot the representative across the table a smile and nodded to whatever was being said before reverting back inside his head.

As ambitious as your assassination attempt is, if you could keep it to yourself I would appreciate it.

There wasn’t even a moments pause before he got his reply.

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Now I know that there is an alternate version of Ethan known as Corroded Crank but after some thinking I thought why not a version called Corrupted Crank?

I mean when computers get corrupted, it means theres a virus or its broken beyond repair and Im thinking that this is a good name for an Evil version of ethan. Cranks are associated to machinary and corroded machinery os just rusty but it still works maybe woth some problems. Now corrupted machinary could mean anything. Faulty wires making it go haywire, maybe turning itself on when its been switched off that kind of thing which can lead to very dangerous situations and accidents.

Anyway heres my take on a dark ethan. Hes a corrupted entity that can take over any kind of electronic device or machinary, corrupting that and causing mayhem.

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You write the boys really well and I'm a new monbebe who wants to learn a bit more about them. You seem to understand their personalities quite well so do you think you could list some of the definitive points of each member's personality?

WELCOME NEW MONBEBE and yes I can definitely do so, thank you for asking me :)

i’m sorry this is so long and not a list, I got too involved with my bbies

Shownu, from first glance, is quiet, but he has his own kind of charm, like whenever he’s not silent, he’s probably making you, and everyone else, laugh way too hard. He also represents a quiet sort of strength, always working to be dependable for the other members and striving for the father image. If you watch no mercy, in one episode, you can see that he takes full responsibility (and the fault) for his team losing and one trainee having to get eliminated. He blamed himself, to the point of tears, for not leading them better I think that’s his weakness sometimes, feeling constant pressure to lead the entire group on his own. But it’s endearing that he cares so much for anyone who depends on him so much.

Wonho; people don’t see this from looking at him at first, but he’s very, very intelligent. He’s involved in producing music and the dance performance in no mercy with the robOTS that he was the mastermind behind was literal artistic genius okay. He also talks a lot, it’s really endearing, but it shows that he’s thinking about a lot of things constantly. It can be his weakness, though, especially with his self esteem issues, and how hard he is on himself sometimes. He’s a pure and loving soul and just needs someone to return all the love he constantly gives to everyone else in full. He’s bright and open and innocent and immersed in everything he does. He laughs all the time, even at the smallest things, and is extremely emotional, always quick to anger and quick to cry, he’s honestly such a softie. I’ve never seen anything purer than his love for his fans. 

Minhyuk is another bright soul lolol, always getting excited over everything, always so talkative, and is an actual small child. He’s so, so quick to say anything that he’s thinking without hesitation, but it means that he’s very open and trusting of people. Other times, he’s self-reflective, and is constantly wondering if what he’s doing is good enough for the group or the fans. He also makes the best out of everything without effort, like literal sunshine and optimism manifested into one person and never has to think twice to see the bright side of things. Like the time when he had to go stay with shownu at the hotel all day in right now and he wasn’t even the least bit disappointed, he had so much fun wandering around and finding the train station and saying hello to everyone who didn’t even speak the same language and even fanboying over the lil pretty coins before buying smoothies and going back to sleep with shownu like how is someone so pure

Kihyun is a sensitive lil hamster. He gets offended/irritated easily, and is quick to brag or make savage comments without fail lmao. But he takes care and looks after the whole group, with cooking and cleaning and waking them up on time. Without him, I think monsta x would be a bigger mess than they already are. His reactions to anything are priceless because he becomes completely shocked or bewildered or so amused over the smallest things. He’s also very determined and hardworking. It’s no surprise he was the top vocalist out of the trainees; he seems unsatisfied with himself unless he has achieved the best. If he hasn’t, I think that’s the biggest sort of stress for him. So this explains why he loves being praised so much, and when he takes to the stage in front of unconditionally supportive fans, he owns the place no matter how small he appears, whether it’s with his vocals or his dancing or his overall stage presence.

Hyungwon; is tall and soft and panda. His personality is intriguing because he is so unapologetically himself. He will laugh at literally anything at anytime, will meme whenever, will sleep for however long he wants when he’s allowed to. He hides this part of himself when in public, though, like how he’s quiet in front of cameras, but I heard that he’s loudest member in the dorms. Or how he tells other people that he doesn’t think he’s that good looking but the members exposed him saying he believes he’s the actual visual king of kpop. He’s the kind of person you’d have to take some time to understand because I haven’t seen his kind of personality before lolol but he’s my biaswrecker so something is working. He’ll seem distant and far-off sometimes, but as soon as you put him on stage to daNCE or assign him something to do, he will become completely immersed and do it so well especially the dancing pls help me

Jooheon likes to act badass when in competitions or in front of crowds and it gives people an intimidating and cocky aura at first impression, but he is the softest, squishiest actual baby ever. He’s so kind, really, all the members named him as undoubtedly the one to drop anything and help everyone else first. He’s also the first person to show kindness to an outcasted changkyun in no mercy, and every since then they’ve been like brothers. But jfc he transforms into a monster on stage… like he seems to have an expectation for himself, to show people the full extent of his image jooheon™ from monsta x and he’ll make sure you won’t ever forget him. He knows he’s good, but he’s still very humble and seems a lil sensitive too, especially in getting offended a bit easily and apparently holds grudges lolol

I.M is reserved and mostly watchful, and very introverted with his thoughts. He rarely (and I mean rarely) ever expresses his feelings or emotions, and seems to keep them buried within to figure it out for himself. The times that he does open up, it’s always with him making a joke or memeing. The fact that he has the whole group laughing hints that he’s very intelligent in his humor, and also in general. He’s also the absolute mOST COMPETITIVE PERSON I have ever seen in my life jesus fucking christ like he will appear quiet and humble, but even the smallest game you put him in will have him trying to win like his life is on the line. 

“We have the capacity to experience every aspect of life, don’t we? There’s love, generosity, hope, kindness, laughter and all the good stuff. And then there’s grief, hatred, jealousy and pain. The way I see it, life is about trying to get to a place where you feel happy with the chords that you are playing. I’m lucky because I can experiment with all the different notes, via my work. And when I hit the right notes, I like to think that I’m conveying some sort of truth.”  -Tom Hiddleston

Kaiba’s bursting into Atem’s throne room like ‘you are going to stand here and face me, because you left me without a backwards fucking glance, causing me unbearable pain, and we need to talk about this’.

But he doesn’t have that kind of emotional self-awareness, so he has to demand a duel instead.

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what do you think of people who are in a polyamourus relationship(s)?

I don’t judge people, as long as they’re cool. I don’t care if people are black, white, green, blue, gay, straight, identify as territorial deep sea marine life, etc. if they’re kind, don’t force their beliefs on others, and treat others with respect. If they can make that work, more power to them :)

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Wait are you seriously a witch? I'm not trying to be offensive I'm just a little confused and curious. And sorry if this is on the faq page, I'm om mobile

Yeah, kinda. Not like the fire throwing tv witch, but like a divination reading… more chill… kind?? You know like little blessings, herbs, meditation, dream work, that sort of thing. I can’t float, things don’t glow, no telekinesis or whatever. Think more… folk magic, kind of. In a very subtle sort of way. I’m not cursing my enemies and making frogs come out of their mouth, but they’ll probably have a very bad day.

You know, I’ve gotten this question a few times irl but in my year and a half on tumblr this is the first time. I have well over 18,000 followers

So I am not that good at explaining things but I’ve been thinking about this a lot and a bit worried too. So you all know Stevonnie right? I love her and I cried when she was introduced (and any time she is brought back but thats another story..). So I love her first outfit, very cute, shows them together and all adorable and whatnot.

At first I liked how the star was there but it not being a big part of the outfit kind of bothered me. Eventually I got over it and just accepted it. But her 2nd most recent outfit, with Connie’s work out outfit is what has me worried.

Would you see what has me worried? Its small but, its there.. Maybe another photo..

Do you notice how, not only the star is barely visible like before, but its looks like something else.. Oh yeah, A DIAMOND.

Like what in the world is that about?? I’m like having a mini heart attack that that is a thing. Maybe it was just how it worked out or maybe its more.. I mean her most recent fusion has the whole star and its the strongest they’ve been together so far.

Again, I am just worried about the whole YELLOW diamond showing up on their clothes, mostly because all of the Crystal Gems make sure to have a star somewhere, and them fusing together I feel they would get to choose a little how they look but thats just my two thoughts.. Anyone else worried about this??


“I—I told you all I know. There’s no one I can think of that would do this to us” 

“You have to think hard, Jacob. You’ve dealt with a whole mess of criminals in your career as a cop, there has to be someone who would want to hurt you in this kind of way.” 

“We agreed my personal information would be confidential. No one knows where my family and I live, we’re basically under the radar for this exact reason. How could this be possible, Aaron?” 

“The only possible explanation for this would be someone working close to you giving out personal information. A friend, maybe a family member?” 

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I dunno if you did yet , but if no , pls we need some more SF bros relationship fluff. I just can't have enough.

* Hey hey hey wassap homie I got that goods right here
* You say not enough?
* Let there be more then.


He’s not the best with words so he compensates with material items. He works extra hard, to the point of exhaustion sometimes, so that he can get his bae the things he thinks they deserve. He wants to treat them like royalty.

He’s an “insist you eat the last bite of the dessert” kind of guy, even if he really likes it.

He’s got a very good grasp on his S/O’s likes and dislikes, being able to discern exactly what to choose for them be if food, clothes, gifts or others. He’ll always remember that one time they said they wanted something and he’ll get it.

He’s an excessive show-off, often exaggerating stories of things that he did when recounting them. If you date him long enough though, you’ll learn the truth behind each of the fantastical stories and sometimes it’s even better than what he portrayed.

He is very active on instagram, taking typical White Girl Model Wannabe shots against cool backdrops and artsy places. His S/O will be his photographer.


He makes secret playlists of songs that remind him of his S/O and listens to them whenever he misses them/ is thinking about them and they’re not around.

He’s a lowkey artsy guy so a lot of dates will be to niche hipster cafes, museums, art collections and shows.

He’s a lazy tease. There will be random butt pinches in public or at home when he’s just passing by and his S/O isn’t carrying anything fragile.

His favourite thing in the world is trying to balance random shit on his S/O when they’re just chilling. He’ll be like “Don’t move.” then start trying to see how many pencils he can balance on their head.

There won’t be many going out dates packed into a small period of time. Those are the special occasion ones. However, if his S/O is up for dancing to cheesy romance music at 3am, he’s down.

Despite not doing a lot of formal dates, he loves road tripping and would love to backpack across the world with the person special to him.

I’ve had this weird complex about writing autobio or autobio-inspired comics for a long time which is weird because I think a lot of my work draws on a long tradition of indie autobio comix and I certainly have done quite a few short autobio pieces for publication. I’ve just always felt like at most my own autobio stuff is understated and kind of depends heavily on the readers own sensibilities, and also that it doesn’t really say much in terms of big concepts or whatever, which is fine! I’ve mostly been fine with that, but I have never really attempted to do a long-form thing that draws primarily on my own life/experiences/thoughts/feelings because I’ve always figured that my own life experience doesn’t really say enough to like, create a whole book out of (or that maybe there are parts that do, but they aren’t the parts of my life that I’m comfortable publishing in a formal, professional context).

Which is, uh. Pretty self-defeating and actually not even accurate! Honestly in terms of writing about, for example, experiences of people who grew up raised by LGBT people - specifically LGBT people who were raised by other LGBT people! - there is VERY little out there that’s not primarily academic in approach and tone. About a month ago I was lying in bed and I was like, “why NOT a graphic novel about a young person coming to terms with their own bisexuality, as they’re raised by their newly-out lesbian mom, in the years leading up to the legalization of gay marriage in Canada? It has a clear path, multiple interesting intersecting character arcs, and it speaks to a readership that we know exists but at the same time doesn’t have a lot of stories specifically about LGBT families and parenting that exist outside of academic anthologies, and it’s your story.

So I basically sat down and in the span of a couple of days spun a rough outline for this graphic novel, broken down by chapters, which was easier than I thought it would be, and I started blocking out pages, and then I remembered that a smallish but still fairly well-reputed publisher of LGBT literature has expressed an interest in my work in the past and specifically told me to think of them for future projects, and then I had to lie down because I’m already working full-time on one book right now and part-time on another and then like, freelancing, so I definitely need to chill this project at least until the Sybil Andrews book is done. 

But anyway, I’m, uh… I dunno, I think there was a brief period of time after I finished A Worker’s Friend where people kept asking me what my next book was gonna be and even though I knew I was worried that maybe I wouldn’t have a third book after that, or something, like maybe I just don’t have a large enough body of work inside me to really do this long-term. But, like, I clearly do! I am an interesting person with interesting stories to tell and the ability to tell them and that’s pretty cool, I’m pretty happy about it.

Hey! I don’t know if you’re still taking art submissions, but I just recently discovered you and I absolutely love love love your work!!! And I was wondering if you would be up to doing Louis in a crop top and flower crown? I would be so blessed.   And again, I just love your art. You’re so amazing and you’re so sweet!! 💖💖   

How could I ever say no to crop tops and flower crowns tbh?? And thank you so much, you’re a sweetling yourself 💕🌸


So people get me confused a lot from the people I reblog. I am not a feedee I am a feeder. I am not looking to gain. In fact I work out a lot and ride horses competitively. I am more of a weights kind of girl but I still do some cardio. No I am not stick thin, and never plan on that. But I am clearly not a gainer. Some people have also wanted pictures of my body, here is some and for reference the cami is a size small, but I think it fits more like medium


I think everyone who practices witchcraft, does any kind of spirit work, Drawing Down the Moon rituals, or practices any kind of God/Goddess worship, trance work: NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK! 

LGBTQ and non-binary witches, both authors are trans/ non-binary witches, the few pages I’ve included relate to the Gods and Goddess’ preference to non-binary “horses” (which are people who become possessed by the Gods and/or other entities) as many Gods are androgynous.

I’ve included the back jacket which explains the book better than I will, I’m only ¾ through it, anyway.  Frankly, it is fascinating and difficult for me to put down for long.  I think the is also VITAL information for every Witch, Wiccan, or Pagan!  Even if you never encounter ritual possession, it is important to know it could happen outside of ritual context if the Gods choose you.

The more I read about religion lately the more confused I get, because I just feel like I don’t know shit.  It’s also frustrating being a Gemini, and reading very convincing arguments that the Gods are man made (Jesus and the lost Goddess) and then reading this book that says these people have had a small portion of the Gods enter their bodies and change them in ways they never anticipated. I can see both sides too easily, and it leads to confusion, and misery at times.

This book makes me realize I have a long way to go in my practice and just studying in general (which seems like pretty much ALL I DO), but it doesn’t discourage me- it makes me excited and hopeful.  The more I learn, the more my practice can grow.  

So, please, followers, fellow Witches, Pagan’s, Wiccan’s, READ THIS BOOK!, Even if you’re just looking for something new to read and you have zero interest in ritual possession, it is very interesting read and can give you new ideas (Here’s one: NEVER perform the ‘Drawing Down the Moon ritual sky clad if you’re attempting to connect with Athena). 

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I don't think the episode addresses anything about Kara knowing that Maggie knows. Also if you're still taking prompts, how about something where Kara and Maggie interact? Or a double date between Kara/Lena and Maggie/Alex?

So this one takes place after the first chapter!

 Kara Has a Date - Eyes Like Kryptonite Ch. 37

Read it on AO3 -

“Whoa, Kara, are you okay?” Maggie looks concerned as Kara lowers herself into one of the chairs at the DEO computer station.

It’s kind of weird, when she had left to go to Barry’s universe, she was supposed to be all ‘I’m Alex’s sister and you hurt her so therefore I don’t like you’; but now Alex and Maggie were dating, and she wasn’t exactly sure where that left her.

And frankly, she was a little too distracted to figure it out.

“Yeah, no, I’m fine.“

“You don’t really look fine.” Maggie’s hand came up as if to touch Kara’s forehead but then she must have thought better of it because it dropped back down to her side.

“Should I get Alex?”

“No!” Kara says a little to forcefully. “I mean, no, thank you. I don’t really think she needs to deal with what I have going on on top of all of her  … . self-discovery.“

She waves a hand in Maggie’s direction and it probably comes out a little more dismissive than she means it to, but she isn’t exactly thinking straight.

Maggie’s back straightens and her eyes harden and -

Yep, that definitely came out wrong.

“Do you have a problem with Alex being gay?”


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Hello, dear friends! 

if it’s true this actually ended some days ago, i wanted to make this as an official “end” knowing that everyone received their gifts. Some of you have thanked me for having doing this blurred friend project and i really appreciate all your kind words, but i think i must thank you all for being part of this and make this worked out! it was a wonderful experiencie, especially because i saw that all of you were really excited and committed to your respective blurred friends, so really thank you so much guys! also all of you’re creative and talented artists, i was so happy to see all those beautiful presents!

a big blurred hug to:

@champanova, @tracy-jacks, @mercuryboy, @thebluehairdontcare, @vaguelyemo, @pureiro, @iiiisobel, @thinkismellarat, @almostgone, @blurryminion, @dalekbuddy, @yurke, @swampsong13, @tamomo, @villiejersey, @flamindamon, @ilovedamo, @howling–fantods, @starshaped1993, @glowinginahuddle, @aldiisaweeb, @latoxy, @blowbowie, @inner-space-boy, @graham-coxon, @firejubi, @lxdymcchocxlate

But this is not a goodbye!

i was doubting about do another blurred friend and since there were two friends who couldn’t participate in this and this one was a success, finally i’m going to do another one. The first thing i thought was do a blurred friend for Halloween (because i’ve seen that most people of here love halloween), but that might be such a far date, so one friend reminded me Easter! That brought me a lot of ideas (for example, we can play with coloured eggs, in each egg there will be a challenge! like if you’re good at editing pictures, your challenges will be related to it, and other things like that!)

However, in this ocassion i want to count with your opinions, because in this activity there were also mishaps, so it would be better if this time we can do something when everybody’s free from school/work! So, please comment this or message me to tell me what do you think!

Love you all!

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It think you are a very bright and talented person who lets negativity, and self-defeating thoughts hold you back from happiness.

Well I can’t lie to you, self-loathing is such a bad habit…

But hey, we are all kind of a work-in-progress, I guess I can get over it sooner or later! 

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I think to say that the writing in Book 3 and stuff was motivated by shipping is really silly and kind of unfair to say to the actual writers, maybe they had other motives and other reasons why the show had to end the way it did, you've mentioned the movie, cancellation of Book 4 and Nickelodeon pressuring them to end that way, that all could've played a part, to say that shipping was the only cause is really silly and kind of disrespectful imo..

I don’t see how it’s disrespectful to the writers when most of them, including the HEAD writer, didn’t want to go with Kataang. I actually think Kataang is insulting and disrespectful to the story that Ehasz worked very hard to build up to with Book 2. And I think it is entirely fair to blame shipping. Bryke needed to make a video insulting the fans who like Zutara over Kataang. Even though Zuko was Katara’s original love interest! Yeah, I think it’s fair to say that the petty shipping mindset that Bryke had, played a role in Book 3’s writing failures, just like it did in TLOK’s writing failures.

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Just adoring Keep Me Warm, you always have such a special way of portraying Caryl in the universes you create. Speaking of, reading All the King's Horses for the millionth time. Always brings me happiness. Of all your stories, I think that and Broken Mirrors are the universes I adored the most and would love any kind of sequels. I love the outtahes you've posted for both, I'm just greedy! Amazing work, thank you so much for sharing

Thank you so much!  You’re so sweet!  I’m so glad that you enjoy the stories.  I can’t make any promises for sequels, but I’m glad to know that you enjoy the originals and the Bloopers, Outtakes, and Deleted Scenes whenever they come around.  Thank you again, it’s always nice to know that people are reading (and rereading)!  It certainly makes the writing worthwhile!