it kept giving me errors

You know what kills me? I called this person out for reposting my content before. I even made a post about it on Tumblr. They had the gall to tell me that they tried contacting me for permission but Tumblr kept giving them an error so they went ahead and reposted. After my lecture, they even apologized. And what the fuck do I find? More reposted art. Not any art. Art that I specifically made against reposting.

You know who you are. You follow me. You watch my live streams. You have absolutely no fucking respect. I’m disgusted.

this is the art for my first-ever RBB (wheee!). it was a fun experience really participating in fandom for the first time after lurking for so many years. the amazing antigrav_vector wrote “Pierce the Sky” for this work, they were great to work with and i love what they were able to come up with, y'all should go read it!
there is a link to the fullsize art here because the pic was so large that Tumblr kept giving me upload errors.

anonymous asked:

this is a little random but i can't find answers anywhere on google and you use mangago a LOT so.. do you have any idea why the mobile site is skipping every other page?? doesn't matter what manga, if i'm on page one it goes straight to page three when i tap..

I don’t have an answer as to why it’s doing that, but it seems the site is having some issues! Just yesterday I couldn’t log into my account, it just kept giving me an error message and telling me my email didn’t exist! But within a few hours the problem seemed to resolve itself and I can access my account again.

However I might have a solution for your current problem! If you have an account, whenever you begin to read a manga, there should be a little box at the top near where the chapter are listed on the upper left side saying “show multiple pages” or something along those lines, and if you check that, it will show all the pages of each chapter your on that you can just scroll through instead of seeing them one at a time, which should hopefully fix your problem! (I prefer keeping that setting so I don’t have to load a new webpage for every page of the manga!)


13 Weeks of Enlisted #2  ➤   Week 3 - Pete’s Airstream

‘’I thought the most important thing was hanging out with my brother. Pete’s the strongest soldier I know. But every once in a while,  even the strongest soldiers  will go through some stuff. Right now, he might not want us there with him. But we’re gonna be there for him.‘‘