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Drawtober day 1 City Pop Genyatta

I was at gay-cyber-ninja’s stream last week getting into it about pompadour mullet combo genji and icy gaze zenyatta with her and another viewer!


That mug’s a gift “from his frames” (read: Ordis, putting their names on the package) for Christmas or something, no doubt. :P

You know what kills me? I called this person out for reposting my content before. I even made a post about it on Tumblr. They had the gall to tell me that they tried contacting me for permission but Tumblr kept giving them an error so they went ahead and reposted. After my lecture, they even apologized. And what the fuck do I find? More reposted art. Not any art. Art that I specifically made against reposting.

You know who you are. You follow me. You watch my live streams. You have absolutely no fucking respect. I’m disgusted.


13 Weeks of Enlisted #2  ➤   Week 3 - Pete’s Airstream

‘’I thought the most important thing was hanging out with my brother. Pete’s the strongest soldier I know. But every once in a while,  even the strongest soldiers  will go through some stuff. Right now, he might not want us there with him. But we’re gonna be there for him.‘‘

A Niall with Guitars Moodboard for my bub @sillydreamstar who isn’t feeling all that well (so send her some love!)

Disclaimer: none of the pics are mine

this is the art for my first-ever RBB (wheee!). it was a fun experience really participating in fandom for the first time after lurking for so many years. the amazing antigrav_vector wrote “Pierce the Sky” for this work, they were great to work with and i love what they were able to come up with, y'all should go read it!
there is a link to the fullsize art here because the pic was so large that Tumblr kept giving me upload errors.

When I Grow Up...

Day 3 of my #LanceBdayWeek series - Love/Comfort

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As soon as Lance landed Blue, he hightailed it out of the hangar and away from everyone else. Normally, he stayed with her for a while, making sure that any damages were fixed and just talking to her. Right now, he just had to get out of there. He didn’t want to think about what had just happened, and every second he was with Blue or the rest of the team made him feel worse.

Voltron had been attempting to free a planet called Astaua from Galra control and, while it started out easy enough, that changed all too quickly when a whole new fleet of ships came to join the fight. Hunk and Keith had been on their way to help move a bunch of Astauans hiding in a building to a safe area on the planet when a group of ships dropped down from above and opened fire on the place. The two paladins engaged and took down the ship as fast as they could, but they weren’t fast enough to save everyone. Meanwhile, Lance had been distracted by his own group of ships firing at him. He had emerged from that relatively unscathed, but Shiro and Pidge weren’t as lucky—they had been the target of the majority of the fleet and were a little worse for wear.

All in all, it was a hard battle to win, and it was hard to feel victorious when there had been so many Astauan casualties. So, Lance was tired and angry and wanted to forget about all of it.

He wasn’t really paying attention to where he was going, just getting as far away as he could, but he found himself up on an upper level observation deck. It made sense—he always went up there when he needed to calm down. He even had a blanket from his room folded up by the door. He picked it up and stepped outside, pausing to close his eyes and revel in the calm night, then sat down near the edge.

Lance wasn’t sure how long he stayed out there, but he knew it had been a while. Which was why he wasn’t that surprised when he heard the door open behind him and someone walk over to where he was laying. He sighed and opened his eyes. Keith was squatting down behind his head.

“How you doing?” he asked quietly. Lance just closed his eyes again. Keith apparently took that as his cue to lay down too, because when Lance opened his eyes again, he was staring right back from beside him. Lance looked back up at the stars and shrugged.

“What are we doing, Keith?” Keith furrowed his brow and lifted his head a little to look at Lance.

“What do you mean?” he questioned. Lance gave an aborted gesture in front of him.

“Voltron. Saving the universe. When does it end?” he trailed off then started again, quieter, “It just seems like the more planets we save, the more that need our help. How much of a difference are we actually making?” Keith stayed quiet. There wasn’t much he could say to ease Lance’s mind, so he just nudged Lance’s shoulder with his own as a show of silent support.

They fell into comfortable silence. Keith had started mapping the constellations he could see when Lance spoke up again.

“This just isn’t where I thought I’d be.”

“Where did you think you would be?”

“I don’t know, just… not here.” Lance chuckled. “I mean, sure little kids dream about space and superheroes but… those are fairy tales, that kind of stuff never happens in real life.”

“What did you wanna be when you were little?”


“Like when you grew up. What did you wanna be?”

“I don’t know- I mean, I was so dead set on being a fighter pilot for so long, I didn’t really consider much else beyond that. I guess I would’ve wanted to do what Shiro was doing, exploring the galaxy and all that junk. Which​ ​is​ ​what​ I’m​ ​doing​ ​now,​ ​so​ ​I ​feel​ ​like​ ​I​ ​should​ ​be​ ​happy​ ​about​ ​it​ ​but…,” Lance trailed off and shrugged.

“It wasn’t exactly your choice.”

“Yeah… but don’t get me wrong, I love what we’re doing and I love learning about everything wherever we go, I always have. I love that you never have to stop; there’s always more. Like, I worked my ass off at the Garrison; read every flight manual I got my hands on, did all the extra credit I could, I even stole Hunk’s books to read through at one point when I was bored. Still wasn’t enough for them, but I did the best I could’ve. Heh, when I got in, my family threw me a huge party, and I was so excited. Then I got there the first day and Iverson… it was like he got off on crushing dreams, ya know? Pidge, Hunk, and I were far from the best team—Pidge was young and trying to avoid attention like the plague all while still searching for her family, she didn’t have the room to really show her stuff; and Hunk’s a complete genius, but the simulator always fucked with his stomach—but we were all friends and we trusted each other. The Garrison didn’t care, the simulator was only for ‘promising pilots’. We still had a certain number of hours in it, but Iverson always used us as example of what not to do.”

“You’re better than Iverson could ever dream of being.”

“How’d you get that conclusion?” Lance raised an eyebrow.

“Because you’re here, a damn Defender of the Universe. You being here is basically a big ‘fuck you’ to everyone who ever doubted you. You’re a lot more talented than you give yourself credit for.”

“Please, you’ve got miles on me in that department. You were the best pilot in the Garrison. You were practically a legend. I thought you had your whole life together.”

“Not really,” Keith laughed a little. “When Shiro disappeared, I kinda lost it. I tried to keep going with classes and everything, but I was just so consumed with not knowing. And no one would tell me anything, which made it even worse. They kept saying it was pilot error, but they wouldn’t give me any evidence. I kept confronting them, hoping they would crack or something, but they just got tired of it and kicked me out for good. It probably would’ve ended up that way no matter what, though. Shiro was always the one keeping me on track; he got me in there so I wanted to make him proud, he inspired me. I was barely in class, and when I was I kept fucking things up. Iverson just expedited the process. They were probably glad to be rid of their pity project.”

“Obviously you weren’t a pity project. Shiro recruited you for a reason, Keith. You’re an incredible pilot and an amazing fighter and just super talented in general. Sometimes life deals us really shitty cards, but in this case I think it was for the better. We brought Voltron back together, and we’re fighting the Galra every day. That’s crazy brave. Fuck the Garrison for caring too much about covering their own asses to realize they were losing their best pilot. When we go back there, you can give them the biggest ‘I told you so’ ever, then fly back into space in your giant robot lion. Ugh, that would be so badass.”

“Ha, it would.” Keith smiled out into space. “Wow, the Garrison really sucked.”

“Hell yeah, it did. How did we put up with it for so long?”

“No idea.” They let silence settle around them once more.

Eventually they heard the others calling for them, and Lance sat up with a groan. Keith followed suit and together they stood and folded up the blanket. Lance looked up at the stars one more time before turning and walking towards the door, Keith on his heel. He stopped right in front of the door and turned to look behind him.

“Thanks, man. For coming to talk to me,” he said, the corner of his mouth turning up a fraction. “I appreciate it.”

“Anytime. We’re a team, remember?”

Lance nodded. “Speaking of team…,” he trailed off and they could hear Pidge’s voice getting louder. Keith laughed as they walked back inside.

Day 1 | Day 2

(@bubblemish​ and @spn-or-die47 ya’ll wanted to be tagged and the link to the fic is down here after my annoying rant ) ohmygod okay finally.

SHORT RECAP: ao3 kept giving me this heckin error message so i thought it wasn’t posting my fic; little did i know IT WAS and it posted it about TWENTY TIMES

i just took about half an hour deleting all but one of those fics.

SO if you commented or kudo-ed on the fic ‘Heaven On Earth’ and you go back and can’t find it, know that it IS THERE, there is a version of it that i will be updating right under my ‘Works’ section


this fic took me about a week to write and turned out to be roughly 30k words. i divided it into nine chapters and most chapters will be about 2k to 4k words with the exception of a few longer ones.

this fic has a/b/o dynamics with alpha!demon!dean and angel!omega!cas. the general idea has an arranged marriage sort of deal except with a weird twist.

basis is that heaven and hell have a cease fire deal thing that goes on and is carried out by hell giving up a demon and heaven giving up an angel so they can mate and do a blood bond yadda yadda yadda

cas and dean are chosen to carry it out, they have a few months to themselves to get to know each other (court and nest and all that shit) and originally it all goes south and they get on each other’s nerves and there’s a LOT of bickering

BUT THEN (i won’t spoil it but i’ll give a smol hint) things kind of take a turn and the rest you’ll have to read for urself

this fic was really strange to write and it’s nothing that i would ever think of writing so idek how or why i wrote it but it’s there so here’s the link

hope it catches the interest of one of you guys’!!!!!