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13 Weeks of Enlisted #2  ➤   Week 3 - Pete’s Airstream

‘’I thought the most important thing was hanging out with my brother. Pete’s the strongest soldier I know. But every once in a while,  even the strongest soldiers  will go through some stuff. Right now, he might not want us there with him. But we’re gonna be there for him.‘‘

It’s actually supposed to be some painting experiment and vent art, but I got some great news and I’m too happy to continue lol

I’m going to nexcon dressed as a red blanket if anyone gets the reference =w=

I may or may not continue this :v I might if you guys want to see me finish it .3. Just take note I don’t know what I’m doing =w=“”

Also, it was kind of a good thing I stopped o>o If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have had any sleep owo”