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Hey, another year, another IM/Cap Reverse Big Bang!  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Thirty Pieces of Silver by Fluffypanda is so so good, and I recommend it to everyone who feels like Painful Betrayal & Suffering is their thing :^) 

(I dooo and I loved it)

The backgrounders- part 1

The YOI characters are all so likeable in one way or another, that when they appear on screen, it’s easy to focus on them and not really pay too much attention to the random lifeless backgrounders in the scene.

Here here! This post is for them! I will highlight the backgrounders’ (obvious) thoughts and conversations during their scenes. Basically, point out what’s going on behind the YOI cast.

“Psst, hey Kyumachi. Is that loud foreigner the one?”

“Yes…it is him.”

“Wow. I never thought I’d see the day. It’s been 10 years now. I can’t believe someone actually bought it.”

“Yes, that tiger shirt has been unsold for so long, I never thought this time would come.


*A smol angry Russian has appeared*

-Attack                    - Defend

-Use Items               -Run Away

You used Defend.


                                     *Jaws theme intensifies*


That Kastuki skater is coming this way, I’m gonna be on TV! Better give the cameras my best smile.

Oh shit, he fell! Ignore it. 

Hold the smile, hold ittttt.

Nailed it.


Holy shit, his theme is love! How ballsy. 


“Sam, don’t look now but that’s Viktor Nikiforov sitting right beside us! I have the biggest celebrity crush on him! Should we linger? Maybe we’ll hear him say something good.”

“Oh Lee, we’re done eating, let’s just go. It’s not like you’ll get to see the guy naked or anything.”

And so they left.

The next day, after having seen Phichit’s Instagram, Lee terminated his friendship with Sam. 


What have I done with my life?


Damn, those are some nice looking blue roses. That bouquet is massive. I mean, I know the kid won, but do the silver and bronze medallists have to have such unimpressive bouquets in comparison? 

Calm down Jack, green isn’t a good colour on you…Oh screw it. I’m gonna convince this kid to toss his 30 blue roses for these 5 pink tulips wrapped in plastic… that I just happen to carry around in my pocket.

*whispering to self*

Mwahaha. Oh Jack, you may have won silver for your skate, but you win gold at persuasion.


                             *Creepy zombie staring intensifies*

                               *Creepy zombie staring multiplies*


Oh you poor child. Good luck growing up with such embarrassing parents.


Do I sing? Do I play an instrument? No. I’m on stage because I’m the best at what I do: 

looking fine af wearing sunglasses indoors. Hellz yeah.


Part 2

created-by-teenage-addication  asked:

All this drama, Spacey you should find someone reliable as a nanny for both the demons and the twins! Or maybe look after them yourself? Or find someone to look after you and help you care for your wrist?


nitro-nanny? nega-nanny? a new nanny, in any case. 

My wrist is still a bit shit but it’s much better than it has been haha <3