it just.... tried too hard how disappointing

i just want to say that to me that episode was a disappointment not because johnlock didn’t happen. 

its a disappointment because of the bad writing. its a disappointment because of the bad plot. its a disappointment because it tried too hard and it was over-complicated and in the end it made little to no sense. it was lacking in every way - story wise, visually and, most importantly, emotionally.

there was nothing groundbreaking about it.
how sad.

My heart hurts ugh

It’s almost 3am and I’m bawling like an absolute baby right now. I wish I could explain in words how much Ethan and his videos mean to me, and I wish I could tell him to never ever be afraid of disappointing us. We see how hard he works and how he tries his absolute fucking best to be there for us all, and for him to be terrified that he won’t be able to get to all of us breaks my heart because ugh. He’s too sweet…I’m just so immensely proud of him and the community as a whole, and no words will ever feel like enough to explain it. And just seeing someone so god damn happy and doing what they love and being so appreciative of everything…..I’m rambling and crying so I’m gonna stop because I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore haha. I’m so fucking emotional right now..

Closed Captions

So more and more people start pointing out that closed captions on YouTube have a big problem. I’m gonna be one of those people too.

Recently I’ve tried watching some videos with CC turned on just out of curiosity. I was very disappointed, to say the least. People don’t understand that CC were created to actually help people watch videos, not to bring the humorous element into them. Closed captions allow deaf or hard of hearing people enjoy the content of creators and unnecessary coments make it much harder. I noticed this problem particularly on @markiplier ‘s videos. So here I compiled a little picture full of examples.

That’s not how you supposed to make closed captions. 

When I was watching Mark’s “Fire and Ice Challenge” I was just mad. It is such a special video, both for Mark and his subscribers and yet it was, I dare say, ruined by “funny” captions. It was quite unpleasant for me to watch it with CC.  I also went to @therealjacksepticeye ​‘s videos and I didn’t notice anything like that there. CC were a huge pleasure to read.

I personally don’t have any problems with my hearing. But this problem touches me deeply because of another reason: I’m not a native English speaker. YouTube videos helped me improve my language skills a lot, but I started watching them when I already was somewhat decent at English. But what about the beginners? They need CC too, they are so helpful for understanding speech better. And unnecessary comments might mislead and confuse those people, they probably wouldn’t even be able to understand the “jokes”. 

Also if you are translating English CC into another language, be sure to translate CORRECTLY. Just don’t do it if you don’t have enough experience or if your level of language isn’t high enough.

Sorry for any mistakes that I might’ve done or if I sounded rude. I really don’t intend to offend anyone, I just want to make closed captions better because they mean so much to so many people. I’m very passionate about this problem and I’ll try to do my best to help people with it.

TL;DR: Closed captions on some videos are a big mess because people don’t take them as seriously as they should. CC means a lot to the deaf or hard of hearing people and also to people, who learn the language. This problem really needs to be solved.

Take You Up On That (Apocalypse!Calum)

This is DEFINITELY not my best. I’m not a fan of the zombie genre whatsoever, but I tried you guys. I did. If you’re looking for quality zombie related fanfiction I highly recommend 5secondsofimagines Calum and Luke Walking Dead AUs. They are much better than this. It’s just hard to write about things your not passionate about okay? Haha, sorry guys. HOPE I DON’T DISAPPOINT TOO MUCH!

My Masterlist

Three years. That’s how long you’d been living in this hell. That’s how long it’s been since the last country fell to the disease, since the last city was overrun by the undead, since you went running for your life from the army that wanted nothing more than to tear you apart and eat you alive…. Three years since you watched them do that very thing to your entire family.

You’d managed to escape the onslaught of creatures by hiding in the woods north of town as the hoard approached. Everyone else was so trusting in the military. They thought that a few big guns could keep them safe, and it worked… for about an hour. Until the pile of undead bodies grew higher than the turrets they were firing from, and the creatures buried them in the rotting flesh of their own dead. You’d hung around in the woods for a few days, watching the mindless beasts roam down the country road, heading without thought or reason to the next largest population.

As they left you went back down to the town to search what was left. You ran into a few other survivors down there, ten to be exact… The whole town and only eleven of you survived. You recognized Alex, captain of your high school football team, Zack, a twenty-something grocery clerk at the corner store; and a middle-aged woman you didn’t know the name of who worked for the bank. The ten of you formed a group. You gathered supplies and left the town, deciding to follow well behind the small army on their path of destruction.

The pattern continued for months. You would go in after the army left, gather supplies, pick up any survivors, and leave. It was after the hoard hit its first major city that you realized this wouldn’t work anymore. Going into the city your group was large, numbering around fifty, but by the time you left you’d found a hundred more. The original group of ten, yourself included, functioned as the leaders. You all decided the best plan of action was to set up a small, more mobile town. You couldn’t afford to be stationary with so few towns and cities left as targets, but the group was too large to move around regularly now.

And so, it was established that you would stay in one place for a month or two at a time then move the camp on. A year after this plan was put in place, the group accidentally moved itself into the line of fire. Now that you were no longer following the hoard, you didn’t know its movements, and you had placed yourselves between it and its next target. The group scattered just in time. Only twenty people were lost in the carnage, but it was still a huge blow. You and Alex were the only two from the original ten to survive, and it was left to you two to decide how to approach the situation.

Alex was the first one to suggest it, and at first you had been horribly against the idea. Yet the more you thought on it the more it felt like the only plausible way to survive. You could no longer afford to be passive, biding your time, waiting to die at the right moment. You couldn’t win a war on defense, and this was more certainly a war. You gathered the younger members of the group and started going on the attack.

You acted like an army, search and rescue. You would kill any lone creatures you stumbled across or any stragglers near the back of larger groups. The smaller groups like this could move faster, and you started jumping ahead of the hoard, warning towns to disperse and taking in anyone who wanted your help. Getting volunteers for your groups was no trouble either. In this new world those creatures were forming all anyone wanted was a piece of vengeance.

And so it went on, till three years after the first attack, when they showed up… when he showed up.

His name was Calum, and you were hesitant to trust them at first. Alex came back with him and three of his friends after raiding a town for supplies. The group of four were leading around twenty or so others, scavenging much in the way you had been in the beginning, but while in the town they’d seen Alex kill one of the lone creatures. They were intrigued by the idea of hunting them back, and they wanted in.

“Alex, they have nothing to offer us!” You’d argued. Your small colony was numbering close to a thousand now. You were struggling to feed the mouths you already had, and twenty more people just so Alex could make a few friends did not seem appealing. Besides, they were musicians, stranded here on the other side of the world by a quarantine on flights when everything began to fall apart. They had nothing to offer you! Their group was filled with other musicians and some older business men who worked in the recording industry. “Honestly, what are they gonna do? Sing me a lullaby?”

“I remember before all this went to hell; you liked their band,” Alex countered.

“Liking music and surviving an apocalypse are two drastically different choices.”

Alex glared down at you, “I’ll vouch for them, okay? I’ll make sure they aren’t a burden on anyone but me, and if they start to weigh down supplies more than they’re pitching in, you can kick them out.”

It was tense around camp for a while. Calum and his friends did everything they could to try to prove to you that they were helpful, but you weren’t having any of it. You wouldn’t go with them anywhere; you wouldn’t let them help you with anything. It took months before you would even trust them going out with Alex to do things.

Alex insisted you were acting crazy, but you were adamant that he shouldn’t trust a couple popstars to watch his back like that. Alex had obviously ignored your warnings, insisting that the only way you would know if you could trust them was to give them a chance. So you grudgingly did, and to your chagrin they did quite well, slowly earning your respect, but none quite as well as Calum.

You occasionally caught yourself watching from afar when Calum would help the elderly lady next door to you pack up her campsite as you prepped to move or brushing past as he came back laden with supplies. At some point it became lost on you as to whether you were seeking him out or he was consciously walking past you, but either way the two of you always seemed to run into each other in a wide variety of situations.

The four had been around the camp for about six months when the first problem arose. Calum and one of his friends, a blonde boy named Ashton, had been out with Alex and two other members scouting out some various houses for supplies when they were ambushed by a group of twenty or so creatures. Alex, the other two, and Calum had managed to fight their way out of the building, not realizing Ashton had been trapped inside.

Alex had assumed the worst, deciding to cut their losses and head back, but Calum refused to abandon his friend like that. Alex refused to stay and risk four lives for one, so the two had parted ways, leaving Calum alone to find Ashton.

Alex had shown up back at camp, just before dark without Calum or Ashton and incredibly angry about what he referred to as ‘Calum’s ignorance’. You had been set to move the camp tomorrow, and Alex was ready to go ahead without them. But for the first time, you defended them.

You weren’t sure what it was about them, or Calum rather, but the boys had grown on you. They weren’t the entitled popstars you’d been against bringing into your camp. They were hard workers with more loyalty to their friends than anyone else here, and you respected that, even if it was a liability at times. So you stayed.

One day turned into two which turned into three then four. Before you knew it two weeks had gone by, and people were starting to get antsy about waiting any longer. You were worried Alex would overrule you or the people would get fed up and leave, so you agreed to leave the next day.

That night you were woken up by guards alerting you to approaching figures. You’d run out of the camp with weapons raised, worried you were about to pay the ultimate price for waiting too long. “Don’t shoot!” A familiar accent called out into the air. “It’s Calum! Ashton needs help!”

Calum came limping back into camp under the weight of his friend to the cheers of everyone who had woken up. Ashton was passed out, upper body draped over Calum’s shoulder with a makeshift stint on both legs.

“What took you so long?” You tried to joke as the only doctor in the camp came rushing forward to look over Ashton’s legs.

“You were scheduled to move,” Calum shrugged. “We went on to the next campsite.”

Calum and Ashton looked like they’d been through hell and back again. They were nearly skin and bone, and as Calum told you all that had happened you felt he was lucky to have even that left.

“We would’ve moved on if we knew you’d go there first, but we stuck around hoping you’d make it back.” You explained to him as you walked him through camp to the tiny tent that belonged to him, a piece of crap scavenged from an abandon sports store.

“Like they always say, it’s the thought that counts,” Calum chuckled, coming to a stop in front of the little strip of plastic. “Thank you. I know you didn’t like us at first, but I’m glad you’ve given us a chance.”

“Well, don’t make me regret it.” You laughed.

Calum smiled and scratched nervously at the back of his neck, “I promise I’ll do my best not to… If you don’t mind,” he waved a hand to the tent, “I’m a bit dead.”

“Y-You know,” You hedged, looking back across the camp to the RVs that belonged to you, Alex, and some of the other long-term members of the group, “I have a couch in the RV that’d be a lot more comfortable than that.”

Calum shook his head, “Ashton’s already stealing Alex’s bed. I think we’ve imposed enough on the two of you for now.”

“T-The two? You thought that… Oh no, no, no,” you shook your head. “Me and Alex, we’re not… We’ve never… We’re not dating. We’re barely even friends. We went to high school together. He used to bully people in my group of friends.”

“Oh,” Calum blushed and looked away to the trees, “Guess I always just… assumed… You know, cause you’re together and you get along so well…”

That made you laugh. “Trust me; we don’t get along. The fight about you four coming in was not the first fight; it’s not even our most recent one. We actually fought about going back for you two.”

“Really?” Calum looked up at you again. “Which side were you on?”

Now you were blushing. For some reason this felt embarrassing to admit. “Alex wanted us to move on and ditch you. I was ready to send some people back for you, but we finally compromised on waiting here.”

“Huh,” Calum nodded to himself, clearly deep in thought.

“Well, um,” You stepped away from him nervously, “I, uh, I should be getting back… I’ll leave you to sleep.” You turned around and took a few steps back to your RV when Calum called out to you.

“Hey, (Y/n),” you looked back over your shoulder and saw him jogging up to you with an anxious smile. “I might take you up on that couch, after all.”

Sorry Not Sorry

Kanye West is just out right full of himself. The entire rant on his new album against Wiz Khalifa is just more proof on how he is full of himself. First of all, his last album was 💩. It only had 3/10 songs that were decent. Kanye calling this WAVES album the best album of life. Nigga please, your not the voice of music in this generation anymore. Drake took your crown! I’m not a Drake stan and if Drake’s Views From The 6 album isn’t up to part then I’ll definitely be making a post but I highly doubt it will disappoint because he understands this generation. Kanye tries too hard to be unique and it’s so annoying. He is no longer relatable. Nobody gives a damn about shoes, Kim Kardashian, or your fancy life nigga. Normal people like me just trying make it day by day, paying bills, college tuition, and dealing with people trying to tear us down every single day! Like me, music is our outlet. So the last thing we want to hear is about your fancy life. Ever sense this nigga married Kim, he high and mighty and acting like she is above all.

She not Beyonce or Michelle Obama! She’s not even close to being on that level. I’m tired of people riding Kanye and the Kardashian like they royalty! All you people do is boost their egos and fill their pockets with more money. Let’s stop making the rich, richer and become rich our damn selves! I’m tired of hearing about the fake Kardashian’s who pry on black culture but could never walk a day in our shoes, especially my fellow African-American sisters. I’m tired of hearing about these uninspiring white girls who have no direction in life whatsoever! I will end this with saying Kanye West and the Kardashian’s…