it just was not the oth that i fell in love with


He tricked me. I fell for his charm, like I always do, and… he left me like he always does. He just doesn’t know you. If he would spend one real second with you, he would know that you’re the most caring, most loving, most amazing person in the world. If you make the “Ravens” TV show, can you make him get hit by a bus or something? I’ll probably just leave him out.

That Party Feeling - Jeff Atkins

You are not a party person. One night, when Jeff Atkins makes you attend one, that changes. One silly party game changes everything.

 (Jeff Atkins x Fem!Reader) (2842 words)

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“I don’t know Jeff, it just isn’t really my thing.” Jeff shook his head, eyes still on the road. He was driving you home, like he always did after school. It became second nature for him to find you at your locker and drag you out to his car, insisting to drive you. His kindness was one of the many perks of being friends with Jeff Atkins. However, his affinity for attending parties was a downside. You didn’t enjoy the noise or the people, but Jeff seemed to live off of it.

“C’mon Y/N, it’s going to be awesome. Jessica Davis is hosting too,” he said it like the fact a known-party girl was hosting was a rarity. You rolled your eyes as Jeff turned onto your street.

“I just, I don’t know,” you said quietly. Jeff pulled the car into the driveway of your house, parking it at the top. He shut off the car and turned in his seat to look you in the eyes.

“Okay, Professor ‘I Don’t Know’,” you laughed at his words, “I will be right here, in your driveway, at eight at night ready to pick you up.” He smiled at you sweetly, trying to win you over. If it wasn’t for the way his eyes sparkled when they looked at you, you’ve remained silent.You threw your hands in the air, in dramatic defeat.

“Fine, I’ll be ready.” Jeff laughed as you opened the car door and grabbed your bag. “I’ll see you at eight,” you said and shut the door. He watched as you walked up your porch and opened your front door when you heard Jeff yell.

“Dress to impress!” You turned around and gave Jeff the finger, causing him to laugh as he pulled out of the driveway. You watched as he car traveled down the street, biting your bottom lip as you did. Jeff Atkins was your friend, so why did you feel butterflies tickling your tummy at the thought of going with him to a cliche, High School party?

       “Y/N, Jeff is here! Are you going-” As you walked into your mother’s line of sight, her speech trailed off. You weren’t totally dressed up; you had just thrown on an outfit you knew Jeff liked. His hold on you, had shaped the way you acted. Jeff wasn’t your friend because he wanted you to change, he was your friend because you were who you were. But you couldn’t help but try to hint that you wanted more than friendship to bloom between the two of you.

      “You look great Y/N/N,” your mother said. You nodded a thanks to her as you walked towards the door.

      “I’ll be back around ten, no later. I’ll text you if something comes up.” You spoke as you as you put on your jacket.

     “Alright,” you mom said, “have fun. Not too much fun!” You smiled as you walked out of the door and out onto the porch. You saw Jeff rummaging around in his seat, as if looking for something. When he looked up at you, you almost giggled at his expression. Even through the window, you could see that bright, dumb smile. You walked over to the passenger side door, popping inside once you opened it. You buckled quickly, not looking at Jeff as you did. When you did look at him, you found that he was already staring at you.

   “You look,” he raised his hand in the air and tried to formulate the words he was looking for in the air.

     “Wow, thanks Atkins,” you teased and Jeff chuckled. He looked down to his lap and then back up at you, as if he couldn’t believe something. Another long moment passed until you spoke up.

      “So are we going or?” Jeff blushed and put the car in reverse. Seconds later, you were on your way to a night you would remember forever.

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The Alphabet of Love // Rafael Casal

Here I am, this was not the first thing in writing queue but it just begged to be written.

I blame Ren ( @alexanderhamllton ) for turning me into Rafa trash and thank Charley ( @always-blame-jefferson ) for listening to my ideas.

My other stuff is here!

Requests are always  open!

Word Count:3743, I’m not even sorry.


The Alphabet of Love

A is for Airport.

That’s where you first met.

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evenerikkealene  asked:

mikki please could you write something about how even told his parents that he and isak decided to live together? ☺️☺️☺️

I’m so sorry this took forever but I had so much fun with this so thank you so much! <3 your prompts are brilliant. Also this got looooong so bare with me haha I hope you enjoy :) <3

Isak could feel it in the bottom of his stomach, the heaviness giving him shivers up and down his spine, his throat dried up and his hands dangled by his sides shaking at the mere thought of what he was about to do.
Yep he was so going to throw up.
Suddenly a hand took one of his own and he felt calmness radiate from the tip of his fingertips until he could finally breathe easily enough to look up at the beautiful face attached to the hand that took away his nerves.
“Hey, it’ll be okay” Even smiled, his fingers squeezing Isaks in a gesture that made his heart squeeze and nearly combust with it.
“How do you know that?” Isak asked sadly his mind thinking of every single way this could possibly go wrong.
“Because stupid…” he leant over to kiss Isaks cheek before whispering in his ear “we’re about to tell my mother that I am finally moving out with the most beautiful person in the world.” He leant back and grinned so bright the world lit up around them “what could possibly go wrong baby?”
A lot of fucking things Isak thought but he tried desperately to shake it away…for Even. He needed to get his shit together and look like a mature adult who is capable of being a supportive and loving partner to Even Bech Næsheim.
He can do this, he can so do this.

Isak couldn’t do it. He felt Evens mother’s eyes piercing into his soul from the moment he walked in the door. She didn’t know yet but she knew. She knew something was up….no idea what it was. But it was something.
They both sat on the couch across from her, Even holding onto Isaks hand obliviously happy and not in the slightest bit worried about how the conversation they are about to have is going to go down.
“Okay Even, what is this about?” her tone contained the volume of a thousand voices, as she suspiciously eyed the boys perched on the couch. Her eyes lingered on Isak most particularly considering, his eyes were darting all over the room in fear, as every muscle in his body visibly tightened.
“Okay mum so…” Even began his voice raining with a strange mixture of excitement and caution.
He was interrupted by the shake of her head “For crying out loud, if I didn’t know any better I would have thought you were pregnant or something!” she shouted. Isak gasped, while Even laughed “Mama! That is impossible!” his laughter had the power of clearing out all the stress in the room as both Isak and Miss Næsheim relaxed at the beautiful sound.
“Well darling, don’t you think you’re underestimating Isak’s abilities there a little?” she replied. Isak choked and nearly fell out of his chair. Thankfully Even was there to hold onto him as he laughed cheerily again and kissed Isak’s cheek. “Good point” he said softly, as Isak sat there looking like a fucking tomato.
Miss Næsheim sighed deeply “Look, you are both stressing me out. Will you just tell me what it is?”
Even turned to look at Isak, everything in his face conveyed how much he loved him, Isak could feel the reassurance that everything will be okay hit him just from looking at Even’s kind beautiful smile. He sat up straight and nodded his consent before Even turned to his mother and said very tactfully.
“I’m moving out!”
Isak resisted face palming in front of him.
Miss Næsheim was a statue.
Isak felt sick again. Fucking hell Even.
Finally she nodded “okay.”
Isak blinked “Okay?”
“Well godammit is someone going to expand this….or do I have to guess like some kind of game show guest?”
Even thought for a moment “Well actually…”
“Nei.” Isak and Even’s mother said fondly at the same time.
Even rolled his eyes “you two are too alike I don’t know what I am getting into.”
“and that is?” mama Næsheim prodded, leaning forward.
Even wrapped his arm around Isak’s shoulders “Isak and I are moving in together.”
“No! Really?” she feigned surprise, whilst rolling her eyes and smiling.
Isak let out an exhale of relief as Even smiled admiringly at his mother.
“So what do you think?” he asked and Isak could feel himself clenching in worry again.
“Well…look don’t be mad at me Even, and I mean it. don’t look at me like that, I mean it. But you both are very young…”
“Exactly! Better now then never.”
She glared. “she does that when she knows I’m winning” he whispered brightly in Isak’s ear.
Isak didn’t think it looked a hell lot like winning but what the fuck did he know?
“You have only known each oth-
“Can’t play that card mum. Look at me. Look how happy I am when was the last time I have been this….stable?”
“AND look you can’t do anything anyway I mean it’s not as if you actually have a say in-“
“Even Jesus Christ I support you!” she shouted exasperated.
Even jerked in surprise “wait…you do?”
She rolled her eyes “of course I do smartass. You don’t think I know when my son has made a shit decision?” she looked at Isak, “this isn’t one.”
Even smiled “thanks mum.”
She waved him off “yeah yeah yeah, whatever, now if you’re going to move out, what do you think about me converting your room into that art studio I’ve always wanted?”

Once they got back to Isak’s apartment Even wrapped his arms around Isak and pulled him close towards him. “Well baby that went a lot better than I thought!”
Isak furrowed his brows “it did?”
Even laughed “oh yeah! I thought it would be a disaster!”
Isak stepped out of his arms with a gasp “you told me I had nothing to worry about!”
Even shrugged “I’m your boyfriend, that’s my job.”
Isak rolled his eyes right before Even brought a smile onto his face with a lift of his eyebrows. He let himself step back and melt into his boyfriends long arms.
“Can you believe we will be together every morning and every night?”
Isak smiled because he couldn’t believe it. Being with Even for at least one night was like a dream. This? This was paradise.

To Celebrate 200 Followers!!
  1. ”Who’s it’s possible that both of us took out the trash
  2. God, that woman pisses me off to no end!…but that’s why I want her 
  3. “I’m on middle of the fucking fight! Stop it!
  4. I’m gonna throw up, I hope that’s cool 
  5. Come on woman! 
  6. I broke two lower ribs, my stomach is full plum color.. Sleeping is kinda hard
  7. “Jump!”
    “Aim for the tree!”
  8. “Do you think this is a good idea?”
    “My honest opinion is that this is the worst idea I’ve gotten since going to college, but..”
  9. You broke me out of the prison for this? As grateful as I am for getting me down from that wall, I don’t think you want me messing with that
  10. The kid was around adults all day, he knew how to approach them easily. 
  11. Toni was uncomfortably leaning backwards  on her hands as Scott stitched the wound inches below where the sport bra ended.
  12.  I have a breathing fucking creature inside my stomach, if you want to talk to me, you better fucking speak nice to me.    
  13. “Did you eat my lasagne last night?”
    “I haven’t even seen you in weeks.”
    “That doesn’t mean you haven’t broken into my flat. Remember, I know you.”
  14.   did he just..? Tell me he didn’t just put foot through my door
  15.  “What’s happening with Tom?”
    “Oh it’s full war with him.”
  16. ”Are the knots too tight?”
    “I don’t care.”
    “Well they’re on you..”
  17. She got her ribs kicked in for this?!
  18. “You sure that this is good idea?”
    “This is an great idea, what are you even talking about?”
  19.  “Can I get you something stronger?”
    “What would you suggest, barkeep?”
    “Rum and coke, without rum of course.”
  20. She’s the type of person who will pull the trigger for you when you’re too weak to do this yourself
  21.  You couldn’t have choice the worst time to do that
  22.  She could barely move her toes without grimacing in pain.
  23. With a broken nose and a stitches on her cheek, she showed up at senior’s prom and started a fight
  24. “Who are you?”
    “I’m someone who the people you own money are afraid of.”
  25. “Was that a gunshot?”
    “Gunshots don’t echo, fireworks do.”
    “Was that yes or no to the gun”
  26. I think she grew up with at least one broken rib at any given time
  27. That’s a brave fucking kid
  28.  I stared down at my hands, as people walked past the stairs, laughing and talking to each others. I was starting to feel the pain on my knuckles.
  29. Charlotte lifted her hoodie over her head covering herself from the world and stuffed her hands into the front pockets of hers jeans hunching hers shoulders closer to hers body as if trying to be unnoticeable.
  30. The itching rope was rubbing against my wrists as I tried to yank the rope off, they had bound my legs from ankles and up my knees. Something was tied around my neck, it restrained me from moving, which was obviously doing it’s job right. 
  31. To family. What wouldn’t she do? She took the punches for her siblings, from fists of her father and words of so many who ever were relevant.
  32. “Don’t run!
    “But he’s staring right at me”
  33. You have to admit, she’s great at what she does.
  34. If they trap us, we have good 50 minutes before we could get help. So don’t mess up.
  35. She was the first one to reach there and she took the worst of it
  36. He tightened his grip on my arm again and dug his nails into my skin.
  37. Three of them all squished into the back seat of the car. 
  38. Tyler had my teel backpack on his shoulder, his big form looking ridiculous with such a color
  39. “You thought he was crazy and you decided to just sat down next to him?”
    “He’s an nice guy”
  40. “You can’t deny that this isn’t relaxing.”
    “We are in prison. Nothing relaxing about this”
  41. “We don’t speak about the accident, Dara!”
    “No, no, we do not talk about it! Only mention it several times and wait someone to snap at us!”
    “They will beat us down and yell until we tell them the secret behind the accident.”
  42. Joisie knew that smirk on Rosa’s face. It wasn’t even a smirk, it was just disturbing lift of her red painted lips as she marched through the dance floor.
  43. “What are you doing?“
    “Depends are you going to judge me  or not?“
    “It really depends if you’re cleaning blood off your shirt?”
  44. Her head hurt. Almost enough for her to put a bullet in her own head
  45. “Pretended to be my sister!”
    “Seriously, again? Who lies about having a sister to get a girl?”
  46. “This is going to hurt.“
    “To be honest, you’d done much”
  47. “If I one more time wake up with duct tape over my mouth, I will throw you out of the fucking balcony.”
    “It’s not my fault that you snore!” 
  48. “You could’ve called, Kurt.”
    “Is he home?”
    “Passed out cold mid-way up the stairs. 
  49. She can pass the polygraph easily, you know that.
  50. Following people isn’t nice, you know. 
  51. Someone came to clean up the place?
  52. “Can you contact him?”
    “It isn’t so easy..”
    “Can you or can you not?”
  53. “You look bit homeless there”
    “I am bit homeless, though” 
  54. My clothes weight so much because of this damn mud. 
  55. I can’t hold you, you fat bastard. Use your feet to climb
  56. Only you would ask somebody who you met for the first time to break you out of a damn prison
  57. She will kill you if that’s the only way to get him back
  58. You know what they called me. You know my reputation 
  59. “You didn’t actually kill him, did you?”
    “Well now, you really have to define killing and accidentally letting him die”
  60. Not answering the phone is not a new thing for her
  61. Should I apologize and kick you or not apologize and kick you.
  62. And once again we are on the starting point. Crying on the playground.
  63. I’m working on my anger issues and seeing you angers me the most, so stay the hell away
  64. I’m not saying we should worry, but we have no breaks and the bridge is ending.
  65. We have a lead. Well, it’s more of a stupid ass guess, but it’s somethin’
  66. “Where did you bury her?”
    “Lake Baika”
  67. “We have possible sighting of her in Waterfront Park, Seattle”
    “How sure?“
    “It’s her. It’s definitely her.”
  68. “Your name is James? But you’re a girl“
    “My father was in drugs when he decided it“
  69. Explain the blood
  70. I pulled the trigger, hoping that the bullet magically would turn around and kill me instead
  71. “I’m a graphic designer, not a firefighter!”
    “Nobody told you how to throw water to a fire?”
  72. who did you manage to fell asleep in the bathtub?
  73. You really have high tolerance of pain, don’t ya?
  74. “Does your shoulder hurt?”
    “I have a butcher knife sticking out of me! What the fuck do you think?!”
  75. It’s amazes me how you are willingly to put your body through everything only to hurt her
  76. “Will you dig me out if this collapses in?
  77. She slowly brought the spoon to her mouth, closing her eyes as the warm liquid touched her lips. It was like she was afraid to eat. 
  78. There was no sympathy in her words
  79. Her past flickered in her eyes, the torture and pain coming back in waves.  
  80. Have you eaten breakfast yet?
  81. If she hits someone again, she will get kicked out
  82. She might be in prison by then
  83. She threw her bag and the cigarettes on the backseat
  84. She laid on her bed, pouring last of the mashed up chips down her throat. Relaxing her arms and letting them slam down against the mattress. 
  85. She didn’t fight back, not against him.“
  86. Tell me that this is never going change”
    “But the truth is, this is going to change.
  87. I jumped to the couch, placing my leg on his lap. “Touch me.” I dramatically whispered, “I just shaved.” Isaiah laughed, pushing my legs away. 
  88. Ohhh, that ain’t good
  89. I don’t aim on being the sweetheart one
  90. I kept the helm of the dress up, as I ran towards Leo, grabbing him into one arm hug
  91. After I had kicked the ball to Gordon, a third leg intervened, tackling me to the ground. 
  92. His leg managed to connect left side of my face
  93. On second period, I dragged myself in my car and passed out in the backseat
  94. She and Diego did every single thing that a parents would do for their kids
  95. You still don’t seem to understand. She doesn’t care if she dies, and that’s a biggest problem for us
  96. I am parked outside your house, so get your ass out here or we’re gonna leave
  97. Okay, I just want to put you on mute right now
  98. My girl, you are crazy as hell
  99. Bennett leaned against the wall, staring down at my shoes as I nervously tapped it against the ground
  100. You do whatever you hate to do to save her
  101. “Don’t be an asshole this time, okay?”
    “If you mean the blood mojito thing, it wasn’t my fault –“
    “It was definitely your fault, so shut up.”
  102. She had her head over the sink, both doctors stapling her busted up head
  103. “Put a towel under your head so the sheets won’t be bloody.”
  104. The bandages around my torso constricted painfully as I drew in a deep breath, hoping the stitches wouldn’t tear. 
  105. It’s special if he choice you from 23 girls.”
    “Yes, or he might be a serial killer or creepy otherwise.”
    “Or like last time, it might be grandpa of one of our girls and you have to bring your medical past back up.”
  106. Okay, that was an aggressive door slam.
  107. ”Just a heads up, Eric’s looking for you”
    Of course he is.”
  108.  One week here, and she stabbed three of our staff members, landed seven patient into medical care.  
  109. She’s the best damn sniper in this base
  110. I mean let’s be honest. This isn’t exactly working. 
  111. You still believe in happy endings? 
  112. Both of them could see the silvery white scar, about a half an inch wide, midway down her rib cage. 
  113. Ronnie was regretting her idea of putting high heeled ankle boots as she struggled to keep up with Nikki, who was walking ahead, kicking the snow and sleet
  114. Half-finished cigarette stumps were scattered on the last step
  115. My job is to run in front of everyone and not to get killed. Simple
  116. I jumped around to keep the balance as I ripped my shoe off, chunking it away to corner.
  117. “Anslo is going to kill you”
    “Quite many people are going to kill me”
  118. “I don’t think you understand.. I’m not an angel. I kill people, I murder people.. it’s my work, my job is to kill.”
  119. “If you ever again hurt her, look at her bad way.. I will kick in your miserable little balls. I will show you how it feels like to be beaten by somebody how once said ‘I love you’ to you. I can make it to hurt..”
  120. ”You should get somebody who actually wants to help you”
    “I will buy you double”
  121. “Could you explain why you are even with him?”
    “Somebody’s gotta do it. I’m taking a bullet for everybody else”
  122. “How can you even sleep next to him?”
    “Well, the snarleks is paying off with other things”
    “I don’t wanna even know.”
  123. Hey Mikey! Your father wants you to phone!
  124. You want to play her game? Don’t. You don’t want to get into it, believe me.
  125. Drown on a fish pool asshole
  126. Apparently I’m only good at taking beatings
  127. “I trust her”
    “It doesn’t matter. She doesn’t trust herself.”
  128. Someone just proposed in our dorm. Anybody know who’s Marley
  129. The dwarf looked her with disgust
  130. “Do you think she will stay?”
    “Knowing her.. I think she will 
  131. “You were supposed to bring the ladder”
    “I did. The bike is the ladder.”
    “No! Bike is not a ladder.”
    “I hold it, you climb up the wall of amazement.” 
  132. She wouldn’t last much longer, both of them knew it. Her knees were going to give up soon
  133. She leaned her forehead against the wall, letting the cold water run down her back.  
  134. “The safe house in Casablanca has been compromised”
  135. He ran up the stairs of Pinehurst Avenue 
  136. On the back roads of Nebraska, custom made Harley left a dusty cloud behind as it roared down the gravel route. 
  137. “I got inspired by genius but insane dictator Adolf Hitler, and got six.”
    “I can’t possibly imagine what word you got.”
  138. Lee can’t stop laughing, so I already have thoughts about this.
  139. “Question is, would I lie to you?”
    “She totally would.”
  140. I once had to dive out of my girlfriend’s window because his father tried to chop me in half with an axe
  141. Whatever she says, you do and you follow her 
  142. Don’t get into a fucking knife fight
  143. “Do you want me to do it?”
    “Are you sure? Hundred present sure? I have great change of breaking his neck”
  144. I just need to you are  alright, call me back.
  145. I may be getting way too old for this
  146. “I have to… go.. Need to shower my.. cat”
    “She doesn’t want to talk you assbag, go along”
  147. “Shut up, you don’t have option in this. Take the fucking leather tie off and don’t do anything stupid.”
  148. “Yeah, give her a reason to trust you even less!”
    “It’s not my fault that she can’t trust anybody!”
    “No, it’s exactly people like you why she can’t do that anymore.”
  149. You can’t just keep hitting everything you see 
  150. “You look like..”
    “Mess? I’m aware”
  151. You just fucked up our dinner!
  152. “What are you –?”
    “My father was one of the nutcases that were obsessed with zombie outbreak. Turns out that fucker was right.”
  153. Let the man in before he breaks my doorbell
  154. “I’m going to stay out of it this time. My old man is going to send me in Chicago if I get expelled one more time.”
    “What’s in Chicago?”
    “Not him.”
  155. I hold my books up against his chest, to keep his face coming even inch closer. 
  156. “Don’t be childish!”
    “What does that even mean?”
  157. If you haven’t noticed, huge part of my leg is in the desert in Afghanistan
  158. Charles had never understood her, but he had accepted that he couldn’t  
  159. John poured half bottle of vodka on me
  160. “He’s passed out in very weird position in the bathroom.”
  161. Stop slapping me with rings on! It h.u.r.t.s!
  162. Stop asking me to be your girlfriend! 
  163. Help me get off these stupid boyshorts.
  164. I can’t feel my thighs 
  165. Do you know how much replacing doors cost? Windows are also so fucking expensive.
  166. just remember personal space with her and you will be alright
  167. “You are so needy right now”
    “I’m aware”
  168. the game of ‘don’t touch the jellyfish’ is more painful than I thought
  169. there’s no people in 10 miles and I managed to run into a maniac
  170. “Do I have to?”
    “Sooner or later.”
    “Well I’m sure she’s willing to tell everything to you.”
  171. Do you think I can swallow the charge cord?
  172. “Do we have a ladder?”
    “If you’re trying to take the perfect photo of Empire State Building in our roof. No, we do not own a ladder.”
    “I just want to take the poster down from the ceiling.”
  173. “Are you and - ?”
    “Jackson. We are roommates.”
  174. “It’s landlord!”
    “Okay, we practiced this! Go, go!”
  175. yeah, you tried to drink beer out of you eye, it was quite amusing to look actually 
  176. Who did you run into a gun wielding gang within a two minutes entering here?
  177. “That’s not smart!”
    “I’m not trying to be smart!”
  178. “He has slight problems”
    “I mean, we can discuss this whole night but”
  179. “When’s the last time you ate? And I mean real food.”
    “I had those ribs two days ago at your house”
  180. She has friends in high places, that’s why she has the job
  181. “How’s she alive?”
    “I’ve been asking that since she was born”
  182. “Does she have TV in there?”
    “Had. But her idea of shutting it off was to shoot it, so”
  183. “Go low!”
    “Low? What do you mean low? Stop confusing me!”
  184. You wrapped pizza box.. most amazing birthday present ever 
  185. “You mind if I crash here?”
  186. He uses fancy words that I don’t understand
  187. “Is your hair still green?”
    “I don’t think my mother really wants to me to ruin my hair again”
  188. Just pull your hood up. 
  189. You are same age now that your mother got you, she may not be worried but I am! 
  190. Your father looks like bodybuilding Santa. It’s quite attractive 
  191. “I know nobody here. What I’m going to do?”
    “Blend in.”
  192. Can you stop hanging out alone in the bathrooms when we are in parties? 
  193. What we discussed about the B-word?
  194. “So he can call you bitch but I can’t?”
    “You already call me slut. Easy with the insults okay?”
  195. “Why do you have a shirt with my face in it?”
    “You’re my best friend”
  196. “What’s wrong with you?”
    “I have kind of fucked up nerve ends”
  197. I got no fucking gun!
  198. What does under control mean to you? Because you have bazooka in your hands and I don’t think it’s safety to blast it inside the house  
  199. “You’re dating a firefighter?”
    “Well dating is a strong term to use”
  200. It’s like you don’t even know how much I love you
All That I Am — Part 2

a/n: i’m so glad people have liked this so far! i wasn’t planning on posting this until i was halfway through with part three, but i’m super excited about this part and i really just wanted people to read. the other parts will probably take a while before they get written/posted because i have rehearsals coming up this week. comments welcome!

Rating: T

Word Count: 4,638

Part 1 / Part 3

Elain’s first day with Lucien in the gardens was nothing like she had expected it would be. He didn’t force her to say anything and he hadn’t spoken much either. Elain had scrounged up a more comfortable outfit, loose trousers and a top that flowed off her dainty form. She’d realized begrudgingly that she’d picked something more akin to what she had worn during her time in the Night Court and less like what she would have worn at home.

She didn’t work up the courage to ask him about anything of importance, and she didn’t think he trusted her enough to tell her anything yet, anyway. Mate or not, they still had no relationship at all.

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Top 10 romantic ships in One Tree Hill (as voted by my followers) → #1: Haley James Scott and Nathan Scott
“Haley, you got a tattoo for God sakes. It just freaks me out a little bit because obviously this whole thing with us means a lot to you. I just don’t want to do anything to pressure you or drive you away. Even though sometimes I can’t help it. Just like I can’t help that I fell in love with you. Cause I did. I love you, Haley. And it scares me, a little bit, but, there it is.

TJ Perkins - You Make Everything Better

TJ Perkins - Reader gets hurt in a match and TJ takes care of her and tells her that she’s okay.

Request for - @beckygirl0523

Warnings - Fluff, Swearing, possible angst

Word Count - 970 Words

Originally posted by tjpfrance

______________________________________________________________ Although your career was fairly short, at just four years - you had performed the ‘moonsault’ top rope manoeuvre hundreds of times, on many different opponents and you had always executed it perfectly; not so much as a even a sprained ankle. But tonight in your match against Alexa Bliss you performed the move exactly the same as you had for the last four years - but as soon your left leg hit the ground an excruciating pain shot through your knee at lightning speed causing tears to automatically spring to your eyes.

Oh fuck, those words ran through your head like a mantra; but you fought through the pain dropping down to your knees in order to pin her, as soon as the refs hand slapped the mat for the finale of the count you hurriedly stood from your knelt position. Yeah, worst idea ever. You grimaced as you blindly reached for the ropes using them to support yourself. The ref quickly noticed the discomfort that was made evident by your contorted features and ran to help you out of the ring up the ramp.


TJ stood biting his nails nervously as he waited for you in the gorilla - the second you entered his eye sight he rushed over to you; concern displayed clear as day through his furrowed brows and sadden eyes.

“Sweetie, what happened?” the words spilled out of his mouth in an almost incomprehensible manner as he took you from the officials support and into a bridal carry - being careful to mind your knee as he carried you to the medical office.

“I-I don’t know TJ, I-I performed the move the same way i have for four years but as soon as i landed m-my knee just - the pain it’s so bad” you stuttered through sniffles and hiccups. Your boyfriend gave you a sympathetic look - clearly unsure of how to comfort you as he placed you gently in front of the medic.

As the Dr examined you knee TJ played with strands of your hair to keep you calm; knowing you absolutely detested anything to do with doctors or medical rooms. 

After around a half hour examination the doc bandaged up your knee and applied some numbing gel to help with pain - but insisted you get an x-ray in the morning - telling you it could be around 2-3 months out of action. Upon hearing the news TJ saw the distraught look that flooded your features and instantly began to reassure you.

“Everything will be okay Y/N, i promise - even if you do need a few months off i’ll be there every step of the way and hey you’ll get to finish that book you started reading last November” he chuckled then offering to take you home and curl up and watch re runs of One Tree Hill. The image mentally made you smile as you nodded; more teasing falling down your rouged cheeks.

~Back at your hotel~

TJ had just run to the shop right along the road to stock up on yours and his favourite snacks; he had left you with what he knew was your favourite episode of OTH- one that usually made you giggle, tears streaming down your face in laughter. But this time, your mind was preoccupied with thoughts and ‘What Ifs’ that you’d rather not be having: What if the injury is really bad? What if it’s more than 2-3 months? Can yours and TJ’s new relationship survive 2-3 months apart? The barrage of questions ran through your head at a million miles an hour, only stopped when you heard your boyfriends cheery voice ring through the hotel room.

“Hey Sweetie, i brought Doritos, that healthy chocolate brownie ice cream you like, salted pretzels and fruity chewy things” he smiled enthusiastically sitting down next to you. His face quickly fell as he studied your features; recognising your blood shot, puffy eyes and panda like streaked make-up.

“Have you been crying again?” he questioned one of his slightly calloused fingers collecting a few stray beads of water from your cheeks. His chocolate brown eyes scanning yours fiercely knowing that you would try and deny it, he placed the back of food on the floor and pulled you into his muscled chest and took your dainty hand in his “Sweetie, i promise you you’re going to be okay. 2-3 months; it’s nothing that’s even if you end up being out at all - doc said it could just be a sprain which would be 100% healed and ready to go by the next RAW” he placed a small peck on your temple. “and if you are out for some time, i will call you everyday and hey! We can get that adorable Frenchie puppy you wanted so badly” he spoke gazing into your eyes. You sniffled and placed a kiss on his lips.

“I am so lucky to have you TJ, i’d be a mess without you” you giggled squeezing his hand. You paused for a moment in a comfortable silence before you spoke up again, “Can we get the Frenchie anyway?” you pleaded giving him your best puppy dog eyes. “I already have the name picked out” you tried to reason with him.

“Sweetheart, i would buy you the world if it made you happy and i would do that all because I love you. I love you to the moon and back a thousand times.” TJ spoke - and although it was the cringe-worthiest thing you’d heard in a while, it made your heart flutter. The same way it did when you first met him and to you; you knew that despite the looming uncertainty of your injury tonight was perfect. You, your incredible boyfriend and a litre tub of chocolate ice cream.

A/N: Hey guys! Our next TJP imagine is finally here! I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it ~ Moxxii


Summary: You can’t sleep, so you decide to wake Tyler.

Word Count: 549

Pairing: Tyler x Reader

You rolled over and laid your head on Tyler’s chest. You felt it rise and fall with each breath he took and looked up to see him sleeping peacefully.  A glint of bright red lights catches your eye from the right of you, and you can read 1:38 in the middle of the thick darkness of the room. You had been awake for almost two hours after Tyler had fallen asleep. Contemplating it, your lonely side gets the better of you as you decide you can’t handle it anymore and poke his cheek.




“Y/N, wha, what?”

“I can’t sleep.”

“So you woke me up? At whatever time it is,” he said with a yawn.

“It’s 1:40 now,” you said, looking at the clock. “And I can’t sleep. It’s been almost two hours.” You finished, wrapping your arms around his upper body.

“Oh yeah… ‘Oh, don’t worry, eight isn’t too late to drink a venti caramel iced coffee!’” he mimicked you with as much energy as he could have in the middle of the night.

“Hey!” You said playfully, slapping his chest. “It’s not my fault Mark wanted to film another challenge video and needed a camera person and asked me to do a thumbnail!”

He just giggles at you, squinting his eyes.

“Tyler Scheid. Do. Not. Laugh. At. Me.”

“You’re adorable, Y/N,” he said, as he kissed the top of your head. A nice silence fell over the room and Tyler thought he might be able to go back to sleep. You laid there with your head in the crook of his neck and had one arm on his shoulder and one arm thrown across his torso by his hip, stroking his side. Just as Tyler closed his eyes as if he was going to sleep another 40 years, you opened your mouth, ready to speak.

“Do you believe in aliens, Ty?” He grabbed a pillow and smacked you square in the head, careful not to do it to hard.

“Go the fuck to sleep, Y/N.” He said emotionless. You didn’t back down.

“No, I’m serious. The universe is huge. We can’t be the only people in it. Like, there has to be oth-”

“I swear I love you, but- where do you get this stuff?.” He sounded more awake now, cutting you off.

“Excuuusee me. I. Was speaking.” You sassed him as much as you could. “Anyways. There has to be other species out there. We can’t be the only ones.”

A sigh came out of the lump lying next to you. “Yes. I agree. Please baby. Just. Go to fucking bed,” he whined

“Alright. I feel kinda tired now. I can probably go to sleep.” When you finished that sentence he looked as if the heavens had opened up for him.

“Goodnight. Love you, Ty.” You wrapped your arms back around him just as before and nestled back into the crook of his neck, intertwining your legs.

“Goodnight. I love you too, Y/N.” He said, wrapping his arms around you and planting a kiss on your lips, before succumbing to his sweet slumber once more.

You felt a minor smirk planted on your face as you yourself finally came to peace with the night and fell asleep.

Hidden Truths

Summary: Jaebum won’t leave until you hear the truth; painful or not.

Word Count: 1,497

Originally posted by imjaeboms

You watched the dew drop fall from the leaves on the tree outside of your office window. There was a slight fog that covered the streets as the sun started to rise and cars began to fill the streets. You always loved getting to work early and watching the crowds of people form. After hours of people gazing you breathed in the scent of perfume from no doubt, your secretary who always wore Japanese Cherry Blossom everyday of her life. But somehow the smell was a comforting reminder of the office. 

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My thoughts on CPD 4x17

I had no plans on writing my thoughts about Linstead in 4x17 but then I saw a post/tweet last night about:

  • how Linstead is dead
  • how Jay Halstead (as a character) is ruined

…and I was unable to sleep after reading that. So here are my thoughts under the cut. WARNING: Long post ahead because I am going full on detail on some stuff.

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I’m finally making a list of Fic recs. All for elsanna. (Most are M but not all and not all have smut) Separating into WIP and Complete. Another note: These are the ones with Elsanna I decided not to include stories with no romantic focus. (I can recc those separately if there is interest.)

I FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO A CUT YOU’RE WELCOME. Cuz this is getting long. I haven’t even included ALL of my elsanna favorites from but it was hard picking favorites from favorites. (If you want more than this check there.)  ALL OF THEM ARE AMAZING (And like… ¼ way through I started regretting this decision because CHOOSING and I REREAD LIKE HALF OF THEM FUCK) Plz appreciate (HOLY FRICK THIS TOOK FOREVER, ALSO I AM STILL MISSING FIC I WANTED TO FAVE OR IT DELETED ;o;)

My descriptions are minimal so I encourage clicking the link! (Let me know if any are broken)

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Mikaelson sister: Death of a sister

Words count: 3198

Warning: SAD

REQUESTED: This was a request a bloody long one but I loved it so much, I’m so proud of how it came out and i hope you liked it. Even though I didn’t really go as you asked all the way. I tried my best. Also I only included Rebekah, Elijah and Nik from The Mikaelsons. In a small voice *sorry*

The request was too long for me insert a picture of it or a screenshot.

REQUESTED BY: @nicolerachel12

Problem with the GIF the post can’t upload with the Gifs, so this will be posted without any, but I’ll add them later.

Mikaelson sister: Death of a sister

You’re an Original, and not just any original. You’re the oldest of them, AND the first Hybrid. I’m not talking about werewolf/vampire hybrid. You’re a different king, the one and only kind. You’re a werewolf, vampire, witch and banshee. No one knows how you came to be but no one is stronger than you. And that made you have enemy’s lots of them. You and your siblings always stood together. Helped each other, saved each other.

Even when Klaus daggered your siblings you always came to him when he needed help, and now that you know they’re in great danger, the witches and Marcel are conspiring against you and your family you ran to them.

You ran to your house at the quarter and searched for them but didn’t find them anywhere. You started to panic ‘What if I was too late?’ ‘What if they’re already dead?’ ‘What if I’m the only one?’ a lot of what if’s kept running through your mind, it didn’t help your panicking. You rushed to the only other place the witches will have them. The graveyard.

You ran, and ran like never before. And you made it just in time to find your siblings on the ground next to each other. Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah. Your heart started to beat faster.

“What are you doing?” You hissed at the witches and Marcel. “What did you do?”

“Finally.” Marcel said smirking, smug with himself. “I was starting to think you fled.”

“Came to join your siblings?” One of the witches asked you.

“You know that can’t be happening, I’m stronger than you all combined.” You said angrily. “Now what did you do to them?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” One of the witches asked smug.

“All you need to know is that, they’re going to die.” Marcel said and the witches started to mutter a spill.

“NO, no stop!” You shouted and stepped closer to them. “I SAID STOP!”

Every sound stopped it was like every sound around you turned mute. The witches stopped and Marcel looked at you.

“Just stop what do you want?” You asked them tears gathered in your eyes. “I’ll do anything.”

“Now, why would we kill you and keep three other Originals?” Marcel asked you and you panicked for a moment.

“M-Marcel, you hate you hate me more than you do my siblings all combined.” You said and tried to change his mind. “And I’m stronger than you witches, Marcel my brother saved you he raised you he took you in like a part of our family, he loved you more than most of us.”

Marcel and the witches looked at each other and thought about you just said. They seemed to doubt what you said. Just as they were about to say no, you said an offer they won’t refuse.

“Kill me.” You said suddenly.

“Kill you?” Marcel asked you confused, he and everyone looked confused.

“Yes, kill me, ME.” You shouted for them. “Me, leave my family alone and kill me. Because if you don’t I’ll kill you all if you don’t.”

“Fine we’ll do it.” A witch said and everyone else agreed.

“Then come on.” You said and waved your hand around you   for them to circle you. The witches did that and they held hands around you. They started to say the spill and you discreetly started to say the spill trying for them not hear. You slowly got weaker and weaker as the witches and your spill started to take effect. You weren’t trying to kill yourself. You were giving your powers to Rebekah, if you didn’t the witches would try to get it from your body.

After you gave Rebekah all your powers you screamed and screamed you fell to your knees just as the witches stopped.

“It’s done.” The witch said to Marcel. “She’s human.”

“Good, finally we’ll be done of this little b!tch.” Marcel said and he kicked you so you laid on your back, you groaned in pain. He crushed down next to you and moved your hair out of your face. “I’ve dreamt about this day for so long.”

“I d-didn’t do anything to you.” You breathed out.

“That’s what you think.” Marcel said just as you heard movement behind you.

“They’ll wake any second, we’re leaving.” The witches left.

“Thank you for your help.” Marcel said and he turned back to you. Marcel took a steak from his back jeans pocket and stabbed you in the stomach.

You groaned but held in your screams.

“Goodbye (y/n).” Marcel vanished just as Klaus woke up. Klaus sat up and looked beside him to see Elijah and Rebekah.

“Nik.” You weakly called for your brother. Klaus’ head snapped to look at you, he looked shocked and vamp speed to you, he feel on his knees beside you. Klaus tried to take out the steak, before you stopped him. “No, stop.”

“(y/n) I have to take it out for you to heal.” Nik said.

“I’m human Nik, I’m dying.” You said and Rebekah and Elijah were also by your side just as you said those words.

“We’ll give you, our blood and you’ll be fine.” Rebekah said and you shook your head weakly.

“You won’t be able to.” You told her and smiled weakly at them. “The witches cursed me, nothing will be able to heal me.”

“Don’t say that sister.” Elijah said and he ran his hand through your hair.

“Elijah my dear brother, there’s nothing for us to do now.” You told him and took a deep breath. “You have been there for me always. You stood by me no… no matter what. You gave me advice when I needed one, you gave me a-a shoulder for me to cry on and I love you for that.”

“And I love you too sister.” Elijah had tears streaming down your face and held in your as much as you could.

“My Bekah, my only sister. I love you so much.” You told her turning your head slowly to look at her. “I know we sometime fought but I was always trying to-to look out for you, I never wanted any… one to hurt my-my sister. Because you were always had my back and felt my pain, I love you little Bekah.”

“(y/n) I love you too.” Rebekah started to sob and Elijah took her in his arms, you felt emotional pain stronger than your physical pain while you watched them cry.

“Nik.” You said softly and he gently helped you look at him. “I want you to know I always loved you, I never…ever w-wanted to hurt you an-and if I did I’m truly sorry. I always tried my best to make you feel loved e-even when you were being stupid. I love you little brother.”

“No one has ever loved me like you do (y/n) and I love you sister more than anything.” Nik said and he too had tears running down his face. You let yours run freely.

“You all are my… my family, and I l-love you all, so-so much and… and I want you to move on without me don’t let my death bring you down, especially you Rebekah since I gave you my powers, use them well, make me even prouder than I am. And I am proud of you all. I could have never wished for another family, being a Mikaelson has been a great pleasure, but being your older sister has been my greatest ac-ac-complishment. Just move on mourn me but move on live on live for me and for this family dead or alive, for Finn and Kol. Live for Hayley and live… live for Hope.”

You didn’t have any more energy in you, you took shaky breath in and out as you held on to what’s keeping you alive.

“No, no (y/n) don’t die, please don’t die.” Rebekah said but you didn’t have the energy to look at her. Klaus took your hand in his while Elijah moved behind you and put your head on his leg so you were more comfortable even though you were laying in your blood. Rebekah took your hand in both of hers and leaned on to you. She was careful not to touch the wound.

“(y/n) don’t leave us big sister.” Klaus said and he kissed the back of your hand lightly.

“Ta-ake c-care of e-each oth-er… for m-me.” You said and looked to the night sky above you.

“We will.” You heard Elijah say shakily just as you released your last breath, and you moved to the other side with a smile on your face.

“NO.” Rebekah screamed and Klaus held her in his arms. Elijah moved you up so your back was to his chest. You moved to the other side and watched your siblings in sadness. Elijah cried while he held you, seeing your family like this broke your heart. It took them almost an hour to collect themselves and stop crying… for now. Elijah gently took the steak out of your stomach and carried you to the car. He gave you to Rebekah who sat down in the back. Elijah and Nik sat in front with Elijah driving. They all sat in silence. When they got there Klaus carried you inside while Elijah had his hands wrapped around Bekah.

Klaus walked into the quarter, every person in the quarter stopped what they were doing as they watched the Originals walk with you in Klaus’ eyes, not moving. As much as you had enemies you had friends. And they loved you so much they’d die for you. Those who loved you had tears in their eyes.

Hayley walked out of her room with Hope in her arms, she looked to where everyone was looking to see you in Nik’s arms she let out a low ‘Oh my god.’ And she too had tears in her eyes. Nik walked up the stairs and to your room he laid you down on your bed, before walking out quickly. He looked down to the vampires in the quarter.

“Get me every witch you can find and find me Marcel.” He called to the vampires, his voice shook with anger. He walked back to your room to find that Hayley has joined his siblings. You stood aside watching them. “I’ll kill everyone who had a hand in this.”

“Nik-“ Elijah started to say when Nik interrupted him.

“No, Elijah I will not stand down when they killed my sister.” Nik glared at Elijah before looking at you and his face softened and he looked broken.

“I was about to say I’ll help you, anyone who helped make this happen will suffer.” Elijah said determent, he has never wanted to kill anyone as much as he wanted to kill those who put you in the state you’re in.

“Then we do it as a family.” Rebekah said and looked at her brothers. “We’ve been losing siblings since before we became vampires, no more.”

“No more.” Elijah said and they looked at Nik who nodded.

“No more.” You smiled as you watched them work together even if you didn’t want them to get in danger to avenge you. You would like to see Marcel and the witches dead.




Rebekah kicked the boys out of the room with Hope, and she and Hayley started to strip you, stitch your stomach and then clean you. They dressed you in a beautiful long dress and comped your hair they even but a little blush so it gave you a more living look. Rebekah did her best at keeping her tears in, but a few slipped here and there. Hayley had decided to be strong for the family and didn’t cry she kept her tears to herself until she was a lone, you beside Elijah has been the most caring person before and after the pregnancy.

When they dolled you up, they invited Elijah and Nik who was holding Hope in his arms.

“Where will you bury her?” Hayley asked breaking the silence. She took Hope frim Nik, and held her close.

“We have arranged for a place to be spilled by a witch who was close to (y/n) so shell buried there.” Elijah said his accent thicker than ever before.

“We’ll bury Kol and Finn with her.” Nik said and that was news to Elijah. Nik will finally bury his brothers instead of just inside the coffins. “She would have wanted them to be buried with her.”

You smiled and wished to be able to hug him right now. Before anyone could reply they hear shouting from down stairs. They all rushed outside, with Hayley and Hope in the back.

“We found them.” Diago one of the vampire you have been nice to and he loved you like a big sister, as you always looked out for him.

On the ground was ten witches who were beaten down almost dead. Which was the only way to get them here without them killing any other vampire.

“Good.” Nik said simply before he jumped down to stand before the witches, Elijah and Rebekah following suite.

“You are here today to be punished for your crimes against my family.” Elijah said to the witches and they looked up at him in fear.

“And for killing OUR older sister.” Rebekah finished for him.

“The punishment MY family sees fit is killing you one by one just to see you all suffer.” Nik told them his eyes flashing yellow.

“Let us begin then.”

“WAIT!” A voice called everyone mines the witches looked to see three vampires dragging Marcel in.

“Glad you could join the party Marcel.” Nik called out coldly.

“And look at that the guest of honor is not here.” He said acting brave, he knew he’ll die so why not die looking brave. “Oh right I KILLED HER, AND I’LL DO IT AGAIN.”

And with that this day remains one that almost every witch and vampire remembers. The day ten witches and a vampire died, because they killed and Original. That was a lesson to all to not miss with the Originals, they WILL get revenge and avenge those they love. Which isn’t much.

With your death a lot has mourned, all over the world people cried because of your death. Even in Mystic falls a few had shed some tears, when the news got to them. That (y/n) Mikaelson has died. But she died with honor. She died protecting what she stands for. She dies protecting her family, and she will do it all over again if she could.





6 YEARS LATER (Hope is 7)

As little Hope ran around the house trying to hide from her aunt as they played hid-and-seek, she stumbled into the room where she was never allowed to go into, it was bright in the room because of the windows. She found a room full of things old things, chests, books clothes a lot of things. She looked around in wander, until her eyes settled on painting done by her father of one of the most beautiful women she has ever seen.

“Hope! Where are you?” Hope heard her aunt call, and then a few voices joined in calling her.

“Honestly Bekah how can you lose her?” Nik’s voice came in. Hope heard them coming close and closer until their footsteps suddenly stopped. Then one set of footsteps continued. “Hope, are you in here love?”

“Yes, daddy!” Her little voice called for Nik, who walked in to see his daughter standing in front of the painting he has drawn of you.

“Hope what are you doing in here?” Hayley asked as she walked in with Elijah and Rebekah. “I told you can’t come in here.”

“I sorry mommy, but who is this?” She asked and pointed at your picture, you watched them and smile, you’re always watching them.

“That’s your aunty (Y/n).” Nik told his daughter and crushed down beside her, as he too gazed at your face, wishing it was real and you were standing in front of him.

“I have another aunty?” The little girl asked excited.

“You had another aunty.” Elijah corrected her, and Hope being smart she noticed the past used in describing you.

“What happened to her?” Hope asked looking at her father for answer but it was Rebekah who answered.

“Life happened.” Rebekah said sadly, looking around the room that was filled with your favorite things.

“Can I see her?” Hope asked and Nik nodded.

“I think it’s time to visit our sister.” Niklaus said and they all left the house and drove to where they buried you with Kol and Finn.

After parking in the middle of nowhere near the woods, they got out and started walking through the woods until they found a clearing which had three tombstones in it. All held a name. The first Finn Mikaelson and on the left Kol Mikaelson and in the middle (y/n) Mikaelson.

They walked nearer and passer the barrier which allowed only those who had Mikaelson blood and Hayley to pass.

“Those too belong to your uncles Finn and Kol.” Nik said pointing to both tombstones.

“And that one is your aunt (y/n).” Hayley said and pointed to yours.

“Why is she here?” Hope asked innocently.

“Well, darling your aunty was a great woman, she was the oldest, and she was so caring.” Elijah started to say. “She was loved by all who truly knew her.”

“She was wise and understanding.” Rebekah said sadly. “She was so powerful too, even stronger than your father.”

“She was accepting and-and just bloody amazing.” Klaus said as he smiled sadly.

“She was beautiful and she was loved and loving, she loved you so much.” Hayley said to her daughter. “She has protected you aunt and uncle and your dad but by doing so she had passed away in the process.”

“So many had mourned her, a lot of people missed her, and still do.” Nik said and he walked up to your tombstone and placed his hand on it, he bowed his head closing his eyes in the process, to trap the tears.

“I wish I met her.” Hope’s childish voice said and Hayley and Rebekah smiled down at her. “She sounds amazing, but she must be in peace now.”

“What do you mean?” Elijah asked his niece.

“Mommy said that all good people are happy after they die, and you said that aunty (y/n) was good so she must be happy and she must be watching over us, and being with us all the time.”

They looked at the small girl that reminded all of them of you, with her hear that is filled with goodness and her judgment of things and her intelligence.

“Yes she must be.” Rebekah said softly and they all stood in silence remembering you. And you watched them with tears in your eyes. Tears of joy as you watched your family evolve and continue to stand by each other more than ever. And your wish had come true your family is strong, stronger than ever before.

Because family comes first.

Hurting RemusXReader

No one requested this but I just realy need to write something. 

Enjoy. -Madi 

Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines

Heart break hurts. Everyone knows that, it’s not like feeling yourt heart split in two can ever be a pleasant feeling. You have to witness heartbreak at least once in your life. Sometimes you witness it multiple times throughout your life, but after a while you begin to get used to it. I go through the same motions every damn time. Flirt, dream, hope endlessly, rinse and fucking repeat.

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lavinnablackhearts  asked:

I kinda wounder what happened in the kegdeup comic at the end love your art by the way keep it up

hhh… well,


the content of that comic if it’s continue will be like really nsfw++ and my thought of sans is just they’re in some highschool hentai story ghhh

okay just to get the story plot the medicine ended up making sans in heat and boom he’s ended up doing fricka flack with fell and thus the ship sail, sans got mind controlled because of too much ‘enjoyment’ he gets. 

so there we go gahhh


anonymous asked:

Write another fratboy!! I need to know what happens next! 😫

Okay, so here it is, part 4! Thanks for all the requests! I hope you find this satisfying. I’ll keep writing as long as you keep requesting.

You awoke with a start, an annoying sound interrupting the nonsensical dream you were having. Sitting up in bed, you realized it was your ringtone. You reached over to the night stand to pick up your phone, the bright light from the screen blinding you in your disoriented state.

Harry. Why the hell was he calling you at…you glanced at the time…2:24 in the morning?

With only a second more of hesitation, you swiped the screen.

“Hello?” you answered in a groggy voice.

“Heyyyyy. You answered! I didn’t think you would.”

“And why not?” you asked sarcastically. “Maybe because it’s after 2AM?”

“Oh shit,” Harry exclaimed with a giggle. “Did I wake you?”

You sighed, debating whether or not to say something else sarcastic, but decided against it. “Yes, you did.”

“I’m sorry, baby,” he half pouted.

You rolled your eyes. “What do you want, Harry?”

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Whore (Part 3)


Summary: Dean finally let it out. He told you how he actually felt about you. But, will you accept them and give him a second chance, or will it completely blow up in his face

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1027

Warnings: Some angst, some fluff.

(A/N): Well, this is the last part of “Whore.” Guys, this was a really fun short series to write and I’m glad so many of you actually enjoyed it. To tell you the truth, when I posted the first part, I wasn’t really proud of this story. I didn’t think that this was my best write. I prepared myself to get some likes, maybe one or two re-blogs. Maybe gain a follower or two… But, what I didn’t expect…. What I didn’t expect was to see so many asks and questions to continue it. I didn’t expect the amount of followers that I now have, or the many likes and re-blogs. I’m not trying to brag, all i’m trying to do is thank you guys. THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH! You have no idea how happy ya’ll actually make me. I honestly have no words to describe how much. 

Anyway, I’m done with my positive rant xD. I really hope you enjoy this last part. Like I said, I had fun writing this. I may or may not do a mini epilogue but I can’t say for sure. Now, on with the ending!”

(BTW: (Y/L/N) mean “Your Last Name” for those of you who didn’t know.)

(Part 1), (Part 2)

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Dean Winchester- True love

Title:True love

Pairings: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count:1271

Request: Hi! Love your writing!!! Can you do a DeanxReader one shot where shes been hunting with the guys for a while now and they are hunting a witch. The witch puts a spell on sam and dean so they both fall in love with the reader and they they start fighting over her. When the spell wheres off dean realizes that what he felt was real and he really loves the reader. And lots of fluff!!!!

“I hate witches” Dean grumbled, his eyes narrowing in disgust. Your’s narrowed in annoyance as you and Sam shared a ‘look’. 

“We know Dean” You muttered under your breath in a hushed whisper. 'You happened to mention that every time we hunt witches’’ You added. Dean turned his head towards you giving you a sharp glare. 

“Their always spilling thei-”

“Bodily fluids” You and Sam chorused together. Dean grumbled something under his breath, his tongue darting out to lick his lips. You rolled your eyes once more, before gripping your gun tighter in your hands. Your feet shuffled against the dirty floor, your head peaking around the corner. 

“Me and Dean go in first, (y/n), you go around back” Sam instructed. You nodded turning around to find the back exit. 


“ 'Take the back exit (y/n)’ 'do this (y/n)’ 'Me and Dean will go this way (y/n)’ ” You mimicked Sam in an annoyed tone. You hissed as you trod over bushes, the twigs scratching at your ankles. “Imma kill big foot when I see him” You growled, referring to Sam. 

Finally, you spotted a little red door. Your arms fell limp at your side, your gun pressing against your thigh. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” You yelped, hand tugging through your locks in frustration. 

“Do I look like an elf!!” You snapped, storming over to the tiny door. You grumbled and groaned as you bent down. “Owh! GAWDDD” You yelped hearing your back crack in places you were fairly sure it shouldn’t have. 

Before you could open the door it was swung open. You fell back with an omph, your face twisting up as you felt the pang of the door. You rubbed your sore nose as you sat up. Your fingers twitched on your gun getting ready to shoot whatever it was that came through the door. Most likely a Umpa-Lumpa. 

To your surprise, when you looked up, your eyes locked with dark green ones, swimming in concern and worry. “ (Y/N)!” Dean yelped, his large frame squeezing through the door. He rushed over to you, but you pushed yourself back as soon as the smell of guts hit your nose. 

Your hand clapped over your nose. “Stay back” You choked shaking your head. You got up shaking the dirt off your hands and onto your jeans. “Where’s big foot?” You questioned. 

“WHY!” Dean snapped. You jumped in shock making Dean’s face soften. 

“I just wanted to know where he is” You defended, hands raising in defence. Dean nodded, face flushing a crimson shade. 

“your kidding me right?” Dean chuckled laughing. “Sam going through that door” He pointed to the tiny door which even he had to suck in for. “He went round front” Dean replied. 



’'NO I WILL!’' 

’'GUYS!” You screamed at the top of your lungs, a deep burning sensation began to overwhelm you. They both turned to stare at you with wide eyes.

“What the hell is wrong with you two?!” you screeched, hands sticking out, fingers spread in anger. They both looked down ashamed. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you mad. Let me make it up to you” Sam coaxed, his eyes drowning in sadness. He looked so sad at the thought of you angry with him.

Before he could step forward, Dean grabbed Sam, his face twisted into the most pissed expression you had ever seen. He flung Sam back his arm raising ready to throw a punch to his little brothers face. 

“STOP” You yelled in a fit of panic. Dean stopped. 

“He doesn’t deserve your love (y/n)” Dean snapped. 

“Oh and you do!” Sam growled pushing his older brother off of him. 

“Love?! What the hell. Guys!” You yelped watching as the started to fight again. 

“I love you (y/n). Not him!” Sam snapped, his fist cladding with his brothers jaw. Your eyes widened as you stood between the pair. They both looked at you, neither daring to make a move in case you got hurt. 

“Please stop” you begged your voice sounding helpless. Their eyes softened as Dean reached forward his hand cupping your cheek. Sam growled yanking you into his arms. It had suddenly clicked, what had happened. 

“You know what would make me love you guys?” You yelped, prying yourself out of the giants arms. Their heads shot up, eyes wide. 

“What what!” Dean yelled. 

“Anything” Sam swooned making you feel all weird and grossed out. 

“If you got me a coffee” You lied, trying to get them away from you whilst you figured out how to help them. You couldn’t research if you had two giants drooling over you and killing each other. 

“Don’t kill each oth-’'You sighed being cut off as both Winchester brothers raced out the door. Sam’s large frame made Dean struggle to get out. Sam pushed Dean back so he landed on the floor, and Sam darted out. Dean growled before standing up and racing after his brother. 

’'Why do I bother?”


People let out squeals as a muscly, over grown man with long hair, raced past them almost knocking them off their feet. Dean was the other side of the street, feet pounding on the cement, head constantly looking to see if his brother had beat him. 

Dean tripped, a 'omph’ falling from his throat as he fell into a bunch of dogs. The man who had at least 7 dogs on leads tried to help untangle Dean who was now covered in slober. 

Sam started to laugh, not seeing the kids playing with the box of goo. Sam went head first into the goo, his body was drenched in it and now it was Dean’s turn to laugh as he was now ahead of his brother. 

Dean spotted the little stand full of flowers, he tried to jump over it but his foot caught the vase which made the others tip, sending his crashing into the ground, dirt attaching to the slobber on his clothes and skin. 

Sam finally managed to get up, but as soon as he turned around he was meet in the face with thousands of feathers. The guys that were trying to shift the boxes of feathers, looked at Sam guiltily. 


“Alright thanks Garth” You thanked before pressing the end call button. The door slammed open. “Oh thank God your back, I thought you had killed each oth- whoa… what the hell happened to you two?!” you gasped, your hands falling to your mouth as giggled escaped. 

Before they could say another word you had shoved the flask full of the potion into their faces.

“I love you (y/n), you can’t change that” Sam hissed as he coughed the spell starting to kick in. 

“I love you more (y/n), I swear I do.” Dean gasped. Sam stood up his eyes widening in horror as he shook his head making you smirk. 

“Alright there lover boy” You smirked. Sam shrunk back, scratching the back of his neck sheepishly. 

“I love you (y/n)” Dean whispered. 

“I don’t understand! It worked on you, why isn’t it working on Dean?!” You hissed. 

“The spells wore off (y/n). I’m not longer murderous, but what I felt was real. I am in love with you (y/n)’' 

Dean took only a few strides before wrapping his arm around your waist and tugging you into him, his lips meeting yours. Sam scoffed in the corner but the smile marked his face. 

’'I love you too Dean” You blushed. 


“Yeah (y/n)?”

“Why do you look like a chicken?’' 


Braley Appreciaton Week → Day 1: the moment you fell in love with them
↳ 3x01 “
Like You Like an Arsonist”

So, the way I see it, you move in; I look hot; you don’t get crabs at a shelter.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days AU - Part 2 (Bucky X Reader)

Synopsis: This is a fluffy AU based on the movie How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. This is part of @stories-from-stark-tower Stark Tower’s 3k Celebration Movie AU Challenge! You work at Radiance magazine and have been assigned the task to find a man to date and ‘lose him’ within the span of 10 days making the typical mistakes women tend to make, writing it up for your article. Easy right? Bucky Barnes is your ever so charming victim and it turns out he has his own 10 day task and may prove to be more of a challenge than you thought.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1299

Warnings: None. Although there is some cheesy flirting.

A/N: This part was soooo much fun to write. I’m absolutely loving writing Bucky as this cocky and flirty charmer. Sorry i didn’t have this done yesterday - I was running off 2 hours sleep. Anyway I hope you enjoy. Sorry if this part isn’t very good (it will get better - promise!)

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

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