it just was not meant to be

that was. an incredibly eventful walk. long story short i tried to climb a mountain but hit a dead end, couldn’t get down because a group of teenage boys had gathered at the bottom of the path i tried to climb, i found some old remains of an abandoned car in the woods, i got two cacti stuck in my leg, i saw a lot of cute dogs, and i stumbled upon a construction site that i didn’t know existed

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Hey! I'm so in love with your Tyler HCs. You're doing great! Could you do one about Tyler comforting you after a recent break up with a pretty crappy GF/BF that you dated to get your mind off of him?? Sorry if this doesn't make sense, if so, just ignore it! ☺️

I think I get what you mean but I’m sorry if I’m getting it wrong (also thanks, I’m glad you enjoy my hcs!)

- You didn’t even know why you were crying so much about this
- Your s/o wasn’t exactly very good to you
- They were so manipulative, most of the time you didn’t even know if they really loved you or not
- You only started dating them because you wanted to get over your crush on Tyler
- Because you knew it wasn’t meant to be a reality between you and him
- You were scared of messing up your friendship, scared of losing him
- But now you were crying because your s/o had left you for someone they were seeing on the side
- You felt stupid and unworthy and alone
- You heard a knock at the door and thought maybe it was your s/o to take you back.
- You wiped your tears before opening the door to see Tyler with a teddybear and your favorite candy. “Amy told me what happened.”
- You just started crying even more and let Tyler guide you to the couch. You curl up with the teddybear and Tyler sits next to you
- “You deserve better than them. Someone who cheats on you and then leaves you isn’t worth a single tear from you.” He soothes you, wiping away tears
- He spends the rest of the day holding you while you cry and trying to make you laugh and smile
- You worry that you’re bugging him with all your crying but he reminds you that he wouldn’t be there unless he wanted to be
- He tells you that you’re wonderful and deserve someone who will treat you like royalty
- Also some thinly veiled threats towards your ex s/o
- He helps you delete their number and block them on social media

- A few weeks later when you’ve had time to move on from your ex you confess to Tyler you only dated them to get over your crush on Tyler
- He kisses you and tells you that there’s no need to get over him if you just dated him to begin with

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I honestly meant it as a joke. I'm beyond sorry. I'm an unapologetic jerk.

It would’ve made it better if it was clear it was a joke. I just get pissed off about things that aren’t fetish are percieved that way. It happens way too often and it sucks, cause it isn’t my intentions. Really, checking the tags helps a lot. Cause if it was fetish, I’d tag it. Which it will never be. 

I’m being a bit of a bitch right now. I understand that.


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Hey I was wondering if you could clarify something, I was wondering how leela is a lesbian. I know she kisses Amy in benders game and what not but since she does end up falling in love with fry, wouldn't that make her bi or pan? Not trying to deny anything, just curious on what you think

Hi! No problem at all!

My caption on that original photoset was originally meant to be cheeky, but since then it’s spurred a lot of lesbophobic reactions! Its understandable that with the recent controversy you would be confused!

Headcanons completely aside, Leela experiencing attraction and love for those of other genders/identities then her own is totally canon! Stating that she is bi/pan/etc. based only on what we see in the show/movies is totally valid. I’m all for that!

But one could also argue that, based only on what we see in the show, and despite Leela’s eventually entering into a non-platonic relationship with Fry, that she could also be a lesbian who struggled/struggling with very intense compulsive heterosexuality

This would be a statement/headcanon just as supported by evidence from the show (not that evidence particularly matters for headcanons, but I digress). Numerous lesbians struggle with compulsive heterosexuality well into their adult life, especially those who are mentally ill/neurodivergent, victims of abuse/neglect/bullying, and people of color. 

Leela is the first two particularly, and also a member of (what I believe is classified as) the humanoid species of mutants — a group of mutated humans who live in the sewers of New New York, having been shunned by all those above ground (including aliens!) due to phobia and discrimination. She’s experienced oppression her whole life due to her race/species, and was treated better when people believed she was an alien versus a mutant.

The reason why I make note of this is because all of these things have worked against her since her birth — They destroyed her self-worth, her confidence, and her love for herself. Even if in the society she lives in in the show lesbians aren’t oppressed, aren’t attacked, and aren’t spat upon — being a lesbian would still make her different. It makes her an “other” from the vast majority of society, and all her life all she’s wanted is to be normal.

Because of this it’s very logical to assume that she could very easily be a lesbian struggling with compulsive heterosexuality/internalized homophobia (especially if the Futurama society is one with present homophobic ideals).

Additionally, the belief that you can’t be a lesbian if you’ve ever been in a relationship with a man, especially if you’ve been married to one, stems from an intrinsic misunderstanding about lesbians and our history!

Many lesbians who experience the above things go on to marry men, have children with them, and stay in unhappy relationships with them for years, even decades, because they think it’s what they’re supposed to do. Because they’re fearful of what their society will think of them (especially if it’s additional “difference” added to themselves, like Leela). Because they think it’ll make them “normal.” 

Because they think it’ll make them worthy of love, support, and acceptance, or perhaps is the only way to get that, because they’re whole life they’ve been denied it for one reason or another — like Leela.

Many of Leela’s motivations in the show don’t stem from her personal wants, her personal desires, her personal dreams, her personal needs — they stem from the falsified dream of perfection the society around her fools her into thinking she should want, and that she should be able to attain (even though you can’t).

Fortunately, some of these lesbians who marry men are eventually in a position (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.) where they can leave their husbands and express themselves how they’ve realized they truly are - as lesbians. Post-what is shown on the show? This could very likely happen to Leela, and I personally believe it does.

Sorry for the super long answer, but thank you for your respectful interest and for reading!

me: *dabbing the corners of my eyes* Okay, that’s all of the in-hindsight, intentional-or-not, happy-and-or-sad feelings I got from the interactions between Lucretia and Tres Horny Boys, I think I’m good.

me: *thinks about what it must have meant for her to hang out with Merle, one of her old, forgotten friends on a spa day, just relaxing and enjoying this quiet moment*


i’ve had a hard time coming up with a motivation to actually graduate other than “i should” but going through my bookmarks reminded me of something

the time and energy i’d (hopefully) have on hand would enable me to study hebrew and read all these links i’ve saved but haven’t gone through

i might even have more time for cooking all the recipes i’ve saved so i can truly transform into everyone’s favorite gay boy almost-jewish grandma that i’m clearly meant to be

i should just remember that and keep that as my primary motivation for finishing this semester


So this is how dates work right


i’ve found the strength to grow so much more
a whisper to a roar
no more crying
it’s time for me to soar