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Hurt Sentence Starters

“Please don’t leave me again- I can’t handle it”

“If you knew it hurt me why would you do it!?”

“I’m nothing to you, garbage, dirt, filth. Stop acting otherwise.”

“You can find someone better, someone so much butter”

“What are you waiting for? Just do it already.”

“You’ve hurt me so many times before, why is it different now?”

“You don’t even realize how much your hurt me…”

“I know you don’t mean to, but it stings so much”

“Just look at me- please? Tell me I’m not the problem”

“I’m just a burden to you, aren’t I?”

“I don’t care what you do to me- just don’t leave me”

“I’ll do whatever you want as long as you promise not to hurt me again”

“Please don’t hurt me anymore, I can’t take it”

“You’re so much happier with them…. Just go.”

“Tell me that nothing is wrong- please?”

“I can’t take this anymore…”

“It’s okay- I know you didn’t mean it”

So, I was bored and severally suffering from Olicity withdrawal and decided to go back and watch a few older episodes.

I started with 3x01 and I forgot how much I completely adore the first 20 minutes before it all blows up.

I mean really, we start with the LOVE FERN

Their little smiling faces, so in love and their complete lack of personal space.

And Digg and Roy’s faces in the background.

They totally had a bet going on how long it would take these two to get their act together.

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hey! any recent smut you would recommend? thx x


Sure! I haven’t made one of these for a while, so this will probably get long… hope you don’t mind ;)


  • Peep Show by riyku
    Summary: This might be the kinkiest thing Isak’s ever done, the only kinky thing he’s ever done, but he’s committed to it by now, and screw it, he’s gonna give this guy something worth watching. 

  • I call'em as I see'em…But Sometimes I Don’t See So Well by HazyCosmicJive
    Summary: Isak just wants to study, he doesn’t want a new roommate who walks around naked all the time and constantly tests his patience.

  • Take Me As I Am by givemesumaurgravy
    Summary: Or, the one in which Isak is the coach of Even’s daughter’s football team and Even likes Isak’s bum. One day there’s a parent football game and Isak, just maybe, starts hitting on Even and, just maybe, Even gives in.

  • Double Trouble by obscurial
    Summary: Furrowing his eyebrows in utter confusion, Isak narrows his eyes, trying his very best to formulate a single articulate thought. (System failure.) “What the fuck?” he very eloquently blurts out, gesturing wildly to the two Evens sitting in his bed, one in a visible state of undress and the other wearing one of Isak’s old t-shirts. The two of them do not seem to be worried in the slightest, which only serves to fuel Isak’s panic. (An au where Isak wakes up and he finds two Evens lying in his bed.)

  • Shower Me With… Beer? by EvensDramaticShenanigans
    Summary: “Um, what… what are you doing?” Isak finally managed to splutter out, his eyebrows furrowed, nose scrunched up in confusion.Tall Handsome Stranger paused, his hands stilled around the bunched-up fabric by Isak’s armpits, his stomach now on full display. “Taking your shirt off,” the boy responded as if it were the simplest, most casual sentence that ever left his lips, as if those four words spoken in that smooth, low voice didn’t stir up a whole swarm of butterflies in Isak’s stomach and send a rush of blood south. “It’s drenched- which is my fault, really sorry, I definitely wasn’t looking where I was going- but I’m pretty sure if it’s not already completely uncomfortable, it will be soon if you keep wearing it.”

  • ride it, cowboy by highpraises
    Summary: Isak is a talented rider and Even is pretty sure he’s in love.

  • I think you’ll find I’m the master here by evakuality
    Summary: “You’re older than me! I’m the master, and you’re still tired too, so don’t be a fucking dick.” Or… what happens after Even gets his boner at Isak’s birthday party.

  • i tried to be strong but i lost it (i knew it was wrong, i’m beyond it) by highpraises
    Summary: Even has a thing for his intern, Isak has a thing for his boss, they’re both a bit clueless and their friends just want them to get their shit together.

  • Why can’t forever start today? by skambition
    Summary: “Since when are you wearing rings?” Jonas pointed to Isak’s left ring finger. “Um,” Isak looked down at his hand, moving his thumb over the simple white gold ring, and couldn’t help but smile, “I actually have something to tell you guys.” “What, did you get married or something?” Magnus blurted out, bursting into laughter with the rest of the guys.

  • just a little bit out of my limit by theyellowcurtains
    Summary: co-workers!au; Isak is pissed about where he got placed for work experience, that is until he meets his fine ass supervisor.

  • thoughts of unruly curls and plush lips by reasoniwantyoutostay
    Summary: Isak and Even get consumed by thoughts of each other before meeting up for the Halloween pre-game. AKA What happened before 21:21.

  • I’m Always Here by nofeartina
    Summary: “Did you know that Even is working this summer? At that pool at the Plaza?” Jonas says. Isak actually sits up in excitement at this. “Fuck yeah!” Oh, a pool. Actual water they could go swimming in and cool down. And also, Even.

  • Cookies and Cream by GayaIsANerd
    Summary: Isak has a crush on the barista. He’s too scared to do anything about it, but luckily there’s a blizzard coming up.

  • live happily with sugar on by colazitron
    Summary: While Even tries to work up the courage to approach the cute boy on the tram, the cute boy approaches him. Berries are involved.

  • Working Out (with your eyes on me) by afastne
    Summary: Isak is trying to finish his workout, Even is trying to finish a movie. They both fail rather spectacularly.

  • Just what the doctor ordered by skambition
    Summary: “You just lie back and relax, and I’ll be back in an hour to check on you,” Isak promised on his way out, turning back for a second to give Even the loving smile that he had reserved for Even and Even only, who melted a little and smiled back. * One Shot for the “Doctor Patient Confidentiality” Universe.

  • I’ll Be Your Trainer by Victory4
    Summary: Isak starts going to the gym. Even discovers that he loves the fact that Isak goes to the gym.

(Find more in our Smut tag!)


Intimacy is dead

As I take off my clothes and exchange moans with a stranger I wonder why I’m so broken inside. I don’t recognize who I am and I haven’t in a very long time. I think I’m lonely and the touch of any man fills that void for just long enough for me to fill a little less dead inside. I don’t want there love because I’m too empty to stomach it. It’s much too intimate to tell a stranger who you are then it is to get naked with them. I use to feel so strongly about what you should do with your body and who you should give it to. But as I count on my hand how many more men this makes since him I wonder how someone you love can make you feel so numb. I fake the moans most days because I don’t even wanna be there anymore I just don’t wanna be alone in my own thoughts is all. I want to be wanted but I don’t want the attention I bring. I just want a man to see me as more then just a number. But I can’t bring myself to show them that I’m actually more then what they see. Because intimacy is knowing me.

“Take me home” - Chris Martenet

just wanted to sleep. It’s been a few day and I’ve been sicker than ever . Chris begged to stay home with me but I wouldn’t let him miss out on practice because of me.

I curled myself into our large blanket and rested my head on the body pillow he had bought for me to cuddle with since I wouldn’t let him go near me for a long amount of time.

It felt like I had been hit by a train, stuck underneath it for weeks. It has only been days I wish it was just hours but of course that’s not how being sick is supposed to work.

“Baby I’m back.” I heard his voice come from the main door around the corner. I couldn’t have been happier hearing his footsteps come down the hall.

“Hey.” He smiled setting his things down beside the door. I have a week smile as he walked over to the bed.

“You’re early.” I managed to speak only sounding as if a cat were using my throat as a scratcher.

“They told me to go home early since I nearly threw up on the ice.” He shrugged like it was nothing. My eyes widened towards him that my fear has actually happened.

“Are you okay?” I tried to sound concerned but my vocal chords didn’t feel like cooperating.

“Yeah I think I’m fine but I’m sick so I’m going to lay down.” He lifted the blankets and laid beside me wrapping his arms around my body.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to cuddle with you.” His voice muffled against my neck holding me tightly

I pushed myself closer to him using his body heat to keep me warm. I could hear light snore within moments he had fallen asleep. My poor baby …

long time no see :O

i know its been FOREVER since i last updated on here, i kind of just disappeared and i’m so sorry for that :( i wont go into too much detail but i had to take some time away from yt + the community while i worked on myself IRL. i’m in a much better place and i’ve decided to come back to simming with a different approach and on a brand new channel. i hope that some of you can come and join me over there, i’m sooo excited about it but kinda nervous too! haha

p.s. i’ll also be getting back into Lark’s story, i miss her so much <3


so i’ve been getting a lot of birthday messages from you all and unfortunately because there’s so many of them i can’t possibly answer them all (i mean, i could, but it would take a very long time :P). but i’ve read each and every one that i’ve received and i just wanted to give out a huge thank you to everyone who sent me an ask or wished me a happy birthday. i’m so sorry i didn’t get to answer you all individually but i’m so humbled and blown away by all of your kind words and it really helped make my birthday really special. i appreciate all of you so much and i want to send my love and well wishes to you all <3

i also just wanted to send a quick thank you to @chassecroise @megatraven @ladyserendipitous @asianladybug @agrestenoir @larvesta @sadrien @zoenightstars @miraculousstorytelling @reyxa @queerinette @frostypineapple @insanitysbloomings @marinette-buginette @jattendschaton @illustraice @bullysquadess @panda013 @give-it-agreste @miraculouslyladybug for all of your gifts and shoutouts. they were all lovely and i’m so thankful to have you all think of me :)

really, all of you, thank you so much!

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Oh, um, hi! I was wondering about the prompt thing? Suggesting a “The school is really far away, but I have to go. They’re making me.” for Penny and Georgie. Okay thanks :)))

(Thank you for the prompt! I always take ‘em :) I was a teensy bit confused about this, but I hope I interpreted it okay!)

Georgie tried to stifle his giggles, but sometimes the clown was too much. Well, really, the clown was too much all the time. 

He and his unusual new friend sat just outside of one of the larger pipes from the sewer leading out to the canal. They encircled a rock, on top of which sat a half-finished birdcage, and Georgie watched as Pennywise eyed the glue squishing between his long fingers, until his gloves were stuck together. The clown tried to pry his fingers apart but couldn’t, and he whined until Georgie helped him. 

The little boy had been watching a movie with his brother after school one day when Georgie picked up the idea. A girl had left summer camp and had decided to make a birdcage out of popsicle sticks, for her grandmother in the story. After asking Bill about it, Georgie had decided then and there that he wanted to do the exact same thing. The boys didn’t have a bird, and would probably never get one, but there was something about begging for popsicles every time they went grocery shopping and trying to eat as many as they could that riled both children up. 

It was hard work, trying to get enough popsicle sticks to form a basic skeleton for the cage. Georgie had cheated in his endeavors, since he couldn’t finish more than one by himself - and it’d been Pennywise eating them in one bite most of the time. Then again, his extraterrestrial companion seemed to have been even more excited to make the cage than Bill had. 

“Oh no.” Georgie pouted, staring at the beeping watch on his wrist. He’d gotten Bill to set it for him, since the concept of time and how to work the watch still eluded Georgie. 

He looked up at the tree of a clown with a sad face. “I have to go now. School is starting.” 

“School again?” Pennywise copied the child’s expression, though his eyes stilled in opposite directions. It only made the creature look sadder, more pitiful. “But you went to school yesterday!” 

Georgie shrugged, standing up in the ankle-deep water that was more knee-deep for him. “I have school almost every day.” 

“And it takes forever.” His friend replied. Pennywise’s lips pressed together as much as he looked entirely too crestfallen. He looked hurt when Georgie lifted the birdcage from the rock and held it close, having been in the middle of (trying) gluing another stick on the side. 

“And it’s so far away…” School was a pain, but if it were possible to feel twice as bad about having to go because of Pennywise, then Georgie did. Who knew when Georgie would be back to visit, since he usually stayed at home after it was over as well. 

“I can’t skip or Mom would have a heart attack.” Georgie reasoned while not entirely sure what the meaning behind his own words was. Bill had said it multiple times, so it had to be a different way of complaining that Mom would be mad. 

“They’re making me. I have to go.” 

The boy shrugged off the clown’s sulking disposition and started to turn around, hoping to ignore how bad he felt. He was going to be late if he tried to explain himself any more. 

Not that he’d get around to it, when Pennywise appeared out of thin air with a pop! right in front of Georgie. It didn’t make the little boy jump like it used to, but he still took a few steps back in surprise. 

Pennywise smiled. “Let me take you there, then!” 

Georgie wadded into his first grade classroom with a big, bright smile, heedless of the water he tracked with every footstep. It’d been out of the question to try keeping his tennis shoes from getting wet while he’d been busy rafting in the Penobscot River. 

Ms. Livingston didn’t seem pleased, though. “Georgie, sweetheart, why are you soaked?” 

“Did it rain while you walked here?” She looked out the window and saw a cloudless blue sky ahead. 

“Nope!” Georgie giggled. “I swam here!” 

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How many followers did you have when people started sending you asks and stuff? I'm trying to run an imagine blog, and I'd like to get people to send headcanons and stuff like they do for you. Lots of love!

It took me a long time to get asks like I do now. I originally started doing those bullet lists based off of a prompt, but in all honesty with my schedule right now it takes too much time and energy out of me, and I feel like now I can get more awesome content out as well as be able to work on commissions! Just keep working on it, and don’t get discouraged! 💖

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I feel like Yoongi's beauty is kinda underappreciated? I mean, when I first saw them, I fell for him immeditely, he's honestly the prettiest person ever

YES YES YES!! I wholeheartedly agree, he’s sooo goddamn gorgeous and it baffles me that people aren’t constantly in awe of his beauty. When I hear outsiders talk about bangtans visuals I constantly hear just mainly Jin and Tae (which of course they’re without a doubt visuals as well) but i’m just like “What about yoongi?? He - without a doubt - takes the most angelic and ethereal photos. He doesn’t even have to try and he takes gorgeous photos. 

Most of the time I feel like i’m doing this with his photos

This may seem like a long and pointless rant but I will NEVER shut the hell up about yoongi’s gorgeous goddamn face!


hi everyone! 

as a lot of you know, i have recently started a new job. i will be honest and say that it has taken a lot of adjusting, which has made me leave a lot of networks i was a part of, and it makes me not have as much time to make creations/write headcanons and drabbles. i have decided now that i will be taking an official semi-hiatus until sometime in october. i’m not sure how long it will be yet, but i probably won’t be writing or making any more creations until then. 

this is to give me a peace of mind with my new adjustment, and it also gives me time to finish a lot of my online training for work. i apologize for not being on as much. but i will be coming on periodically to check my messages and reblog content onto my blog. just don’t expect any new content from me until next month.

thank you all for being understanding. i miss you all. 

zelle x

p.s. if you are a part of networks i am in/run, i will still be on discord when i am off work. you can always get in touch with me there if needed. 


I have to apologize to you because I didn’t keep my promise to you. All this time, I’ve still secretly liked you. I’ve struggled with it a lot and hesitated for a long time but I couldn’t cut off those feelings so cleanly. But I’ve decided. From today on, I won’t be like this anymore. Just because you were getting closer to me, I won’t fantasize…that maybe…you would like me, even just a little bit. I also won’t continue to pretend to be your good friend while secretly liking you. So…”

“So you want to give up everything and stop liking me?”

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Auntie Asy, what do I do if an artist I commissioned hasn't made or done anything with my commission for two whole months. They never told me it would take that long. I even asked for a status queue and they just said I was there and that was that. I'm really upset. I asked for a refund and told them this is ridiculous. I've commissioned content creators from actual games ig. huniecam studio and it only took a week... What should I do if I they block me upon asking for refund??

It’s important you negotiate timeframes with artists when you commission them - sometimes several months is a typical wait-time for an artist. For other artists, you commission them and you get the item within several days (8 hours is the fastest turnaround I’ve seen!). I don’t think it’s fair or reasonable to compare artists’ wait times because they vary from artist to artist, based on the artists’ workload, other commitments, mental health, etc, etc. 

If you didn’t commission a ‘finished by’ date and two months exceeds your expectations, you are entitled to a refund. If the artist hasn’t started your piece, there should be no reason why you can’t ask for a refund. However, next time, it’s advisable for a ‘finished by’ date to be part of your negotiations with the artist. That way everyone knows what to expect. 

You can also asked for a ‘finished by’ date now from the artist if you like, perhaps email them back and ask them to provide a firm date by which they will have finished the piece? 

I survived Hurricane Maria

Hi! I just wanted to let everyone who follows me that i wont be very active… I live in Puerto Rico so most of you know we got rected by Hurricane Maria!

Maria took all the green from Puerto Rico.. Everything looks like it got burnt down..i dont have water no electricity.. Struggling with food and water… But this will take alot of time to fix.. Everything is just… Destroyed.. Even the strongest towers that gave out communication… My pills for my mental disorder are running out .. So im started to hear voices and im begining to lose my sanity.. I hope pharmacies open..idk how long i can take this..

If anything happens that i may lose touch… You know why..

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Haiii you know the kissy sentence starters? Could I ask for some michemil xD with either emil saying “ is it bad i really want to kiss you right now? ” or Mickey saying "don't talk, just kiss me" Sorry for the ask just wondering :)

Yes~ Those are both really good!!! ♥♥♥
Also, never apologize for sending an ask. I love receiving them!

They were standing in the shoot, the short hallway between the double doors and the drape that lead to the rink. Soon they would be competitors, rivals, both aiming for the top spot on the podium and a chance at this year’s GPF.

But for now, they were Emil and Michele, long-time friends and - only recently - lovers.

Emil glanced over at Michele’s profile, taking in the determined crease in his brow and the little pout on his lips. Oh, they looked so soft. Not much earlier, they’d shared a kiss for luck in their hotel room.

Even though they’d been dating for a few months, they hadn’t told all of the other skaters yet or come out publicly on social media, so they kept their displays of affection private.

Still, looking at his boyfriend now, knowing what those lips felt like, tasted like…Emil couldn’t help but to imagine them throwing caution to the wind and kissing just once more before their programs.

“…ready, Emil?” Michele’s voice brought him out of his own head.

He blinked, his cheeks growing warm. “Oh, what’s that Mickey?”

Michele frowned, studying him for a moment before he rolled his eyes, letting out a long-suffering sigh. “I was asking if you were ready,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest. “What were you thinking about?”

Emil hesitated for a moment, but then went for it. “I was just wondering… Is it bad that I really want to kiss you right now?”

Two seconds. Maybe less. That’s how long it took for Michele’s entire face to glow bright red. He sputtered something out in Italian before he turned away.

Emil figured that was a ‘Yes, it’s bad.’ But then, to his surprise, Michele faced him, his cheeks still burning crimson. “Emil-”

“I know. I’m sorry.” Emil sighed and rubbed at the nape of his neck. “I wasn’t thinking and that was really stupid to even suggest. I promise I won’t bring it up again, so-” but he stopped when Michele gripped the front of his jacket, yanking him forward. Emil stumbled, his eyes going wide as he took in Michele’s still-flushed face. “…Mickey?”

“Don’t talk,” he said, his violet eyes darting from side to side. Then his gaze settled on Emil. “Just…kiss me.”

Oh ho ho~ I ended up using both!! XD
I hope you liked it ^^ (sorry it took so long to get to this…my requests tend to pile up) ♥

More Kissy Sentence Starters

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Rather random question, but do you have any advice for reading manga? Like ive read all of Tokyo Ghoul and some of re, but every single page I start trying to read from left to right. Doesn't matter how long I've been reading, my brain just can't switch to right to left. Gives me a headache. And I don't know if it's the art style Tokyo Ghoul uses, but every time there was movement it would take me a minute or two to puzzle out what happened and action scenes are completely incomprehensible to me

Tbh I don’t really? I think it’s just something that takes practice. You might try other artists’ work, at least as far as understanding action goes, because TG has fairly cramped panels that can make it confusing sometimes. Sometimes it’s just a matter of style and what your brain can process best. As for the right-to-left thing, that’s definitely just getting accustomed to the medium.

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Well I dunno if it counts but I just got my mom's message she said that she finally picked up her long time dream of being an artist after stumbling over some of my old sketchbooks and seeing my works in there! She couldn't persue her dreams coz her dad was against it. But now she got inspired by my art and is taking professional courses and whatnot. Dunno if it made you happy but it made me so and I wanted to share as some of your stories inspire me to sketch as well.

This absolutely most definitely counts because reading this made me so happy. I’m also sorry that I didn’t reply to this immediately but I’m so glad that your mom’s picked up her long time dream! It’s also so inspiring to see her going after something that she so dearly loves and is so passionate about. And it makes it even more special that she got back into art because of you, I feel. So I’m so happy for her and I hope that she enjoys her courses and has all the fun being creative and doing something that makes her happy! 

Thank you so much for sharing this with me and I’m honored that some of my stories inspire you to sketch! It makes me smile to know that I somehow inspire others (even though it’s still so unbelievable to me) and I’m just glad. :D