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Heya! :) Hope you don't mind if I ask this, but how long do you presume would it take to translate that "Older Brother" CD? Don't wanna bother or anything, but I was just curious how long do you think that traslation would take lol like a month or two? or three?

I don’t mind you asking, but I want to make sure that I’m properly conveying what the brothers are saying. I could get it done sooner than later, however, they won’t ‘sound’ like how they normally would (something I tend to worry about). For example, Yuma and Ayato’s way of talking is rougher than their bothers, while Carla’s speech tends to be more antiquated. It’s one thing to translate the overall context of what they say, it’s another to make sure they ‘sound’ like they normally would. 

On a separate note, Ruki, Carla and Shu trying to act like an older bother to the MC/Yui is hilarious. 

[LYRICS] (ENG TRANS) Outro: Wings

take me to the sky

I remember the days of my youth
I had no big worries
instead, I was full with the belief
that this small feather would become wings
and that those wings would let me fly
with the sound of laughter
like a bird

go on the roads they said not to go on
do the things they said not to do
want the things they said not to want
be hurt again and again
you can call me stupid
then I’ll just sneer and laugh
I don’t want to succeed
doing something I don’t like
I believe in myself

I believe in myself, what hurts my back
is for wings to erupt
I believe in myself, now rather than being weak
the end will be a humble jump
fly fly up in the sky
fly fly get ‘em up high
this is the road you chose, kid, don’t get cold feet
this is only just your first flight, uh

take me to the sky
fluttering, if you say I can fly
eternally, if you say I can escape
if my wings could fly
penetrate the air that’s becoming heavier and fly

fly, I’m flying, I’m flying
higher than, higher than
higher than the sky
fly, I’m flying, I’m flying
those ruddy wings, with all my strength

spread spread spread my wings
spread spread spread my wings

wings are made to fly fly fly
fly fly fly
if my wings could fly

I understand now
what it means to grow older with regrets, break up
I chose
I’m going to beleive unconditionally
it’s time to be brave
I’m not afraid
that I believe in myself
that I’m different than before
I won’t cry on the road I’ve chosen
I won’t bow my head
up there is heaven
I’ll be flying, fly

spread spread spread my wings
spraed spread spread my wings

wings are made to fly fly fly
fly fly fly
if my wings could fly

trans by papercrowns do not take out or repost without permission.

  • namjoon: isn't this great? it's just like when we were trainees. remember that time...(starts rambling)
  • [meanwhile in yoongis head]
  • yoongi one: painting sure is fun.
  • yoongi two: you know what else is fun? killing your best friend.
  • yoongi one: that doesn't sound fun at all, yoongi.
  • yoongi two: well, how would you know?! all you do is sleep, yoongi!
  • yoongi three: i think yoongi is right, we should branch out in our hobbies, yoongi.
  • yoongi two: oh shit! namjoon stopped talking. he wants you to respond. say something, stupid!
  • yoongi, out loud: i wasn't thinking about killing you.
  • namjoon: aw, thank you!
  • yoongi two: nailed it.
How I imagine Darkiplier and AntiSepticEye getting ready for Halloween
  • October 1
  • Anti: "Hey Dark!"
  • Dark: "Yeah?"
  • Anti: "I was thinking we could do something a bit different...You know how in Mark's old videos, and in "relax", you emerged and scared fans everywhere?"
  • Dark: "Yeah..."
  • Anti: "I was thinking that this year, you and I can do that sorta thing together. I've always wanted to know how cool it would be to drive people insane by showing my real face..."
  • Dark: "Oh my God, that sounds like an amazing idea, man! We're TOTALLY doing that!"
  • Anti: "See you on Halloween!"
  • (30 days later)
  • October 31
  • Anti: "Woohoo, hell yeah! Halloween time! Now I just gotta wait for Dark!"
  • (Several minutes pass by)
  • Anti: ...
  • Anti: "Dark? Dark! Where the hell are you, ya douchebag?! I'm gonna scare people without you!"
  • no response.
  • Anti: "Screw it, I'm off on my own!"
  • Anti's Thoughts: "Eh, sucks to be him..."
  • November 1
  • Anti: "Aw man, October's over. Eh, I had the best time of my life! Well, back to my chamber."
  • Dark: "Hey, Anti."
  • Anti: "Dark?!"
  • Dark: "Ready to scare people this year?"
  • Anti: "Dafuq dude? Where were you all damn month?!"
  • Dark: "Ya know, wearing dresses, shaved my beard, wrote in my diary, and check it out! I even got a new dog! I called her "punk dog". Cool, huh?"
  • Punk Dog: "I didn't agree to this..."
  • Anti: ...........
  • Dark: "What?"
  • Anti: "Are you...f***in' kidding me right now, man? You're telling me that while I was hacking into Jack's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, AND YouTube accounts, scaring the LIVING HELL out of everyone...YOU...were skipping around in a F***ING dress and pretending to be a highschool girl in your GODDAMN DIARY?! ALL F***ING OCTOBER?!"
  • Dark: "Wait, October passed already?!"
  • Anti: (facepalms)
  • Dark: "Aw, goddammit! This whole time, I thought it was September!"
  • Anti: "You're a f***in' idiot, Dark..."

Pairing: Newt/Y/n

Request: I love your pieces so far, keep up the great work!!   What would you think about writing a Newt piece where a (slytherin) reader who defended him at Hogwarts runs into him in New York?  Thank you love :))            


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After soon graduating from Hogwarts,, as a half blood proud slytherin, you decided to move across seas.

It was from London to New York.

It wasn’t the easiest change either, a lot of people got tangled in the accent as they called it. Others where confused by your clothing.

There were a lot more people too, wondering the streets in the day.

You had a contract with he American wizard society that you would study charms here for three years, then go back to London for a boring ministry of magic job.

You weren’t really out going, you just liked to have excitement in your life. And sitting in a boring office all day didn’t sound like something you’d want to do for the rest of your life.

So you now got to study things like turning teapots into flames that could sing.

It could get pretty complicated.

You were hustling down a busy New York street, your bag in hand, purple jacket over your shoulder.


You ran smack dab into person.

You dropped your bag on the ground, a couple quills spilling out.

“Oh gosh…I’m so sorry” Another British voice spoke.

The voice sounded familiar, and when you peered up you noticed why.

It was Newt Scamander.

You had both been in the same potions class almost all of your Hogwarts years. There was one year in particular; year 3. He kept getting picked on by other students, even some people in his own house. You had been he one to stand up for him. You later became very good friends in your years at Hogwarts.

But then he had gotten expelled, and you never had any contact again.

But here he was, crashing into your life again.


you stood up straight, nodding your head.

“I thought id never see you again..”

“Yeah,” You laughed slightly, scratching your neck.

“So you graduated Hogwarts then?” Newt asked, laughing awkwardly.

“Yeah. But barely, you left me”

Newt looked down, “I had to Y/N it was for Leta”

“Newt everyone knew she was using you. She always talked about it in the common room. And you ended up falling for her trap and no–”

Newt reached for your hand, and held it tightly in yours.

“yes, I might’ve made that mistake, but i don’t want to lose my best friend again.”

Hide: Isn’t this great? It’s just like when we were younger. Remember that time we went to my house…

Kaneki: Painting sure is fun.

Kaneki: You know what else is fun? Killing your best friend.

Kaneki: That doesn’t sound fun at all Kaneki.

Kaneki: Well how would you know? All you do is read Kaneki!

Kaneki: I think Kaneki is right. We should branch out in our hobbies, Kaneki.

Kaneki: Oh shit. Kaneki, Hide stopped talking. He wants us to respond. Say something stupid!

Kaneki: I wasn’t thinking about killing you.

Hide: Aww, thank you!

Kaneki: … Nailed it…

okay wow

i’m taking myself out for valentines day. 
I woke up and asked myself,
“hey, you have a new youtube schedule, you today girly. off today. what would you want to do?”
well, I would like to get a head start on trends this year, i don’t know what they are or anything, but I would like to go to a thrift store and just feel out what I like?
and, and 
Go to the print shop and get the prints made for the bronco orders? That sounds like something I really want to do?
Maybe get a small treat? 
two thrift stores maybe? 
i really want to paint my jean jacket when I get home,
I would love to finally send some friends some stuff in the mail.
I woke up early, I have so much free time.
this is too crazy. 
I’m overwhelmed in leisure. 
but then I think *THIS* is what my youtube channel should be all about.
I’m onto something, but today i’m distracted, and happy.  

Alec sits down quietly, eyes fixed on his fingers as he keeps twisting them nervously in his lap. He’s worried about Jace, but he knows that pushing him would do no good so he stays back, tries to give him space. At least he knows that Jace is safe now, away from immediate harm. That’s something, definitely.

The soft sound of footsteps gets his attention and when he looks up, he smiles before he even realizes what his face is doing. “Thank you,” he says, quickly, to break the silence. “For taking him in.” He hadn’t known what to expect from Magnus when Jace appeared so suddenly, but Magnus had barely hesitated before promising Jace could stay.

“How could I not,” Magnus says, “throwing him out would’ve been like kicking a puppy.” He finishes with a grin, but despite playing it off as a joke there’s obviously more than just a hint of truth in the words. Fluidly he moves closer, taking the seat next to Alec. “You could stay too, for the night?”

Instantly a spike of nervousness shoots through Alec, but he tries to push it to the background to ignore it. “You know, about before…” he trails off at first, but then hastily tries to put his thoughts into words. “I really don’t care how many people you’ve been with. I’m just…” 

He pauses, and for a second considers just dropping the topic altogether. He’s not a quitter though, and with sheer stubbornness he pushes on. “I might be a little scared. Of not measuring up to all of them, you know?”

Magnus’ smile softens, and he reaches out to grab one of Alec’s hands in his own, to stop him from nervously twisting his fingers. He waits until Alec meets his eyes, and tries to put emphasis on his words to show just how much he means them. “You’re a lot more captivating than you give yourself credit for. I may have been with a lot of people, but trust me, a mere percent of them got to me like you do.”

There might be a slight blush coloring Alec’s cheeks, as much as he tries to will it away. A wave of relief washes through him nevertheless, and he still can’t believe how easily Magnus always finds just the right things to say, just the right little gestures, to make him feel better, more confident and comfortable. He’s so endlessly caring it leaves Alec a little breathless every single time.

Alec turns his hand, enjoying the way his palm fits against Magnus’, and how easily their fingers slot together. “That’s still, what, one hundred and seventy people. Not entirely reassuring.” He can’t help but smile, though, and amusement is evident in his voice, as well as relief. “Good to know I’m not the least interesting one, though.”

Magnus returns the smile, giving Alec’s hand a squeeze. “Never.”

  • Uno: Isn't this great? It's just like when we were younger. Remember that time- [starts rambling]
  • Jyugo: [thinking] Painting sure is fun.
  • Jyugo: [thinking] You know what else is fun? Killing your best friend.
  • Jyugo: [thinking] That doesn't sound fun at all, Jyugo.
  • Jyugo: [thinking] Well, how would you know?! All you do is break out of prisons, Jyugo!
  • Jyugo: [thinking] I think Jyugo is right, we should branch out in our hobbies, Jyugo.
  • Jyugo: [thinking] Oh shoot! Jyugo, Uno stopped talking. He wants you to respond. Say something, stupid!
  • Jyugo: [aloud] I wasn't thinking about killing you.
  • Uno: Aw, thank you!
  • Jyugo: [thinking] Nailed it.

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Hey, I don't know how to word this because I'm so afraid that it might sound offensive, I absolutely don't mean it that way! You have a lovely blog and I love the style and content ... but... is there any video that you'd recommend (on youtube) that wasn't edited and shows their "sweet vibes"? I've re-watched so many panels now but I can hardly see it. I'm sorry if that sounds like I'd try to find "something against it", I'm not! :) Just trying to see it the same way you guys do. :) Thank you!

don’t worry, that’s alright! so here’re some videos i would recommend:

More Widowmaker/Reaper shenanigans:

  • Reaper taking his gloves off to help her wash the blood out of her hair.
  • Good Cop/Bad Cop interrogation routine only they’re both the Bad Cop and get competitive about it.
  • Sharing lukewarm coffee from a thermos during stake-outs. Reaper sometimes brings her favorite biscuits (madeleines) along. Just to see if Amélie would resurface, more out of curiosity than concern really, but Widowmaker likes them regardless.
  • There’s something smug about her voice when she tells him you smell like hell after a battle. Scent of leather, smoke, gun oil, blood are stuck to his uniform, to his being by now. His mask muffles the smugness in his own voice when he answers so do you. There’s no dishonesty in what he says, it’s in her being now too.
  • She pronounces his name à la façon française: Gabriel, soft and smooth and it sounds far too much like messenger of God. She does so on purpose. Reaper wants to wrap his hands around her neck to choke his name off her tongue then. Widowmaker wouldn’t mind too terribly much. 
  • There is no fear in her eyes when he takes off his mask. Only a smirk on her face and a lilt to the cadence of her voice, “I’ve seen worse, mon chèr.”
  • They disassemble and clean their guns together. If they’re on base, there’s classical music playing. Reaper never told her that the CD’s were originally hers to begin with, but he always skips to her favorites immediately.
  • They usually share a bedroll and kind of coil together on instinct, because she’s perpetually cold and he’s a furnace and they don’t even mention it in the morning because they’re used to it.

Title: Safe and sound

Theo x reader

Scott had Theo on protection duty for Reader. Reader doesn’t really like but she sucks it up.

{Theo may seem ooc but I only started season five and I kinda of don’t really have a feel for Theo yet, but this came to mind while watching and yeah. Hope you like it.}

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … .

A few weeks had passed of Theo being at your side saying Scott had told him to protect you with the events going by. You knew Scott would do something like this, small tasks first just for Theo to build his trust with the pack. Stiles was a little upset by this but you had to remind him that it was Scott who put this together.

“Theo! Personal space!” You whined as you pushed him back a bit and he smiled as he lifted himself off you “and really? Tackle me because a-” you looked at the book on the ground that had fallen from the shelf “A book! A little bonk on the head never hurt anyone!” You told him as he pulled you up with him “Scott said not a scratch” Theo reminded you and you rolled your eyes.

You decided to play a trick on him. You went towards a table on the top floor and took a seat with him following behind you. You pulled your books out and groaned. Theo sitting up straighter. “What?” Theo asked checking you out for any paper cuts “I forgot my chem text in my locker” you told him as you stood “Well I’ll come with you” he stood too and you turned with an annoyed look on your face. “My locker is literally around the corner, I think I’ll survive by myself” you turned on your heel.

 "I can’t leave you alone" Theo snapped and you slammed your hands on the table “Theo! I’ve seen you everyday! At the start and at the end, I want to do this one thing on my own!” You hissed and he slowly nodded his head “Fine!” He growled and you smiled. You packed your things up but left the copy of the dread book and a highlighter along with a pencil. You fixed your bag on your back and turned on your heel. You walked quickly out of the library and walked towards your locker. You opened it up and put your bag inside when you heard heavy boots hitting the floor. You turned to see the boy from math class that went missing.

  “Matty?” You called as you closed your locker but he just stood there looking at the bulletin board.

“Matty?” You called again as you took a few steps towards him “are you okay?” You asked once you were a few feet from him. He turned to look at you, his eyes were reptilian like and you cursed under your breath.

“Now you see me?” He asked angrily “Now you see me!” He roared and you quickly turned running but something wrapped around your leg and pulled causing you to fall “I’ve been trying for years for you too see me! I even cut my hair like Isaacs!” You whined as he punctured you with his tail and you slowly brought your hands to chest giving a small push before you lost movement.

“I did everything the way he did! And you still didn’t notice me!” He growled as he brought his clawed hand to your face “I-I’m sorry!” You whispered but he shook his head “Too late!” He snapped raising his hand and you closed your eyes.

However, his weight disappeared and there was a loud growl. You frowned. You could hear the fight breaking out and you kept your eyes closed as you listened to Theo let out a grunt of pain and then a sound of something breaking. It was eerie quiet. “You didn’t kill him, did you?” You asked in a shaky breath “No, just knocked him out and broke his arm” Theo informed you.

“You can’t kill him, Scott doesn’t like killing people” You told him and you heard him groan “He tried to kill you” Theo snapped and you rolled your eyes “He’s a victim!” You yelled back and then it happened. A dread doctor was standing over you. You screamed at the top of your lungs at how horrifying it looked. It left you alone though, as Theo kept telling them not to kill Matty but of course the dread doctor wouldn’t listen and Matty was dead. You could hear the nasty gurgling of Matty dying and you wished you had movement so you could cover your ears. You seen a few people die but hearing his whimpers and gurgling made it worse.

“Theo! What’s happening?” You asked since everything went silent “Theo?” You called again thinking they might have taken him or killed him “Theo?” You panicky called again but still nothing. You closed your eyes as you felt tears well up and you felt yourself being picked up “Hey, hey!” You started but when you opened your eyes you saw Theo.

“Oh my god! Next time say something! I thought they killed you!” Your head fell back so you were seeing the hall way upside down until he fixed you so your head was propped against his shoulder and neck “They only came for him” He told you and you rolled eyes “Still, I thought they killed you” You hissed and he sighed “What’re going to tell Scott?” He asked under his breath and if you could shrugged your shoulders you would’ve. Instead you left the question unanswered.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … .

  After Theo put in his truck, he went and grabbed your things and drove you home. You were still paralyzed from the neck down which was highly uncomfortable. When you felt the truck come to a stop you were able to only wiggle your toes and fingers.

“The back door, use the back door” you told him as he carried you “Why?” He asked “Cause it opens up to the stairs and my dad is always watching tv in the living room” you explained as if he should have known by now “Okay, where’s your keys?” He asked as he placed you down against the house.

“In my left pocket” you told him and he raised a brow “Can you please just get me up, the ground is hard and cold” You snapped and he knelt down. You sucked in a breath as he reached into your pocket and pulled out the copper key. You felt your cheeks heat up when he met your gaze, you knew he could hear your heart beating a mile a minute. You closed your eyes so your didn’t have to keep staring his blue eyes. You heard the door unlock and then you were hoisted up in his arms once again.

“Honey! Is that you?” You heard your dad call “Yeah! I’m just going to head to bed. I’m not very hungry” It wasn’t a lie, after hearing what happened in the school hallway set you off “Are sure? There’s a plate in the microwave” Your dad yelled “Yeah, I’m tired” You told him and that was that.

Theo carried you all the way to your room. He placed you on your bed and you were still looking at the ceiling when tears started rolling down the side of your face. You bit your lip to keep from crying out, but Theo knew. His head popped up in your line of sight and you closed your eyes. “I’m fine. Just don’t like feeling helpless” You told him as he nodded his head.

Theo went to take your shoes off and then pulled your socks off and went to take your sweater off “No!” Your voice filled with panic as he brought his hands back “I was only trying to make you comfortable” Theo stated and you shook your head “I know, it’s just…” you trailed off as you opened your eyes “I don’t have a shirt on underneath and I’d rather you not see me half naked” You told him and he chuckled.

“I don’t mind” he whispered and you rolled your eyes “If I could slap you, I would” You chuckled softly as he took a seat on your bed “What do we tell Scott?” He asked and you started wiggling your hands about “I can move my hands!” You claimed with a proud smile

“That doesn’t answer my question” Theo hissed and you sighed “That you did what he asked, you protected me” You raised a brow wishing you could look at him and see his expression. You hadn’t had to deal with something like this since Jackson, which felt like a life time ago.

Theo moved so he could look at you and you smiled up at him. Theo raised his hand and you closed your eyes. Your heart racing as you felt his fingers brush the side of your face to wipe to tears that had fallen.

“He said not a scratch. And look at you” You glared at him and he smiled apologetically “But you saved me. That’s all he’ll care about” you told him and he shook his head. You could feel the movement in your arms coming back, so you figured you try your legs and they moved slightly. “I have movement!” You cheered as Theo groaned and stood up straight. You bit your lip as you slowly got up so you were on your elbows

“Look, I’m okay. We can tell him nothing if that’s what you want” You raised a brow and he shook his head “Then we tell him the truth” you softly whispered and Theo nodded his head.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … .

When you finally got movement back you decided to take a shower. Theo and you bid goodbye before you got in. Once you got out of the shower you had your pyjamas on and you walked out shaking your hair out and stopped short when you saw Theo sitting in your desk chair. Your brow furrowed as he stood from the chair. You threw your towel into the hamper as you walked past him and towards your bed.

“What’re you still doing here?” You asked and he sadly smiled at you “I can smell your fear” he told you and you looked away from him “Well, it sounded pretty bad the way he died.” You whispered and Theo walked over to you “and the dread doctors look terrifying” you added as you gazed back up at him. “They won’t hurt you, I’ll make sure of it” he whispered and you smiled as you looked away from him once again “C-can you stay with me tonight? Just for tonight, or is that weird of me for asking?” You kept your eyes glued to your hands and you felt his finger come to your chin and make you look at him.

  “I’ll stay” He told you and you nodded your head “There’s a few blankets in the closet” you whispered and he went to get them “I’m sleeping on the floor?” He asked and you nodded “Yeah, if that’s okay” you asked and he nodded his head “As long as you feel comfortable” he said and you smiled. You figured maybe Theo wasn’t so bad after all.

“Who’s Isaac? Matty, as you called him. Brought him up and how he kept trying to be him” You cursed under your breath as you turned on to your side “No one.” You whispered as you closed your eyes tightly “Did he hurt you?” Theo asked with a hard tone “In a way, yes” You answered “but he’s a ghost now. No one important” You added as you rolled on to your back. Theo sighed as he sat up and you looked down at him.

“I know, I’m not the best but you can tell me” he whispered and you shook your head “I’m over it and to prove it, come up here” You hissed and Theo got up and sat on the bed “You can sleep on the bed, hell you can even hold me” You laid back down and waited. You felt the bed dip and his arms came around your waist slowly and you felt your heart skip a beat “Don’t think to much into this. I just don’t want to sleep alone” You whispered in a shaky voice and Theo pressed his lips to the back of your head “I know, [Y/n]” He whispered and you closed your eyes “Thank you” You whispered and Theo tightened his arms around you.

You could trust Theo and you planned to never leave his side again. You didn’t want to be attacked again. Also you didn’t want to see the dread doctors ever again but you knew that would be impossible since you were apart of the pack and the pack protected everyone. Though you had Theo to make you feel safe and you could live with that. 

William appreciation post

The part when noora’s anxious and stressed because she doesn’t know what happened with Niko and she still has an article to write and it’s past due but she hasn’t slept in ages so she can’t fucking concentrate and since she’s such a saint she probably feels bad that she hasn’t finished it yet but secretly-a-cinnamon-roll William walks in and comforts her by HUGGING HER AND ONLY HUGGING HER UNTIL SHE EVENTUALLY CALMS DOWN AND FALLS ASLEEP LIKE DAMN THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT SON. He’s such a fuckboy you would assume that maybe he would kiss her or something too but IT’S JUST HUGGING AND IT’S JUST SO PURE??? HE CARES FOR HER SO MUCH??? AND WHEN HE’S WRITING THE ARTICLE ON HER LAPTOP AND THE FB MESSAGE NOTIFICATION SOUNDS GO OFF HE DOESNT EVEN OPEN THE WEBPAGE HE JUST TURNS OFF THE SOUND (PROBS BECAUSE AGAIN HE’S A CINNAMON ROLL AND DOESNT WANT THE NOISE TO WAKE NOORA UP) LIKE HE HAS SO MUCH TRUST??? THAT YOU WOULDNT EXPECT BECAUSE OF HIS CHILDHOOD?? BUT THE BOY IS JUST SO FAR GONE/ENAMOURED LIKE HE DOESNT EVEN NEED TO THINK ABOUT IT, HIS FIRST INSTINCT IS TO TURN OFF THE SOUND ?

I have to start by telling you that my entire existence could be summed up in one phrase. And that is: If my life wasn’t funny it would just be true, and that is unacceptable. What that really means, other than what it sounds like, is, let’s say something happens and from a certain slant maybe it’s tragic, even a little bit shocking. Then time passes and you go to the funny slant, and now that very same thing can no longer do you any harm.
—  carrie fisher, wishful drinking
a concept:

Klance. But, like, stereotypical-YA-novel-Klance.

  • Keith always (always) has his earbuds in, and Lance’ll just slide into the seat next to him and gently take an earbud and start listening with Keith while their heads touch
    • Except this gets annoying bc inevitably Lance will start singing at the top of his lungs.
    • And Keith will smile and sing softly along while their Converse All Stars tap together in time w/ the song.
  • Lance is also good at Big Romantic Gestures™. Like, he’ll show up at Keith’s house on a Tuesday night in full tuxedo with flowers, holding a speaker playing “Wildest Dreams” just because he can.
    • Shiro opens the door, takes one look, and yells over his shoulder, “KEITH, HE’S DOING IT AGAIN”
  • They have phrases they say to each other a lot that mean something. Like “you’re my rain”, because Lance loves rain. Or “I would never stop looking for you,” which sounds romantic but is really just Lance making fun of Keith’s obsession with finding cryptids. 
  • Keith writes ideas/quotes/conspiracies on his arms with a marker, and one day Lance asks Keith to write a thought on his own arm.
    • “Don’t look,” Keith says, popping the cap off. It only takes a moment for him to scribble on Lance: you’re my rain. 
  • Coran is the stereotypical English teacher whose room Keith used to eat lunch in every day. The man had to listen to Keith pine rant about Lance until the beginning of junior year and also give him money for the vending machine
    • When Keith and Lance do get together, Keith stops coming in to each lunch with Coran. Part of Coran is sad to see Keith go, but a much larger part thrills at seeing the two boys finally, finally happy together and also not taking all of his quarters for Pop Tarts.
  • And they probably like, I dunno, take a meaningful road trip somewhere?
  • Keith is driving one night and is kinda tired and swerves off the road just a little and Lance way overreacts, but Keith is also riding an adrenaline high.
    • “We’re DEAD! We survived but we’RE DEAD!”
    • They get a flat tire but neither know how to change it, so they wait for Shiro to come (they’ve only made it only an hour away from home).
    • While they wait, they break out the blankets and cuddle in the back seat. It starts raining outside, and Keith does something deep like write all of the things he loves about Lance on himself and then goes out to let the rain wash it off because the rain is a metaphor for Lance
Cassian Andor relationship headcanons

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♦ Cassian would always try to lay his hands on the best and strongest blasters just to give them to you as presents, he knows that you‘re not the ‘flower’ type of girl and that you‘re probably more happy about a new blaster than just flowers.

♦ He probably swears and curses in spanish when you do something reckless, which is not rare, but it’s actually cute to see him like that and his spanish sound really adorable.  

♦ Cassian takes you ALWAYS on missions, you‘re his partner in crime and you‘re the only person which he would trust blind ! You’re the best team imaginable.

♦ Dates with Cassian are the best thing because he tries to make them as perfect as possible, he often visits planets with you which are not under control of the Empire or he organizes a candle light dinner for you in a forest where both of you can enjoy the silence and company of each other while you eat something.

♦ Cassian can be really stubborn so if he wants something from you or when he tries to talk you into something (like a dangerous mission for example) then he will totally use his puppy eyes to manipulate you because it‘s almost impossible to say ‘no’ to these eyes.

♦ He‘s not a big fan of cuddling and kissing in public but he still touches you always in some kind of way. He can‘t keep his hands off of you so he will pat your back, or he will pet your head or he takes your hand for a short moment to rub his thumb over the back of it.

♦ Being in a relationship with Cassian would mean that you meet K2SO at some point. The droid has nothing against you, he thinks that you‘re actually a good partner for his friend and that you’re a skilled fighter but he still makes sarcastic comments sometimes.

♦ K2SO is probably your and Cassian’s biggest supporter and shipper but he‘s also a cock block. He will show up to the most inconvenient times just to tell you guys something unimportant.

♦ Cassian holds you in high esteem, he knows that you‘re able to protect yourself and he always treats you like his equal but he still looks after you and tries to protect you as good as possible during a mission.

♦ Cassian would feel really bad if the Resistance loses many people during a mission. He can’t cope really good with the loss, no matter if he knew the people personally or not and he looks for your attention then because you give him a feeling of safety.

♦ You can come with literally ANY kind of problem to Cassian, he will help you no matter what ! He may or may not complain or disapprove with you depending on what you tell/want from him but he will still help and support you at the end.

BTS Reaction: Their crush laughing at their joke for the first time

Jungkook: He would be so surprised that he couldn’t even say something. You never laughed or smiled at him, never! And, when it finally happened, he just thought it was a perfect illusion.

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Namjoon: When you laughed, he turned to you with a smile and said “wow, she knows how to laugh!”

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Jin: He said something about a tv show you both watch and you laughed so much that you turned red. He would feel happy because the sound of your laugh was like bells jingling to him.

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Suga: You were laughing but stopped when he said “I’m so good, I made the Serious Princess laugh.”

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J-Hope: “Oh, did you like that joke? If you want, I can make some more, just for you, princess.”

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V: “Do you know how to laugh? For months I thought you were Kristen Stewart!” and made you laugh much more.

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Jimin: You asked why he was staring at you after your laugh moment and he would say: “You should do more of this. You get prettier than ever when you laugh.”

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Mitjo snuggling and jo says somethin sappy and Mitch is like "that's gay" and Joey says "YOURE gay" and Mitch makes a bunch of sarcastic comments while kissin jo on the cheeks n head like "WHAT??" *kiss* "ME??" *kiss* "I cannot believe you think I am gay" *kiss* "that's ridiculous" *kiss* "definitely not gay" *more kisses*

THIS!!!! IS SO CUTE!!! WHAT THE HECK!!! It’s totally something they would do, they’re Ridiculous…

ALSO, it sounds like… Mitch is just SO COMFORTABLE and happy with Jo and just being all joking and teasing BWWEHH

would any of you guys be interested in a jewish omgcp fan network? (on a related note, go check out​ OMG PoC Please) i’ve gotten to talk headcanons and such with some really awesome people, and i’d love to be able to be able to do so on a larger scale and connect w people abt other nerdy jewish stuff!! 

just to gauge interest, could y’all reblog to spread and maybe reply/shoot me an ask if this sounds like something you’d be into??