it just so happens we are the same age

being gay is tough especially when it comes to relationships like??? straight people get to start so much earlier, and now im just starting to put myself out there at nineteen. i still have to go through my awkward dating phase and learn what it means to be in a relationship. a lot of gay ppl my age are going through the same thing, but we’re expected to be adults about it when we don’t know what the fuck we’re doing, which is why a lot of young gay people usually just end up having sexual relationships because that way we feel adult in our relationships and attraction when the truth is we are still just beginning and trying to figure things out for ourselves.

im a lesbian, and i know this, but because of there being so little representation of wlw (and when there is, half of the time it’s written by straight people who don’t know what they’re doing) I can’t imagine what a relationship with a woman is supposed to be like. I don’t know if how I feel attraction is genuine or a remnant of compulsory heterosexuality and heteronormativity. I don’t know if the relationship I’m imagining is healthy or a part of the heterosexual relationship dynamic that I’ve learned to know as the default. when you learn relationships are supposed to be one way, how else can you imagine them being??? when you’re a wlw who has never been in a relationship with another woman it’s hard to imagine having a girlfriend or a wife and when that happens it’s easy to doubt your attraction to women, and that’s scary.

dating when you’re gay is scary in more ways than being afraid to hold hands in public, it’s scary in being an adult going through this kind of stuff everyone else went through when they were 14. you feel so stuck behind and doubt yourself at every turn. straight people don’t get that.

Once Chowder gets over his initial shock of Jack and Bitty’s announcement, he begins to gush about Jack and Bitty and also ask a bunch of questions (when did it happen, how did it happen, etc).

Meanwhile, Nursey and Dex have turned so they’re face to face (their faces only about a foot apart) and begin having an entire conversation only using facial expressions.  It goes something like this:

Dex: so Jack and Bitty
Nursey: pretty cool, huh?
Dex: yeah
Nursey: so
Dex: hoe don’t do it
Nursey: what? I just think now would be a good time
Dex: you’re literally suggesting we try and steal their thunder
Nursey: no I suggest we piggyback
Dex: that is the same thing
Nursey: c’mon this is the best time
Dex: it’s not the best time
Nursey: Dex…we’ve been looking for the right time for ages…now is the best chance we’ve had yet
Dex: okay fine

By now, Chowder can’t gush any longer, and has run out of questions to ask, and they’re all just staring at the two of them.

“Uhhh,” they both say in unison, before they proceed to elbow, jostle, and generally push each other around, trying to get the other person to say it first.

“Y’all, what’s going–,” Bitty starts to ask before both Jack and Chowder shush him.

“Let them figure it out,” Chowder says.

After a long minute, they both stop before blurting out at the same time, “We’re dating!”

Bitty’s eyebrows arch high into his hairline.  He’s genuinely and incredibly surprised.

Chowder just looks at them both with the most unimpressed look on his face.  “No shit,” he says, with more sarcasm than anyone thought he could muster.

Then Ransom and Holster enter the room, and all hell breaks loose.


Did you know  it was mostly students and young adults people between the ages of 14- 25  from California and Texas made up 72 % of the people fighting for the cause. There was also a big number of people in Arizona considering the population at the time was hardly what it is today. 

So basically young people with not many resources ‘’unlike how we do have unlimited today’’ made this happen. So just imagine what people can do today if kept peaceful. Because at the same time statistics also show people killed during these events were ‘’students and young adults’’ as well.

Okay but what I wanna know is:

Why haven’t I seen anyone on tumblr talking about this? This happened in June, so why is everyone still arguing about ages?????

If Lance is 19, then Keith and Hunk are also 19 because they were in the same class. If anything maybe one of them is 18. 

Please stop???

By the way: I have some very fucking special words for people who claim the podcast isn’t official and “we don’t know who runs it”. Go home.

(disclaimer: I am not taking credit for this screenshot, it is not mine. It is however legitimate.)

Dwarf Wardens leaving their home with Duncan and looking up at the sky and seeing clouds and the sun for the first time ever

Dwarf Wardens looking up at that same sky at night and seeing the moon and stars for the first time ever

Dwarf Wardens that have never even seen a dog before suddenly having this Mabari following them around

Dwarf Wardens getting caught in a rainstorm and Alistair has to explain No it’s okay the sky didn’t break this is a thing that happens sometimes

Dwarf Wardens boggling at how foods that are so rare back home- grains, fruits, crops- are everywhere up here

Dwarf Wardens being fascinated by flowers or bugs or trees

Dwarf Wardens that feel vulnerable without a cave ceiling overhead

Dwarf Wardens that feel free without a cave ceiling overhead

Dwarf Wardens exploring this world that is so vastly different from the one they know

Dwarf Wardens

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We are planning on getting married soon. I try not get upset when he doesn't react the way I want him to. He's a great daddy and I love him so much but sometimes what he says hurts my feelings and can't help but get sad. We practically live together and I know I want to be with him forever and I know he feels the same. I'm just worried that he's going to leave me. It's irrational but I still get so worried. Does that happen to you? Thanks for listening, I love your blog! <3 (2/2)

Of course this happens to me. I constantly worry my daddy is going to find someone his age who is less needy. But, I look at the facts. He’s with me for a reason, right? Same goes for you and your daddy. Its normal to worry, but you shouldn’t! If he was going to leave you, he would. But, he clearly isn’t.

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I'm a Capricorn girl and I've noticed that I'm only into older men, is that weird? I've never liked someone my own age and I'm only 17 so just waiting to be 18 lol

This is a little awkward, but the same thing happens to me tbt. I like mature men, they are just more intelligent than those 20 years old boys, not knowing what to do with their lives. There’s so much more to talk about to them. We are both turned on by stability I think as Capricorns. But even grey hair are quite attractive somehow. Thank god I’m not the only one, I thought something must be wrong with me 😂
It’s normal for us Caps, since we usually are more mature than other signs of the same age. But by getting older we get younger emotionally. That’s what astrology says anyways. So I think best for us is to be attracted to older Caps, so we basically end up in the same emotional & intellectual age :p
Does this make sence?

Awesome Idea a convention should use

Wristbands for ages

These would save some younger people and older people a lot of hastle if there were these wristbands.  They would give the older cosplayers a sense of security in case a younger cosplayer was hitting on them or trying to make advances on them, the same for an underage cosplayer having an older cosplayer making advances towards them.  

Some people look older or younger than their actual age, this is a common thing to happen in the cosplaying realm. But because of this it makes some older cosplayers find themselves in trouble because the younger cosplayer wants more attention from them or vis versa.  The older person would be the one to get in trouble if anything were to happen between the cosplayers.  So why don’t we just use something to help everyone out in the long run? 

Maybe a white color for children, the age where cosplayers get in free, usually ages 12 or 10 and under.  

Yellow for ages 13 to 15.

Red for ages 16-17

Blue for 18-20 

Green for 21 and up.  

This would make things a lot easier for everyone.  If someone wants to hook up with someone, look for someone who has the same color wristband as you, that way you won’t be trying to hook up with someone who is way older than you or way younger than you.  You can’t always believe what you see.  

**This would not get rid of badges though, this would be a part of the badge. 

Congoers what do you guys think of this idea?  

Today, I fucked up by cheating on my girlfriend, accidentally.

So this happened about 4.5 years ago, but I was just thinking about it today and thought it was TIFU-worthy.

So I was a loser for, well, always, but I’ve managed to get less losery as life went on. I age like a fine wine, and as such, I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 20. The same day, I met this girl, let’s call her Chelsea. We immediately hit it off, she was not who I hooked up with, but we got on facebook and started talking. Well we kind of faded for a bit since I never asked her out since I met another girl. On the internet. Playing video games. Who lived further from me than Chelsea. We’ll call this girl Sasha.

Well I decided to pursue Sasha more than Chelsea, and despite having met on Kongregate, we decided to “date.” We met in person twice over the summer, then just texted and skyped and all the long distance stuff that couples do. It was a weird relationship though, I was just not a good boyfriend at the time, not cheating or anything, just dismissive at times and ignored her to go out drinking constantly.

Well Chelsea and I started talking again more once the school year started up again, but she didn’t know I was in a relationship since I was a bad boyfriend and had my relationship status hidden from general facebook view. But I just figured I could have female friends and it would be innocent.

So Chelsea and I hung out a few times in the HUB, and at some mutual meetings and stuff, pretty innocent stuff. Never really on the weekends though, as she wasn’t 21 yet. But she was cool, fun to hang out with, and she ended up asking me out.

Now, let to preface this and point out that I was, and still am a complete and utter dumbass who is completely hopeless with women and unable to pick up on even the most obvious of signals. I thought she just wanted to hang out. She didn’t even say we were going out, just said that her roommates were busy and she wanted something to do, I said mine were busy and we could hang out. She was like, yes let’s do that. Then she gave me her address and said to pick her up on saturday and like 5.

I thought that was weird, but whatever, I can give her a ride so we can hang out.

I get there and she asks where we’re going to eat, she’s dressed up, I’m not. I am still not aware that this is a date.

She suggests we go to Olive Garden since they have a lot of vegetarian options. She then, on the 10 minute drive there spends half the time talking about this vegetarian place she wants to try since she’s vegetarian, and that Olive Garden has good vegetarian options. I’m well aware she’s a vegetarian. We ended up going to Texas Roadhouse because Olive Garden was busy. Ooops.

Afterwards, I paid since she didn’t have a purse, thinking whatever, she can pay next time. Then we go back to my place to play CoD: Black Ops. I then keep answering texts from my girlfriend, while hanging out with this girl, who keeps trying to get me to make a move. She kept moving closer, putting her hand on my thighs, leaning in and laughing at all of my corny jokes that are terrible.

Long story short, we hang out and I take her home, telling her “peace.” as I drop her off.

I get home and talk about hanging out with Chelsea with Sasha. Sasha then points out I just went on a date.

I denied it for like a week before realizing that Chelsea stopped talking to me afterwards and her friends told my friends that I took her on the worst date ever. We saw eachother once a week for the rest of the school year though, and said maybe 50 words to eachother.

My relationship with Sasha did not last after that. She has a reddit account, so I’m betting she’ll see this and I’ll get a snap later.

I still don’t know what happened to Chelsea since she transferred schools and deleted her facebook.

I still maintain that I did not know I was going on a date or cheating since I didn’t know it was a date. But this is definitely a story I don’t tell new girlfriends. I do still go to Texas Roadhouse a lot though, I don’t regret going there at all.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.


So as @wishyounew​ and I are watching Supergirl in preparation for Tyler Hoechlin’s arrival as Superman, we hypothesized some fun new additions for the future.

If anyone’s familiar with Teen Wolf, you’d know that Tyler plays Derek Hale, who had a de-aged episode with young Derek Hale played by Ian Nelson.

So what if Ian Nelson also played a younger Superman–Conner Kent or Superboy. But as Cassie said, what’s a Conner without a Tim?

Well we have the Tim. Ryan Potter.

So I googled them, and it just so happens Ian and Ryan are the same age (21).

It just works.

Someone contact DC and The CW

Anon: HC OF RIARKLE TRYING TO GO ALL OUT FOR MAYA’S SURPRISE 16TH BIRTHDAY PARTY (and everything just ends up going disastrous because they’re 15 y/o dorks) It’s like an OT3/ Riarkle HC. PLEASE I NEED THIS
(Okay so I know in the show Riley is a year younger than Maya, but if we bump them to the same age then Maya’s birthday would be happening around the time of Riley and Farkle’s *secret* one month anniversary and that has potential so that’s what we’re doing lmao)

• Okay, so as we know, everyone forgot Riley’s 16th birthday
• And of course they all freaked out when they realized but the damage was already done and even though she convinced everyone that it’s fine, she’s still pretty pissed off/upset about it
• Like lowkey 30% of her motivation for keeping her new relationship with Farkle a secret is sheer pettiness lmao
• Farkle is pretty vocally still judging everyone on her behalf tho lol
• So anyway it’s New Years Eve right, party is a lot smaller than usual it’s just the friends and fam
• And Maya’s the only person running late so Topanga is just like “Guys omg Maya’s 16th birthday is in 2 weeks we need to plan a surprise party!”
• And Riley’s just like lol okay sweeties first of all,
“Clearly you people have demonstrated that you can’t be trusted with this kind of stuff at all-“
• Farkle’s standing behind her with his arms crossed nodding enthusiastically along to her every word what a loser
“Secondly, I know Maya better than literally everyone in this room. I’m planning the party!”
• And everyone is just kinda like ‘shit she right’ and agrees and then Maya’s walking in so the subject is dropped for the night
• The party was great and after it ended everyone went home except Farkle bc both his parents were out of town for different reasons and Cory and Topanga were h o r  r i f i e d omfg they were not letting this kid spend the holiday season alone and it’s not like he hasn’t been having sleepovers with Riley on the regular since 5th grade anyway
• Of course they don’t know he’s now dating Riley and therefore probably is getting something from sharing a bed and cuddling with her like always lmao
• So anyway Farkle’s like yeah this is gonna be sweet I can sleep in late tomorrow and then spend all day excessively cuddling with my girlfriend and drinking hot chocolate this is the lyfe
• But then at literally 4:30 in the morning, no sun in the sky
• Farkle is forcibly awakened by this extremely heavy weight being thrown on top of his chest. He literally can’t move and it’s heavy enough to mess with his breathing he’s freaking out
• He opens his eyes and it’s this giant book that’s literally the length of his arm and as thick as 3 bricks stacked together
• Standing over him is Riley looking completely unimpressed and she’s like “Wake up we have to get to work”
• And since he’s known Riley for 10 years now he’s not even fucking surprised he’s just like…can this not wait till later,
• And she launches into this speech about how they absolutely have to start now because it’s the upmost important thing in the world and Farkle is barely catching the gist of this because shit this book is really heavy why is he always brought to the brink of death around the Matthews family
• And at some point she realizes he’s really struggling and pulls the book off him like it weighs absolutely nothing which is not something his ego appreciates but now he’s sitting up and living again
• And now he’s getting a little concerned because he sees that Riley is already showered and dressed and there’s a pot of coffee and two cans of monster energy drink on her nightstand what is he about to get into
• And now she’s snapping her fingers in his face because apparently she was still delivering her monologue and he had tuned her out so not a good start to the day
• Okay so she shoves him in the bathroom and forces him to get dressed because they both got very little sleep and she has this theory that it’s harder to fall asleep when you’re wearing day clothing
• And like Farkle knows damn well that that literally isn’t a thing but he’s mildly scared of her right now so he listens lol
• And he comes out and moving around a bit had woken him up a little but she’s giving another speech on their agenda for the day and he still can’t bring himself to focus on her words because it’s still 4:30 in the morning and he’s also getting distracted by how pretty she looks what the hell
• Seriously he’s pretty sure despite getting dressed (see: throwing on jeans and a beanie. Does not bother to change out of the ancient Phillies sweatshirt Cory gave him to sleep in. Does not bother to shower. Does not bother with his contacts. Does not bother to care.) he looks like he just crawled through Death Valley or something
• Meanwhile Riley’s got her hair tied up in a little knot on the top of her head and she’s wearing her glasses today which he always loves and she looks as pretty as she does when she gets a full night’s sleep rather than only 3 hours and she’s wearing a dark blue and white Christmas sweater over a white button up both of which she stole from him but it looks a million times more flattering on her and she’s pacing around her room and is flipping through a couple loose papers as she talks and is obsessively clicking her pen which should annoy him but it’s so cute holy shit how is this his girlfriend
• Except now she’s frowning at him because she realized he wasn’t listening again and she’s like “Farkle seriously I know it’s early but you need to focus” and he’s like “I’m sorry I just really wanna make out with you right now!” which made her blush but she was not shifting gears she’s a woman on a mission
• The mission, he finally determines, is planning Maya’s Sweet Sixteen
• He still doesn’t understand why he had to wake up before sunrise for this
• So anyway now that he’s onboard he’s trying to figure out what the Giant Book of Death is supposed to be
• And Riley’s just like “Oh okay so back in like 6th grade I decided I was planning all 3 of our 16th birthday parties so I made a huge planning scrapbook and I’ve been filling it with more ideas as they come all these years.”
• And Farkle doesn’t even know what to do with this information like that is such a Riley thing to do but it’s also a little overwhelming that she cares so much about him and Maya she spent four years planning big birthday parties for them omfg
• So he just tells her that that’s adorable which makes her giggle and she opens the book to Maya’s section
• Holy shit she literally sectioned this book off for all three of them. That’s why it’s the size of three bricks. A brick each. Holy shit.
• And she literally color coded everything Farkle is so impressed but also confused on how she hid this all these years and he’s also so sad that THE PARTY SHE HAD WANTED FOR HERSELF NEVER EVEN GOT TO HAPPEN UGH
• He’s still extremely angry at everyone for that omfg Riley had begged him to calm down but he was waiting for a moment alone with anyone so he could yell at them
• Anyway so Riley makes them dive right in
• She hadn’t planned everything to the T she had hundreds of ideas and they needed to sort through them all and veto and agree and assign jobs to all the party goers and figure out where they were gonna host this party
• They were talking and writing and debating for hours without realizing it suddenly it’s 1:00 in the afternoon and Cory’s coming in to tell them it’s lunch and he’s surprised they’re even awake
• Farkle’s like “I too am also surprised to be awake” which made Riley smack his arm lmao
• Okay so they’re eating lunch with the fam and now Cory and Topanga want all the details they have so far and they’re loving what they’re hearing
• Except Riley’s like ‘Yeah Maya’s birthday is on a Thursday tho so we’re gonna have to throw the party on the 15th’ and Cory’s like “Oh no, Shawn’s got a job in London that weekend and he’s taking Maya with him as a surprise. The party is gonna have to be on the 8th”
• And Riley is FREAKING OUT because that is 7 days away she thought she had more time here
• Like she can totally make this work but her stress levels just shot the fuck up
• He’s not saying that out loud obviously but he’s just like “UM OR Saturday the 9th is also a viable party planning option woohoo!!!!” but Cory is like “Oh Farkle didn’t Riley tell you?? We’ll be in Philly on Saturday and Sunday because it’s my dad’s birthday.” And Farkle just quietly died inside but sells it with a smile lmao
• Cory’s just like “Sweetie rethink that sentence”
• But she’s already pulling her coat on and throwing Farkle his
• Topanga agrees to let them use her credit card but whatever they spend is going to eventually come out of Riley’s paycheck at the bakery which she’s chill with
• And we’re off!
• They still hadn’t finished going through everything in the Maya Section of the party planning book but what they had agreed on/narrowed down they had written down and put in a much smaller and easier to travel with folder that Riley held onto for dear life
• Their plan is almost immediately foiled when they walk out of the apartment building and run straight into Maya lmao
• Riley’s trying to hide the folder (that, naturally, reads “PLANS FOR MAYA’S SURPRISE SWEET SIXTEEN” in huge, bright red font) behind her back and she’s like “Peaches! Oh my God how funny it is to run into you here!!!”
• And Maya’s like ‘Riley I’m at your house everyday literally what are you talking about” and she starts to try to look behind her back cause it definitely looks like she’s holding something so Farkle’s just like “WOW I’M SO FUCKING COLD” and wraps his arms around Riley’s waist and presses into her back so her can rest his chin on top of her head and she drops her arms and they are literally now trying to hide this folder sandwiched between their bodies omfg
• So Maya’s like “Where were you guys going anyway?” and they’re like
• “Um…school” and the same time Farkle says “Mars.” Omfg
• Maya’s just staring at them and Farkle goes “I mean school” as Riley starts to say “Mars?” omfg
• Maya’s just like “Okay ignoring the fact we’re on winter break for another week and a half, what the hell are you talking about?”
• And Farkle starts babbling a little more to the point where Riley is literally just like “Stop talking you’re a disgrace” and he listens lmao
• So she turns back to Maya and she’s like “Well, Peaches, we know it’s winter break but you know how Farkle and I have that astrology class??? When we get back to school after break, it’s the teacher’s birthday! And poor Mr. Whatshisnameinson used to work for NASA and traveled to Mars in his youth and it’s all he ever talks about and so since he’s hitting the big 80 the whole class decided to get together and decorate the classroom to look like Mars. That is exactly where we are going. And it’s going to take literally all week to finish so we probably can’t hang out with you until Friday night I’m sorry dear.”
• Riley’s hoping against all hope that Maya dedicated enough time over these past 10 years to tuning her and Farkle’s space-talk out that she wouldn’t know nobody had ever been on the mars and their school doesn’t offer astrology to 10th graders
• Maya still looks suspicious as hell but she’s like “Alright then…see you?”
• But she like doesn’t walk away she’s still staring at them
• And she’s like “are you gonna go?”
• So Farkle’s just like “I’m still so fucking cold I hate the winter” and pulls Riley tighter and they both try to walk away while awkwardly connected like this so they won’t drop the folder and they keep stumbling and tripping and they just hear Maya mumble “They’re so much to put up with” before she heads into the bakery lmao
• They don’t feel fully safe from view yet though so they manage to stumble four blocks like that they got a few looks
• Okay so anyway first on the agenda: Find a damn location for this party
• Riley’s really worried that they’re going to have a hard time getting a place to rent out to them with only a week’s notice
• She’s right to be worried they piled up 2 days’ worth of rejections omfg
• All the banquet halls are turning them away. No restaurant will listen to their plea. Even the tiniest little places that are barely scrapping by and need money and people don’t want to try to rent their place on such late notice.
• And Riley really has her heart set on this being like a rager party she’s inviting basically everyone in school she can
• It’s literally now dinner time on the second day and they’re sitting in a tiny little dinner sadly eating soup and they’ve accomplished nothing omfg her spirits are slowly but surely dying
• Finally Farkle’s just like “Can I just rich asshole our way out of this one” because the girls are usually very aggressively against ever letting him spend money on either one of them but Riley’s really desperate so she’s like “I’ll hate myself for saying yes in exactly 2 weeks but go for it”
• He pulls out his phone and steps outside and comes back ten minutes later like “Kay I got Planet Hollywood to rent to us the whole night” and Riley’s just like ‘FARKLE WHAT THE FUCK I THOUGHT WE WERE AIMING FOR AFFORDABLE BANQUET HALLS” and he’s just like “What I like Maya too and it’s one of her favorite restaurants”
• Riley is torn between excitement and horror because she spent 2 hours writing out a budget for this thing and she knows Farkle just ignored it all to get this place
• But at least now that they have a location (and food, thank God) they can get everything else together
• So now they’re flipping through their notes and Riley’s like “Okay so I guess that means we’re going with the red carpet theme instead of Under the Sea…”
• Farkle’s just like “See babe, I just knocked out 3 birds with one stone! Relax” but she’s still frowning at him and he just mumbles “Diamonds are stones let me have this Riley”
• That at least got her to laugh and lighten up a little bit lol
• So now they’re trying to split what else they need to do between them. Even though the place is decked out, Riley still thinks they should provide some extra decorations themselves. They also need to provide their own music so she’s looking for a DJ. Farkle was very insistent that Riley let him handle the cake and the flower arrangements for some reason, but she wasn’t questioning it.
• She probably should have questioned it because Farkle’s got a p l a n
• Riley also is trying to figure out how they can invite so many people with the short time they have and Farkle’s like “Oooh you know what my uncle just started up one of those weird design-your-own-e-vite companies so I’ll handle that too
• Basically she keeps listing off jobs for her to do and Farkle’s like “I’ll handle that” this goes on for a while but finally she’s like “Farkle wtf I’m not letting you plan Maya’s party by yourself this is my thing”
• And he was just like “I just wanna make this as easy and not stressful at all for you” and she smiles really sweetly and takes his hand over the table and says in a loving tone, “Well back the fuck off loser this is my party planning book and she’s my Peaches”
• And he laughs and says okay but in the back of his mind he’s running some logistics problem because his p l a n just got a little more complicated
• They head back to her place for the night (his parents don’t get back until the 11th yikes) and Cory and Topanga are pretty impressed by what they’ve worked out so far
• Riley wants to stay up to keep working out details and Farkle’s like “We’ve been running on 3 hours of sleep for the past 48 hours BED NOW” and basically shoves her in lol
• And she would have fought back but she’s been running off coffee and Monster for two whole days while trying to find a location and a MAJOR caffeine crash hit this poor girl omfg she was not alright she passed out mid-sentence
• Farkle takes advantage of that and sneaks out to go get Cory and Topanga in on his p l a n
• Riley wakes up from her coma the next day at 12:45 noon and she immediately starts screaming and is rushing across the hall to jump in the shower and rushes through that, gets back in her room by 12:50, and is hopping around trying to towel dry her hair and put clothes on at the same time and she’s got her phone pressed between her ear and shoulder but it’s anyone’s guess who she’s trying to call
• Farkle walks in on this scene, still in his pajamas and eating a sandwich, and just watches her hop around for a minute before saying between bites “You do know we don’t have school or anything today, right?”
• She’s glaring at him and she’s like “We only have FIVE DAYS to plan this party how are you calm STOP GETTING CRUMBS ON MY FLOOR”
• Farkle’s rolling his eyes at her and he’s like “I already sent out the invitations while you were asleep. Your parents and Auggie are out ordering the cake right now.”
• That calmed her down a little bit but she still had so much else to accomplish omfg
• But then, “Also…4 days, Riley. You slept all day yesterday from that crash.” And she’s LOOSING IT AGAIN
• So she’s now fully dressed and grabs him by his hoodie and starts dragging him out of the house and he’s like “babe stop I’m in my pajamas” and Riley’s all “You had all morning to do something about that” so now the boy is roaming the streets of New York in a Phillies sweatshirt, Star Wars pajama pants, and bunny slippers that he swears are Riley’s (they aren’t Riley’s).
• So she’s dragging him in the general direction of a flower shop when she suddenly gasps and turns to Farkle in horror and she’s like “My parents are getting the cake???? They don’t know any of the details! We had barely worked out details on that yet!”
• And he’s like “Well I told them you wanted it tiered right?”
• “How many layers though???”
• “Um…a lot?”
• And now she’s freaking out over what flavor they got and what color icing and “Have you met my father, he’s probably gonna order a carrot cake!” and whether or not there will be enough to feed everyone invited
• And she’s really in the zone during this rant omg her eyes are really wide but Farkle’s pretty sure she has no idea what’s going on around her so he just grabs her hand and gently starts pulling her towards the flower store while she’s still panicking over this cake situation
• Once she smells all the flowers she snaps out of it lmao
• But omfg this ends up stressing her even more
• Maya’s favorite flowers are Blue Orchids so she tries to order a lot of those and the dude working in the shop is like “Sorry we don’t have any blue orchids
• And Riley’s like “…Sir you’re literally standing in front of a couple blue Orchids. I can see them right behind you.” And he’s like “No sorry no orchids whatsoever.”
• “Do you mean you just don’t have enough blue orchids to fit my order? Like I can afford to get more than one type of flower sir.” And he’s just like “Little girl we have no Blue Orchids. Blue Orchids don’t even exist, I think? You must be confused. No Orchids. Aren’t orchids spiders? Why are you trying to order blue spiders in a flower store?”
• And Riley’s just standing there with her mouth hanging open like r u fcking kiddin me
• “Sir trust me I’m obsessed with flowers and I know flowers and those are Blue Orchids right there!”
“You claim to know flowers, yet you ask for spiders, and I’m the one working in the flower shop.”
• Riley just. Doesn’t even know what to do here she’s so confused.
• Farkle is trying SO HARD not to laugh omfg he’s just like “Uh, Riles, why don’t you just try to order another kind of flower?”
• So she’s just like ugh fine okay can I order some violets then?
• “Sorry we have no violins, this is a flower store.”
• “Little girl we do not sell spiders or violins I’m sorry.”
• “THERE IS A FRIDGE WITH VIOLETS IN IT RIGHT THERE” and she’s angrily pointing at this walk in fridge right next to her and this guy is just like “Sorry no we don’t have any.” And Farkle’s about to lose his no-laughing battle
• Riley plucks a single red rose out of a display on the counter and is like “Can I buy this?” and this guy is just like “Little girl there is nothing in your hand I think you may need some help.” And Riley’s about to scream in frustration but Farkle’s already dragging her out of the store lmao
• And they’re now just walking down the street and she’s sputtering out random noises phrased like questions she’s so confused about what just happened and she’s not appreciating Farkle’s quiet laughter
• She just gives him a look and it’s meant to be threatening but he just fucking doubles over and loses it laughing omfg
• She’s so worked up like what can she even do now
• Farkle’s just like “Riley okay listen I’ll handle the flowers on another day I promise but you don’t look like you can deal with people right now.”
• As if on cue, her parents and Auggie walk out of a nearby store and she’s immediately back in ‘panic-about-the-cake’ mode and is asking them a million questions
• And Cory’s just like “Sweetie, Sweetie don’t worry. We went with our guts and got half butter recipe and half carrot with bright green frosting!!!!”
• And Topanga and Auggie are like lol Riley he’s not joking that was the best and most obvious option
• And she’s just. Screaming.
• She literally just goes ‘Farkle fix this’ and starts banging her head on the side of the nearest building
• And she can hear Farkle going ‘Guys Maya is allergic to butter recipe cake remember??” and they’re just like “Well that’s why we got half carrot too!!! Options!” and Farkle just goes “Wow you’re right Mr. Matthews that is some sound logic I’ll see you at dinner.” And literally just waves them off lmao
• Riley just looks at Farkle and she looks SO SAD OMG and goes “Maya hates green,” and Farkle says “Yeah I remember” and now she’s groaning into his chest in defeat and Farkle’s hugging her trying to calm her down and says “Riley okay I get it we’re having problems but aren’t you possibly being a little too emotional about this right now?”
• And he hears her mutter into his chest “I just wanna give my best friend an amazing birthday party.”
• “Well yeah, so do I.”
• “No, she’s my best friend, go find someone else.”
• “…Can you be my best friend?”
• “I’m your girlfriend, dumbass.”
• “Well nobody else knows that!”
• “That’s not my problem!”
• “I…It was- it was literally your idea-“
• “Shut up, please?”
• But he’s succeeded in calming her down and cheering her up a little so she’s got a tiny smile back at least
• So now they’re off to try to get some extra decorations. Like, Planet Hollywood is already decked out with a bunch of movie memorabilia and famous costumes and stuff, but Riley thinks it could help to get some balloons and streamers and stuff that match their color scheme that she BARELY HAS
• She was hoping for blue and gold because the Orchids and then she felt the gold complemented them nicely and the aesthetic felt very Maya
• But of course apparently blue orchids were out of the question for some crazy reason so now she’s guessing they’re gonna have to go red and gold for the overall Hollywood theme
• Which lowkey feels like a copout to her especially since there’s already a red carpet there why should we bother with more red
• But apparently the universe wants this party to go a certain way whether she likes it or not. Ugh.
• Farkle knows she’s upset but he’s not saying anything because tbh her pouty huffy face is too cute he doesn’t know how to handle it
• Okay so they hit up just a regular Party City right
• And they waste hours in there
• Because they keep bickering over specifics of what they need and Farkle keeps trying on ridiculous wigs while Riley’s yelling “This is no time to be cute!” and they keep getting distracted by a bunch of random knickknacks and the other people in the store keep laughing at them lmao
• They come across an isle filled with silly string and Farkle whispers “the Promised Land” and Riley’s whisper shouting at him in an effort strained voice “NO, Farkle, we need to exercise self-control!” and Farkle’s like “We could buy it for the party!” and Riley’s like “We both know it wouldn’t last that long!” omfg this goes on for 10 minutes they’re so dramatic
• Farkle keeps trying to get balloons that aren’t red and gold and he doesn’t understand why it’s annoying Riley and she’s shoving the folder in his face slowly annunciating “Color Scheme.”
• “Why are the sticky eyeballs even out, Halloween was months ago?”
• “Who cares we both know Maya would fucking love them.”
• Omfg the stumbled into the little Sweet Sixteen specific area and Farkle’s like “We are absolutely getting Maya Hart a sparkly Sweet Sixteen Princess Tiara and sash to embarrass her” and Riley’s like “Oh yeah totally no doubt.”
• So they’ve been here for too long it’s like almost 7:00 o’clock omfg but Riley has officially triple checked the list and is feeling safe enough to go pay
• And they get to the front of the line and the cashier is ringing all this shit up and he looks at Farkle and is like “Weren’t you here yesterday?”
• And Farkle’s like “no wtf I’ve never even been inside this store before.”
• And the cashier was like “No you were totally here with a blonde girl yesterday!”
• And Farkle’s like “I don’t know any blonde girls. I’ve literally never even seen a blonde person before in my life!”
• And this cashier looks so confused omfg he’s like “Aren’t…Aren’t you blond?”
• And Farkle is wide eyed and looks like he’s about to reveal a deep dark secret and just whispers “I’ve never seen my own reflection before…”
• And Riley’s just looking at him like wtf but the cashier apparently bought this???? And just goes ‘dude’ and hands over a mini mirror for Farkle to look in omfg
• Farkle gasps loudly when he looks in the mirror and whispers “You’ve changed my life,” and he looks like he’s on the brink of tears and the cashier (who Riley has determined is high as a kite) was so moved by this whole experience he only charged them for half omg
• So they get out of the store and Farkle is acting like none of that even happened and Riley’s just looking at him like????? Wtf was that???? And he’s like listen who knows
• And she’s just like “Why were you there with Maya yesterday?” because no matter how unreliable that guy was Farkle wouldn’t have acted so ridiculously if he wasn’t afraid of getting caught
• And he’s like “I wasn’t there with Maya who said Maya???”
• “How many other blondes do we know?”
• “It could have been Lucas!”
• “Lucas…is not a girl, babe.”
• “Can you prove that indefinitely?”
• “I mean…yes, yes I can?”
• And finally Farkle’s just like “fine while you were asleep yesterday I hung out with Maya but I didn’t want you to know that she doesn’t believe our “turning a classroom into Mars all week” story because I was worried it would stress you out”
• And she’s like “Okay that’s fine but why were you guys in Party City???” and Farkle says Maya’s doing some new art project and she needed wigs for some reason or another
• Which is reasonable enough for Riley so she drops it but she still thinks he’s acting weird
• So they head home for dinner because it’s getting late and Riley’s still pissed they couldn’t get anything done about flowers today and the cakes a disaster and now they’re only gonna have 3 days left she’s really stressing
• So she wakes up early the next morning ready to go and Topanga is just like “literally no you need to take a break for a few minutes lets go to the nail salon” and Riley’s like “A MANI-PEDI WOULD BE MARVELOUS RIGHT NOW BUT I HAVE THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT” but Topanga is literally dragging her out the door lmao
• And she’s like “okay this is an hour at most I can relax and then handle the rest of the day” but noooooooo Topanga then wanted them to go get haircuts and Starbucks and other really random things and Riley’s just like “Mom you’re only stressing me out more can you please try to bond with me when I’m not trying to plan a very important thing in 3 days u g h”
• So eventually Topanga compromises and her and Riley go shopping for birthday presents for Maya together so that calmed her down a bit
• So they shop around for a bit- Topanga finds some cute clothes she thinks Maya would like, Riley gets her some new paints, a purse and finds this super cute golden necklace that had the sun and the moon on it lol
• By the time they finish up for the day it’s like 3:30 omfg
• Topanga heads back up to the apartment with their bags but Riley decides she wants to grab a smoothie first so she heads into the bakery
• And is immediately surprised to see Maya and Farkle heads pressed together, whispering about something. They jump in surprise when they see her and Maya not-so-secretly stuffs something into her backpack
• Riley just looks at them for a moment and goes “Are you cheating on me?”
• Lol Maya’s just like “Which…Which one of us was that directed at?”
• “I honestly have no idea.”
• So now they’re laughing and Riley gets her smoothie and sits down with them and the three of them just chill for a bit, talking about school and their other friends and whatnot
• Riley’s actually feeling relaxed for the first time all week because she’s just hanging out with her two favorite people
• Suddenly Maya gets a text and she’s like “Oh shoot, gotta go, dinner” and they’re like wait what
• It’s now 7 holy shit
• They wasted 3 and half hours having fun but now the second Maya’s out the door Riley’s in PANIC MODE
• Farkle can hear the Kill Bill sirens going off this girl is about to blow
• And they’re heading back up to the apartment and Riley’s gone from listing everything they still need to do to now listing all the ways she’s an utter failure and Farkle’s just like omfg please take a deep breath
• “We haven’t even figured out how to get her to the party yet! ‘Hey Maya, don’t ask questions, just put on a nice dress and come to Planet Hollywood!’ she’s not gonna go for that, she’ll figure it out!”
• And Farkle’s like “I’ll just tell her I got extra tickets to a show and she should dress nice Riley please calm down”
• Like he also adores Maya to the moon and back but he’s really not getting why Riley is stressing herself to death over this party. If anything, he’s got more to lose than her considering he’s orchestrating an evil p l a n behind her back and doing what he can to get this party set up right. He’s not stressed, should he be? He’s stressing out more about Riley’s stress than anything else. Why does everything about existing in high school have to be stressful omfg
• So now he’s realizing there’s gotta be something more to this that has Riley stressing but she’s clearly not offering up specifics ugh
• So now they’re up in her room and she’s going through the huge book she made while he looks over her shoulder right
• And he can’t help but grin because it is also a scrapbook so she’s got some really cute pictures of the three of them in there from when they were younger, along with ideas hastily added and scribbled out, stickers for bullet points, everything organized with colored tabs. She really did go all out for this
• So he’s flipping through some pages now but she’s yelling at him for getting too close to the Farkle Section because “your birthday isn’t until March, that remains top secret!”
• And so Farkle finally asks her “back in 6th grade, what made you decide to plan our birthdays this obsessively?”
• And she’s like “Don’t you remember anything? Maya’s mom could never really afford to throw her any big parties until her 12th birthday, and it ended up being a total disaster because everyone got food poisoning and her grandmothers cat somehow managed to die inside the piñata and we all discovered that much too late?” and Farkle’s like shit because yeah how could anyone forget that day
• So Riley’s like “And Maya slept over my house and cried for like 3 days after that and she’s never tried to have a real party since then and since Sweet Sixteen’s always get built up to be this huge moment in your life- like, I just knew if I spent so much time planning it, it could be the one thing I could control perfectly and Maya wouldn’t be let down and she’d have an amazing birthday memory.”
• Okay so now this makes some sense to him omfg
• And then Riley says “And, um, I added you to it because, well, Maya and I were always the only people to turn up to your parties when we were younger and you always insisted it was fine but I could tell it really upset you. So, I thought that even though special sixteenth birthday parties tend to be looked at as more of a girls thing, that if any guy deserved a day to feel awesome and special and have a huge amazing rager party, it was you.”
• And he’s like f u c k I love you omfg
• “And then I kinda just added in my section as an afterthought, I guess. I don’t know. I just got really into the whole thing, it doesn’t matter now. But anyway, that’s why I’m so worried about none of this coming together!”
• And Farkle doesn’t really know how to reassure her of anything without exposing what he’s doing behind her back, so he just promises it’ll all be fine and they fall asleep
• The next couple days are just Riley running around trying to fix the problems, but nothings coming together
• Farkle assured her that he took care of flowers but she doesn’t see when he could have done that
• She begged and pleaded with the bakery hired to make the cake but the head baker insisted on no refunds and no changing the order omfg
• Farkle is just like “babe it’s okay they serve dessert at the restaurant” but she’s like “yeah and none of it is birthday cake????”
• Farkle thinks he’s spent more time reassuringly rubbing her arms this past week than he’s spent actually getting stuff done for this party
• Riley wakes up the morning of the 8th to Farkle giving her a box of chocolates whispering “Happy one month!” so her parents won’t hear and she’s hugging him but also groaning and going “It didn’t even occur to me to get you anything oh my God-“ and he’s trying to convince her that it’s fine because she’s obviously been a little preoccupied omfg
• But no now she’s officially mad at herself so he’s like ‘share the chocolate and we’ll call it even, okay?”
• And okay so the whole day is spent rushing around the house, trying to wrap presents and gather up all the decorations and Farkle and Cory and Topanga are all making calls to make sure everything is still in place
• Lucas and Zay actually come over at one point to take the decorations so they can go help the staff set up themselves, and that way Riley doesn’t have to get there early and then leave to get Maya and come back again
• And she feels a little nervous putting the fate of the decorations in their hands specifically but they made a good point about her have to go back and forth so she gives in
• It’s about 6:30 when everyone starts getting dressed
• It’s a semi-formal dress code for the party since the theme is Hollywood and whatnot
• Riley ends up looking like a goddess in this deep purple knee length dress, with dark red lipstick and her hair curled omg
• Farkle’s just like “You are making it so hard to act like I’m not dating you holy shit”
• She thinks he looks amazing in his suit and his tie was covered in blue in purple swirls
• So it’s time to get a move on! Her family (and everyone else obviously) are gonna meet them there, Farkle calls his family driver to come pick them up so they can go get Maya
• In the car Farkle is like “Remember I told her I got tickets for Fun Home so that’s what you should talk about in the car. She only thinks we’re going to the restaurant for a normal dinner before the show!” and Riley’s like “Aye-Aye!” but her stomach is all in knots she’s so fucking worried this is going to go wrong somehow and the party will be awful
• Maya’s in a shiny blue dress and they have their usual cutesy greeting and are gushing over how great the other looks as Farkle is texting nonstop
• And Maya’s like “Yeah can’t wait to see Chicago woohoo!” and Riley’s like “I thought it was Fun Home?” and inside she’s like ‘Farkle ya done fucked up now she’s gonna be suspicious’
• Farkle’s looking at Maya like he’s going to murder her for some reason omfg he mumbles something like ‘why would I take you to see Chicago?’ but before anyone can do anything to save this awkward moment they arrive at the restaurant
• So they’re climbing up the steps right everything is chill and normal except everyone who is hiding a surprise party is fucking nervous now
• So they get up to the floor and are suddenly hearing ‘Surprise!’ and cameras are flashing and there’s cheering and both girls are just screaming
• Because there’s a big blowup poster hanging on a far wall and it’s a black and white picture of the girls hugging when they were like six and there’s a huge banner that reads “HAPPY BIRTHDAY RILEY AND MAYA” omg
• There’s BLUE ORCHIDS AND VIOLETS EVERYWHERE and purple and silver balloon had been added to the blue and gold mix (the red Riley had bought had been veto-d out by Zay) and way too many cans of silly string and this huge tiered cake that could definitely feed everyone there that had blue and purple icing and read on top “Honey&Peaches Sweet Sixteen!”
• Everyone’s still talking at once and Riley’s like ‘WHAT THE FUCK’ and Maya’s looking at Farkle going ‘You played me!’ and Riley’s like ‘Maya what do you mean???’
• And Maya’s like “he called me like 5 days ago and said he was still pissed everyone missed your birthday so we were planning a surprise party for you! I didn’t think he’d throw my birthday in!”
• And they’re both just screaming back and forth at each other as everyone laughs and Farkle is feeling so fucking accomplished finally one of his plans didn’t fail miserably!
• Now Maya’s yanking Farkle over by his tie demanding to know how tf he pulled this off
• After Riley had passed into a caffeine coma, Farkle had dragged her huge party planning book out to show Cory and Topanga. They agreed tricking the girls into a joint surprise party wouldn’t be a bad idea at all, and called Maya to tell her they were only planning one for Riley. Maya and Farkle got most of the decoration and flower shopping done the day Riley was asleep. Farkle knew Riley would wanna do flowers the moment she woke up, so he waited until Maya was out of ear shot and payed the guy off to refuse to sell any flowers when he eventually comes in here again with a brown haired girl (it didn’t occur to him he’d need to do that at Party City), but then to actually put her order in once she left. He and the Matthews then came up with the best cake idea they could (marbled with the blue and purple frosting), but Cory had apparently decided to convince her it was awful just to mess with her and Farkle couldn’t exactly expose him and the Secret Genius Plan in the middle of the street like that. Then, Topanga kept Riley for most of the day so Maya and Farkle could go hunting for DJ’s. They ended up not being able to find any on such short notice, but Maya decided to call Josh and ask (see: demand) that him and his “lame-ass band” come play the party “unless, of course, you hate your niece or something.” (Farkle later filled him in that it was also a surprise for Maya too so they built up a list of songs to cover that both girls would die for). He had sent out the e-vites to the school specifying that it was a party for both the girls and lucked out that neither of them had thought to ask to see them. He had nabbed the cute picture of the girls out of Riley’s scrapbook the night she told him why she was so invested/stressed out about the party, and while Riley was arguing with the bakery, he snuck out, gave the picture to Isadora, and she had it blown up to the big banner it now was. He had Lucas and Zay pick up decorations from both Maya and Riley’s house so neither girl would feel obligated to be at the restaurant early to decorate, because that obviously would’ve ruined the surprise. He found out what color dresses both girls were wearing (which miraculously worked out perfectly with the improvised color scheme, he has no idea how that happened) and got a tie so he could match both of them. Then obviously, he told each girl to act like they were going to see a show, got his driver to take them there, and voila!
• Riley and Maya are just staring at him with their mouths gaping open like h o l y s h i t and he’s trying not to laugh at their expressions. By the time he finishes his big monologue, even though he hasn’t done it in literally three years, his joy and pride and actually pulling this off makes him end the speech with a huge “THANK YOU, I AM FARKLE!” which sends everyone into hysterics omfg
• The girls start squealing and freaking the fuck out and hugging him and everyone there with a camera caught some fucking adorable shots of the three of them
• They make the girls do the fake red carpet walk and get some cute shots of the two of them in front of the green screen
• Maya’s so ecstatic at all of this and Riley’s more than a little overwhelmed omfg
• The night goes on and they have the Best Party Ever and the girls are more or less joined at the hip all night and are super distracted by everything going on but they aren’t letting Farkle get too far from them with the huge crowd
• Josh knew the story of drunk Farkle singing ‘She Will Be Loved’ at the girls so his band decided to play it at one point and they had to figure out how to three-way slow dance it was great
• Riley and Farkle managed to sneak away for a few minutes under the guise of ‘getting air’ and ‘using the bathroom’ separately but they met up outside and Farkle tried to say something but then Riley kissed him hard enough he literally got dizzy and forgot whatever it was he snuck out to tell her
• So she just says “Happy anniversary!” before she heads back inside and he yells “Happy birthday!” at her retreating figure and he could hear her giggle in response
• The party goes all night and everyone agrees it was amazing
• Maya opened the presents Riley got for her and she loved the paints and the bag but when she saw the necklace she shrieked and Riley was like “what???” and Maya’s like “OPEN YOUR PRESENT” and obviously it was the same necklace omfg
• So that had them squealing even more
• A world record for amounts of squealing in one night was probably shattered tbh
• Lucas and Zay were going too hard on the dance floor and Lucas got a concussion do you think anyone will ever let him live that down
• But anyway yeah Riley loves her friends way too much and they love her way too much in return and Farkle is always going to go completely out of his way to make sure the ‘Ladies’ are happy

World Building: Evolution of Technology Post-Collapse

peppermint-tea-breath asked:

So I’m writing a book series that happens after a new dark ages and a second Pangea. In this world (which is practically the same as our earth but in an AU where mythical creatures live here too) how can I believably write that we forgot how to use technology and are just starting to use guns and such but not things like Internet and cell phones?

The first thing to keep in mind is that we tend to take human infrastructure for granted. Most of us don’t think about things like water, power, gasoline, goods and food and how they actually get to us. Natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina illustrate how quickly infrastructure can collapse. Even something like a catastrophic virus could lead to loss of power and interruption of utilities if there weren’t people available to keep running those systems. And, the ability to get those systems back online again would decrease over time. The knowledge needed to run those systems (much less get them functional again in the first place) would disappear in a generation. It’s also not like you can simply read a manual and kick start your local water treatment plant. There’s a lot of knowledge, manpower, and supporting infrastructure that has to be in place. The same goes for things like internet and cellphones.

In a true dark ages scenario, where all of that knowledge would be lost, and all of that infrastructure would crumble and disappear over time, we would essentially be starting from scratch and have to evolve through all those technological eras all over again. The only difference is that some measure of residual knowledge would probably make it a bit easier the second time around. Just knowing that telephones and cell phones are possible would save time, because you don’t have to wait for someone to think them up first.

What you do have to wait for, however, is the need. You’ve probably heard the term “necessity is the mother of invention,” and that’s especially true of technology. If you have a very small population distributed between villages, for example, you don’t really need cell phones–or telephones for that matter. They’re convenient, sure, but that kind of technology requires a lot of work and a lot of infrastructure. Couriers on horseback work just as well. Until they don’t, and that’s not an issue until the population increases and gets spread out over very large distances. So, it’s pretty believable that internet and cell phones will be relatively low on the priority list as we emerge from yet another dark age.

Guns, on the other hand, are something that will more than likely survive into and through the a second dark age. They don’t really require anything but gunpowder and metal, and lots of people know how to make that. Guns would also hold a pretty high value through a dark age scenario, and even if–for some reason–all of the world’s guns vanished during that time, they would be one of the first things to be reinvented. Waaay before things like telephones, cell phones, and internet.

Use the evolution of technology in our timeline as a guideline, just compressed a little bit. Whereas it took us roughly 130 years to get from telegraph to cellphone, it could conceivably take half the time on a second go ‘round. Or, maybe, for some reason, things go a bit differently and it takes the same amount of time or longer. We don’t really know for sure what would happen, so really anything you come up with is fine as long as you can explain it. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you, but please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question may go unanswered. :)

So we’ve all considered a quirk that can turn the kids into even smaller kids but have you considered:

Teenager!All Might

All Might just walking around Yuuei trying to be a teacher when BAM oops someone’s quirk turns him into a younger version of himself which happens to be around the same age as his students. Sixteen year old All Might, blooming with new youth, and he’s free once again of his enormous title and his PAIN. But he’s also quirkless once again.

He still has his memories and his experience so he’s still on as a teacher, but the difference is extraordinary. The teachers all carry a certain skepticism that his youth isn’t clouding his judgement and treat him like one of their students sometimes, but the students are friendlier and more comfortable around him as well and even more willing to tell him their problems so that he can help fix them (to varying degrees).

The media believe that he’s All Might’s long lost son (because no way is anyone outside of Yuuei is allowed to know what’s going on) and they hassle him constantly so some students form the Young Might Protection Squad to keep the press away.

AND THE VILLAINS. They view All Might’s younger condition as a way to get back at the All Might they believe is his father so now we have Young Might, quirkless and painfully ordinary, trying to fight off full grown villains out for his blood. He’s gotta learn to fight, not just with his fists, but with his whole body like he’s never had before. There is no extraordinary strength for him to rely on anymore, no ability to overpower with no need for skill and come out on top, and his fists will break if he even hits a wall too hard. So what’s he gonna do?

He’s gotta Git Gud. Martial arts lessons from Aizawa and Ojirou, basic first aid lessons from Recovery Girl, and basic shooting skills from Snipe. He’s becomes a jack-of-all-trades on the field, not the greatest hero but still a hero in his own quirkless right like his first stint as a hero. He’s a new inspiration to his students and his fellow teachers and he finds that even old dogs can learn new tricks if given the chance.

But what he didn’t expect was to learn so much from Izuku, who still looks at him like the sun shines out of his ass and that his awkward pats can heal the sick. He learns that if he limits himself to only what he used to be, he’ll never take this gift to become something newer and what he has the potential to be.

He has to convince Izuku not to return One for All back to him, because All Might’s age is done and Deku’s is just beginning. And maybe, just maybe, Toshinori Yagi’s heroic works are just beginning too.

On Natasha (spoilers)

I love Natasha Romonoff in Age of Ultron. Why?

Because we get to see her femininity.

1. She has a love interest but isn’t JUST a love interest. So, now she does the exact same badass job as an Avenger but with feelings. Female romance diminishes nothing. It’s a thing that happens in real life. Women have feelings and we continue to do our damn jobs just fine.

2. She experiences maternal/fertility issues. Natasha Romanoff wanted to be in control of her fertility, but that was stolen from her by The Red Room Academy. She felt like she had lost part of herself; making her less human. Real women deal with loss of fertility and control over their bodies, but continue to carry on fighting/living everyday. 

3. She was responsible for her own rescue. She didn’t wait for Bruce to come bust her out of the cell. She built a morse code oscillator from basically thin air to tell him to get his ass there and bring the tool she needed to get out. Women in the real world have to be resourceful too because blunt force isn’t always safe or an option for us.

4. She didn’t pine after her lover when he was gone. Was she upset about it? Yes. Did she let that interfere with her job? No. She went straight out and said “Let’s train some new avengers, bitches.” Again, women have feelings and we continue to do our damn jobs just fine.

Bottom line: She faced issues that real women face everyday and continued to be badass anyway.

I had a daydream just now where something weird and magic happened so for like one day the whole class of students could for some reason see alternate universe versions of themselves on their magic projector in class or whatever. They are given a remote (that the teacher keeps a hold of) and slowly flip through stuff. Everyone is loving it because its so random, its literally all possibilities but they can set certain filters. So they as a group decide, okay only show us universes that arent super messed up and where we all know each other and are the same age. That narrows it down technically, so they are having a ball. Like, lol look its Alya as a genie, now its rose except she is like an archaeologist? It goes on, then they stop on one that looks super interesting because its like twenty something Kim and Ivan dressed as knights kneeling in a throne room. everyone votes to watch this one for awhile. 

So Kim and Ivan have their heads bowed as someone off screen is talking, saying “This is unacceptable. I will not tolerate this behavior from my son, you two are to track him down immediately, bring him to me by sundown or you’ll both suffer for it.” Kim and Ivan give a prompt “Yes your majesty!” before standing, bowing, and leaving. 

It then follows the two of them working their way through the castle while all the students excitedly call out when they see themselves like “Oooh i’m a servant look!” or “am i blacksmith?? why do i have so many knives?!” They all really love the medieval vibe.

Kim and ivan mount some horses and take off, talking to villagers and guards as they follow the trail of the prince and apparently the servant he took with him. they travel far and are galloping through the forest when they spot a head of blonde hair and hail them, stopping and jumping off as they draw their swords. Everyone in the class laughs when they see its adrien, of course it is, but then everyone gasps when Kim says “You! Servant! where is the prince?” and Adrien sighs and turns to shout into the forest “Nino its for you!”

and then in the class everyone is just like 



Jessi Klein, head writer for Inside Amy Schumer, spoke to Fresh Air recently about the genesis of the ‘Last F**kable Day’ sketch: 

“That was an idea that definitely came out of conversations in the [writers’] room. I guess there was an Us Weekly floating around the room and we were looking at pictures of actresses in the “Who Wore it Best?” [column] and everyone looks amazing. And we just started talking about at what point do people start to age out of being in those magazines [and] kind of start to end up on the covers of the really kind of lowbrow ones with pictures of them at the beach and “Oh, look who is aging terribly!” — when that same person two years ago was so hotsy totsy in the middle of the magazine? I guess we started talking about what would happen if you took that idea all the way to its conclusion. …

It was funny for me to think about what if there’s this sort of Malcolm Gladwell-y tipping point that’s really specific? We kind of age slowly, but how does it work in magazines and how does it work in Hollywood? What little visual change is suddenly too gross to see on a magazine or in a movie or in TV? So that’s kind of how that idea got taken to that place.”

The full interview:

‘Schumer’ Writer Jessi Klein On Barbies, Ageism And Pumping At The Emmys

Note: This video is uncensored. Just so you know.

I don’t think anyone can properly comprehend how excited I am for Trials of Apollo. Because, yes, that means we get more of a universe that is so deeply vested in our childhoods with fascinating characters and relationships and sometimes just pure fun. BUT now we also get Apollo, the sixteen year-old human. 

JUST IMAGINE. Apollo, pretentious teen boy with his bad haikus and music, having a run in with Artemis like yeah, dad got pissed and look what happened. Or needing help from campers but like surprise a whole bunch of them are his kids who are roughly the same age as him and harbor clear resentments because dad is a god and now bam! are you kidding me he is one of us. Stories like yeah I was totally at this historical mythological event but I was listening to my iPod at the time whatevs it was so boring #life #musicofthegods amirighttt. Embarrassing teen dad Apollo trying to help Will romance Nico.


Hey guys, I just turned 27 today. It’s been kind of a shitty day so far (forced to go run errands for my job and then got in an accident while I was out there hahaha how appropriate) but I was planning to do this today, so I will.

Since I’m now the same age as Ja'far after the first time skip (25–>27), I thought I’d post a cosplay pic to commemorate.
There’s a Persian grocery store near my house and we got the tea (Ceylon Earl Gray! So good!!), the cup and the teapot for free because we got over $50 worth of groceries because they were having a special event. That was over six months ago but I thought I’d bring out the tea set for the pic.

Sorry, I tried to look happy earlier but it just wasn’t happening (off to get my car fixed next week). Hope this is somewhat in character at least.

Happy 2016 from a 27 year old modern AU Ja'far!

Just something I noticed...

Well then….today’s chapter broke me (worse than usual) but I happened to notice something after going through it again. 

So we know Dimaria has stopped time, and it showed the clock where time was stopped a couple times throughout the chapter.

That time looks familiar from somewhere….

It happens to be the exact same time as when Ultear performed Last Ages during the Grand Magic Games Arc. And who happens to be there at the moment while time is stopped here? Ultear.  

The only difference in the two times is that it was night when Ultear performed Last Ages and it’s daytime during the current chapter. That aside, it’s the exact same time either way; 1:30.

Now, I have no idea what this could mean, or if it means anything. It could just be a coincidence, but I noticed it and just wanted to throw this out there.