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Is there any chance of a happy ending for the Lannisters? I know they are awful people but why develop their motivations and give each of them a genuine moment of compassion if they are just going to murder each other? Every other POV gets a moment of truth/redemption why not the children of Tywin/Patriarchy/Aerys and Disability? I'm a bad person myself so I need to believe the Lions can defy themselves and prophesy and overcome their nature or what's the point? Not all of us are born Starks.

Hey! So it’s gonna take me a few minutes to answer your question, but I promise I’m gonna get there.

In one of the other shows I watch, an actor commented on the banality of evil. He said that evil is something commonplace. Given the right circumstances, great acts of evil could be committed by your neighbors, or your friends, or you, or me. Because evil is so easy. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” You needn’t be a monster like Gregor to commit evil; you need only be human. 

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Jamie Benn - Heartbreak Hotel

anon request: Hi love, please can you do a Jamie Benn one based off “Heartbreak Hotel” by Elvis. Thank you x

okay so i tried my best with this and the italic writings are flashbacks but i did have fun writing this i just don’t know if i wrote it how you wanted it. but i hope you enjoy this!!

requests are open!!

Originally posted by tsegs91

jamie. the only name i could think of right now. the only thing i could think of. he left me, it happened earlier today and now i sit in my apartment all alone thinking about what i could have done to stop him from walking out that door.

“y/n can i talk to you” jamie spoke quietly. i nodded and we took a seat on the couch. “what’s up babe?” i asked. we celebrated our year anniversary about a week ago. he opened his mouth to speak but no words came.

“this has to end” is all that came out of his mouth. “what has to end?” i asked straightening my posture, sitting up more. “us” is all he said. he got up and began walking but i grabbed his hand.

“you are not going to throw away a whole year of our lives away jamie benn” i said my hand tight on his wrist and my teeth clenched, i tried to hold back the tears that were forming on my face but i didn’t do a good job of it.

“i cant do this anymore y/n” he said looking at the ground with guilt on his face. “why jamie?” i shouted at him letting go of his hand. “why can’t you do this?” i was still yelling, i didn’t know my voice could get this loud.

“because i don’t love you anymore” he shouted. “i don’t love you” he said a bit quieter this time. i stopped in my tracks and slowly brought my eyes to his saddened, guilty, brown ones. “you said you loved me a week ago! that you saw a future” i cried out loud, i had hoped it would come out like a yell but it sounded like a yell for help.

“im so-” he began speaking. “get out jamie benn” i said trying to keep the littlest part of me calm. “walk out that door and don’t come back” i put my back to the door once it slammed shut and cried, i cried till no more tears could possible come.

i blinked my bloodshot eyes open and grabbed my keys and walked out of the door that jamie walked out of just a few hours before. i got into my car, blasting the music and driving over the speed limit, one red light, two red lights, three ref lights. that’s how many i had to run until i got to where i wanted to be.

the park bench. it takes me back to the moment i met jamie. now all i feel is loneliness, heartbreak. nothing like i felt the day he walked into my life.

i was sitting on the park bench reading my book, they day was nice. kids playing at the park, young couple walking, dogs playing. i could have been here for hours, maybe i was. all i know is that i lost track of time and the bright sky quickly got cloudy.

my nose was stuck in a book so i didn’t notice until i felt one drop of water on me. than another one, and one more. then came the down pour. i closed my book faster than i’ve ever moved and shoved it up my shirt. “shit!” i yelled, i had walked here and my house wasn’t exactly close.

i was about to begin running when i bumped into something hard. or should i say someone. i fell to the ground, “shit!” i said again. i saw a hand held out infront of me and i quickly accepted and was pulled up quickly.

“your gonna catch a cold if your out in this weather” a deep voice spoke. i looked up and saw a tall young man with brown eyes and brown hair in front of me. “and what about you? too tough to let it effect you?” i laughed and he joined in.

“how far are you from home?” he asked. i gave him a look, “im not creepy i promise, i just don’t want to leave you alone in the rain” he chuckled. “about six or seven blocks” i said which was a pretty accurate guess.

“there is an open coffee shop down the street, ill race you?” he said a goofy smile on his face. i pretend to think for a moment before the same goofy smile was on my face, “i don’t race” i said taking a stride ahed of the man.

“i win” i laughed loudly and began running, he eventually understood what was happening and ran after me laughing, us both having big matching smiles on our faces.

there was people on the park bench, although all around it was crowded, all around here is crowded i still felt alone. i couldn’t bring myself to move i could press the gas. i just looked at the park bench and began to over think things which was what i was best at.

i felt so lonely, like there was no one here. this is what heart break feels like. now i know why people guard their hearts. i let him in with open arms and he left me here crying, hurt, and alone.

i finally found the courage to drive. i continued driving till i came to the place that i considered my second home. this was how i found myself sat outside jamie’s house at ten at night. i know it wasn’t late but it was still dark in dallas. i looked at the front door and then i remembered.

“jamie your crazy!” i laughed. it was our fourth date and he took me to dinner, and then we went to the pet store and he wanted me to help him pick out a puppy to buy. “they are all cute can’t you buy them all?” i asked petting the french bulldog in front of me.

“they are all cute but one puppy has my heart” he smiled at the golden doodle that was sound asleep in its cage. “we’ll take her” he smiled proudly to the store owner than to me.

“what should i name her?” be asked looking at the now awake and excited puppy that sat in my lap. i thought for a moment then smiled. “mickey?” i asked. we both shook our head and i looked down at the puppy.

“oh oh!” i shouted startling jamie and the dog which made the puppy bark. “bailey!” i looked down at the small dog smiling and kissed her forehead. “bailey it is” jamie smiled and began driving home.

the reason this memory reminds me of the front door is because i remember walking into that house with bailey and jaime. she’d only be a year old. i loved that dog. and i loved jamie.

i looked straight up the street and turned when i heard the noise of a door open in close. i turned my head and saw the person that was home to me. jamie used to be home to me until the brown eyes that once brought me happiness made me feel alone.

jamie’s eyes met mine. before he could make it to the car i pressed my foot down on the gas faster than i ever had before. a heart break hotel  would be more welcoming than his eyes, or his arms, or his home. i am now lonely and i have a story to tell about how the loving hockey player fairy tale can quickly turn to hell.

Lord of Shadows/The Dark Artifices Theory!

*reminder that all comments below are OPINIONS though some may be stated in a matter-of-fact tone, feel free to agree or disagree and comment below*

Let’s Start With SHIPS:
Canon: Jules and Emma, Kieran and Mark, Cristina and Diego, Ty and Kit, Livvy and ? (Have we even met him yet? Or her?)

BUT I don’t believe this will come without conflict! I predict so much conflict between CRISTINA, KIERAN, EMMA, and MARK. Mark literally has three “love” interests, what a guy.
So that’s why I predict that Mark and Emma will not last for long as a fake couple. I know “why lie” ruined our lives so much, but I don’t think Emma agreed. Someone is gonna call Bullshit on their relationship (excuse my french), but I don’t know who it is? Who do you guys think it will be? Someone in the Blackthorn family? Someone at the New York Institute? Arthur? Who knows!

Someone is gonna find out about Emma and Julian, (I also don’t know who that will be) but I don’t think it will be a member of the Blackthorn family because those kids are smart and would have figured it out already. I suppose it could by Livvy, but I doubt she’s a secret keeper.
I think the details behind the parabatai law are going to become more known throughout TDA, especially the ones about the glowing runes. They have been hinting at them since Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy. Simon noticed the glowing runes, the powerful energy that came off of Emma and Julian that seemed abnormal. If he noticed it, others probably have too, but no one thinks anything of it. I don’t believe it will be Jem or Tessa at least until the third book. Although they are not Shadowhunters and have no legal obligations to the clave, I don’t think they’ll admit to knowing until later. They probably figure that Emma is a smart girl who will figure it out on her own.

As for Jules and Emma, I read this interesting quote from Lady Midnight which I believe will apply to my theory. “It isn’t a matter of stopping the clock, but of making it run backward. And for that, the clock will need to be broken.”
We all know that the only way out of a parabatai bond is through death, and since Cassie has basically confirmed the death of a major character, I’m gonna go ahead and say that I honestly believe it will be Julian.
Quote: “you’re a good boy, but it won’t help you in the end.”
Good news though, I don’t think he will be dead for long. I see SOOO many similarities between Jace and Clary and Emma and Jules, and I think that’s why CC includes so many flashbacks of Emma admiring Clace and their relationship. No, I don’t think the Angel will come down and help them out like they did in CoG. And while “true loves kiss” only really works out in mundane fairy tales, I don’t know if it will apply to this situation. But with Clary’s help, and the power of their love and relationship, what if Emma can create a rune to bring him back? Just a thought.
Quote: “Because if Julian died, you wouldn’t try to bring him back?”
A lot of people think it could be Emma, and there are a lot of hints in Lady Midnight about Emma “hurting the family”, but I don’t think it will be her. That quote about Julian still gets to me.
I do think she will make herself crazy (literally) trying to deny her love for Julian. Anyone would! still, I will entertain the theory that it is in fact Emma by adding this quote: “you have no idea what your death will spare your beloved Julian, so think about that as the life leaves your body. In a way, your death is a mercy.”

Enough about Emma and Jules! How do we solve the Cristina/Mark/Kieran dilemma!
Unfortunately, there are a lot of theories out there that Kieran will die. I hate to admit that I agree with that theory. Although this might make you guys sad, I think it will be good to see Mark without a love interest. Here’s why: Mark feels indebted to Kieran. I don’t think there’s real love there, maybe there could be, but not while Mark thinks that he owes Kieran or while Kieran thinks that Mark owes him. They need to address this, and if they don’t….. I genuinely think Mark would be better off alone.
Jaime Rosales will make a return in LOS! I think this will stir up a ton of drama with Cristina and Diego. Especially after Cristina learned that while Diego’s intentions were never to hurt her, Jaime could care less. I don’t see why Diego would be a bad match for Cristina! He’s PERFECT! But I believe Cristina will think she’s settling by choosing Diego. So he’s gotta prove himself. C'mon Diego! The rest of the characters in the book have fallen in love with his looks. We can’t see his looks, so I don’t doubt that CC is gonna add some mushy gushy & romantic scenes between them, especially if they’re canon.

I feel SO bad for Livvy, she gets no appreciation, and deserves a storyline. I hope she gets a love interest or at least a parabatai (Kit???) she is gonna feel like such a third wheel between Kit and Ty, so I hope she can step up and create a role for herself.

DRU! CC says that she will have a significant crush. I predict it will be Kit or Jaime, and I don’t see how it could be anyone else. Thoughts?

Tavvy, baby… I don’t know what will happen to him but he was already traumatized in Lady Midnight so I don’t predict anything bad! All my love to that cute lil bean.

KIT AND TY I KNOW YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING IM SORRY. Ok so Ty is gonna be all frazzled because FEELINGS and kit is gonna be like THIS IS SO OVERWHELMING, so im predicting a huge fight between them before they become a couple bc TENSION, and I see Livvy being the mediator. Also, Jem and Tessa encourage Emma to be a mentor to Kit, I don’t know if that’s gonna happen so I guess we will have to see!! Anyway, my kitty heart is happy because i love them. Kit and Livvy as parabatai? Will Ty go to the scholomance? (I think yes I’m sorry guys) that way, Livvy and ty both get what they want. Life could also be shitty to Ty and Liv and neither of them get what they want, but let’s be real, in CC’s world, happy things happen for people like them, so I have high hopes.

The trans character? DIANA. I know people have noted that she is sketchy because of her brother, but her “brother” is dead. Here’s a quote from lady midnight: “[Catarina Loss] She’s a nurse, a nurse to mundanes, how do you think I found out about..” “She didn’t tell you about me, Malcolm.” Hmm.. Hmm… Whether it’s her or not, I’m so glad the trans community is getting representation! It’s well deserved. Thank you CC!

As for the major plot twist at the end of Lord of Shadows, I don’t think it’s Emma and Jules. The major plot twist at the end of Lady Midnight happens to Emma and Jules, and I don’t think CC has the heart to hit us harder when it comes to their relationship. Although of course I could be wrong, I think it might be with Ty and Kit, or Mark and Kieran. It might not even be about ships at all so I guess we will have to see.

I’m also excited to see the role that Jem and Tessa play in the dark artifices series! I think the fact that they haven’t played much of a role in Emma’s life will put her at a severe disadvantage. Also, why can no one remember their wedding? I am excited to find out.

Love to you all! I can’t wait until May 23rd when we see if I’m right or wrong, and 2018 to see if I was really really wrong or maybe even right!
I want to know your opinions, so PLEASE share them below!
x carstairsdaily

Goodnight, Beautiful - Jaime Preciado

hey one where my boyfriend thinks im cheatinng on him with jaime and he gets mad and he hits me and my nose starts bleeding and he keeps saying he’s sorry but i dont buy it so i go over to jaime’s house (its like 1AM) and fluff then jaime tells me he actually likes me and he makes me feel pretty and loved and i end up with him

I liked this request, hope you enjoy reading c: sorry if it’s a little short. Written by Emma.

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what are the possibilities of arya killing stoneheart in your opinion. the popular theory is that stoneheart is brienne's "aerys" and that brienne killing stoneheart will mirror jaime killing aerys. but i really dont want it to be brienne, i desperately want it to be arya because of how tragic it would be

i’m like 90% convinced arya killing stoneheart is gonna happen. i made a list of the reasons awhile ago but idk where it is lol. basically it comes down to this: arya giving stoneheart the gift of mercy has the potential to be a huge turning point for arya’s arc. so many people think her story is gonna end with her as ~no one~ dead in a ditch somewhere after finishing her list (even tho these things are mutually exclusive but ok). which is just unbelievably stupid. like grrm is not wasting all this page space on arya so she can work up to killing dunsen

but aryas preoccupation with her list needs to be derailed somehow. short of everyone on it dying, (which they will but theres four suckers left on it and two of them im certain arya won’t kill) i think seeing her mother as this zombie driven by nothing but revenge would be the most powerful way of accomplishing this. arya needs to realize the list is just a crutch and that there are more important things then revenge ect. this is what character development looks like, fandom.

it just works really well. it would be super cathartic bc of arya and cat’s tense relationship. i’m not saying cat loved arya any less but arya obviously thought she did. grrm puts a lot of focus on aryas doubt where cats love is concerned. so i think she’ll find out before this is over that her mother did love her. and cat deserves some gd peace knowing that arya, bran, and rickon are alive. like i dont even see the point in catelyn coming back from the dead if she doesnt find this out. arya has to end up in the riverlands again anyway to get nymeria and her bf. arya has a lot of experience around dead things too. and they don’t frighten her. she desperatly wanted to save cat at the red weddnig (YOU SHOULD HAVE SAVED MY MOTHER) well arya still can by giving her the gift of mercy.

idt stoneheart will make it to the last book though so arya needs to leave the faceless men and essos soon. her time there is almost up though so i think it could work out. this would actually be a really good bookened for arya in twow

……..i guess brienne killing lady stoneheart could happen lol. but i fail to see any real emotional impact from that. like that would be really anticlimactic for the entire situation and character arcs at hand imo. besides i think its more likely brienne will be the one not making it out of this alive.

When you say goodbye Part 6

“Wha- What?” Taylor was confused.

“Okay, I didn’t mean right now. I’m not proposing without a ring. I’m a traditional man” He said giving her a big smile while she was trying to control her breathing.

“Taylor, I love you. I love you more than words can describe. There’s no one in the entire world that makes me feel like you do. These months had been hell for me. It has been so difficult to stop myself from running to your house, kiss you and touch you again. But I really needed to get through this to learn there’s no way I’d ever be as happy as I was in our relationship, not without you, I’m incomplete right now. There’s a huge missing piece in my life and it’s you” He cleared his throat before he started talking again. He was about to cry but he managed to control his feelings and kept talking.

“All this time, I couldn’t stop thinking about how happy we could be if we get back together, we were so happy before and somehow we lost it but I know our love is bigger than our fears. I don’t want to get married tomorrow and I also know you want to wait a few years more, but before you, there’s no way I wanted to get married until I was at least 40 or more, I don’t know. And now, there are days I found myself dreaming about watching you walking down the aisle and spend the rest of our lives together, or how beautiful our children would be, that’s because of you. You changed me and I didn’t want to admit it because I never thought I needed to change that part of me but I need to grow up, we both need to grow up and I want to do it together. You’re an amazing woman and I was so proud of calling you mine. You’ve been nothing but supportive about my work and plans and that was so great. You can get along with my friends too, you can do anything! After we broke up, I kept talking to my mum and my sister and they knew I’ve found the one, I knew that too. I’m so focused on my work right now, so I thought maybe our relationship wasn’t going to work that well even if we wanted to. But trust me, it feels worse being alone, I want you there. Every single day” He said, now resting his arm on her shoulder and getting her closer to his body.

“I tried everything, really. Well, I didn’t have sex with anyone or whatever you can think I did. But I spent time with the boys and I couldn’t stop thinking of you, I spent too many hours on my studio and some days all I could do was stare at those candles you love. If I was home, I just wanted you to be there so we could cook together and watch you dancing like you love to do or finally teach me how to cut things because my fruits and vegetables look like shit when I cut them myself. I even got Becky, and when I was playing with both of them, I still wanted to call you with a stupid excuse like asking how Meredith and Olivia were, or sending you some cat videos like we used to do before. Thank God I didn’t do that because it would have been so fucking lame” He laughed. Taylor was crying on his shoulder but she laughed too. She missed that sound, and she couldn’t believe he actually named his new cat after that.

“I need you babe, I really need you. So please, come back to me” He whispered to her ear. She felt those words running down her spine like a lightning bolt. She looked at him and wiped her tears.

“I love you Adam, I love you so much” She said touching his beard.

“I love you too babe” He said, feeling her hand on his face.

“I don’t want you to propose, I mean not yet, I know this year was supposed to be about your work and you know I understand that, no one understands that better than I do. In fact, I’m going to start working on my new album next year. So there’s no time for weddings. But there’s plenty of time for us” Taylor smiled at him. She knew her break was over because she was already bored and their love story made some amazing new songs. They were both workaholics and she wanted to go back to the studio soon, but she was going to wait until next year.

“So, can we just stay together until we’re old and wrinkly?” Adam said to her, he just couldn’t stop smiling.

“Yup, but I want to keep working out because I’m going to get old but there’s no way I’m going to get saggy, at least until I’m 90” she giggled.

“Oh, you’re going to be beautiful anyways!” Adam said, then he got up and got Taylor close to his chest, running his finger through her hair and grabbing her waist with his free hand. Taylor hugged him tightly, that’s where she belonged. His chest, right in that spot where she could hear his heart beating loudly. She was so in love with him. And he loved her too. They were right where they needed to be, in each other’s arms.

“I think we should go back inside” Adam finally said.

“Okay but I need a kiss first” Taylor replied giving him a cute smile.

“Oh no Swift, we’re going to wait”

“But why?” she said with an adorable pout on her lips.

“We’re going to wait. Your place. Tonight” He grinned.

“Oh, I think I’ve heard that somewhere before” she said laughing. Then she kissed him on the cheek and grabbed his hand to go back inside the house.

As soon as they got back to the party, they went to the kitchen to get some drinks. Ed was there talking to his girlfriend, Ellie and Taylor’s mom. Andrea couldn’t stop smiling as soon as she saw them holding hands, knowing Taylor was really happy. They both approached to the group and joined the conversation, laughing and having a great time.

Taylor excused herself to talk to her other friends. She saw Lily, Jaime and Selena talking so she ran there, excited to tell them what just happened.

“Guys, guys, you guys!” Taylor said giggling.

“Oh, someone’s really happy” Lily laughed

“Are you drunk?” Jaime asked, smirking at her.

“What? No” Taylor said.

“Oh yeah, she’s drunk in love” Selena teased her.

“You guys are being impossible right now” Taylor said rolling her eyes at her friends.

The party came to an end, but Taylor and Adam stayed a little longer so they could help her family to get the house organized again. She had an amazing time and she couldn’t stop thanking her mom and friends for doing everything, it was a perfect night. She spent time with everyone and Adam was there too, it couldn’t get better than that. They were still in love and even if they didn’t talk about what was going to happen after their conversation, she knew she had the love of her life back where it belongs.

They said goodbye to her family at 2 am and got into her car, never stop touching each other for more than a minute. They already spent a few months apart so their bodies were craving those sweet moments. Taylor rested her head on Adam’s shoulder on the way home, trying to fight her sleep because she was ready to get home and get lost in paradise. Adam kissed her hair and tried to get her as close as he could to his body, he didn’t want her to be an inch apart from him, he just missed her too much. There was something so intimate and pure about their touch. He finally got her in his arms again and that was everything he could ever ask for. He didn’t need anything else.

She led the way from the elevator to her front door, dismissed her security team and got into her apartment. He didn’t wait until the door was closed, he was already on top of her kissing her lips, her neck, her shoulders. They were letting out all the passion and lust they had for each other. But mostly, they were expressing their love, that love they had to hide all those months. It was stronger than ever. It was bigger than everything they knew and it was something unique and extraordinary.