it just seems like it should be there

Definitely should never read comments for Black Media because racist white and nb people just can’t wait to be anti Black and make it seem like it’s going to fail.

Even though Black Lightning already is superior to the other CW shows. That’s just facts.

Heathers 2018 tries to act like making marginalized people the “popular kids” is such good representation, but it’s just….making a really bad image that’s not accurate to real life. Obviously non skinny characters, gender non conforming characters, and characters of color don’t always have to be the good guys and should have character flaws, but Heathers 2018 seems to act as if we now live in this world where straight white cis people are actually the “victims”. It just isn’t true. LGBT kids are still being bullied in school. They’re still too scared to come out. People still make fun of people’s weight, online and in real life. People are still racist as fuck. Go to any high school that has white boys and you’ll see just how comfortable they are with using the N slur. Cis white straight people still have their privilege and that plays a huge part in high school.

Heathers 2018 acts as if it’s so self aware of the modern world. It’s another case of out of touch adult writers trying to be “hip” with the young crowd when it really has no idea how things actually work in real life.

TLJ and the female gaze

Most males watch tons of action movies of questionsble quality, read on average less than women and less variety. It’s not that they don’t consume trash but they keep on deriding women for liking Twilight or 50 Shades. I don’t have an opinion about either because I haven’t read or seen them but this doesn’t mean I don’t love dark romaces, those two aren’t my cup of tea, that’s all. The problem is not reading/watching trash because dudes do just that as often as women or probably more often, the problem is that they feel entitled to set the standards of what is acceptable, for us, of course, not for them.

There have been many s*** bestsellers and blockbusters that made lots of money but they go on about how awful these two are like for ever just to make women seem stupid fangirls with poor taste. If many women want to see/read them it’s OK, everybody should be respected and able to enjoy what they want, even if it is trashy, to start with.

In fact they don’t have a problem with the quality of what we like, they have a problem with women empowerment in general. Girlish things, feminine things, are looked down on and women can be heroines only if they behave in a way these people ( and there are women among them) deem acceptable. As heroines they have to behave like a man would do and be bad*** as hell, not “girly” , overemotiomal or even realistic, if you ask me. Female heoroes can’t have any flaws either because they are supposed to set models for little girls whereas male heroes are even more successful if they are somewhat dark.

There are action movies where a guy kills people or even makes a living of that and nobody complains they get the girl and a happy ending. But TPTB are so intent on making heroines likable that they are devoid of flaws. This makes them flat as characters, without depth or nuance because the writers are afraid the character will be hated if made more human. And they may be right, they probably are, because fandoms are extremely hard on female characters and much more forgiving for male characters.

The hate on Kylo Ren is another example of this, he is hated because he has traits coded as feminine and this makes him be perceived as weak and whiny when he never complains in the movie, is wounded and goes on fighting and shows a lot of strength and power. If he was seen as bad*** his evil actions wouldn’t be a problem for fans. Think of Darth Vader, for instance, and there are many others.

They dislike him because the character doesn’t conform to the standards of masculinity males are used to expecting in fiction. Male characters are supposed to look a certain way, be self-possesed, show no weaknesses, no emotions and not to depend on a woman to be happy. Ben Solo isn’t like this, he feels real, he hesitates, has weaknesses, has been manipulated and controlled by Snoke and treats Rey as an equal. To make matters worse he is head over hills in love with her and she is the one in control in their dynamic.

Averge male fans tend to prefer FinnRey because they are adamant on ignoring the female gaze. They sympathise with Finn so Finn should get the girl. This is not about what Rey wants because they are unable to identify with Rey in this department as she is female. If they were able to see things through Rey’s eyes they’d realise she is into Kylo/Ben. He is the one who looks the part to be her LI in TFA and even more in TLJ, because Adam won’t be every woman’s type but he is made to look attractive in the ST. The make-up, the long hair, the clothes, the camera shots, everything sees to that. They also cast a guy whose looks may be unconventional but has appeared as a character women lust after on screen very often. Some may be surprised but many women find him sexy and he is more than able to act sexy and appear sexy on screen, which is what matters here.

He’s every bit the Byronic hero in TLJ and that’s hard to resist if you add acting chops, a tall well-built frame, beautiful voice, shiny long hair and expressive eyes. You may like his feautes or not but the rest is hard to disagree on, as much as they have tried with all those memes about shirtless Kylo.

Another thing that surprised me is all the fuss about a shirtless scene when female LI’s appear sexualized and scantily clad in most movies. People are used to the male gaze even for protagonists (like Lara Croft, for instance) but not to the female gaze. They looke for reasons why he appeared shirtlees for “no apparent reason” but if the genders were reversed we’d have never seen those comments. In fact we never see them.

Many fans get mad at Rey for being attracted to the guy they don’t approve of, not because they fear he will abuse her, but because they keep ignoring the female gaze = who Rey wants and desires. She wounded him, insulted him and broke his heart. If the genres were reversed nobody would fear the hero would be abused and many wound dislike it if he cut open the female villain’s face when she was unarmed. They are still looking for a male character cool enough to identify with, for many it’s Poe now so they ship her with him. This is hypocritical as hell because these same people are sometimes the ones who said she needs no man. Either she becomes the winning prize for their favorite or lives the life of a celibate jedi monk, not nun, because that would be too feminine.

All this is crazy and far from female friendly.

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Hey I love the gaming/hair thing you did with Percy and sally, but could you maybe explain Sally’s scars? Love you!!!

Graciaaaas, and Sure!!!! Um so many seem to forget Sally had to go trough a violent and abusive “marriage” with Gabe for a really long time, and Sally did just to protect Percy so imagine the preassure and the how she should have felt like it was all her fault and felt scare cause she had no option but to always stay, she may have had really big breakdowns when still with gabe and probably cut herself a couple times and Percy when more grown found out one day and helped his mom heal and checks on her and loves her more than ever, and bow that Gabe’s gone she doesn’t hide them because percy helps her to regain the confidence that douchebag took from her, also the neck marks for as awful as it sounds gabe probably grabber her by the neck more than once with his rings on and, well as I said we forget Sally Jackson WAS IN A VIOLENT ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP

The efforts Zhenya put into elements other than jumps seems like wasted. She got only like 2 pts higher than Alina for pcs and I think judges won’t suddenly lower Alina’s pcs back to where it belongs after giving her such scores in an international comp. Should we rename this sport to figure jumping?

No, don’t think that way. Janny’s efforts are not wasted. Athletes trying to improve their ability is never ever a wasteful thing. What’s more, she only just turned 18 years old; even should she fail to get the Gold at this Olympic, she has a long career ahead of her. Her improvement may not bear immediate result on the score sheet, but they will not fail her in the long run. If nothing else, I want Janny to be remembered not only as a skater who breaks World Records and dominates the sport, but also as an athlete who never stops bettering herself and pursuing excellence.

should evgenia change her lay out? she can jump 3f3lo, will including this combo be helpful

No, I think she should keep going with the current layout. Adding a new combo at this stage in the season is just too risky. Not to mention, +3Lo combos are highly dangerous. For Janny in particular, it will put a lot of stress on her right foot, which is all sorts of bad considering her recent injury.

I don’t think Zhenya become ‘more flexible’.. all these split positions are common for her. I’m glad she add I-spin. she did it on jgpf gala in marseille for example (I like this ex, she also did there a reeaaally cool spiral and spread eagles). my heart was broken today.. and I’ve never seen Eteri so sad, upset and emotional? ?? :)

You are right. Saying she’s become more flexible is not entirely true. More like she has become more efficient at using her flexibility in making her lines softer :) Don’t be too sad! Our girl is a fighter and she will come back stronger at PyeongChang!

I was sure that Evgy is on safety bc EC in Moscow and they can make a gap big enough in pcs.. after sp I was ok if Alina will grab the title. today after caro’s crazy pcs literally for nothing and impressive alina’s perfomance (nothing but respect for her, she’s such a coolkid).. I just suddenly find myself crying during Zhenya’s skating and I’ve never cried bc of fs.. that’s just too tough.. it’s insanly difficult season for her. when TAT gave her flowers to Zhenya I was already dead

There there, don’t cry, it was really tough, I know, but this is a sport, wins and losses happen and there’s nothing we can do about it. Today when I watched Janny’s skate I also found myself more emotional than I ever expected to be. I mean, up until last season I was still not too sure whether I actually like her or not. This season though, I’ve become so invested in her I’ve started doubting if I really am a masochist. Why do I always end up liking people who don’t do any good for my mental health? Why? 

Guess what, I can only take so much skating-related trauma in one day. Let me now retreat to tennis. C’ya.

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agender aroace charlie weasley who looks up to aroace magizoologist newt scamander, and after some reaseach finds out that queenie goldstein was pan and shows their genderfluid friend tonks who gets really exicited (and starts keeping her (any pronouns for tonks!) hair pink because of queeinie so whenever he feels down they can just look in the mirror and rember she's not alone!

Charlie goes through this secret phase where they read EVERYTHING about Newt Scamander that they can, sometimes even hiding biographical books inside their dragonology and magizoologist books. For some reason, consuming all this information about a stranger, even a role model and inspiration such as Newt, seems like it should be embarrassing. When they learn that Newt is aroace, they’re so excited, they wants to scream it from the top of the Astrology Tower! But they manages to hold it in because the information is also personal and it just makes them personally happy to know they’re not alone - in their passion for dragons or for being aroace.

But when they find out Queenie was pan, they have to share with Tonks, who has confided in them that she’s genderfluid (only after they come out as agender, though). Tonks is so excited it sparks a new fashion change for him! She’s usually indecisive about her hair, going from brown to blonde to black to teal to purple to green sometimes all within one class. After he finds out about Queenie, he typically sticks with bubblegum pink, a reminder that he’s not alone. It’s more than just Charlie and Tonks. There were and are others out there like the both of them. And that makes things all the more exciting and comfortable.

After that, it’s a common experience to see both Charlie and Tonks hunched over a ‘dragon’ book, whispering excitedly to each other and pointing out different passages in their book to each other.

~Hufflepuff Mod

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(actual question, as a nonbinary person) wouldnt he/him pronouns imply stronger connection with masculinity? and wouldnt the term ‘lesbian’ be reserved for feminine-connected people, even if they are nonbinary?

first of all I’m not a lesbian and from this question it doesn’t seem like you’re one either (i could be wrong but.) you’re nonbinary so like you should understand everyone’s identity and way of presenting and whatever is different and not always your business and this message comes off as kinda uh Ignorant? Like lesbians aren’t all femmes..haven’t you seen butch lesbians or studs… and pronouns don’t necessarily dictate gender or whatever someone “connects” with
If a lesbian says he goes by he/him pronouns then he’s just a lesbian…with he/him pronouns

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If it's the comic con theory that everyone is clueless except Jeremy?? Or maybe they just pretending they don't know bit lying doesn't seem like them?? Also imagine Jeremy in a Q&A panel and someone asking him about klance or lance and he starts it out with "well I don't want to go back to the basement since they just let me out but-" bc if he does someone needs to get that on fucking camera.

LOOL true, I rlly don’t think they should let Jeremy go to cons alone because he might spoil something hjjj

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hi Emma! I feel like I need to make a study table, I have so many readings just for one class and there's a need to finish them quickly, but I seem to be having a hard time organizing whether which one I should read first. Do you have any advice for making a study table?

Hey! I would definitely recommend writing them up like this or doing something similar but with more detail, if you wanted. I would add in things like the page numbers so you can have a rough idea on how long each one might take. As an easy way to organise, I’d go by putting them in order of priority. So readings due Monday, do first. A reading do Wednesday, you can do later. With all my readings, once the semester has started and I’ve got an idea of my class timetables/my free time/etc I figure it out and set myself up with a reading routine x

Translation here source here

Aerith doesn’t like the sky. It took someone important from her. That is obviously Zack. 

Aerith then talks about how she’s heard such tales of a new love and an old forgotten one, but she seems to doubt that they apply to her. As she says “Is that so?” and she talks about her heart aching. 

It seems she sees someone with “those eyes” the soldier eyes no doubt and the person she sees is Zack, though he disappears because Zack is gone. I wonder if Aerith will hallucinate in the remake? 

Aerith then asks if Cloud and Zack know each other, and also asks if Cloud knows where Zack is. Yeah…this is just…Aerith is not over Zack. 

EDIT: Aerith also says how her feelings don’t change. 

She also wants to ask more questions but wonders if she should stop. She doesn’t seem to like goodbyes, but loves meetings. She then remarks “You’re so mean” this could either be to Cloud or about her pain over Zack’s loss. 

It seems as though Cloud’s presence is hurting her and that she hates she worries about Cloud. 

The next part seems to be about her death. Some parts of this it’s hard to know if she is talking to Cloud continuously or if her narrative is switching between just thinking out loud or directly addressing Zack or Cloud. 

This is a tragic read. I think Aerith’s sadness and conflict over Zack’s death will be more prevalent in the remake and show the trauma.

after ever social interaction with ppl that im not close friends with i want to hit myself on the head with a mallet like i only realise how bad i come across AFTERwards. like i just went 2 see this guy and i walked in2 his flat and theres this girl in the bed and in my head i was like “they probs had sex” and idk maybe shes his girlfriend or something but i didnt know if i was supposed to say hi in that context and i didn’t want to look at her too long bc that’d b weird and i just sort of blanked and said hi to him and the whole time i was thinking “i should say hi to her as well” but by that point the moment had passed and if i said hi after it’d b weird so i literally did not look at her or speak to her and when i left she said bye and i responded but just like….. i must hav looke dlike such a cunt like i must hav seemed like i was being one of those shitty guys that doesn’t acknowledge or talk to women when there are other men in the room and hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

for fucks sake

Just because someone is a bit underweight or skinny doesn’t fucking mean they have an ed, my friend just got fucking admitted to a hospital because her obese (not being rude, they really are by medical term obese) family thought she had anorexia because she had a fast metabolism and actually exercised and ate healthy foods cause she didn’t wanna fucking die early at 30 years old like her dad did

she always encouraged me to recover, never purged, never used laxatives, seemes to illegitimately like her body, she doesn’t restrict, eats 1500 calories, etc etc, in my eyes she does NOT have an eating disorder!

and they thought she had anorexia because she was a bit skinnier than she should normally be for her height (5,8) so they told a therapist and the doctor, all kinds of people that she had an eating disorder (her family did, not her herself)

and so they checked and saw she was underweight so she got fucking admitted and no one believes her when she says she doesn’t have anorexia

seriously what the actual fuck!? it’d be one thing if she really HAD an ED! shes only 2 pounds underweight and they STILL admitted her! i have an eating disorder and i honest to god/satan/ whatever believe that she DOES NOT! have an eating disorder!

but nope, now shes admitted to a hospital cause they think she’s an anorexic :/

what do you guys think? do you think she has an ED and it was right for her family to do that to her?

canada just seems like it should be a very bear-rich enviornment. i thought bears for yall were like coyotes for us. they wander around and sometimes they steal babies but for the most part? chill

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(1/?) I really need some support rn. My mother has been acting weird lately. Ever since Christmas Break, it seems like she’s becoming more and more self-centered. Hell, she even said that she didn’t give a shit of what I’ll go through. When I came out, she told me that I should like boys, 65%, and the other 35% of girls (when in reality, I love both equally). I told her that a recent frenemy tried to force me into sex and tried to touch me, but she said to just let it go.

What to heck, that isn’t something that you can just let go?? Do you have any idea what might have gotten into her, and in the mean time is there any other way you can healthily deal with this trauma? I’m more than happy to help if this is your only resource, but I urge a professional opinion! And don’t let her tell you who you should love, love is a beautiful and incredible thing and it shouldn’t be weighed down by judgement or rules (with exceptions of course)

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C (tc) is my Biology Teacher. Well, he WAS. The semester just ended a week ago so I don’t have him anymore :c but he’s making excuses for me to come into his room ALL THE TIME. I haven’t been to second block since everything started 😂😂 but anyways, he makes excuses for me to be in his room and tries (emphasis on tries) to make it seem like that’s what I’m there for, but I can tell he’s checking me out. What do I do?

Nothing. I don’t know what you were planning on doing but..there’s nothing you should do? Idk maybe i just don’t get it but it’s not like you can go ahead and suck his dick

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He removed her panties? I thought she removed it herself? Because in the next panel Kaneki seemed to take his time and probably thought, "okay, I should take off mine too then."

Mod K:

I like to think that he did, but we do just see her sliding them down her thighs using her legs so she probably did.

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have you seen broaderstrokes’ recent flannel photo? i felt this was an important thing to ask bc it seems to fit your aesthetic in the dumpster zone

I have, and Jesus Christ, that man. That beautiful, beautiful man.

You’re so, so right about him fitting my preferred aesthetic. @whowaswillbe and I were just talking last night about him basically being the ideal body type. Just…perfect, basically. GOD.


the best, most charismatic and handsome mc