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It's true tho? I feel like we should encourage more women to be gay (even if only politically/romantically). Men are mostly pretty awful.

This seems sort of unfair to:

1) Lesbians who are gay because they’re attracted to women

2) Straight women being told that their natural attraction is in some way a self-betrayal and can never be fulfilled

3) Bisexual women being told to pick the Correct Side

And excessively fair to:

1) Abusive straight men, who are totally off the hook here, their actions being written off as “normal guy stuff” just like they wanted

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Heya! I'm sorry if this is not where i should ask or if this has been answered, but how did you two find out what's Undertale?

Tem!Frisk: I used to play heaps of games (until drawing comics took over lmao) and my memory isn’t 100% clear how I first heard of it? I recall I read a bit about what people said about the game, I looked it up and I really liked how kind and dorky the developer seemed to be. Plus everybody who worked on the game just seemed really genuine. So I bought the game and didn’t play it for like 2 months- xD That being said, I did watch a Dusty play it a whole bunch in the first week (via screenshare).

Anna: I has just joined Tumblr a few months or so after Undertale released. I kept seeing artwork for the game (mainly Sans and Papyrus) show up on my dash and just let it scroll on by thinking it was just another fad I was going to ignore. Soon after, Steam Train had Ross and Barry playing Undertale and I decided i’d give it a watch. Well, I fell in love by the time Sans and Papyrus showed up. I bought a copy of the game for myself and then proceeded to geek out like everyone else.  

Dusty: I originally watched a play through and didn’t really care until I saw the sans fight and so I wanted to challenge myself. Didn’t care about any of the characters but played the fun run heaps until I started to get into the lore. I can remember discussing the final choice with Chara a lot with Tem!Frisk as things didn’t really add up so decided to play the pacifist (My first run was a Patience run, take time, check everything, read everything carefully, backtrack a lot) I couldn’t get over how much I hated Papyrus (it was hilarious) I just felt like he was so incredibly false and two faced… and then the more I looked the more genuine they all felt. Then I fell in love :D IN A SOULLESS PACIFIST OF ALL THINGS

I *would* be the one goddamn person to play a dating simulator focusing on gay dads and come away from it with a fierce love for the only mom character.

Mary deserves the world, honestly.

She comes off as very abrasive and I thought she was a just a huge bitch until I got to Robert and Damien’s routes. Just seeing how she interacts with these two warms my heart. She genuinely cares for her friends and she seems like the type who who wouldn’t hesitate to kick your ass should you hurt them in any way.

I am not saying she is a perfect person by any means as she seems to have some pretty questionable morals, I just genuinely enjoy her dynamic with the other characters in the game who aren’t Joseph.


Y'all brace yourselves. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is more than likely going to be Batman in the Flashpoint movie they just announced at Comic Con Warner Bros is going to do. Jeffrey has been campaigning for himself to play flashpoint Batman for literally years. It’s not confirmed he is going to for sure be Batman as of right now, but it’s being treated as such. I am freaking out and you should be too! Also, Lauren Cohan (Maggie on The Walking Dead) seems likely to be Martha Wayne, both keeping the parental roles they had on the last Batman movie 😄😄😄😄

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There isn't going to be a sherlock s5. Why would Martin come back just to have his character fucked around and pushed to the sidelines again? He's got much better things to do now.

If that’s honestly his reason, I would lose respect for him because it would be so selfish of him that he’d brag and be smug about his bafta win which he got from his role as John Watson in bbc Sherlock, and then abandon it as soon as it doesn’t give him a direct personal gain? It seems like a complete disrespect towards everyone else, all the creators and cast and crew and producers because it just seems so ungrateful to me if he did that, because the show isn’t about him, it’s not about how much the show can cater to his needs and ego. Like any other things, bbc Sherlock is a collaborative project between many creative talent and to act as though the show should only exist to fulfil one person’s self interest seems extremely selfish to me.

But luckily, I don’t think Martin is like that. Martin is much more professional than that. He reprised his role as Phil rask in start-up despite the extremely low reviews (33% in rotten tomatoes). If Martin IS as selfish as you implied him to be nonny, Martin would’ve ditched start-up too. But he didn’t, because he can respect the work everyone has put into making that project and he sees its worth. Bbc Sherlock is no different. After all the success it has brought him, I highly doubt he would be THAT selfish to abandon it like that

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you got any unikitty hcs?

I know even less about writing Unikitty than writing Benny, but that’s not gonna stop me! Let’s do this.

Unikitty is old. Like crazy old, nobody knows where she came from, seems to be older than literally every Master Builder who goes through Cloud Cuckooland old. The only person who seems to know the slightest thing about her origins is Vitruvius, and every time anyone asks him about her, he gives a different origin story. These include being born out of a magical whirlpool where the sky meets the sea, a magiscientific experiment gone wrong (or very, very right), and an…eventful night between a palomino and a very large talking cat.

Since nobody knows when Unikitty’s birthday is, including her, she basically just throws an enormous party whenever she feels like it.

She’s both the de facto and official ruler of Cloud Cuckooland. Technically she should be Queen Unikitty, but she likes how Princess sounds better and nobody’s dumb enough to argue with her about it.

It’s basically impossible to lie to Unikitty. Somehow, she just knows everyone’s tells, though she rarely calls people out on them in public. She doesn’t really hold people’s lies against them, but she does tend to gravitate towards people who are truthful. She plays a mean hand in poker.

She used to be way more angry, up until the point that she realized, a), just how much damage she caused when she was angry and, b), how people started being scared of her. Ever since, she’s tried to rein in those sorts of feelings. She’s certainly better at anger management these days, but she’s not perfect at it. She would probably have a lot to talk about with Bad Cop, in that regard.

She definitely has a sweet tooth, but she will absolutely try anything, especially if it’s arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way. She will eat several things that probably aren’t 100% meant for consumption if they look nice enough, and it’s not clear whether or not she needs to eat, or if she actually has taste buds. She is unfortunately a disaster in the kitchen, though if you ask her, sampling all the ingredients and eating all the cake batter is the furthest thing from a disaster.

She’s very magical, but she doesn’t use magic very often. She’s aware that her power vastly outstrips most people and that they are (perhaps reasonably) wary of it, but also because it’s a lot more fun to do things the proper way, with friends. Presumably when she rebuilds Cloud Cuckooland, she lets loose with her magic and everyone in the immediate vicinity soils themself slightly.

Unikitty’s fur is on the shorter side, but it’s super soft. She sheds a ton, though. If she wants, she can grow her fur in different colors, but she likes pink the best.

Unikitty has a very, very long memory. She’s very forgiving if (and only if) people are actually trying to be better, and she’s willing to be friends with pretty much anyone, despite past actions. She is very protective of her friends and loves to spend time with them. Because of her age, she’s probably lost the majority of her friends to, y’know, old age and assorted things, so she tries to make the most of what she can. She’s happiest when people are happy around her.

Unikitty’s artistic skills can be a little bit overwhelming (see: the entirety of Cloud Cuckooland) but she’s a very good musician. How a half cat half unicorn magic pink princess without opposable thumbs can play a violin, bassoon, french horn, flute, or shamisen, nobody really knows, but she can totally rock all of them.

She’s kind of absent-minded. To be fair, when you’re as old as she is and has learned as many things as she has, it would be hard not to be. She tells the best stories at parties.

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after s3, are you going to add on to your klance post? because it seems like we're gonna get a lot even if they're splitting up the season and i'm so !!!! (also, i noticed that lauren said they were 100% compatible, so like... that means they're definitely not straight canonically imo) (you don't have to add on of course, just wondering!!)

yes yes yes!!! i feel like i should state that i’m going to somewhere, like on my ask box, bc people keep asking lol…….. yeah i’m adding onto it after i’ve watched through s3 a few times!! 

I *would* be the one goddamn person to play a dating simulator focusing on gay dads and come away from it with a fierce love for the only mom character.

Mary deserves the world, honestly.

She comes off as very abrasive and I thought she was a just a huge bitch until I got to Robert and Damien’s routes. Just seeing how she interacts with these two warms my heart. She genuinely cares for her friends and she seems like the type who who wouldn’t hesitate to kick your ass should you hurt them in any way.

I am not saying she is a perfect person by any means as she seems to have some pretty questionable morals, I just genuinely enjoy her dynamic with the other characters in the game who aren’t Joseph.

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what are about favourite b99 blogs? i need recs please i love your layout also btw so pretty

i apologise i have had this in my inbox for over a month? i’m the worst but thank you so much!!

i’m pretty sure there are quite a few blog recs out there but i thought i should still answer your question considering its taken me a whole month to answer :/ 

 @bisexualinetti @youngsamberg @silentcause @juliadorable @phil-the-stone @elsaclack and @smolsamberg are all wonderful and create incredible things and give sO much to the fandom! gifs, art, fanfic, headcanons and just seeming like wonderful people they can do anything and everything!? honestly so talented and amazing i pretty much check their blogs every day

 @tall-butt and @fourdrink-amy were the first b99 blogs i ever followed on my old account when i was just casually watching the show so i have this need to thank them for being there

++@smolperalta @nolookfive @andydsamberg @andrewsambags @detjperalta @jamy-peralta @b99 @peraltiagoisland ARE SOME MORE BECAUSE I TRULY LOVE SO MANY BLOGS I JUST LOVE THIS FANDOM and yeah im sure i missed so many but if any come to me i will add them in!! :) 


Comic Con is in full swing and we are starting to see pictures of celebrities at it, which is a good thing.  There were lots to choose from today but I really liked how Krysten Ritter looked in the pictures I saw of her at the Defenders related stuff.  I am of course excited for the Defenders, though I am more excited for a second season of Jessica Jones.  Part of my brain is almost confused by the whole Jessica Jones thing.  Like she was so perfect and it was so amazing and she just was great in that role but I look at Krysten Ritter and my thought is like, she seems like the last person who should be bothered to talk about Superheroes.  I don’t know why, it just seems like she should be above that or that she should give so little shits about it that she can’t be bothered.  But clearly she isn’t.  I’d assume superheroes are almost the only thing she’ll be talking about this weekend.  I have no clue why I feel this way.  I guess I am just glad that no matter what my brain seems to think (likely fueled by the first thing I ever saw her in, Veronica Mars) she is the perfect Jessica Jones.  Today I want to fuck Krysten Ritter.

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Congrats on the 200 followers! I've honestly wanted to request some sfw/nsfw for Josuke with someone who's been heavily heartbroken before and has a lot of insecurities about being in a relationship again. That's all, good luck on the blog and keep making it grow, your writing is really nice!

this is my eight hundred and twelfth fic entitled “josuke is the greatest boyfriend of all”

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What does your tattoo mean, Patton?

is there a specific symbolism behind it?

It’s supposed to represent always aiming higher. You may feel like the tiniest star sometimes, but rather than feel the smallest, you should aim to grow like the bigger ones. And then even if someone seems ahead of you, there are still others that you’ve grown to be just as good as, like the middle star. Then even when you think you’re on top, you have to remember to watch out for the smaller ones, who are looking up to you. That’s why the smallest star is on top and the largest is at the bottom. The big help the small, and the small learn to grow. –Pat

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Just wanna say as long time, cis gendered, and straight grump fan, i appluad you handling this whole scenario and divided fan base over the game right now like a champ. I myself have no plans on buying and or playing it, but as a longtime fan of the community i feel as though i should apologize to you, as our worst members seem to be out attacking tumblrs like yours over DD. You have my utmost respect and apologies for their behavior. You and any other LGBT friendly blog do not deserve it.

I mean, I definitely appreciate this ask! More and more I’ve been trying not to engage in the discourse, but if someone asks me then I’ll tell them my opinion or why I do the things I do. Some people are angry (like the last person I reblogged from who decided to call me a freak in their tags) and some people aren’t going to listen or put value in what I say because of what I watch. 

It’s alright, I think it’s weird that I get this backlash sometimes because whenever I call(ed) the grumps out on tumblr I’d get backlash from my fellow grump fans, and now because I’m defending the game people want to say I don’t care what the grumps have done when it couldn’t be less true. 

I am so disgusted.

People saying that TWD’s decline is Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s fault is way out of fucking line. Jeffrey has nothing to do with ratings. Yeah, I understand that people may not like him, or they may not like the arch in the show but you can’t put the blame on that man’s shoulders. He was excited to get the role of Negan because he genuinely loved the character, seeing as he was a fan of the comics. He was also a fan of the show before he was ever on it. Does that sound like a man who is out to ruin a show?

The blame should go to the writers and producers. They’re the ones creating this damn show and running it, the actors just follow through their roles. However, people always seem to ignore that and immediately jump to blaming actors. Jeffrey is just playing what he’s told to play. He’s trying to please his crowd, as do Andrew and Norman and all of the others on this show. Jeffrey is getting the force of it because he’s playing the biggest bad in the series to date and he’s the new guy.

Its not his fault that someone died on set, nor that there is a lawsuit in place. He isn’t god. He can’t control the world. It’s petty to believe otherwise. If Jeffrey was a god, I have a damn good clue of what he would do- he would bring back John. He would bring peace to the world, because he’s a pure and genuine soul. He tries his best. No, I know he isn’t perfect but who is? People need to get the deep-seated sticks out of their asses if they think any of what is going on is on Jeffrey.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is not to blame for show cancelations either. Stop blaming him for things that happen all the time. Jeffrey is not an excuse to throw shade and make excuses for shit that goes on. He’s an actor just trying to make people happy, to give joy to thousands.

My two cents on Supercorp.

Today was a weird, disappointing day and while no one involved handled it properly, I’m not quite ready to give on on the cast. 

Lena and Kara are just friends, no matter how much we all want to think otherwise, and they were singing a Season 2 recap where their (Lena and Kara) growing friendship is very prominent. 

On the other hand, the way they so blatantly disregarded a huge chunk of their fans with laughter and ignorance wasn’t cool. They should know better. I hope someone sits them down and tells them what they did wrong and I hope it’s Chyler. 

It seems like Jeremy has apologized, even if his apology wasn’t perfect, he apologized and maybe he’ll do better now. I know that many people have already made their point that this was terrible and if I was him, I’d feel like shit tonight. And that’s not a feeling that goes away easily, trust me.

Before now, I saw Melissa as the biggest supercorp supporter but I can see why she wouldn’t be. With all fandom’s, the toxic voices are the loudest and we all know how much hate Mon-El gets. Say that you want about him, but Chris Wood is her boyfriend and most of his hate comes from Supercorp fans. I get why she would be upset with us.

And boy, and don’t get me started on the Karamel fans delighted with the situation and belittling the feelings of others.

And the fans didn’t help the situation, but I suppose in the end, we never really do. I’ve seen so many gross, rude, toxic Supercorp fans that it makes sense the cast would dislike us. It’s painful, and it hurts, but that’s just what social media has let us become. It’s given everybody a voice to be heard, and it’s easiest to hear the hateful ones. 

But, I think the cast understands what they did wrong. There’s no doubt in my mind that they’ve all looked at social media today and seen what’s happening. I can only hope that they will do better next time, and that’s all I really want. 

This is just my thoughts on the situation, but I’ve looked up to the cast for so long that I don’t think I’m ready to jump on Canceled Party just yet. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. 

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KJ has really shown his dumb side at Comic Con. I've already seen at least 3 occasions where he completely misunderstands a question and gives an idiotic response. He's such a simple boy, exactly like his character! Oh and the cast basically all confirmed how much of a diva Cami is! They all said she's always late to set or anywhere they go, sometimes an hour and a half late! And she never answers her phone. They actually seemed a little annoyed when they said it too.

Oh yeah, saw that interview (which was otherwise pretty dull). Loved her entitled response, “well if you know I’m gonna be late, just tell me an earlier time, so I won’t be late”. Because, of course, the concept of “maybe you should just try not be an asshole and the world doesn’t revolve around you” is lost on her.

Also saw that she tried (lamely) to get back Cole (who made his distaste of this quite overt)—and that everyone but Lili is just a bit jealous of both BH and Cole….


sitting in a quiet room minding your own business when you faintly hear the dream daddy theme song, you dont know where its coming from but its whistfully drifting through the air as though it were a sirens hum just beyond the shore of a soft spoken sea

and then you see it, in the corner of your eye; it looked like a pale man, dressed in all black. when you look full on there is nothing there. what was that? maybe you’re just seeing things. you’ve been up all night. you really should have slept instead of being like your idol, amanda, and starting arguments with people on the internet.

but then the song in your ears gets louder, loud enough to make you jump. you whip your head around, trying to find the source - theres that man, again… just out of site, in the corners of your eyes. he’s here, he’s in the room with you, you know it!

then suddenly… silence. everything seems to have stopped, there’s no sound but you still can’t seem to focus. your mind is blank but moving so quickly. your heart is pounding in your chest, you feel like you’re going to vomit from the sudden onslaught of stress.

it’s cold.

all but a warm breath tickling the back of your ear.

and then a low voice starts

“Where are my manners? I’m your new neighbor Joseph.”

he hands you a plate of cookies then kickflips out of there like a pro yelling “I’M A YOUTH MINISTER COME SEE ME ANY TIME”

you knew you should have never datamined those files…! the white devil is here!

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Everybody acts like Sag Venus is the worst and most noncommittal, while Aqua Venus is out here getting away with relationship murder and shit like, "Oh yeah, I love you and I like spending time with you and having lots of sex and intimate conversations and inviting you over to my family's house, but we're just friends"

JKAUAHFJUAHD pleeeaaaase. I think they’re both equally the same, but with different flaws, you know what I mean? The thing I see is that, society falls over heals when someone invites you to meet their family, or having deep conversations. Although having lots of sex is a choice between two people. It’s like because you have a connection with someone, that automatically means you both have romantic mutual feelings. Like, Aquarius are know to being outside society, that they seem to show this side, where they will not fall with society that you should have romantic feelings because you have that connection. I hope you know what I mean. Sagittarius Venus are not the worst either in my opinion! They just want to have fun, and do things freely, relationships can be very suffocating sometimes. JAHDUHDADHAD ANYWAYS, I ranted, I apologize for that skfs.

I have hit that point in YOI fandom where I’m writing fic that where, if I saw it scrolling along ao3 main page, I wouldn’t read it because it’s the kind of subject matter that is often poorly handled ooc, etc. Like, I’ve been there in other fandoms before, but like…damn. 

like for whatever reason, tranquil shepherd angst and thigh fucking AU seems more in left field in terms of plausibility than broke af poolshark. 

It’s that weird liminal stage where the AU is so fucking AU that you probably “should” consider spending time making some OC’s bc it’s original fiction lbr. 

It’s that weird “oh fuck no one is gonna read this,” and so when people like it you’re just like, “oh wow,” 

I’m not trying to like fish for compliments here. Like i appreciate all the love and feedback. This is just more like, meta thoughts of my current standing in the Ota yuri fandom.