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Uninterrupted (1/1)

Summary: What would have happened if Snow hadn’t burst into Emma and Killian’s house with wedding plans? Unashamed and un-beta’d smut that’s what.

special shout out to @caprelloidea for screaming about that scene with me and leading me to this idea. and to @hellowherearemypeople who pointed out the robe.

Emma flipped the (slightly overdone) pancakes onto a plate, hoping to surprise Killian with breakfast in bed after a long night of celebratory engagement sex. Her surprise was ruined when she felt him press himself against her back, his breath hot on her neck and sending shivers down her spine.

“Something smells delicious,” he whispered, his lips gently brushing against the shell of her ear.

“It’s just from a box,” she smiled and bit her lip, she could feel his erection pressing up against her backside. She would have been surprised at his stamina had she not already experienced a long night of near marathon love making and fucking the night before.

“I’m not talking about the pancakes,” he growled before she turned and properly kissed him. Her hand rested itself on his cheek and the other pulled him even closer. Hungry moans escaped her lips as she came up for air before being swallowed again by Killian’s lips. And it struck her just then how domestic the whole scene was and just how happy it made her.

She pulled back and looked up at him, her fiance who had crossed realms to find her just as she did for him, who loved her with every inch of his soul, body, and mind, and she couldn’t help but smile as she ran her hands up his chest. It was real, he was real and they were getting married, something she had never thought she would do.

“What?” he asked, a smile spreading across his face.

“I’m just… happy,” she shrugged. “Sometimes it still surprises me.”

“Aye love. Me too,” he said before leaning down to kiss her again. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders, fingers threading themselves through the hair at the nape of his neck. They pulled each other close so Emma could feel every inch of his body through her thick robe.

“To hell with pancakes,” she moaned against his lips, walking them back until Killian hit the kitchen table. Emma wasn’t concerned about making it to the bedroom and it didn’t seem like he was either as he palmed at her ass and ground against her.

“Swan is this my robe you’re wearing?” he asked, his hand now toying with the tie at her waist.

“Yes,” she smiled and cocked her eyebrow at him.

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Ok I don’t trust Boris and Bendy seems so full of hate and bloodlust as far as we know. I can’t just assume all these guys are innocent angels and poor victims. Especially because cartoons back then weren’t always morally sound. So I hope Boris knows more than he should about Joey Drew’s plan(?). Like he was the first to be brought to life because Drew didn’t want to mess up on Bendy so Boris was the test subject. This is so rushed and sloppy. But I wanted to post something before finals hit me like a six wheeled truck.

I'm Pregnant - Imagine

*Y/N’s POV*

Harry lay sprawled across my body, his chest resting between my split legs and his head resting on my chest, his recently cut hair tickling under my chin in such as way that I had to frequently flatten it down to reduce the irritation. Harry would bat my hand away each time, grumbling about how I was messing his hair up.

It was a Sunday afternoon, the bright but cold winter light glinted between the clouds and through the window, casting odd shadows across the floor. Harry had been home for several weeks, working on his new music and resting following the completion of a long section of filming, but he had yet to really make much use of his time off, instead he chose to invade my personal space as often as he could and in any way that he could, from lying on top of me as I relaxed on the couch, to creeping into the shower as I had my face under the water and my back turned. He still hadn’t spent any time with his family, a fact that Anne never failed to remind him of on her near daily phone calls:

“When are you coming to see me Harry?”

“Have you booked the train yet?”

“You’re Gran is asking me when you’re coming up, what should I tell her?”

Each question was brushed off with a casual “I’ll do it soon mum” which was enough to satisfy her in the beginning but an excuse which was quickly wearing thin. Something about Harry’s entire demeanour was different, he would pass the almost daily calls from his mother to me, “You deal with her” he would say before sulking out of the room, and his overly touchy-feely needs towards me were becoming more extreme than normal. It was like he could barely stand to be alone.

Harry exhaled a soft sigh from below me, letting his body relax further into mine as I realised my fingers were no longer batting his hair away, they were playing with the soft strand, tugging them gently and wrapping them around my finger before releasing them and repeating. His sigh was followed by a contented groan.

“Harry what’s wrong?” I asked gently, my fingers continuing their movement to try and coax him into talk, something he had been more than reluctant to do over the past couple of days, touching yes, hugging, kissing, sex, that was all fine, but talking was becoming more and more of a chore.

“Nothing” he said quietly.

“Don’t lie Harry, I know something’s wrong, why won’t you just tell me?” I asked. He hesitated for a moment before speaking.

“It’s my mum… she’s” his sentence was broken by the obnoxious ring of the phone echoing through the house, pulling us both from the moment and making me jump slightly.

“She’s calling the bloody house again” Harry grumbled, amending the ending to his unfinished sentence as he removed himself, reluctantly, from between my legs and padded across the room before scooping up the phone.


He was quite for a moment as whoever was on the other end replied. I could already tell from the tension in his shoulders that the assumption that it was his mother was correct.

“Yes she’s here” he said, his eyes flickering to me momentarily before falling back towards the ground. He nodded once before thrusting the phone in my direction, leaving the room quickly as I answered.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Y/N, sweetheart it’s me” Anne chimed down the line, her voice, usually chipper, was lower and slower than usual, without the usual spark of energy it carried.

“Hi Anne, how are you?” I asked, shuffling in my seat to readjust the pillow behind my back.

“I was wondering if I could talk to you about something?” She said, disregarding my question.

“Of course, what’s wrong?”

“Has Harry been a bit off with you recently, like has be been acting any different around you or towards you?” She asked. Immediately my tension was sparked, it was true that Anne was now calling on a near daily basis, but her conversations, if they could even be called that, with Harry never lasted more than a few moments, and even when they did the talking was mostly conducted from Anne’s end of the line.

“Yeah, I guess he has, he hasn’t been talking to me as much as usual but he is also being quite clingy. Has something happened?” I replied.

“Has Harry told you anything, even mentioned what is bothering him?” She asked.

“No he hasn’t said a word, which is odd he usually tells me when something is wrong”. I had shifted so that I was now sitting up properly, with my feet placed firmly on the carpet and one of my elbows resting against my leg, my head propped in my hand.

“I’m pregnant, Y/N”.

It took several seconds before the magnitude of what Anne had just told me registered. Anne was pregnant, as 47, with her third child, Harry’s new either brother or sister. My stunned silence must have lasted a beat too long as she spoke again.

“Y/N?” She asked.

“Yeah, no, I’m still here, sorry. I just… I mean wow, congratulations” I stuttered, unsure what the appropriate response should be, support Harry in his now obvious anger at the situation, or be there for Anne in what should be a very exciting time for her.

“I know it’s a bit of a shock, Robin and I just got talking about how people are having babies later and later now, and one thing led to another and here we are” she chirped, a hit of her old enthusiasm back in her voice.

“How far along are you?” I asked.

“About 8 weeks” she said.

“Wow, this is big news Anne. How’s Gemma taken it?” I asked.

“She was a little surprised which is no less than I expected, but then she was happy. She’s taken it better than Harry at least” she sighed. I hummed in agreement, Harry really wasn’t taking it well at all.

“I was hoping you would speak to him for me” she said.

“I don’t know Anne, this seems like something that should be discussed by the two of you” I hesitated, shaking my head slightly before I realised that she couldn’t see me.

“Please Y/N, he won’t listen, you know what he’s like. I was just hoping that you might be able to explain to him that this isn’t such a bad thing, him being a big brother and all, I know he’ll love it, you’ve seen what he’s like with other children. Please just try, for me?”. It took a little more convincing before I finally agreed. The gratitude flowed from Anne in quick waves.

“Congrats again Anne, this really is good news and I’m very happy for you both. Give my best to Robin” I said before we hung up.

“I will sweetie, thank you again. Bye” she beamed before hanging up.

I sighed as I hung up the phone as well before placing it on the coffee table in front of my and running my hands down my face.

“So this is ‘really good news’ then is it?” Harry asked. I jumped to my feet and turned to find him leaning against the doorframe, arms folded tight across his chest and brows furrowed low. I wasn’t sure how long he had been standing there but he’d clearly heard enough.

“Well, isn’t it? Your mum’s pregnant Harry”

“I’m well aware she’s pregnant” he spat.

“Harry stop, this is good news, you’ll be a big brother” I coaxed but clearly to no avail as he continued to glower at me.

“I don’t want to be a big brother, I’m fine with the way things are” he grumbled. I stuffed my hands in my pockets and frowned at him.

“You’re jealous. You’re jealous cause you think that this is going to take some of the attention off you. That’s it isn’t it?” I challenged. I was a little surprised, it wasn’t a surprise to me that Harry was a jealous person, often I would catch him glaring across rooms at boys would had looked at me the ‘wrong way’, but to find him jealous of a baby that wasn’t even born yet, who was barely even a person in his mothers womb, I wanted to laugh out loud.

“That’s not it” he said, the underlying anger that he had been suppressing for the past couple of weeks beginning to drip into his voice. He began to turn away from me to head upstairs.

“Then what is it then?!” I asked, my patience wearing thin with his indignant attitude.

“I’M JEALOUS BECAUSE THEY HAVE A BABY AND WE DON’T!” He yelled, spinning back to face me. “They have had three babies and we haven’t had one Y/N, I want one!” He cried.

I opened and closed my mouth like a goldfish. I wasn’t surprised to find that Harry wanted children, it was something that I had suspected many times before, but never did I think his desire for one was as powerful as this.

“Why have you never spoken to me about this before?” I asked gently. Harry’s guard was crumbling, his arms fell to his sides and his gaze softened.

“’Cause I knew you’d say no, you’ve just finished Uni and you want to find a job and start your career, a baby would ruin that” he said.

“You should have at least spoken to me about it” I said. He shook his head.

“I knew you wouldn’t want one” he sighed. The corner of my lips twitched as I watched the defeated boy in front of me. I shook my head and walked towards him, taking both his hands in mine.

“You’re wrong” I said softly, my lips pulling up in to a smile as Harry gazed at me with a mixture of wonder and slight hesitation for fear this could all be too good to be true.

“Would you like to make a baby with me Harry Styles?”


Hey everyone, first imagine in a while. I hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think please!


potatoesareimportant  asked:

"you’re my emergency contact and i’ve been in an accident so you drop everything to come to the hospital" nalu pleeeeasse

Natsu’s heart stutters to a stop as he nears the hospital room. His pulse roars in his ears, overwhelming, drowning out the sounds around him. Fingers graze the doorknob, but he hesitates, stomach twisting sickly at the thought of what he might find beyond the white walls. Natsu inhales sharply, imagining Lucy—bright, happy, smiling Lucy—lying on the other side, broken. Mouth going dry, Natsu swallows thickly. Teeth scrape along his lower lip, biting until the skin splits and he can taste blood on his tongue. His chest tightens, an invisible hand curling around his heart and squeezing.

When he answered the phone earlier he thought for sure his heart had been ripped clear through his rib cage, shattering bone and puncturing lungs. He simply couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t feel anything for the longest time, could barely hear himself think as the words kept echoing through his head.

He never liked the word accident, but not he thinks he might hate it.

It’s been three months and a handful of days since he last saw her, since they ended things. He thought he was over it, done, but maybe he’s just spent too long lying to himself. He’s always been good at that.

The door creaks as he pushes it open, squealing loudly before banging against the wall roughly, a thunderclap in an otherwise silent area. He should feel bad about the noise, given where he is, but Natsu simply can’t bring himself to care.

Inside the room a head snaps up, hazy, brown eyes locking with his, startled and confused. Wispy, wild hair tumbles over the girl’s shoulders, half-pulled away from her pretty face with a pair of clips to leave the bandage along her temple uncovered. Her eyes widen as she sees him, her lips parting just the slightest. She stares, unblinking, as if he’s a ghost—her ghost.

“Lucy,” he breathes, voice cracking, heart in his throat. He steps farther into the room, hands trembling at his sides as he takes her in: disheveled and exhausted, but still the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. “Lucy,” he says again, suddenly able to breathe again.

Her lips tremble. “Natsu?” she croaks, voice thick and afraid, but her shoulders relax when she sees him, a light flickering in her eyes. “What are you—”

He crosses the room in two steps and she cuts off as he cups her face in his shaking hands, her skin clammy beneath his burning fingers. Natsu ducks down, crouching to meet her gaze, his thumbs brushing along her cheeks, wiping at stray tears and flecks of blood and dirt. Her own hand comes up to clutch at his wrist, her fingers freezing as she clings to him, nails biting into his skin. He only holds her tighter, searching her expression for any discomfort.

“Are you okay?” he asks her, swallowing thickly as she quivers. Blood dots the bandage on her temple, and the hand not caught in hers slides along her cheek briefly, his finger ghosting along the edge of the bandage. She flinches and he pulls back, palm pressed to her cheek. “What happened?” It comes out more demanding than intended, but if it startles Lucy she certainly doesn’t show it. He figures she’s put up with him for so long that she’s simply desensitized.

Her fingers curl tighter around his wrist, her free hand knotting in the bed sheets roughly. Her leg jiggles where it’s tossed over the edge of the mattress, her knee bumping against his briefly. A nervous tick, he knows.

Lucy tries to smile for him, but it comes out watery. Her lips tremble against the edge of his palm, her eyes glistening with unshed tears. God, but does she try to smile. “I’m fine,” she tells him softly, squeezing his hand slowly, “just a concussion.” His lips part, a protest on his tongue, but Lucy continues before he can ask what happened. “Natsu, what are you doing here?”

A lump builds in his throat when she says his name, his heart clenching. It sounds familiar on her tongue, sweet as honey and twice as thick. He hadn’t realized it was something he missed until just now. He hadn’t realized it was something he could miss.

His fingers stroke along her cheek and she leans into his hand. Her gaze is expectant, questioning, though not unfriendly. The last time they saw each other left them on bad terms, but they seem to be forgotten now. “They called me,” he murmurs, barely able to manage more than a breathy whisper as he stares down at her. “Emergency contact.”

Lucy is silent for a long moment, though she doesn’t protest as his fingers continue to peruse her cheeks, her jaw, the length of her neck, his thumbs barely brushing against her collarbone, just barely visible beneath her scarf. He thinks he should stop staring, touching her like he was scared to death of losing her, but he’s willing to admit that for a moment he felt the world beginning to crumble around him when he got that phone call.

Her lips brush along his palm, not quite touching and not quite kissing. “You shouldn’t be here,” she tells him, voice cracking. She quivers, fingers squeezing around his wrist, and Natsu slips a hand down to cradle the side of her neck, just below her jaw.

“Lucy,” he breathes, tilting her chin gently so that she meets his eyes. He wonders if she can see the raw, biting terror there, lingering just beneath the surface. Natsu swallows, wets his lips, then tilts his head down to rest his temple against hers, his arm sliding around her back and pulling her close, as if he could swallow her whole. Lucy makes a home against his rib cage, curling close to him, her own arms winding around his torso and holding him close. “I would be here even if they didn’t call me,” he whispers against her hair, the beating of his heart growing steady, echoing hers.

Lucy doesn’t ask why and he doesn’t explain, instead they stitch themselves together, hands curling though hair and arms consuming the other.

Village is being attacked
Shikamaru: Oh no what a tragedy…….
I should do something to protect my friends! …… OR!….. I could just take a nice nap and let the Jonins handle it!…… Yeah that’s seems like a solid plan!

You gotta love him❤

Adrienette one-shot

A/N In this one shot they don’t have powers and this is the first time they have met. 
Marinette’s P.O.V.
I can’t believe I am going to this camp! Alya, my best friend is sitting next to me on the bus. The camp has some activities everyone has to do but, most of the time we can go anywhere and do anything. There is a gym and equipment to play sports, snow shoeing, a park, tubing, a hub (the hub is a room you can go in sit down and relax with snacks.) and best of all A LOT of snow! Winter is my favourite season.

Alya fell asleep listening to music, so I am looking out the window it is about 9:00pm and we have made it out of the city. I started wondering what the camp would be like, would I make new friends maybe a guy? No, I’ll just hang out with Alya and work on winter designs.

(At the camp)

When we get to the camp we got our room key and yay me and Alya share a room. I heard a knock at our door, when I open it I see two familiar faces. “Rose? Jukela?” I ask.

“Marinette! Alya hi! You are going to this camp to I didn’t know that!” Exclaimed Rose, “can we bunk with you?” (Every room has two bunk beds wifi and plugs.)

“Sure! Come in!” Alya said.

“It’s time to go to the Hall for the welcome meeting,” Jukela told us.

(After the welcome meeting)
(No ones P.O.V.)
In the Hub

“I still can’t believe how cool this camp is! We can do whatever we want here!” Marinette exclaimed, they were all squished on the couch. Someone came and sat down on a chair next to them. “Um hi?”

“Hi I’m Adrien,” the blonde boy said with a smile.

“Hi, I’m Marinette, this is Alya, Rose and Jukela!” Everyone waved to the boy.

“Did you guys know there are mini eggs on the table? I’m going to get some, I’ll be back.” Adrien stood up and started talking to another boy, Adrien pointed over to the group of girls. The new boy came and sat on a chair by the girls.

“Hey, I’m Nino. My friend Adrien said that you guys were his new friends and that I should sit here.”

“Hi Nino.” The girls all said. Adrien came back over with a cup filled with mini eggs.

“Can I have some eggs?” Asked Marinette.

“Sure,” he gave Marinette a handful of eggs. She through one into the air and caught it in her mouth.

Adrien just started at her “how did you do that?”

“Open your mouth,” he did as she instructed. Then she through a mini egg towards his mouth but he moved so it hit him instead. “Wow, you’re bad at that!” She said giggling.

(Back in Marinette, Alya, Rose and Jukela’s room)

“This camp seems fun so far,” Rose said happily. “And that Adrien boy is cute.”

Marinette flinched at the sound of Rose calling Adrien cute, but doesn’t want to start a fight so stays quiet and instead texts Alya.
M: I also thought Adrien was cute. BUT DON’T TELL THEM.

Alya checked her phone when she felt it vibrates and gave a slight smirk to Marinette. Feeling her cheeks start to burn she rushed into the bathroom to avoid questioning gazes from her roommates.

Marinette stood looking in the mirror above the sink. ‘It’s pointless, why would he like you? I should just help Rose, she has a better chance.’ Marinette thought to herself.

Once the blush was off her face she exited the bathroom only to be met with knowing eyes following her every move. Suddenly her blush was back but this time with anger.

Marinette pulled Alya out of earshot and whisper-yelled “ALYA, I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU NOT TO TELL THEM!”

Alya just stood there with a smirk still plastered on her face, “you didn’t say anything about SHOWING them.”

Marinette stood there confused for a second that her friend betrayed her then turned on her heel and stomped over to her bed, facing away from her roommates.

(The next day)
Marinette decided to leave early to avoid her friends accusations. She was hoping to see Adrien so she can help Rose get closer to him. As she was about to walk out the door she heard someone call her name.

“'Morning Marinette!” Adrien said cheerfully, “Are you going to the dining hall?”

“I-I uhh Yes! I wanted to leave early because I don’t know where it is.” She put on a convincing smile while blushing.

Adrien just smiled back choosing to ignore the stuttering, “Same, do you want to walk over together?”

Marinette stood the shocked for a moment then yelled, “YES!” She slapped a hand over her mouth, “I-I m-mean, ya sure?”

“Okay then let’s go.”

While walking towards the dining hall Marinette was trying to figure out how she was going to talk about Rose when she could barely look at him without blushing.

Suddenly Adrien turned and started to walk towards a building neither of them had been in. Inside was a large double gym and stage, with a volleyball net and basketball hoops.

“This place has a gym? With a volleyball court? This is so cool!” Marinette exclaimed jumping up and down.

“Do you want to come back and play volleyball during our break?” Adrien asked while smiling at the teenage girl acting like a little kid.

Marinette looked down to try to hide her blush. “U-um yes.” She whispered.

“Okay but, first we should probably find the dining hall?” Adrien laughed as Marinette miraculously turn a even darker shade of red. She was only able to nod in response and started following Adrien towards the next building.

(Skip to after breakfast in the hall)

Mrs. Bustier one of the lead instructors was on the large stage talking to all of the campers. “Because yesterday we all got here late we will start off with some fun games to get to know eachother better!”

Fake cheers were heard from the campers, “for this game you have to find all of the people whose answers match yours. There is only one rule though, No Talking!”

And with that the game started, some questions had to do with favourite foods and others where about favourite subjects. The final question was favourite colour and Marinette and Adrien were standing next to each other. Marinette looked down and noticed she was wearing a blue shirt with black pants today with her hair down. She decided to use it to her advantage and point to her shirt colour.

Suddenly she felt her hair being lifted, she looked over to see Adrien picking up a few strands of blue hair from her head. She gave him a questioning look and he just rubbed the back of his neck. “Blue is my favourite colour and I don’t have any blue so I can tell people.”


Finally the game ended and they were free to get lunch then have there break.

(Skip to break)

Alya came running over to the group of Jukela, Rose, Marinette, Adrien and Nino. “Guys I just found out they have this cool tube slide down this big hill let’s go try it out!” Everyone nodded there head in agreement.

When they got to the slide they were only able to grab 3 tubes.“Looks like we will have to go in pairs.” Marinette said awkwardly.

“Rose go with Jukela, I’ll go with Nino and Marinette and Adrien go together!” Alya exclaimed while pulling Nino over to a tub.

Marinette and Adrien looked at eachother awkwardly. “U-um here I’ll sit on the back and you can sit infront of me.” Adrien said while sitting on the tube.

Adrien had held onto the hand grips so Marinette was sitting at the front trying not to touch Adrien even though her mind was screaming at her to lean back into his handsome, warm, strong- 'NO MARINETTE! You are going to help Rose you have no chance with him’ she screamed at herself.

The ride was on a long steep hill, once at the bottom Adrien and Marinette then realized they had to carry the tube back up the hill. Trying to be gentlemanly Adrien lifted the tube over his shoulder and smiled at Marinette before turning to start up the hill.

Walking up the hill was difficult, once they were back at the top Marinette and Adrien decided not to go down again and instead sit down for a bit.

'This is my chance, for Rose!’ Marinette cheered in her head. “S-so what do you think of Rose? She’s cute isn’t she?”

Adrien just stared at her not expecting the sudden question. “U-uhh she is nice but I have to say I prefer bluenette’s.”

Marinette immediately blushed deep red and looked away. “Well, u-uh.” Marinette attempted to come up with a way to switch the subject. “Let’s go on a adventure!”

“Wait what?” Adrien seemed confused at the sudden outburst. After letting what she had said sink in he smiled. “Okay where too?”

“Let’s just walk and find out.”

As they walked the pasted a play structure in the shape of a boat. “Let’s play in the park.” Not waiting for a response Marinette took off towards the park.

Marinette climbed to the top and pretended she was Rose from titanic. (She stood at the front with her arms outstretched.) Adrien walked up behind her and laughed lightly at how she was acting.

Marinette turned around at the sound of laughter. When she saw Adrien she smiled and grabbed him by his wrist pulling him along. “Where are we going?”

“On a adventure!” Was all she said without looking back.

They had walked back to the lodge where there rooms are, Marinette still pulling Adrien along, but instead of going inside she went around back.

There was a small forest like area with trees and bushes that Marinette had wanted to explore. Adrien just followed silently, given up on getting free.

“Wow it’s so pretty!” Marinette exclaimed letting go of Adrien’s wrist, running around the trees. Adrien stood at the edge of the forest watching her till Nino came up beside him.

“Hey dudette! What are you doing?” Nino yelled over to the girl walking through the trees. Marinette just responded by looking back and smiling, running back over to the boys.

“Hey Nino I was just walking through the trees. Why are you over here weren’t you with Alya?” At the mention of her name Nino’s face dropped.

“Actually that is why am here, when you guys left me and Alya went down the hill again but we flipped, Alya landed weird and sprained her ankle.”

Adrien looked concerned but, Marinette just sighed. “It is always that girls ankle.” She muttered under her breath.

(In the hub)

Marinette ran over to her friend lying on the large couch with ice on  her ankle. “Alya are you okay?” She asked concerned, when Alya nodded her expression changed to a mocking one. “Can you go two weeks without hurting your ankle?” Marinette smirked.

Alya didn’t even bother responding she just looked over at Nino and Adrien who were talking.

Realizing that she was being ignored, Marinette turned to go sit in 'her’ chair as she called it only to see Adrien sitting in it already.

Marinette was about to sit on the couch when she had a idea. “Adrien you are in my chair.” Marinette said innocently.

Adrien just looked at her confused and shook his head 'no’ before turning back to Nino.

Marinette refused to give up, instead of asking again she simply sat on Adrien. He loomed at her surprised at her actions and gave her a questioning stare.

“If you won’t get out of my chair then I will sit on you.” Was all Marinette said.

After about 10 minutes of Marinette sitting on Adrien he asked her what tome it was. She looked down at her watch and replied “2:00pm” he suddenly stood up pulling her up with him and started dragging her towards the door.

“Where are we going?” Marinette asked confused. Adrien only turned around to look at her with a smirk.

“On a adventure.”

They arrived at the building they found before breakfast, the gym. “I heard the were having a ball hockey game at 2.” Adrien said finally explaining himself.

Marinette just smiled and grabbed a red stick. Adrien grabbed a black stick meaning they were on opposite teams. Sadly Marinette was terrible at hockey, she wasn’t able to score or even hit the ball properly.

Her team wanted her to be able to score one goal so Adrien switched teams so he could assist Marinette. Adrien brought the ball up to the goal and passed it to Marinette at the last second. Marinette bumped the ball into the net causing a round of cheers from her team.

“Good job” Adrien said while patting her back.

They game continued for a hour before half of the players decided to ho inside and play volleyball.

Once again Marinette and Adrien were put on separate teams but, inbetween every play thewould sneak glances and smiles at eachother.

The game continued until it was time to start walking back to the dining hall for dinner. On there walk Marinette decided to comment on Adrien’s horrible playing. “You are terrible at volleyball.” She said between laughing fits.

Adrien first looked mock-hurt but, that quickly faded to a evil glint in his eye with a smirk. Marinette realized what he was planning and quickly bolted out of the gym towards the hub.

When Marinette reached the hub she sat down on 'her’ chair and started talking to Alya as if nothing happened.

Once Adrien came in he saw Marinette but instead of rushing towards her, he turned towards the counter that now had mini marshmallows replacing the mini eggs.

Adriens smirk turned into a devious smile as he walked toward the counter. Picking up a plastic cup he began to fill it with marshmallows. Looking back at Marinette who has yet to notice him, he quietly creeped around her chair signalling for Alya to keep quiet.

Once he was out of Marinette’s view he quickly dumped the marshmallows on her head, running back over to the chair facing her own. Marinette gasped in surprise before launching marshmallows at her attacker.

Mrs. Bustier walked in and demanded that they clean up there mess and head over to the dining hall for dinner. Marinette did as the instructor said while laughing at the situation.

Once in the dining hall Alya dragged Marinette to the bathroom, while limping, to find out what was happening. “Girl spill. How are you and Adrien so close already? You seemed so embarrassed before.”

Marinette blushed, opening her mouth trying to find a excuse. “I-I, we volleyball played. I mean played volleyball! He was bad and mad got when I told him! I mean got mad! He started ch-chasing me and you s-saw the rest.” Marinette whispered the last part.

“Girl, I don’t know if that is true. But, whatever you did works he seems to like you!” Marinette only starred at her blankly with her mouth agape. She was about to protest when she realized Alya had already limped back to the table.

(After dinner in the hall)

“There will be a campfire tonight followed by a movie. Campfire starts at 9p.m. The movie will start at 10p.m.” Mrs. Bustier announced.

Marinette looked excitedly at her roommates who all shook there heads no. “Me and Rose are still tired from tubing earlier, and Alya should probably rest her ankle.” Jukela told the now frowning girl.

Marinette then felt a tap at her shoulder, “me and my man Adrien are going to the campfire and Adrien wanted to stay for the movie to if you want to join us dudette.” Nino asked with a smile.

Marinette only nodded her head and checked the time. It was 8p.m. 1 hour till the campfire. Marinette, Nino and Adrien waved to Marinette’s roommates before heading towards the hub.

When they reached the hub they came face to face with a upset Chloe. “Adrikins! I have been looking for you all day, you don’t eat with me and you come in here with that commoner girl.” Chloe said distastefully.

Adrien was then dragged away by Chloe leaving Nino and Marinette alone. Marinette seemed upset, thinking that Chloe was his girlfriend. Nino saw her upset look and broke her out of her thoughts.

“Chloe is Adrien’s childhood friend, she thinks that he is madly in love with her but I think he met a girl he likes more at this camp.” Nino ended with a smirk.

Marinette didn’t seem to hear the last part and instead felt relived that Adrien didn’t seem to like her at all.

Marinette and Nino continued talking on the couch, while Marinette kept glancing over at Adrien. “Marinette, I know we just met yesterday but I am starting to feel like your older brother.” Nino said suddenly causing Marinette to jump.

“W-what do y-you mean?”

“I see you looking at Adrien, and I see the way he looks at you. And even though I think you guys would be great together, I wanted to worn you. At home Adrien doesn’t have much time for anything because his dad has him signed up for so many extracurricular activities. I just don’t want you to think he is starting to ignore you if you keep connected after the camp.”

Marinette looked shocked at what Nino had said but then looked over at Adrien sadly. Nino then broke Marinette out of her thoughts noticing it was 9 already.

Nino walked over to Adrien saving him from Chloe,walking towards the campfire, Marinette followed behind laughing at Chloe’s face.

During the campfire Marinette, Nino and Adrien talked and laughed about anything and everything. At 10 Nino yawned and said goodnight to his friends walking back to his room.

Adrien stood up from his seat gesturing for Marinette to follow him towards the hall where the movie is. When Marinette stood up she tripped on a rock, cursing herself for her clumsy ness she closed her eyes waiting for pain that didn’t come.

Instead strong arms surrounded her. She looked up to be met with worried emerald eyes. “Are you okay?” Adrien asked his voice laced with worry.

Once she realized there position she jumped back face red. She could only nod in response, but Adrien still seemed worried.

During the movie, Adrien sat next to Marinette to avoid Chloe. Throughout the movie he heard Marinette’s soft giggles. It made him smile at how cute she sounded. When the movie ended he still had on a goofy smile.

“Shall I escort you back to your room?” Adrien said with a bow. Marinette only giggled in response before regaining her exposure.

She decided to play along, “you may.” She said with a curtsy.

On there way back to there rooms they looked up at the stars above, pointing out the all the different shapes they saw in the stars.

(Time skip to last day of camp. Everyone leaves at 1p.m.)(In Marinette’s room)

Hey guys I was thinking that I was going to wear this shirt I made. Rose and Alya starred at the shirt wide eyed. “Wow Marinette, I looks amazing.” Alya said, Rose nodded in agreement.

Marinette left early for breakfast again hoping to see Adrien because they would be leaving soon.

When she walked into the dining hall she was met with a tired looking Adrien sitting at there table. He was starring blankly out the window and hadn’t noticed her approaching, until she pulled out her chair sitting beside him.

“H-hey Adrien what’s up?” Adrien jumped back to reality.

“I was just thinking about how much I am going to miss this camp.” He answered with a sigh.

Marinette only nodded in response. Not only was she going to miss the camp but she was going to miss him. At the campfire Marinette found out that Adrien lives 1 hour and a half away from her house driving. Meaning this might be the last time they see eachother.

After breakfast everyone went to the hall for a closing ceremony. Mrs. Bustier thanked everyone for coming and said that they were going to have a big camp photo. Marinette stood next to Adrien and smiled for the camera even though she was upset on the inside.

Outside of the hall two buses were waiting, one Marinette would get on and the other Adrien would. Marinette had already said her goodbyes to Nino and Adrien and was waiting to board her bus.

Adrien suddenly ran over to Marinette and hugged her goodbye, surprising her. “I-I wanted to know if I could have your number so we could stay in contact.” Adrien said rubbing the back of his neck.

Marinette only blushed and took out her phone. Adrien did the same as they put their numbers into the phones. “Okay well I should get back to my bus, bye Marinette!” Adrien yelled running back to his bus.

Marinette still in shock over what happened boarded the bus and sat down next to Alya. Marinette then let what had just happened sink in and she flushed bright red. Putting her face in her hands the bus started moving.

This was a weekend Marinette would never forget.

Top OR Bottom

Why are we so hung up on knowing whether someone is a top or a bottom? I honestly never like talking about this or even answering when someone ask me because for me personally I could care less. If we’re hooking up then I disclose it otherwise I keep that shit to myself. Not that I even hook up. But In all honesty I don’t think it’s anyone’s business to know things like this because if we aren’t in the bedroom or you know in the works of being in a relationship then there is no point. If someone is trying to get to know me … this should not be a question to be asked because it makes it seem like you just wanna fuck around. And that’s not what I need. If you love someone or if you feel sparks are flying between the two then it will work out. FYI What I do with my sexual self is my business and only mine …

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Hey there, I've been a bit shy to inquire, but since someone else asked about a baby torchic today, it seems like a good time to ask... MY baby torchic, Zuko, has an ENORMOUS appetite. I give him double the reccommended portions of food for a torchic his size, and he always eats it all. Sometimes he still seems hungry! Is this healthy? Should I keep feeding him this much or ration his food more? Does he just have a fast metabolism? (On a side-note, I love your blog!)

Is he gaining weight? Or is he just always hungry? If he’s hungry and gaining weight, you may just have to play tough love and put him on a diet. Quick tip: giving him more fiber may make him feel “fuller,” so you can trick him into eating healthier without too much of a fuss.

If, however, he is not gaining weight, there could be a problem. Pokémon can have metabolism problems, and diabetes is unfortunately common in over-bred Pokémon, including starters. Please get Zuko to a Pokémon center immediately if you suspect this is the case. A change of diet, insulin supplements, and additional care will help your Torchic live a healthy and happy life.

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I looked for the most bizarre random one and decided on 135. Good luck!! :-)

To make you feel my love

Pain. Fire. Burning.

Can’t breathe.

Can’t move.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’ve got you. You’re okay.”

Pressure. A hand in his.

Cold. Wet. Relief.

“Robert?” He knows that voice.

Safety. Love. Home.

He must make a noise, he’s pretty sure he didn’t say anything, not sure it’s even possible right now.

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i have a question about dazai's ability ! how would it be with an ability that is purely mental like reading minds? would he be affected or immune? n if chuuya made something levitate and thrown at dazai w his gravity ability, would he be able to nullify it on touch so it wouldnt hurt as much/would fall to the ground or would it still hurt him with the extra power from chuuya? ik wiki states it relies on human touch but i just wanted an extra confirmation ^^;;

Hello, thanks for sending this~!

As I’ve answered in an ask before, even though Dazai himself says his ability will nullify everything without exception, there seems to be certain conditions he should meet so some abilities will be completely nullified. For example, for Dogra Magra to be deactivated, he has to touch the doll instead of Q. With Doppo Poetry, once he makes contact with any object that was materialized from Kunikida’s notebook, they return back to being pages. There will probably be more cases like this, so with that in mind:

1.) How would it be with an ability that is purely mental like reading minds?

From the information we are given, while he can deactivate the ability if he comes into contact with the mind-reading ability user, there is no evidence to suggest he’ll be immune or resistant to psychic/mental abilities. After all, strictly speaking, thoughts do no have a physically tangible form.

2.) If Chuuya made something levitate and thrown it at Dazai w his gravity ability, would he be able to nullify it on touch so it wouldn’t hurt as much/would fall to the ground or would it still hurt him with the extra power from chuuya?

It depends on the size and the speed of the object. If it’s a boulder, Dazai would be better off dodging instead of using No Longer Human, wouldn’t you agree? If it’s the size of your regular eraser but travelling at the speed of around 1k mph, it would essentially be a bullet and again, I doubt nullification will help. If he uses something like a chair, and Dazai nullifies, then Earth’s gravity will act and the chair will naturally fall since it’s not like Dazai can control how gradual/fast his nullification will work. In short, if Chuuya didn’t have hats for brains and used projectile weapons against Dazai more, there’s a better chance of him actually winning their fights.

But if you ask me, Dazai has to make physical contact with Chuuya to deactivate For the Tainted Sorrow anyway, so trying to deactivate an object moving towards his direction is a wasted effort.

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Can you bind while crying? This might seem weird but if you know you'll be crying is it still safe to bind?

Kii says:

If you’re going to be crying and sobbing for an extended period of time, it might be best to take your binder off, but for just like…a quick cry (?) I think you should be fine. Listen to your body and take off your binder if you have any problems.

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There's nothing wrong with people believing it's a fly, but people have found an almost identical design of a bee. The antennas match, the furry legs match, the body shape matches. If he intended to get a fly, he got one that looks exactly like a bee.

It doesn’t matter what it actually is if it looks like a bee that’s the point lmao

You can see a fly or a dog or the face of X*nder in that tattoo for all I care but just the fact that there is a possibility of it being a bee should tell you something cause you may think they’re tired of these evil Larries and their crazy theories after all this time and all the coincidences surrounding their tattos but H is out there with a huge monster on his arm which seems to look a lot like those animals which are out there making honey.

after all the fandom, i guess you could say, buzz about him getting a bee tattoo this isn’t a coincidence it’s the dagger all over again

I’m a little confused by that one line where Ralph was like “the genius brain knows when it’s being duped” because like… no it doesn’t? I mean, Toby’s does, but that’s his Special Skill™, and no one else on the team can really do it. (In that very same episode, Happy asked why Toby hadn’t caught on to the Kapper guy’s lies, implying that it was Toby’s job to catch that kind of thing.) 

The entire point of the show is that geniuses have trouble interacting with normal people and interpreting normal people’s emotions, so why should they be good at spotting lies? It just seems like the writers needed a way for Ralph to confront her mom and that was the most convenient way to do so?

Proposal - Domesticity KagaKuro Day Three!

Kagami looks uncomfortable in his suit but Kuroko is rather shamelessly enjoying the view. Kagami looks very nice in his black suit, with his hair slicked back, looking neater and more professional than Kuroko has ever seen him before. He looks very adult-like, for all that he seems uncomfortable, and Kuroko thinks it’s a good look.

“I’m sorry for dragging you to this,” Kagami says, for the third time. “My dad wanted me here. I don’t even know the bride all that well. We should just go.”

“It would be rude to leave now, Kagami-kun,” Kuroko reminds him. The bride was apparently a friend of the family, or a co-worker, Kuroko’s still not quite sure what the connection was. Kagami didn’t want to go alone and Kuroko joined him more out of curiosity than anything else. He’d thought perhaps he would finally meet Kagami’s mysterious father, but they had arrived at the wedding only to find out at the last minute that he couldn’t make it after all. They’re sitting next to an empty seat, and it had been up to Kagami to make apologies on his father’s behalf. Something he did rather well, all things considered.

“I am sorry,” Kagami says again. “These things are always so boring and awkward.”

Kuroko pauses before answering, and then says carefully, “I really do not mind, Kagami-kun, I have nothing to compare it to. I have never been to a wedding before.”

Kagami jolts, and then stares at Kuroko in a mixture of surprise and then dismay, and Kuroko can see the guilt as he remembers that Kuroko’s upbringing was not a normal one and of course he’d never been to a wedding before.

Kuroko feels the need to rush in, before Kagami apologizes even further. “It is really not all that strange, Kagami-kun. Furihata-kun was telling me just the other day that he has never been to a wedding either. It is simply that no one I know has married in the time that I have known them.”

“Right,” Kagami says. “You’re right, that’s not weird, I just—you do know about weddings, right?”

“Yes, Kagami-kun,” Kuroko says, as dryly as possible. “I do read.”

“Right,” Kagami says. “Sorry.”


Kagami’s question was a valid one, so Kuroko isn’t even too bothered by the indelicacy of it. The JSDF had tried very hard to make sure the Miracles were exposed to some of the standard ceremonies that took place in a human lifetime—birthdays, religious holidays, New Year’s traditions—but no one had gotten married and so a wedding was not something the Miracles’ had a chance to experience for themselves.

Momoi and Kise had watched a lot of television, so they knew all about weddings, and Kuroko had read books where weddings featured. So he knows more or less what’s happening, and what the governing principles are. These two people are swearing in front of everyone they know that they will stay together forever. Momoi had thought the concept very romantic, but Kuroko wasn’t sure about the ritualistic nature of it all.

That is, he understood and could appreciate the bond two people might have. Even before he’d met Kagami—even before he had realized that romance was something he could have—he had desperately wanted a bond that would last forever.

Looking at the bride now, and recalling the ceremony he had just witnessed, Kuroko is still not sure what the point of it all was. Both she and the groom look very happy, but what was the point of making it all so public? Why make such a spectacle of it all?

“What’s bugging you?” Kagami asks quietly.

It isn’t as much of a surprise as it once would have been that Kagami can tell when something is bothering Kuroko. “I was only wondering why this all had to be so public. I think that I would much prefer a quiet ceremony, with no one else around.”

Kagami snorts. “Getting married isn’t really about the couple. It’s about their friends and family, as far as I can tell. My parents would never let me elope. They’d want—” he gestures to the extravagant part “—this, something that would tell everyone they knew that they could put on a show.”

The bride is American, Kagami explained, and they’re following a lot of American traditions. As another clinking of cups rings out and the bride and groom kiss once again, Kuroko finds himself wondering if that’s something Kagami would want. He knows it’s not something he would want—he would never want to be put on display like this, with all eyes on him.

“And anyway, wouldn’t you want your friends at your wedding? Seirin, and the Miracles, and everyone?”

Kuroko hesitates, because all of the sudden it seems like they’re in dangerous territory. They haven’t been dating for very long, all things considered, they haven’t even really known each other all that long, in the grand scheme of things. While it is impossible to talk about hypothetical weddings and not envision Kagami by his side, it seems too presumptuous to speak of such things now.

“Yes, I suppose so,” Kuroko says carefully. The Fujimaki family, too, although Kagami hasn’t met them yet. They would want to come to his wedding. And some of the soldiers and doctors from the JSDF base.

Kagami hears the hesitation and suddenly looks concerned, “I mean, we don’t have to have a big thing, I just kinda figured we would.”

Kuroko pauses and wonders if Kagami even realizes what he’s saying. He doesn’t want to point it out just yet, he wants to see where this will go, so he just says, “But men cannot marry each other in Japan.”

“It’s legal in America,” Kagami says, as if that’s the most obvious thing in the world. “And we wouldn’t have to change names in America. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’d make a good Kuroko.”

“We are not citizens,” Kuroko says, still trying to see how far Kagami has thought this through.

“I am, didn’t I tell you? I have dual citizenship. I figured we’d move there, after high school.”

Kuroko takes a sip from his water glass and looks at Kagami very passively. “Just to be sure we understand each other, Kagami-kun, is this you proposing?”

“I—” Kagami flushes, and then sticks out his chin, almost defiantly, “I’m just telling you what I’ve thought about.”

The fact that Kagami isn’t trying to back out of this has such a powerful effect on Kuroko it’s almost dizzying. He had never thought it was possible to feel like this—not for him to feel so much. The atmosphere has suddenly become very heavy and he wants to make a joke, if only to lighten the mood, but he suddenly finds he’s not capable of talking.

“I asked you to move in with me. Did you think I wasn’t serious?”

They haven’t talked about Kagami’s spur-of-the-moment offer since it happened, and yes, Kuroko did think perhaps Kagami wasn’t being serious. They’re still in high school, people don’t move in with their boyfriends during high school.

“I was, you know. I’m always serious about you, Kuroko.”

Much too much. Kuroko is a little terrified of his own emotions—he’s not sure he’s ever been so overwhelmed with feeling before, not since Orange died, and he feels a bit like his body might shut down from the overwhelming nature of it.

“Think about it,” Kagami says, “You don’t have to answer here, at someone else’s wedding, but just think about it, OK?”

“Yes, Kagami-kun,” Kuroko says. Yes.

“Good. After they cut the cake, let’s duck out of here. Misdirect us if you have to, I don’t want to be here for the bouquet toss. I don’t ever want to be around one of those again.”

“What happens at the bouquet toss?” Kuroko asks.

“Things,” Kagami says darkly.




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Oh man, I'm on my main account so excuse me dropping in here (I follow on tinycitysims but have been peaking in on here cause I couldn't help it). Anyway, I am NOT for team Noah and it's driving me crazy so I just felt the need to break down and say something. :P They weren't good to each other and it feels awkward with the history already established. I should have said something when everyone else was gushing but maybe it doesn't matter anyway. *shrug*

Hi!!!! omg I’m right there with you!!!!!!!!!! Like I was totally ready to write him out of the story and never to be seen again after the engagement party. But then I was having trouble picking who Eliana was going to end up with and it seemed as if Noah was the winner of the bunch, surprisingly!!! D: I had a weird time writing him back in since I made their relationship purposely messed up in the end (with the intent to get rid of him r.i.p). So we will see if I redeemed him at all. D:::: And if not, WELL maybe it’s time for a new heir and some spicy drama. :O AND thank you!! I love hearing these things! Cause it helps me get ideas for the story so it’s never to late to say something!!!! <3

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Sole and the companions are dared to wear blindfolds and gloves, then wander around the room, then they have to kiss the first person they touch.

Hey, thanks for the ask. Sorry its long…i hope you like it

Sole and the Companions are dared to wear blindfolds and gloves, then wander around the room, then they have to kiss the first person they touch.

Cait/Deacon: She didn’t bother trying to figure out who she touched, they seemed human, so she kissed them. Deacon broke the kiss earlier than he should have, and gave her an awkward laugh. She just laughed when she realized it’s him.

Codsworth/Ada: All three of his eyes were covered; and he hovered around trying to touch someone. After his pincher touched Ada, he didn’t know it was her

“I’m sorry, but would you mind kissing me?”.

“I would if I could…”

They ended up awkwardly bashing their ‘Faces’ into each other.

Curie/Maxson: She touches Maxson’s rough face with her tiny hands and she got really scared. It was Maxson! He is too intimidating for her!

“O-oh No…I’m~“

“Get it over with. Disgusting Synth!”

She nodded and gave him the shyest and quickest kiss. He wiped him mouth with a disgusted look at her.

Danse/Hancock: He touched Hancock’s clothes, but he didn’t know it was him, it seemed like Piper or something. He leaned in for a French kiss; but the moment his tongue felt, No lips, he pulled away and started throwing up on the floor. Hancock chuckled at Paladin’s reaction “Feeling’s mutual, asshole”

Deacon/Sole: He took a long time stroking their face, until he sighed in relief. He felt so fucking lucky! He kissed them, and it lasted more than it should; which ended up with him trying to hide his embarrassment.

Dogmeat/Curie: He was trying to take the blindfold off him with his paws; until finally Curie kneeled next to him and took it off him, feeling bad for him. He thanked her by licking her all over the face.

Hancock/Nick: The moment he touched Nick’s face, he knew it was him, who else would not have skin where it’s supposed to be! “It was coming wasn’t it…” Nick shrugged and awkwardly waited for the ghoul to make a move. Hancock laughed and finally frenched Nick. Hancock stayed dominant during the kiss while Nick was too uncomfortable to do much.

Macready/Piper: When he grabbed her with no clue who she was, she gasped and covered her mouth. He leaned to kiss her but was blocked by her hands. She didn’t want to kiss him! He got annoyed and forced her hands out of the way; kissing her roughly. After that she slapped him across the face as hard as she could…

Nick/Danse: “STAY AWAY FREAK!” Nick touched HIM, out of all the people in the room. Nick sighed as he didn’t want to kiss him either. Nick ignored through all the Paladin’s whining. He grabbed Danse’s jaw with his metallic arm, piercing through his skin, and giving him a quick kiss. Danse got way too pissed…

Piper/Cait: She touched Cait’s chest.

“Oh no, I’m sorry Curie!”

“Your lucky day Piper!”

“Oh shit…”

Cait frenched her and Piper couldn’t protest. When she realized the others were watching, she pushed Cait away and blushed deeply, while Cait was laughing and complimenting her.

Preston/Gage: He didn’t know who it was, but he thought that, that was the thrill of it! He kissed him passionately. When he took the blindfold off, his smile turned into a disgusted look. He pulled away immediately and wiped his lips.

“Raider’s taste like actual ass, stay away from me!”

“Hehe, you seemed to like it before you saw me; Sheep!”

Strong/Codsworth: He grabbed the poor robot, and with all his anger, headbutted him. “STRONG NO RESPECT METAL MAN!”. Codsworth was pushed away and just murmured British swears at himself.

X6-88/Macready: He didn’t give a shit who it was, he just wanted to get it over with. He pulled Macready by the shirt and kissed him. He was caught off guard, and didn’t get to kiss back. X6 dropped the blindfold and didn’t have a reaction. Macready just whispered a Not-Swear to himself before getting away from him.

Maxson/X6-88: He grabs his head “I swear if it’s another goddamn disgusting synth…” X6 didn’t flinch. Maxson only hoped it was a human he would be kissing. He kissed him and dropped the blindfold. “I KNEW IT! DISGUSTING” He started freaking out and swearing out loud. X6 didn’t care at all.

Gage/Dogmeat: “Now I’m glad I can see with at least one of my eyes…” He started wandering around the room until Dogmeat got in his way. “Now I gotta kiss a mutt?!” He kneeled and without making another move Dogmeat started licking him. He’s a raider, so he wasn’t all that grossed out.

Ada/Preston: He laughed when she touched him.

“Well that would be my first time kissing a robot!”

“I’m sorry Sir, I don’t have the parts needed for this…”

“I’ll figure something out!”

He tried kissing the closest place on her face that a mouth would be… He laughed off the awkwardness.

Sole/Strong: They wondered around until they bumped onto the Mutant. Wasn’t hard to know it was Strong.

“Human weak when can’t see!!”

“Sure buddy. Now, let me show you my respect”

Strong seemed satisfied that Sole respected them and stayed still while Sole stood on their tiptoes and pecked him. “Strong respect human too!!”

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Even though as a viewer I know ezria will be endgame I still don't think Hanna should have been telling Aria to go ahead with the wedding planning at that time Aria really hadn't had any real serious conversation with Ezra to find out what was going on with them as a couple now that Nicole is back and I think Hanna probably should have said something maybe about talking to him first I still love Hanna but that was bad advice she gave Aria

I totally agree. I think she was just trying to be supportive and I get that but she seemed to kind of take control even though she truly has no grasp on the situation that Aria and Ezra are actually in. And the line about how Aria should trust Hanna because she’s been engaged herself, like, uhm. Hanna. Your engagement ended terribly and you kind of treated Jordan like crap lol like you’re not in a position to give advice about engagements, Hanna

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notebook anon here! i was hoping to get the one of gladio in bed, the one of drunk ignis, prompto solo with his 'sorry girls' shirt, and maybe the one of ignis reading? (/o\) that's probably too many. i just love your artwork, and i seem to hoard notebooks. if you only want to do one or two, i'd like to request the one of gladio in bed, and then drunk ignis. :'D thank you!!!

I will make them all available as notebook right now! Give me a few :)) should all be up within the hour

Fic Update: Pragmatic Dreams (12/??)

Fandom: swtor

Chapter Title: Drinking Games (Read on Ao3!)

Pairing: Lana/Beniko/female Jedi Knight

Rating: Teen

Summary: When Darth Marr’s flagship is destroyed, the galaxy mourns the loss of a leader of the Jedi Order. And Lana Beniko mourns the loss of her lover. But when secrets are uncovered, Lana realizes that the only way to save the galaxy might just be to tear it apart, all for the woman she loves.


“Time is not our ally. We should hurry along.”

Lana turned away, hoping Maebry couldn’t see the blush upon her cheeks. One kiss, one innocent kiss, and the world seemed to tremble under Lana’s feet. Never had she fallen for another like this. Already, she missed having Maebry’s hand on her waist and her lips pressed against hers. But there was no time.

“You don’t think I’m letting you go that quickly, do you?” Maebry asked as she grabbed Lana’s hand. They both wore gloves, so Lana could hardly feel Maebry’s touch, but to simply hold her hand was enough. No, it wasn’t enough, it would never be enough. But it was all that they had.

“We really should leave,” Lana said, even as she stopped. She didn’t feel in control of herself, not one bit. How in the galaxy had she found herself compromised like this? How could she provide advice with any sort of clarity when Maebry was involved? But how could she not? “Revan waits for no one.”

Maebry stepped in close, her hands on Lana’s hips. They were standing close enough that Lana could see a small smattering of freckles across Maebry’s nose. “Lana, we’re in a room by ourselves. This might never happen again.”

Lana glanced behind Maebry and saw that the door was even closed. Theron’s way of helping, no doubt. Right now, when passion and duty warred inside her, Lana wasn’t sure if she appreciated the gesture or not. Resting her brow against Maebry’s, Lana said, “I know we should go…”

Her eyes closed as Maebry gently pressed her lips against hers. “Soon,” the Jedi said, pulling back and meeting Lana’s eye. “Just not yet.”

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Hey I'm 18 and recently got diagnosed with ADHD (combined) and I've started taking vyvanse. I'm just wondering if it's normal that it makes me feel so much more awake? Like once I take it I go from Mentally Ill Tired™ to the awake it seems I should be, but I don't know if that's just because it clears up my symptoms or if it's a side effect I should watch out for? I love your blog btw, it really helped me work up to getting a diagnosis!!

I wrote a little bit about this recently.

Vyvanse is lisdexamphetamine, which is a stimulant medication, so it works the same way as the medications I brought up in the linked post. It also makes sense that you’re able to stay awake better on medication because you don’t have to spend as much energy on things like focusing, since the medication helps with that. I don’t think you need to be worried; if anything, being more awake is a positive side effect.

I’m glad we were able to help :)