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Guarding The Goddess

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I know that it’s been forever lovelies, but I hope this one makes up for it. It’s pretty long and I think that it’s pretty good too. Also I’m going to tag @txhohood in this bc I totally didn’t see her Harry night last night and I feel like such a shitty person bc I have so many Harry things that I could have sent in. Love ya bubs!

“Know tha yer all upset bout those petty people online, but I promise tha I won’t ever let them hurt yah. I won’t ever let anyone hurt yah or our baby girl, d’yah understand?”

Harry was kissing down her breasts and onto her stomach. Spending a bit more time there than he usually would just because he knew that’s where his little lady was growing.

“You don’t even know if it’s a girl Harry.”

Y/N was teasing him, but she did have to admit that she found it so endearing how much he seemed to want a little girl. She could only imagine what a heartbreaker their baby girl would be.

“Know we don’ know yet love, but feels weird calling her an ‘it’ dunnit?”

Y/N laughed, but nodded. She leaned down and met his lips for a gentle kiss, just wondering how she had gotten so lucky to have this amazing man beaming up to her and talking about the baby that they were going to have together.

Harry was just sitting there smiling up at Y/N, watching her pretty face staring down at his.

“Well don’t just sit there and stare, do something.”


There is a bit of backlash from Harry’s little rant and Y/N isn’t taking it too well, so Harry decides to comfort her the best way he knows how. 

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{ glory and gore }

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au: vampire, 1920s

t/w: cursing, yelling, angst

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part one // part two // part three // part four // part five // part six

“You used to be such a brat before you know.” Thomas carried you and you wrapped your arms around his neck. You clung to him desperately, ducked your head down. He held you upright, holding you close. “Always talking back. Always trying to run away.” He tossed you down onto the bed and quickly crawled on top of you. “Now you’re begging to be touched.” He grinned. “Aren’t you?”

“Yes,” You breathed out.

He chuckled, stroked your cheek. “Think I should punish you for all the times you’ve disrespected me. For all the times when you were an ungrateful little bitch.” He lifted your chin up. Your eyes watered as he looked at you.

“Laf and I do everything for you.” He tore your clothes next, ripping them without much trouble. You whimpered as the fabric tore with ease. You were in only your undergarments—a soft ivory chemise. He came in between your legs, dragged his nail across your cheek. You cried out but Thomas only dug in deeper.

“Things could have been so much easier, darlin’. All you had to do was submit.” He watched as blood spilled out from your cheek. He kissed your neck, hummed nonchalantly. “But now you’re ready. Now you’re mine.

You woke up in the familiar little bed. It brought you no comfort.

Last night felt like a bad dream. Waking up now, you realized you were still here. You were still living with Laf and Thomas.

What would you do now? What could you do?

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randomcat1832  asked:

I'm also Canadian and I'm having trouble finding information about this net neutrality issue (that I can understand) but I know it terrifies me. All I understand is that it'll 1984 the Internet apparently or will lead to "death of the Internet". You seem to know a fair bit from what I can tell. Do you really think we'll lose net neutrality? Will that affect sites like tumblr? Would I be forced to lose contact with my Internet friends, the best of which lives in Texas and means so much to me?

if it passes it basically will kill the internet, they’ll charge us for everything and control what sites we can even use just so they can get money, it’s gross

not to mention it’ll wipe out freelancing artists 

Don’t You (Forget About Me): Chapter Two

Summary: Seven kids are brought together by Saturday detention. Through a series of confessions, they become closer than ever.

Also known as, the Breakfast Club AU we’ve all been waiting for.

Warnings: Cussing, bad jokes, people being mean to Stan and Richie :(

Word Count: 1727

Ships: Reddie, Stenbrough (hinted at, more prominent later)

Author’s Note: Well… I have no self control. I meant to post a chapter every other day, but since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I likely won’t be on very much, I thought I’d post now.

I can’t tell y’all how thankful I am for how much love this fic has received in only one day. I love you all, and I hope this chapter doesn’t disappoint. It’s a little shorter than usual, but a lot happens. A lot.

Let me know what you think!

Richie had been mistaken.

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A Week In The Life: Wednesday 9AM-11AM: Biochemistry

I pyru-hate my life.

First in the lecture series on carbohydrate metabolism was gluconeogenesis! Not gonna lie this lecture was a massive struggle; I didn’t manage any sleep again last night so was exhausted, then I got drenched on the way to lecture, and I only managed to get down about half of the content as there were HUGE paragraphs in the notes sections under the slides; the notes I normally take are normally good enough and just require small amounts of extra detail but I’m going to have to re-do the ENTIRE thing. I was a little bit of a grumpy so and so at the end of the 4-hour consecutive stretch!

I’m off to the library tonight after I’ve napped, so that I can get down the rest of it, and because my laptop seems to be undergoing apoptosis I pretty much have no choice but to go to the library! Late start (1PM) tomorrow so I will actually get a decent amount of sleep, yay!!!

(also on the bright side the giant microbes that i ordered after seeing them both on lecture slides and physically after one of my Microbiology lecturers brought them to show us morphologies arrived!!! I got one for myself and one for Tom for Christmas, his favourite biology modules is Development so I got him a C.elegans as they are a popular model organism for studying development)

Progress: Development Lectures - Cell Biology Lectures - Medical Microbiology Lectures - Development Tutorial - Biochemistry Lectures - Molecular Biology Lectures - Immunology Lectures

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37 or 79 (if you want to of course) congrats on 300!!

ahh thanks you so much! i chose 79 because i it just seems likes something these two would do…

79: stop hogging all the blankets

There are few things in this world better than laying down in bed after a long day. One could argue that laying next to the person you love is better than just laying down, but at this moment in time, Ryan just wanted to sleep.

Shane had left work a bit earlier than Ryan, which made no sense due to the fact he spent half his time looking at random images, but never the less, he was already in bed when Ryan got home. 

Ryan sighed, taking off his shirt and pants, deciding just to sleep in his boxers instead of finding actual pajamas. He slowly lifted the blanket and got into bed, careful not to wake Shane.

He smiled to himself as he closed his eyes, ready to go to sleep. Just as he was about to drift into unconsciousness, he suddenly felt very cold. 

Ryan opened his eyes, looking down at his now exposed body. He groaned softly, reaching to get the blanket back from Shane. The taller man had decided to curl up on his side of the bed, pulling the blankets inward.

Ryan tugged the blanket back onto his body and tried to get back to sleep. It only lasted a few minutes before Shane pulled the blanket off of Ryan again. 

“Stop hogging all the blankets!” Ryan hissed, not caring if Shane woke up. All he got in response was a groan.

Ryan grabbed the blankets back with force, clinging to them for dear life.

“Stop it I’m cold,” Shane whined, bringing the blankets back to his side.

“No shit, I am too.” 

Ryan yanked the blanket away from Shane and made a cocoon for himself. He smiled in triumph as Shane attempted to get the blanket back, but to no avail. 

Shane paused for a second, trying to think of a way to get the blanket back. He noticed one of the ends of the blanket peaking out from under Ryan, and smiled. Shane wrapped his hands around the edge of the blanket and pulled, unraveling the cocoon and pulling both Ryan and the blanket over himself. 

“There, I think this is a good solution to the problem,” Shane said, wrapping his arms around Ryan. 

Ryan grumbled in response, but the warmth of Shane’s chest and the blanket on top of him made it hard to be angry.

“Can I go to sleep now?” he asked, voice rich with exhaustion. 

Shane laughed and nodded, giving Ryan one quick kiss before closing his eyes once more and falling back asleep. 

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red-balloons-and-popcorn  asked:

I have no idea why you would say you feel so shitty with your writing. I live for your fics and hcs mama. Everything you make is so damn good it feels like I’ve ascended to heaven and seated at the right hand of the Father. I’d literally cry if you forget to tag me in your works 😭❤️

Oh honey this is so sweet and kind of you to say. You know I always love seeing your comments on my stuff and knowing you like my stories really makes me proud. I was just having a bit of a downer time when i made that HC list is all sometimes it happens and i loose my confidence a bit but I’m feeling much better now~

As a gift for your sweetness i have a nice little stories just for you that you wanted. Though Papawise is more of a Big Bad Clown than a wolf it would seem

You shifted uncomfortably in the lacy lingerie you had been made to wear, smooth crimson silk hugging your body tightly yet leaving little the imagination. A short red cape draped across your shoulders offering little cover over your bare shoulders to complete your desired look.

As ridiculous as you felt in this attire you couldn’t help the thrill of excitement trailing down your spine as you stood just outside the door to your own bedroom. He had insisted on recanting the scene in its entirety, his love of theatrics always making these little performances so much more exciting.

Hesitating for just a moment to make sure your outfit was just right, you knocked lightly against the door. It was odd knocking on your own door but knowing what was likely on the other side made you all to eager to obey his instructions regardless.

A few seconds passed before a soft raspy voice echoed from beyond the door, a frail almost croaky sound that you had not heard before. 

“Come in dear”

You didn’t even have to move as the door slowly creaked open of its own accord. Awe and a vague sense of alarm filled your mind as you stepped nervously into the room that had once been your own. It could hardly be considered your bedroom now though as everything inside it has shifted and changed so drastically your swear you had walks directly into a story book.

A blazing fireplace nestled against the back wall which had changed from its normal painted plaster to a rustic log cabin style panelling. Wooden floorboards creaked under your feet as your travelled further in, glancing around at the old and timeworn decorations now scattering the room. Wherever you were, it most certainly wasn’t your room anymore.

“Come closer my dear, let me look at you” that thin reedy voice sounded once more in the strange room, echoing from what appeared to be a sturdy fourposter bed tucked neatly against the side wall. mountains of tick quilted blankets obscured the shape lurking beneath them though your were all to aware of just who it was.

Remembering your roll in this little game you stepped closer towards the bed, your basket of goods gripped tightly in your shaking hands.

“I brought you some gifts grandma, to help you feel better” your voice was shaky but you managed the lines well enough. The brush of soft quilted fabric brushing against your bare thighs as you pressed close to the side of the bed. In the dimly lit room you could barely make out to gleaming yellow eyes staring intently at your from the shield of blankets. The deep lustful hunger held within them as they trailed over your body made your thighs squeeze together in anticipation.

“Oh my Grandma, what big eyes you have” the words tumbled from your mouth almost breathlessly as you leaned closer, the smooth flesh of your chest nearly spilling from the lacy bra you wore. The blankets shifted under your hand as the form moved beneath them, slipping back to reveal more of that pale painted face.

“All the better to see you with my dear” still that strange weak voice echoed from the blankets, though now it was tinged with something deeper. Moving closer onto the bed you felt a sudden hand slip from under the blankets to grasp firmly against your thigh. the action made you gasp sharply and nearly topple forward onto the bed. A low amused chuckle couldn’t help but rumble from beneath the quilt. 

“G-Grandma..wh-what big hands you have” It was hard you to speak without a soft mewl tainting your voice. That large palm running up your thigh to cup against your ass, enjoying the soft pliant flesh beneath its fingers. Anther chuckle followed and the form shifted again, almost pulling you closer now as you were leaning precariously against its chest. 

“All the better to touch you with my dear…”

You could see him clearly now, that white ghost like face emerging from the cage of fabrics to hover just before yours. His features were familiar and yet some how slightly different, somehow sharper and even more dangerous than ever. That bright red nose twitched as he smelled just how 'afraid’ you were. That ever present grin split further across his face, those sharp gleaming teeth almost demanding the next line.

“Grandma…What big teeth you have…” A whisper was all that managed to escape your lips then, your body leaning into his form and pressing closer to the dangerous maw. 

You barely had time to squeal as you felt your whole world shifting. Strong powerful arms ripping from the confines of the covers to grab at you and drag you under the sheets. In little more than seconds your were caged beneath him, that broad deceptively powerful frame pinning you against the bed with no chance of escape.

Looming above you now you could see him for what he really was, that bright colourful clothing unmistakable even in the dim firelight. His smile never wavered even as he pressed his face roughly against your throat, inhaling deeply against the thrumming pulse just beneath your skin. Gone was the thin frail voice of grandma now, his next words deep and husky in a way that had your cunt fluttering with delight every time you heard it.

“All the better eat you with my dear. All the better eat you with…
Was There A Catwoman Easter Egg In 'Justice League'?
Justice League have plenty of fan service and Easter Eggs, but did it also manage to slip in an [...]

“You can judge the image for yourself below, but the evidence builds a bit more. The lady in red is in cuffs, presumably being arrested for a theft attempt at the museum. Wonder Woman is also seen in that scene returning a statue to a crate, and that statue is of…a cat.

Yeah, that seems much more than just a coincidence, and another commenter also noticed a little girl with cat ears right after that sequence.”

(God, thank you! Someone else saw the kid with the cat ears!)

typhlosion426  asked:

Hi there! (Cripes I'm so nervous, please forgive me) I just wanted to say that I'm really glad I found this blog. Your art is awesome, I love the way you draw everyone (especially JC and Freddy, my favorite boi's), and you seem like an awesome person yourself. Keep up the good work, but remember to take breaks often, don't push yourself :)

Sorry I couldn’t get to this sooner, things tend to get buried easily tbh

anyway, thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement hun!! It always means a lot to me to hear such things!! Gives a little bit more confidence in myself yknow?

And adsfsdhh I take more breaks than you think tbh


Percy Jackson

Art: x x x x

Please do not steal or repost

I think one detail that makes Yuuri’s embarrassment over his Viktor posters even funnier

is that Viktor keeps a framed picture of himself

in his room

but wait

that picture 

looks familiar 

I’m not saying that Viktor found Yuuri’s poster collection but it is entirely possible that Viktor found Yuuri’s poster collection

9/20/17 (or early 9/21/17)

Moon Signs “The Grudge”🐺🦅🕷

•Aries Moon: “the erratic anger” 🐲

Aries moons when slighted can take on an aggressive stance. They’re both emotionally overbearing and slightly uncompromising once they’ve perceived themselves as disrespected especially by someone they care about. That being said there anger is not set in stone. Unlike most moon signs Aries is almost incapable of holding on to an emotion for the sheer fact that mars is an impulsive and fire-to-boom type of planet so in a sense one emotion felt one moment is quickly scorched into another. They forgive easily but in a sense they’re not forgiving you they just don’t relate to the previous emotion they felt so passionately a moment ago. They cut people off without knowing it and can slowly but surely lose interest in someone after being hurt to much and it’s impossible to get them to care the way they did again once that point is reached.

Moon in Taurus: “the silent anger”🐌

ah Taurus in itself although ruled by Venus is still a fixed sign. All of the fixed signs handle this differently though and Taurus is the most interesting of the bunch. Anger and disappointment are felt very deeply but due to the well manners and nature nature of this moon they often choose to keep it to themselves and avoid confrontation. This is not done out of fear and isn’t something that is a “weakness” in fact a silent bull is the most deadliest of all. They make note of every slight and every misleading gesture until one moment the once silent bull chooses to strike and when they do it can be a slaughter. Once you bring them to an explosive moment they completely disappear emotionally. As an earth sign and fixed mode they do not forget and have a very hard time forgiving even if it’s blood.

Moon in Gemini: 🦋the snakelike anger🕷

ah mutable and an air sign? These natives are very fickle when it comes to grudges. They hold on to negative moments but they aren’t the types to fester over them. Gemini moons usually are serpent and two headed like when it comes to anger-on one end they’re fine-on the other they’re bringing it up in a underhanded and sly way. They have a very shadowy means of expressing discontent and can seem rather Aloof and then striking the next. Due to the two heads on this sign anger is processed through two different vibrations-the higher minded Gemini twin is above anger while the lower minded Gemini twin is all about getting even. They don’t hold on to grudges but they also don’t let go of things either.

Moon in cancer: “turbulent anger” 🌕🌘Cardinal and water, you see in this case we have an anger much like Aries that starts off hot but levels off at a random time frame. They can be intensely emotionally triggered and even to the point of complete isolation and dismissal-of the perpetrator. That being said this “I can’t stand you” more they present never last long and they can seemingly go back to normal after some time has passed. Being ruled by the moon has a lot to do with this and no matter where there Moon is located in their chart this shifting emotional state is often a constant and something that doesn’t easily stop. They do hold on to hurts and are the types to hold on to pain but it’s not in their nature to truly hold a hateful grudge against anyone no matter how bad they were done. They’re just to sensitive for it. This is the main reason why cardinal modes aren’t the most proficient at holding on to a grudge unless there ruler is in an fixed house.

Moon in Leo: “dramatic anger”🌪🔥

Okay-now Leo moons are a different story, they’re far more volatile than there sun counter parts and have a much more blazing anger than all of the moon signs combined including Scorpio. Much like there other fixed siblings Leo does hold on to hate and very passionately at that. Once they’ve been hurt by someone it is ingrained as a burn mark deep on their heart and it’s something that never leaves their mane even as it grows grey. They are very explosive when it comes to rage and can be engulfed by it-it takes them quite some time to calm down and because they feel things so strongly as a fixed fire element it can be a gladiator match trying to calm them. They don’t easily forgive and even if they do much like Gemini they will constantly bring it up and not in a sly way they will litturly express there discontent whenever they can.

Moon in Virgo: “cold anger”⛓⚰️

Virgo moons are a bit scary when they’ve been slighted, there’s an icy and almost below zero overturn that occurs. The warmth disappears-the effort non existent. You can go from seeing them every where to nowhere at all. They can seem completely void of any or all feeling when it comes to you and almost take on a mechanical and pre rehearsed nature when it comes to those who slighted them. Being mutable and I’m earth an already silent element these natives can seem rather detached and uncaring from out of nowhere but that’s the danger with Virgo-they everything you do and although all may seem well the mistakes you make around a Virgo moon don’t just have consequences-they are loss itself. As for grudges? No they don’t hold grudges they simply get rid of you.

Moon in libra: “the polite shrug anger”⚖️

ah cardinal air! Now unlike cancer and Aries libra moons are actually quite serious when slighted. They take their emotional nature very seriously and are very sensitive and once they perceive there emotions are being put in second fiddle they can not only become dismissive but they can start avoiding you all together. They’re not into sticking around for the giggles and once they feel as though you shown no mercy to their feelings they lose the ability to connect to the sympathizing nature for yours. They don’t necessarily hold grudges but they do stop caring and it can be hard to reach them beyond their kind demeanor once this has been reached. They don’t hold grudges simply because it takes up to much energy-they just shrug you off.

Moon in Scorpio: “insatiable anger”🕯⏳

Well now we come to the notorious moon in Scorpio! Fixed water? Of course they hold grudges right? Well there’s a lot more to it than that. Scorpio moons are actually fairly capable of letting things go and moving on-the thing here is that their watery nature moves their emotions along-they don’t allow malice to stunt their growth. Scorpio moons perceive pain as a transformative push into bettering themselves and remaining sharp! So in that sense although they are vindictive and intense once set off they usually explode once and then keep it moving. Most cases scorpio moons have a huge amount of emotional restraint and can be hard to trigger because of their knowledge of how sneaky people can be. They do hold grudges but it’s in Pluto’s nature to jot things down. But the mars influence keeps them from lingering on it.

So yes to grudges and does that mean they won’t eat you up and spit you out? Oh like hell they will.

Moon in Sagittarius:”the drifting anger”🔮

Sagittarius moons being that they are mutable fire and being that in my personal experience mutable signs are the most ruthless when it comes to anger-Sagittarius moons can be extremely dismissive once slighted. Sagittarius moons outright become disgusted once being hurt by someone and see it as a flaw on their part for falling for it. They can sulk and lose their flame for a bit but once it’s recollected they treat that abuser as a forgotten memory or better yet an already traveled destination that’s already been there and done that. They usually don’t hold grudges but they don’t necessarily rekindle either. Once they’re finished they keep it going and don’t look back especially if it was something romantic.

Moon in Capricorn:”collected anger”🛡

Now Capricorn moons are more harder to read once slighted. The note worthy difference is they become very inward-their presence seemingly disappears and they ice you out. They can seemingly act as if you aren’t there or like you’re a complete stranger without a second thought. Saturns influence here is very judgy and because Saturn is so heavy these natives often feel very foolish once they’ve been betrayed or hurt and often blame themselves first but once this moment of tribulation is over they are often “different” following the incident. They are no longer the same person and never will be. Saturn killed off the less perceptive side and is making way for a more wiser individual. Even if they do shed tears they don’t waste many and pick themselves up quickly. They do in fact hold grudges and keep them for a long time sometimes till death. The cardinal influence here doesn’t do much but keep them a little less “quite” about it but ultimately they just move on.

Moon in Aquarius: “absent anger”👤👥

Aquarius moons are dual ruled by Saturn and Uranus two polar opposites. Structure and chaos. They are often an immensely sensitive moon sign on their own and feel things incredibly deep. Saturns weightful presence and Uranus strong and overwhelming bolts seemingly from nowhere do take a toll. They can seem a bit unaffected by the world around them while internally they are a loud and high speed wind environment. Anger and pain are dealt with by Saturn in a quiet and almost detached way-while Uranus deals with the outside expression of it. They Become static-and don’t readily express there pain and some even deny it at first, but after some time they shut down and become completely unresponsive and closed off. Many distance themselves from the cause of there distress while others outright emotionally disengage. Once an Aquarius moon reaches the moment of emotional distance internally and externally there is no ability to reconnect so to speak. Once they shut you out they will still be sociable and civil because it’s in their nature but they will never emote around you or open up to you for any reason. If they love you romantically they will open up to you again after some years but it’ll take time. They do hold grudges but they don’t resonate with the anger they may be holding in and view it as a stranger living inside them.

Moon in Pisces: “misguided anger” 🌊🎲

Once more mutable water. Pisces moons are sweethearts and in a way they’re too sweet to hold a real life grudge no matter how tough they act-but in actuality this isn’t because they’re so kind hearted-it’s actually because Neptune and Jupiter’s influence creates a gap in their emotions. Jupiter exaggerated and over expresses while Neptune blues and confuses. They often feel lost when they’ve been hurt and slighted and often don’t know what to do with their feelings. Most times they just Become a voidless wall and seemingly disconnect from their situation all together. They may forgive you but this is a farce, what is actually happening is Jupiter is being benevolent and Neptune is creeping in the clouds waiting to cause a ripple. Pisces moons can actually be more frightening than Scorpio moons or dare I say Capricorn moons because there anger is hidden and evasive it’s something that creeps up on you from out of nowhere and without reason. Pisces moons always remember and what’s something else is they do hold grudges without realizing-it’s Neptune that is secretly holding on to everything and it’s Jupiter that tricks the outside with optimism and benevolence. Pisces can be dangerous when slighted especially by lovers and family.

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Paid Relationship Study

I’m obsessed with the fake relationship trope and I saw this post and got inspired

“Have you gone insane, Potter?” Draco told his roommate, who was holding up a flyer excitedly in front of him. Written across the top in bold, capital letter said “PAID RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY” and just under than “Romantic Couples Study”.

“What? We’re both over eighteen, we both live together, and we get paid six thousand pounds! That’s three thousand pounds each!” Harry replied, reading off the criteria from the paper.

Draco snatched it from his hand and examined it. “Potter, we are not in a committed, monogamous romantic relationship, nor have we been dating for six months!”

“Yes, but six thousand pounds! You and I both know we need the money. It’s only a two week study, so we just have to pretend to be a couple until it’s over.” He explained. Draco crossed his arms, looking conflicted. It was bad enough that he had to share a house with the guy he fancied, but pretending to be in a relationship with him? Could he go back to being just his friend after this was over? “Come on, Draco.”

The words softened him. Of course he’d do anything for Harry bloody Potter when he was looking at him like that. “Fine.” He gave in, handing the flyer back to Harry. “But you’ll owe me, Potter.” Pointing a finger at him accusingly, Draco walked out of the room.

“More than giving you half of the money?” Harry shouted after him.

“You better buy me a present with your half!” He shouted back, hearing Harry chuckle.

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anonymous asked:

(I love your writing it makes me wanna jump off a cliff with happiness) Can I uHHHHHHH get a drarry fic where it's 8th year and draco is quite and none of his friends are at hogwarts so he starts to make a habit of going outside at night and star gazing, one night harry decides he wants a break from the crowds so he goes outside only to find a sleepy draco and a whole lotto stars (Sorry if this ask sounded so demanding)

Ah thank you that’s so kind!  Only don’t go jumping off any cliffs!  Unless you’re base diving maybe…oh or bungee jumping.  Then that’s alright.  Also this took awhile because I started writing this in tumblr and IT ATE MY DAMN DRABBLE AND I WAS SO MAD, so it took me awhile to be less angry and start to try to write it all over.

“What’re you doing out here?”  

Draco jumps at the unexpected voice, snapping his eyes open and shooting the other boy a dirty look which is met with an impish grin.  Draco would be more annoyed at the interruption if he weren’t finding it so attractive.  Fucking Potter, try as he might Draco can’t seem to dislike a single thing about him anymore.

“I was…relaxing.”

“Looked like you were sleeping.”  

“I was not sleeping.  I was enjoying some peace and quiet before you so rudely interrupted.”

Potter doesn’t respond right away, so Draco finally looks at him and is surprised to see the other boy looking, well, nervous.  He wants to roll his eyes.  He doesn’t understand Potter sometimes, how he can be so smart and sarcastic and full of life and the next moment look like he’s unsure he’s wanted; he wonders what’s happened in his life that could make Potter so unsure how other people feel about him.  He wants to know desperately but they aren’t there yet so he files it away in his mental list of things he wants to know about Potter but may never find out.

When Potter makes no move to speak, or leave, Draco scoots to the side making room for the other boy to sit beside him.  He doesn’t say anything, just makes a bit of extra room on the blanket he’d transfigured when he’d come outside.  Thankfully words aren’t necessary and Potter slides down right next to him, impossibly close to Draco.

“So, Potter, what exactly are you doing here?  Isn’t there some sort of party going on in the common room?”

Potter huffs out a laugh, rubbing his hands on his knees.  “There’s always a party going on.  I just…there’s,” he sighs, looking a bit uncomfortable as if he isn’t sure what to say.

“There’s a lot of people in there.  Rather noisy.”  Draco sometimes wonders how it seems as if they both seem to feel the same, despite the fact that their experiences couldn’t have been more different.  It should be weird, realizing how much they have in common, but instead it just feels right.

The tension visibly leaves Potter’s body at Draco’s words.  “Yes…yes, that.”

After several quiet moments, Draco finds himself speaking without even consciously deciding to do so.  “I came outside to watch the stars.  Growing up I always liked astronomy, and I know what you’re thinking but it wasn’t some narcissist thing because I’m named after a bloody constellation alright.  It’s just…they’re fixed you know?  No matter what happens, whether we can see them or not, the stars are always the same.  I like that, knowing that some things are constant.”

“It’s beautiful,” Potter whispers, but when Draco turns his head to agree he realizes Potter isn’t looking at the stars, he’s looking at him.  And then Potter’s hand is reaching towards him, one of them reaching out to tangle his fingers with Draco’s and the other moving to the back of his neck.  They’re so close Draco can feel the other boy’s warm breath ghosting across his face.

“What are you doing, Potter?”

“No fucking idea,” he mumbles, closing the distance and pressing his lips to Draco’s.  Potter taste like fire whiskey and chocolate, and his lips are ice cold and chapped.  It’s perfect.

It occurs to Draco, as Potter pushes him down on the blanket, kissing him as if he were the air Potter needed to breath, that Draco has spent his entire life looking for something that wouldn’t change when maybe what he should’ve been doing was finding someone or something worth changing for.

Maybe like a dying star they will crash and burn, or maybe they’ll stay a constant he can look for on his darkest days.  All Draco knows as he reaches out to touch Potter in as many places as possible, is that for once in his life maybe he’s not so afraid of the unknown anymore.

do you ever think about how crazy it is that dan and phil have been with each other for eight years and have never once had an end in sight?

relationships are all about choices. dan chose to stay by phil in the beginning because phil was this crazy exciting person dan had known yet not known for years now and because he can’t believe this person chose him to talk to. phil chose to stick by dan even when the demons carried this boy farther and farther away from him. dan chose to stay by phil even when his online persona seemed to suggest otherwise, even when his depression shut him away from the entire world. phil chose to ask radio 1 to allow dan on the show too because dan needed this job just as much as, if not more than, phil and besides, phil couldn’t ever imagine himself doing this alone. dan chose to slowly start sharing bigger parts of himself with the world, to show us the reason for the stars in his eyes and the dimples in his cheeks. phil chose to allow us to see a bit more of him too, chose to let his guard down a bit on camera. and of course they’re going to choose to stay by each other now because why wouldn’t you stay with someone who brings you your brightest happiness, who’s moved hours away with you on barely anything but the shreads of a dream, who you’ve seen the world with and who now shares your vision for the future? not to mention, they allow us now to experience this along with them??

i’m emotional.

Bruises On Another (part five)

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Prompt: Steve doesn’t know where they come from, and he isn’t exactly sure why they’re there. All he knows is that his body is littered in bruises, and there’s something different about them. They aren’t just bruises, and they certainly didn’t come from a trip in a step or clumsiness. No, Steve knows there’s more behind the marks that litter his body.

THIS IS A SERIES: one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - finale

Pairing: Slow!Burn Steve x Reader, Billy x Reader (it’ll make sense)

Warnings: marks, bruises, pain, physical abuse, force, sexual inclinations, etc. I mean no disrespect to anyone or to upset anyone, this story starts off rough but I can say that things will get better.

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

P.S. This a soulmate AU.

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“You’re hanging with the wrong crowd.”

It was the first time either of you had dared to speak; surrounded by the silence of your own thoughts. You were too plagued by the thoughts of what had happened that night and what you’d done. The image of Billy kept appearing in your mind and you remembered him grabbing you, smacking you into a wall and using you as if you were nothing more than that- something to be toyed with. He hadn’t gotten very far as you imagined he’d wanted to, but you could still feel his hands on you, gripping you, hurting you.

It seemed all anyone ever did anymore was hurt you.

The decision to go to this party was probably one of your worst decisions yet; and you’re not even sure what had possessed you. Were you that pathetic to think one guy who showed even the tiniest bit of interest in you meant well? Were you that naive? But when you thought about it, you knew you were- you’d always been that naive.

You were so desperate to feel loved and cherish, you’d jumped at the first chance at it. You’d made yourself a fool in front of that very same person and gotten yourself into trouble because of it. You were a fool. A idiot who never learned from their mistakes and instead only found yourself more bruised and marked in the end. Which reminded you of what awaited you when you finally did get home and why you felt so sick to your stomach.

When you’d first left you’d thought you maybe could’ve gotten away with sneaking out, that somehow your father’d never find about you leaving for a few hours. But now, despite your foggy mind, you knew that that was the stupidest thing you’d ever thought. Your father prided on knowing where you were every minute of the day, and if you weren’t at school you were expected to be at home- or at least doing something that’d benefit him. It made you hate him all that more but it also made you fear him.

You knew when you arrived home, that he’d be there waiting for you.

“Oh?” You softly questioned, staring out the window; you were already practically home. Just a few more minutes and you’d arrive at the place of your doom. “And I imagine you’d know?”

Steve sighed heavily and you noticed the way his hands gripped the steering wheel tighter. “Listen i don’t know you very well-”

“That’s right, you don’t know me.” You weren’t sure if it was the alcohol speaking or the frustration you felt at the entire night, but you were angrier than you’d been in a while. And oddly you didn’t fear Steve lashing back. Knowing that if you’d spoken like that to your father you would’ve ended up with a broken body, or say Billy, that things wouldn’t have ended well. But it was almost like something told you Steve wasn’t like that. “So don’t presume to know what’s best for me.”

When Steve didn’t reply you glanced his way and noticed he almost looked disappointed- hurt. Sighing, you shook your head, sobering up your thoughts. “Sorry,” you apologized. “It’s just- must be the alcohol.”

Steve nodded as if he understood; “I used to hangout with people like Billy.” He explained softly and you imagined it was because he hoped to connect with you. “They made do a lot of things that were wrong and I just want you to know, Billy isn’t worth that.”

You looked out the window, gazing at the streets of your new neighbourhood as your hand flew to your neck where Billy had bit down. “Yeah…” You mumbled, rubbing the spot. You don’t know how your father will react if he sees it, which you imagine he probably will. The pit in your stomach grew deeper.

You saw your house in the distance and felt your body constricting into yourself when you noticed the lights on. Swallowing the lump in your throat, you pointed out the window; “that’s me.” You said softly, and Steve nodded. Before you knew it, the car was swerving to the right and it came to a stop, just before your house.

You could see your father on the front porch and closed your eyes. You seemed to lose yourself for a moment before you felt a hand on your shoulder; “Y/N?” Snapping out of your stupor, you turned to Steve and sent a quick smile. Much like his from before, it didn’t meet your eyes. You quickly slipped off his jacket, holding your arms to yourself and handed the coat to him.

“Oh, you can kee-”

“No!” You rushed out a bit too quickly, focusing too much on the eyes that seemed to pierce into your back. Coughing, you ignored Steve’s concerned look and gripped the door handle. “It’s okay. I’m home anyways.” You smiled, opening the door and stepping out. “Thanks.” You offered shortly.

Steve seemed hesitant to let you go and you watched with a sinking feeling him glance at your father; but one look at your expression and he backed down. He nodded; “no problem.” And started up the car again. You closed the door, watching Steve drive off with a distant look before he disappeared around a corner. You held the stare for a moment longer, well aware that your father had seen the entire thing just now.

You turned to your doom and let your head fall down before making your way up to the front porch. Your father said nothing, and you watched him drop his cigarette into the ground before you and stomp on it. You flinched at the harsh movement before you felt him grip your arm roughly and drag you inside. You didn’t fight him, knowing better than that and soon you found yourself stumbling into your house.

You felt your breath quicken and glancing up at your father, you met the same angry eyes that you hated so much. Letting out a huff of fear, you clenched your fists; “Father, i’m so-” You were cut off by a sharp sting radiating through your cheek. Gasping in shock, you gripped your now reddened cheek and stared up at your father.

You hadn’t seen him so angry in so long and it only made the pit in your stomach grow to the point you felt like there was nothing left. You felt yourself shake like a leaf before him and your body curl into yourself desperately, as if that would make you disappear from his sight. You hadn’t anticipated this, you knew he’d be angry- but… you wished you stayed at the party, let Billy do what he wanted to you because nothing could match up to what your father could.

You wished you’d stayed in that car with Steve…

“You whore!” Your father spat and you winced, tilting your head back. His hands suddenly grabbed ahold of your cheeks and your eyes were yanked up to meet his. “Look at me.” He said, this time much quieter but all the more scary. “Where were you all night?” He paused, “drinking?”

“It was a party-” You tried to explain but your words jumbled over others. Your father shook your head and screamed into you face to speak more clearly. “It was a party,” you repeated, much more clear. “And there was alcohol, I had a few drinks.”

“The neighbours told me they saw you get into a boys car.” Your father explained and your heart fell, why did you think your neighbours wouldn’t say anything? “That boy who dropped you off, who is he?” 

“No one-”

“Don’t lie!”

“No one!” You screamed, your voice cracking and you felt the tears finally fall as he shoved his face into yours and gripped your head so you couldn’t move. “No one. I promise.” But you felt your heart plummet when your father’s eyes glanced around you and they zoned in on the mark on your neck- who you were sure was positive he hadn’t made that.

Your father finally let go of your face and leaning back, he seemed to think for a moment. Then his eyes wandered down to your shirt and through your tears you felt your eyes close, knowing what he’d think. Stepping towards you, all went silent as your father breathed heavily by your ear. You said nothing, swallowed the lump in your throat and clenched your fists so tight your nails dug into your palm.

Then before you knew it, you were doubling over in pain and gripping your stomach. “You are filthy slut,” he spat. Your father didn’t let you get far before he gripped your arm again. This time he dug his nails into your arm and you let out a cry of pain as it burned through your arm. Standing there before him, you cried out in pain, desperate for it to be over. Your father gripped your chin with his free hand, still gripping your arm with a bruising grip.

“Will you ever sneak out again?” Your father asked in a whisper, yanking your chin so you met his eyes again.


“Say it!” He screamed.

“I won’t ever sneak out again.” You repeated, and after that you felt him shove away from you, making you fall down onto your butt against the hardwood beneath you. He said nothing but shut off all the lights and step past you, up the stairs. Though he didn’t waste the opportunity to kick at you with his feet before leaving. Biting your lip, you felt yourself fold over, bringing your knees to your chest and your head fell down. Nothing could stop the tears as they fell and you were succumb to the darkness that was your life.

How is any of this fair?


You paused, closing your eyes. That was undeniably Steve’s voice but you couldn’t- you picked up the speed in your step, desperate to get away before he reached you. “Y/N! Wait up!” You knew what he was going to say, you knew he was going to ask what had happened that night after he dropped you off. Your father’s punishment hadn’t ended that night and you spent the entire weekend in endless pain and suffering. To clarify, there was a fresh mark on your jaw that you hadn’t been able to cover up and you’d been receiving odd looks all day.

Word of Billy and you had spread around, you imagine from said boys lips himself. Though he’d changed the story just a bit to fit his needs and now everyone thought of you as some slut, as if you needed more shit in your life.

You knew what Steve wanted, you knew what he’d ask and you just- just couldn’t.

You walked as fast as you could through the hall, dodging students that stood in your way. You thought you’d managed to avoid him once you reached the back doors, and pushed the door to step out but before you could make it all the way through, a hand fell on your shoulder and you were spun around. Once your back hit the door behind you, you met the same brown eyes that never left your mind, for whatever reason, and Steve panted in relief.

“I called your name.” He said, huffing. “Jesus, i’ve literally been chasing after you all day.”

You shook your head, crossing your arms over your chest as you refused to respond. “Y/N.” He called again but you only turned the other way. You were acting like a child but you didn’t much care. If you told someone, you didn’t know how but your father would find out- and your life would only turn worse after that. Steve huffed in annoyance, and pausing he said the only thing he knew would catch your attention; “Y/N I know about the bruises.”

You knew that, that was obvious. He’d literally seen them the other night and you sure some rumour had been spread about tha-

“And they’re on my body too.” That made you pause and you felt your body freeze with bafflement. Finally your eyes met his and glancing up at him, you found no hint of a joke behind his eyes. Steve genuinely looked like he was telling the truth, but what he said made absolute no sense.

“You’re not making any sense.” You finally said, albeit softly.

Steve sighed, and letting go of your shoulders, he moved to the sleeves of his jacket and pulled them up. Sure enough, plain as day stood the same bruises that littered your own arms. Meeting his eye, you glanced at the black eye that matched your own and your mouth fell open without anything to say. “I have some on my stomach too.”

“How- what?”

“They started appearing the day you showed up at school.” Steve started to explain. “At first I didn’t understand- I still don’t honestly. They don’t hurt and I hadn’t caused them myself. Then I heard that someone saw you covering your own black eye.” Without thinking Steve outstretched his own hand towards you, and his hand fell a top of your left eye where he pressed down. You didn’t stop him, from either the shock or maybe the fact that you didn’t feel afraid of him. He rubbed down a part of your cheek and by the look on his face, you knew he saw your black eye. “Then I saw the bruises on your arm and today, your jaw…”

Your own hand went to your jaw, holding it in shame. It was then that you noticed the mark on Steve’s neck and brushing back a few strands of his hair, you hesitantly touched the mark that coincidentally was on your own neck.

“I put two and two together,” Steve started again. “And Y/N, I need to know, is your father- is your father abusing you?”

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Just a friendly reminder for Goro haters :)

during 2017, we’ve seen some major self development in dan. all year he’s been getting more confident in himself, more open about his opinions, and expressive of issues like mental health and being… not straight. i remember how happy we were when he painted his nails with glitter last may and how proud when he made his depression video just recently. and i think that there’s going to be a bit of a shift for this. dans always going to be growing, but the rapidity at which he did this year won’t last much longer in my opinion.

if you look at how phil has been acting all spooky week, you can see that he’s starting to lose that reserved nature that he tends to keep during gaming videos. i think he’s beginning to go through something similar as what dan had from last spring to now. it’s especially evident in the golf video ((where he was incessantly flirty)) and the new baking video that he just seems to be getting way freer with what he says and it’s absolutely wonderful. he even said ‘ass’ and he been laughing with heehees more and more. it’s quite reminiscent of young phil from like 2010, before he and dan blew up and he started getting shy from the overwhelming sudden attention. maybe phil will post some hot insta pics of his own this spring! god im so happy for him and for dan they deserve this growth so much. now where is my phil in ripped jeans and a quiff plz thanks