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Headcanon that Gladio thinks his s/o isn't the outdoorsy type but they go camping and his s/o is climbing trees and just as good or better than him at camping

(This was so cute! Enjoy ♡)

Gladio’s S/O doesn’t seem like the sort of person who enjoys the great outdoors. They’re pale, they hate insects, they own no appropriate shoes for camping, and when he brings it up, they just brush it off. However, when he invites them to go camping for a weekend, they suddenly start glowing and preparing like mad. When they arrive at the sight, they’re the first one out of the car. By the time he’s got his bags from the car, his S/O is halfway up the hill to the place they were planning to set up camp. They’re having a bit of a “The Sound of Music” moment, spinning around in the clearing and taking it all in. Gladio just watches them with joy and helps them set up the tent.

“I thought you didn’t like camping.” He’d laugh.

“Really? You thought wrong.” They’d laugh as they set down all their bags and walk off into the forest.

Gladio would just be dumbfounded when he finds them at the top of a massive tree, swinging their legs and yelling down “Get up here!” He’d try and follow them, but wouldn’t really get too far. They’d shimmy their way down, occasionally swinging on a branch, and sit down on a thick branch near the bottom. Gladio sees that their knees and elbows are scraped up, but they just giggle with ruddy cheeks.

“Shit, I haven’t done that since I was a kid!”

When it’s evening and they get back to camp, his S/O gets the tent up in about 5 minutes and gets a fire lit in 5 minutes more. That’s the quickest Gladio’s ever seen it done, so he asks.

“C'mon, how are you better than me?” He laughs, eating smores with them, a blanket draped around them.

“I used to go camping every month with my parents. Guess I’ve just got a knack for it.”

“Then why did you act all aloof about it?”

“Just forgot how fun it was.”

He’d kiss their cheek - covered in mud from falling out of the tree - and then they’d cuddle under the stars, sharing stories from their years in the great outdoors, preparing to make many more stories together.

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I'm extremely possessive of my fp. It's really frustrating because I know I shouldn't be, but I am. And I can't even tell them, since it's not 'appropriate' to be possessive, and I'd seem like a 'bad person'. So I'm stuck bubbling in my cauldron on possessiveness. Gotta love those BPD feels...

i relate so much !! im crazy possessive about my fps so if they ever hang out with someone else i’ll get crazy jealous. example: one time my fp gave someone else a sweatshirt of theirs and im still jealous about it because i love wearing other peoples clothes and i wanted it so bad and wow even now just thinking about it i can feel myself getting angry and jealous all over again so good luck dude i know its hard. message me if you need anything

Oikawa for the lovely @thegoldenonyx!!~
This was so fun to do, so I really really hope you like it as much as I do!~ ♡

The suit just came to me randomly as I was sketching it, and the tougne sticking out just seemed appropriate.. lol.

Time to work on the other four requests!~ Next up is Hinata I Beleive! ^^

Light and Shadow

Samurai Jack, episode 40, is another one I remember having an impact on me as a child. The episode is titled “Samurai Versus Ninja” which I think is pretty self-explanatory, but the execution is so much more complex than the title.

For one thing, this particular episode really highlights what I personally believe to be the beauty of the show: the quiet. Most other cartoons, especially at that time, were loud and in your face. Samurai Jack, while being plenty loud at the appropriate times, makes masterful use of its silence in equal measure, sometimes more. There is little to no unnecessary dialogue in any given episode. The show wasn’t in a hurry to get anywhere, and the moments where nothing seems to be happening are just as important as the moments where everything is happening. Honestly the pacing is some of the best I’ve ever seen- but I digress.

This episode makes use of silence more effectively than almost any other, to the point where the silence is more intense than the music at times, and is even used as a tool for building suspense rather than just a simple lack of sound. There are moments when all sound just stops, even while the action continues, prompting me to check if my headphones were still working.

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Another thing about this episode is the animation. The visuals are beautiful as always, but there is a certain point at which everything converts into black and white- literally. It’s amazing, the surroundings disappear, space becomes meaningless, and the way the characters move across the screen is captivating. I can only imagine how difficult it had to have been to animate, especially while showing the passage of time through the setting sun- which, of course, made the light and darkness move accordingly. (Again, especially for the technology of the time.)

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It all becomes truly intense as the episode comes to a climax, at which point Jack, in usual Jack fashion, makes use of the most obvious mechanic to overcome what seems like a hopeless situation. It was a facepalm moment for me, just the thought of why the hell did I not think of that? And on top of all that, just watching Jack go up against a ninja is pure awesomess (especially if you happen to know the history of shinobi in relation to samurai.)

All in all probably one of the top must-watch episodes for any Samurai Jack fan, featuring gorgeous visuals, very little dialogue, an amazing sound track, and robot lobsters. Oh, and voice acting by Tara Strong, yet another big name in the business.

Again I should warn about flashing lights and colors, this episode making use of rapidly alternating patterns of black and white rather frequently. I cannot stress this enough: if you are prone to seizures, take extreme caution while viewing this show. The safest thing would be to not watch it at all.

“Then Carrot said, “It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness, captain. That’s what they say.”

“What?” Vimes sudden rage was like a thunderclap. “Who says that? When has that ever been true? It’s never been true! It’s the kind of thing people without power say to make it all seem less bloody awful, but it’s just words, it never makes any difference -”    

Terry Pratchett- Men at Arms

There is literally no part of DA:I that doesn’t get better after the Big Reveal at the end, though. Just consider:

  • The Dread Wolf has read all of Hard in Hightown
  • The Dread Wolf rather enjoys those frilly little cakes in the Orlesian markets and hates tea to the point of Grumpy Cat Face in ten stages
  • The Dread Wolf Should Spend Less Time On The Internet In The Fade And Enjoy The Fresh Air And Sunlight, Friends Say
  • The Dread Wolf set fire to his own coat tails and then pretended nothing had happened until Vivienne called him out on it
  • The Dread Wolf was introduced as an ‘elven manservant’ at the Winter Palace and gave no fucks, he’s just here for the drinks
  • The Dread Wolf’s aesthetics have been described as ‘unwashed apostate hobo’ by reliable authorities (and ‘frumpy grandpa sweater chic’ by me, just now)
  • The Dread Wolf is definitely an ass man. 
Birthday Treat (SMUT)

A/N: So I’ve put this off for the longest time because I just wasn’t sure how I could write it. I wanted to give up on it but I hate to disappoint, so I decided to challenge myself and accept this! I was a bit surprised to receive this request, to be honest XD I hope it’s up to your expectation!

Character: Niall, Liam, Harry

Warning(s): Smut

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(I know the GIF isn’t the best choice for this, but it was the only one I could find that seemed appropriate :P)

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Kino - Six is a Crowd

“request for a scenario where kino wants some alone time to kiss you but the members just love to "accidentally” interrupt or is somewhere somehow watching you guys sneakily..ahhaha XD"

(A/N: This was a really fun one to write~ I hope you like it, writer’s block has been getting to me so I apologize if it seems off or bad. Enjoy!)

Spending time in Dorm A was always a wild ride. The wild ride turned into a monumental task for Hyunggu, who was desperate for alone time with you. It had been an appropriate amount of time since the two of you had started dating, and he felt that it was high time to take a step up.

You stood in the dorm’s kitchen, washing dishes as a thank you for your constant presence. A hand landed on your shoulder, and you whipped around to see Hyunggu standing before you. He smiled casually, reaching for a cloth to dry the dishes sitting on the rack.

“Hey! Sorry I didn’t come find you right away, I wanted to do this before anyone noticed.” you said with a smile.
“You know you’re not obligated to clean or anything,” he said, “Hongseok can do that.”
“I know, I just want to help out since I’m over here so much~”
“Still, never feel like you have to.”

He looked over subtly, looking at the way your hair was tucked back, exposing your cheek. Once he set up another plate, he looked back to you with a determined spirit. All he had to do was lean over, and…

“You guys wanna order takeout?” Hyojong said as he walked in. He was met with a glaring Hyunggu and a smiling you.
“That’d be good, what does everyone want?” you inquired.
“Well, let’s go ask!” he replied. You agreed and quickly dried your hands and grabbed a notepad.

Hyunggu sighed, both out of relief and frustration. As you followed Hyojong to help take everyone’s orders, he slumped against the counter in thought of how to develop a plan B.

Out in the living room, you wrote down everyone’s orders and handed the paper to Hyojong to make the call. Why he couldn’t do that himself was beyond you, but still. You ordered Hyunggu’s favorite for him, and hoped it would suffice.

“Hey, we should watch a movie later too,” Shinwon piped up.
“Or now, we can watch one while we wait,” Hui said.

You stood up and excused yourself to go get Hyunggu.

“The others want to throw in a movie, what do you think?” you asked, walking into the kitchen to find that he hadn’t moved.
“Huh? Oh, yeah, that’s fine,” he began, “Are you going to watch it too?”
“Well, that’s generally what you do with movies.”

He laughed and shook his head, proceeding to take another candid look at you. Nobody was around now, the mood was good… he reached out for your hand and gently pulled you toward him. You looked down at your hand with his, then up to him, and you could see intent in his eyes.

“Come on, we started the movie,” another interrupting voice shot through the air.

You just smiled and kept hold of his hand to lead him to the living room and flopped back onto the couch.

The longer the movie went on, the more sleepy you found yourself becoming. The large meal that had arrived and disappeared quickly didn’t help anything either, so you opted out of the rest of the movie in favor of a warm, welcoming bed.

“I’m going to head to sleep,” you whispered to Hyunggu.
“Are you sure?” he whispered back.

You nodded and stood up quietly, and you retired to Hyunggu and Shinwon’s room. After slipping on some warm socks, you climbed up to Hyunggu’s bunk and nestled under the blankets.

Just as you got comfortable, however, a soft knock on the door caught your attention. You groaned and hopped down from the bed to go open it. Hyunggu stood there shyly for a moment before walking in and shutting the door behind him.

“Tired too?” you asked.
“You could say that,” he mumbled.
“What’s that mean?”
“Ah, nothing.”

Shrugging, you climbed back onto his bunk and settled in, resting on your stomach and pulling your phone out. You felt the bed move as he climbed up as well and slipped under the blankets next to you.

“Sorry I stay here so much,” you smiled, not looking away from your phone.
“We all love having you, don’t worry,” he said, propping his head up with his hand.

He looked at you with the same admiration he had all day, that you failed to notice.

“Hey…” he began softly.

You turned your head to face him and were immediately caught off guard when you felt his lips on yours. The flames of victory ignited in his mind, and he couldn’t help but awkwardly smile. After what seemed like the most pleasant eternity, he pulled away.

“You have no idea how much I wanted to do that.”

But just as he was leaning in again, the sudden sound of a camera phone went off.

BTS Reaction to: Being on “We Got Married”

STILL haven’t watched this show so sorry if I don’t really have the situations right! ^.^

Jin: Prince Charming; cracking jokes so bad that you can’t help but laugh. He charms you with not only that solid sense of humour but his caring nature, culinary talent and good looks. His touches are always gentlemanly and appropriate, as is his overall behaviour. And that’s what earns him the title “Prince Charming.”

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Suga: Mostly silent so it might seem like he’s uninterested in you. But he’s really just awkward about the entire situation, unsure of what to say or how to act. As time goes on, he gets to know you better and lets you see his gummy smiles, silly side and listen to his deep thoughts.

As he starts to admire and respect you, he starts to look at you in a different way and even the audience picks up on it … You began as a couple no one cared about but ended up being the most popular ship.

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J-Hope: This mood maker makes it feel as if you’ve known him your whole life, not holding back on the skinship and flirtation. Behind camera though, he asks if you’re comfortable with this. If you are how could u not be? I would sell my soul to hold his hand then he’ll up the cheesy flirting even more.

You get to see the different sides to him; his pure heart, his sad moments and that sinful tongue of his. The episodes feature lots of screaming and off pitch singing but this draws in young couples, making them adore you and Hobi together for how relatable these dorky moments were.

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Rap Monster: Tries acting cool and sexy but that just makes your interactions awkward to watch. Eventually his clumsy nature shines through and as he watches you laugh, he realises that he shouldn’t try to keep up the “Rap Monster” front, not around his “spouse.” He starts to act like “Namjoon” instead, telling you his deepest thoughts.

He worries he’s boring you but hearing him say all those intelligent things is actually the sexiest thing and not only you but the viewers fall for him too. Lots of mothers now start to wish he was their son-in-law, and even their daughters wish so too.

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Jimin: The embodiment of that “Hello Sir” and “Your daughter calls me daddy too” meme. Can be so fluffy and soft but then greasy and flirty. Not only does he charm you but also all the mothers watching. There’s a surge of mothers “chaperoning” their daughters at BTS concerts, only to scream his name louder than them. What’s even more evil about Jimin is that he knows his power and the effect he has on everyone. He gets nicknamed an “Angelic Demon” thanks to you.

And everyone agrees.

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V: Right before meeting you, he rings Jin: “Hyung, what should a good husband do?” And employs the advice at first, until the puns were too painful for him to say anymore; “Ah, I’m sorry, I’ll stop that.”

Once he starts to just act like himself, he finds that you don’t think he’s a “weird alien” and enjoy his company for who he is, not as BTS member “V.” Even hearing you say “Taehyung” makes him shudder. The way he starts to grow meek and shy shows how he’s developing feelings for you. Your ship is particularly popular among little kids, surprisingly, who love watching you both laugh and joke and share cute looks.

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Jungkook: Didn’t talk much and was just overall very awkward, mostly bc he was such a huge fan and looking at your face in person was asdfhlaie,agn!!1! Watching him struggle on tv was too much for the boys so they showed up to surprise him one episode, revealing his crush and being flirty with you; which forces him to open up since you now know and bc “Hyung, stop touching Y/N!”

The cuteness is popular among the older viewers, with lots of grannies writing into the show to compliment the “sweet, young couple!”

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How to Get a Boyfriend in Ten Easy Steps:  An Illustrated Guide, by Castiel.

1.  Once you’ve identified the object of your desire, begin with a grandiose show of affection.  This may involve buying him roses, asking him out to dinner, or raising him from the depths of eternal damnation. 

2.  After this is done, you are ready to begin introductions.  

Note:  be careful not to come on too strong!  This will only serve to frighten him, and may leave permanent hearing damage. 

3.  Don’t be discouraged if your first meeting doesn’t go quite as planned.

4.  Just give him some time to recuperate, and then casually try again.

Note:  though it may seem unnecessary, you will be much better received if you ask before entering his home.

5.  Some humans have greater difficulty coming to terms with their sexual preferences than others.  Nevertheless, if your feelings are reciprocated, he will most likely find a subtle, socially appropriate way to convey that to you. 

6.  Once your relationship has been comfortably established, personal space is no longer necessary. 

7.  Lover’s quarrel’s are rarely pleasant, but are unfortunately a constituant part of any relationship.  If, by chance, you are in the wrong – perhaps you forgot your anniversary, or accidentally unleashed an army of primordial flesh-eating monsters – it is best to find some way to apologize as soon as possible. 

8.  If cleverly named board games don’t do the trick, the best way to go about this is to prepare him the food of his preference. 

Note:  be careful to check all animals for parasites and console them adequately before their slaughter. 

9.  It’s best to establish positive relationships with future in-laws as soon as possible, even if they lie to you about having guinea pigs. 

10.  Having an emotionally-repressed significant other can be difficult.  However, if he truly loves you, there are various ways in which you both may express it.  These include:

Prolonged periods of staring and/or suggestive gestures.

Lingering, socially inappropriate glances over one’s body. 

And of course, protecting one another from the fell creatures that seek to brutally kill you.

Congratulations!  You now have a boyfriend.

Just a quick thought on Takenaka. 

My first thoughts with this kid were “oh no he’s probably a romantic rival who’s using his powers to pursue the girl he likes” because that’s how the trope goes.

Once again, I’ve been played by ONE.

Takenaka seems a lot more like Mob than he does a stereotypical rival. The times that we see him using his powers to vent and yell at people are actually times when it was kind of appropriate? Like, the classmate who was shoplifting. He doesn’t actually seem to have abused his powers, so much as realized that hearing people’s true thoughts causes more relationship problems than anything.

Like, he seems to be legitimately trying to win over Tsubomi in the same way that Mob is trying? I don’t see how you can cheat at tennis with telepathy because so much of sports is muscle memory and happening too fast. (Which is a good reminder to us the audience that Tsubomi is her own character, and does not exclusively belong to Mob in any sense.)

So he’s trying to do like Mob–live a normal life without his powers.

He’s definitely a grouchy little brat, but like. I can kind of understand that too? Living a life where nothing is ever quiet, where you always hear the true thoughts of others, and know just how cruel people can be? I would be grumpy and jaded by middle school too.

Even to the Telepathy Club, I can kind of see why he’d not hold them in high esteem. I mean, he joined because he was hoping for companionship in his plight, only to find a bunch of lazy layabouts bumming away their time. (And while there was some indication that he was a lazy layabout too by the comment “you’re still the same” when he comes to the club room, arguably he really isn’t because like. He wasn’t actually coming in there to bum around.)

tl;dr: Takenaka is incredibly powerful, seems to have some kind of intact moral core, is apparently working to better himself to appeal to the girl he’s got a crush on, and mostly seems jaded, lonely, and grumpy. He’s not a flat Rival stereotype, and I think (hope) that he and Mob find friendship.

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writing part 1: It had started as just a little jest. I was dreadfully bored, after all, and for all their predictability, humans are amusing in entirely diffrent ways than the usual manner. I held up the notebook in front of my chosen victim, a rather dull-seeming creature that had caught my attention by a flash of sharpness in her eyes at the wrong moment, and a seeming inability to have the correct emotions at the appropriate time.

writing part 2: The little booklet was cheap paper filled with thought-anchors and the beginnings of stories that might never be and even, at times, a smattering of the knowledge the youths that came here needed to learn in order to pass their trails to increase in status, a thing of variable worth dependent entirely on the brightness of this creature’s soul. There had been nothing preventing me from just taking the booklet, no iron spiral or other nastiness, and as such, it was mine now.    

writing part 3: Panic, begging, some quick, clever haggling, all of that was possible, all of that was amusing in it’s own way, if done well. Instead, she blinked once, slowly. Pulled out to different pieces of paper from her pocket. “So, can you leave by the road with me or are you stuck in this place?”“Oh, I could leave if I wanted to.” I smiled, and didn’t say “if those horrid iron contraptions don’t block my way, and they always do.“    

writing part 4: She hummed. "Then you’re coming with me to the musical, and I get my notebook back. Mom tried to encourage me to bring a plus one anyway.” she said with the kind of expression that one might have when concluding a satisfyingly advantagous agreement. “I see. I suppose that could be a tolerable deal. Provided I do not come to any harm as both my and your people understand it.” just a touch of threat tinged my tone, to ensure that she knew I was serious.            

writing 5: She nodded once, decisively. “Nice. So I’ll see you in three days, at noon. Would near the old oak out front work for you?”“It would.”“Alright, see you then. Don’t forget my notebook.” She walked awaywhile pulling out another, identical booklet out of a different pocket, opening it, and scribbling down something with one of her pens. There was, unexpectedly, something strange about this creature, I felt.              

Josh Zerker imagine - Mum (includes KSimon)

requested: ‘an imagine where you’re dating josh so you’re kind of like a mum to the boys’

Coming to the sidemen house just did not seem to get easier as a clean freak. Admittedly, the boys had gotten better; but better was most certainly not good. They were slobs.

As someone so heavily invested in cleanliness this made me cringe highly. So much so, that when I came round, I bought my own cleaning products. Understandably, it wasn’t my business, but I did it anyway for their own wellbeing and health. In fact, I tried to look after all the boys, making sure they ate at all appropriate times, washed their clothes regularly, and knew how to do things like sew and cook actual, non processed meals.

Someone who was now accustomed to this was Josh, my boyfriend of four years. He had known about my nurturing ways since the very first month of our relationship. The 'mum gene’ was one I wore with pride, and by now he had grown to love it. It was another part of me.

“Y/n? What are you doing?”

I turned to face the tall figure entering the kitchen, my rubber gloves still clad to my hands as I scrubbed at the kitchen table.

“Good morning Simon. I’m just cleaning up.”

“Cleaning?” JJ echoed as the pair sat together on the bar stools. “But…why?”

“Because I enjoy it,” I responded as I removed my gloves, packing all the cleaning materials into the cupboard under the sink and washing my hands in the process.

“You enjoy cleaning?”

“Yes Jide, I do. You don’t need to sound so shocked - I’m sure you have many an interest that I would probably be just as…surprised, by.”

Simon laughed as he watched JJ who smiled down at his lap.

“Exactly. Now do you guys want breakfast? I can make you bacon and eggs if you want.”

“Do we even have bacon and eggs?”

“I bought some.”

A smile covered my face as Josh entered the room. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I buried my face in his neck, appreciating highly the fresh smell of his shower gel. He held me at arms length and kissed my cheek before joining JJ and Simon on the bar stools.

“I feel like I’m watching my parents be all gross at breakfast. Am I 15 again?” Simon rubbed the back of his head, looking genuinely confused.

“I know! Y/n is literally the Mummy to our Daddy Josh!”

“Jide, please don’t call me Daddy, we’ve been through this.” Josh scolded him lightly.

“Sorry, I forgot only Mum can do that.”

Laughs errupted from the two KSImon boys and I rolled my eyes, pouring out the oil into the pan.

“You two are honestly like a couple of children!”

“Yeah, and you and Josh are our parents!”

Josh shook his head as he pulled me down onto his lap, placing a light kiss on my neck to which I shuddered.

“Alright Dad, don’t get kinky.”

“Oi!” I tossed a spoon at JJ and he faked injury, grabbing his face. “Childline! I’m calling childline!”


Josh held my hand underneath the table and I turned my head to face him.

“You know, you are very Mum like.”

“Wifey material?”

His face split into a small grin as his grip on my hand tightened, his other hand moving to my waist.

“Quite possibly, yes.”

Imagine being a newly deaf mutant and one day you hear Professor X’s voice

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You were sitting on the couch, watching as a game of football was on downstairs in the recreational room. Normally, your parents wouldn’t be down here with guests but seeing that your hometown football team was in their deciding game on whether or not they were going to the playoffs, it seemed like the appropriate fit. You used to love football, to cheer on your team at the top of your lungs, taunt the refs, and even talk to some of the neighbors and friends who were in attendance. Now you gazed over to the rest of the room as they all laughed, raised up their hands and cheered… but you couldn’t hear them. Now all you hear is constant silence due to the freak accident that happened not even four months ago. 

You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time and who would’ve thought that would happen when you were in a vocational school in Hawaii? That was before the bombing had started and hell was breaking loose all around, you remember scrambling to find a place to hide when a bomb dropped by your side causing you to have a splitting earache as you fell to the ground. The pain was horrendous as all around you the weapons were falling from the sky. You gazed up at the sky to see one falling down nearly on top of you, but before you could even say your prayers, a bubble with a mixture of brown and green formed around her and the bomb went off just outside of this bubble that was around you. You didn’t know it then but that was your gift from up above, a force field that kept you alive during the bombing at Pearl Harbor.

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gosh i put more time than it should on this -specially for this result*sigh*-


The lyric come from Steven Universe Love Like You end theme! I just love this song and it seemed appropriate to Marichat so here it is

also behold my first time drawing a kiss, huhu i sure need to practice that

and i change artstyle in the middle of the process i don’t know if it shows a lot

Now Imagine This

Okay so we all know nagisa is looking to be a pretty badass teacher, but imagine if he used his 3e status to completely upstage or troll his students…

Exhibit A: So some of them are talking about their favourite manga and collectively it happens to be written by fuwa (anime only watchers Fuwa does start writing manga in the manga if my memory serves correct)

Now it will either be about 3e in which case nagisa can perfectly guess the plot despite its unpredictability or if not he specifically asks fuwa for spoilers so he seems like a God to his students and they’ll be incredibly frustrated and impressed.

He’d also drop bombshells at random but appropriate times…

So he’ll be walking down the corridor and overhears a conversation about a show kayano was in… and nagisa would just step in and say ‘I kissed her once’ and leave shocking everyone there

Or he overhears people talking about dream dates and someone mentions a ‘space date’ and they’re really confused why he starts talking abiut a red haired boy in the news and someone says ‘karma akabane?’

And nagisa says ‘yeah him my favourite date today is when we hijacked the ISS together, it was so romantic…’ and just abruptly leaves the classroom

And of course his phone would be idolised as well… maybe an early release from itonas company which no one realises until its released to the masses…

It will also contain ritsu so when someone shows off with siri or the equivalent ritsu hacks into their phone in around a second…

And lets sayhis phone rings in class and he answers it naturally one of them is going to ask

KID: who was that

NAGISA: suguya kosuke

ARTY KID(s): whaaaaaatttt?

NAGISA: he was jconfirming that he’d help in next weeks art lessons

ARTY KID: *almost dies*

Basically nagisa being absolutely amazing and trying to shock his students constantly…

Alright but those matching LADS/GENTS tattoos - they totally got those when there were just six of them, pre-Jeremy. And its not like it’s the crew symbol, some initiation all members go through; It was something of an in-joke, the product of years of camaraderie, of absurd stories and silly team names, of family. Not the kind of thing you just fob off on whatever new guy comes along and joins the crew. So for the longest time Jeremy’s knuckles stay bare.

Even when it becomes clear that he is one of the Lads, accepted into the group, brought along on all extracurricular adventures, the whole nine yards, it doesn’t come up. Time passes, bonding happens, and eventually they can barely remember what is was like before Jeremy was with them; but now that it might be appropriate it seems like kind of a weird thing for them to offer. A strange uncomfortable conversation no one wants to have, so no one does.

And it’s not like it’s something Jeremy is sitting around waiting for, not something he thinks of as a stepping stone he will eventually earn; it’s not exactly something he can just ask about, really, and at the end of the day they’re just tattoos. Its just, its hard not to think about it sometimes. When the other Lad’s knock together matching letters in victorious fist-bumps, or Ryan pointedly drums his fingers when Gavin’s trying to boss him about or some observant asshole flat-out sneers at Jeremy’s bare knuckles. Not important, exactly, but still something. A point of separation he’s totally unbothered by except for the darker moments when he’s not.

So when a particularly nasty job finds Jeremy waking up in Caleb’s make-shift hospital, familiar cotton-brained fog of painkillers blurring his mind, he doesn’t take any more notice of the unusual way his knuckles are burning than he does any of his other aches and pains. Honestly barely registers the dull throb underneath the sharper notes promising breaks and burns and what is quite possibly a bullet wound. It’s not until he lifts his hand, the only wrapped part of his otherwise uninjured arm, that an inkling of disbelief edges into his clearing thoughts. An unbelievable thought Jeremy almost instantly confirms when slowly peeling back the edge of the wrap reveals that familiar lettering, unmistakable after all the time he’s spent trying not to stare at them.

And god, isn’t that horrifying. A complete trespass on his person, unnecessarily invasive and nothing if not a chilling reminder of just what kind of people he’s thrown his lot in with. Lacking even a fundamental understanding of boundaries, unhealthily possessive and darkly loyal, a twisted kind of affectionate Jeremy really shouldn’t be comfortable with.  

He’s clearly been out for a solid stretch of time; if the new ink wasn’t obvious enough the state of the darkened room, scattered with various pieces of familiar debris would have tipped him off. The wastepaper basket is overflowing with cans of energy drinks and diet coke, a variety of clothing odds and ends have been discarded on every flat surface and there’s an abandoned glass half filled with what looks like whisky sitting next to Ryan’s rubber skull and the tatters of what was once a Hawaiian shirt. Even the torn sign prohibiting weaponry in hospital rooms, written in Caleb’s slanting scrawl, has been sloppily defaced and skewered to the noticeboard with a hot-pink butterfly knife.

It shouldn’t be as comforting as it is, these unintentional marks of stress and impatience, the clear signs of exactly who has been around, evidence of even those who are no longer here. Because they haven’t left Jeremy to wake up all alone, oh no, that’s just not the FAHC way.  

The only somewhat comfortable looking chair in the room, a small love-seat that’s been dragged over to the bed, is pulling double duty; two sets of legs dangling over one arm, a shock of blonde hair mashed carelessly against brown leather, Michael’s arms, locked tight even in sleep, the only thing keeping Gavin from tumbling to the floor. Not to be out done, there’s a lump curled up on the bottom shelf of one of the cabinets, doors propped open and medical paraphernalia shoved carelessly on to the ground to make room, Ray’s identity distinguishable only by process of elimination and the bright purple hoodie currently serving as a make-shift blanket. Uncomfortably contorted, dead to the world and doing a piss-poor job of keeping watch; here lie the three likely culprits of Jeremy’s unsolicited new ink.

Maybe it’s the drugs talking but as he flexes his hand just to feel the skin stretch the only thing Jeremy finds himself resenting is his own inability to grab his phone and take some cheeky blackmail photos. Already imagining the world of teasing he sees in his future Jeremy closes his eyes, involuntary grin pulling at his lips as he lets the sound of three idiots breathing lull him back to sleep.