it just ruines it

Did she just described japril? I mean “challenge each other” “make each other better”

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And did she used the words “the most beloved couples” like REALLY? Every other couple of every other TV show sweetie.

Also sweetie the only one who is rooting for this are you and k*ista.

And one last thing: if every article has to explain why they are not related that not great

Condolences to Thomas Astruc who only wanted to keep things a secret and make the new season a surprise for all of us 😔

Just telling you all right now if any of you mentally fuck up Finn for screaming at him, berating him for being tired, calling him ungrateful, yelling at him, scaring him, causing him anxiety, making him feel like shit for being a fucking 14 year old child star, I will come to your house and smack you upside the head with Steve’s nail bat. Bye.


sooner or later ill draw something serious abt them i promise