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Randy: *they pop their head out of a portal right behind dis-chord. they smirk* "hello there~ i've herd a lot about you. rumor has it that you can break the fourth wall~ rumor also has it that you have caused Pandora and his stupid family a lot of trouble. for that, I applaud you~" *you can hear them clapping briefly before stopping and just staring at him with her weird red eyes* (music-and-puns)

DisChord turns, grinning and raising a brow at his visitor. “Heh heh. I’ve gotta fan? How cute.” He crosses his arms. “And you’re the one that almost got rid of the stupid noise my counterpart brings here, aren’t ya? Not bad, for a wrong note. Yeah, I know what goes on. What’s that gotta do with anything?”

DisChord’s eye flashes briefly as, unseen behind Randy, several of his strings begin to creep up.


Their Vows {Stelena Drabble}

Requested by an anon :)

Elena took a deep breath as she looked at Stefan in front of her, classically handsome in his black tux. It was an overwhelming sensation, to know that he’d always been hers but to make a ceremony out of that fact. She smiled.

“There have been five truly thrilling moments in my life as a human and as a vampire. The first time I mastered a pop-up tuck at cheerleading camp.”

            A loud clap sounded from behind Elena and she turned around to see Caroline smiling brightly at her. “Sorry,” she whispered. “It was just a really great day. We won regionals that year. Sorry, sorry, I’ll just stop talking now.”

           The members in the pew started to laugh and Elena giggled with them, shaking her head. She turned back to Stefan who was smiling at her, looking at Caroline with an amused sternness.         

“Jumping off the clock tower my last night as a vampire,” said Elena, continuing her thought. “Graduating high school with my best friends. Standing on top of a moving motorcycle.

And walking down this aisle to you.”

            Stefan pressed his lips together and Elena took a deep breath, her eyes shining as she held his gaze. “Stefan, you thrill me in ways I never thought imaginable because you do it every day. Every single thing I do excites me because I get to do them with you, because I get to share my day with you. You make the simple act of living thrilling. I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who love me and who I love and being with you, loving you helps me love them even more because you fill me with so much feeling, more than I can handle. Every time I’ve been without you life just … doesn’t feel the same, I don’t feel the same, because I don’t enjoy things the way I do when I’m with you.”

           Elena’s words were thick and blubbery, her face flushed pink with emotion and tears wet her eyelashes. It was lucky that Bonnie had remembered the water-proof mascara, that Caroline insisted on nude makeup for the day.    

“So a part of this is selfish,” said Elena, trying to catch her breath. “Because I don’t ever want to lose the way I feel when I’m with you but … the other part of this, of marrying you, is me wanting to appreciate you and thank you, me standing in front of everyone I know and vowing that I am and will be devoted to you. I have always loved you. I’ve never stopped and I know you know I love you, but I want you to look at this ring —” She turned around and took the white gold band from Bonnie” “— and see my love for you every day for the rest of your life.” She slipped it on his finger. “I love you so much.”

            Stefan smiled, full-toothed and broad; he sniffed. Elena looked at him, grinning. “Are you crying?”

            “You were always the one who could make cry.”

            Elena put her palm on the side of his face and Stefan reached up to put his hand atop hers. “I love you,” he whispered.

            “I love you.”

He cleared his throat. “You know, there’s one person I really wish was here today,” he said. “And that’s my best friend Lexi.”

Elena nodded her head sadly. Behind Stefan, Damon shifted uncomfortably.

“When I first met her, I was lost I was … I was in a really dark place but she convinced me that it was worth digging myself out of the hole I was in, to let myself feel, to let myself hurt. She said if I could hurt I could love and the ability to love deeply was a gift of indescribable joy. I never truly understood what she meant until I met you.”

Elena let out a watery laugh and stroked her thumb across Stefan’s cheek.

“Elena, you give me something that is essential for my kind, something that doesn’t turn eternity into a joke or into a hell. Hope. You give me hope and not just for myself but for … everything. Loving you is how I know that there’s more to life than pain and sadness and punishment, that there’s good worth living for because nothing else can explain why I’m so lucky to feel so passionately about someone as extraordinary as you. You always say that I saved your life but you were the one who saved mine, you’re what allows me to do more than just survive, I live every day that I’m with you, so…I’m sad that Lexi couldn’t be here so I could show her that I finally get it, what she meant all those years ago but I’m happy that I can show you and spend every day showing you.” Stefan took Elena’s hand off his face and held it in his own, squeezing her knuckles with his thumb. Damon gave him the ring and Stefan peered into Elena’s shining eyes as he slowly put it on her left index finger.

“I love you so much,” he said.


Going Bananas with @funwithfruit

For a cheerful dose of Elisa’s banana art, follow @funwithfruit on Instagram.

“They are such a cheerful fruit with inbuilt comedy value,” says Elisa Roche (@funwithfruit), a London-based journalist explaining her passion for bananas. While living on the Caribbean island of Martinique for a year, Elisa became obsessed with bananas. “The fruit there just tastes better,” she says. “I’d go through several a day.” But it was only recently that she discovered the curved fruit as a canvas.

“I draw whatever pops into my head using a black Biro and gel pens,” she says, adding that the shape of each banana is also a source of inspiration. Once a piece is done, Elisa takes a picture and eats the fruit. Although Elisa says it feels “cathartic” to throw the painted skin away, she admits, “If there are any scientists out there who can tell me how to preserve them, I’d be intrigued.”

Imagine Clarke trying to fix her father’s watch that stopped working. She searches around Lexa’s tent for parts. The grounders use clock gears and other mechanical parts as jewelry, so there are a lot in various small boxes around the tent.  After searching for a while, she found the perfect one! Clarke then uses her ‘surgical’ skills to fix her watch – with the help of Raven via radio. “Ah ha! Victory!” Clarke proclaims as the clock starts to tick again. 

The next morning Lexa frantically runs up to Clarke, “Clarke, have you seen my sacred commander forehead piece?! I can’t find it anywhere!” Lexa’s eyes are full of panic as she says this. Then, after a quick beat, Clarke’s face loses all of it’s color as the silence between them is filled with quiet ticking. Shit.

I was cleaning my computer and found this idiocy.

I think it’s safe to say that if Karai had stayed with the boys the entire plot of Dexter’s Lab would ensue.

People like to fixate on Taylor Swift’s youth, as if to say, yeah, she’s pretty good for her age. But that just begs a question: Where are all the older people who are supposedly making better pop records than Taylor Swift?
—  Rob Sheffield hitting the nail on he head in the Rolling Stone magazine review of Speak Now.
Texting ..

He sits on his bed, hands in his basketball shorts, watching the game. He scratches his head and looks at his phone. “Damn. She ain’t text me all day.” He shrugs. Shit. It is what it is. A couple of minutes later he looks at his phone. I mean. I’ll just hit her up. See what she up to.

Him: Wassup?

She sits on her bed. Phone already in her hand. She’s watching makeup tutorials on YouTube , knowing when she does it , her makeup Won’t look shit like it. She sees “🙄💖🤗” Pop up at the top of her screen. Ohhh shit. I was waiting to see if he would text me. She does a mini twerk dance with her tongue out. She was feeling herself. Fuck waiting. She replies.

Her: Hey wassup 😊

She looks at the message. Erases. Then types.

Her: hey wassup?

He looks at his phone. Opens the message. Hmm. That shit was kinda dry. Maybe she don’t wanna text me. Another message comes through. It says wyd? Hmmm. Ok. She double texted so that means she does wanna talk to me.

She bites her lip. Glad I sent that last message.

He replies.

Him: watching the game. Wbu?

She types. “About to cook dinner.” She’s lying. She ain’t cooking shit. It just sounds good though.

He reads it. Smiles. Mmm cooking huh ? Check ✔️. He smiles while typing.

Him: what you cooking me?

She reads it. Rolls her eyes. But she’s still smiling..

“But really…” Cat gasped, eyes closing as her head hit the pillow, Kara’s warm breath sending goosebumps down her neck. “How much sex is…too much sex?”

“Excuse me?” Kara paused.

“I mean, at some point the Earth has to have enough trees and gardenia bushes and cascading succulents…”

“Are you…complaining about the amount of sex we’re having?”

“No,” she shook her head, covering her mouth as she hiccuped, feeling the effects of the whiskey she’d treated herself to after dinner. “I’m just saying…shouldn’t we be concerned…”

“So…you don’t want me to…”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Because…I know we just finished eating,” Kara began her descent again, lips pressed against Cat’s collarbone, nibbling, watching the way it made her back arch off the bed. “…and I know…we’ve already done it at least…three…”


“Four…times today. But all I can think about…is making you come again…and again…until I can’t taste anything else but you…on my lips…and you’re shaking in my arms…”

“I don’t shake…”

“Like hell you don’t…” Kara giggled, teeth brushing against her rib cage before replacing them with her tongue.

“Fine,” Cat exhaled. “Then show me…”

i knew i was in love, because when i went shopping i wouldn’t just shop for myself, suddenly i found myself in stores i’ve never been to before, i found myself picking up things i wouldn’t buy for myself. When i finally got to the checkout i picked out two candies instead of one. I knew i was in love because i wanted to know everything about her down to what her favourite snack was when she was 3. Being around her was always enough, whether we were hanging out just talking or going out on dates. When we were out, i never cared who saw us together i wanted to show her off. When she told me about something she bought or about her accomplishments i was never envious, i was happy, because she was, i wanted her to succeed. I would do anything for her, no matter what she asked i would do everything in my power to do it. Her name popped into my head every second. I wanted to be with her 24/7. Being in love is literally like breathing underwater. You feel like if you lose them you can’t breathe. Its an awful but wonderful feeling
—  “How do u know when you’re in love”

The photographer has asked nicely a few times, until Ashley Frangipane finally explains to him why she doesn’t want to smile for a portrait.

“Listen, I should tell you something,” she says, matching his politeness with the very smile she has declined to flash for today’s photoshoot. “The bio on my website says, ‘I am Halsey. I will never be anything but honest. I write songs about sex and being sad.’ Cool?”

Cool. The photographer nods, and the shoot continues with no phony smiles. That’s not her vibe. Instead, Frangipane strikes one dramatic, piercing pose after another, tipping her head skyward and sometimes running a hand through her mane of mossy blue hair that’s shaved underneath.

Just like that, Frangipane has articulated why she is one of this year’s rising pop artists. Under the performance name Halsey, Frangipane is direct and fiercely true to herself. Pitched somewhere between industrial R&B and seductive electronic pop — think Drake by way of Lorde — her songs are frank examinations of relationships and coming-of-age loneliness.

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BioWare LIs Falling in Love

Thanks @df0wl for allowing me to bounce ideas off of her and helped me write some of it, including Fenris! You’re the best writing buddy ever.

Alistair: Doesn’t realize it right away. It’s like watching the seasons change - at first it’s little changes, then one day you notice the entire landscape is different. Of course he always knew the warden was attractive, but it’s more than that. Alistair finds himself seeking out her company. He enjoys talking to her, learning about her childhood, making her laugh. He can’t help but feel a little jealous when he sees her talking to Zevran instead of him. She makes him happy, even during the darkest times. The feeling dawns on him late one night when he is lying awake in his tent. His thoughts drift to her, as they often did these days, and the words just pop into his head. I love her. Alistair sits up, head spinning, wondering where that just came from. Can it be? His heart beats a little faster, and he realizes that yes, he does love her. And he is oddly comfortable with the thought.

Kaidan: Knows it immediately, almost from the moment he meets Shepard. He doesn’t allow himself to put it into words, though. Not even if it’s just in his own mind. He knows there’s not point in pursuing such things. So, he ignores the butterflies in his stomach whenever Shepard is around. He ignores the way Shepard’s touch leaves a trail of fire on his skin. He pretends it isn’t true. Until the attack, when Shepard is taken away from him, his grief is so strong he has to admit his feelings were more than just professional. Only now there’s nobody to admit it to. 

Fenris: Is afraid. He’s never felt love of any kind before, and the strength of the emotion frightens him greatly. Hawke is, of course, the best thing that has ever happened to him. But am I the best it will ever get for Hawke? Fenris isn’t sure if he can give Hawke everything they deserve. Am I good enough? He can’t say it out loud, he can’t admit this burden. The only thing he can think to do is break up with Hawke. That will protect us both. But when he meets Hawke, the words won’t come. He averts his eyes and wishes he’d never gotten himself into this situation. Hawke knows something is wrong, and takes Fenris by the hand. The feeling of warm fingers wrapped around his own is comforting, and suddenly Fenris is no longer afraid.

Isabela: Denies it for months. She can’t be in love. Absolutely not. Isabela doesn’t just fall in love, because she doesn’t believe it really exists anyway. Love is just a silly word people use to exert power over them. At least, that’s what she believed for years. Now…now she isn’t so sure. She enjoys Hawke’s company, that’s true. They do have fun together. She misses Hawke whenever they are not together. Talking to Hawke is always the highlight of Isabela’s day. Plus, the sex is incredible. So if it’s not love, what is it? Isabela tries to distance herself, to try to straighten out her head. She finds herself completely unable to shut off her feelings as she has always done in the past. Eventually she has to admit it. She loves Hawke. Dammit.

Garrus: He knows he is in love soon after Shepard is brought back, when they spend countless nights together on the Normandy. They talk like old friends who have known each other twenty years. Shepard quickly becomes Garrus’ confidant, someone to lean on in hard times. He tries his best to do the same for her, too. Shepard is, without a doubt, the best thing in his life. Being in love doesn’t frighten Garrus, but he has no idea what to do about it. He doesn’t even know if Shepard feels the same way about him. How do humans usually go about these things? He ends up watching some vids and reading some stuff about humans online to find out how to confess his feelings to Shepard. 

Cullen: Everyone seems to know a secret that Cullen just isn’t aware of. People start giving him knowing smiles whenever they see him with the Inquisitor, winking at him whenever she enters the room. He doesn’t understand why, until one day Dorian fills him in. “It’s in your eyes,” he tells Cullen, “and your smile. That look only means one thing, my friend.” Cullen is shocked for a moment. He’s been in love before, but it didn’t feel anything like this. Last time it was all sweaty palms and fever dreams. Now, he felt happy, warm, and whole. This time was…better. This was real. He was in love, and this time, it would be forever.

Anders: Feels nothing but dread. Love is a messy thing. If you were not careful, love would crush you. He knows this first hand. But he is not only fearful for himself, but for Hawke. He cannot offer Hawke any type of life other than that of an apostate. He is not what Hawke needs or deserves. He cannot allow himself to feel this way, he cannot speak the words aloud to anyone, ever. However, no matter how hard he tries, the feeling never dissipates. It only intensifies over time, and Anders finds himself almost unable to breathe under the weight of it. He loves Hawke so much he can’t stand it. 

Liara: Doesn’t know the difference between love and infatuation. Shepard was incredible, larger than life. Shepard could make anyone fall in love. But she thinks this is different. Her thoughts are with Shepard most of the day, worrying about whether or not this is the time they won’t come back. Liara can’t get past her nerves whenever Shepard is in the room. Her heard is spinning, she feels like she’s falling into a black hole. It’s a pleasant feeling, but at the same time frightening. Her attraction to Shepard isn’t a secret. Everyone knows about it, and Shepard even seems to reciprocate. Liara doesn’t say anything about it for a long time, because she wants to be absolutely sure. 

Reading Ginny’s world cup report on pottermore and just think, Ginny must be such a role model in the wizarding world. She’s a former “celebrated” quidditch player, now an amazing reporter and a mother. Imaging her holding quidditch clinics for young girls, helping them perfect their skills so they’re not left to sneak out of the house and learn alone. Ginny encouraging young girls to be confident and to stand up for themselves. Taking everything she learned from being the youngest and only daughter to her time at school and trying to better the lives of other ladies. Ginny Potter, a philanthropic leader for young women. 

Hillary Clinton angers me so much because (other than obvious general reasons like her imperialist, capitalist policies) she doesn’t know how to speak to the issues of people who are unlike herself. She panders to them without actually addressing real problems that they face head-on. Instead of actually confronting the systemic racism that Latinx people face, for example, she just inserts Spanish words into her speeches to make her seem like she’s “one of them.” Same with her treatment of young voters; instead of really dealing with youth issues, she just tries to draw youth into her campaign (albeit very unsuccessfully) with vapid, irrelevant pop culture references. Instead of talking about intersectional feminism, which can’t thrive under her neoliberal policies, she treats her brand of white feminism not only as the default, but almost as some sort of “guilty pleasure” fad that she’s partaking in (see her interview with Lena Dunham…). But it’s not because she desperately needs it as a means of survival, as so many women do. She isn’t desperate for it because she has her wealth, privilege, and power to protect her. And these are only a few examples. Essentially, she just stereotypes and patronizes these marginalized groups without really understanding and fighting for their needs. It’s so insulting, and I’m sick of it.